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Voyage of Molly be Bad


Part One – The Storm

Jason guided the yacht out of the harbor while his mother, Molly stood by the railing of the cockpit waving at Damon. The Crusoe family was into the second week of the three-week cruise they were making. But just as they were preparing to leave the island, Damon had received a call stating that he was desperately needed back at one of the drilling sites where he was the chief engineer in charge. Rather than fall behind their schedule, the family had decided that Jason and his mother would continue on with the next leg of the voyage going from Atribe to the island of Jatora where Damon would rejoin them after he had cleared up the problem at the rig. Then they would continue on with their voyage.

Jason was eighteen and proud of the fact that his father trusted him enough to let him pilot the yacht, Molly Be Bad for the next 200 mile leg of the trip.

The Molly Be Bad, named after his pretty, petite mom was anything but petite. She was a sixty-five foot Donzi tournament sportfish convertible. She sported twin Caterpillar fourteen-hundred horse power diesel engines with a max speed of thirty-three knots per hour and a cruising speed of twenty-eight. There were three staterooms on board, plus two berths in crew allowing for a total of seven guests and two crewmembers. It had just recently been refurbished and had all the latest in electronic gear. All in all, it was quite a boat, Jason thought as he cautiously steered the boat down the center of the channel between the two lines of similar boats berthed at the island.

Then with a final wave, his father disappeared out of sight as they cleared the channel and headed out to open waters.

"Well, I guess we're on our own now," his mother said, stepping up beside him and watching him slowly ease the throttle forward.

"Yep, it looks like it," he said, glancing over at her as the sweet, cloying smell of coconuts washed over him.

The fragrance of her sunscreen filled his nostrils, blocking out everything else. It seemed like she bathed in the stuff first thing every morning and every time she came within ten or fifteen feet, it was almost overpowering.

Then he slowly pushed the throttles forward and the rumble of the big, diesel engines grew louder while the breeze blowing over the bow grew stronger as they sped up.

There was only one problem that Jason could foresee as he listened to the hull of the boat slapping on the swells that came rolling in off the ocean. Three days alone with his mother with no chaperone.

He had always had the hots for her for as long as he could remember. And now, alone out on the ocean with her, he was hoping that he could keep his hormonal driven urges under control.

As they cleared the shipping lane and turned out into the open waters, he saw his mother quickly sweep her eyes along the horizon. He didn't know what she was looking for other that any other boats.

He swept his eyes around too and saw that the only two boats in sight were almost a mile away. They were apparently anchored. Probably fishing boats, he thought. And the Molly Be Bad was quickly putting more and more water between herself and them.

"Bye, bye civilization," his mother laughed, reaching behind her back and unsnapping her bikini top.

Then as Jason looked at her with a frown on his face, she peeled the tiny bikini top off her small, pendant breasts. Jason stared down at them with open admiration as he always did. Like two cups of pink Jell-O, they quivered and jiggled flicking her little nipples up and down as they jutted out of their small, oblong areolas. Her tits were hardly more than a handful each, he thought, but they were pretty little darlings.

"What are you gawking at?" she snickered, twirling her bikini top around her long forefinger.

"Nothing, nothing," he muttered, lifting his eyes up to hers.

"Nothing?" she snorted mischievously. "You calling my little titties nothing? I know that they're small, but I think they're pretty. Maybe a little saggy, but all in all not too bad. You're father likes them."

"I know, the way he's always groping them," Jason muttered.

"Well, you don't be getting any ideas like that just because we're out here all by ourselves.

"Jeez, Mom," Jason complained, reaching down and flicking the autopilot on. "I wish you wouldn't run around with your tits hanging out all the time. I'm not a kid anymore."

"Why? You don't like the way they look?" she pouted, sticking out her lower lip.

"No, quite the opposite," he grunted. "That's the problem.

"Sorry, I can't help the way I look," she complained, turning and walking over to steps leading down to the main deck.

Jason watched her climb down the steps with her pretty, little titties frolicking merrily in the warm morning sunlight. Then he watched her walk over to the chaise lounge she had set up on the small poop deck, admiring her petite, almost boyish ass swinging from side to side. The quivering, jiggling cheeks of her ass were completely bare as the back of her thong bikini had settled down in the crack of her ass.

Standing, staring down at her as she stood by the lounge, he couldn't help but admire her slim, shapely body.

His mother was what he would call a petite woman, standing only five foot five or six with a svelte figure that age had thickened only slightly. All in all, Jason thought to himself, at thirty-eight she had maintained her body quite well. Too well, he complained to himself. Maybe if she were a little less attractive, he wouldn't be having the hormonal problems he was having now. Then he could turn his attention to other women.

Finally, as she settled down onto the chaise, he turned and climbed down the steps and started down into the cabin. But he stopped half way down the steps and looked over at her.

"You want a beer for breakfast?" he asked over the throaty grumble of the big engines.

"No, but I'll take a wine cooler, dear," she answered him, smiling over at him over her shoulder.

Going on down the steps, he saw that she was seemingly oblivious to the effect she had on him.

She apparently didn't know, or care how much it bothered him when she ran around on the boat topless. She ran around that way half the time when his father was around. And his father even ran around nude some of the time when they were out to sea. And they were always playing grab ass right in front of him.

Then he would turn around and find that they had disappeared down into the cabin and locked the door behind them. There was little doubt in his mind what they were doing. Then he found that if he pulled on the doors, he could make a small half-inch crack running along the top rim. Then he could see down into the cabin. He had witnessed several of their liaisons, which only made things worse for him. Watching his father fuck his mother on the couch down in the salon made him so horny he didn't know what to do with himself. Before they would start, his mother would run around the salon, jerking the curtains over the portholes thinking that, that would hide their exploits from prying eyes, but it didn't. Now they had been out for two weeks and Jason hadn't had a single piece of pussy during that whole time, as he was a little leery to get some from the girls in the bars at the ports they called at. They just might give him more than he wanted and he hated using rubbers. So he took the trouble in hand each night as he lay alone in his bunk. But even that couldn't quite the gnawing need that raged on down in his groin and he just got hornier and hornier.

The Molly Be Bad continued on through the day plunging through the rolling swells as his mother scurried around doing this and that with her pretty, little tits jiggling and bobbing enticingly.

Around three o'clock, he was standing behind the wheel watching the ocean go gliding by when his mother came climbing up into the cockpit.

Then she walked over to him with her cute little puppies hanging down and their pretty pink noses bobbling and jiggling up and down as she handed him her bottle of sunscreen.

"Honey, would you be dear and do my back for me," she asked him.

"Uh, yeah, sure," he grunted squeezing out a glob of sunscreen into his hand.

Lifting his hand up to her back, he lightly spread the sweet smelling goo over her shoulders and down her back stopping just at the top of her soft, boyish butt.

"Want me to keep going?" he asked her, his fingers resting on the soft skin just above her butt.

"That'll do," she laughed softly.

"You sure you don't want me to rub some of it on your cute little titties," he smarted. "They're looking a little sunburned."

"Don't you wish," she muttered, taking the bottle from him and striding back over to steps and climbing down the steps.

"Just trying to be helpful," he called after her, turning his attention back to the horizon as she settled back down onto the chaise.

Finally, they anchored for the night, ate dinner and went to bed.

Lying in his bunk, being lulled to sleep by the gentle rocking of the boat, he wanted to take care of his problem, but he was afraid the door to his mother's cabin was open and she might hear him. He didn't know why he let that bother him, because his parents never seemed to hide their obvious affection for each other in bed. Their bed, hardly bigger than a normal twin-sized bed was large in comparison to the other berths on the boat, including his own so it gave them plenty of room to frolic the night away...

Jason awoke grouchy and testy. Thankfully, he saw no sign of his mother so he went out and cranked up the twin diesels. They awoke with a grumbling drumming and after a minute of warm-up, he pulled up anchor and slowly pushed the throttles forward. Like purring tiger cubs, the engines surged and began to effortlessly push the big boat across the glass-smooth water. Soon, they were gliding over the water at a 13-knot an hour clip as he stood behind the wheel letting the wind blow through his hair. Then he leaned down and stabbed the autopilot button. He liked the feeling of power he got when he steered the big clipper, but out on the high seas a couple of degrees mistake could cause them to end up miles off course by the end of the day.

Standing, letting the cool ocean breezes rush over him, he heard his mother climbing up the steps to the cockpit.

"Harty, thar mate," she chortled, stepping into the cockpit with a plate bearing what looked like a BLT in one hand and a steaming cup of coffee in the other.

"Mom," he complained when he saw that she was already topless as she handed him his breakfast.

"Huh? This is the thanks I get for bringing you breakfast?" she snorted. "From now on you can just get your own."

"I'm sorry, but having to stare at those things all day long is enough to drive a guy crazy," he groaned and then took a big bite out of the sandwich.

"Oh," she smiled coyly, reaching down and cupping them. "I think they're quite small and average. I don't see what you find so fascinating about them. Why they're oodles of larger ones floating around on the islands."

"Yeah, they're are," he said with a mouthful of BLT, "but they're not here and they're not yours."

"Oh, chill down," she laughed, dropping the pendulant twins back down onto her chest, "and get used to them. It's not like it's the first time you've seen them."

"I can't," he muttered. "And believe me, I've tried."

"They didn't seem to bother you so much when your dad was around," she said, swinging around in front of the Captain's seat and plopping down with her little pink nipples flitting about like two, tiny, pink bees.

"They do then, too, but what the hell's a guy supposed to do when his parents are running around half naked in front of him?"

"I don't know," she laughed sarcastically, "just deal with it, I guess."

"I'm trying, I'm trying," he growled, shoving the last bite of his sandwich into his mouth and washing it down with as sip of coffee.

Suddenly, Jason thought he smelled smoke. Setting his saucer down, he quickly turned to look aft down at the engine room. As he did, the icy hand of fear clutched his heart in its deathly hold when he heard the engines die. A trail of wispy, gray smoke was wafting out of the engine compartment leaving a thin trail of it hovering just above their bubbly wake as the big, sixty-five foot boat began to slow. As he scrambled down the steps, he hollered back to his mother to send out a mayday call. Grabbing up a fire extinguisher, he stopped at the door to the engine room and threw it open. A billowing cloud of acrid, gray smoke boiled out of the door enveloping him.

Quickly jerking off the safety catch on the extinguisher, he pointed it into the room and squeezed the trigger.


A cold cloud of vapor came spewing out of the conical extension on the end of the hose as he aimed it at a bright, red flame he could see through the smoke. He held the gaseous stream of vapor pointed at the fire as he clamored into the room coughing and choking from the smoke and vapor. Holding his breath, he fought forward swinging the nozzle back and forth spraying the retardant over the entire engine room. But even after he had emptied the first big bottle of retardant, the fire still smoldered and sparked. Grabbing a second bottle off the wall, he quickly began discharging it on the fire. He kept it up until at last all the flames and sparking seemed to be gone.

With panic no longer ruling, he walked through the room shooting out squirts of the vapor cloud at anything that even remotely looked like it might re-ignite.

Finally, thinking he had done all he could do, he stood surveying the damage. It looked like it had been some kind of electrical fire and it had charred all the wiring leading from the bank of batteries on the deck. That was why the engines had stopped. And in that case, they didn't have any power left on the boat.

Stepping out of the engine room, he saw that the boat was floating dead still in the water. Not a good sign, he told himself, looking up at the cockpit where he saw his mother looking down at him with a panicky look on her pretty face.

"Did you get the mayday off?" he asked her, wiping the back of his hand across his smoke-smeared forehead.

"The radio is dead," she said in a quivering voice.

"How about GPS?"

"Dead, too."

"Don't we have a back up radio somewhere up there?"

"Battery's dead. I don't know why Damon didn't check it before we started a voyage or this magnitude."

The boat was gently rocking in the low swells as Jason looked all around the horizon hoping to see another ship or something. Nothing. It seemed that they were the only ship on the endless ocean around them.

Just then, he felt the breeze stiffen and the swells lapping up against the boat grew in strength. Jason could see that they were now being slowly pushed to the east by the swells. Looking down at his watch, he saw that it was only ten o'clock and by the time they were found missing, they could be miles and miles off course.

"Gotta drop anchor to keep from drifting," he muttered, running over to the anchor and foolishly pushing the release button.

As he did, he was greeted with silence. No electricity. No anchor. Why didn't they have a manual back up, he angrily asked himself. If they got out of this mess, there would be a lot of changes to the Molly Be Bad, he told himself. But now they were now at the mercy of the wind and the current as they helplessly drifted along on the water.

"Well, I guess we're kinda of up the proverbial creek without a paddle," he said to his mother who stood looking at him as if he was supposed to do something to get them out of their predicament.

"Can't you do something," she asked with a plaintive look on her face.

"Any suggestions?" he asked her.

"Uh, no, I don't know what to do."

"Well, there's the flare gun up there," he told her. "Get that and make sure it works, while I batten everything down for our slow boat to China ride to somewhere."

Walking around in a daze, he didn't know what else he could do. They had enough food for another week, and water was not problem as they had filled up their four hundred-gallon tank just before they departed Atriba.

So, I guess the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, he crazily laughed to himself.

The boat drifted aimlessly, heading in an easterly direction as Jason pored over all the charts he could find. He had no idea just how fast they were drifting as they rocked along on the continuous swells that rippled along with them. He found that there should be some small islands in the general direction they were drifting but the chance of hitting one of them seemed miniscule to him.

His mother continued to flit about fretfully, not really doing anything but annoying him with her two little, pink tits bobbing up and down all the time. Even in the dire straights he found them in, he couldn't keep his eyes off the pretty, jiggling little darlings. I'm one more sick puppy, he told himself wishing he could stop thinking of his mother in that way.

Then, around three o'clock, he spotted something on the horizon. Then as they continued to drift toward the dots, he saw that it was a small group of islands. But they looked like they were going to drift just to the east of them. Then, he remembered the outboard engine that they used to maneuver around some of the more crowded ports. Maybe it would be enough to push the boat toward one of the islands and they could find a cove or something where they could harbor over in until someone found them.

It was then that he looked over his shoulder and saw a dark line of clouds way, way off in the distance. They were still many miles away, but they would bear watching, he thought. And if they became a problem, he would rather be anchored in some cove or something instead of out in the open sea.

As the boat drifted closer and closer to the islands, the ominious line of clouds only grew infinitesimally closer, so he put them out of his mind as he eased the propeller of the outboard down into the clear, turquoise waters.

The gas tank was full, and luckily, the engine kicked off on the first pull. Then as they drifted closer to the island, he saw what appeared to be a protected lagoon surrounded by coconut trees on the lee side of the island. The little outboard muttered and clattered as it pushed the big boat toward the small opening at a turtle's pace. He knew that the Molly Be Bad's draft was five and a half feet and he hoped that the boat could make it through the thirty or forty foot wide opening without dragging her hull on the bottom and leaving them grounded in the center of the channel.

Chugging along at a good quarter knot an hour, they lazily oozed through the channel leading into the little cove. Then as they cleared the channel and floated out into the lagoon, he saw an old, dilapidated wharf jutting out into the water. It looked like it hadn't been used in years and was in danger of collapsing at any second. But maybe it would give them a chance to berth at it without grounding the boat, he hopefully thought. Agonizing over the condition of their new home, he turned the engine and slowly steered them up to the pier.

As they eased alongside the pier, Jason happily saw that it wasn't as bad as he had originally thought. Shutting off the little engine, he let the big boat drift toward the pier as he flicked a rope around one of the big, jutting pillars that held the pier up out of the water. Then as the Molly Be Bad gently nudged up against the post, Jason pulled the rope tight and tied a knot in it. Repeating this process two more times, he soon had the boat secured to the pier with three ropes.
He had been so totally involved in docking the boat, he had finally gotten his mother and her tits out of his mind for a while. He also hadn't had a chance to check on the clouds, either. When he did, what he saw was distressing. They were now significantly closer and growing in size.

"Well, done, mate," his mother grinned down at him from the cockpit where she had sat watching him work. Now she stood looking down at him.

"Thanks," he muttered, seeing that she held a wine cooler in one hand and a beer in the other.

"Here's your reward for a job well done," she said, leaning over the railing and handing the beer down to him.

As she did, her small tits dangled down only inches away from his hand and he had an almost uncontrollable urge to reach out and touch them.

"Uh, which one is my reward," he smiled up at her. "The beer or the view?"

"Uh, well, uh, both, I guess," she grinned back down at him.

Jason noticed a faint, but unmistakable shift in her demeanor toward him. He didn't know what it was, but she seemed a little more respectful of him. Maybe it was the way he had handled the emergency and gotten them docked out of harm's way. Whatever it was, her behavior toward him seemed a little softer around the edges.

"It looks like we might be in for a storm," he said, taking a long pull on his beer as he looked back at the building clouds.

"Yeah, I see," she shivered, clutching her arms around herself. "And you know how I am about thunderstorms."

"Yeah, I know," he told her, knowing that she might turn into a raving lunatic if the storm came too close. "Let's hope it doesn't get too bad."

"You can say that again," she shivered, quickly taking another long gulp on her cooler.

"I'm going to batten down the boat so that if it does come, it won't blow anything away," he told her, finishing his beer and handing the empty bottle back up to her.

"Okay," she said, leaning down and taking his bottle as he stared up at her pretty tits dangling down just above him once again. "I think I'm going down to the bar and have something a little stronger. Maybe it'll help me deal with the damned storm."

"I'll be in and join you after I finish," he told her, watching her come down the steps from the cockpit.

Then he stood watching her head down into the salon, her pretty, boyish butt swishing from side to side enticingly.

"Hey, Mom," he called to her just as she started down into the salon.

"Yes?" she said, stopping and turning to look back at him.

"Your titties aren't your only draw. You have a nice butt, too," he laughed.

"Oh, you silly boy," she smiled, turning and stepping down the steps into the cabin.

That confirms it, he told himself. Either she's had more to drink than I thought, or her attitude toward me has shifted. Or maybe it was just the storm scaring her.

Walking around the boat, he tied everything down that could tied down and made sure everything else was locked or battened down. As he did, he could see the big, billowing storm clouds drawing closer and closer. Then suddenly, the wind picked up even though the clouds were still forty or fifty miles out to sea. The storm seemed to be moving toward them at a pretty good clip, so it seemed destined to pay them a visit in the near future.

Stepping down into the salon, he saw his mother sitting on the couch with her pretty legs tuck under her and a tall glass of something in her hand. Her little tits were still conspicuously bare as she sipped on whatever it was that was in the glass.

"How's the storm coming," she frowned as he trudged over to the bar.

"Still coming," he said, splashing a couple of fingers of Canadian Club into a tumbler. "I would think maybe an hour or two before it gets to us."

"I hope not," she muttered, looking out the portholes at the oncoming clouds.

"I think I'm going to go out and watch it," he grinned at her then chugged his drink down and refilled his glass. "You know how I am about thunderstorms, too."

"Yeah, I know," she complained, "I wish I could be like that, too. I don't know why I'm so deathly afraid of them."

"Probably something back in your childhood," he said, strolling back over to the steps leading up out of the salon.

"Maybe, I'll be out in a little bit," she told him. "If I can drink enough courage."

It was an hour before his mother got the courage to join him. By that time, the big, billowing clouds were flashing blue and pink from the lightning that was firing off inside them and they could hear thunder faintly in the distance.

They sat watching the giant bluish-pink monster throb with lightning and power as it inched closer and closer.

Finally, his mother stood up and looked down at him.

"I've had enough," she said, "I'm going back down to the cabin."

"I'll probably be down in a little bit," he told her, his eyes once again finding her pretty, dangling tits.

"Even in all this," she complained, "and you, you can't keep your eyes off my tits. I don't know what to do with you."

"They didn't change," he smiled, "just because a storm is coming. They're still pretty."

Shaking her head, she turned and walked toward the cabin doors as Jason sat watching her dainty little butt jiggle and quiver as she stepped across the cockpit.

After she was gone, Jason turned his attention back to the storm.

Then the first threat brushed over him. He could now smell the rain in the breeze as it wafted over him. It felt good, cooling him from the unrelenting heat, but giving him a portend of what was in store for them.

As he watched on in dread as the monster slowly climbed down out of the sky. He thought it seemed alive as it slowly crawled over the icy blue ocean with its pinkish-blue body pulsating ominously atop its flashing, white, forked legs. It was as if it were searching for them with its fiery tentacles, Jason thought, watching it. It drew closer and closer and now he could easily hear the angry rumble of its deep, resonate voice.

Now it was only a little way off shore with its wall of heavy, blue rain and blinking flashes of lightning lighting up the evening sky. The clouds above the onrushing wall of water looked like big, swollen, bluish-pink kernels of popcorn as they flashed and sparked.

"JASON, COULD YOU COME DOWN NOW," he heard his mother yell from the cabin door as the first big, wet drops of rain began to splash down onto the deck.

"Yeah, I think it's time to vacate the premises," he shouted back at her, stumbling to his feet and running over the rain-slick deck to the door.

Stepping inside, he saw that he had been drenched in the few short seconds it took to cross over to the cabin.

"Damn," he grunted, quickly pulling the doors closed as hard as he could hoping it would close the gap at the top of door that he had looked in to watch his parents fuck. "It's raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock out there."

"I know," his mother shivered, sitting on the couch staring at him with fear-filled eyes. "It's terrible."

"I'm going to go change into something dry," he told her squishing across the teak floor toward his small cabin.

"Uh, okay," she muttered, watching him slosh across the cabin floor. "But hurry back, please. I'm scared."

"Okay," he muttered, hurrying out of the salon.

Stepping into his cabin, Jason quickly peeled his sopping tee shirt up over his head and tossed it to the floor where it landed with a wet smack. Then he stepped out of his deck shoes and shoved his bathing trunks down his skinny legs. Looking down at his cock, he was glad that he had gotten something from his dad. But the rest of his slender, almost feminine body seemed to come from his petite mother.

Just then, as he grabbed up a towel from the upper bunk, a blinding flash of light filled his cabin and almost at the same instant a shattering slap of thunder went off just above the boat.

Damn, that was close, he told himself and he started drying himself off.

Then suddenly the door to his cabin flew open and his mother stepped inside.

"Jason, I'm terrified," she gasped, staring at him with panic-filled eyes.

"Uh, Mother, uh, I'm, I'm, uh, I'm naked," he muttered trying to cover himself with the towel.

"I, I don't care," she quavered, stumbling over to him and wrapping her arms around him. "I'm scared. Hold me."

"Uh, okay, okay," he said, dropping his towel and wrapping his arms around her just as another clap of thunder erupted just above them.

As it did, Molly's reflex jump shoved the back of Jason's legs against the edge of his bunk and both of them went tumbling down onto it in an unceremonious heap of entangled arms and legs.

"Jeez, sorry," she muttered as Jason struggled to disentangle them from each other.

Finally, several seconds later they lay next to each other, still wrapped in each other's arms with their bodies now tightly pressed together. He could feel her shivering with fright as she stared into his eyes with her big, panic-filled, blue eyes.

Another monstrous blast shook the boat and she convulsively clutched at him pulling him up against her even harder. Jason couldn't believe that even in these circumstances he was drawn to her like a moth to a candle. And the result of the craving for her was becoming increasing evident. As his penis grew and pressed against her thigh, her eyes belayed her shock and disbelief as another jolt of lightning filled the room with its eerie light.

Flashes of lightning continued to fill his tiny cabin with their ghostly light and the crashes of thunder beat down on the boat relentlessly as they clung to each other.

The rain beat down on the boat furiously, blurring the image outside his rain-smeared porthole as he glanced out it. The rocking of the boat was getting worse and worse and Jason reached out to steady himself. But just as he did, another slap of thunder rocked the boat and his mother instinctively lurched against him and somehow, he found his hand wrapped around one of her small, quivering tits.

"Jason, no..." she mumbled and started to reach for his hand.

Just at that instant, the Molly Be Bad lurched again and his mother wrapped her arms back around him, ignoring his hand for the moment.

Jason loved the feel of her soft, squishy breast pressing against his hand as its hard, little, nipple jutted against the palm of his hand. The hot, hard, little nipple felt like an ember trying to burn a hole in his hand as he timidly gave her breast a soft squeeze.

"No, please..." she whispered, but didn't loosen her hold on him.

Another flash of lightning filled the tiny cabin and Jason could see it glint off her big, round eyes as she stared into his eyes. He could make nothing out of what she was thinking by her eyes, but he grew bolder and began to squeeze and fondle the pliant flesh of her soft, smooth breast with more enthusiasm. As he did, he gently pressed his rock-hard prick into the soft skin of her thigh.

"Jason, Jason, you're, you're, it's..." she whispered. "Why?"

"God, Mother, I, I..." he groaned, roughly clutching at her breast.

Another rumble of thunder filled the cabin, or was it just his heartbeat, he feverishly wondered as he frantically groped the quivering mass of pliant flesh under his fingers.

The booming beat of the rain slamming against the boat couldn't mask the roar of the blood pounding through his brain as he grew more and more excited.

Emboldened by the feel of her hot flesh against his, Jason gently eased his other hand down between them.

"Jason, we, we can't..." his mother murmured quietly, but he felt her loosen her hold on him just the slightest bit as his fingers found the top edge of her bikini bottom.

"Mother, Mother," he groaned, slowly slipping his fingers down under the tightly stretched waistband of her bikini.

Then as he pushed his fingers further down into her bikini bottom, they found the small, soft tuft of curls that lay just above her most secret of secret places.

Just then, the little cabin was filled with another flash of bright, blue light. As the lightning went off, Jason saw his mother staring into his eyes with her mouth slightly open and the tip of her tongue protruding out between her lips.

He had to kiss those beautiful, full lips he told himself as he leaned over and pressed his lips against her soft, giving lips. He felt a soft murmur bubble out from between her lips as he covered her mouth with his. Then, as he dug his fingers deeper into her bikini bottom, he eased his tongue out and forced it down into the spit-tasting wetness of his mother's mouth.

Then, at almost the same precise moment, his fingers brushed over the jutting button of her clitoris and his tongue grazed the soft tip of her tongue. As they did, he felt another murmur gurgle up from her mouth into his open mouth. Kissing her with a passion he had never felt before, he felt her tongue move against his tongue, touching and gently rubbing against it.

Now she was softly returning his insistent kiss as their tongues gently caressed and nuzzled each other. Then, as they lovingly kissed, Jason began to delicately finger the soft, swollen nub of her clitoris. As he did, he suddenly felt the pressure of the waistband on the back of his hand loosen.

She's untied her bikini bottom, he feverishly thought. Greedily, he wanted more as he lifted his fingers up off her clit and shoved them down between them to the knot on the other side of her bikini bottom. Gently pulling on one of the little ribbons, he felt the knot give way and open. Now, now they were both naked, he giddily thought as slowly peeling the bikini down off her womanhood. Then he ran his fingers back to her swollen clit. They continued to kiss as he tenderly teased her clit with his fingers for the longest time.

Then a spasm of electricity crackled through his brain as he felt the hot tips of his mother's fingers gently touch his swollen, throbbing cock. He couldn't breathe as he struggled to move away from her enough to give her more room to explore his aching prick.

Finally, their lips parted and they lay gasping for breath as Jason moved his fingers off her clit and down onto the soft, meaty flesh of her pussy. As he did, he felt her legs part ever so slightly giving him more room to explore the secrecy of her womanhood. He softly examined the delicate folds of smooth, yielding flesh bordering the secret core of her femininity with his fingertips for several moments before he moved down to the wet, slippery slit between them. As he did, he felt his mother's grasp on his penis tighten and she began to slowly move her hand up and down his swollen cock.

Now his mother was lying on her back and he was lying on his side beside her in the cramped space of the bunk. Moving his middle finger down into the wet, juice-filled furrow between her meaty pussy-lips, he gently probed it trying to find the secret opening to her womanhood. Then he felt the tip of his finger slowly slide down into the clutching heat of her vagina. As it did, he felt a searing jolt of excitement fire off inside his cock making it jump and twitch.

"Mmmmmmmmnnnnnnn," his mother murmured as his finger slid deeper and deeper into the sweltering tightness of the juice-filled hole between her legs.

Jason pushed his finger down into her until it was buried up to the last knuckle inside the scorching socket.

But Jason was rapidly tiring of the intimate foreplay. He wanted her so badly his whole body was aching for her. So, while the storm outside seemed to be weakening its hold on the Molly Be Bad, the storm inside one of her tiny cabins was growing and about to reach a fiery climax.

Slowly easing his finger back out of the dripping hole, he brought it up to his nose and inhaled deeply. Savoring the pungent fragrance of her secrecy, he felt another spark of electricity fire off inside his cock. Then he quickly stuck his finger in his mouth and licked off the sweet juices that coated it.

Now it was time, he told himself. Time to take that one final plunge. Now it was time to take her as his own.

Breathlessly, he lifted his leg and moved it over her leg and down onto the bed between her legs giving her more room to spread her legs wider apart on the tiny bunk. She didn't hesitate and quickly moved her legs further apart giving him room to put his legs together between her legs.

Holding onto the upper bunk with one hand, he lifted his other leg up over hers and dropped it down beside the other one between her legs as she moved her legs even wider apart. Now was the moment, he breathlessly told himself as he slowly lowered his hips down dropping his stiff, hard cock down toward the bubbling spring that lay awaiting him down in the beautiful valley between her widespread legs.

As he started to reach down and guide the evil, tapered head of his cock down into her waiting pussy, he felt her hot fingers grasp his cock just below its flared head. Wishing a flash of lightning would light up the cabin so he could see the moment of defilement, he was disappointed as he felt her pushing and forcing the head of his rigid cock down into the oozing hole between her legs. Then, moving his hips forward, he felt the wet heat of her cunt envelop the head of his prick.

"Oh, God," he gasped, quickly thrusting the rest of his cock down into the steamy depths of her cunt.

"NNNnnnnnnnn," she groaned out, shoving herself back on him and taking him completely inside her pussy all the way up to his balls.

Holding his cock buried down inside the hot, clutching core of her cunt, he hooked his arms underneath her legs and scooped them up, bending them back down over her until her thighs were resting against her little tits. As he did, he could feel her hot juices dripping out of her pussy and running down onto his dangling balls.

Then like a wild enraged bull elephant, he began to fuck her. He pounded his cock into her furiously, grunting and gasping for breath as he continued his outrageous assault on her cunt. Her tiny feet were slashing back and forth beside his head, occasionally bumping against the upper bunk as he fucked her.

Clawing at his back with her short, rounded nails, she urged him on, leaving long, red marks down his back every time he drove his prick into the hot, sucking core of her cunt. Her legs bent back up over her shoulders left her slavering, spewing cunt defenseless against the onslaught of his thick, hard manhood. Jason was out of control. He couldn't believe that he was actually fucking his mother and she was fucking back at him just as hard. His big cock was slashing in and out of her cunt effortlessly, splashing her gushing juices all over them as they fucked like swine in heat. This wasn't making love, he feverishly thought. This was fucking. Pure, Plain FUCKING...

He could feel her urging him, coaxing him, and driving him on with her clawing hands as he hammered his cock down into the heat of the blistering hole between her legs. As he did, he could feel the backs of her calves beating against his shoulders, pushing him on.

The roaring scream of the blood pounding through his brain blocked the raging storm outside out of his mind. The only thing that mattered now was the wondrous, sucking hole between his mother's legs.

Amazed that he had lasted so long, he began to fuck her harder and harder.

"FUCK ME, Jason, FUCK ME," Molly growled, completely capitulating to the passion of the incestuous carnage they were creating.

The unholy fire down in Jason's groin was now burning out of control. Both he and his mother were fused together in an evil and twisted consummation of their incestuous nuptial. Joined together as one, they groveled and writhed on the tiny bunk as they fucked.

The walls of the tiny cabin echoed back the coarse, ugly, vulgar sounds of their fucking as they slammed their bodies at each other in carnal combat. Sweat was already pouring off them in the stuffy, un-airconditioned heat of the cabin as the loud, obscene, wet, slurping, slapping music of their bodies slamming together filled their ears. The stifling air in the tiny cabin was permeated with the thick, musky smell of woman in heat as the fucked and fucked.
Finally with sweat pouring off him, Jason felt that familiar tickling, tightening sensation in his scrotum. He knew an upheaval of monumental proportions was at hand. The band of pain around his balls grew tighter and tighter until he could no longer stand it. Suddenly, his hips lurched forward sending his cock balls deep into her slavering softness. Then he roared out with pain and liberation as he felt his balls explode and send their fiery load spewing out into her hot, clutching cunt.

"OHHHYYYEEEsssssssssss," he heard his mother gasp as she began to shiver and shudder underneath him.

Keeping his spurting, spewing cock shoved down deep inside the clenching fist of her fiery core, he emptied his hot, creamy load of potent, juvenile sperm into her spurt after fiery spurt. Over and over again, his pumping cock jerked and spewed out load after load of his potency into her until her cunt was filled with his potent syrup. Then, the thick, creamy goo began to spill out of her and drip down onto the bunk below.

Finally, after several moments, they both began to melt back down onto the bunk.

Lying atop his mother, Jason felt the thundering roar inside his head slowly receding and he could hear the diminishing sounds of the storm outside...
Part Two – Ahoy the Boat

Pushing himself up off her, he felt a sharp pain flare out of the back of his head as it smashed against the bottom of the bunk above.

"Ouch," he yelped out as his wilting cock came slithering out of his mother's tight, little pussy followed by a stream of his gummy cum.

"Oh, don't hurt yourself," his mother murmured, reaching up and wrapping her hand around the back of his head.

"Too late now," he muttered, crawling off her and standing up by the bunk. "Let's go somewhere where we have more room. Like your bed."

"Okay," she smiled, extending her hand up to him.

He gently pulled her up to her feet and took her in his arms. The crackles and booms of the storm were slowly diminishing as they kissed tenderly.

As their lips finally parted, Jason looked down and saw her bikini bottom wadded up in the middle of his bed. Leaning down, he picked it up and handed it to her.

"You might need this later," he grinned.

"Well," she smiled, "the way things are now, I probably won't."

"Oh," he snorted, reaching down and cupping one of the soft, round cheeks of her boyish ass in his palm. "That's fine with me."

"I thought it would be," she laughed and they headed for the comfort of her larger bed. On his way, Jason stopped and picked up one of the emergency lanterns that sat on the bar. An eerie, blue light flashed from the lantern when he flicked it on.

As they stepped into her room, Jason set the lamp down on the end table and gently turned his mother around until her back was to the bed. Then he gently pushed her down onto it. Her petite, boyish body seemed to glow in the blue light coming from the lantern as she sat looking up at him expectantly. Leaning down over her, he put his hands on her shoulders and gently forced them back down onto the bed. Looking down at her, he saw that her short, blond hair mimicked a halo in the soft blue light. How appropriate, he giddily thought, because she was an angel in his eyes.

As she watched him, he could see the light from the lamp reflecting off her big, round eyes giving her face a strangely alien look. This gave the whole thing a surrealistic quality he thought. What would it be like making love to a creature from outer space, he absurdly wondered? Still leaning over her, he slid his hands under her thighs and gently tugged her down the bed until her cute, boyish butt was perched on the edge of the bed. Now she lay on her back with her upper body flat on the bed, her legs extended out over the floor were bent at the knees and the soles of her dainty feet rested on the floor. Letting go of her thighs, he gently clasp his hands around her little, rounded knees. Looking up at the small, fur-covered mound at the base of her soft underbelly, he lazily began to spread her lovely legs apart. It took no effort on his part to spread her legs as she inched her feet along the floor widening the gap for him. At last, her legs were open so wide, her knees were almost brushing against the bed.

Jason reverently lowered himself down before the altar of his birth as it peeked out at him from between her outstretched legs. It was so beautiful, he thought as he reached out and delicately ran his fingers over the fragile softness of the small, limp lips that were now flared open revealing the wondrous opening between them. Jason had never felt such softness as he lovingly explored the delicate, pendant folds of wet flesh. In the harsh light from the lantern, her petite, little pussy reminded him of a precious, blue flower with its dew-covered petals spread open and ready for him.

"It's so beautiful," he murmured reverently, looking up into her eyes.

As he did, he saw that she had slipped a big, fluffy pillow under her head so she could see him better. And she had her small, petite hands wrapped around her pendant breasts. Smiling at him, she brought her fingers and thumbs up to the tiny nipples that jutted up out of the tip of her breasts and loving toyed with them.

Looking back down, Jason saw the tip of her tiny clitoris peeking out from its fleshy, little cave. It was so delicate and fragile looking he thought to himself, as he slowly lowered his lips down to it.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm," his mother murmured softly as his lips brushed across the sensitive little bud.

His mother seemed to be getting over her fear of thunderstorms, he deliriously thought, as the rumble of the storm grew more and more distant. She didn't seem frightened now.

Easing the tip of his tongue out, he began to lazily rub it back and forth across the squirming little nub. Then as his mother gently pressed her clit up against his mouth, he reached up and placed a hand palm down on her soft belly. Slowly, he moved his hand down until his thumb was resting on the little jutting ridge of flesh that ran down to her clit. Then, he gently pressed it down and slowly peeled the fleshy little hood back off her clit exposing ever more of it to his taunting tongue.

"Ohhhhhhhgodddddddd," she softly moaned, thrusting her pussy up at him.

Pressing down harder with his tongue, he began to flick it back and forth faster as she groveled under his attack. Suddenly, his mother let go of her tiny tits and shoved her hands down to his head. Digging her fingers into his hair, she forced his mouth down onto her pussy harder and harder. As she groveled under him, Jason brought his other hand up under his chin. As he continued to relentless attack her clit, he eased a long finger out of his clenched fist. Unable to see what he was doing, he explored her nether regions only to find that the tip of his finger was probing her clenched asshole.

"Nnnnnnnnnnnnnn," his mother mumbled as he gently explored the delicate opening with the tip of his finger before he moved away from it.

Running the tip of his finger around over the wrinkled circle of flesh surrounding her asshole, he tickled and teased if for several seconds before he slowly moved up over the smooth skin of her perineum and up to the oozing opening of her vagina. He had been pleasuring his mother's tiny clit for several minutes now and he could feel her muscles tightening in preparation to make the mad dash for the finish line.

"Oh, oh, oh, almost," she choked out as Jason slowly eased his finger down into the hot, clutching opening of her vagina.

As he did, he could feel his mother's vagina clutching and nipping at his finger. Then as she strained even harder, he added a second finger and began to work it in and out of her faster and faster.

"Yes, yesssssssssssssssss," she hissed, shoving his face down into her pussy harder and harder.

Now she was humping her cunt up at him so hard her little boyish ass was pattered up and down on the bed, but Jason kept the attack up and gave her no mercy.

Suddenly, a blood-curdling scream rent the air as she shoved his head down so hard he thought his lips would be bruised.

Her whole body went rigid for several seconds as she shook and shivered. Then her legs slapped closed imprisoning Jason's head between her sweaty, quivering thighs. He felt like she was squeezing his head so hard his brains were going to be squished out. On and on she went, grunting and groaning as she agonized through her orgasm.

Finally, with one last groan, she began to melt back down onto the bed. Then her whole body went limp with her arms flopping out to the side and her legs dropping away, freeing Jason's head from their crushing clasp.

Slowly raising his head, he saw that his mother's eyes were closed and a tiny drivel of spit was slowly trickling down of her partially open mouth.

Wiping his hand across his chin, he wiped away some of the flood of juice that had poured out of her pussy while she was coming. Slowly getting to his feet, he saw that the only movement coming from his mother was the slow, even rise and fall of her little titties. He loved eating her pretty, little pussy, he told himself looking down and seeing that his big cock was sticking out hard and ready to do battle again.

Grinning vainly, he turned and walked out to the bar where he made them another drink. It had been so exciting eating his mother, he thought, stepping out to the poop deck. Sipping on his drink, he stood looking at the brilliant stars and then at the thunderstorm dying in the distance.

"Oh, there you are," he heard his mother say as she stepped out onto the poop deck accompanied by the tinkling of the ice cubes in her drink.

"I thought you had passed out or something," he told her.

"Almost," she laughed softly, stepping over to him and running her hand down to his half-hard cock. "You most certainly know how to please a woman."

"I love to eat pussy," he said, wrapping his arm around her and cupping one of her soft, dangling breasts in his palm. "Especially your sweet, little pussy. It's like everything else about you. So tiny and cute. I still don't know how I came out of it. I don't even know how you can get a big cock in it, much less a baby."

"That's a woman's secret," she said coyly tickling his cock with a long fingernail. "But what about him? Doesn't he want some more?"

"What do you think?" he smirked, seeing that his cock was already nearly fully hardened again.

"I would say that he did," she giggled, wrapping her hand around the thick shaft and working it up and down to put the finishing touches on its resurgence.

"Would like to make love out here under the stars," he asked her, giving her tit a squeeze then dropping his hand down to grope her delightful little ass.

"That would be lovely," she murmured, leaning over and giving him a long, deep kiss on the mouth.

"I'll run get a futon," he told her hurrying down the steps.

He was back in no time with a big, fluffy futon that he immediately spread out on the little poop deck as Molly watched on. The first quarter moon was just rising and casting a long, silver reflection at the boat as Jason knelt down on the fluffy futon.

"Its beautiful out here isn't it?" his mother murmured, kneeling down beside him.

"It most certainly is," he smiled reaching over and cupping his hand over her pussy.

"Silly, boy, there's hardly enough light to even see it," she laughed, reaching for his half-hard prick.

"You didn't have any problem finding him," he snickered, easing his middle finger down into the weeping hole between her legs.

Pushing his hand away and pulling his juice-coated finger out of her pussy, Molly leaned down and gracefully rolled over onto her back. Then she scooted over until his cock was jutting out just above her mouth.

As Jason looked down, she reached up and pulled his big cock down and quickly sucked its bloated head into her mouth.

"Unhuuuuuuuuuuuuuu," Jason groaned as he felt his mother hungrily sucking his cock back to life.

As she sucked and lapped at his cock, she held his big, dangling balls in the palm of her hot hand, gently pulling and playing with them.

It only took moments to completely recharge his gladiator. And when it was, she spit it out and watched it standing tall and proud, pointing straight up at the twinkling stars above.

Rolling over onto her back, she looked up at him and slowly spread her legs apart and extended her arms up to him.

Their bodies seemed to melt together as he leaned down and slowly eased his cock into her tiny pussy. Above them the stars blushed as the scene below them unfolded. Unlike the first fiery upheaval, this time they fucked slowly, lovingly, savoring every moment of their intimate union. Ashore, the frogs croaked out their own need as they searched for the right mate, but on board the boat there was no need to search. They had found each other, at least for this one night. They were lovers for this moment in time...

Jason awoke to the soft murmur of little waves lapping against Molly's hull. The sun was just clearing the horizon as his mother snuggled back against him. She was still sleeping with a part of the futon pulled up over her. She was lying curled up in a fetal position with her back pressed against his belly. Pressed together like spoons in a drawer, they lay motionless for several moments. Then Jason reached around her and gently cupped one of her small, pliant breasts in the palm of his hand. Lovingly fondling it, he heard his mother murmur as he slowly scooted down the futon until he had his rock-hard cock pointed up at the puffy flips of her pussy as the peeked out from below her small boyish ass. Grasping his cock around the shaft, he eased it up to the soft, pouting opening of her vagina. Dragging the big, purple head up and down the juicy slit several times to coat it with her slippery juice, he then slowly fitted the tapered mushroom up between the lips of her pussy.

"Nnnnnnnnnn," she murmured softly, gently thrusting herself back down against him as his cock slid deep inside her pussy.

Reaching up, Jason cupped her small jiggling breasts as he began to slowly slide his cock in and out of her hot, clutching cunt. They slowly fucked in rhythm with the soft, gentle rock of the boat as the sun slowly rose into the morning sky.

God, what a way to start a day, Jason giddily thought as he lovingly fucked his mother from behind. Leaning forward, he covered her back with soft butterfly kisses as he worked his hips back and forth methodically. Five, ten, then fifteen minutes flowed by like molasses pouring from a bottle as they fucked.

Then, as he tweaked his mother's nipples between his fingers and thumbs, he felt her groan as she pushed herself back against him and began to shiver and moan.

"Ohhhhhccoommminnnnggggg," she murmured out but Jason didn't even slow up as he kept on sliding his cock in and out of her spasming cunt.

He was almost there, too, he told himself as he kicked up the pace another notch. Almost there.

Then, just as the last convulsion undulated through his mother's tight cunt, he exploded. His cock began to jerk and spurt out its gooey load of cum into her tightly clenched puss.

Wallowing in the pleasure exuding from the head of his cock, he felt the monster shiver one last time as the last tickle of pleasure welled up from it.

Then he heard it. It was the rumble of engines. Boat engines. And it was rapidly approaching them.

"Fuck!" he cursed, jerking his cock back out of his mother oozing pussy.

"What?" his mother asked. "Oh, shit."

"A boat. And it's close," he muttered, "gotta get into the boat before they get here."

Scrambling up to his hands and knees, he watched his mother start to struggle up to her feet.

"Down. They'll see you," he whispered, jerking her back down.

"Fuck," she complained, and started for the cabin scrabbling along on her hands and feet with her cute, boyish butt waving in the air.

Jason watched as she scrambled across the poop deck and disappeared into the salon. Then, grabbing up the futon, he struggled across the deck hoping he wouldn't scratch himself on the rough surface of the deck.

Just then, a booming voice came rolling across the water.

"Ahoy! Ahoy, the boat!" the voice thundered.

"Fuck, it's dad," he shouted to his mother as he stepped down into the salon.

"Really?" his mother asked from the door to her bedroom.

"Yeah, and he's nearly here. So hurry and get dressed. And cover up your titties this time, please."

"Okay. Just for you," she snickered, disappearing into her cabin.

Tearing down to his cabin, Jason quickly jerked his shorts on and shoved his feet down into his deck shoes. Pulling a tee shirt on over his head, he hoped any scratches he had suffered during their fuckfest would be hidden as he stepped back out to go and greet his father.

As he hurried across the salon, he felt the Molly Be Bad shudder when the other boat nudged up against it.

Lurching up the steps, he saw his father stepping aboard.

"Dad. Boy are we glad to see you," he said excitedly, running over and giving his father a hug.

"Where's your Mom?" his father asked him as they disentangled themselves from each other.

"Here I am," she squealed, launching herself across the deck toward him.

Then, as she wrapped her arms around his father's neck and planted a long, passionate kiss on his lips, Jason felt a dull, aching shudder of jealously envelope his brain...
Part Three -- A Baby?

The next week was pure hell for Jason. Being stuck on the same boat with his mother and being unable to do anything with her was killing him.

To make things worse, his mother would occasionally wear a skirt into the ports. But when she was sitting around before they departed the boat, she would sit with her long legs crossed until she saw Damon wasn't watching her. Then she would mischievously smile at Jason and quickly spread her legs to show him that she wasn't wearing any panties. And to make things even worse, she had shaved her pussy. So when she flashed it, Jason could see her juicy, hot pussy gaping out at him from between her legs, taunting him with its unavailability.

She almost never wore a top anymore and when his father was down below, she would rub her small, droopy tits against him. And most of the time, while she was rubbing them against his arm or his chest, she would run her hand down to his cock and give it a good squeeze through his trunks. So needless to say, Jason wandered around in a testosterone-induced fog until they finally arrived back home.

Once back home and out of the tight confines of the boat, Jason made his way down to his room and slammed the door shut. Now, he told himself, taking his camera over to his computer, he quickly hooked it up to the graphics converter. Then he eagerly began to view all of the pictures he had taken on the voyage. There interspersed with pictures of the ocean, the islands, and other humdrum places, were shots of his mother without her top on. He had secretly taken them when she and his dad didn't know it. But the real prizes were the pictures of his mother and dad fucking in the salon. He had secretly rigged a way to pull back one of the curtains on one of the portholes and photograph them while they were going at it.

Picking out several of the pictures of his mother and dad fucking, Jason printed out some flash sheets. Then carrying them over to his bed, he pulled his shorts down around his ankles and flopped down on the bed. Grinning, he studied the pictures as he slowly whacked his cock.

I wonder when I'll get to do her again, like he's doing her in these pictures, he wondered? He knew that his dad was gone about half the time working out the rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. Damn, I wish he would hurry up and leave so that I can get in Mom's panties again. If she's wearing any, he laughed to himself.

Suddenly, the door to his room flew open and he saw his mother standing in the doorway looking at him.

Jason didn't know what to do as he lay gawking up at her with his hand wrapped around his cock and a picture in his other hand.

"Just as I thought," she smirked at him.

"Uh, uh, well, it was a long voyage," he grunted, dropping his eyes down to her bare breasts. "So where's your bra? We're not on the boat, you know."

"Oh," she smiled, reaching up and cupping the droopy twins, "your father got called out to the rig and won't be back until tomorrow night. So I was wondering if you might like to come down to my cabin and play with them."

"Yeah, sure," he grinned eagerly, toeing his shorts down off over his bare feet. Dropping the pictures to the bed, he threw his legs around and started to stand up.

"What are you looking at?" she asked him walking over toward his bed with her tiny tits wiggling and jiggling naughtily.

"Uh, uh, nothing," he lied, blushing and flipping the pictures over so she couldn't see them.

"Now come on, let me see them," she told him, reaching down for them.

Jerking them up, she flipped them over. Her eyes flared open as they swept over the pictures, studying them one by one.

"Jason Crusoe. How did you get these pictures?" she asked him leafing through the flash sheets.

"Uh, I took them, of course," he said, reaching to take them back from her.

"You little sneak," she snorted, letting him grab them out of her hand. "You'd better not let your father find them. He'll skin you alive."

"I won't," he snickered, dropping them back down on his bed and reaching for one of her softly jiggling tits. "I sure missed not being able to play with these guys."

"Well, come on," she said, turning to avoid his hand and grabbing his hand in hers.

"I'm coming, pardon the pun," he laughed, trailing along behind her admiring her cute, boyish ass.

Since they had just arrived home, she hadn't changed out of her tiny bikini and the bare cheeks of her ass were totally exposed, quivering delightfully with every step.

"I see that you still like my little ass," she grinned over her shoulder as she saw him staring down at it.

"Beautiful little ass," he told her, reaching out and cupping one small, round cheek in his hand.

"Oh, by the way," she said as they walked into her bedroom, "were going to go on another voyage next week. A four-day one. With Nana Crusoe. So you best get all my pussy that you want, cause ain't getting any of it out there on the ocean."

"I'll try," he snorted, following her over to the bed. "So what do you think she'll do when she sees you running around without your top on?

"She'll probably take hers off, too," Molly grinned, leaning down and pushing her bikini bottom down her long, shapely legs.

"I hope," Jason laughed, watching his mother step out of her bikini and crawl up onto the bed. "She has some big ones."

"Why? Don't you like my little, droopy ones any more?" she pouted, cupping them and lifting them up off her chest. "I thought you said they were cute."

Pulling his shirt off, he smiled, dropped it on top of her bikini bottom and crawled up onto the bed beside her.

"I do," he smiled, leaning down and giving one of her little nipples a kiss. "But I've never seen Nana's tits. I just wonder what they look like. Variety is the spice of life, you know."

"Well, here, play with these for now," she said, flopping down on her back as she reached for his half-hard prick.

Jason sucked the hard, little nub between his lips and began to tease it with the tip of his tongue while his mother lazily ran her hot, little fist up and down his hard prick.

"Ummmm, that feels good," she sighed, resting her head on the bed.

Then, as he felt her little nipple hardening, he grabbed a handful of her other tit and began to squeeze and fondle it.

Finally, he raised his lips up from her tiny tit and dropped his eyes down to his mother's smooth, shaven pussy.

"It's hard to believe," he said, pausing as he stared at it.

"What's hard to believe?" she asked, shoving a pillow under her head.

"Number one, that we're lying here naked and talking like this," he said, pausing for a moment.

"I'm enjoying it, aren't you?"

"It's awesome," he grinned back at her.

"And number two?" She asked.

"Uh, and number two, that I could have ever come out of such a tiny, little place like that," he boldly said running his hand down to her bald pussy. "And, by the way, thanks for all the beaver shots on the boat. You were driving me crazy.

"Why, didn't you enjoy them," she laughed, spreading her legs apart another couple of inches.

"Yeah, but when I couldn't do anything, it made me so horny, I had a hard on all the time. Especially when you shaved it. And now look at it, all soft and pink," he went on looking down at it.

"Why don't you touch it?"

"Sure," he grinned, getting up on his hands and knees and crawling down between her outstretched legs.

Leaning down over the glistening pink slit, he was close enough to smell the deep, rich musk of her pussy as he tentatively reached his hand toward the open, pink gash between her legs. He had never seen anything as beautiful in his whole life. It was like a luscious, pink rose with its satiny petals glistening with her womanly dew.

As his finger brushed the yielding softness of the small, dangling lips surrounding the oozing little slit, he felt a tingle of electricity shoot up his arm and explode in his head.

"Do you like it better this way?" he heard her ask.

"Yeah, I've never felt anything so soft and smooth," he cooed.

Gently probing the mushy folds of hot, slippery flesh with the tip of his finger, he explored her femininity as she watched on. Smiling up at her, he slowly ran his finger down the sopping furrow of her vagina until it was touching the oozing slit at the very bottom of her pussy.

"That feels good," she murmured, gently easing her legs wider apart.

His cock was so hard, he just knew it was going to burst as he fingered the oozing core of her vagina.

Then he slowly began to ease his finger down into the fragile, little opening.

"Ohhhhhh," she sighed as he pushed his finger down into her all the way up to the last knuckle.

"Why don't you kiss it like you did on the boat that night? he heard his mother ask from somewhere in the sex-drenched fog that now surrounded him.

"Okay," he muttered, easing his dripping finger back out of her sopping cunt.

Lowering his face down between the tanned smoothness of his mother's thighs, he felt her hands on the back of his head guiding him down to the glistening gash. Opening his mouth just slightly, he eased the tip of his tongue out and ran it around the soft, pliant lips encircling her weeping pussy.

"Oh, yess," she gushed as he explored the meaty lips with his tongue.

As he hungrily lapped at her pussy, he felt her holding his head and guiding him up the fleshy furrow to the little ball of hard flesh jutting out of its fleshy, little cave.

"Yes, that's it, yes, lick it there, baby, lick Mommy's clit," she groaned as he flicked his tongue back and forth across her clitoris.

Then he felt her begin to move under him. Softly at first, she pushed her pussy up into his mouth but soon, she was moaning and humping her pussy into his face with wild abandon while she held onto his hair and pulled him down into her with every lurch.

Then he felt her body begin to tighten as her hips bounced up and down faster and faster.

"Yssyssysssyssyssssssssssssssnowwwwwww," she groaned out as she shoved her pussy up into his face and held it there while her body shook and trembled.

Jason could feel her whole body quivering as she moaned her way through her orgasm.

At last, he felt his mother's grip on his hair begin to weaken and he was finally able to lift his head and take in a big pheromone-tainted breath.

As his mother's breathing slowly returned to normal, Jason rose to his hands and knees between her long, lovely legs. Then he inched up higher until his big cock was bobbing just above the gash between her legs as it continued to dribble out a stream of her hot juice.

"No, not yet," she muttered, "I want to suck on it first."

"If you say so," he grinned down at her, throwing one leg out over hers and then the other.

"Bring it here so I can suck on it," she implored him, roughly pulling on his prick.

"I don't know how long I'll last," he complained, "you know it's been a week. After you teased me all week long, I don't know how long I can hold it back."

"Don't you want to come in my mouth?" she smiled up at him coyly.

"Fuck, yes," he muttered as she kept pulling on his cock, pulling him up her body until he straddled her chest with his jutting, overripe cock bobbing up and down above her soft red lips.

"I want you to come in my mouth," she told him and felt another shudder of excitement kick through his cock.

Straining as hard as he could to keep from shooting his wad, he looked down and watched her gently wrap her hand around the thick, pulsating barrel of his cock. She slowly bent it down, forcing the big, purple cock head down toward her open lips.

Then he saw and felt her soft, red lips close down around his cock head as she sucked him inside her mouth. It felt like a circle of fire had closed down around his cock head as his mother closed her mouth around his cock and began to suck on him.

Jason was so excited that he was going to get to come in her mouth, he knew he couldn't last more than a few seconds as his mother lovingly teased and tormented his penis with her tongue and lips.

As she sucked on him, he suddenly began to jerk his hips back and forth forcing his cock in and out of her mouth.

He was out of control, fucking her mouth savagely while she hungrily milked his cock with her hot, clenching mouth. He had never felt anything so wondrously wicked in his whole life.

Suddenly, a bomb went off inside his head and he felt his penis explode inside his mother's hot, sucking mouth. Kicking and jerking violently, his cock began to spurt and spew out its creamy load of cum into her mouth. As his cock erupted over and over again, he felt like his whole body was melting and pouring out through his cock into his mother's mouth. And she was sucking and sucking and sucking, pulling him into her mouth and swallowing him whole as his penis erupted over and over again. Soon there would be nothing left of him but his huge, jutting cock because she was ravenously sucking out the body's essences that were spurting out in big, creamy gobs.

He wished it could last forever as his cock spurted and spurted more and more of his thick, hot cum into her mouth.

At last, there was nothing left to spurt and his cock stopped firing off inside her mouth.

As he groaned and pulled his cock back out of his mother's cum-filled mouth, she swallowed and roughly shoved him back down her body.

"Hurry and put it in me while it's still hard," she told him, pushing and shoving him down her body.

He could feel his cock already weakening and softening as he struggled back down her body.

Hurrying as fast as he could, he quickly found himself burrowed up between his mother's smooth, warm legs as she feverishly guided his weakening potency down to the waiting socket of fire between her widespread legs. Suddenly, he felt the head of his cock being enveloped by hot softness of her wondrous cunt as it slithered down into the flooded channel of her weeping vagina.

"Push it in," she grunted.

Snorting, he hunched himself down at her and felt his drained manhood slide down into the burning heat of her cunt until it was buried all the way up to the hilt.

"Yesssss, baby, fuck me," she groaned.

Slowly at first, he began to work his hips back and forth. He could feel his cock slowly stop shrinking and gradually begin to gain strength as it slid in and out of her hot, wet hole. Then as it stiffened and grew, he began to fuck her harder. Before long, his butt was bounding up and down furiously.

Soon, the bed was groaning and creaking as he fucked his mother with deep, hard thrusts.

"Yes, baby, yes," she hissed as he pounded his cock into her pussy and she used her hands to goad him on, urging him to fuck her harder and harder.

Working his hips back and forth like a steam engine, he hammered his cock into her at a frantic pace, pistoning it in and out of the fiery circle of tight, clinging meat.

Partially palled by his first orgasm, Jason felt like he could go all day long. Five, ten, fifteen minutes rocketed by as the fucked and fucked. Now their bodies were dripping with sweat as their bellies wetly slapped together every time he hammered his cock back into her hot, clutching cunt.

Finally, he felt another charge of superheated cum gathering itself for an eruption. But this time, he would be filling her cunt and womb with his vile seed. Filling it to overflowing with his potency. Filling her with the seeds she needed to create new life. A new life that would be part him and part her. Their wicked union would produce the evidence of the consummation of their incestuous matrimony.

It would only be a few moments. A few moments and she would be taking his seed from him. Taking it into the fiery core of his creation. Would it too create a new life inside the very place he had been created? Would he and his mother unite in unholy, incestuous matrimony to create a new being? Another Jason? Or another Molly?

She must have sensed how close he was to coming as he felt her begin to tremble and quiver.

"Now, baby, now. Come now, baby," she groaned out as her body began to shake, "come with me. Fill me with your seed so it can grow inside me."

She wanted him to shoot his cum into her and make her pregnant, he dizzily thought. She wanted him to make her pregnant. And he was going to try and comply with her sick request.

Then it came. Like a fountain bursting forth inside of her as his evil seed spewed out into her.

'AGGGGGGgggggggodddddddddd," he bellowed out as he felt her womb open and begin to suck his malignant sperm down into the hot core of her womanhood.

He could feel the hot, thick goo of life spurting out into her as she furiously milked him with her cunt. Once again, he felt like his whole body was melting and pouring out of the head of his cock down into his mother's hot, clinging cunt as she absorbed him into her body to make them one.

Would it make a baby? Would it make a baby? Would it make a baby? That was all he could think about as his cock emptied its milky milt down into her.

Groaning with effort, he thrust himself against her harder and harder, trying to thrust his spewing monster deeper and deeper into the core of his creation. He had defiled her as no son should ever defile his mother and now, even now he wanted to take the defilement even beyond that. He had defiled her body, now he wanted to take over her mind. Take it over and make her his slave. His slave to satisfy his every wish and produce other slaves to do his bidding.

"Oh, God," he heard his mother whimper, "we did it. We did it. I know we did it. I know we made a baby."

This is so damned crazy, Jason groggily thought as he rolled off his mother and flopped down on the bed beside her...

Part Four -- THE VISITOR

Time passed and Jason and Molly had been able to continue Molly's quest for pregnancy on several occasions before Nana arrived for their four-day voyage around the islands. It had been a whole year since Jason had seen his grandmother. The last time he had seen her was at his grandfather's funeral. And she had been down and depressed then. But now she was all aglow again. And she looked so happy to see everyone, especially her son, Damon.

The departure day arrived and they boarded the boat ready to embark on their little adventure. They quickly stowed their gear and made ready to leave. Jason helped his father cast off, tossing the lines back on the boat and then jumping on board as his father gunned the big Caterpillar engines and slowly backed away from the dock. Then Damon slowly turned the boat and navigated up the channel leading out of the boat dock. As soon as he cleared the channel, he kicked up the engines a few more notches and quickly headed for the open water.

Jason stood up on the bow letting the salt-tinted wind blow through his hair as he watched the Molly Be Bad's bow rising and falling while it sliced through the aquamarine water. Finally, he made his way back to the aft of the boat. As he stepped out onto the poop deck, he saw that his parents and grandmother were up in the cockpit all clustered around the Captain's chair.

Climbing the stairs, he stepped out onto the deck and suddenly stopped dead in his tracks. What he saw stunned him. He saw that as usual, his mother was topless with her small tits bobbing in rhythm with the up and down motion of the boat, but he was stunned to see his grandmother had also removed her top. Now her big, gorgeous tits were frolicking about heavily in the bright, morning sunlight.

As he stood gawking at the giant mountains of jiggling flesh bobbing up and down in cadence with the rise and fall of the boat, she looked over at him and lifted her arms. As she smiled and held her hands palm up, she seemed to be saying she had no choice.

"When in Paris," she bashfully quipped as she saw her grandson gawking at her big, jiggling breasts.

"Uh, yeah, uh, I guess so," he blushed, trying not to be too obvious.

But he kept peeking at her big, blue-veined tits every chance he got as they cruised along.

Then he noticed that his dad was doing the same thing as they thrummed along over the waves.

The day passed with hours of tit viewing by Jason and his father as the two opposite sets of tits stared them in the eye all day long. Behind his sunglasses, his eyes hidden from view, Jason would first study his mother's small, droopy tits for a while, then he would swing over and examine his grandmother's bobbling giants for a while. It was quite a spectacle.

Finally, late in the afternoon, his mother left and went down to the salon to fix something to eat.

"Well, I'm gonna go down and get a beer," Jason said, sneaking another peek at his grandmother's giant, dangling breasts. "Does anybody else want anything?"

"Yeah, bring me a beer, too," his father said, sneaking another peek of his mother's tits out of the corner of his eye.

"Nana?" Jason asked as she sat aimlessly looking out over the bow.

"Oh, no, no thanks, Jasie," she smiled, looking over at him.

"Okay," Jason said, shuffling over to the steps leading down to the poop deck, trying to sneak another look at her tits without tripping and falling. "I'll be back in a little bit."

Stepping into the salon, he saw his mother was in the galley standing at the counter with her back to him.

Sneaking up behind her, he wrapped his arms around her and cupped her small, droopy tits in the palms of his hands.

"How they hanging, Mom," he giggled, gently squeezing them.

"You tell me," she laughed, leaning back against him and pushing her soft, round butt up against his cock. "But you'd better stop that before someone catches us."

"Ah, Mom, they're up in the cockpit," he complained, gently tweaking her hard, little nipples between his fingers and thumbs. "Besides with everybody all ways around, I don't ever get to play with them."

"Well, you'll just have to wait until we get back home," she said, pushing his hands away from her tits as she stepped back up to the counter.

"Spoil sport," he whined, turning and walked over to the built-in fridge.

"What's going on upstairs?" she asked him as he reached in and grabbed a couple of beers.

"Nana's watching the waves go by and dad's steering the boat," Jason said, closing the fridge and starting back out to the poop deck.

"He doesn't have it on auto?" she asked.

"Nope," Jason said, wondering why his dad wasn't using the autopilot.

Maybe he was just trying to impress his mother by standing behind the wheel with the wind blowing through his hair. Then, he had a strange premonition about the amount of attention his grandmother was paying to his Dad. But no, couldn't be, he laughed at himself for even having such a sick, twisted thought. But it didn't stop him from quietly tiptoeing out onto the deck and peering up into the cockpit.

What he saw sent a shiver of excitement coursing through his cock. His grandmother and his father were standing side by side behind the wheel now. His father had his arm hanging down behind her and he was gently cupping one of the softly rounded cheeks of her ass. Jason could see his father's fingers moving, gently caressing and squeezing the pliant flesh. And from where Nana's arm was positioned, hidden from view in front of him, it seemed pretty obvious that she had her hand somewhere in close vicinity of his father's cock.

What in the fuck was going on, he asked himself, staring up at them? Then he saw his grandmother lean toward Damon. As she did, his father turned and they kissed. Kissed full on the lips and it wasn't any mother/son kiss either. Watching them kiss, he saw his father gently pull her toward him as she pressed her pelvis up against his leg.

Holy shit, he groaned to himself. What was that all about? They were playing grab ass. Unfucking believable. His father was playing grab ass with his own mother. It was just like he did with mom and the same as me and mom when we're fooling around, he told himself.

Then did that mean that his father fucking Nana? Why else would they be acting that way?

"Holy, fucking crap," he whispered to himself, tiptoeing back over to the bottom of the steps.

Then he coughed to alert them of his presence and started up the steps. When he was able to peer over the edge of the deck of the cockpit, he saw that his father was sitting in the Captain's chair and Nana was sitting in the same deck chair she had been sitting in when he had left. And now she was nonchalantly staring out over the bow of the boat as nothing at all had happened during his absence.

Hoping he wasn't blushing, he padded across the deck to where his father sat. Looking down, he placed one of the beers in front of his father. As he did, he could see that his father had a big hard on jutting up tenting his trunks. Smiling to himself, he quickly strolled over to a deck chair.

"Thanks, Jase," his father grunted, but never took his eyes off the horizon.

Now he had something on his father and Nana, he giddily thought. But how could he use it? And what did they have that he wanted anyway? As he thought about his new discovery, he casually sipped on his beer and watched Nana's big, pendulous breast jiggle and bob in cadence with the movement of the boat.

What would it be like to fuck her, he suddenly found himself wondering? Fuck your grandmother, he argued with himself. That's sick. And besides, she must be at least fifty or sixty years old. But she still had a nice body, he thought as he studied it through the dark lenses of his sunglasses. She must really take good care of herself and exercise a lot. While her body was covered with numerous small, brownish age spots, they were no bigger than freckles and at a distance looked just like freckles. They didn't detract from her good looks at all. And most women would be ecstatic to have big, saggy tits like hers. While her face was pretty, it had an odd, elongated, horse-like quality that some men might find distracting, but Jason, being used to it and eternally horny, found it cute. All in all, Jason thought, running his eyes up and down her body, she probably wouldn't be a bad fuck. Not a bad fuck at all. Unlike his petite mother, everything about Nana seemed to be on a grand scale, from her big boobs down to her large, round ass. And his father was fucking her wasn't he? So it couldn't be too bad, could it?

But what's the point of wondering what it would be like, he asked himself. It would never happen anyway. Besides, it appeared she was already taken. By his father, he sickly thought. But then again, he now had some very useable blackmail material, didn't he?

Over dinner, they discussed the planned events for the next day. Damon and Molly were planning an overnight trip to the tiny island of Territa to replenish the perishable items they needed if they could find any. Nana said she was feeling a little tired and was going to stay on board and rest up. So Jason decided he would stay on board with her and explore the possibility utilizing his newfound knowledge on his grandmother.

Since the tiny island only had one small inn, there was very little dockage space available. Damon had decided to moor the Molly Be Bad out in a little cove where it would be protected should a storm to come up.

The night passed uneventfully as the Molly Be Good gently rocked in the slow, rolling swells.

Everyone awoke the next day in good spirits. Then everyone lounged around until around one o'clock when Damon called ashore to have the inn's small outboard boat come and pick them up...

Jason and his grandmother stood watching the little boat carrying Molly and Damon go putt putting across the bay until it finally docked by the inn.

There were several other boats anchored within two or three hundred yards of the Molly, so Nana had judicially decided to don her full bikini much to Jason's disappointment.

"Well, I guess it's just you and I," Nana smiled, climbing down to the poop deck.

"Appears that tis," he chuckled, standing at the top of the steps watching her climb down.

"You like margaritas?" Nana asked him, looking up at him from the poop deck.

"Sure," Jason said, turning and starting to climb down the steps.

"Good. I'll fix us a pitcher and we can drink the afternoon away," she laughed from the door of the salon.

"Uh, I think I'll join you down in the salon," he said, following her into the salon. "Kinda warm out here this time of the day."

"Yes, it is," Nana said, reaching around behind herself and untying her bikini top as she strolled across the salon.

"Unh-huh," Jason grunted seeing that she was pulling her top off

"I hope you don't mind," she laughed, throwing her arm out and holding the top of her bikini pinched between her finger and thumb for a few seconds before she dropped it to the floor.

"No, no, ma'am, no ma'am, not a all," he smirked, walking over to the divan while his grandmother went about making a pitcher of margaritas. As she had her back to him, he couldn't see her tits, but he could imagine how much they were shaking and jiggling as she vigorously stirred and shook the margaritas.

Finally, she came bobbling back over to the couch with the pitcher and two salt-rimmed glasses.

"Hope you like them strong," she laughed, handing him a glass and quickly filling it as he held it out to her.

Then as she plopped down about three feet away, he took a quick sip of his drink.

"Damn, Nana," he grunted, smacking his lips, "you make a mean margarita."

"I like them a little stronger than those you get in the bars," she grinned, crossing her legs and leaning back on the couch.

"As long as it doesn't burn the enamel off my teeth," he laughed.

"So, tell me, how long has your mother been running around topless in front of you?" she asked him, a little smile playing at the corners of her mouth.

"Oh, about three or four years, I guess," he told her, taking another sip of his drink.

"Doesn't it bother you?" she inquired, glancing down at his lap which showed obvious signs of his arousal.

"I never said it didn't," he said. "After all I'm a growing boy."

"I can see," she laughed mischievously.

"Sorry," he mumbled, dropping his hand down into his lap to cover the bulgle.

"Do my breasts bother you, too?" she went on, looking down at them and nonchalantly running her hand down one.

"Yeah, a lot," he grunted, looking down at them. "They're so big, so big and so pretty. They bother me a lot."

"Would you like for me to put my top back on then," she smiled, running the frosty bottom down over her breasts.

"No," he emphatically said.

"Okay, but I think it's time to change the subject, don't you?" she laughed, seemingly amused at his obvious discomfort.

"Uh, yeah, that's probably a good idea," he said, blushing.

Their idle chatter went on for another hour as they finished their third drink and started on their fourth.

"You know, I" Nana started to say, pushing herself up to her feet. "Whoa, there. I don't think I've got me sea legs right at the moment."

"Careful, seems like the swells are getting a little bigger," he told her, getting up and lurching over toward her.

"Yes, they are," she giggled as she started to weave over to the bar.

"Here, let me help you," Jason told her, wrapping his arm around her waist to help her over to the bar.

She leaned against him for support as he helped her. It took every ounce of will power he had not to reach up and latch onto one of her big, dangling tits as they stumbled along.

"There," she said, reaching out and grabbing hold of the bar, "I think I can make it now. Thanks for your help."

"You're welcome," he said, letting go of her and stepping away.

"So, I'm going down to my cabin," she said over her shoulder as she walked down the hallway holding onto the railing to keep from falling. "Then I'm going to take a little power nap. After that, I'll fix us a light dinner. Okay?"

"Sure, just be careful," he told her watching her lurch along swaying from side to side until she finally reached her cabin door.

"Ta-Ta," she laughed tipsily as she stepped into her cabin and gave him a little wave over her shoulder.

Jason heard her close her door, but he didn't hear the latch catch. That meant that the door was still ajar.

He refilled his drink and went out onto the poop deck to wait for her to come back. Sitting on one of the chaise lounges, he wondered if there was some way he could convince her to spend the night in bed with him. Was he crazy? This lady was his grandmother. Not some whore he picked in a bar. And guys just didn't go around fucking their grandmothers. Just wasn't done. In fact, he'd never heard about any guy doing it. Maybe their mother, but never their grandmother. But then most grandmothers didn't look like Nana, either, he told himself. Or act like her. How many grandmothers ran around in front of their grandsons topless?

Thirty minutes passed before he finished his fourth margarita. Pushing up off the lounge, he stopped and filled his glass for a fifth time. What should he do, he asked himself? Knowing that her door was ajar, he wanted to go down and peek in on her to see if she was really taking a nap. But what would he do if she caught him peeking at her?

He could just tell her that he was checking on her to make sure she was okay. After all, she had drunk four margaritas. Buoyed by the alcohol flowing through his bloodstream, he put his glass down on the bar and quietly tiptoed down the hallway to her cabin. Just as he had thought, the door was slightly ajar.

Needing it open a little more to see inside, he reached out and gently pushed it open a little more. Then he leaned forward and put his eye up to the crack to peek inside. The alcohol had not only given him courage, it had affected his coordination and he pitched forward, nudging the door open a little wider. And as it did, it let out a creak.

Holy shit, he exclaimed to himself when he saw that Nana was now lying in her bunk buck ass naked. As he gawked down at her, he saw her eyes flutter open as she stared up at him gawking at her.

"What? What are you doing?" she gasped, running her hand down between her legs to cover her pussy as she raised herself up on one arm. "Is there something wrong? Why are you in here?"

"Uh, uh, nothing, nothing's wrong," he grunted staring down at her big, heaving breasts.

"Then why are you peeking into my room?" she asked him.

"I don't know," he muttered. "I just saw that your door was ajar and all of a sudden I had this uncontrollable urge to look inside."

"Well," she smiled, "did you see what you wanted to see?"

"I, I saw you," he muttered foolishly, watching her keep her hand down between her legs as she pushed herself up to a sitting position.

"You saw me?" she asked. "You saw me doing what?"

"I saw you, you, you and dad," he blurted out.

"Uh, when?" she asked him, scooting down and patting the bed beside her at the same time keeping her hand shoved down between her legs.

"Yesterday. When I went down to get a beer and, and the two of you were all alone," he went on. "He had his hand on your, your, uh, your butt and it looked like you, you had your hand on his, uh, his, you know, his cock."

"What?" she gasped, her face reddening. "You saw us?"

"Yes," he muttered, wondering if he should have told her or not.

"I'm sorry you saw that," she told him. "We weren't very discreet were we?"

"No, no, you weren't," he muttered.

"And so what did you think when you saw us doing that?" she asked him.

"I don't know. I guess that I thought that you, you and him were, uh, you know, doing it or something."

"So you think, think that your father and I are, are lovers?"

"Yeah, yeah, I guess so," he said, blushing. "It sure looked like it."

"Did you tell your mother?"

"No, no, I haven't told anybody, but you."

"That's good," she sighed, looking him straight in the eye for the longest time before she spoke again.

"It all happened back when your dad had just turned eighteen. Paw-paw was away on one of his golfing vacations with his buddies. Damon and I were sharing a pitcher of margaritas, just like you and I did. We were out on the patio, and we got to fooling around. You know, dancing and joking and that kind of stuff. Well, after about the fourth or fifth margarita, we decided to go inside. We did and got to doing some real slow dancing. It was then that I realized that he had an erection."

As she said this, she stopped and glanced down at the big tent that was jutting up out of Jason's lap. Then she looked back up at his face.

"Just like you. I didn't know what to do so I just kept dancing and drinking. The next thing I knew, we were naked on the carpet making mad, passionate love."

"Oh," Jason said, trying to swallow the bale of cotton that now filled his mouth.

"Well, we were lovers for about three months before he left for college," she continued, slowly lifting her hand out from between her legs and taking his hand in between her hands to give it a gentle squeeze. "Then he left for college, met Molly and you came along. That was the end of our affair it until last week. I've been so lonesome ever since Paw-Paw died. I can't seem to find any man that can give me the love and affection that I crave. Except your father. So I came back home to get some of the companionship I so dearly crave. And while you and your mom were out shopping last week, Damon and I made love again."
Shopping my ass, he told himself, mom and I were out in lover's lane doing the same thing the two of you were doing. Fucking!

"So, what do you think of your evil, wicked grandmother now?" she asked him, a big tear rolling down her cheek.

"I don't think you're, you're wicked and evil," he said, squeezing her hand back.

"Sick and depraved then?" she asked lifting her hand off his to wipe away the tear.

"No. I think you're just a woman. A pretty woman who needs love and affection," he said, looking deeply into her eyes.

"And you?" she asked, dropping her hand back down and grasping his hand between hers.

"Me?" he questioned her, not knowing what she wanted to know about him.

"And you, you want to give me that love and affection?" she asked, looking down at the obvious lump jutting up under his trunks.

"Uh, uh, yes, if, if you want me to," he stuttered.

She raised her warm, cinnamon-shaded eyes back up to his and looked deep, deep into them as she raised it up to her lips and gently kissed it.

"You sound hesitant," she said. "Why?"

"You're my Nana," he said, looking into her eyes. "And a boy isn't supposed to do anything like that to his Nana. Not to his grandmother."

"Even if his grandmother wanted him to do it?" she asked, smiling tenderly.

"It would still be wrong," he answered her, "but if she wanted him to, how could he say no? She is still his grandmother and he is supposed to obey her."

"Stand up, then," she said softly, releasing her hold on his hand.

"Uh, uh, okay," he said timidly, slowly pushing himself up off the bed.

Then he saw her slowly lift her hands up to the waistband of his trunks. Looking up at him, she gently slid her fingers down under it and eased his trunks down off his hips. As he looked down, he saw the head of his big, hard cock suddenly appear as it poked out from under his trunks.

Nana's eyes flared open and her chin dropped slightly as she stared at his cock while it slowly emerged from underneath his trunks.

"Oh, my," she murmured. "It, your penis, it's almost as big as Paw-Paw's was."

"How big, uh, how big was Paw-Paw's, uh, uh, penis?" he asked her watching her lovingly caressing his big, jutting prick with the tips of her fingers.

"Eight inches," she smiled up at him. "The same as your father's."

"Oh," he said, feeling somewhat inadequate in comparison to the other two men.

"But yours is only a tiny bit shorter than theirs," she said almost as if reading his mind.

Finally, she moved her hands away from his cock and quickly pushed his trunks down around his ankles.

Then she pushed herself up beside him.

"Nana, your breasts are beautiful," Jason grinned as the two globes of soft, round flesh ballooned out before him. "I've been wanting to tell you that since the first time I saw them."

Her big, swollen breasts had probably jutted out proud and defiant at one time, he thought, however their great weight and age caused them to sag down quite dramatically now. Although they sagged down, they were still beautiful in their own right as Jason looked on with open admiration at the softly wriggling mass of woman flesh displayed before him.

Sensing his approval of her breasts, she daintily shrugged her shoulders making her breasts wiggle and jiggle.

"Can I kiss them," he asked starting to lean down toward them.

"Just a minute," she smiled at him then leaned over and pulled a pink bag out of nightstand by her bunk. "Okay, let's go."

"Where?" he asked.

"I think we'll borrow your parent's suite. I don't think they'll mind," she said, taking his hand in hers and stepping out of her little cabin

"You don't think they would mind if they knew that you and I were doing this?" he asked, following her toward the suite.

"No, silly boy," she said over her shoulder. "I meant, what they don't know won't hurt them.

Pushing the door to the suite open, Nana stepped inside and hurried over to the bed. Sitting down on the edge of the bed facing him, she leaned back on her elbows and watched on as Jason kneeled down between her legs and leaned forward.

"I want to play with your big, beautiful tits," he mumbled, "until I made your lovely nipples all big and hard."

"Please do," she smiled down at him as he leaned forward and encircled one big, rubbery nipple with his lips.

Nana's big tits wiggled and jiggled enticingly as she leaned back farther, still letting her arms support her upper body.

Perched in the center of her big, round areolas, her nipples jutted out like two pretty, pink rosebuds as Jason leaned down over them.

With his mouth on her breast, teasing and playing with her taut, rubbery nipples, he nipped and pulled at them making them grow bigger and harder under his tongue.

She seemed to like the way he would tease one big, rubbery nipple into granite hardness and then leave it to give the other swollen nipple attention until they were both so hard they ached.

Finally, he slowly leaned back, leaving her slobber-coated nipples hard and jutting.

Staring down at her, Jason found it difficult to believe that she was in her mid fifties. She had neither the build, look, nor demeanor of a lady that age. This was corroborated when she offered no objection when Jason slowly began to push her legs wider apart. As her legs spread farther and farther apart, her big, meaty vagina slowly spread open, revealing the soft pink flesh ringed by the pair of engorged pussy lips.

"Now," he smiled expectantly, delicately fingering the soft, fleshy lips of her pussy, "I want to kiss and kiss and kiss this lovely flower of yours. Kiss it until it blossoms."

"OH," she gushed, "Oh, I think she would love that."

"Okay," he murmured.

"Oh, Yes," she beamed, "I would love for you to kiss my, uh, my flower."

Jason's head dropped down and his tongue slipped out onto the smooth, satiny skin surrounding her vagina. He could feel her expectantly watching him as he found her bulging clitoris and raked his tongue across the little knob of nerves. Moving his tongue away from clitoris for a moment, he poked and probed the soft folds of his grandmother's vaginal lips. Easing his tongue in and out of the opening of her vagina, he slowly tongue-fucked her for several moments, before he slowly pulled his tongue out of her.

Leisurely, lovingly, he slowly licked up over the soft, limp lips of her pussy back up to the protruding knob of her clitoris.

"Ohhhhhh, goodness," she wheezed as she felt his tongue on her painfully sensitive clitoris, "where did you learn to do that?"

Sensing Nana's appreciation of his effort to please her, Jason quickly began to suck and torment the jutting little bundle of nerves while he raked his tongue back and forth across it at the same time.

As he did, Nana gave out a groan of satisfaction and lay back on the bed.

Jason brutally attacked her clit, teasing and toying with it as she groveled and writhed on the bed below him. Soon, her big, round ass was wildly pattering up and down on the bed as she thrust herself up at him.

"Yes, oh, yes, Jasie, like that, yes, like that," she crooned, running her hands down and digging her fingernails down into his scalp to force his face into her pussy.

Jason loudly slurped and lapped at her big, squirming clit as her pussy leaked a few tiny drops of juice onto his chin. His mother would be pouring the stuff out by now, Jason thought. Wonder why Nana isn't. She looks like she's enjoying it.

There was still a faint scent of her estrus welling up from hot pussy as he attacked her clit and it was like an aphrodisiac to him. Never in a million years, he told himself, never in a million years would he have even dreamed of eating out his sexy grandmother's hot pussy. Well, he never imagined he would get to fuck his mother, either. God, he was one more sick puppy. But wait, in reality, he wasn't the only sickie in the family. Father and mother, mother and son, and grandson and grandmother. Yes, they were one more sick bunch, but he wasn't going to let that get in the way of having a ball this afternoon.

Suddenly, with staggering suddenness, Jason she felt her whole body begin to writhe and twist as she was possessed by an awesome orgasm. Trying to keep his tongue on her bouncing clit, Jason watched as she screamed and clawed at the bed seemingly trying to hang on to every last shred pleasure. Kneeling between his grandmother's long legs, Jason was surprised by the incredible force of her orgasm. As she came and came, he struggled to keep his lips locked around her clitoris. But the spasms coursing through her body tossed his head about like a ship in a storm and he had to move his mouth away from her before one of them got hurt.

It seemed like she had been thrashing about violently forever when suddenly, she lifelessly collapsed back onto the bed.

Fearing that her orgasm might have been too much for her heart, Jason watched on anxiously until he saw that she was still breathing.

"Nana, are you okay?" he mumbled, gently prodding her leg with his fingers.

"Ummmmmmmmm," she moaned under her breath, but didn't move.

Getting to his feet, he sat down on the bed beside Nana and gently caressed her big, soft breasts as he waited for her to return to the living.

Finally, Nana began to stir. She slowly opened her eyes. Jason could see that she was still woozy as she stared at him drunkenly.

She smiled up at him and then her eyes found his big, jutting prick.

"Oh, my, that was wonderful," she finally whispered.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it," Jason smiled back at her, tenderly toying with one of her big, puffy nipples as it slowly began to harden again.

She continued to stare over at his big cock as it stood sticking up out of his groin like a rock-hard monument to manhood.

"Such a lovely penis," Nana gushed, struggling to sit up.

Helping her, Jason lifted her up until she was sitting beside him weaving unsteadily, but growing more steady with each passing moment.

Reaching over, she daintily wrapped her hand around the tall shaft of rock-hard meat with its big, mushroom-shaped head. Adoringly, she squeezed and roughly ran her clenched hand up and down the tower of his manhood as she stared down at it with reverence.

"Would you like for me to put it inside of you?" he asked her, wrapping his hand around hers as it slithered up and down his cock.

"There will be time for that, later," she smiled up at him, bending down over his jutting tower of cock-meat.

Flicking the evil, tapered cock head with her tongue, she watched his prick jump with excitement. Seeing his reaction to her kiss, she opened her mouth and gently nipped the taut skin of his cock head before she slowly slipped her soft, full, lips down over it.

Looking on in anticipation, Jason watched her soft, red lips slowly ease down his cock as she sucked more and more of it into her hot, guzzling mouth.

As Jason watched her, Nana tickled and teased the rigid hardness with her tongue as she hungrily sucked on it. Consuming more and more of his cock, she continued to push her ruby lips down until he felt the giant cock head nudge up against the opening of her throat. Stopping, she slowly lifted her head, letting the slobber-drenched monstrosity slowly reappear from between her lips. Then slowly she began to stroke his cock with her hungry, soft lips as her head rose and fell.

Jason leaned back, enjoying the feel of her lips sucking on his cock and the sight of her head bobbing up and down as she greedily devoured his cock. She still had one hand wrapped around his solid column of meat and was stroking him roughly, her tightly-clenched fist following her mouth up and down on him while her other hand plucked and pulled at his balls. After several moments, Jason suddenly realized that being bent down in the position she was in must be very uncomfortable.

Trying to move without stopping her from sucking on him, he carefully raised himself while she continued to pull on his cock with her hot mouth. Then, reaching down he gently clasp his hand behind her head and holding her mouth wrapped around his cock, he slowly shuffled around in front of her. He was now standing between her soft white thighs, facing her and allowing her to sit up straight as she pulled on his prick with her lips. She telegraphed her thanks by quickly sucking half of his organ into her mouth before letting it slowly slide back out of her mouth coated with her saliva. Holding his round, purple column of meat straight out from his stomach with one hand, her other hand kept rolling and squeezing his dangling balls.

As she did, Jason could feel the cum in his balls begin to boil and seethe as his scrotum began to tighten and clench. Nana must have felt his growing impatience as she began to suck on him harder. Realizing that he was going to loose control very soon, he held her head between his hands and began pulling her head back and forth forcing his cock in and out of her mouth, fucking it with his cock.

Suddenly he felt his balls spasm as they sent a stream of boiling hot cum bursting through his jerking cock. Unable to stop himself, he thrust his cock into her mouth, driving almost all of his cock into her mouth before she could stop him.

His thrust had already driven his cock head into the opening of her throat causing her to gag, but she fought to overcome it. Grabbing his hips, she pulled him toward her as he thrust the rest of his cock down into her gagging throat. Looking down, he saw that her full, red lips now encircled the hairy base of his cock as it pulsated with demonic energy. As he did, his giant organ continued to jerk and spew what seemed to be cups of raw semen down her throat in big, hot gobs. He could feel the enormous streams of thick, gummy cum spew out as it washed down her esophagus in big clumps. He could only imagine what it must feel like to her as it gushed out of his ejaculating penis over and over again.

At last, after what seemed like an eternity, his prick gave one final twitch and sent a last trickle of semen into her throat.

His cock quickly began to retreat and shrink as his legs threatened to give way. Pushing back on him, she dislodged the giant slab of meat from her throat and sucked in a great breath of air. Panting, it took a few moments for her to catch her breath as she watched his big peter slowly droop down before her until it was limply hanging down between his skinny legs.

"Wow," Jason groaned, "That was awesome. I've never had it that good, Nana.

"You mean that I give good head for a grandmother," she laughed softly, swallowing and suggestively running her tongue around her soft, red lips.

"Yeah, awesome head," he mumbled.

"Good," she murmured.

"What do you want to do now, Nana?" Jason asked her stepping out from between her legs.

"Make love the rest of the time we have together," she smiled, reaching out and fingering his big, puffy prick as it lifelessly hung down between his skinny legs. "If you can make this nice and hard again."

"That won't take long," he grinned down at her, "with you laying around naked."

"Well, while we're waiting for this one's big friend to return, why don't you run get the margarita pitcher."

Strolling out of the suite with his big, limp flopping about wildly, Jason hurried out to the salon and retrieved the pitcher and their glasses. Then as he strutted back into his parent's suite, he saw his grandmother's eyes immediately dart down to his cock that was already making some semblance of a comeback.

"Un-huh," he grunted, handing her glass and filling it as she held it out for him.

"Thank you," she told him raising it to her lips and taking a sip.

"Nana," he said, filling his glass and setting the pitcher down on the gently lilting deck.

"Yes?" she asked expectantly.

"Could I sit on the floor and look at it until I get hard again?" he blushed. "I think it's so pretty."

"Yes, yes, I think you can do that," she laughed softly, slowly spreading her legs apart for him.

Jason immediately dropped down between her legs and scooted up until his face was only a couple of inches away from it. Inhaling deeply, he looked up at her and smiled.

"Love the smell of pussy, hot pussy in the afternoon."

"Silly boy," she snickered.

Jason then dropped his eyes back down to the pink opening of her cunt and slowly ran his tip around the rim of her vagina.

"So pretty," he told her. "Hard to believe that Dad came out of it."

"Well, believe me, he did," she groaned. "And took him four hours to make his damned entrance. Not a fun day that was."

"I heard a joke once," Jason said, lovingly exploring her fat, meaty cunt-lips with his finger, "that the closest a man could come to feeling what a woman feels during childbirth would be for him to take his lower lip and stretch it back over his head."

"Something like that," she laughed, looking down at his cock that was slowly rising to the occasion. "Looks like our friend is just about ready, don't you think?"

"Yeah," he snickered, slowly getting back up to his feet.

"Jason, there is one thing, uh, about growing old," she said, looking at him contritely, "and I hope that you don't find it unpleasant."

"What, what do, you mean?" he asked her.

"Well, when a woman, uh, gets older," she murmured, blushing slightly, "she can't produce as much lubrication as she did before."

"Uh, oh, uh," he muttered, not knowing what to say.

"I'm, uh, I'm sorry to be so clinical and cold, but if, uh, if you don't mind, I have some lubricant that we can use."

"I don't mind, at all," he gushed happily at the reprieve, not knowing what to think.

As he watched on, Jason watched Nana dig into the pink bag pull out an evil looking device that appeared to be a cross between a dildo and a bottle of perfume.

"Here, smell," Nana said, extending her arm and holding the device below Jason's nose.

"Nice," he grinned, "Sort of like roses, but it has a musky kind of smell too. Like uh, like a woman."

"Do you like it then?" she asked, "I have other fragrances."

"I Love it," he exclaimed.

"Okay," she smiled leaning back

Fascinated by the whole thing, Jason watched on as she slowly eased the tapered tip of the device down into her pussy. As she slipped it into herself, she would stop about every inch and gently squeeze on the shaft until the entire device was buried inside of her cunt. Then with a self-conscious smile, she eased it back out of the glistening entrance of her cunt.

Staring down at her pussy, Jason watched on with anticipation as a tiny little stream of the liquid slowly oozed out of the pink slit and the sweet fragrance of roses and estrus filled his nostrils.

"You have a beautiful pussy, Nana," Jason blushed, "so delicate and pink. I hope that stuff works. I wouldn't want to do anything to hurt you."

"Let's find out," she said, smiling wickedly.

Spreading her shapely legs apart and opening herself for him, she watched with eager anticipation as he crawled up between her legs with his big dick bobbing up and down below him.

Looking down as he crawled over her, Jason could see the light glistening off the lubricant-coated lips surrounding her pussy as it slowly unfurled. On his hands and knees above her, Jason watched her reach down to his hardness and gently take hold of it. Bending his jutting cock down to her wet, weeping cunt, she softly rubbed the swollen cock head up and down the oozing opening of her vagina. It only took a few swipes to coat Jason's cock head with the slippery juice.

Satisfied it was adequately prepared, she pulled on his cock and guided his cock head into the tight, fleshy opening of her hot, slippery vagina. As he pushed, he watched his gigantic penis-head sluggishly poke into the small, sopping slot of her mature womanhood. Continuing to push, he could feel his cock head spreading the soft, meaty flesh as it slipped inside her. Gradually, but deliberately, he forced his penis down into the burning, clutching depths of his grandmother's tight cunny. Forcing the tight channel of her vagina open as it slipped inside her, he drove his cock deeper and deeper into the sopping core of her cunt. Time seemed to be suspended as bit by bit his cock penetrated her drenched slot and more and more of it disappeared down the fleshy gash. Jason was careful not to rush her, not wanting to hurt her or anything. It took every last ounce of his willpower, but he was able to keep from slamming his throbbing prick down into the delicate softness of her womanhood.
Finally, her submissive pussy was wrapped around his throbbing prick, basting it with hot, moist heat as his stomach gently thudded against hers.

"Ahhhhhhhh," Nana sighed, "it's all in

"Nana, your, uh, pussy is so hot and tight," he grinned down at her as he started to back his prick back down the tight, clenching channel of her cunt.

"Could you leave it in me for a while so I can get used to it?" She winced, squeezing down on him with her cunt muscles

Leaving his penis buried inside of her hot, tightness, Jason began to slowly rotate his hips in a tiny circle making his cock squish through the hot, meaty insides of her pussy as she cooed with pleasure.

As he rolled his hips around, Nana carefully lifted one of her long legs up under his chest. As he waited, she pushed his arm out and slipped her leg up over his shoulder until her calf rested atop his shoulder. Letting his arm return to her side, she slowly repeated the maneuver on the other side and soon had both calves resting on his shoulders. This left her pussy wide open and totally vulnerable to the onslaught of his cock that was buried up inside her aching cunt.

"Now, Jasie, baby, now you can make love to me," she murmured out.

Jason's thick, wet cock slowly reappeared out of her cunt dripping with fragrant rose-scented juice. Inch by inch, it slid back out her hot, sopping love channel until only the big, bulbous cock head remained inside her pussy.

Reversing his motion, Jason pushed his brick-hard dick back into her slavering cunt as she mewed happily.

Jason soon had his cock buried up to its thick, hairy base inside her clinging cunt once again. Not tarrying as he had before, Jason deliberately pulled his dick back out again until only the head remained inside.

Quickly pushing himself back into her with a little more force each thrust, he gradually let the tempo build until as the rhythm of their fucking grew faster and faster.

As they fucked, Jason's big penis pulled her pussy lips inside of her with it every time it penetrated the hot, constricting meat of her vagina. Again and again, he impaled her with his peter, wanting to give her the wonderful sensations that she so desperately craved.

The fragrance of her juice filled Jason's nostrils as his dick churned in and out of her.

She had put so much lubricant inside her, it almost felt like she was spewing her own juice out as it seeped out around his pistoning cock, splattering all over the back of her thighs and her upturned butt.

As they fucked and fucked, Jason's could feel his grandmother lifting toward another orgasm. Her muscles were growing tauter as she humped herself back at him in a very un-grandmotherly fashion. Furiously pounding his prick in and out of her mushy cunt with abandon, he grunted and panted his way toward his own climax.

The closer Nana came, the louder and more plaintive came her cries as she absorbed Jason's onslaught on her pussy.

As he drew nearer and nearer to the Promised Land, his thrusts became so rough, he nearly knocked the breath out of her with each lunge.

Taking every bone-jarring stroke, Nana reached around him and dug her long, red fingernails into his pounding buttocks, urging him on.

"Yes, yes, Jasie, harder Baby, harder," Nana muttered, throwing herself at him.

Jason's hips were flashing back and forward rapidly as they drove his hard love-sword in and out of her soaked cunt. Mercilessly, he gave her no quarter as he fucked her with deep, penetrating strokes.

The ferocity of their fucking was sending the fragrant lubricant flying everywhere as they fucked.

As Jason felt the juice splash out onto his belly and groin, he knew that she couldn't have put that much lubricant into her pussy. She must be making her own. Whatever the reason, the stuff was literally pouring out of her drenched cunt.

Now he was fucking her so fast and hard, the slurping sound made every time he withdrew from her sticky slit was almost continuous slurp, broken only by the louder noise of his belly slapping into her thighs.

"I . . . CAN'T . . . TAKE . . . MUCH . . . MORE . . . BABY . . . OF . . . FUCK!" Nana panted. "I'M . . . GOING . . . TO . . . COME . . . SOOOOOON!"

Then, a couple of strokes later, Jason saw that she was being consumed by an orgasm.

Her legs shot out straight and went shooting by Jason's head as he continued to slam his cock into her. Her whole body shook and shivered as she dug her long, sharp fingernails deep into his skin.

But still, even as her body began to jerk and thrash about uncontrollably, Jason kept hammering his cock into her tight, clenching cunt.

Jason was wheezing and grunting lewdly as he pounded his cock into her as she slowly came floating back down to join him.

As the cunt-numbing pleasure lessened, she could once again feel Jason's hardness sliding in and out of her. Once again in control of her body, she began hunching back into his thrusts taking every last millimeter of his nine-inch cock into her salivating pussy.

Jason knew that his grandmother must know that he was on the ragged edge of his own eruption as his breath was coming in huffs and puffs and his thrusts were becoming more and more erratic.

Jerking her legs, she disentangled them from his shoulders and wrapped them around his waist. Digging her heels into his bouncing ass, she rode him like a jockey, urging him down the stretch as he fought for the finish line.

Finally, with a loud grunt, he slammed himself into her with one horrific lunge. Then his cock begin to buck and spurt inside of her shooting out what felt like buckets of thick, boiling cream out onto the sensitive walls of her vagina.

Surprisingly, Jason felt her trip off into another spasming orgasm as her pussy locked down around his jerking, spewing prick.

They grunted, groaned, kicked, writhed, and screamed, as their bodies continued to fuck while their brains journeyed off into the delicious regions of sexual gratification.

At last, physically and mentally drained, they collapsed...

Chapter Five

Nana Pays Another Visit

It was Saturday afternoon and Jason was starting downstairs to fix a sandwich when he heard the doorbell ring.

Glancing at his watch, he saw that it was one o'clock, almost on the button. "Wonder who that could be? Mom and Dad are gone, and I'm not expecting anyone, he said to himself strolling across the room. Stopping at the front door, he peered out through the peephole.

Damn, he grinned to himself when he saw the two good-looking women standing at the door.

Reaching down, he grabbed the door handle and jerked the door open.

"Nana...what a pleasant surprise," he grinned as she stepped up and gave him an intimate hug and a little peck on the cheek.

"Hello, Jason," she said in her deep, husky voice as she stepped back away from him and turned to the other woman. "Jason, this is your grandaunt Imogene."

"Uh...hello...uh...Au...Aunt Imogene," he said, looking over at the other woman who stood smiling back at him as he put out his hand to shake hers.

"Hello, Jason," she smiled, letting her eyes travel down his body to his crotch and then back up to his face as she took his hand in hers. "I've heard a lot about you..."

"Well, come in, Ladies..." he said stepping aside to allow them to come inside.

As they walked into the room, he saw that each of them carried a little overnight bag.

He knew that Nana had a sister who lived back east, but he had never had the pleasure of meeting her.

And it was indeed a pleasure, he thought to himself. The two women couldn't be more different, as they sauntered into the living room, their high heels pinging off the hardwood floor. Nana, with her ebony black hair, stood about five foot ten, in her spiked heels, while her sister stood about five foot three or four in her heels. Nana's face was longish while her sister's cute face was much rounder, surrounded by blond, shoulder-length hair. He guessed that she was at least a couple of years younger than Nana. Both women had nice trim figures. The one, or two, things that they shared in common, jutted out in front of them, proudly filling their blouses. They were almost equals in that department, he surmised, but saw that Nana did have a slight advantage.

"So, to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit," he said, closing the door and watching the women's pretty round rear ends swish from side to side under their short skirts as they paraded over to the couch.

"Well, Imogene's husband, George is off on a golfing vacation," Nana smiled at him, crossing her legs and giving him a flash of her lovely long legs all the way up to her black panties, "so I invited her to stay with me while he's off gallivanting around. And you know how we women talk. Well, somehow, the conversation got around to you..."

"Me?" he laughed, stepping over to the bar.

"Yes, you," she laughed huskily.

"Uh... would you women... like a drink?" he asked, blushing ever so slightly.

"Wait until I finish," she smiled suggestively, "and I'll make us a pitcher of margaritas..."

"That sounds like fun," he grinned, getting the hint.

"Anyway," she went on, "I was telling her what a delightful young man you are. And since her hubby seems to be more interested in golf than her nowadays, she suggested we pay you a little visit..."

Thinking of his good fortune, he looked over at Imogene who was warmly smiling at him.

"Really?" he said, looking into her warm gray eyes.

"Really," she said, smiling back at him.

Laughing softly, Nana pushed herself to her feet and clopped over to the bar where Jason stood watching her big, heavy breasts bobble and jiggle under her blouse.

"Still a tit man, I see," she smirked at him, stepping around behind the bar.

"Yep," he snickered, watching her gather up the ingredients for their margaritas, "Especially big ones like yours, and Aunt Imogene's."

Plopping down on one of the barstools, he heard Imogene's high heels pinging off the floor as she strolled over to join them.

"Lorna, I think he's even better looking than you said," Imogene simpered, climbing up onto the barstool beside Jason.

As she did, her short, black skirt rode up her creamy thigh, revealing a large swatch of pretty, nylon-encased leg.

Jason couldn't believe his luck. First it was his mother. Next was his grandmother. Now it was going to be his grandmother and her sister. Unfucking believable, he thought. There was little doubt where all this was leading...

"So, Jason, do you have a girlfriend?" Imogene asked him, reaching over and running a fingernail down his arm.

"No, not really," he smiled back at her, making an obvious glance down at her big breasts as they thrust out against her blouse, "unless you count Nana."

"You silly boy," Nana smirked, putting the finishing touches on the margaritas.

"You mean you aren't my girlfriend, Nana?" he said, frowning.

"I wish," she said, dipping a glass down into a container of salt. "But I haven't seen or heard from you since that night on the Molly... why one would think you didn't enjoy our little affaire d'amour."

"It was awesome, but I didn't know I'd been invited for a rerun," he snorted, watching her slide a margarita in front of him.

"Look son," she said, sliding another glass over in front of her sister, "anytime you feel the urge, you just come over and see your old Nana. And she'll take care of it for you..."

"That's nice to know," he laughed. "I'll take you up on that..."

"You do that..." she smiled, lifting her glass up into the air. "Cheers..."

"Cheers," Imogene said, dropping her hand down to Jason's thigh and giving it a suggestive squeeze.

"Cheers," Jason joined in, reaching over and running the tips of his fingers along the smoothness of her white, nylon-encased thigh.

"So, what do you two lovely ladies have in mind?" he asked, flicking his tongue out and running it over the salt-encrusted rim of the glass, then taking a quick sip of the margarita.

"I understand that Damon and Molly are out on a cruise," Nana said, picking up the pitcher and stepping out from behind the bar, "and they won't be back until Monday. Is that right?"

Jason watched her ass jiggle sexily under her thin, short skirt as she stepped back over to the couch. Then, as she leaned down, her dress stretched tightly across her pretty, round butt as she set the pitcher down on the coffee table.

"Yes, Ma'am, that is correct," he grinned, turning on the stool to look at her as she sat down on the couch, giving him another flash of leg as she crossed them again.

"Well, then," Imogene said, with a mischievous smile as she ran her fingers over the obvious bulge in the front of his short pants, "if you don't have any plans for this weekend, we thought you might share a little of this with us..."

Surprised at her brash forwardness, he looked down at her hand as she gently tickled his prick through his pants.

"Even if I did have plans," he said, reaching up to the top button of her clinging blouse, "I'd cancel them in a heart beat to spend time with you two beautiful women..."

"You're right, Lorna," Imogene tittered as Jason delicately plucked the button open. "He is a silver-tongued devil..."

"Yes, he is," Lorna chuckled, leaning back, watching them as she sipped on her margarita.

Then Jason felt her fingers on his zipper as it quietly rustled down the front of his pants. A second button popped free just as Imogene gently dug her fingers down into the opening of his pants. Still defiantly looking into his eyes, she searched for the opening of his jockey shorts. He plucked open the third button. Then, as he toyed with the fourth one, he felt her fingers dig down into the opening of his shorts and slowly wrap around his rapidly expanding prick. Her eyes fluttered larger for a moment, and then she tugged his cock up through the opening and out into the light of day.

"My, oh, my," she said, looking down at his cock and smiling, as she gave it a tentative little squeeze. "He's a handsome fella, isn't he?"

"See, I told you," Nana snickered from the couch.

Grinning proudly, Jason popped the final button on her blouse. Then, with both hands, he expectantly spread her blouse open and pushed it back over her shoulders. As it fluttered to the floor, he gaped down at the frilly, white lace bra that encased her big, round tits. Gazing down at her tits appreciatively, he felt her release his cock. Then he watched her reach around behind her back. A couple of seconds later, her bra sprang forward, sliding down her arms and off her big, beautiful tits. They were gorgeous, he thought. Definitely smaller than Nana's giants, but they were still much more than handful. Much, much more. Funny, he thought, the shape of their tits matched the shape of their faces with Nana's huge droopers hanging down long and round, and Imogene's almost perfectly round tits matching the circular shape of her pretty face.

"Damn..." Jason cursed approvingly, gawking down at the almost perfect set of round, slightly drooped tits.

"Glad you like them," she smiled, thrusting them out at him.

" don't like mine anymore?" he heard Nana exclaim from the couch.

Taking his eyes off Imogene's slightly sagging wonders for a moment, he looked over and saw that Nana had removed her blouse and bra, too. Frowning, she sat leaning back against the couch with her drink in one hand and her other arm stretched out on the back of the couch, proudly displaying her mammoth tits.

Jason dropped his eyes down to her giant tits that drooped almost down to her cute little belly button.

"I've never seen a two prettier pairs of tits in my life," he grinned. "Both sets should be on display at the Smithsonian..."

"Silver-tongued indeed," Imogene cooed, dropping her hand back down to his cock and teasing it with her fingernails as it uncoiled and slowly raised it's purple head up into the air.

"I'd forgotten how impatient teenage cocks are," Imogene laughed softly, running her hand up and down its thick shaft. "It takes forever to coax George's twanger to life...and look at this thing... already sticking its head up...and hard as a rock."

"George must be blind," Jason said, running his hand over one of her jiggling breasts.

"Why don't we adjourn to more comfortable surroundings, before you two get carried away and end up doing it on the floor," Nana smiled, pushing herself to her feet.

Jason watched as she leaned down and picked up the pitcher, her dangling tits flopping about wildly.

"Jasie, hon, would you be a dear and bring our overnighters up for us?" she asked, walking toward the stairs.

"Sure...what's in 'em?" Jason asked, stepping over to them.

"You'll see," she laughed, a deep throaty laugh. "You'll see..."

It was as bizarre a scene as you'll ever see he thought as the trio started up the stairs. The two older women, leading the boy. The women, naked from the waist up, their big tits jiggling and bobbing as they climbed the stairs making small talk to each other. While behind them came Jason, carrying the overnighters, his big cock jutting out straight in front of him, bouncing up and down wildly with each step.

"Jasey, why don't you give us a few minutes to make our old bones presentable," Nana said when they reached the top of the stairs.

Then she reached down and gave his big cock a gentle squeeze as she took her suitcase from him.

"Uh...sure...sure, Nana," he grinned, running his hand up and cupping one of her giant, dangling tits. "But hurry though, I can't wait to get into those panties of yours."

"Patience, my dear. Just give us about fifteen minutes..." she smiled, turning and hurrying toward his parent's bedroom.

Imogene took her case from him and gave his cock a squeeze, too.

"We'll hurry," she whispered, letting go of his cock and following Nana down the hall, her pretty ass provocatively swishing from side to side.

Swaggering down to his room, Jason quickly stripped and took a fast shower. After drying off, he looked at his clock and saw that he had a few minutes before he was to meet the women. So with nothing else to do, he sat down and began to stroke his cock back into readiness. Succeeding in bringing it back to semi-hardness, he went strutting back down to his parent's bedroom with his big cock sticking out, its head drooping down, seemingly in penitence for the dastardly deed it was about to perform.

Stepping through the doorway, he stopped in his tracks and stared.

"Uh...time's...time's up..." he grinned when he saw the two women. " girls look fantastic..."

"Why, thank you," Nana smiled, slowly pirouetting around for him...

Jason let his eyes feast on his grandmother's body for several seconds as she turned.

Her ebony hair hung down in a semi-pageboy hair style, ending about an inch above her sloped shoulders. Her full lips, painted a deep red, set off her lightly roughed cheeks as she smiled back at him suggestively. Her huge tits rested in an uplifting brassiere that cupped the massive mountains of flesh, lifting them and cradling them to prevent them from drooping even further. The black bra contrasted sharply with the paleness of the big melons it held, somehow making them seem even bigger than they already were. Her arms and hands were encased in a pair of elbow length black satin gloves that reached up just beyond her elbow. Around her slightly thickened waist she wore a lacy, black garter belt that was attached to the top edge of her sheer, black nylons by several long straps of black, lace-edged elastic. And just below her garter belt, framed by the long black thongs was her luxuriant ebony bush that hid her womanhood from his prying eyes. Her long, shapely legs were arched perfectly by her black, spike-heeled stilettos.

"Damn, Nana, you're beautiful," he grunted, shaking his head and turning his attention to Imogene.

Smiling, she slowly turned, letting Jason evaluate her qualifications, too. Her shoulder length, golden-blond hair hung down around her face with the tips of her hair just brushing her rounded shoulders. Her lips were painted a sparkling red and, just like Nana, her cheeks were slightly rouged to give the appearance of a faint blush. She was still wearing her white earrings that dangled down from her dainty ears. Under her chin, there was a single, lone wrinkle and just the faintest hint of a double chin, but rather than distracting from her beauty, they seemed to somehow enhance it. Her big beautiful tits rested in a soft, white half-bra that cupped them and proudly displayed them for all to see. Her puffy, pink nipples, jutting out of the darkened rings of flesh tipping her big tits stuck out ripe and hard, just above the lacy top edge of the little bra as Jason openly ogled them. And her arms were encased in a long pair of satin gloves, a reverse mirror to her sister's, except that hers were white, shimmering slightly in the soft filtered light that filled the room. Her hour-glass figure was accented by the frilly white garter belt encircling her narrow waist. Her almost hairless pussy was framed by the long, lacy white thongs that stretched down from the garter belt to the flowery tops of her sheer white hose. Her high heeled shoes had straps wrapping around her trim ankles. The straps of white leather were fastened with a sparkling silver buckle as she brazenly stood looking back at him with her legs slightly spread.

Another beauty, he thought to himself. A little older than he was used to, but still an exceptionally well preserved specimen of womanhood.

"Lovely, Imogene, lovely," Jason said appreciatively.

"So you like, then," Nana laughed, sitting down on the bed and motioning for him to join them.

Stepping over to the bed, he watched Imogene sit down beside her sister. Sitting so close, their thighs rubbed together, they both stared down at his bobbing cock. What a contrast, he laughed to himself. One dressed in all white and the other in black. Good girl, bad girl? Good and evil? Purity and innocence versus immorality and lechery? He doubted that any of these antonyms would apply to the two women as they both seemed to have the same thing on their mind.

Reaching out as he stepped up in front of them, Nana lifted his cock in her gloved hand. As she did, she leaned forward and shamelessly wrapped her full, red lips around his hardening cock while Imogene reached out and gently cupped his big, dangling balls in her satiny hand.

"I'll bet these are chock full of cream," she murmured, lovingly fondling them as Nana sucked away on his cock.

"Um-huh," Nana gurgled out around his cock as she rocked her head back and forth, vigorously sucking on him.

Looking up at Jason, Imogene winked and ran the pink tip of her tongue over her lips suggestively.

"Are they?" she asked him, giving them a rough squeeze.

"Yes, Ma'am," Jason bragged. "I think there's enough in 'em to do the job..."

"I hope so," she giggled. "It's been an awful long time since I've had any rich, creamy boy-cum."

"Nana liked it," he boastfully said. "Didn't you, Nana?"

Keeping his cock in her mouth, hungrily sucking on it, she nodded her head up and down.

"Lorna, how bout sharing that thing," Imogene finally said.

Looking down at his cock, Jason saw that it was almost fully hardened.

Backing her mouth off his spit-slathered prick, Nana gave it one last, long, loud slurp as it cleared her lips.

"I love to suck on cock," she said with a lecherous grin. "Especially this boy's cock. Just about as much as I do sucking on his Dad's cock."

"You hussy, you..." Imogene giggled, dipping her head and quickly sucking Jason's dick into her mouth.

Slowly working his hips back and forth, he watched his grandaunt's bright red lips sliding up and down on the thickened pole of meat. As she did, she had her gloved hand wrapped around the base of his cock while she hungrily worked on the upper half with her hot mouth.

Glancing over at Nana for a moment, out of the corner of his eye, he saw the display of sexual paraphernalia spread out on the top of the nightstand. There were several tubes and bottles of stuff, along with what appeared to be a pair of strap-on dildoes, and a few more plain dildoes and vibrators of various sizes and shapes. It looks like they're prepared to satisfy just about any fantasy they could come up with, he giddily thought as he looked back down to watch Imogene worshipping at his altar of Cock...

Finally, satisfied that his cock was as hard as it was going to get, Imogene lifted her lips up off the shrine that stood proudly jutting up out of his hairy groin. A shrine to boyhood exuberance and eagerness.

"Look at it, Lorna," she grinned, turning to look at her sister who was scooting back onto the bed. "Isn't that just about the prettiest damned cock you've ever seen?"

"Well, yes...I guess it is," Nana laughed, reaching over to the nightstand and picking up one of the tubes that had a long, plastic tip on it.

Jason knew what it was for, as she had used it on the Molly before they fucked. She had said that it was a lubricant of some kind. Lubricant that women needed as they got older. She had thought that he might find it objectionable or something, but he had actually enjoyed watching her lube herself up.

"You remember, Jasie, baby?" she asked him with a knowing smile, as she held out the tube to him. "Why don't you do the honors this time..."

"Okay, Nana..." he grinned, taking the tube from her.

"And when you finish with her," Imogene laughed, scooting back on the bed, "you can do me, too, so we'll both be ready for that big cock of yours."

"Okay," he grinned, watching his grandmother spread her legs and reach down to her pussy.
This is so fucking hot, he thought to himself as he watched her carefully spread her pussy lips apart with the tips of her fingers. Slowly, he moved the tip of the lube down to the little hole at the base of the furrow between her meaty pussy lips. Gently, he eased the rounded tube down inside of her vagina and pushed until he had all of the tube down inside her. Then, squeezing, he began to withdraw the tube, leaving a deposit of lube behind it as he pulled it back.

"Nice job, Jasie," Nana grinned as the glistening tube cleared her vagina. "It used to be so cold before they came out with the new kind that heats on touch."

"I'll bet," he said, turning to Imogene who was lying on her back with her pretty legs spread apart. "I know how hot it is down inside there, and I'll bet that stuff would really feel cold when it comes straight out of the tube."

As he brought the tube up between Imogene's legs, he saw that she had already spread her pussy lips apart and it was all ready for him.

Pushing the tube into her pussy, he repeated the process with her vagina, leaving it filled with the slippery, rose-scented ointment.

Finished, he replaced the tube on the nightstand.

"Want to play twenty-one, Lorna?" Imogene asked her sister with a sly grin on her face.

"Why not," Nana grinned back at her.

"Twenty-one?" Jason mumbled.

"Yeah, it's a game that'll give you a good workout," Nana laughed. "You give Imogene twenty-one strokes, then you give me twenty-one strokes, and so on until somebody comes. The one who comes first is the winner of the hand..."

"Sounds like fun," Jason grinned. "So who...who do I deal the first...uh...hand...or cock to?"

Watching the women, he saw both of them move over to the edge of the bed. With their legs spread, shoes resting onto the floor, their pussies proudly displayed, they waited for him.

"Nana, he's your grandson, so why don't you take the first deal," Imogene said, reaching over and picking out a big, black dildo. "I'll just use this for a while and watch..."

Jason stepped up between his grandmother's widespread legs. Looking back down at his bobbing cock, he watched Nana take it and bend it down, aiming it at her waiting pussy.

Fitting the tapered purple head of his peter down onto the opening of her goo-slickened vagina, she looked up at him and grinned.

"Okay, Jasie, give it to your Nana," she said, looking back down between her giant tits to where they were about to become one.

"Yeah...give it to your Nana...give it to her good," Imogene cooed, already sliding the fake cock in and out of her own pussy.

With a soft groan, Jason inched his hips forward, slowly sliding his big peter down into the clutching tightness of his grandmother's pussy.

"God...I'd forgotten how damned good it feels," she muttered, reaching up and wrapping her hands around his neck.

Then as Jason slowly backed his cock down the tight channel of her pussy, she kicked her legs up in the air and wrapped them around his waist.

Jason could feel the slippery smoothness of her nylon whispering on his skin as she crossed her legs and laid the back of her shapely calves on his butt.

Thrusting back into her, he drove his cock all the way to the hilt and began to pump it into her at a furious rate.

"One...two...three...four," Imogene counted as his cock slithered in and out of Nana's pussy.

Jason continued to pound his cock into her as her giant tits heaved back and forth underneath him. The monsters were so big, they gently bumped up against her chin as he fucked her.

" turn," Imogene giggled.

"Sorry...Nana...but duty calls," he grinned as she disentangled her arms and legs from around him.

Jerking his cock back out of her tight socket, he stumbled over and up between Imogene's beautiful, widespread legs.

"Give him to me," she cried out, lunging for it with both hands as his lube-covered prick jutted out at her, stiff and hard.

Shoving his cock down, she quickly fitted it into the oozing hole between her thick, fleshy cunt-lips. Watching back down between her legs, the moment he saw that she had it ready, he lunged forward and drove his seven-plus inches into her waiting emptiness.

"Jeez,' Imogene gasped. "It's so fucking hard. I'd forgotten what teenage cock felt like..."

"Feels good, huh..." Nana laughed, picking up Imogene's dildo and sliding down into her own cunt. "One..."

"It sure beats the hell out of George's softie," Imogene groaned as Jason ground himself into her, twirling his big cock around inside the clutching tightness of her cunt.

Then, Jason began to fuck her with slow, deliberate strokes as she writhed beneath him.

"Fuck me Baby...Fuck your Grand auntie...fuck her with your grand cock," she giggled, kicking her feet up into the air and wrapping her legs around his waist.

Jason stared down into her lust-glazed eyes as he continued to piston his cock in and out of her tight snatch.

"Lorna, Lorna, can we play, play to," Imogene panted.

"Sure...go ahead...take as much as you want...then I'll take him back..." Nana grinned over at her panting sister, "and don't worry, we've got him all weekend!"

Jason kicked the pace up a notch, driving his prick in and out of her tight hot cunt faster and faster.

"Lift my legs...lift my legs," she panted, kicking her beautifully arched legs higher into the air.

Shoving her legs up until the backs of her thighs were resting against his chest, her stiletto heels pointing straight up at the ceiling. Then, her shoes began to waggle back and forth above his head as resumed the attack on her pussy. With her pelvis tilted at this ridiculous angle, it allowed for the very deepest penetration possible as Jason frantically hammered his cock into her upthrust pussy.

With his big balls slapping against her round ass, Jason pounded his cock into her hard, deep and fast, as she groveled in pleasure below him. Imogene implored her rider on with curses and grunts as he rode her hard and fast. Even with him riding her as hard as he could, she urged him on with more and more vulgar obscenities.

"Fuck me...fuck my cunt...fuck me with your giant cock...stick it in me all the way...fuck my damn pussy...fuck it with your damn cock...stick your cock in my hot cunt," she whined, thrusting herself back against him every time he slammed his cock into her clutching cunt.

"," he growled out, savagely pounding his prick into her over and over again.

"Oh, God...oh god...oh god..." she whispered as her whole body began to quiver and tremble.

Her eyes rolled back into her head as her face transfigured in an agonized grimace and her cunt began to spasm and clutch down around Jason's pistoning prick. Her legs straightened, the muscles in them locked in spasming contractions as she groaned out a long, shuddering gasp.

Her body continued to contort itself as spasms of pleasure undulated through her. This went on for the longest time until, with one last mournful wheeze, she went limp.

Jason's hips ground to a halt as he looked over at Nana who had scooted back and had her legs spread and ready for him while she smiled at him with expectant anticipation. Gently lowering Imogene's legs back down, he backed his stiff, lube-coated prick out of the glistening, dilated opening of her pussy.

Nana reached out her hands to him, inviting him into her arms.

"Come to Nana...bring your big toy to Nana...bring it to Nana and let Nana play with it...Play with it and make Nana happy with it," she cooed, watching him crawl onto the bed, his big cock dancing up and down excitedly.

Leering lewdly, Jason quickly moved up between her outstretched legs.

"Yes...yes...come to Nana," she gurgled childishly.

He could feel the slippery smoothness of her nylons rubbing against his knees as he crawled up between the arched beauty of her legs.

"Yes, make Nana happy like before," she purred, reaching down and guiding his cock back into the weeping hole between her legs.

Feeling the wet heat of her pussy wrap itself around the head of his cock, Jason eased his cock into the warm mush of her pussy. The velvet-lined sheath enfolded itself down around his invading cock, cloaking it in warm wetness as it gently squeezed itself down around him.

"Damn, Nana, you're so hot and tight," he grimaced, sliding his whole cock down into the clasping heat of her hungry cunt.

"Mmmmmmm," she murmured to him as he began to fuck her with slow, deliberate strokes.

But what began as slow lovemaking, soon became frantic fucking as Jason, already primed by his fuck with his grand aunt, felt the cum in his balls nearing the point of boiling over.

His hips were slashing back and forth at a furious pace as he felt the tips of his grandmother's sharp heels digging into his ass, goading him on.

"Fuck...fuck your Nana...fuck your Nana and make her come," she muttered, driving her heels into his ass harder as she pulled his face down to hers and planted a long, deep kiss on his lips.

"God, fucking hot," he gasped as their lips broke apart.

Jason's cock was hitting bottom on every thrust as he savagely fucked his grandmother. But she was giving as good as she was getting as she hunched herself back at him. With his cock soaking in her hot juices, he grunted and panted loudly, fucking her with deep, bone jarring strokes.

"Fuck me...fuck me...fuck me," she whispered, her face masked in lust as she pulled on him with her arms and legs.

His hips continued to flash back and forth, driving his cock in and out of her froth-filled slit as Imogene lay watching them. Her face was flushed with excitement as she stared down at where their bodies mutated into one, at the place where his big, froth-coated cock was sliding in and out of her sister's drooling cunt.

Nana was pushing up at him every time he pounded his cock into her. Pushing up to meet every stroke with her own thrust. For each action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, he giddily thought as he pounded himself into his willing partner.

"Oh, oh, oh god...oh god," Nana moaned, digging her gloved fingers into his shoulders and kicking her sharp heels into his bounding ass.

"She's're making her come..." Imogene murmured, watching her sister begin to quiver and shake as Nana thrust herself up against Jason so hard, her back was arched up off the bed.

"Yes...yes...yes!" Nana hissed, her muscles locked in spasming contractions.

Jason continued to pound away at her as she shivered and shook her way through her orgasm. Her muscles were locked so tightly and his thrusts were so forceful, shock waves rippled out from where their bodies met and clashed together. Her huge tits were shaking wildly as they sloshed up and down. They were moving up and down so forcefully, they slapped up against the bottom of her chin every time they rebounded from the bottom of their trajectory when he slammed his cock into her.

It was a long time before Nana stopped moving under Jason, but he didn't stop. He couldn't get enough of his grandmother's hot cunt as he fucked her and fucked her.

Lying beside them, Imogene's body rocked back and forth in rhythm with the royal fucking her sister was receiving from Jason as she watched on with evident enjoyment.

Finally, Jason could feel his balls tightening and scrunching up against his pistoning prick. He could tell that Nana was also nearing another orgasm as her body was tensing and pushing up against him. Still pumping his cock into her, he leaned down and pressed his lips against her ear.

"Come...Nana...come," he whispered into her ear. "Come so I can come in your hot cunt..."

"Oh, oh, yes, yes, yes," she hissed as she began to quiver and shake for a second time.

Jason felt her cunt collapse down around his cock, triggering his own massive eruption.

A spasm of pleasure jolted through his cock as it swelled up and began to jerk and spew out its lethal load of creamy, hot cum into his grandmother's spasming pussy.

Spurting and kicking, his cock immediately filled her tight hole to overflowing as cum began to ooze out around its shaft.

"Oh, my, look," Imogene exclaimed, still staring down at where Nana and Jason were so lewdly joined. "It's leaking out...he's shooting out so much stuff, it's leaking out of your pussy...So much."

His ass clenched tightly, Jason held the spewing monster shoved down inside the clutching depths of Nana's pussy as it emptied itself. While it did, her cunt hungrily consumed what it could of the noxious, sperm filled goo that was pouring out of his bucking cock.

"So much," Nana gurgled, her long, black fingers clawing at his back as she held herself pressed up against him.

Then, finally emptied of its sperm-filled cream, his cock began to slowly shrink back to normal as he backed it out of the cum-filled channel of her pussy.

Slowly, Nana's back melted back down onto the bed.

"God, Nana, awesome," Jason croaked, rolling over onto the bed between the two women.

As he did, he saw Imogene watching his cock wetly flop back onto his stomach.

"That was quite a show," she murmured, leaning over and giving him a long, wet kiss on the lips.

As they kissed, he felt her hot tongue slither into his mouth. Probing and feeling out his mouth, it explored with sinuous, slithering probes. Finally, she withdrew her snaking tongue, and lifted her lips off his.

"Speaking of shows," she said to her sister with a playful grin, "why don't we put on a show for Jasie and see if we can get him hard again."

"You mean the double dandy?" Nana grinned, raising up onto her elbows and looking over Jason at her sister.

"Exactly," Imogene giggled, pushing herself off the bed.

Watching her, Jason heard her high heels clop onto the floor as she stood up. Her delightful ass jiggled and quivered as she stepped over to the nightstand and picked up one of the strap-on dildoes.

"So, what's the double dandy?" Jason asked, watching Nana push herself off the bed and stand up.

"You'll see," she laughed, leaning down and picking up the other strap-on dildo. "You'll see."

Jason lay watching the women strapping on the fake dicks. Just as everything between them, the straps on Imogene's strap-on were made out of white leather and the ones Nana was putting on were made of black leather. Even the dildos were appropriately black... one white. Other than that, they both were similar in size and shape.

A couple of minutes later, the women stood before him with the dildos sticking out above their pussies. Their pussies were not covered by the strap-ons, leaving them open and available.

"Wanna help?" Nana asked, crawling onto the bed beside him.

"Sure...what you want me to do?" he asked, watching her crawl out to the center of the bed and roll over onto her back.

It looked funny, he thought to see the black cock jutting up into the air above her juicy pussy.

Then Imogene crawled up onto the bed and turned so that she was facing away from her sister. Quickly straddling her sister, she stood on her hands and knees with her big, white dildo pointing down at her sister's pussy.

"Okay, take my cock and put it up into her pussy," Nana giggled, resting on her elbows and looking down at the two jutting cocks, "and at the same time, put her cock into my pussy."

"It won't work," he grinned,

"It will," she said knowingly. "Has before...and we didn't have anyone to help then..."

Leaning down, he took one dildo in each hand. Smiling, he placed the rounded tip of the big black dildo up into the weeping opening of Imogene's hovering pussy. Then, he bent down the white dildo, placing its blunted tip into the cum-covered opening of his grandmother's cunt.

"Uh...un...okay...I guess," he smirked, looking up at his grandmother.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh," Imogene sighed, lowering her pussy down onto the jutting black dildo while at the same time, forcing the white dildo down into her sister's gluttonous cunt.

"Well, I'll be damned," Jason muttered, watching the two dildos slowly disappearing into the women's cunts. "That's about the wildest thing ever..."

Imogene continued to lower her hips, letting her pussy gobble up the big, black dildo until her little round tush settled down on her sister's furry mound.

"See...I told you," Nana grinned, humping herself up at her sister and driving the white dildo even deeper into her own cunt.

"I'd never believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes," he said, as Imogene began to slowly work her hips up and down.

Watching the bizarre performance, he felt a trickle of excitement tickle through his cock. So, who was fucking who, he giddily wondered, as the sisters fucked? Was Imogene fucking Nana...or was Nana fucking Imogene? Whatever, it was so fucking hot, and his cock was ever so slowly lifting its purple head up into the air...

"Look...look,'s working," Imogene panted, working her hips up and down faster. "He's getting hard again..."

"Yeah, yeah, and this time...this time he'll last forever..." Nana grunted, humping herself up at her sister, "now that we've taken the first installment on his payment for the weekend."

Looking down at his cock, he watched as it slowly, but determinedly stiffen and thicken as it filled with blood.

Imogene's big tits, dangling down under her were swinging back and forth as she worked her hips back and forth. Jason could even hear the wet slurps of their pussies on the big dildos as they slithered in and out of the sister's soaked holes. Reaching down, he began to slowly work his hand up and down the cum and lube-slickened shaft of his cock while he watched the women and patiently waited for his return to the fray.

Finally, Imogene's hips ground to a halt as she looked over at Jason's big cock while he slowly whacked it.

Lifting her ass up into the air, she pulled her glistening dildo from her sister's pussy while Nana's fake cock came slithering out of Imogene's pussy at the same time. Scrambling around over Nana's legs, she turned until she was standing on her knees between her sister's outstretched legs. Leaning down over her, she took hold of her dildo and aimed it down at her sister's pussy. Fitting it into Nana's drooling cunt once again, she leaned down, pushing the big rubber cock down into her sister's tight pussy.

" you," she muttered as she stroked her cock in and out of Nana's pussy. " my pussy..."

Jason struggled up behind her, watching her ass bouncing up and down above Nana. Crawling up between the women's widespread legs, he leaned down over Imogene and grabbed hold of his cock. Imogene's hips stopped moving as she paused, waiting for him to slide his cock into her pussy. Then with a quick dip of his hips, he entered her, driving his cock down into the tight, clutching mush of her cunt all the way up to it's hairy hilt.

"Ahhhhhhhyyyeeessssss," she hissed, beginning to rock her hips back and forth again, fucking him and her sister at the same time.

Jason didn't even have to move as she worked her pussy back onto his cock every time she backed the dildo down the channel of her sister's hot cunt.

Grinding their giant tits against each other, the two women groveled in the pleasure pouring up from their stuffed cunts. Jason could hear the soft grunts and moans escaping from their mouths as they thrust themselves at each other. Even the creak of the bedsprings sounded soft and feminine, he thought.

His arms extended, he held himself up and watched his big, glistening prick sliding in and out of Imogene's hot cunt as she methodically fucked him and Nana. Then, she slowed and shoved herself back onto him, dragging her fake dick out of Nana's pussy.

" fuck her...I rest..." Imogene muttered, leaning down, pulling his dick out of her own cunt and opening the way for Jason to slide his cock into his grandmother's waiting pussy.
Jason quickly complied with her request and slid his cock into Nana's hot cunt, pushing it in until his belly nudged up against Imogene's soft, round butt. Then he began to slide his cock in and out of his grandmother's clutching puss.

"Feels good," Nana murmured as she wrapped her arms around Imogene and pulled her down onto her. Their mouths met in a hungry kiss as they ground themselves against each other while Jason continued to pound away at Nana's pussy.

"WHAT IN THE HELL!" Jason heard his father exclaim from the doorway...

Chapter Six

A Cruise Cut Short

Startled, Jason lunged forward, driving his cock down into Nana's pussy as he jerked his head around to look at the door.

"Mom...Dad ..." he muttered foolishly, as he stared at his parents standing in the doorway of their bedroom gawking at them in stunned shock.

"Molly...Damon..." Nana mumbled, staring at her son and his wife.

"Uh...oh..." Imogene murmured...

"Mother...Aunt Imogene..." Damon grunted. "What?"

No one moved for the longest time as everyone stared at each other in silence. Then, finally, Imogene slowly lifted a leg and crawled off her sister.

"Just...just what in the hell are you doing to your grandmother?" his father finally croaked out.

"Uh...uh...we...we..." Jason muttered, unable to find the words to finish the sentence.

He didn't know how to extricate himself from his predicament without embarrassing himself any further, so he just kept his prick shoved down into his grandmother's pussy.

"Uh...uh...I...I..." he started again, but was once again unable to finish.

"Get off...get off your grandmother!" his father jealously demanded, taking a step toward the bed.

Why? So you can get on her, Jason angrily thought to himself, but didn't have the courage to say it out loud.

" as your father told you," his mother finally said. " could you? He's only a boy."

Slowly backing out, Jason dragged his lube-smeared cock out of Nana's oozing pussy as everyone watched on. Looking around for something to cover himself up with, he saw nothing that would suffice so he sat holding his hand over his slowly wilting peter. Lifting her leg up into the air, Nana swung it over his head and dropped it to the bed beside her other leg.

Just then, his mother stormed into the bathroom and emerged with three towels.

"Here, cover yourselves up," she muttered, tossing a towel to each of the guilty participants.

Sitting on the bed with the towel wrapped around his waist, hiding his shame from everyone, he wondered what the outcome of their little fiasco would be. But as he thought, he realized that in a sick, twisted way, they were all intermingled in the scandal. Oh, what a tangled web we find ourselves in, he muzzily thought. He had been fucking his mother...Damon, Nana, and Imogene didn't know about that. His father had been fucking Nana...Molly didn't know about that. Jason was fucking Nana and Imogene...and his parents hadn't known, but now everyone knew that. So, he sickly thought, if Dad knew that I was fucking Mom and Mom knew that Dad was fucking his mother, it would all be out in the open.

Taking a deep breath, he decided to bare all. Bare all and see what came of it.

" don't have much room to call the kettle black," he finally said.

"What? What? What did you say," she sputtered, stepping back and clasping her hands to her chest as her face went white.

"What? What?" Damon grunted, turning to her as he stared at her in stunned shock. "What does he mean?"

"I...uh...we, we, Oh, Christ..." she muttered, angrily staring at Jason...

" and Jason! Oh, my God," Damon cursed. "How, how could you?"

"I guess, guess the same way and Nana did it," Jason said, scornfully staring at his father.

"What? How? I...we..." Damon croaked as Molly bowed up and defiantly stared back at him.

"You and Lorna?" Molly growled. "And then, you scold me for what I did? You hypocritical son of a bitch..."

"Wait...wait," Jason said, watching his parents turn their attention back to him. "Can't you see it? Can't you see what this means?"

"What do you mean?" his mother asked him, defiantly standing with her hands on her hips as she stared at him.

"There aren't any boundaries any more," he said, slowly smiling, proud of himself for coming up with such a simple explanation. "Before, when no one knew, there were boundaries. But now, everyone can take what they want...when they want and not have to worry about any consequences. If Nana wants Dad, and Dad wants Nana, they can have each other without having to sneak around to do it. And you Mom, if you want me and I want you, we can have each other without having to worry about getting caught. And Imogene, you can have anyone you want, whenever you want...without having to worry about George and his less than adequate equipment. So, we're kinda where we were before, but now it's out in the open and no one has anything to hide."

Following a prolonged period of deafening silence, Nana finally spoke.

"Uh...yes...yes, I understand what he's saying," she grinned, slowly scooting over to the edge of the bed and dropping her feet to the floor.

Listening to the clop of her high heels on the floor, Jason watched her push herself up to her feet. As everyone watched, she reached down and unbuckled her strap-on dildo and shoved it down her long, beautifully arched legs. Stepping out of it, she smiled and with an exaggerated roll of her hips which made her huge tits jiggle heavily, she strolled over to Damon and stopped directly in front of him.

"No more sneaking around and feeling guilty about it," she grinned, reaching down and unsnapping his pants.

His father's pants went slithering down his hairy legs as Jason felt the bed shudder. Turning, he saw Imogene step off the bed and drop her strap-on onto the nightstand. Leaning down, she picked up her sister's dildo and dropped it on top of hers then went sauntering over to where Nana was shoving his father's boxer shorts down off his swollen cock.

"Oh...look Lorna, it's already getting hard," Imogene cooed, running her hand over to it.

"I can see," Nana frowned, seemingly somewhat taken aback at her sister's familiarity with her son's cock.

"Sorry...didn't mean to make you mad," Imogene said, jerking her hand away from Damon's stiffening prick and taking a step back.

Just then, the doorbell rang...again!

"Now, who the hell could that be?" Molly muttered.

"I don't know," Jason grinned, remembering the surprise he had gotten earlier in the afternoon. "I'll go see, maybe there's some more pretty women coming to join the party."

Stepping around his mother, he groped her butt as he walked by, giving her a wink.

"I'll be back," he said, in his best Arnold Schwarzenegger imitation.

Hurrying down the stairs, he skipped over to the door and peeked out. When he did, he saw that it was his best bud, Trent.

Reaching down, he opened the door a crack and stuck his head around the door.

"Hey, Trent, what's happening?" he asked, hiding his body behind the door.

"Not much, my man," Trent grinned. "I just thought you might want to go cruisin' and see if we could find some pussy."

"Uh...I'm kind of busy at the moment," Jason grinned as an evil thought flashed through his head, "but why don't you come on in and maybe we can find some pussy right here."

"Huh? What do you mean?" Trent asked as Jason opened the door for him. "Hey, why you running around dressed like that?"

"Come on," Jason said, closing the door, and jerking his towel off.

" ain't got no clothes on. What's going on?" Trent muttered, staring down at Jason's limp dick.

"I'm just hanging out with my folks," Jason cackled fiendishly. "Mom, Dad, my Nana, and my grand aunt Imogene."

"Your folks? Like that, too? Naked? What the hell's going on?" Trent snorted.

"You said that you wanted some pussy, didn't you?" Jason grinned, reaching down and wrapping his hand around his dangling cock.

"Yeah, man, but...but what the hell are you talking about?" Trent asked, a slight grin forming on his face. "You... you and your folks?"

"Yeah, me and my folks," Jason said. "My Dad and Nana and me and Mom..."

"You and your Mom? Damn, that's fucking crazy. And your Dad and his...his Mom? That's insane. What about your Aunt Imogene?" Trent asked.

"Yeah, what about her? I know how much you like older women," Jason said, fiddling with his cock, trying to bring it back to life. "You must, the way you're always talking about wantin' to fuck your mother..."

"Yeah...So?" Trent said, now grinning from ear to ear.

"Well, how would like to fuck my Aunt Imogene?" Jason asked him.

"Huh? Your Aunt Imogene?" Trent grinned.

"Well, actually, my Grandaunt Imogene," Jason corrected himself.

" old is she? And what does she look like?" Trent asked, glancing back down at Jason's cock that was finally showing some signs of life.

"She's one more fine looking old broad. She's in her fifties. But a very well preserved fiftyish, very well preserved, indeed. She's got some monster tits, and she loves to fuck," Jason bragged.

" fucked your Mom and her, too?" Trent asked, his mouth dropping open.

"Yeah...and my Nana, too," Jason laughed.

"I'll be damned," Trent exclaimed, reaching down and rubbing his cock through his pants as he watched Jason whack at his almost fully hardened prick. "Just talking about it is making me hot."

"Well...come on and let's go see Auntie M," Jason grinned, heading for the stairs. "See if she wants to have a little of your cock."

"Man, I hope she'll let me do it to her. I've never done it with a broad that old," Trent said, eagerly following Jason up the stairs. "And you're right, I do like 'em older."

With his cock sticking out in front of him, slashing the air as he walked, Jason stepped into his parent's bedroom. Stopping, he saw that his mother was now naked, sitting on the bed smiling at him while his father was already on top of Nana pounding away at her with his giant prick. And Imogene was standing by the bed, enviously looking down at the copulating couple.

"Auntie M, look what I brought you..." Jason grinned, pushing Trent toward her. "This here's my bud, Trent and I invited him to stay for a while, if you're so inclined."

" a handsome young man," Imogene crooned, stepping toward the dumbfounded Trent.

"Damn.'re fucking gorgeous, uh, Mrs., uh..." Trent muttered, staring down at her jiggling tits.

"Why, thank you...Trent, is it?" she said, reaching down to the obvious bulge in the front of his pants. "And you can call me, Auntie M, too, just like Jasie does."

"Uh, uh, okay...uh, Auntie M," he grinned, timidly running his hand over one of her big, quivering breasts. "You have awesome tits."

"Another silver-tongued devil," she giggled, slowly unthreading his belt through its buckle.

Turning his attention from them to his mother, Jason saw she was still sitting on the bed with her little titties jiggling and bobbing as she was jostled by the rocking bed. Smiling, she held out her arms to him, inviting him to her. His cock, still hard and at the ready, Jason stumbled across the room to the bed. As he did, his mother slowly melted down onto her back and quickly spread her legs. Stopping at the bed, staring down at his mother and the fleshy rift between her legs, he still found it impossible to believe he had come out of the tiny slit.

Leaning forward, he flicked out his tongue and slowly, lovingly ran it up the dew-covered furrow between her meaty, little pussy-lips. Then, he lazily anointed his mother's beautiful pussy with kisses and licks, listening to his father grunt every time he ripped his cock into Nana's cunt. After a few moments of this, he quickly stood up.

"What?" his mother asked, holding her arms out to him. "Come...come to Mommy..."

"More room," he grunted, jerking the futon off the end of the bed and spreading it out on the floor.

"Oh, my, he's a nice one," Jason heard Imogene croon from across the room.

Looking over at them, he saw that Imogene was on her knees in front of Trent lifting his cock up to her mouth.

She's going to make a big hit with him, he giddily thought. Trent's favorite thing was getting head. He loved to have his cock sucked. Sometimes, the way he talked, Jason thought he liked it better than fucking...

Turning back, he saw that his mother had joined him on the futon. Pulling her into his arms, he gently nibbled on her arched neck as she ground her tiny tits into his chest and wrapped her arms around him. Nibbling his way up her neck and over her chin, he eventually found her lips. Kissing her, he drove his tongue into her mouth and found her hot, wiggling tongue. They kissed long and deeply, listening to the creaking song of the bedsprings interspersed on one side and the loud slurps coming from the other direction as Imogene hungrily sucked on Trent's cock.

He had to be the luckiest son of a bitch in the whole world, Jason thought as he ate his mother's face. And he was going to fuck the bitch shortly. Fuck her high, fuck her low, fuck her fast, fuck her slow, fuck her just about any way he knew how.

Finally breaking their passionate kiss, he let go of her and leaned back just as Imogene and Trent came walking by, heading for the bed. Jason saw that Imogene had succeeded in getting Trent's cock into full battle order as it jutted out stiff and hard. And somehow, she had stripped him down as he was as naked as the day he'd come out of his mother's pussy. Pausing to watch for a moment, he saw his mother watching too, as Imogene and Trent crawled up onto the bed beside Nana and Damon who were still going at it, hard and heavy. Imogene quickly rolled over onto her back and it only took Trent a moment to crawl up between her legs and mount her, driving his cock down into the cum filled trench that awaited him there.

But, turning his attention back to his mother, he saw that she was now lying on her back with her pretty legs spread open for him. Quickly scrambling up between her legs, he let her guide his bobbing cock down to her oozing pussy. Like a knife through butter, his cock slithered down into her juice-slickened cunt as he shoved all seven plus inches down into her.

"Yes, Baby," she whispered, squeezing her cunt down around him. "Fuck Mommy with your big, fucking cock..."

The sounds of fucking filled the room as Jason began to pound his cock into his Mother's pussy. The smacks of bodies slapping together intermingled with the creaking groan of the bedsprings and the grunts and moans of the three couples as they fucked. As the sounds reverberated off the walls, the perfume of sex filled the air as the men's cocks churned the women's juices into pheromone-laced broths that sprayed out, coating their inner thighs with the sticky goo.

Rocking back and forth, Jason fucked his mother with deep, powerful strokes. Jason loved to fuck, but fucking his mother was in a class by itself. Fucking Imogene was great, and fucking Nana was even more exciting, but fucking his mother was the awesome end. The best thing in the world. And now, now he could have her just about any time he wanted her. It was going to be heaven on earth...

Looking down into her deep, blue eyes, he saw that hazy, blurred look that indicated that his mother was in her own pleasure-filled world as she worked her way toward an orgasm

"Yes...yes...Baby...yes," she mewed out, thrusting herself up at him as he picked up the pace a notch. "Nearly-nearly--almost..."

Just then, he heard his father let out a loud, groaning grunt. Glancing over, he saw that his father's ass was clenching and relaxing as he held his cock thrust down into Nana's cunt. As he did, Nana had her legs kicked up into the air and was digging the sharp heels of her shoes down into his ass, forcing him even deeper into her pussy.

He didn't have to guess what was happening down deep inside his grandmother's pussy. He knew that his father was filling it with thick, creamy cum. And just as it had earlier been with him, he saw the thick, pearly goo start to ooze out around the shaft of his father's big cock, dripping down onto his balls and Nana's ass. Nana's second anointing of the day, he deliriously thought. How many more times would her hot cunt get filled before they were through with it, he wondered. And how many loads of the steamy goo would his mother get, he sickly wondered? Would his father fuck her, too? Would she let Trent have her?

But Trent wasn't interested in that at the moment, Jason laughed to himself as he saw his friend's hairless butt furiously bouncing up and down between Imogene's pretty legs. It wasn't hard to guess what would happen as the day passed...

Time to think about that later, he told himself. Time to fuck now. Time to fuck his sweet Mom and push her over the edge. Stroking his cock into her tight snatch, he kicked up the pace again.

"Yes...yes...yes," she hissed, running her hands down to his bounding ass.

Digging her fingernails down into his ass, she pushed and pulled on him, goading him to fuck her even harder. He could feel her furiously milking at his pistoning cock as he worked it in and out of her tight hole.

Then he saw her face contort into an agonized grimace as her body tensed and quivered. Straining to meet it, she accepted her orgasm with open arms as it washed over her body in tumultuous waves of pleasure. Her claws dug down into his skin, pulling him deeper and deeper into the spasming chasm between her quivering legs.

"Ohhhhhgggggooood," she cursed, thrusting herself up at him as he held himself shoved down into the tight, clutching channel of her cunt.

Like a silken, gloved hand, her pussy worked on his cock. Pulling and squeezing at the imprisoned monster buried in its depths, her pussy frantically stroked him.

"Come-Baby-come," she coaxed him, urging him to dump his hot load into her convulsing cunt.

Fighting back the urge, he wanted to save it. Save it for her to have later. Later, after he had fucked her more. Then he would give it up. Give it up to her in a fiery upheaval of fire and brimstone...

But first, he would fuck her...and fuck her...and make her come again...

"Oh, Baby, oh, Baby, oh, Baby," she blathered out as her body slowly began to melt back onto the futon.

As it did, she began to gently hump her hot cunt back at him when he slowly began to pump his cock into her once again.

Wanting to prolong the eventual explosion, he leisurely worked his cock in and out of the juice-filled, velvet-lined channel of her hot cunt. Writhing underneath him, she worked her hands and legs on his body, coaxing, urging as they fucked.

Just then, they heard Imogene wail.

"Ohohohgoddddddd," she groaned, filling the room with her melodic curse.

"Fuckkkkkkkk," Trent groaned out only seconds later and the sounds of their bodies slapping together ceased.

Now it was only him and his mother. They were the only ones left standing, battling it out for supremacy, battling to see if the supreme victor would be cock or pussy.

Fighting to hold his eruption back, Jason knew that he was losing control as the fireball down inside his sloshing balls grew hotter and hotter.

"Come...come, Baby, come in Mommy's pussy," she goaded him on, using her whole body to urge him on.

In a strange, convoluted way, he thought of her as a traitor, a traitor on the side of pussy. Wanting him to spill his seed, so she would be the victor in the battle of pussy versus cock.

But finally, there was no stopping it as he felt his cock lurch and spurt out a huge glob of fiery cum into his mother's sucking pussy. As it did, he felt her trip off into her second climax, collapsing her cunt down around his spewing giant. Like a Roman candle, his cock continued to fire out fiery gob after fiery gob of cum into her, quickly filling her to the point of overflowing. Then, he felt a dribble of overheated cum drip down onto his dangling balls as it leaked out of her overflowing and well-fucked pussy.
Jason was in an ecstatic daze as his cock continued to empty itself down into his mother's pussy. There was nothing that felt better than coming, he deliriously thought. But when he was coming in his mother's pussy, that was the frosting on the cake...dying and going to heaven...having your cake and eating it, too.

Staring down into his mother's lust-crazed eyes, he wondered if she felt the same way.

"God...Mother...I love you so much," he whispered into her ear as they tightly held onto each other.

"I love you, too," she whispered back, thrusting herself up against him.

"Damn, that was quite a performance," his father muttered from the bed as Jason turned and saw that all of them were gawking down at him and his mother.

"Yeah...enough to make me hard again," Trent grinned, holding his regenerated cock in his hand.

Slowly, Jason backed his wilting manhood out of his mother's pussy as a trickle of expended cum followed it out.

"So, now what?" he asked, looking over to the bed and seeing that his father's towering monolith had rehardened and stood tall and proud once again.

"Well, I don't know about you," Molly smiled up at him, pushing herself up and getting to her hands and knees, "but I gotta pee."

"Okay," Jason grinned, watching her struggle up to her feet and head for the bathroom.

Her boyish little ass quivered and shook as she swished it from side to side with each step on her way to the girl's room as all three of the men ogled it.

"Damn, uh, Mr., Mr., uh, Crusoe," Trent said as Molly closed the door behind her. "Your wife...your wife sure has a cute, little butt."

"That she does...that she does," Damon said, looking over at Imogene who was still lying on her back with her legs still spread.

Imogene returned the look, running the tip of her pink tongue over her red lips as she gave him a suggestive wink.

"Uh, Mom, uh, Lorna," Damon stammered. "Would you mind...would you mind if Imogene and I, we, uh, you know."

"Well...I guess...I guess not," Nana frowned, looking over at Trent, "if you don't mind if I give this boy here, some of what you just had."

"Uh...okay...okay, I guess," he muttered, watching Trent's eyes brighten as the boy stared over at Nana and her giant tits.

Damon stepped down onto the floor, letting Trent crawl over and take his place between Nana's outstretched legs.

"Uh...Ma'am, uh, you've got the biggest, uh, biggest tits, uh, breasts I've ever seen," Trent said, gawking down at the wallowing giants. "They...they're awesome."

"Glad you like them," she grinned, pushing herself up to a sitting position, making the monsters bobble and jump wildly.

"Yes, Ma'am...yes, Ma'am, I do," he grinned.

"You like rodeos?" she giggled.

"Uh...okay, I guess," he said, still staring down at her dangling treasures.

"Good," she laughed. "Cause, I'm going to do some bareback riding while you play with my 'awesome' tits."

"Huh?" Trent muttered dumbly.

"Lay down on your back," she told him as Damon crawled up between Imogene's legs.

"Uh...okay," Trent grinned, rolling over onto his back.

As he did, his big cock, almost the twin of Jason's, slapped down on his belly. Nana crawled over and straddled him with her big, hairy rift hovering just above his stiff manhood. Leaning down over him with her giant tits dangling down, she let her big, puffy nipples brush across his chest as she reached down and grabbed hold of his cock. Holding his cock straight up, she slowly maneuvered the lube-slickened opening of her pussy down onto the mushroom shaped head of his cock. As she did, a ropey stream of Damon's cum dripped down from her pussy onto the head of Trent's jutting cock.

From his vantage place down below the bed, Jason watched his friend's barbed cock penetrate the opening of Nana's pussy and slowly disappear up into the hungry hole.

"Awwwwwjeeeezzzzz," Trent groaned out as Nana's cunt dipped lower and lower, consuming more and more of his cock, until at last, her fat pussy-lips were wrapped down around the base of his cock.

"Play with with my with my nipples," she murmured, leaning forward and dangling the giants down over his chest.

Reaching up, Trent lifted them, taking the nipples between his fingers and thumbs and roughly tweaked them.

"Yeah, honey, that," she panted and began to work her pussy up and down on his prick.

Lying beside them, Damon began to pump his cock into Imogene's pussy as he jealously watched his mother fuck the boy's big cock. Damon's cock, an inch longer and thicker than the boy's impressive prod, effortlessly slid in and out of Imogene's well-lubed, cum-slickened hole as the bed began to rock and creak.

Watching, Jason slowly got to his feet and shuffled over behind Nana. Reaching down, he lovingly ran his hands of the smooth softness of her slowly bouncing butt. It was so fucking hot, he thought, watching his friend's big cock sliding in between his grandmother's fat, meaty lips as she fucked his friend. Staring down at her ass, he watched her tight, little asshole clench and relax in rhythm with their fucking. Then, he leaned down over the bouncing globes of flesh. Taking a cheek in each hand, he gently spread them apart and flicked out his tongue. Lazily, he ran the tip of his tongue up the crack of her ass from the drooling opening of her pussy all the way up to where the crack disappeared into the small of her back. And he heard a soft murmur escape her lips as his tongue brushed over the wrinkled opening of her asshole.

"Nuhhhhh," she moaned as he brought his tongue back down the rift, grazing over the puckered opening a second time.

This time, as he brought his tongue back up the crack, he stopped on the pouting opening, teasing and tickling it with the probing tip of his tongue.

"Annnnghhhhhhhh," she groaned again, pausing her attack on Trent's cock to allow Jason to continue anointing her asshole with tickles, teases, and kisses.

"Ohohohmymymyohohoh," she gasped out as Jason continued to lavish his attention on her clenched asshole.

Then, Jason reached over to the nightstand and retrieved the ointment tube with the long, plastic tip. Squeezing out a little dab of the goo, he smeared it around the tip of the tube and lifted it up to the darkened circle of wrinkled flesh that peeked out of the crack of her ass. Then, ever so gently, he eased the rounded tip of the tube down into the puckered opening. As he did, he felt Nana pressing back against him, helping him ease the tube down into her asshole.

"Nuhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnn," she softly murmured as he forced the entire tube down into her tightly clenched asshole.

Squeezing on the tube as he backed it out of her asshole, he deposited a load of the slippery ointment into her asshole. Finally, as the tip of the tube reappeared from her tight, puckered hole, he leaned over and put it back onto the nightstand. Picking up the smallest of the vibrators, he watched Nana began to work her hips up and down again, slowly fucking Trent's cock.

Lifting the tiny vibrator up to his grandmother's glistening asshole, Jason fitted the rounded tip onto the center of the puckered ring of darkened flesh. Nana once again stopped the rise and fall of her hips as Jason ever so gently eased the little vibrator down into the clenched tightness of her asshole.

First, the tip disappeared, spreading the opening wider. Then, bit by bit, the small, white vibrator disappeared down into her asshole spreading it wider and wider until the only thing remaining was the base of the vibrator, which he grasped with the tips of his fingers.

Then, with the fingers of his other hand, he flicked on the vibrator.

"Nnnnggggghhhhhhhhhhhh," he heard her groan out as her back arched and she thrust herself back onto the humming vibrator.

"God! God! Oh, God!" she gasped out as her pussy began to dance up and down on Trent's jutting cock.

Jason could see her muscles quivering with effort as her cunt bounced up and down wildly. Then all of a sudden, the little vibrator was jerked from his hold and disappeared down into her clutching asshole. Jason didn't know what to do. He had never experienced anything like this before. The whole vibrator was now inside his orgasming grandmother's ass.

"Unnnnhhhhhhhh," he heard her grunt, and miraculously, the white, circular base of the vibrator slowly began to reemerge.

Quickly, he tried to grasp hold of the slippery base, but it was so slippery, he couldn't. But, even without his help, more and more of the vibrator reappeared until he could finally grab hold of it and pull it out.

Watching such a lewd display, Jason saw that his cock was as hard as he had ever seen it, as it evilly jutted out of his groin.

"," Nana groaned out as her butt continued to bounce up and down. "You...put it in..."

" cock...your ass?" he grunted, scrambling up between her legs and behind her bouncing ass.

"Yes...yes...fuck my ass," Nana groaned.

Somehow, out of his euphoric daze, he saw that his father and Imogene were lying motionless watching, while his mother stood watching, too.

Taking hold of his cock, he saw that Nana's ass was now stationary as she waited for him to enter her from behind. Looking down between the rounded spheres of her ass, he fitted the tip of his cock-head down onto the wrinkled opening and began to lean forward. As he felt the tip of his cock begin to dig down into her asshole, he let go of his cock and grabbed hold of her by the hips.

Thrusting forward, he pulled her backwards forcing his cock down into the strangling tightness of her asshole.

"Iaaaanuhhhhuuuuh," Nana groaned out as the tapered roundness of his cock-head spread her asshole wider and wider.

Then, all at once, his cock went slithering down into the fiery depths of her ass.

"Fuck," Jason muttered as his belly slapped up against the soft, giving cheeks of her ass.

He'd never felt such tightness as her asshole clenched down around his invading peter. It was so tight, it felt like it might snip his cock in two. Then, as Nana slowly worked her ass up and down, Jason felt Trent's cock rubbing up against his through the thin membrane of tissue that separated the two cocks. Groaning out his pleasure, Jason began to work his hips back and forth as he pumped his cock in and out of his grandmother's tight, clenching asshole.

He saw his mother move up behind him as he methodically worked his cock in and out of Nana's asshole. Then, he felt his mother's hand slither down between his legs. As he ass-fucked his grandmother, his mother cupped his big, dangling balls, squeezing and plucking at them. His cock effortlessly slid in and out of Nana's greased asshole as he held onto her hips and humped his cock into her. All at once, he heard the muted buzz of a vibrator.

Who? Who had a vibrator? Glancing over at his father and Imogene, he saw that it wasn't them as they continued to fuck away at each other. Then, he felt it. He felt the tickling tip of the vibrator on his asshole. It was his mother. His mother was using the vibrator on him. This was a new step in perversion, he sickly thought as he felt the tip of the vibrator being slowly pushed into his asshole. His friend was fucking his grandmother. He was fucking his the ass. His mother was holding his balls in her hand and fucking him in the ass with a vibrator. And his father was fucking his mother's sister right beside them. What could be more wicked?

Then, he felt his mother lean against him as the vibrator dug deeper and deeper into his smarting asshole. He could feel her hard, swollen nipples burning holes into his back as she ground herself against him. He could even feel the scrape of the soft curls of her pussy grating against his hip as she worked herself against him.

Suddenly, as the vibe penetrated his ass, its tickling, tingling presence was too much.

"Ohfuckingod..." he groaned out as his hips jerked forward, impaling Nana's ass to its limit.

Then, pulling her back onto his cock, he felt his cock lurch and spew out a scalding gush of overheated cum into his grandmother's ass.

"Annniiieeeeeee," Nana squealed as the hot cum splashed onto the sensitive walls of her rectum and Molly twisted the vibrator around inside his ass...

Chapter Seven

The Lagoon

What? Where was he? What was happening to him? He groggily tried to clear the cobwebs in his head as he swam towards consciousness.

Straining to lift the heavy weights off his eyelids, he finally felt them pry open.

Looking up, he found himself staring straight into a beautiful, pink pussy. But whose, he groggily wondered? His mother's? Nana's? Imogene's?

You know who it is, you fool, he told himself, smiling down deep inside. You'd know that pretty pussy anywhere. That's the pussy that brought you into the world. It's your mother's pussy...

Then he became aware of the warm wetness that was enveloping his cock. His mother was on top of him, sucking on his cock. And her juicy pussy was hovering just above his mouth, just waiting to be eaten...

Lazily, he reached up and wrapped his arms around his mother's waist. He heard her murmur out around his cock as he pulled her pussy down onto his mouth. Running his tongue out, he licked it up and down the juice-filled slit between her dangling pussy-lips, savoring the tart taste of her abundant juices.

Finally, he found her jutting clit with the tip of his tongue. Flicking the little knob of flesh, he felt his mother begin to slowly work her clit back and forth on his tongue. As she did, she painted his face with the river of juice that was spewing out of her cunt, and all the while, jerking her mouth up and down his cock. Sucking and slurping on his big cock with her lips, she twirled her tongue round and round his swollen cock-head.

The movement of her hips became more and more frantic as he licked faster and faster, and she sucked harder and harder. They were in their own world. Nothing else mattered now except her pussy and his cock. They were the Alpha and Omega...

As she hungrily devoured his cock, he slurped and sucked on her clit, pulling it out of its fleshy sheath so he could attack it with his tongue. She was sucking on his cock so hard, it felt like she was going to suck his big balls up through his cock as she pulled and tugged on them with her hot hand.

Just then, he felt her sharp teeth nip down onto the shaft of his cock as her pussy began to patter up and down on his face.

"Unnnnuhhhhh, Unnnnuhhhhh, Unnnnuhhhhh," she groaned out around the thick shaft of his cock as her pussy began to spray out juice by the spoonfuls.

The juices spurting out of her pussy splashed onto his face, coating it with the sticky goo. He could feel the hot gunk running down his cheeks as he tried to keep his lips locked down around his mother's twitching clit. Grunting and groaning, she worked her way through her orgasm while Jason humped his cock in and out of her sucking mouth.

Finally, several seconds later, she gave out a long shuddering gasp and her pussy melted back down onto his mouth. Then, she attacked his cock with renewed urgency, hungrily sucking and pulling on it with her mouth and lips as she raked her oozing cunt up and down on his lips.

"Gonna...gonna make me...make me come," he grunted out thrusting himself up at her.

Spitting his cock out for a moment, she blurted out, "Do my mouth."

Then she shoved her lips back down around his cock, sucking almost all of it inside before she made a soft gagging sound. Then, her head began to bob up and down as she fucked his cock with her hot, sucking mouth.

"OHFUCKFUCKFUCK," he croaked out as his ass began to jiggle and jerk.

His cock pulsated and spewed out a giant, gelatinous wad of thick, creamy cum into his mother's demanding mouth.

"Ummmmm, ummmmmm, ummmmm," she murmured out around his spasming cock, quickly swallowing the sticky glob down her throat.

But even as she swallowed the first gooey clump down, it was quickly replaced by a second, and a third, and a fourth... Even as she swallowed the creamy gush down, a dribble of it ran out of the corner of her mouth and dripped down her chin.

His dick continued to buck and spew for several more seconds before it finally quit ejecting its creamy load of cum. As he lay under her, quietly groaning, she slowly lifted her cum-splattered lips up off his quickly softening prick, letting it flop down onto his belly with a wet slap.

"Yummy," she laughed, licking her lips and slowly struggling to her feet beside him.

Reaching down to him, she helped him to his feet as he looked around the room.

"Where is everybody?" he asked when he saw that they were the only ones in the room.

"Trent had to leave," she smiled. "And the others are down in your room."

"Did you let Trent...Trent do it to you?" he jealously asked.

"What does it matter?" she asked, wiping her hand across her chin to wipe away the cum that was still slowly dribbling down it.

"I want to know," he demanded. "Did he do it to you? Did you let him do it to you?"

"Just...just once," she said, frowning. "But he wasn't as good at it as you are. So don't worry about him..."

"Fuck," he snorted. "That's not fair. He's got to fuck my mother and I don't get to fuck his."

"Hell's Bells," she complained. "Is that all you ever think about? About where your next piece of pussy or ass is coming from? What about me? I'm not good enough for you anymore?"

"'s not it," he fussed. "He's always talking about how much he wants to fuck his mother and he's got to fuck you. It just ain't fair..."

"Well, fuck," she muttered. "If you want her so damned bad, go fuck her."

"How?" he shot back.

"Seduce her," she smarted back. "Use your charms to get her into bed."

"Will you help me?" he asked. "Please..."

"This is too fucking crazy," she mumbled. " want me, your mother, to help you fuck one of my friends? Help my own son fuck his best friend's mother?"

"Just one. Just Kate Hopkins," he grinned at her. "Just her. Then I'll be even with Trent for doing it to you."

"Even? You act like I'm just a piece of pussy...a prize...a prize in some sick, twisted game between the two of you," she fumed.

"No. That's not it," he said, pulling her into his arms. "I just love you, Mom. And I don't want him to have you. That's all."

"Please explain how me helping you fuck Kate is going to make anything better?" she asked, pushing away from him and sitting down on the bed.

"Well...well, after I do it," he said. "I'll tell Trent. And tell him that if he tries to see you again, I'll keep doing her. That'll make him mad and he won't come snooping around here anymore."

"That's the dumbest plan I've ever heard," Molly laughed.

"Please...Mother...please," he begged. "Please help me..."


Jason slowly pushed the throttles forward and the rumble of the big, diesel engines grew louder as the breeze blowing over the bow picked up.

Trent's mother, Kate stood beside Molly as they looked down at the pretty turquoise water rushing under the keel of the boat.

"This is some boat," Kate said to Molly as they cleared the harbor and turned for the island they were going to visit.

"Isn't it..." Molly laughed, reaching around behind her back and unsnapping the top of her bikini.

Letting the straps slither down her arms, she tossed her top down onto one of the chairs.

"What? What are you doing..." Kate sputtered, staring down at Molly's little tits, jiggling and bobbing in rhythm to the bouncing of the boat as it plowed through the water.

"Getting comfortable. Why don't you join me..." Molly grinned back at her.

Then Kate looked up at Jason and saw that Jason seemed unaffected by his mother's topless display.

" do that," she said, still looking up at Jason, who grinned back down at her and waved. "You go topless in front of your... Jason?"

"All the time," Molly said, plopping down in her chair. "He seems to appreciate it."

"I can't believe this," Kate gasped, looking back down at Molly's small, droopy breasts.

"And I bet Jason would really enjoy seeing yours," Molly said, picking up her glass of champagne and taking a sip of it. "Yours are so much bigger than mine and the boy does seem to like big tits. And he's already commented on yours."

"What? What did you say? Jason? What...what did he say?" Kate asked, looking back up at Jason who still grinning and watching them from behind the wheel.

"He said that he wished you'd take off your top like I do," Molly said, "so he could see what your tits really look like. He said that he bet they were really pretty."

"He did, did he?" Kate muttered, taking a drink of champagne. "Maybe I ought to do it and shock the hell out of him..."

"Go ahead and do it," Molly laughed, "but I doubt it'll shock him. Not much rattles that boy. Besides, he thinks you're hot...really hot."

"Oh, he does, does he?" Kate laughed, looking up at Jason again. "Well, I think that he's quite a little stud, himself. Too bad that he's your boy, cause I sort of have this thing for the young ones. You know, the one's who still have lead in their pencil."

Molly laughed. "As do I, although Damon certainly has more than enough lead in his pencil for me."

"Larry doesn't have that problem either," Kate winked, "but they also say that variety is the spice of life..."

"Well, don't let the fact that he's my boy stop you," Molly told her. "If you're of a mind, I wouldn't let the fact that Trent was your son stop me, if I got it into my head to have him."

"Trent? You and Trent? Why the thought never crossed my mind," Kate tittered.

Four glasses of bubbly later, the talk was still flowing freely and the women were getting giggly and giddy as Jason steered the boat up to pier jutting out into the sea. The island wasn't very big, but it was private and had a nice lagoon where they came to swim. Bringing the big boat to a stop by the pier, he jumped out and tied up. Helping the women off the boat, Jason couldn't resist the temptation to give one of his mother's little tits a quick grope.

The grope didn't escape Kate's attention and she gave Molly and Jason a funny look.

Walking down the sandy beach toward the lagoon, Jason lagged behind the two women so he could watch their asses as they walked along. Kate's ass was much bigger than his mother's cute little ass that quivered tightly as she walked. Kate's more voluptuous butt jiggled and bobbled provocatively with each step.

"Got a nice view back there?" Molly asked, looking back over her shoulder and winking at him.

"Delightful...just freaking delightful..." he laughed.

Tipsily, the two women laughed back at him and began to swish their rear ends back and forth with much more enthusiasm for his viewing pleasure.

Arriving at the beach, Molly passed the champagne bottle around, letting all of them top off their glasses. Then quickly gulping her glass empty, she set it down on the beach. Giggling, she hurriedly shoved her bikini bottom down her legs and stepped out of it as Kate looked on in stunned silence.

"Hurry up," Molly laughed, looking over at Jason. "Last one in is a rotten egg..."

"Not gonna be me," Jason hollered, shoving his bathing trunks down and off.

Kate sputtered when she saw Jason's cock. He had a full-blown erection, she saw, and he was splashing into the water chasing after his mother.

"Come on in, Kate," Molly giggled again over her shoulder. "The water's perfect."

Then, as Kate looked on in stunned silence, Jason splashed over to his mother. Standing behind her, where Kate couldn't see his hands, he reached around his mother and cupped her little bobbing tits. As he did, he felt his mother's hand find his cock under the water, and give it a hard squeeze.

"Oh, he's hard already," she whispered, roughly squeezing his rock-hard cock. "Maybe we can find someplace to put him later..."

"Or maybe a couple of places," he chuckled, "if things go right."

Then they parted, turning and watching as Kate finally, timidly waded out into the water. She continued to wade deeper and deeper until she was tit deep in the water. As she stood watching Jason through her dark sunglasses, she didn't see Molly silently slip up behind her.

The next thing Jason knew, he saw his mother swimming away with Kate's bikini top in her hands as he gawked down at Kate's big, beautiful tits gently bobbing in the water.

"Molly, give that back," Kate fussed tipsily, dropping herself down into the water to hide her large breasts from him.

"Come and get it," Molly giggled, holding her trophy up in the air and waving it back and forth.

Deciding to join in on the fun, Jason dove under the water and headed for Kate. Finding her, he grabbed her by the ankles and tugged, pulling her under the water as her arms went flailing. Emboldened by what his mother had done, Jason dug down under the water trying to find the bottom of Kate's bikini. Finding it, he jerked on the little bow ties on her hips and felt the bikini come away in his hands.

"JASON!" Kate screeched as she bobbed to the surface, digging her hands down under the water, trying to find her bikini bottom.

But much to her surprise, she found Jason's rock-hard cock.

Her eyes fluttered wider for a moment as her fingers brushed over his cock.

"Oh, my..." she exclaimed as Jason reached out and cupped one of her big, bobbing tits.

"Your breasts are awesome, Kate," Jason whispered excitedly as Molly moved up behind her and cupped Kate's other breast.

It was about that time that Jason realized that her hand was still resting on his cock. Then he felt his mother's hand on it, too...wrapping around Kate's hand and making her squeeze his cock. Now both women had a hand wrapped around his big, throbbing cock.

" and Jason?" Kate asked Molly.

"Yes...yes, Jason and I," Molly said, squeezing harder.

"I...I," Kate muttered, looking from one to the other with a shocked look on her face.

"And Trent, too," Molly said, making Kate work her hand up and down Jason's cock.

" and Trent!" Kate sputtered, spewing water all over Molly as she gawked at her in shocked disbelief. "You and my baby?"

"I'm afraid he's not a baby anymore, Kate," Molly cackled. "Baby's don't have seven-inch pricks, now do they?"

Jason felt his mother's hand lift off his cock, but Kate kept her hand wrapped around his cock as she unconsciously stroked it.

Reaching around her, Jason groped a cheek of her pliant ass with one hand and dropped his other hand from her tit to the furry, little bush that covered her pussy. Running the tips of his fingers through the soft curls, he found the yielding folds of flesh surrounding her pussy. As he did, her legs parted ever so slightly, giving him access to the hidden treasure between them. Sticking out a finger, he cupped her pussy in the palm of his hand and eased the finger up into the clutching tightness of her pussy.

"Ohhhhhh," Kate moaned, the gap between her legs widening and her eyes glazing over.

Molly lifted one of Kate's big, heavy tits up and sucked its jutting nipple into her mouth while Jason eased a second finger into Kate's tight snatch. In response, Kate squeezed down harder on his cock as her hand worked up and down faster.

They were all breathing hard as Molly and Jason groped and teased Kate.

"Why don't we go back to the Molly," Jason finally panted, easing his fingers out of the tight opening of Kate's puss.

"Excellent idea," Molly murmured, lifting her mouth away from Kate's swollen nipple.

The three of them slowly waded out of the lagoon. Molly handed Kate her top and Jason handed her bikini bottom to her. Taking them, she looked down at them, and then with a grin, draped them over her shoulder.

"Guess I won't be needing these now," she laughed as her big tits bobbled up and down freely.

Picking up his trunks, Jason watched his mother's miniscule tits bobble up and down as she retrieved her suit from the sand. Then, gathering up the champagne and glasses, they traipsed down the beach, arm in arm, toward the Molly. Jason couldn't take his eyes off of Kate's giant tits as they frolicked and bobbed about wildly while they babbled tipsily as they walked along.

Climbing back onto the Molly, Jason tossed his trunks onto the couch and strolled over to the fridge. Molly came into the cabin, smiling lewdly, followed by Kate who still seemed somewhat self-conscious about the whole situation.

"Uh, so, uh, how long, how long have the two of you been, uh, you know, been doing it?" she was finally able to choke out as Jason tipped up the champagne bottle and refilled her empty glass.

"Oh, I don't remember. Three or four months...why?" Molly asked, refilling her glass.

"I don't know," Kate muttered, "it's just not every day that you find out your friend is fucking her son."

Jason stood by the bar, listening to the two women as he sipped on his champagne and slowly stroked his still hard cock.

Then, as they fell silent, Jason joined in the conversation.

"Kate, have you ever wanted to let Trent do it to you?" he boldly asked.

Turning toward him, Kate glanced down at his cock and watched his hand slowly moving up and down for a few seconds before she answered.

"Uh, no, I, I don't think so," she muttered moving her eyes up to his face. "All this is so bizarre and new to me..."

"Well, he wants to do you. It's all he talks about...fucking his Mom," Jason smiled.

"Oh?" she said, blushing from head to foot, her skin tone now matching her red hair.

Just then, Molly stepped over and with a gentle shove, pushed Kate down onto the sofa. Kate gave out a soft "ommppff" as her butt thudded down. With a devilish smile, Molly eased down onto her knees in front of Kate and reached out, placing her hands on Kate's knees. Pushing, she parted Kate's legs as she stared down at the matted, fur bush sitting atop Kate's slowly unfurling pussy. More and more dark pink flesh appeared as Kate's legs edged farther and farther apart. The kinky red curls matched the dark red strands of wet hair hanging down over her shoulders, still dripping water down onto her giant tits.

Mesmerized, Kate stared down at Molly as Molly leaned forward and tilted her face down toward the waiting pussy nestled between Kate's legs.

"You have a pretty pussy," Molly murmured, running the tip of a long finger over the soft, folds of pink flesh that encircled the oozing hole between them.

"Thank you, ummmmmmmmmm," she crooned as Molly gently flicked the protrusion of flesh sticking out of its pink sheath above her pussy.

Watching the women, Jason tilted his glass up and gulped down the rest of his drink. Setting the glass on the bar, he slowly stroked his cock and plodded up behind his mother. Grinning, he straddled her head and shuffled forward, towards Kate, dragging his dangling balls across the top of his mother's head as he did. He saw her shoot him the finger as he thrust his cock toward Kate who was eyeing it uncertainly as it inched closer and closer to her lips.

Jason watched her slowly lift her hand and wrap it around the thick, blue-veined shaft of his cock. Squeezing it tightly in her hand, she leaned toward it and eased her pinkish-red lips down over its head. When she did, Jason eased his hips forward, pushing more of his prick into her mouth as her lips collapsed down around the solid barrel of his peter. Jerking her hand back and forth, she whacked his cock and sucked on it at the same time. Then her other hand crept up to his flopping balls, cupping them in the palm of her hand. As she rocked her head back and forth, sucking his cock, Jason dug his fingers down into her long, red hair. Pulling and pushing on her head, Jason added emphasis to the fucking motion and felt the head of his cock begin to nudge up against the back of her mouth. She was making little gagging sounds, but she didn't pause in the attack on his peter. He could hear her breathing out little mewing sounds as her hot breath escaped out around his cock.
Molly was still tonguing Kate's pussy and Jason could see Kate's hips were bouncing up and down on the couch with more and more urgency. God, I wish I had a picture of this, Jason giddily thought. A picture of his Mom eating her best friend while he fucked her best friend's mouth. How fucking hot is that?

He couldn't believe how much things had changed in his life since the day of that fateful boat fire. It seemed like now he was fucking some member of the family all the time. Plus, friends were getting into the act. Unfuckingbelieveable...

Suddenly, he felt Kate bite down on his pistoning cock, her teeth scraping along the top and bottom of his cock.

"Unnnnnnnhhhhhhhhh," she groaned out, her legs stiffening as her body began to writhe and quiver.

Stopping the attack on her mouth, he let her ride out her orgasm as Molly continued to tease and torment her jutting clit with her tongue...

Her climax seemed to go on and on and on, but it eventually ended. Jason felt her teeth retreat from his cock as her lips locked down again.

Enough of the preliminaries, he told himself, slowly easing his hips back, dragging his prick out of her mouth. He wasn't Trent...he liked fucking more than sucking.

"Let's go to the Master Suite," he said, looking down at his spit-covered cock bouncing up and down in front of Kate's face.

"What are we waiting for?" Molly said, struggling up to her feet, behind Jason. "I'm gonna give Kate the opportunity to return the favor."

"I'm ready. I've never tasted pussy pie before," Kate grinned.

"I bet you'll like it," Molly said, running her tongue over her juice-coated lips. "I know I did..."

Jason backed away from Kate, bumping into his mother in the process.

"Watch where you're going there, boy," Molly giggled, pinching him on the butt.

"Ouch," he grunted, grabbing for her tit and giving her nipple a twisting pinch.

"Stop that," she yipped, jerking her tit out of his hand.

Romping and groping each other, the three of them made their way to the Master Bedroom.

"Me, first, this time," Kate giggled, climbing onto the bed and flipping over onto her back. "Last one in is a rotten egg."

Molly leaned down and crawled on the bed, crawling around and shoving her pussy down onto Kate's pinkish-red lips. Following her lead, Jason leaned down over Kate and fitted the rounded head of his cock between Kate's fat, pussy-lips and onto the weeping opening of Kate's pussy. Then with a grunt, he drove his cock down into her waiting wetness, burying it completely inside the clutching tightness.

"Unh," Kate grunted out into Molly's pussy as her big tits flopped up and down from the force of the blow.

Locking his elbows, Jason found himself staring straight at his mother's, little jiggling tits as he began to hump his cock in and out of Kate's pussy. Locking his lips around one of the bobbling tits, he began to lick and lap at the hard, little nipple jutting out against his tongue. Rocking his hips back and forth as he fucked Kate, he saw that his mother was duplicating the motion, sliding her juicy puss over Kate's lips and tongue. His mother was so wet. The succulent juices pouring out of her pussy already coated Kate's chin and trickled down onto her neck. He'd love to stick his dick inside her hot, slippery hole, but first, he had to finish the job he had started with Kate.

Nipping and licking at his mother's nipples, he could feel her gathering for a climax. While his tongue was a co-conspirator in the urging of his mother's rush to glory, it was Kate's tongue that was the major contributor as it slashed back and forth over Molly's tingling clit.

Molly's breath was coming in panting little gasps as she clutched Jason's head, crushing his lips down on her little tit.

"Ah...ah...ah...ah...ah," she whimpered, thrusting her tit into his mouth harder and harder.

Jason could feel his balls gathering for an eruption, as Kate's hungry cunt sucked and pulled on his pistoning prick.

Panting out around his mother's tit, he kicked up the pace one more notch.

Now Kate was thrusting her pussy up at him on every downward stroke, taking every last millimeter of his big cock every time he pounded it into her. Taking him totally and not asking for any quarter as she hungrily devoured Molly's hot pussy.

Now as he fucked his friend's mother, Jason found himself wishing he could watch Trent fuck Molly. That was strange, he told himself, because when his mother had told him that she had let Trent fuck her, it had made him angry and jealous. Now, thinking about his friend fucking his mother made him hot and excited.

That excitement pushed him over the edge and he felt his balls burst, sending a giant, scalding spume of thick, creamy cum into Kate's sucking cunt.

"Jeeeezzzzzzz," he groaned out, thrusting his peter down into Kate's ravenous pussy as deep as it would go, emptying its gooey load inside her.

Just then, he felt her body stiffen as she groaned out into Molly's pussy. He could feel her butt quivering and jerking beneath him as her pussy furiously clutched at his erupting prick. All at once, Molly's body went rigid, her pussy bouncing up and down on Kate's mouth.

"Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk," she cursed, clawing at his scalp and crushing his mouth down onto her tit as her orgasm consumed her.

The three of them grunted and groaned their way through their orgasms, grinding their bodies together until all were drained, physically and emotionally.

Easing his cock back out of the cum-filled depths of her oozing pussy, Jason moved over and sat down beside her. Molly lifted her weeping pussy up off her lips, and flopped down on the bed beside her.

Watching his dick slowly wilt back down to normalcy, Jason looked over at Kate and smiled.

"Back to the subject of Trent," he said with a sly grin on his face. "Would you consider letting him do it to you?"

"I don't know..." she said, a slight frown creasing her forehead. "It's just so bizarre. The thought of that has just never crossed my mind. Incest. It just sounds so bad."

"It gets easier, the more you do it," Molly joined in. "Seems to become...well, uh, natural after a while."

Sitting in bed with two lovely, naked women, Jason could already feel the strength slowly seeping back into his cock as it ever so slowly stiffened again.

"Does Damon know?" Kate asked, rolling over onto her side and resting her head in her hand as she looked back and forth at them.

"Yes, Damon knows," Molly informed her. "And Nana, too. Nana and her sister, Imogene."

"Oh, my God," Kate gasped. "The whole family? I would never have guessed."

"Seems like Jason has really gotten to know the women in the family," Molly grinned, reaching over and running her fingers down his thigh. "Haven't you, Hon?"

"Yeah," Jason boastfully grunted. "All of them..."

"You mean, you and your grandmother? And her sister, too?" Kate asked, her chin dropping.

"I'm afraid so," Jason chuckled. "And they all seemed to like little 'Jasie' as much as you seemed too."

"I can't believe it," she gasped, clutching her hand to her breasts.

"So, back to the original question...was that a yes or a no?"

Jason's cock continued to swell and return to its hardened state.

"I need some time to think about all this," she whined.

"What's to think about?" Jason asked, running his fingertips over the smooth skin of her thigh. "The only missing piece of the puzzle is you and Trent. All the other pieces have been found."

"I know," she muttered, "but I've never been involved in incest. Adultery is one thing, but incest? That's like, uh, you know, a mortal sin or something..."

"Mom and I are still kicking," he grinned. "We haven't been struck dead or anything, have we?"

"It's nothing to joke about..." Kate fussed. "It's a big step from fucking a friend to fucking your son."

"Well, I was thinking maybe we could have a little foursome," he said. "Maybe that would make it easier."

"I don't know...I just don't know if I could go through with it. My little baby..." she whined.

"Mom told you, he's no baby anymore," Jason said, running his fingers closer and closer to the weeping hole between her legs. "And four of us, all together, doesn't that sound so kinky?"

"Stop it, Jason..." she complained. "Let me think."

"Okay. If that's the way you want it," he said, rolling over beside Molly. "Mom, wanna show her how easy it is?"

"Why not," she said, melting down onto her back and throwing her legs apart. Jason quickly crawled up between her widespread legs...


Eleven thirty, and Trent was supposed to show up at noon. Jason could hardly wait. Trent knew nothing of the plan that that had been hatched in his honor. Jason had invited him over to play some games on his game boy. So he knew nothing of the two women who were going to give him the surprise of his life...

"Howdy, podner," Jason said in his best cowboy drawl as he greeted Trent at the door. "You ready for an afternoon of fun and games?"

"Well, if I can't have any pussy," Trent grinned, "I guess that this'll have to do."

"Yeah, I guess so," Jason laughed, closing the door behind Trent and starting for the stairs. "Come on let's go."

They played games for about thirty minutes before Jason put his remote down.

"This is kind of boring, isn't it?" Jason muttered.

"Uh, yeah, it is boring..." Trent said. "Uh, uh, is your Mom home?"

"Yeah...why?" Jason asked.

"Uh...maybe we could, you her into some, some afternoon delight," Trent grinned, setting his remote down. "You know, like the other day!"

"I don't know...I guess we could go down and ask her," Jason grinned, thinking of the old phrase hook, line and sinker.

"Yeah...yeah, let's do that. Let's go down and ask her," Trent babbled enthusiastically, jumping to his feet. "Let's go."

"Okay, let's go," Jason smirked, jumping to his feet.

Both boys hurried down the hallway to her bedroom. Stopping in front of the closed door, Jason grinned at Trent and knocked on it.

"Yes, who is it?" they heard Molly ask them through the door.

"'s Trent and I. Can we come in?" Jason hollered back.

"Yes...Come on in," they heard her answer back.

"Well, here goes," Jason muttered, twisting the knob and pushing the door open.

"Jesus-Fucking-Christ!" Trent exclaimed, gawking at Molly who was lying in the middle of her bed.

Molly lay in the bed on her side, her head held up by her hand as she smiled back at the two boys.

She was wearing some of her finest lingerie, what little there was of it. Her tiny tits, drooping down to the side were nestled down in a white, lacy half-bra while down below that, she wore a matching white, lacy garter belt. Long, lacy straps stretched down from the garter belt and attached to her sheer, white hose. On her feet, she wore a pair of white, patent leather stilettos, with heels that had to be five inches tall if they were an inch.

"So what did you boys want?" she asked, easing down onto her back and slowly spreading her legs apart to bare her pussy to them.

"Crap...Mrs. Crusoe...damn, you're beautiful," Trent groaned, stepping toward the bed.

"Is this what you boys came down here for?" she asked with a coy smile as she ran her hand down to her pussy and flicked her jutting clit. "I thought you might be wanting a little of it, so I have it all ready and raring to go."

Trent reached down and jerked his tee up over his head at the same time he was toeing his shoes off. Dropping his shirt on the floor, he dropped his hands down to his belt and roughly tugged it off. Next, his pants went sliding down his legs as Molly looked on, grinning at the boy's impetuous stripping. At last, he shoved his shorts down, freeing his already hardened manhood.

"Uh...uh...Jason," he muttered, turning to look at Jason. "Aren't you...aren't you going to..."

"Go ahead," Jason said, stepping backwards. "I'll be back in a minute..."

"I...I've been thinking about when we did it last time," Trent mumbled, crawling onto the bed, staring down at her awe struck. "I still can't believe we really did it. It was so fucking awesome."

"Well, are you going to stand there on your knees gawking at me," she laughed, "or are you going to come down here and give me some more good loving?"

"Yes, Ma'am," he blurted. "Yes, Ma'am."

Leaning down over her, he let her guide his rock-hard prick down to the juice-slickened opening of her pussy.

"Push...push it in," she ordered him after she fitted the tapered head of his dick down between the bloated lips of her pussy...

Jason hurried back down to his room and quickly stripped. Then after giving his cock a few quick whacks to keep it hard, he stepped down to the spare bedroom and knocked.

"Come in," he heard Kate say through the door.

Pushing the door open, he stopped dead in his tracks. Kate stood by the bed, her hands demurely crossed in front of her furry pussy as she blushed and gave him a timid, little smile. Other than the smile, all she wore was a lacy, black garter belt with long, black, laced-edged thongs stretching down, attached to her sheer, black hose. And a pair of black high-heels.

"Damn, look so friggin' sexy," Jason said, grinning and running his eyes up and down her body.

"You really think so?" she murmured coyly, batting her big, brown eyes at him.

"God, yes," he proclaimed, thinking that his mother and Kate were almost on opposite ends of the scale.

Molly was a petite, tanned, blond with a small frame and small tits, while Kate was a big-boned, pale-skinned, redhead, stout, with huge tits. And it thrilled him to know that he could have either one, any time he wanted now.

"Are you ready?" he asked her.

"I don't know," she fussed. "I just don't know if I can go through with this. After all, Trent is still my little, baby boy..."

"Well, your little, baby boy is down in Mom's room," Jason smirked at her "fucking her brains out."

"I know, but still," she said, wringing her hands, making her big tits jiggle and bobble. "This is so damned perverted."

"Not to mention, exciting," he laughed, wrapping his arm around her waist and cupping one of her monstrous tits in the palm of his hand. "Come on, I want some of your sweet pussy."

Chapter Eight

Trent Scores...

"Right...right in front of them? Right in front of him?'re going to do it right in front of him?" she asked, with a shocked look on her face.

"You knew we were. We discussed it back on the Molly, don't you remember?" Jason told her, wondering why she was getting cold feet at this stage of the game.

"But, I thought...oh, this is so embarrassing," she fussed.

"But don't you think it will be exciting, doing it right in front of Trent? Especially knowing how he feels about you? It'll be kind of like shoving his nose in it, don't you think?" Jason laughed, giving her big tit a gentle squeeze.

"Oh, I don't know...I guess," she said, giving him a timid, little smile.

"Let's do it then," Jason grinned, dropping his arm down from her waist and giving her big butt a suggestive grope.

"O-okay," she said, taking a tentative step toward the door.

Catching up with her, Jason wrapped his arm around her waist again as the strolled down the hall toward Molly's bedroom.

They could hear Molly and Trent going at it even before they got to the door.

Stepping into the doorway, they stopped and gawked at the copulating couple. Molly was on her back, legs spread, hands wrapped around Trent's hips as he pounded his cock in and out of her juice-smeared pussy.

Kate's eyes flew open and her mouth dropped as she watched her son ravaging her best friend. Jason could see that her eyes were focused directly on her son's big cock as it glistened wetly and sloshed in and out of Molly's cunt. Then he saw that a sheen of sweat covered Kate's forehead as she anxiously watched.

Finally, Jason coaxed her forward as he made for the other side of the bed.

"What the..."Trent grunted as they came into his line of sight.

Then, his hips stopped and his eyes flared wide open as he realized that it was his mother with Jason.

"MOM! What? Mom...what...what are you doing?" he groaned, watching her slowly crawl onto the bed and roll over onto her back beside Molly. "Mom, what are you doing?"

Then Kate looked up at Jason and slowly parted her legs as he crawled onto the bed.

"No, no, Mother, no, don't, don't let him," Trent pleaded, watching Jason move up between her legs. "Let me, Mother...let me...not him."

"Get off me," Molly growled, shoving him back and making his juice-slathered prick pop out of her pussy. "Your Mother is're a baby...a sniveling little baby!"

Ignoring him, Jason leaned down over Kate and let her guide his cock down to the weeping hole between her legs.

Trent reached out and tried to push Jason off his mother, but she turned at glared at him.

"Now you stop that," she angrily warned, "or you'll never, ever get any of it."

"But, but, I, I want..." he started to say.

"You shut up and watch. Watch Jason show you how it's done," she muttered, pulling Jason's cock down to the opening of her pussy. "Put it in, Honey, put it in..."

"Yes, Ma'am," Jason grinned fiendishly, leaning into her and threading his big cock down into the clutching tightness of her pussy.

Driving his cock down into her pussy all the way to the hilt, Jason paused and looked over at his best buddy.

"Damn, Trent. You're Mom sure is hot," he smirked, winking at Trent. "And wet, too."

"Damn you...damn you...damn you," Trent cursed as Jason began to work his hips back and forth as he fucked Kate.

"Oh, yeah, Kate, like that," Jason cooed as Kate clutched at his pistoning prick with her tight pussy. "Suck on my bad boy with your hot pussy." Trent whined, turning and looking at Molly as if she would help him make them stop.

Molly was still lying on her back with her legs spread. A stream of thick juice was slowly leaking out of her still-spread pussy as Trent's eyes shot down to it. He started to turn toward her.

"Don't even think about it," Molly said, running her hand down and mockingly teasing her big, jutting clit. "You didn't want it a while ago, and you're sure as hell aren't going to get it now. Just and wait...then, when Jason is through, you can have your turn."

Grunting, Jason rocked back and forth, pounding his cock into Kate with deep, penetrating thrusts. He was driving his peter into her so deep, their bellies lewdly slapped together at the bottom of every penetrating down stroke.

Then much to Trent's mortification, Kate slowly lifted her long legs up into the air and kicked her stiletto heels down onto Jason's bouncing butt.

"Harder, Baby, harder," she whispered huskily, reaching up and wrapping her wrists around the back of his neck as she locked her fingers together. "Fuck Kate harder, Honey, fuck her harder."

With a deep frown etched into his forehead, Trent watched on as Jason kicked the pace up a couple of notches, hammering his cock into her drooling pussy harder and harder.

"Like that?" Jason grunted, furiously fucking her as the bed rolled and shook, jostling Trent and Molly as they watched.

"Yesssssssss," Kate hissed loudly, thrusting herself up to meet the pounding attack on her pussy every time Jason slammed his cock into her.

Jason could feel her gathering herself. Gathering herself for the mad dash to the finish as Trent angrily watched on.

Trent could see that his mother's muscles were tightening and knew that she was about to have an orgasm. Jason was about to make her come. Hating Jason for doing what he was to her, Trent could hear his mother's breath coming in gasps as she heaved herself up at Jason's savage assault.

"Oh-oh-oh-yes-yes-yesssssssssss," she hissed as she jerked Jason down onto her heaving tits while she ground her pussy up around his imprisoned prick.

Her big butt began to quiver and shake as she thrust herself up against him, her spasming cunt frantically clutching at his dick. Fighting to control the almost overpowering need to ejaculate, Jason was able to hold it in check as Kate's clinging cunt spasmed around his cock.

Trent watched on with envious jealousy as his mother's spasming cunt spewed out gush after gush of thick, aromatic pussy-juice onto Jason's big, dangling balls while she came and came.

Finally, Kate's arms dropped down to the bed as she eased her big butt back down to the mattress. As she did, Jason backed up, easing his juice-slathered dick out of her drooling pussy.

"There," Jason smirked over at Trent who was still angrily staring down at his mother's pussy, "she's all yours. I've got her all warmed up for you."

"Son of a bitch," Trent cursed as Jason dropped to the floor and stepped over to where his mother lay diddling her clit. Crawling onto the bed, he snuggled up behind his mother, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her to him like two spoons nestled together. Easing his hips forward, he poked his big cock between her legs just below her wet cunt. Then he felt her fingers on it, pushing on it until he felt the head of his dripping dick slide up into her hot pussy. Scooting down just a little, he thrust up and buried his cock inside the clutching heat of her pussy.

"Ummmmmmm," she murmured, clenching her pussy down around his cock as he eased it in and out of her puss.

As they watched, they saw Trent frantically stumble up between his mother's outstretched leg on his hands and knees. Trent's peter jutted out like a rapier, and he was ready to impale her with it. Impale her, and slay the bond of innocence that existed between them.

Dipping his hips, he aimed his prick down at the gaping hole that lay between her widespread legs. Kate thrust her hands down to it and wrapped them around it. Trent was pushing forward, trying to thrust his cock down into the secrecy of her womanhood. To desecrate the treasure he had searched for his whole life...

But she held onto his cock, squeezing it roughly, baring his entrance into her most sacred of chalices.

"So this is what you've wanted for, for so long!" she mumbled. "This is the day that will go down as a day of infamy, the day you took the most precious of your mother's possessions and defiled it. Are you sure? Are you sure this is what you want?"

"God...Yes...YES...yes," he hissed rabidly, still thrusting forward against her hand.

"Then let this blood be on your hands," she groaned, pushing his twitching cock down until it's evil head rested in the juice-slickened opening of her vagina.

Jason stopped moving, watching as Kate let go of Trent's peter and he lunged forward driving every last millimeter of his cock down into her pussy.

"Unhhhh," Kate gave out a grunting gasp as Trent's belly smashed down on hers.

Without pausing, Trent began to fuck her. Wildly, completely out of control, he savagely attacked her with his cock, ripping it in and out of her at a frantic pace. But he was so out of control, so overwhelmed by the passion of the moment, he was only able to manage ten or eleven strokes before his cock exploded down inside her pussy filling it with gallons of his virulent cream.

"Oh-God-Oh-No-I can't," he wheezed out as he continued to hump his spewing prick down into her pussy. "Too much-Oh Godohgod!"

He blathered on for at least thirty or forty seconds before his ass stopped quivering and shaking. Then with one last shuddering grunt, he stopped moving and lay atop his mother gasping for breath.

Finally, his mother gently rolled him off her, down onto the bed beside her.

Looking over at Molly and Jason who had resumed their slow, gentle fucking, she smiled.

"I think I'd better take him home and make sure he didn't break something," she laughed softly looking down at him with love pouring out of her eyes. "He seemed to be a little out of control there at the end..."

Slowly fucking, Molly and Jason watched Kate gather up Trent's clothes and help him off the bed. Giving the fucking couple a little wave, Kate led her son out through the doorway.

Alone at last, Jason reached around and cupped one of his mother's dainty breasts, lovingly squeezing and fondling it as he slowly worked his cock in and out of her tight puss.

"I think from now on," Molly murmured, squeezing her pussy down around his cock, "from now on, we keep it in the family. What do you say?"

"My sentiments exactly," he whispered, nibbling his way up her neck to her ear. "As long as I have you, we can live happily ever after..."

And they did...