Saturday, 27 August 2011

anal-ysing aunty

Nothing Lasts Forever

My name is Jai.I used to live with my parents in the small city of Panvel near Mumbai.The story that i'm about to tell you happened with me a few years ago but it seems to me that i'll never be able to forget it.I belong to a relatively poor family but my parents made lots of sacrifices in order to give me education.I still remember my father going to his job wearing boots that had hole in them.Insted of buying new shoes he bought my school uniform and books.My mother sewing clothes for others daily while cooking food for us and taking care of other chores.The list of their sacrifices for me is endless.I wanted to repay all their hardship for me but knew that there wasn't much i can do at that time.So i did the right thing and with hard work and determination excelled in my studies.I knew that it wont be possible for them to send me to college unless i got myself scholarship.The happiest day of my life was when i got my scholarship letter from a famous college of Mumbai.The real joy for me was not in that letter but seeing how happy and proud my parents were.All of us were so happy until we realized a new problem.Where will i stay in mumbai?My father had a few relatives living in Mumbai but he was a proud man.Even under some difficult times he never asked for anyone's help before but this was different.Finally he decided to talk with his elder brother.My mom wasn't too happy about this but even she realized that there was no other option.See the thing is that my uncle was quite a rich man yet he never helped my father.On the other hand papa never asked for his help either.He is 5 years older then my father and at that time was about 51 years old.He lived with his wife whom he married 2 years ago after his first wife died.He didn't have any kids from his first marriage and yet to have any from this one as well.I didn't attended his marriage because i was having exams at that time.I heard my mother saying afterwards that his wife looked more like his grand daughter since she was just 18 years old at the time of their marriage.To our surprise uncle agreed to let me live in his house.I was so happy and 2 days before the college was about to open i went to my uncle's house with my personal belongings in a small suit case.When i reached his house a pleasant surprise was waiting for me there.When i ringed the bell a young woman opened the door.I was mesmerized by her beauty.She was about 5'6 with fair complexion,full lips,long thick hair which were open at that time and big boobs.The thing that attracted me the most about her were her eyes though.They were deep blue with an intensity that penetrated straight to my heart.I never believed in love at first sight theory but when it happened with me i was left stunned.God knows how long i stood there eyeing her up until she finally broke the silence.

Priya:"Hi are you Jai?"

Jai:"Ye..yes i'm Jai."I mumbled like a moron.

Priya:"Please to meet you Jai.I'm your aunty Priya."She said that and extended her hand towards me.I kept on shaking her hand alot longer then i was suppose to.When i realized that and let it go she dazzled me with her stunning smile.She showed me my room and once she left i did the only right thing that was left to do masturbate.In a few days i started to feel at home.I started helping them out with some chores.My uncle turned out to be a nice guy after all.He treated me like his own son which embarrassed me sometimes considering the way i felt about his wife.I was trying to keep my distance from her yet a part of me was always dying to get near to her.I couldn't stop noticing that she enjoyed the attention that i gave her.Uncle had his own business and was always busy.I ended up spending alot of time with her in his absence.We even saw movies together sometimes and while eating pop corn from the same bowl our fingers touched each other frequently.I couldn't helped myself from touching her more and more.You know like brushing my hand against different parts of her body "accidentally".The thrill that i got by doing this was too much for me resist.The fact that she let me do this only made me bolder.As days went by we were fast becoming good friends.At that time we didn't realized that somethings that start out innocently are not that innocent after a while.Touching each other was quite normal now.We even started sharing our secrets.She told me how she didn't wanted to marry my uncle but in the end agreed because of the financial condition of her parents.It got to the point where one day i even asked her"do you love him?"She stayed silent for a while before saying"some people are not lucky enough to experience true love in their life."Although she never told me that but my i was convinced that they didn't have sex anymore.I mean it wasn't just his age that made me think like that.He used to come quite late at night and often drunk.As soon as they were in their room i could hear him snoring loudly within minutes.Her beauty and charm were driving me insane and i was fast losing track of what's right or wrong.One day when i came back from college she was in the kitchen cutting some vegetables.She was still in her black night gown and was looking divine.She had her back towards me when i entered kitchen.Her arms and almost half of her legs were naked.This along with her inviting hips started to make me horny.I dont know what came over me as i went behind her and held both her hands from behind while touching my tool with her ass."Can i help you?"i asked her while rubbing my crotch against her ass." tha thanks"she said in a trembling voice."Let me help you"i said and we kept on cutting vegetables slowly while i was holding her hands and rubing my erect rod with her sexy ass.Her body was shaking now but she still didn't said anything.Until i started kissing her on the neck passionately."Ahhh what are you doing?Umm plese stop"she managed to say while moaning in a weak voice.I started fondling her big breasts and kept on kissing her neck."Ummm no plese ahhh this is not right"she said as her body was getting caught in the heat of the moment.I opened my pants and let them fall on the floor.My rock hard cock came out ready for action.I rolled her gown upwards till her waist and as it turned this really was my lucky day as she wasn't wearing any panties.I spread her legs wide apart with my feet and went down on my knees.As soon as my tongue touched her cunt moans of ecstasy came out of her mouth."Ahhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhh yesss ummmmmmm"she was moaning now like a bitch caught on fire and her moans were only making me hornier as i started eating her pussy wildly.I turned her facing towards me after a few minutes and took off her gown completly.My mouth started drooling as soon as i saw her melons.I started chewing her erect tits wildly while squeezing her other breast with my hand.She was moaning loudly and it was arousing me even more.I kept on sucking her juicy boobs.It was getting too much for me now and my cock needed some attention as well.I lay on the floor and told her to suck me off.She was under my command now.Slowly she went down on her knees and took my shaft in her mouth while thrusting her hot pussy in my face.We were in a perfect 69 position now and sucking each other to the state of ecstasy.With loud moans she reached her first orgasm"ahhhhhhhhhhh ohhh yes yesss yesssssssssssssss".I rolled her off me and now she was on the floor.I told her to get on her all fours and came behind her.As soon as i saw her saw her shaved cunt up in the air i couldn't control my self any more.I came behind her and pushed my cock in her hot cunt.It went in like a hot knife through butter.I was thrusting it in and conquering her cunt inch by inch with powerful strokes until all of it went inside her.I was fucking her mercilessly now and she was moaning like crazy as she reached her second orgasm"ahhhhhhhhh ummmmmm ahhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh".I kept on penetrating her pussy for a few more minutes until i was about to cum as well.I took out my cock from the depths of her cunt and moved towards her mouth.She took it in her mouth eagerly and started sucking me off passionately.I was holding her by the hair and fucking her mouth royally.I was grunting loudly as my balls were slapping against her chin and shooted my semen deep down her throat.She didn't try to take my cock out of her mouth and kept on sucking me until my cock went limp.

From that day on we kept on fucking each other all the time.There was no thought about right or wrong anymore.Within no time what started out as a sexual relationship developed in to something much deeper.Both of us were happy until one day she told me that she was pregnant with my child.I was shell shocked.Maybe i should have been more careful but it was too late now.On the other hand my uncle was over the moon when he knew she was pregnant.He waited a long time to become a father.I guess i was wrong about them not having sex after all.She had a few complications during her pregnancy but nothing serious.She was really happy during pregnancy and finally the big day arrived.It was 5 in the morning when she felt her water breaking and uncle rushed her to hospital.I too went with them even though he told me that i dont have too.Even under those conditions she gave me a smile before going in the operation theater.I'll never forget that smile.I dont know how much time we spend waiting outside but it felt like an eternity.Finally the doctor came and what he said shattered my world.She died while giving birth to our son.I was heart broken.There were just so many things that i wanted to say to her but now it was too late.Uncle was also sad but his sadness lasted for only 6 months after which he got married again.Not only did i lost the love of my life but i'll never be able to tell my son that i'm his real father.They say time heals all wounds but some only got worse with time.There are those days when i dont cry thinking about her but these days are too few and far between.

The End