Wednesday, 17 August 2011

How mom made him state champ

"I love you too." He sighed. As you could imagine, by this time Jacob's cock was as hard as steel. He hardly slept that night.

Nothing else was said the next few days. Things went their usually way. The only difference was Jacob trained his ass off. He impressed the hell out of the coach, working twice as hard as the other team members.

When he got home his mom was busy doing housework. He watched her as he sat at the table eating a snack. Michelle had on a tight short sleeve turtle neck that made the swell of her tits seem absolutely huge. Jacob could clearly see the outline of her bra and the bulging mounds of tit flesh that were spilling out the tops of the cups. She also wore a sexy pair of low cut jeans that molded around the contours of her big soft ass. On her feet, of course, were a matching pair of dainty high heeled slippers.

"Jacob, could you take your laundry up, sweetie." She asked.

"Sure, mom." He said.

Jacob took his laundry upstairs and while removing the clothes from the basket found one of his mom's bras. He lifted it from the basket by one of its thick straps. The cups were huge and adorned with delicate lace. There was a sticky note inside one of them. Jacob took it out and read it:

"Work hard and believe in yourself! Love Mom."

Jacob felt the sudden knot begin to form in his pants.

Friday finally arrived and the day seemed to go by slowly for Jacob. He started warm-ups with the team about 6:30pm and soon after the fans began to trickle into the gymnasium. His parents arrived and took their usual seats on the bottom row of the bleachers. Michelle gave her son a smile and a cute little wave.

There were three matches before Jacob's, but finally the time came. As Jacob came to the center of the mat to face his opponent, he threw one last look his mom's way.

Michelle was looking at him intently. She gave him a little nod that said "you can do it, baby. Kick his ass."

The ref yelled fight and in a matter of seconds a body was thrown to the mat. The ref followed the wrestlers to the ground and in only a few seconds, he slapped the mat and the fight was over.

The crowd roared as Jacob leaped to his feet...victorious!

Michelle's mouth hung open as she giggled and clapped in disbelief.

After the competition Michelle was the first fan on the floor. She practically ran to her son and threw her arms around him proudly. At that moment Jacob was the envy of every cock-swinging male in that gymnasium.

"Oh baby, I'm so proud of you." Michelle gloated.

They went out for ice cream afterwards. Michelle sat in the backseat with her son and held her hand the entire ride. When they arrived at the ice cream shack Jacob's father asked what they wanted and got out to go get the ice cream. This left Jacob and his mom in the car alone.

"Mom." Jacob asked.

"Yes, sweetie." She answered.

"Do you think you could show me now?" He asked.

"Here?" She asked, glancing out the window at her husband as he walked to the order area.

"Yeah, while dad's gone." He asked

" can have about thirty seconds now...or thirty minutes tonight after your father goes to bed." She said.

"I'll wait." Jacob said, sitting back in his seat.

Michelle giggled playfully.

"That's what I thought you'd say." She said.

After arriving home Jacob hung around downstairs as opposed to entering video game city like he normally did. His father watched the end of a ballgame as his mom tidied up the kitchen.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, his dad rose from the couch.

"Well, I'm gonna hit the sack. Long day of fishing tomorrow." He said.

"Good night, dad." Jacob said.

"Night, son. Good job tonight." He said.

"Thanks, dad." Jacob answered.

Michelle met up with her husband at the bottom of the stairs.

"Good night, honey." She said to her husband, giving him a peck on the lips.

"You coming up?" He asked.

"No, not very tired. I think I'll stay up with Jacob for a while." She said.

When he heard his mom say this Jacob's cock began to fill with blood. His heart raced with excitement.

Michelle came around and sat next to Jacob on the couch.

"Wow, not used to having you downstairs like this. You're usually consumed with those video games." She said.

"Just a little anxious I guess." He said.

The both heard the door close to the master bedroom upstairs. Michelle stood up and took her son's hand.

"Well, sweetie, looks like your wait is over. Come on. Let's go down to the guest bedroom." She said.

She pulled her son from the sofa and led him downstairs to the basement. They entered a small bedroom at the bottom and Michelle closed and locked the door behind them.

The guest bedroom had a queen sized bed and a contemporary looking chair and ottoman in the corner.

"Go over and sit in the chair. I'll be over in just a sec." She said.

Jacob sat on the comfy chair and watched as his mom turned on some soft music. It had an erotic beat to it, like porn music. Michelle slowly pranced over to her son and sat on the ottoman just in front of him.

"I want you to know how proud I am of you. You not only won today, but you impressed the hell out of me." She said.

"Thanks." He muttered.

She leaned forward, looking straight into his eyes.

"I want you to enjoy this." She said.

Michelle stood up and slowly began to roll her hips with the beat of the music. Jacob's mouth fell open as he gazed up at the most erotic thing he had ever seen in his life.

His mom stepped out of her heels and began to slowly un-tuck her blouse, peering down at her son. Once un-tucked, Michelle began to teasingly work at the buttons, starting at the bottom and working her way up. As an area of escape began to form, her massive bra-covered tits began to work their way out.

Jacob gasped as his mom's bra-clad breasts came out to greet him. Her tits were slung snuggly together in the bra, creating a deep dark canyon of cleavage between them.

Michelle let the shirt slide down her arms and off, then she began to slowly unzip her skirt. The skirt dropped to the floor exposing her long legs and panty covered mound. She put her hands on her hips and thrust her massive chest out so that it hovered above her son as she smiled down at him. "Seen enough? Want me to stop?" She asked teasingly.

Jacob mumbled and shook his head.

"Well, I guess I better get out of this big bra then. Let my little girls move around a little bit." Michelle said in a sexy voice.

Jacob watched with anticipation as his mom reached around and unclasped her bra. She pulled the straps off her arm as the weight of her boobs began to pull the bra away from her body. First the butt of her breasts began to roll onto her chest as gravity took over. Then, all at once, Michelle pulled that lacy sling away and her two massive titties sprung free, wobbling around like two wild animals just freed from their cage.

The sight of his mom's tits took Jacob's breath away. He couldn't believe how big they were. Her areola alone were as big around as grapefruit and were covered with tiny milk glands.

Michelle continued watching her son as she moved to the rhythm of the music, her boobs rocking gently form side to side as she danced. She reached down and began to slowly slide her panties off, revealing a neatly trimmed pubic mound.

As the panties moved down her legs Jacob gawked at his mom's sex. He could clearly see her labial meat and protruding clitoris. A pungent smell filled his nostrils, causing his bone hard cock to flex in his shorts.

Now completely naked, Michelle kicked her panties aside and began really get into the beat of the music. The matronly Goddess slowly turned around to give her son a view of her big soft ass.

The sight was enough to make Jacob cum in his pants. He felt a steady trickle of pre-cum leak out the tip of his cock as he stared at the most amazing ass he had ever seen. Michelle thrust her ass out, moving it to the beat. Her budding asshole winked at her son as he stared right at it with wonder.

Michelle stuck out her hand for her son to take.

"Come here." She said. She took his hand and walked him over to the bed.

"Lie down on your back." She whispered.

Jacob got on his back in the middle of the bed. Michelle crawled onto the bed on her hands and knees so that her face hovered above his. She came down and planted a few soft butterfly kisses on his neck and cheeks, then, she moved forward a bit so that her big drooping breasts hung just above his face.

"My girls wanna dance for you." She whispered.

Michelle began to slowly move her chest from side to side so that her tits began to swing back and forth like pendulums. Jacob was in heaven, staring up at a cloud of breast-meat. Michelle's pink nipples stared down at him like big demon eyes.

Her tits swung in unison, back and forth, back and forth, throwing her son into a literal titty-trance. Jacob pushed at his cock, applying some much needed friction. Taking notice, Michelle smiled down at him.

"This is a lot of stimulation. If you need to rub him, sweetie, I understand." She said.

Jacob didn't need to be told twice. His hand flew into his shorts and he began jerking at his raging hard-on.

"Oh, yeah." He whispered with a quiver.

Michelle watched the passion in his eyes. She felt her clamshell begin to peel apart and a little trickle of pussy-butter begin to stream down her leg.

She ever so slowly began to lower her breasts towards her son's face as they continued to gently rock back and forth. The sight of her son in such a state, pulling at the cock in his shorts was exciting her and she felt her pussy-lips begin to pucker. They were like a baby's lips searching for its mother's teet, or in Michelle's case, hungry for a meaty pecker. She brought her hand back and eased the pressure as she began working her clit.

Jacob's balls began to boil as he watched his mom's teetering breasts drop closer and closer to his face. They were now a mere three inches from touchdown. Instinctively, his tongue slipped from his mouth and moved towards the engorged saps.

They lowered further, nearly gracing the tip of his pink snake. Swinging back for another pass, Michelle's tits made contact, dragging Jason's tongue across the puffy pink saucers. It was all both of them could take.

"UUUNNNGGG!!!" Jason grunted, as he felt the first rope erupt from his pisshole.

"OOOHHHH!!!" Michelle sang as her eyes rolled back,

Mother and son grunted and groaned as powerful orgasms ripped through them. For a solid minute they bucked and quivered, faces red and contorted, as they rode the waves of forbidden bliss.
Michelle collapsed onto her side next to Jacob. One big bulging tit was stacked on top of another.

"Oh, sweetie...that was...naughty." She sighed.

"That was amazing." He said.

Michelle rolled onto her stomach and kissed her son on the forehead.

"You earned it, sweetie-pie." She said, looking down at his cum soaked shorts and still impressive bulge.

"Looks like your monster made quite the mess." She giggled.

"He wants more." Jacob smiled.

"Oh, he does, does he? Doesn't he ever get tired?" Michelle asked, cocking an eyebrow.

"Nope." Jacob said.

"Never?" She asked, her curiosity building. "Never... okay, maybe after four or five." He said.

"Four or five orgasms?" She asked with curious fascination.

"Yep, but not until then." He said proudly.

Michelle glanced back down at her son's cum soaked package.

"Well, that's quite the monster. I'm afraid mine has you beat though." She said, looking back down into his eyes.

"She tires after a dozen." She said with a smile, then kissed her son again on the forehead.

"I need to get dressed. You better go upstairs and get cleaned up." She said.

"Mom, can I get a hug before you get dressed." He asked.

"Sure, lets get off the bed first." She said, taking her son's hand.

They stood facing each other at the foot of the bed.

"Do you wanna take off your shirt first, sweetie." Michelle asked suggestively.

"Sure." He said.

Michelle helped her son peel off his shirt so that they were both now bare chested.

"I just thought it might be more meaningful if nothing were between us." She said.

Michelle stepped in and embraced her son. Her big tits became sandwiched between them as they held each other tightly. As the hug lingered, Michelle began to give her son gentle little kisses on his neck.

Jacob's knees began to go weak and he pushed forward, backing his mom up to the wall. The swell in his shorts was enormous and he began to rub it against Michelle's nest, crushing her throbbing clit. Now pinned against the wall, with sparks flying, Michelle's instincts took over and she began to let her tongue roll across her son's neck. With arms wrapped tightly around his neck, she pulled herself up and wrapped her long naked legs around her son's waist.

Jacob's cloth covered cock began to dig through his mom's fleshy peddles, searching for the entrance.

Michelle was lost in lust, panting like an animal in heat as she dug her heels into her son's ass, tongue flailing wildly at the side of his face. She reached down between them and found the zipper to his shorts. She could feel the monster inside beating at the cage. She unzipped it half-way, then came to her senses.

" baby, we can't." She panted.

"Mom, I need you." Jacob sighed

He pushed forward, his cock swell squeezing through her folds. Michelle's tiny hand grasped onto his cock meat, trying to keep it from going any deeper.

"You're father's home. We've been down here too long. We can't keep going like this." She said, struggling to keep his cock at bay.

"Oh, mom, I need in you." Jacob muttered.

He thrust all his weight forward. His cock began to emerge from the slit in his shorts like a pink serpent, slithering from its hole. Coated with pre-cum, his big mushroom tip slipped right through Michelle's fingers and sunk up in between her labial meat.

"Jacob, no...not now." She gasped.

It was a literal battle of wills at this point and Michelle's was breaking down quickly. Her hand slid down and crept into his shorts. She held his cock at the base, between her thumb and forefinger. His soft scrotal sack oozed between her fingers as she pinned his balls back against his ass, her long nails digging into the tender meat of his nuts.

"Jacob,'ll be inside momma, but you have to wait." She said.

His cock kissed the steamy socket of her vaginal entrance, aching to go forward. He could feel the moist heat of her furnace, the creamy mouth of her birth canal puckering against his engorged cock-head, eager to stretch around its girth.

"Jacob... Jacob Allen Little, stop this instant!" She whispered sternly.

Jacob let up and his mom let go of his cock. It sprang up and slapped his tummy. No longer pinned against the wall, Michelle slipped to the floor and regained her composure.

"I'm sorry, mom." He said.

"No, it's me that's sorry. I let things get out of hand." She said.

She glanced at the huge cock that seemed to be saluting her.

"You're a hard one to resist, handsome." She said.

She came back over and began rubbing his shoulder.

"Then don't resist." Jacob said boldly.

Michelle stared into his eyes.

"Be my state champion...and maybe I won't have to." She said.

"So how did it go with Jacob?" Gail asked her sister.

"Well, it didn't go exactly the way I thought it would." Michelle answered.

"Did you show him your tits?" She asked.

"Well, the deal was, if he won, I'd take off all my clothes." Michelle explained.

"Holy shit, Michelle, he saw your snatch too?" Gail asked.

"That was the agreement." Michelle said.

"I bet he about creamed his pants." Michelle's sister giggled.

"Well...he did actually." Michelle continued.

"No sir!" Gail exclaimed.

"Look, Gail...If I tell you what happened, you have to promise me you won't tell anyone about this." Michelle begged.

"Have we not kept secrets all these years little sister?" Gail reminded her.

"I know we have...this is just..." Michelle searched for the right words.

"Super-naughty?" Gail said, finishing her sentence.

"Yeah, you could say that. Jacob and I, well, we both got off." Michelle said.

"Oh my God, Michelle...did you fuck him?" Gail asked.

"No, we brought ourselves off, in front of each other, but then after we were finished, well, Jacob was still as hard as a rock." She explained.

"Well, you know what they say about teenaged boys." Gail giggled.

Michelle went on to explain how one thing led to another and pretty soon she was up against the wall, her legs wrapped around her son fighting back his raging boner.

"I almost lost control." She finished.

"But you didn't and that's what matters...that means you have more to bargain with." Gail said.

"What do you mean?" Michelle asked.

"What I mean, dear sister of mine, is that your son still has lots of wrestling matches left. You're going to have to keep providing rewards if you want him to stay motivated." Gail said.

"Well, what do I offer next then?" Michelle asked.

"You have to go one better this time. I'm thinking like actual physical contact." Gail said.

"Oh boy, how did I know you were gonna suggest that." Michelle sighed.

Jacob got home from his friends house Saturday afternoon and found that his father was still gone on his fishing trip. He rushed inside the house.

"Mom, are you home?" He called.

"I'm up here, sweetie." She answered, from upstairs.

Jacob hurried upstairs to his mom's room and peeked inside. He found her lying on her stomach in the middle of her big fluffy marital bed.

"Whatcha doing?" Jacob asked.

"Just thumbing through some old pictures. Come lye down next to me." She said, patting the mattress next to her.

Jacob came over to his parent's bed. He noticed that Michelle was wearing a skimpy pair of tight cotton boy shorts that crept up her big soft ass, exposing some cheek. Her legs looked so long and gorgeous. The thought of having them wrapped around him the night before made Jacob's cock rise.

"Should I take off my shoes?" Jacob asked, knowing that his mom's bedding was pure white.

"Please." She smiled.

"Should I take off my shirt too?" He joked.

Michelle got a playful little smile.

"Not today, Goof-ball." She said.

Jacob settled on his stomach next to his mom and began looking through the pictures with her. One of the pictures was of his mom on family vacation at the beach. Her bikini top barely contained her massive tits.

"I like this one." Jacob said.

"I wonder why?" Michelle joked.

They both giggled. Michelle showed Jacob one of him when he was a little boy. He was naked, holding his little weenie in his hand.

"I like this one." Michelle giggled.

"Oh God." Jacob blushed.

"See, even then you couldn't keep your hands off of it." She joked.

"At least there's a little more to hold onto now." He said.

"I know." Michelle said, peeking over at her son with a peculiar little smile.

"If you win your next match, maybe you won't have to hold it. Maybe someone else will do all the holding for you." She said with a smile.

"Really?" Jacob muttered.

"Do you think you'd like that? Do you think you'd like mom to masturbate your penis?" She asked, matter of factly.

"Hell yeah." Jacob said excitedly.

"Well, I guess you better focus on winning that next match then." She said.

"Will you be naked again?" He whispered.

"I don't know if I should get naked this time. Things almost got out of hand last night. Don't worry though. I'll be sure and wear something that I think you'll like." She smiled.

", can I get a hug." He asked.

Michelle sat up and Jacob noticed that she had on a skin tight tank top. The neck was too high to show much cleavage. Her tits were just two big pillowy mounds beneath the cloth.

"Of course you can...but shirts have to stay on this time." She joked.

"Okay." Jacob said, turning over so that he was now lying on his back.

"Oh, you want another one of those un-motherly like hugs huh?" She asked.

"If that's okay." He said.

"Why not." She smiled, climbing over and lying down on top of him.

Michelle's boobs flattened out against her son's chest as she lay flat on top of him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and Jacob's arms went around her waist. His breath quivered as they embraced for a good ten seconds.

She rose up, resting her elbows on his shoulders as she gazed down at him with those big gleaming brown eyes.

"You're liking this, aren't you?" She smiled.

"What makes you say that?" He asked. "I don't know, could be the big boner that keeps poking me in the tummy." She joked.

Suddenly, Jacob rolled them over so that he was now on top of his mother. She let out a playful scream as they change positions.

"What are you doing, young man, practicing your wrestling moves on me?" She asked.

" did say I should focus on winning. That means practice right." He said playfully.

"I don't know...right now I think you're more interested in practicing how to get between a girls legs." She said, feeling his strong torso between hers.

Michelle rubbed his shoulders, gazing up at him like a young cheerleader beneath a big strong sexy football stud Or in Jacob's case...wrestling stud.

"Mom...can we kiss...just a little." He asked.

"Oh, sweetie." She said.

"Just one kiss and I won't ask for anything else." He asked.

"One kiss and then we're done for today." She said.

"Okay." He said.

Jacob lowered himself down and felt his mom's little hands run through the back of his hair. Michelle tilted her head slightly, positioning her big pouty pucker. Their lips slowly met and began to rub together gently. After a few seconds their mouths parted and their tongues met for the very first time.

Michelle had a long pink snake that began to coil around her son's. Jacob was amazed at how his mom's tongue moved and he soon found his mouth full of slithering love. With Michelle taking the lead, their tongues began to wrestle, twirling and flailing wildly in Jacob's mouth.

Mom sensed her son's lack of air and slipped her tongue out for a moment, her lips still smacking at his as he gasped. "Breathe through your nose." She whispered, giving him a quick lesson in sucking face.

No sooner did the words leave her mouth then her snaked crept back into Jacob's mouth and continued its assault. She could feel the bulge of his cock begin to grind against her genitals. She slowly brought her long legs up and wrapped them around his waist, interlocking her ankles.

Following his mom's advice, Jacob found air through his nose, which allowed his tongue to duel with his mom's for longer. Just as a mother bird would teach it's young how to eat on its own, Michelle's was teaching her son how to tongue. He fought to keep up as her experienced snake flew around his, rolling and flailing wildly for two full minutes.

Michelle reluctantly broke the kiss.

"Honey, we have to stop." She said.

"Why?" Jacob sighed.

"Because the deal was one kiss, remember. I think we've overdid it already." She said.

"When I get my next reward, can we kiss like that too?" He asked

"If you win then yes, we can kiss like that while I get you off." She said.

"You can do both at once?" He asked.

Michelle giggled a little.

"You might be surprised what your mom can do." She said.

Jacob laughed a little.

"What's so funny?" She asked.

"I don't know. It's just weird to hear my own mom talk about masturbation and getting off." He smiled.

"Well if you want me to be technical, what I'll really be giving you is a hand-job." She smiled.

"So what do you call what we were doing last night?" Jacob asked.

"Which part? A lot happened last night." She said.

"When you were kissing my neck, while I had you against the wall." He said.

"That would be called 'grinding' or 'dry humping.' She answered.

"What about when a know, puts a guy's thing in her mouth?" He asked.

"Well, the technical term is oral sex. You may have heard the boys at school call it a 'blow-job' or refer to it as 'getting head.' My sister and I used to call it 'sausage in the gullet.' We had nicknames for everything." Michelle said.

"What about when a guy goes down there...on a girl?" Jacob asked.

"It's called 'going down on a girl' or 'eating pussy.' My sister and I always liked the guys who would 'smooch with the pooch.'

"So what was you and Aunt Gail's nickname for actual sex?" Jacob asked.

"Well, whenever we got vaginal sex, we'd say we'd had our 'pipes plunged' and when we had anal we'd say we had our 'rumps ridden.' She explained.

"Does dad do that to you?" Jacob asked.

"What, ride my rump?" She asked.

"Yeah." He said.

"Occasionally. Some guys aren't too into that." She said.

"I would be." Jacob said, imagining what it be like to bury his cock in his mom's juicy ass.

"Oh darling, I'm sure that big monster in your shorts would be quite the rump rider. Your penis and a big bubbly butt like mine would make quite the pair." Michelle smiled.

"Hello, I'm home." Jacob's dad called from downstairs.

Michelle calmly glanced at the door, then back up at her son.

"Do you really want him to catch us like this?" Michelle joked.

"No." Jacob said, rolling off his mom.

Jacob's next meet was an away match in a town three hours from home. Jacob was doing warm ups with the rest of his team as local fans began to enter the gym. He lit up as he noticed a familiar face walk through the entrance. It was his mom Michelle.

Jacob quickly rushed over as she gave him that cute little wave.

"Mom, what are you doing here?" He asked.

"What, a mom can't drive three hours to watch her son kick some ass." She said.

"Is dad with you?" He asked.

"Nope, just me. In fact, after the match I thought we'd grab a bite to eat and maybe get a room here in town somewhere. How's that sound?" She smiled.

"You mean like...a motel room?" He asked.

"I figured if it truly takes four or five orgasms to tame that monster of yours, we might be up most of the night masturbating that penis. Don't quite think we could get away with that at home, do you?" She asked.

"No, probably not." Jacob said.

Jacob's fight was near the end and unlike the previous fight, he struggled a little bit. The sweet prize, however, was on the forefront of his mind and motivated him to eventually win the fight. An hour later Jacob and Michelle entered a cheap little motel room outside of town. It was a cozy little room with a queen-sized bed.

Michelle locked the door and Jacob crawled onto the bed and flipped on the television set.

"Wonder if they have cable in this place." Jacob said, as Michelle put her bag over on the dresser.

"I don't know, but I really need to get out of this bra." She said.

Jacob watched as his mom began to unbutton her sweater. Her back was to him, but he was still fascinated nonetheless.

The sweater slipped off, then Michelle reached back and unclasped her bra. As she pulled the cups away, Jacob could see the backside of one of her massive breasts as it wobbled from side to side.

Next came the skirt, then he watched as his mom slid her dainty little panties down her legs, revealing that big soft luscious matronly ass. Now completely naked, Michelle let her hair out of its pony tail as she strolled around the bed towards her son.

Jacob's eyes about bugged out of his head as he watched his mom come towards him; boobs quivering like jello with each step.

" Come on, let's go get in the shower." She whispered, extending her hand.

Michelle led her son to the tiny bathroom and closed the door. She started the shower, then came over and took hold of the bottom of her son's shirt. Jacob just stood there, a massive erection pushing at his shorts as his gorgeous mom lifted his shirt up over his head and tossed it aside.

She gave him a teasing smile, looking into his eyes as she undid the button to his shorts and unzipped them. Michelle squatted down, pulling his shorts and boxers down to Jacob's ankles. The boy's cock was about eight and three quarter inches, fully erect. A dribble of pre-cum oozed from his piss-hole and they watched it string towards the floor.

"You're leaking." Michelle giggled, as she eye-balled her son's meaty cock and hairless scrotum.

She stood up and took her son's hand again, stepping into the shower. Michelle faced her son as the water splashed against her back. She tilted her head back, running her fingers through her soaking hair. As she did this she thrust her massive chest forward and Jacob watched the water cascade down her breasts.

Michelle put her hands on her son's shoulders and began dragging her long nails against his tender flesh as she gazed into his eyes.

Jacob was almost breathless. His mom looked so incredibly sexy with her hair wet and slicked back and a little bit of mascara running from her eyes.

"Kiss me, Jacob." She whispered.

Jacob didn't have to be asked twice. As they moved together, Michelle wrapped her arms around his neck and Jacob let his hands rest on her hips. Michelle tilted her head as their lips came together for an intimate kiss. She opened her mouth slightly and let them close on his, smacking her lips hungrily.

Michelle reached over and grabbed the little bar of soap. She unwrapped the it and began lathering up her hands. As she did this she studied Jacob's reaction. She could tell he was nervous and excited.

Finally, the moment came and Jacob felt his mom's tiny hand encircle his throbbing cock-meat. Michelle got a tight grip and began to slowly glide her fist up and down the length of his dick.

"Does that feel good, baby?" She said in sexy girl voice.

"Oh yeah." Jacob's voice quivered.

With her other arm around his neck, Michelle pulled him closer to her so that her tits kissed his chest. She buried her face in his neck and began to give him rapid little butterfly licks.

Jacob's felt his knees start to go weak. If there was a heaven, he couldn't image it being any better than this. Alone and naked with his mom, hundreds of miles from home.

Michelle's hand moved beautifully, creating a nice little fuck-ring for her son. It slid down to his balls, then back up, circling his bell-shaped cock-head with her palm before beginning it journey back down his shaft.

Jacob felt his mom's tongue digging and flailing at the tendons in his neck, sending shivers down his spine. Her hand began to speed up, soap and sperm creating a creamy froth in her hand. She focused on the bulb for a moment giving it a series of tight, rapid strokes, pulling hard at her son's pecker.

"Ooohhhh, God." Jacob groaned, feeling the milk begin to boil in his balls.

Michelle alternated her technique, giving Jacob ten or so long dick-milking strokes, then focusing the next dozen or so wanks on the top third of her son's cock.

"Oh mom!" Jacob muttered, as cock-milk suddenly shot up through his pecker.

Michelle felt her son's meat begin to pulse as ropes of thick teenaged spunk began to splash against the butt of her tits. She pulled at his phallus relentlessly and Jacob's knees began to tremble. She gave his neck a rest and mom and son searched each others eyes passionately as she continued to slowly milk his boner.

"Come on, baby hard for momma." She said.

She finally released her son and gave him a sensual peck on the lips. Michelle switched spots with Jacob so he now faced the shower. She stood behind him, her tits squashed against his back, her hands reaching around and washing his chest.

Jacob felt his mom tongue flicking at his ear. He felt her bite at the lobe.

"Let's wrestle." She whispered naughtily.

She took his hand and pulled him down onto the floor of the tub. Michelle then maneuvered herself so that Jacob sat between her legs, with his back to her chest. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and pulled him back forcefully. Jacob giggled as he found himself laying back against his mom's body.

"What the matter there too strong for ya?" Michelle joked.

Jacob struggled, but Michelle pulled him back like a clutching spider.

"Give me that monster." She said playfully, grasping her son's erection.

Michelle began to stroke Jacob's dick again, coiling her legs around his. Now laying flat on the tub floor, their wet bodies struggled and squirmed like two fish in a pot. Jacob's mom licked at the back of his neck as she worked his cock. He tried to sit up, in a playful attempt to escape, but she still clutched him with one arm and pulled him back down against her tits.

"Get back down here." She teased.

Jacob used his legs to scoot them back, up the side of the side of the tub, into more of a sitting position. Michelle still had a tight grasp on her son, holding him to her chest. Her hand still flew up and down his fleshy rod, not missing a stroke.

"You're not gonna win this one Jacob Little so stop trying." She teased.

"Oh, God, that feels good." He moaned, relaxing his body.

Michelle worked his dick until it was soon squirting geysers of cock-cream into the air.

"OH GOD MOM!" Jacob grunted as a rope of hot love-juice shot three feet into the air and seemed to hang there for a moment. On its way down another thick strand of cum sliced through it.

"Oh, that's my baby." Michelle said, milking another half-dozen ropes from her son's balls.

She washed her son off and led him out of the bathroom. Both of them were still completely naked when they arrived at the foot of the bed.

"Go crawl into bed. I'm gonna put some panties on." She said.

"Why do you need panties?" Jacob asked.

"Need I remind you of what almost happened the last time were naked together." She smiled.

"Yeah, I remember." Jacob smiled.

"Me too. I nearly got my pipe plunged." She joked.

Jacob got on the bed and crawled beneath the covers. He watched as his mom reached into her bag and pulled out a tiny pair of thong panties. She slipped them on and the thong fit snuggly between her big butt cheeks. She took a tube of lubricant from her bag and crawled onto the bed with her son.

"Sweetie, this time while I masturbate your penis, I'm gonna massage your prostate, it'll make your orgasm more intense." She said.

"Massage my what?" Jacob asked.

"Your prostate. It's a gland, up inside your rectum. Do you want me to show you?" She asked.

"Sure." He said.

Michelle straddled her son so that her ass was facing him. She opened the bottle of lube and squirted some on her fingers. Jacob felt his mom's fingers begin to butter his butt-hole.

"This might feel a little odd to you the first time so I want you to just relax okay?" She said.

"Okay." He answered.

Michelle inserted her middle finger into her son's ass as began to gently massage her son's gland by wiggling her finger against it. "Baby, how does that feel?" She whispered, gazing back at him.

"Really good, mom." He groaned.

"Is that big monster ready for momma to milk him some more." She asked in a loving tone.

"Yeah." Jacob answered.

Michelle wrapped her free hand around her son's cock and began to slowly work it up and down. After giving it a few good strokes her small slippery hand slid down to his big hairless sack. Michelle began to squeeze and pull on his sperm filled nuts, her nails digging at the tender meat.

"Oh sweetie, your scrotum is so soft. You just relax and let momma drain those big balls." She said.

As Michelle squeezed his testicles, the finger of her other hand continued to work its magic on his prostate, wiggling gently against it.

Jacob lifted his head from the bed, finding himself face to face with the kind of ass that fuels boys dreams. The cheeks looked so big and soft and between them Jacob could see the strip of fabric pulled tight across his mom's nest. He could see the puffy contours of her labial meat coming together to form a nice fat clamshell.

He felt his mom's hand return to his dong and begin to work it tenderly.

"Oh, mom, that feels really good." Jacob sighed.

"Of course it does, sweetheart. Momma knows just how to make her baby boy pop." She said.

Michelle's hand was like a machine, gliding up his dick, circling his cock-head, then traveling back down to his balls, over and over and over again. After about ten minute of this she felt Jacob's body begin to tense up.

"Oh, wow, mom." His voice quivered.

Michelle slowed down a bit to let his orgasm subside. The experienced mom knew her son's body better than he did. She could read Jacob like a book and not only knew exactly how to turn his screw, but how to keep it turning for long periods of pleasure.

After about thirty minutes of alternating between cock and balls Michelle's hand began to speed up and her little finger went into overdrive.

"Oh mom." Jacob whimpered.

"Uh-huh." Michelle's voice whined encouragingly.

"Oh God." He groaned.

"That's right, sweetie. Momma's gonna make it pop." She said.

As she felt his body tense Michelle scooted her ass back until in landed on her son's face. Jacob suddenly found himself kissing his mom's cunt through her panties.

Michelle's hand moved faster, squeezing and pulling at Jacob's meat, her finger digging at his prostate gland.

Jacob grunted, his face smothered against Michelle's honey-pot. The pungent aroma was intoxicating. His tongue squeezed out from between his lips and began to plow between his mom's fleshy layers.

His hips suddenly rose from the mattress and an enormous geyser shot into the air. It was followed by six long successive ropes that splashed down onto him and his mom.

"That's it, sweetheart. Let it cream." She said

Michelle never missed a beat, pulling the syrup from her son's cock. The last few streams of jism just sort of oozed from Jacob's piss-hole, squeezed out by his mom's tight fist.

Michelle lifted her ass from her son's face, released his pecker and slipped her finger from his ass. She turned around so that she was now laying the same direction, on her side against her son, looking down at him. "Feel better." She smiled, rubbing his hair.

"Yeah." Jacob sighed.

Jacob had pools of sperm all over his chest. Michelle scooped a little up with her finger and sucked it into her mouth.

"Yum." She said, smiling ear to ear.

"Gross?" Jacob said.

"What's the matter, shocked that your mom would swallow the milk that comes out of your penis." She asked.

"A little." He said.

"Well, get used to it kid. You keep winning matches like you have been and I'm sure I'll be swallowing a gallon of it." She said.

"You mean if I win the next match, you'll put your mouth." He asked.

"As your Aunt Gail would say...I'll have a worm in the gullet." She smiled.

"Do we get know, do it?" Jacob asked.

"Do it as in have intercourse?" She asked.

"Yeah." He said.

" Well're not state champ yet." She teased.

"So if I win the state championship, we get to have sex?" He asked.

"If you win state championship, this little knob right here..." Michelle said, grasping Jacob's cock-head with the tips of her fingers.

"This little knob won't be seeing the light of day very much. The only thing it'll be seeing is the head of my cervix." She smiled.

"Damn...I'm gonna be state champion...guaranteed!" Jacob said with confidence.

Michelle rested her chin on her palm, gazing into her son's eyes.

"Guess your mom better get back on the pill then. My eggs won't stand a chance against all that baby-batter." She giggled.

"So how was the hand-job?" Gail asked her sister as they spoke on the phone.

"You mean hand-jobs?" Michelle answered.

"You got him off more than once?" Gail asked.

"I got him off twice in the shower, twice in bed last night, once this morning and twice on the car right home. I believe that makes seven if I'm not mistaken." Michelle said proudly.

"Holy fuck, Michelle. Seven orgasms? Are you serious?" Gail exclaimed.

"He's like the energizer bunny. He just keep going and going and going." Michelle giggled.

"Oh my God, Sis, I want him." Gail said.

"Well, funny you should say that. Guess where his next match is?" Michelle asked.

"Get the fuck out." Gail said.

"Yep, Coleville High. Right down the street from you." Michelle said.

"Oh my God, that's so cool, Michelle. You guy's have to stay at the house." Gail exclaimed.

"I don't know, Gail...if he wins we're gonna need some privacy. Maybe it would just be better if we got a room again." Michelle said.

"Don't be insane. I'll get rid of Steven and the girls for the night. It'll be just the three of us." Gail said.

"Fine, but remember, he can't fuck either one of us. Not yet. This time it's blow-jobs only." Michelle explained.

"Can he ride my rump?" Gail asked.

"Blow-jobs only, Gail. Remember, you're the one who's been preaching to me about setting limits and as hard as it's been I think I've done a pretty damn good job not letting things get out of control." Michelle said.

Jacob arrived home from school and found his mom in the kitchen preparing dinner.

"Hey, mom." He said.

"Hey, handsome. How was practice?" She asked.

"Good. Coach taught us a few new moves. Can I try one on you?" Jacob asked.

"Sure, why not." Michelle said, turning to face her son.

Jacob moved slowly towards her and threw one of his arms around her waist.

"You move towards your opponent and get an arm around them like this." He said.

"Uh-huh." Michelle said, playing along.

"Then, you pull them against you, like this." He said, tugging his mom forward until her big tits bounced against his chest.

"Okay, then what?" Michelle asked teasingly, sliding one of her bare feet up the back of Jacob's calf.

"Then I give them a big kiss on the lips." Jacob said.

"Well...I guess you better make your move then." Michelle said, gazing into his eyes.

Jacob gave his mom a slow sensual kiss on the lips. Their lips parted and there tongues flailed together for a few seconds before Michelle broke it off.

"You're getting good at that." She smiled.

"I had a good teacher." He said.

"You better be careful. Mom may have a few moves of her own." Michelle said seductively.

"Will you show me one." Jacob smiled.

"Well, first...I'll wrap my arms around my opponent's neck, like this." Michelle said, throwing her arms around Jacob's neck.

"Then, once my big mommy-boobs are squashed against his chest..." she started, then, jumped up off the floor, wrapping her legs around Jacob's waist.

"...I'll wrap my long matronly legs around his waist trapping him between them." She said.

Jacob's hands went to his mom's thighs to help support her weight. Michelle had on a three-quarter length sundress, which had now ridden up, exposing most of her long silky-smooth legs as they coiled around Jacob's waist.

"Wow, that's a pretty good move, mom." He said, now looking slightly up at her.

"I'm not finished." She smiled.

"You're not." He smiled.

"Now that I have my opponent right where I want him, I move in slowly and whisper sweet nothings into his ear." She said, moving her lips to his ear.

"Win this week so I can suck on you." She whispered.

Michelle's words made Jacob's knees go weak and he stepped backwards. When the back of his legs hit the chair, he quickly sat. Michelle let out a playful yelp as she went down with him, the swell of his boner now crushed against her nest.

"Well now, Jacob Little, I believe your mom just got the take-down." She joked, gazing down at him.

"Yeah, but haven't pinned me yet." He said.

"Oh I haven't huh." She said, grabbing his arms.

Michelle slowly tucked Jacob's arms behind his back, thrusting her breasts against him, Jacob marveled at the way her boobs were now pancaked against his chest, her face now hovering over his.

"I do believe, dear son of mine, that your mom has this match won." She said.

"I think you're right." Jacob muttered.

"So what do I get for winning a match?" She smiled naughtily.

"What do you want?" He asked.

"I wanna sit on your face." She said in a serious tone.

"You do?" Jacob gulped.

"Yeah, I do. All those orgasms I've given you the past few weeks, I think I deserve at least one. So what about it, handsome, wanna smooch with the pooch?" She asked.

"Okay." Jacob muttered, his heart pounding in his chest.

Michelle slid off her son and held her hand out.

"Come on." She said.

Jacob took her hand and Michelle led him into the living room. Jacob couldn't take his eyes off her big bubbly ass is it swayed invitingly beneath her skirt.

Michelle stopped in front of the sofa and faced her son, taking both his hands in hers.

"As you get older you're going to learn that the entrance to a girl's heart is between her legs. A lot of young princess may knock at the door, but only a few come with that glass slipper." She explained.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"What I mean is most boys grow into adulthood without knowing the slightest thing about a woman's vagina. You're not going to be one of those boys, which, my dear, is going to give you the advantage." She said.

Michelle reached under her skirt and peeled off her panties. Jacob watched them fall down her legs and one of his mom's cute little bare feet kick them aside.

Michelle sat on the center cushion of the couch.

"Come over here and kneel down in from of me." She said.

Jacob did as his mom asked and Michelle sat back on the sofa, with her ass still resting on the edge of the cushion.

"Are you ready? I want you to watch this." She said.

"Okay." Jacob said.

Michelle brought her knees together then lifted her feet from the floor and didn't stop until her knees rested just under her chin. The skirt fell loosely at her midsection revealing everything from the waist down.

Jacob gawked at his mom's bulging clam-shell. It was slightly swollen and as bald as a baby's ass. Her big brown butt-hole winked at Jacob, as if to say "someday you'll stuff me with your meaty pecker."

Michelle extended her legs upward so that her toes pointed at the ceiling, then, slowly, she lets her long legs part and the gates of heaven opened before her son's eyes.

Jacob was amazed at how limber his mom was. Her legs were spread completely apart, slightly thrown back into an almost impossible position. Her cute little toes were pointed in completely opposite dirctions.

"Do you like that, sweetie. When a woman does this it's called 'spread eagle.' She said.

Jacob eye's traveled down one of his mom's bare legs, which seemed to go on forever. When his eyes met her snatch he literally gasped.

"Wow." He muttered.

Michelle's outer clamshell had now parted, revealing the thick fleshy peddles of her inner labial meat. Jacob could also see the protruding nub of her clitoris.

"Those things that look like lips, those are called the labia. Your Aunt Gail and I call them our 'meat curtains.' When you peel them apart..." Michelle said, parting her curtains with two fingers.

"You can see the vagina. Come up close to it so you can see down inside. It's not gonna bite, sweetie," she giggled.

Jacob came close so he could peer down the first few inches of his mom's creamy fuck-hole.

"Keep in mind that if you win state, that's where you're gonna put your penis, right down deep inside that little hole." She whispered, smiling down at him warmly.

Michelle pinched her clit between her fingers, making it balloon with blood.

"This is a woman's clitoris. It's very sensitive. If the vagina is the door to a woman's heart, this little thing is her door-knob. Turn it just the right way and you're in." She smiled.

"That's so cool." Jacob said.

"Now that you've met the pooch...ready to learn how to smooch?" She asked.

"Yeah." Jacob said.

"Do you remember what my tongue was doing to yours when it was in your mouth?" She asked.

"That's what your tongue needs to do with my clitoris, okay. Go ahead, mom will guide you along." She said.

Jacob brought his face against Michelle's vulva and began to work his tongue clumsily across her clitoris. The pungent aroma was making his head spin.

"There you go, sweetie. That's it, roll your tongue across the clit." She said.

Jacob's chin sunk into Michelle's steamy groove as he lapped at her cunt.

"Right under my clitoris, where the labia meet, there's a little hood. Work your tongue down underneath it." She said.

Jacob found the spot his mom was talking about and he felt her body react instantly by giving out a little shiver.

"That's it. Right there. Ohhhh you found momma's hot spot. Let your tongue flail against it." She panted.

Jacob found that he had the ability to flutter his tongue really fast. He soon felt right at home working his mom's little love-button. He gasped for a second, coming up for air, but like a wild animal feasting on fresh meat, he went quickly back to work.

"Remember what I taught you when we were making out. Breath through your nose, love." She sighed.

Jacob followed her instructions and his tongue flailed wildly against her magic spot. Michelle legs began to convulse a little.

"Oh G-God, baby. You are a quick learner." She exclaimed.

"Put my meat curtains into your mouth and suck on them." She said.

Jacob did as he was told sucking his mom big fleshy peddles into his mouth and nursing like a baby.

"Now while you do that, let your tongue snake between the lips so you can lap at my hole." She said.

Jacob was a natural, He kept his mom's labia tucked next to his cheeks as he dug his tongue along Michelle's vaginal opening. She ran her fingers through his hair.

"Oh, sweetheart, you're doing so good. Keep working that tongue. Don't let up." She said.

Jacob lapped at his mom's honey-pot relentlessly, savoring its sweet taste. After a minute of this he heard his next direction.

"Oh God, lick my butt-hole, Jacob." Michelle moaned.

Without hesitation Jacab fluttered his pink snake across Michelle's puckered anus, digging at the hole with the tip.

"Clit." Michelle squealed.

Jacob responded immediately going directly back to her secret spot. As he ate the pussy of his dreams Jacob peered up and saw that his mom had her head tilted. Her eyes were rolling back in her head and her mouth hung wide open, panting desperately.

"M-Meat curtains." She said.

Jacob responded in a flash, sucking her fleshy lips into his mouth, his tongue already diving for her heavenly hole. After a minute or so of this his mom made her next request.

"Butt-hole." Her voice whined.

Jacob's tongue began to lash sloppily at his mom's shit-lips. It wasn't long before he noticed how her body began a little quiver.

"Oh God, sweetie you're gonna make me cum." Michelle groaned.

"OH GOD, CLIT...HARD AND FAST!!!" She yelled.

Jacob's tongue went right to her sweet spot and went into overdrive. He peered up one of his mom's legs and saw her clinching her toes.

"Holy shit, I'm making my mom's toes curl." He thought.

Michelle's head caught Jacob's attention as it rolled forward. His mom's beautiful face was now red and contorted wildly. She grunted, her legs quivering as she was struck with a massive orgasm.

"OH FUCK, I'M CUMMING!" She screamed, her cunt bucking against Jacob's face.

She wrapped her legs around her son's head, trapping his face against her sex. Jacob couldn't breathe at all now, his mouth and nose buried in pussy meat. His tongue never stopped. He kept it flailing like a madman, his mom's body reacting as it beat against her clit.

Jacob had no idea how long she kept going. It seemed like forever. His mom finally released her grip and Jacob fell onto the couch beside her, gasping for air.

"That was awesome." Jacob said as he finally caught his breath.

"You're a quick learner, sweetheart. I do believe my son is a natural pooch smoocher." Michelle said as she sat up on the couch.

"Hell yeah, I could do that all day." Jacob said excitedly.

"Oh God, I've created a little sex hound. Like mother, like son I guess. " She giggled.

"So you're a sex hound too?" Jacob asked.

"Haven't you figured that out yet? There's only one person I know of that's as sex crazy as your mother and that's your Aunt Gail." Michelle smiled.

"She's pretty like you too." Jacob said.

"Well, I'm glad you think so, because if you win this week you'll probably have her lips wrapped around your penis too." Michelle said.

"Really?" Jacob's face lit up, his bone-hard cock flexed in his shorts.

"She's gonna get rid of your Uncle Paul and the girls and we can stay at her place after the match. Think you can handle being smothered by two big breasted sisters all night?" She smiled.

"Hell yeah." Jacob muttered, his heart fluttering with excitement.

Michelle noticed her son's raging bulge. She ran her long nails along the top of it sending an electric jolt to Jacob's balls.

"Oh, does my baby have a big boner? It wants to snuggle somewhere wet and warm, doesn't it." Michelle asked in a cute little girl voice.

"Yeah." His voice quivered.

"It wants to worm into momma's throat and squirt all sorts of baby-syrup into her tummy doesn't it, sweetheart." She asked.

"Mom, are you sure it's not too big to go all the way into your mouth." He asked.

"Oh, baby, don't you worry. You don't have anything your mom can't handle." She smiled.

"Yeah, but won't it choke you...I mean, if it goes all the way into your mouth?" He asked.

"You really don't believe me, do you?" She said, giving him a naughty smile.

"Well, I don't know. I just..." Jacob muttered.

"Pull down your shorts." Michelle said.

Jacob didn't have to be asked twice. It one motion he pulled his shorts and boxers down to his knees. His cock was big and meaty. A spider-web of bulging veins ran along his lengthy shaft as it stuck straight up like a flagpole.

Michelle brought her legs onto the couch and knelt beside her son. He watched as she tied her hair back into a pony-tail and then lowered her face to his lap.

Jacob watched in awe as his mom opened her mouth and lowered it down over the head of his cock. The first two inches disappeared before he felt the side of his pecker sliding along the top of her tongue. He felt his bell-shaped head kiss her soft palate, worming right past it. Michelle let out a quick gagging sound as her son's cock popped into her trachea.

Jacob's watched the final three inches of meat disappear between his mom's big pouty lips. He felt her bottom lip rest against his scrotum, creating a tight vacuum seal around his teenaged cock.

Michelle tilted her head a little so she could peek up at her son. She looked into his bewildered eyes and winked, as if to say "I told you so."

She brought her hands up, letting her full weight come down on Jacob's dick which caused her to swallow another meaty inch. Jacob could hear her gagging on his dick as her lips stretched over the root, kissing his pubic bone.

Jacob's cock-head ballooned as the skin on his shaft was pulled tight, stretching it to its maximum length. Pre-cum trickled from his piss-hole.

Suddenly, Jacob heard the garage door open. He knew it was his father, but his mom didn't seem to budge.

"Mom, dad's home." He sighed.

Michelle still didn't move. She kept her son buried to the balls and began to hum softly. The vibrations it caused on Jacob's cock was absolutely amazing.

"Oh God." He muttered.

He heard his dad's car door close in the garage and began to panic.

"Mom, dad's in the garage." He said.

Still Michelle didn't budge. She kept her son's manhood trapped in her throat and continued humming. Jacob's felt like his cock was encased in warm vibrating butter.

He heard the door in the kitchen open.

"Hello, I'm home." He heard his father announce.

For a few seconds, Michelle didn't move as if savoring every cock-gobbling moment, then, suddenly, she rose from her son's lap, making a regurgitating sound as his knob slid from her gullet. Her lips rose from his dong and a stream of cum ran from her mouth, She broke the oozing spunk-sting with her lips and swallowed what was left. In a flash, Michelle gave Jacob a peck on the cheek and rushed across the room.

"Anyone home?" His dad asked as he walked through the kitchen.

Jacob quickly pulled up his shorts as he heard his mother greet his father just as she had every other day.

He just sat there, afraid to get up because of his still bone-hard erection.

"Hey, was practice?" His dad said as he walked by.

"Good dad." Jacob said.

"I'm gonna head up and get a shower." Jacob's dad said.

"There's clean towels on the bed, dear." Michelle said as she stopped behind the couch and watched her husband climb the stairs.

As soon as Jacob's father disappeared he felt his mom's hands slide across his chest as she bent over the couch behind him. She brought her lips to her son's ear.

"So, do you still question whether you're mom capable of handling that big monster of yours?" She whispered.

"No way." Jacob muttered.

Michelle whispered softly into her son's ear as she stroked his chest.

"I want you to go upstairs to your room and lye down on your bed. And while you lye there I want you to stroke your penis up and down. While you masturbate I want you to think about what it's going to be like after you win that match this week." She said.

Jacob was already rubbing his cock through his shorts. His mom's seductive voice was sending shivers through his entire body.

"I want you to think about what it's going to be like to be alone and naked with two big breasted women. Think about what it's going to be like to have them fighting for position on you, their tongues wrestling with your cock and balls." She continued.

"Oh yeah." Jacob sighed, fisting his rod through his shorts.

"Can you see us, sweetie. Can you see our big titties flopping all around while we suck you, while we drain those big beautiful balls." She whispered seductively.

"Y-yeaaah." Jacob muttered.

"Can you see our pussies, baby? Can you see our big fat mommy-pussies drooling over that big monster, begging it to be state champ." She said.

It was all Jacob could take. He felt the surge of cum rocket up his shaft.

"Oh yeah, mom. I'm gonna cum." He groaned.

He felt his mom's tongue begin to flail at his ear. Michelle let out sexy little moans as she kissed the side of her son's face sloppily.

"Oh, come on. That's my baby. Cum hard for me, sweetie." She said.

A dozen blasts of hot cum erupted from Jacob's cock, soaking his shorts. When it finally subsided he heard his mom giggling.

"So much for making it upstairs. You better go get cleaned up, sweetheart. " She said, giving him a final peck on the cheek.

Michelle went into the kitchen and Jacob got up and moved towards the stairway.

"Jacob." He heard his mom say softly from the kitchen doorway.

He looked and found his mom leaning against the doorway in a sexy little pose. One foot rested flat on the floor and the other rested on her toes, with her knee slightly bent. She slowly pulled her skirt up to her hips exposing those long gorgeous legs and neatly trimmed snatch.

Jacob could clearly see her meat curtains and her engorged clitoris.

"Be my state champ." She said pleadingly.

Jacob nodded and watched as his mom turned around to go into the kitchen. She held the skirt up long enough for him to get a good look at her big bubbly ass.

"Holy shit...I'm gonna be state champ and then I'm gonna fuck my mom." He thought with a smile.
Jacob was doing warm-ups when he saw his mom and Aunt Gail enter the auditorium. The sight of both of them together nearly took his breath away. His Aunt Gail was four years older than his mom and equally as striking. Both women were in knee-length skirts and form fitting sweaters, which accentuated the swell of their enormous breasts.

Jacob could hear the clicks caused by the four inch heels of their dainty high-heeled sandals as the women strode towards the stands. They found a place on the bottom row and took a seat, crossing their long matronly legs.

Michelle and her sister spotted Jacob as he did his stretches. She blew him a kiss and Gail fed him a cute little wave.

Jacob felt his cock begin to stir and tried to focus on his warm-ups. A hard dick beneath wrestling tights wasn't something he wanted.

"Oh my God, Michelle, he is so adorable." Gail said.

"Don't you just wanna eat him up?" Michelle asked.

"I wanna get him between my legs, that's what I want." Gail said, staring at Jacob with goo-goo eyes.

"And you think I don't? Remember, we can't fuck him...not yet. It's blow-jobs only tonight." Michelle said.

"He better win, damnit, 'cause I am so craving some big strong teenaged cock." Gail said, letting her tongue do a little wiggly dance between her lips.

Jacob couldn't help but get a boner after he had defeated yet another opponent and he found himself being escorted across the parking lot by two sexy middle-aged moms. His mom and Aunt each had an arm as they ushered him to Gail's car.

Stopping at the vehicle Jacob's mom moved around to the front of him and threw her arms around his neck.

"So how impressed were you with our little wrestling stud, sis?" She asked.

Gail stepped up behind Jacob, resting her chin on his shoulder. She let her big breasts kiss his back and brought her hands around, running them up his chest.

"Oh, I think he made my little heart flutter." She said softly.

"Mine too. I think he made me flutter other places too." Michelle smiled naughtily.

"Uh-Oh, Jacob...I think you're giving your mom a serious case of puppy-love." Gail said softly.

Michelle smiled and bit her bottom lip, staring straight into her son's eyes like a smitten teenaged girl.

"So I heard them say the coach is taking the team out to eat. Do we wanna go or should we just head back to the house?" Gail asked.

"No, I think we need to get him home. Is that okay, sweetie? Michelle asked.

"Yeah, fine." He said, his heart pounding with excitement.

"Well then let's get him home. He has a long night ahead of him." Gail said. Jacob and his mom sat in the back seat of his Aunt Gail's car as they drove to her house a few blocks away. As she sat close to him Michelle gently grazed Jacob's cock and balls through his pants with the tips of her nails. It was if she priming him for what was to come.

Gail's house was dark and empty when they arrived. She didn't even bother turning on any lights as they moved through the kitchen.

"I convinced Bill it was a good weekend to go fishing so him and a buddy are staying up at the camp." Gail said.

Michelle held her son's hand as they followed Gail up the steps. Jacob's mom smiled as she caught him staring at his Aunt's big heart-shaped ass as it swayed seductively with each step.

Ten minutes later Jacob found himself in the middle of his Aunt Gail's big fluffy marital bed. His mother's head bobbed up and down on his lap, his big dick gliding in and out from between her big pouty lips.

Jacob could feel her wet tongue rolling across his cock-head. She like her son was completely naked and her big pendulous tits hung from her chest, gently rocking from side to side as she worked his dong.

Gail's boobs were just as large if not larger than her sister's. Her soft udders were pancaked against Jacob's chest as they kissed like horny teenagers. Their tongues flailed together wildly with animal-like lust.

"Oh, he is good, sis." Gail said, then eagerly continued sucking face. Michelle's fist had a tight grip at the base of her son's cock, tugging at his meat while she sucked sloppily on his shaft. Every dozen strokes she would keep only the bell-shaped head in her warm mouth and flutter her long pink snake against it.

Gail smacked her lips against Jacobs as she gazed into his eyes, her big beautiful green eyes glazed over with lust.

"Mmmmm." She softly moaned.

Soon Gail moved down to join her sister, both women now on their knees beside Jacob. She moved her lips down close to Michelle's, watching her sister suck hungrily on the meaty pecker.

"Okay greedy-butt, time to share." Gail joked.

Michelle's head continued bobbing up and down. It was like nothing else existed accept the big teenaged sausage between her lips.

"Huh-uh." She hummed, refusing to give it up.

"Come on, let Aunt Gail have a turn." Gail said.

Jacob's cock popped from Michelle's mouth, swollen and glistening with saliva. Will her hand still wrapped around the base, she tilted his shaft, moving the big bulbous head towards Gail. Before her sister could get it between her lips, Michelle giggled and stuffed Jacob's dick back into her own mouth, nursing on the big spongy bulb.

"You fucking bitch." Gail whined.

She circled her hand around the shaft just above Michelle's and pulled gently, bringing her lips down close to her sisters.

"You've been down here twenty minutes now it's my turn." She said.

Jacob peered down at the two gorgeous moms as they fought over his cock. As the purple cap began to slip from Michelle's mouth, Gail was already wrapping her lips around the shiny egg. It literally slipped from one mouth to the next.

Gail gagged a little as she worked half his cock into her gullet, fucking it with her lips and tongue.

Michelle still had a tight grasp on her son's cock, watching jealously as her sister worked it up and down. Within seconds she found herself pulling at it, eagerly wanting more.

Pre-cum drooled from Jacob's cock-head as it found itself being passed through one mouth and into the next. Two long pink tongues attacked it from both sides, rolling and flailing wildly against it.

For the next twenty minutes Michelle and her sister took turns on Jacob's cock. While one sucked the other would nurse on his big tender balls.

Michelle let her sister finish him off. Gail was like a cock-sucking machine and once she fell into a rhythm there was no stopping her. Her head bobbed up and down tirelessly, letting Jacob's meat worm back and forth past her soft palate and into her larynx. With each down-stroke her lips would bump against his soft scrotum.

Michelle had both her son's big balls crammed in her mouth, bathing them in a hot pool of saliva. Her tongue fluttered like the wings of a butterfly, battering his young balls from every direction.

"Oh God, I'm gonna cum." Jacob finally announced.

He felt as if his entire soul was firing out his piss-hole as the ropes began to erupt. Thick, milky strands of cock-cream rushed down Michelle's throat as Jacob's cock pulsed with orgasmic bliss.

Michelle came up and snuggled up against her son, watching his facial reactions as her sister milked him dry.

"I think my little baby's lost in heaven." She smiled, stroking his hair.

"Oh...that was amazing." He sighed, catching his breath.

"Mmmm, I think you're amazing." Michelle said softly.

Staring into each other's eye's mother and son became lost in the lovers trance. Rising from Jacob's lap, Michelle broke the spell.

"Yum." She moaned, licking the cum from her bottom lip.

Gail noticed the private little moment that they seemed to be sharing.

"Do you two wanna be alone for awhile?" She asked.

"Do you mind?" Michelle asked her sister.

"Promise you'll save some more for me?" She smiled.

"Don't worry, he's not going anywhere, sis." Michelle giggled.

Jacob watched his Aunt slip from the bed, her big breasts flopping across her tummy. Her ass was absolutely gorgeous. It swayed invitingly as she strode towards the door.

"Don't wake the neighbors you two." Gail said playfully as she closed the door behind her.

"So do you like you Aunt Gail's big boobies?" Michelle asked.

"Yeah, they're awesome." Jacob muttered.

"Well, hers may be a little bigger, but they aren't nearly as soft and squishy as mine." Michelle said.

"Your boobs are the best mom." Jacob said.

"You'll like them a lot better when they're rolling up and down my chest." She said.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"Well, that's what happens when you thrust into a woman. You make her boobies dance." Michelle said.

"I can't wait to see that." Jacob muttered.

"Oh, you will darling. My state champion's gonna make his momma's boobies roll and swing and dance." Michelle said.

"But until that day comes, they won't wander far." She said.

"I hope not." Jacob said.

"Care if mom spends some time loving on you?" She asked. "Are you crazy, of course I don't care." He said.

"We're naked so we're gonna have to be careful that the monster down there doesn't wander anywhere he shouldn't. He can slither through the garden, but no plowing it, understand?" She said with a little grin.

"Okay." Jacob said.

"Roll over on top of me." Michelle whispered.

Michelle moved onto her back and Jacob followed, taking position between her legs. Her pubic fuzz tickled the bottom of his shaft as it pressed against her nest.

Jacob watched in fascination as his mom's boobs rolled off the sides of her chest as she positioned herself comfortably beneath him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down on top of her.

Michelle's lips parted and her pink snake began to peek from it's hole as Jacob's lips descended onto hers. He felt a sudden jolt of arousal surge through his young body as his mom's long silky-smooth legs rose up and circled his waist.

Time stopped as mother and son began to float on a cloud of love. They closed their eyes and let their tongues dance as Michelle ran her long nails across the back of Jacob's head.

Jacob's cock began to harden between them, crushing against her swollen clit. Her son began to instinctively rock his hips and mom helped him along by pushing his ass with the heels of her pretty little feet.

It wasn't long before Jacob's cock was a rock-hard pillar of flesh grinding against his mom's pubis. Michelle began to lap at the side of her son's face like a puppy-dog.

"Squeeze my titties." She whispered.

Jacob's hands moved between them and found his mom's squishy boobs. He was amazed at how soft and spongy the were. The supple flesh literally oozed between his fingers. Her areola were as big around as a coffee mug. The thick rubbery caps were covered with milk-glands and stretched against her son's grasp.

Michelle tilted her hips back slightly and the length of Jacob's fuck-stick began to glide along her creamy groove. Jacob signed as he felt his teenaged dick sink down between his mom's soft labial meat, sliding up and down against her warm cleft.

Michelle had that beautiful tingling sensation in her groin as she felt the cap of Jacob's penis drag along her engorged clitoris.

"Oh my God he's big." She thought.

They fell into a ten minute dry hump. I was like their own little sexual wrestling match. Michelle's legs were now up so far that her feet were locked around Jacob's back. Her arms held him tightly to her, his head nestled in the soft of her neck.

Jacob's hands still had a tight grip on Michelle's tits, his fingers digging into their pillowy softness.

Jacob's dick slid a little too far and popped down between his mom's ass-cheeks. He continued grinding, his love-muscle now pointing down towards the mattress. He felt his cock-head dragging past his mom's butt-hole. With every downward motion it would momentarily get caught in her butt-socket, kissing the big puckered ring of her anus before traveling down between her soft cheeks.

Michelle let her son plow at her ass a little bit, then reached down and grasped his rod.

"Sit up love." She said.

Jacob released his mom's tits and sat up on his knees. He watched as she bent her knees back further, her cunt splayed completely open, like a bud in full bloom. Still grasping his penis from the root, she began to slap her son's cock-head against her clit playfully.

Jacob shared a smile with her. Michelle's big beautiful brown eyes stared up at him seductively as she continued to beat his meat against her steaming genitals. She drug the mushroom tip between her fleshy peddles, watching her son's reaction.

Jacob sighed as he felt his sensitive bulb sink into a warm wet pocket. The mouth of Michelle's vagina stretched around it's guest, swallowing just the big purple cap.

Jacob's body quivered as he saw the tip of his cock disappear. It felt like it was being dipped in a pool of warm butter. Reacting, his cock flexed and his bulbous head ballooned with more blood.

Michelle's body reacted too as her birth canal expanded and released it's milky lubricant, preparing itself for intercourse.

"This isn't the first time you've stretched that little opening. You were a big baby, Jacob Little." Michelle smiled.

"It feels so good, mom." Jacob sighed.

"Oh sweetie, you haven't even begun to experience good." She said.

"Can I go just a little deeper?" He asked.

"Be my state champ, then you can go all the way to my womb." Michelle smiled.

She popped his cock from her creamy furrow and sat up. Jacob was still on his knees, straddling his mom's legs. His big boner now pointed directly at her chest.

"Here." She said, hefting her saggy mammaries.

"Put it between them." She whispered.

Jacob moved forward and Michelle sandwiched his cock between her tits so that only his purple plumb stuck out the top. She reached over and took a bottle of lubricant from her sister's nightstand. She squirted some on and they watched it coat his knob and run down between her tits.

Michelle squeezed her tits together and worked them up and down her son's cock. Jacob let out a quivering sigh as his cum-drooling cock slid through the slippery channel.

"Does that feel good.?" Michelle asked in a sweet motherly tone.

"Oh yeah." He muttered.

"You like momma's big soft titties, don't you baby?" She asked.

"Oh, God yeah." Jacob groaned.

"Oh, yeah, that's it. Come on, bounce with me." Michelle said.

Jacob rested his hands on his mom's shoulders for leverage and began a thrusting bounce on the bed. His dick cut through the smothering, greasy tit-flesh, his bulb emerging from the cleavage, big and shiny, before slipping back down into the deep canyon.

His balls boiled as they beat against the butt of his mom's tits. Beside's the cock-sucking he had received earlier it was the most amazing thing he had ever felt.

Michelle worked her tits on him, watching his blood-engorged cock-head peek out from between her breasts. Each time it did, she could see his piss-hole yawning, bubbling pre-cum dribbling from it's mouth.

"That's it, sweetheart, fuck those titties." She said.

"Oh God, mom." Jacob grumbled.

"Jacob, look at me." Michelle said.

Jacob looked down to see his mom staring up at him. The tops of her boobs rippled like jello each time his balls struck them from beneath. Her compressing palms made the ends of her tits swell so that her nipples looked like the devil's headlights.

Yet despite all the sexual eye-candy it was her eyes that got to him the most. Her big, gleaming brown eyes staring back at him with nothing but pure love pouring out of them. Michelle's tongue peeked out the side of her mouth and slithered onto her teeth as her mouth curled into a devilish little smile. That was all it took for young Jacob. Hot boiling cum rocketed up his shaft and fired from his piss-hole. Michelle felt the warmth of the first rope between her tits.

When Jacob's cock-head peeked from her cleavage, it blasted a second rope into the air. Michelle saw the geyser travel up past her face before splashing down onto her tits.

"That's it, baby...cum for me. Cum for Momma." She said.

The next creamy strand splashed against Michelle's chin and across her lips. Her tongue instinctively cleaned it from her top lip.

The next one erupted deep down inside tittie-heaven. Jacob's bulb peeked out and just after it disappeared back between the pancaked breasts, rope number five spurted out. Cock-cream bubbled from the dark crevice, forming a small pool on top of Michelle's boobs. A half a second later, Jacob's cock-head rose like a creature from the deep, bursting through the spooge puddle and sending another long milky strand rising into the air.

"GNNNNNAAAHHH!!!!" He grunted, as yet another pulsing strand squirted between his mom's boobs.

As his orgasm subsided, Michelle pulled him back down on top of her as she lay back on the bed. She stroked the back of his head as he rested in in the soft of her neck. Her sexy bare feet trailed softly up the back of his calves.

"That's my baby." She said.

A little while later Michelle stepped from the shower just as Gail stepped into the bathroom. Her eye's traveled from the sleeping teen on the bed to her sister. "You didn't." Gail said.

"I did...but just with my tits." Michelle smiled.

"Poor wore him out." She said.

"Oh don't worry, sis. He'll be back and ready for more lovin' before you know it." Michelle said.

"So do I get some time alone with him now?" Gail asked, walking over to her sister.

"No...I don't trust you." Michelle smiled.

Gail threw her arms around Michelle, stepping in close so that her bare breasts pressed gently against her sister's.

"I'll be good...I promise." She said.

"Yeah, a good lay. The answer's still no. I barely trust myself with him, let alone my cock-hungry sister." Michelle said.

Jacob woke up with his head resting in his mom's lap. She stroked his hair as she looked down at him over those big drooping breasts.

"Good morning, handsome." She smiled.

Jacob could feel his cock being sucked to life and he peered down to see his Aunt Gail kneeling between his legs, worming his hardening cock in and out of her lovely mouth. Her huge droopy breast hung from her chest, wobbling back and forth as she sucked.

Michelle cradled her son's head and lifted it to one of her breasts. He sucked her nipple into his mouth and began rolling his tongue across her big rubbery areola. The soft spongy sack molded around Jacob's entire face as she rested it's full weight on him.

Jacob felt like he had died and gone to heaven. Here he was smothered in breast-meat, chewing and nursing on his own mother's nipples while feeling the warm wet sensation of having his cock deep-throated by his Aunt.

As his tongue dug against bumpy surface of his mom's areola, Jacob opened his eyes and stared into smooth flesh resting warmly against his face. He could hear himself breathing through his nose, his mom's breast molded around his face like a big spongy mask.

Jacob felt his cock pop from his Aunt Gail's mouth. He felt her big tits drag up his chest. His mom's nipple was pulled from his lips as Gail's mouth crept under Michelle's breast and found his Jacob's. The two of them kissed hungrily.

Jacob heard his mom giggle and he peered up to see her looking down at them with a smile.

"Does baby like to suck tits...huh?" Gail said between smacks.

"Uh-huh." Jacob muttered as his Aunt's tongue twisted around his.

She moved her face and Michelle's breast wobbled back across Jacob's face. He swept his tongue across it as it bobbed back and forth. One of his Aunt's big boobs bumped against his mom's and Jacob found himself staring at two breasts instead of one.

Like his moms, Gail's areola were enormous and Jacob's mouth was drawn towards it like a magnet. He sucked and chewed like a hungry baby, watching his mom's nipple slide down his nose and rest between his eyes. He tilted his chin up and went to work on Michelle's nipple, then he reached up and maneuvered his Aunts breast so that both their giant areola were side by side.

Both big caps fell onto his face and Jacob found himself in big breast heaven. Smothered in pounds of breast-meat the teenager worked both nipples into his mouth, chewing and sucking greedily.

Gail smiled as slouched over face to face with her sister. They glanced down at their joining boobs, which completely covered Jacob's face.

"Oh, I think we've created a little boobie monster, sis." Gail said.

"Watch out, this monster likes to eat poochie too." Michelle said.

Jacob felt his Aunt Gail's nipple slip through his teeth as she sat back on the bed. He peeked out form beneath his mom's breast and watched as his Aunt Gail rested her hands back on the mattress and threw her knees back into the birthing position. Her big udders slid off the sides of her chest as she glared down at him.

"What about breast-boy. Wanna smooch with Aunt Gail's pooch?" She asked, slapping the meat of her genitals with her fingers.

Jacob sat up and his mom climbed onto her knees and leaned against him, so that her face was beside his, the weight of her tits against his back.

"Go on, sugar, make her scream like you did your momma." Michelle whispered.

Jacob laid down on his stomach between Gail's legs and began to feast on her big bald cunt. Gail caressed the back of his head as he sloppily licked and sucked.

Michelle took one of the bed pillows and stuffed it under Jacob's tummy so she could elevate his hips. Then she crawled in between his legs and wrapped her tiny hand around the base of his big hairless scrotum.

Jacob's testicles bulged against his sack and like earlier that night Michelle stuffed them both into her mouth, completely filling it. There was only enough room for her to roll her tongue across the sperm-filled eggs.

Clit, meat curtains, butt hole. Jacob had remembered what his mom had taught and soon he had his Aunt Gail's eyes fluttering. Through the corner of his eye he could see her tiny foot, hovering beside him, begin to quiver. Her cute little toes began to clench.

"Oh my God." Her voice shook.

His tongue went into overdrive, beating just under her clitoral hood. He was amazed that he could concentrate with his mom giving his balls such attention.

Gail's eyes were wide, her mouth panting.

"Oh God, Michelle." Gail whined, as if communicating to her sister just how intense her son was going to make her cum.

The only noise Gail could hear coming from her sister was a loud hum. She knew that Michelle was doing this in order to cause vibration against Jacob's sensitive nuts.

As she hummed, Michelle pulled at Jacob's scrotum letting his balls slide up and back in her mouth. Little sucking sounds escaped from her mouth as she held both testicles together, raking her tongue against their meaty underside.

"Oh shit, I'm gonna cum!" Gail sang.

Her face became contorted and Jacob felt her hips begin to jerk. Both Gail's feet were throw back a foot further, her sexy toes with their pale pink painted toenails clenched tightly.

"OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!" She whined like a little teenaged girl popping for the very first time.

Under Jacob's chin the head of Gail's urethra pushed forward peeking out her twat. A long stream of cum squirted from the opening, splashing against Jacob's neck. It was followed by a second, then a third.

"OH FUCK!" Gail screamed, send a fourth strong blast of pussy-cum erupting from her cunt.

Jacob kept going until Gail pushed his face away.

"Holy shit." She panted, glaring at Jacob as if he were some sort of pussy-eating God.

One at a time Jacob felt his balls pop from his mom's mouth. She crawled over the top of him, letting her tits drag against his back.

"Awe, did my baby make his Auntie Gail squirt?" She asked.

"Oh my God, Michelle I haven't been eaten like that since college." Gail said, her voice still quivering.

Michelle lowered her lips to her son's ear as he rested on the bed. "Don't get lazy on me, sweetie-pie. You have more pooch to smooch." Michelle said, kissing him tenderly on the side of the face.

Michelle crawled over onto her sister laying flat against her so their tits were smashed together. Gail smiled up at her.

"Wicked minds think alike." She giggled.

Michelle looked over her shoulder as Jacob rose to his knees. Before him were two big beautiful matronly cunts, one piled right on top of the other.

"Come on, Romeo. Now you're gonna make us both scream." She said.

"I only have one tongue, mom." Jacob said.

"I know, and it belongs to me. With your Aunt Gail you're going to do something you haven't don yet, it's called finding the G." Michelle said.

Michelle put the two fingers of her hand together and pointed them out with her palm up.

"You're going to put these two fingers together and slide them inside her. When they get all the way in you're going to bend them up like this and scratch the upper wall of her vagina. It won't take you long to find her little G-spot. Ready to try?" Michelle said.

"Okay." Jacob said, moving in close.

His fingers sunk down into his Aunt Gail's groove and turned up just as his mother directed, scratching along the upper surface of her birth canal.

"Come back just a little, sweetie" Gail said.

Jacob drug his fingers into a rougher area.

"Oh, right there. That's your Auntie's little sweet spot." Gail said.

"Come on." Michelle said, giving her ass cheek a pat.

Jacob buried his face in his mom's juicy cunt, putting his tongue to work while he stared at her big beautiful butt-hole. His fingers dug at his Aunt Gail's G-spot and soon he could feel both women squirming.

Michelle's face hovered over her sisters, both women were panting excitedly.

"Ohhhhh." Michelle whined.

"Oh God." Gail followed.

Jacob felt a rush of adrenaline. He was about to make two beautiful middle-aged sisters cum at once. Two moms with over twenty years experience and nearly fifty-thousand orgasms between them, were about cum at the hand and tongue of a teenaged boy.

"Oh God, Michelle." Gail squealed.

Soon Jacob had both moms crying as their pussies began to quiver. Their high pitched squeals sounded like two little girls getting their cherries popped.

After he made his mom and his Aunt Gail cum Jacob found himself on his back again while his mom and Aunt Gail took turns gagging on his cock. Both their tiny hands were wrapped around its meaty base, their long painted fingernails grasping at the tender cock-flesh. Working together the two hands jerked at the stalk, causing Jacob's big ball-sack to bounce wildly.

As they did this, either Michelle's or Gail's lips would rise and fall on the top three inches, nursing sloppily on the bulbous tip.

Jacob was in absolute paradise watching two grown women take turns on him, their drooping breasts flopping all around.

"Oh, I love wrapping my lips around this sweet little sugar stick." Gail said as she popped the mushroom-shaped cork from her mouth and rolled her tongue across its glistening surface.

Michelle nipped at its girth with her puckered lips, probing its vein covered surface with the tip of her tongue.

"LITTLE sugar stick? You are kidding right? There's nothing little about my baby's cock...It's his momma's big pussy-stretcher." Michelle said.

"Well just don't forget I want my pussy stretched too...then I want it pounded." Gail said.

"Did you hear that, sweetie? You Aunt Gail wants your big dick inside her to. Isn't that exciting?" Michelle smiled as her sister shoved his cock into her mouth.

"Yeah." Jacob moaned.

"Not as exciting as having it inside your momma though. You're gonna make me scream with that big baby-maker aren't you sweet-heart?" Michelle smiled naughtily, peering back at him, her big tits hanging lewdly beneath her.

Jacob finally popped with his mom and Aunt Gail taking turns swallowing an equal share of spunk. He slept like a baby that night, snuggled comfortably between them, tits draped across his chest and smooth matronly legs resting on his.

"So how many fights does he have left until state?" Gail asked.

"Three I think." Michelle said, sipping on a glass of water.

Michelle was wearing pale-pink two-piece string bikini. The bottoms were cut so low they just barely covered her mommy-muffin and the top, well lets just say there were tits oozing out all over.

"So you've sucked his cock and balls, he's humped your tits and smooched with your pooch, what the hell's left. The only thing you two haven't done is fucked?" Gail giggled.

Michelle watched out the sliding glass door as her husband and son played in the pool.

"I have a couple ideas." Michelle said, gazing out at her son's glistening body as it splash about.

"Here's an idea, how 'bout I come stay with you for a couple of days. We can keep him home from school and drain his balls." Gail said.

"Thanks, but I think I can handle this one on my own, sis." She said.

Jacob got out of the pool and ran inside, toweling himself off.

"Having fun out there, handsome?" Michelle asked.

"Yeah. I thought you were gonna come swim?" He asked.

"I am I was just chatting with Aunt Gail. Here, say hi." She said, handing him the phone.

"Hi Aunt Gail." Jacob said.

"Hey there stud. Heard you enjoyed your little rest stop this morning" Gail said.

"Yeah, it was cool." Jacob said.

As he spoke on the phone Michelle stepped up behind him and began to gently rub his shoulders with her soft hands. She was finding it more and more difficult to keep her hands off of him.

"I had fun last night. You're a hard one to resist, sweetheart." She said.

"Thanks." He said.

Michelle glanced out the window at her husband as he swam laps across the pool. She pulled Jacob away from the sliding glass door so that her husband couldn't see them if he were to look, backing him against the kitchen counter. Her tits kissed his back as she wrapped her arms around him and began running her hands across his muscular chest.

"You know, I was thinking, I know after you win state you're gonna be pretty busy making your mom scream, but if you can pull yourself away from her I'd like you to come stay with me for a week." Gail said.

Michelle began to plant light sensual little kisses along her son's neck. Her hand crept down beneath the waistband of his shorts and she combed her long nails through his pubic fuzz.

Jacob felt one of his mom's bare feet begin to gently slide up his calf as she loved on him.

"The girls are always gone and your Uncle Ron works long hours so it would just be the two of us most of the day. Would you like that?" Gail asked.

"Yeah, that would be fun." Jacob said.

"I heart you, Jacob." Gail said softly.

"I love you too, Aunt Gail." He muttered.

As Michelle was handed back the phone she moved around to the front of her son, facing him. He hand grasped the waistband of his shorts, holding it like a harness as she brought the phone to her ear. "Making plans are we?" She asked her sister.

"I just thought Jacob might like to come spend some time with his Auntie after he becomes state champion." Gail said.

"Well I have a strange suspicion that when Mr. Jacob wins the state championship he won't wanna wander far from home for a while." Michelle said, staring into her son's eyes.

Michelle heard her husband come in the sliding door and let go of her son's shorts. She continued to gaze at him for a moment. He mouth fell open slightly and Jacob could see her tongue fluttering inside.

"Honey, do we have any sandwich meat?" Her husband called out.

"I better go, sis. I have two hungry boys to feed." Michelle said.

After lunch Jacob and his father became engrossed in the Saturday afternoon baseball game. Michelle, still in her skimpy bikini, got up from the sofa and strolled towards the sliding glass door.

"Well, boys, I think I'm gonna go out for a swim." She said.

Jacob watched her strut towards the door. Her big soft ass cheeks peeked from beneath the skimpy bikini bottoms and swayed gently from side to side. He knew it was an open invitation for him to come out and play.

"Actually, dad, I'm not too into the game. I think I'll go back out and swim with mom." He said.

"Suit yourself." His father said, chomping on his popcorn.

When Jacob got outside Michelle was already in the pool. She was floating over on the deep end with only her pretty little head poking out of the water.

"Hi." She said, in a flirty little tone.

"Hi." Jacob said as he walked down the steps into the water.

"You're so cute. Like a little puppy-dog who just wants to be with its momma. Come here." She said in a sweet motherly way.

Jacob swam over to the deep end where Michelle latched on, throwing her legs and arms around him. Jacob kept them both afloat as Michelle hung onto him. Hovering slightly above him, Jacob's mom brushed the wet hair from his eyes.

"Ohhh, momma's big strong wrestling stud. You gonna hold me and show me what a man you are?" She said.

"I could hold you forever." Jacob said, feeling his mom's big wet boobs against his chest.

"Careful what you wish for, sweet-baby" She smiled.

"So what do I get if I win my next match?" Jacob asked.

"It's a surprise this time. I will tell you this though...if you win, that big boner in your shorts is gonna be very, very happy." Michelle said.

Jacob giggled a little.

"What's so funny?" Michelle smiled.

"It's just funny to hear my own mom say the word 'boner' that's all." He said.

"Yeah, well it wasn't so hilarious this morning when your own mom had her lips wrapped around your boner at the rest stop now was it?" Michelle said.

"No, there was nothing funny about that." He answered.

Michelle glared into his eyes with a naughty little smile.

"BONER." She said, watching his reaction.

A little shiver went through Jacob's body...and speaking of boner his was wedged against his mom's nest as her legs coiled around him. "That is so cool." He smiled.

Michelle giggled at his reaction, then got a serious look.

"Watch my lips...are you watching?" She asked.

Jacob nodded as he watched his mom's big pouty lips slowly parted. There was a long pause before Michelle spouted it out.

"BONER." She said in her sweet little voice.

She giggled as she felt her son's reaction. She hugged him tightly, bringing her lips to his ear.

"Boner, boner, boner, boner, boner, boner, boner, BONER!...My Boner." She whispered.

Jacob suddenly slipped out of her arms, playfully dunking under the water. Michelle let out a little yelp as she tried to hang onto him.

He resurfaced near the shallow end laughing at her.

"You come back here young man." She said, starting off after him.

When she got near him Jacob dove under again going right between his mom's legs. Michelle screamed playfully as she was lifted out of the water on her son's shoulders. She squeezed her thighs tightly around her son's head, her big wet boob's wobbling, nearly popping out of her bikini top.

"You little shit." She laughed.

Michelle glanced at the house to make sure her husband wasn't watching.

"You bad-boy, you just wanted your head between my fucking legs." She said.

"You got it." Jacob said.

"Oh, you wanna play naughty...huh. Does my baby wanna play naughty?" She asked.

Michelle quickly slid down her son's back and snatched onto him from behind, clutching her arms and legs around him like a spider. Pulling him back they both went under to their necks.

In a flash Michelle's hand slipped into her son's shorts and grasped his cock. With a tight grip at the base she immediately started jerking him off, pulling the loose skin up and down his shaft.

"Is my baby horny...huh? Is his big dick all hard and horny?" She hissed.

"It always is when I'm around you." Jacob answered.

"Swim to the other side with me." She said.

Jacob followed his mom to the other side of the pool. At that end there was a built in seat about half way down the side wall of the pool. A place where a person could sit yet still be neck deep in the water.

"Take off your trunks." Michelle said.

"But what about dad?" Jacob questioned.

"Even if he did pull himself away from the game, he can't see this part of the pool from the back door. If he comes out we'll hear him, now are you gonna take off those trunks, mister, or do I have to?" Michelle asked.

Jacob slid his shorts off and Michelle reached under and undid her bikini bottoms.

"Climb up in the seat." Michelle said.

Jacob lifted himself up and slid back into the contoured pool-seat. He sat back so that only his head poked out above the water. Like a floating Goddess, Michelle's body ascended up over Jacob's legs. He saw her naked ass peek from the water, then he watched as his mom straddled him, her bare mommy-muffin resting right against his rock-hard shaft.

Michelle lay right up against him, throwing her arms around his neck. Her big tit-sacks flattened like soft dough onto his chest as she brought her face up close to his.

"See, he can't even see us." She said reassuringly.

It was true. The seat was tucked down into a private area of the pool, surrounded by ledge so that a person would have to actually be in the pool or standing at the other side to see them.

"You've had girls over. You can't tell me you've never hidden over here and made-out with them." Michelle said.

"Naw, those girls were too scared to do anything like that." Jacob said.

"Unlike your mother who can't keep her hands off of you...So what about it handsome...wanna make-out with Mom?" Michelle smiled.

"You have to ask?" Jacob said.

Michelle giggled then tilted her head a little as she brought her lips to Jacobs. The two of them began to kiss sensually. Their tongues slipped from their mouths and began a slow intimate dance.

Michelle could feel her son's cock flexing against her quim. She began to gently move her hips, crushing the meat of his spear into her genitals. Before long Jacob could feel the flesh of his mom's labia dragging up and down the length of his rod.

Gradually their kissing became deeper and more animal-like, panting and rolling their tongues wildly together. By now Jacob was getting used to how fast his mom's tongue could move. In the beginning Michelle's pink snake could flutter circles around his before he even had time to respond. Now, from all the practice Jacob was becoming a little make-out specialist. When her tongue rolled, his rolled with it. When her tongue flailed, his was right there battering back at it.

"Holy shit he's getting good." Michelle thought, as she felt the strength of his tongue twisting with hers. For twenty solid minutes they went at it with tongues wrestling, hips rolling and tits wobbling. By now Michelle's labia were draped down the sides of Jacob's cock so his rock-hard shaft slid along the opening to her hungry vagina, crushing her clit.

This brought on the inevitable as Michelle's body began to quiver.

"Oh Jacob!" She quietly squealed, her face beginning it's cute little contortion.

Michelle's hips went into overdrive as a huge orgasm began to overtake her. She buried her face in her son's neck, which muffled a series of cunt-quivering screams.

As his mom bucked around on top of him Jacob smiled to himself. He wondered how many other boys were spending their weekend making their moms cum.

Michelle came back down from her orgasmic cloud. Her hips had slowed, but continued to roll. Up and back. Up and back.

"Oh my God." She sighed, still struggling to catch her breath.

"Mom." Jacob asked.

"Yes, love." She said.

"Can I please just put it inside you?" He asked, his cock aching.

"I think you know the answer to that, sweetie." Michelle said.

"I'll win state, I swear to God. If I don't win you can ground me for a year." Jacob said.

"Why, so you can stay home with me. Like that's a punishment." Michelle giggled, her hips still undulating. Up and back. Up and back.

"No...Jacob Little, when you and I finally make love it's going to be more than just a five minute frolic in the pool." Michelle said. She put her face up against her son's so their foreheads were touching. She stared straight into his eyes, her hips still working their magic. Up and back. Up and back.

"It's going to be absolute magic. It'll happen the morning after your big night. It'll start like any other morning. Breakfast at the table with your father, you and I sharing our secret little glances. One thing will be different though. You're father will leave for work, but you won't be going anywhere. I'm afraid the big fight has left you soar to go to school." Michelle whispered.

Jacob's heart began to pound with excitement as he listened to his mom's voice, staring straight into those seductive brown eyes.

"After I see your father out and lock the doors behind him, you'll be waiting for me at the foot of the stairs. You'll be naked and your cock will be iron-hard and pulsing with excitement, like it is now. As I turn to you, I'll let my dainty little robe slip off my shoulders and I come to you as naked as the day I gave birth to you." She said.

Jacob could feel his balls begin to boil as his mom's voice send electric jolts through his body. Her cunt smothered his dick, gliding up and back, up and back.

"When I meet you and our hands come together, sparks will fly. As I look you in the eyes I'll say to you five simple words. JACOB, TAKE ME TO BED!" She said.

It was all Jacob could take. He felt the flood gates open and a torrent of sperm rocket through his shaft.

"OH GOD MOM, I'M CUMMING!" He groaned.

Once again Michelle's hips went into to overdrive, grinding against her son. She brought her lips to his ear as she felt his cock pulse.

"We'll fuck, sweetie...we'll fuck on mommy's big soft bed. WE'LL FUCK LIKE RABBITS!" She squealed.

This time it was Jacob who planted his face in his mom's neck, grunting with each powerful cock-blast.

Michelle wasn't far behind him. Her body began to convulse against his.

"Oh, sweetie!" Michelle's voice squeaked.

Time stood still and all that existed were throbbing, pulsing genitals. Jacob could feel the warmth of his mother's excretion as his own organ squirted thick clouds of potent baby-batter. Together they rode the wave of orgasmic bliss for what seemed like forever.

Things were certainly different now between Jacob and his mom. Even during their day to day routine Michelle would do little things like squeeze Jacob's cock through his shorts.

"How's my penis?" She'd ask.

"Is he anxious to fuck?" She'd ask candidly.

Often times Michelle would give her son little flashes of her ass or pussy, even with his father in the same room. There were lots of tit-squashing hugs, lots of slow sensual kisses and lots and lots of flirty little winks.

One night around midnight, after her husband was fast asleep. Michelle slipped out of bed. She threw on a sexy little silk robe and tip-toed down to her son's room. Once there she peeked inside and found Jacob on his bed completely naked and stroking his big boner.

He eye's were closed and he had headphone's on. Michelle could hear the beat of a rock tune. She slipped inside his room and quietly leaned against the door at the foot of his bed watching him.

Her eyes traveled down the big meaty fuck-stick admiring it's impressive length. It looked so young and powerful. Jacob's big hairless balls bounced as his fist flew up and down his teenaged dong.

Michelle's knees quivered at the thought of having such a big strong boner inside of her. Jacob's eyes suddenly flew open and his hand stopped at he stared at his mom.

"Holy shit, mom. You scared me." He said.

"It's a little past your bedtime there horn-dog." She smiled.

"Sorry, I was practicing something." He said.

"Yeah, I can see that." Michelle smiled.

"I read in a magazine how a guy can go longer without coming." He said.

"Really?" Michelle said with interest.

She came over and sat at the foot of the bed.

"Show me." She said.

Jacob's cock was still glistening with pre-cum. He grabbed it and started stroking forcefully again.

"They said if you think about something else while your doing it you can go longer." He said.

"Yeah right. Sweetie when you look up and see tits swinging above your face you won't be thinking about something me." She said.

Michelle reached over and grabbed the lotion Jacob had sitting by his side. She squirted some onto her hand.

"How 'bout I teach you a better way?" She said.

"Okay." He said.

"I want you to pin your balls back against your ass so the skin on your penis gets nice and tight." She said.

Jacob slid his fist down and squashed his scrotum against his ass. His cock was now a perfect fuck-stick jutting straight upward, capped by a bulging pink helmet.

Michelle's tiny hand clasped its meaty target. She gently began to stroke up and down its length.

"There are two things you need to remember when having sex. You fuck until you get close. You grind until it subsides. Simple as pie." She said.

"What do you mean by grind?" Jacob asked.

"When your penis gets close to orgasm you go as far inside the vagina as you can, hold it there and do a little grinding motion back and forth. If a woman's on top she'll usually do the grinding for you." Michelle said.

Jacob watched his mom's hand, like the hand of a seasoned professional working her magic on his cock. Michelle was a lefty and Jacob chuckled to himself as he watched his mom's shiny silver wedding ring glide up and down. She squeezed hard on his cock being cautious not to jab him with her long painted nails.

Jacob was already beginning to feel his balls boil.

"Oh wow, I feeling good already." He announced.

"Fuck my hand as long as you can, sweetheart." She said.

After a half-dozen dick-milking strokes, Michelle felt Jacob's cock flex.

"Okay, I'm really close." He said.

"Grind." Michelle said, sliding her hand to the base of her son's cock.

His hips rose from the mattress a little as he felt his mother's grasp holding back the torrent.

"With your length you'll probably be able to plow the head of a woman's cervix. It'll feel a little like this." Michelle said, lowering her lips to Jacob's cock. Michelle kept her lips tightly closed and pressed them against the tip of her son's cock-head. She rubbed his helmet back and forth across the split of her lips. Pre-cum drooled from his piss-hole as it drug across her teeth.

"Better?" She asked.

"Yeah." He answered.

Michelle sat back up and began stroking again.

"Okay, start fucking again." She said.

"Come on, sweetie bounce your hips. You should be meeting my hand stroke for stroke." She instructed sternly.

Jacob's ass began bouncing on the mattress as he fucked his cock up into his mom's fist.

"That's it handsome. Good. Show your momma what a stud you are." She said.

Jacob fucked his mom's tiny hand for a full two minutes before he felt that familiar orgasmic sensation.

"Oh God." Was all he had to say.

"Grind." Michelle said, her lips lowering to his tool.

As Michelle knelt with her fist around the root of her son's cock and her lips against his bulb, her robe had parted enough for Jacob to peer down and see her big pendulous breasts.

"FUCK." His mom said.

Jacob fucked. This time he went almost five minutes. By this time Michelle's hand was a creamy little fuck pouch of lotion and cum.

For fifteen minutes Jacob held out as his mom worked her hand and lips on his horny teenaged dong. "Oh sweetie you've done so well. I want you to cream." She said lovingly, speeding up her cock-strokes.

Seconds later Jacob was grunting. Rope after rope of thick jism blasted into the air, splashing down against his chest. Michelle milked him dry. She leaned down and gave the gleaming purple head of his cock a big closed-lipped kiss.

"Mmmmm. My big strong penis." She said, giving it a few more long slow strokes.

The night of Jacob's next match finally came and he won easily. After the meet Michelle went searching for her son. She was stunning as usual, wearing a black spandex tube-top dress which left plenty of bulging cleavage on open display. The heels of her strapless high heeled sandals clicked against the tile floor as she moved out of the gymnasium and into the hallway.

Michelle found Jacob in the hallway, alone with a girl his age. The two of them giggled flirtatiously.

"Sweetheart?" Michelle called.

Jacob walked towards his mom. His girl followed behind him.

"Hey, mom...Mom this is Lisa." He said.

"Hi." Michelle said with a forced smile.

"Hi.'re beautiful." Lisa said.

"Would you excuse us a minute, Lisa?" Michelle asked.

"Sure, I'll just be outside." Lisa said.

Lisa walked off and Michelle fed her son a perturbed look.

"What the fuck are you doing?" She asked.

"She's just a friend. A bunch of them are going out tonight and they want me to go." Jacob said. "So that bitch can pop your cherry before I do. I don't think so. You're not going." She said.

"Fine, I'll just ask dad...he'll let me go." Jacob said, walking past her.

"Jacob Little, get back here right now!" Michelle demanded.

Jacob stopped dead in his tracks. He knew better than to fuck with his mom.

Michelle strolled over and took his hands, staring lovingly into his eyes.

"She can't fuck like I can. You know that." Michelle smiled.

Lisa poked her head thought the gym doorway.

"Jacob, we're leaving. Are you gonna come?" She asked.

Jacob looked back at his mom who was still staring at him.

"Get rid of her." Michelle whispered.

"Will you keep me home from school and fuck me tomorrow?" He asked.

"No more girlfriends...understood?" Michelle asked.

"Understood." He said.

"Jacob?" Lisa called.

"Get rid of her." Michelle said.

Jacob looked at Lisa who still stood in the doorway impatiently.

"I'm tired. I think I'm just gonna go home tonight." He told her.

Lisa glanced at Michelle who was glaring back at her with an evil little grin.

"Fine." Lisa snapped, stomping away.

Jacob hardly slept that night. At breakfast the next morning he couldn't stop looking at his mom as she sat across the table from him. He simply couldn't believe he was finally going to spend the day making love to her.

Several times during breakfast Michelle stared back at him, her eyes searching his. She too was eager and a little nervous. She knew her son had a big strong dick and the ability to hammer her pretty little mommy-pussy like it had never been hammered before. She knew she was in for a day of intense toe-curling orgasms.

Jacob thought his father would never leave for work. His heart began to pound in his chest as he heard his mom close the front door and lock it.

A few seconds later Michelle strolled back into the kitchen, her pretty little bare feet gently tapping the tile floor as she walked. She was still in her short silk robe and her big braless tits did a little wobble as she stepped near her son.

Jacob was still seated at the table. He watched as his mom strolled over and sat on his lap, her big pillowy ass smothering his semi-hard penis. She gently brushed the hair from his face.

"Hi." She said seductively.

"Hi." Jacob smiled.

"Nervous?" She asked.

"A little." He said.

"Sweetie, I know you wanna fuck, but we have a problem." She said.

"What?" He asked.

"Well number one, I'm not on the pill and getting pregnant really wasn't on my agenda this week. And number're not state champ yet, and that was the deal, remember?" She asked.

"But. Mom I-" Jacob started to protest before Michelle cut him off. "Before you start complaining let me tell you where you WILL be spending the day... Do you remember me commenting on how I thought that your big monster of a penis and my big bubbly butt would make quit the pair?" She asked.

"Yeah." Jacob said.

"Well today we get to find out if I was right." She smiled.

"You mean we're gonna..." Jacob started.

"Uh-huh. Think you can handle your momma's butt slapping against you all day?" She asked.

"Hell yeah." Jacob said excitedly.

"Well then my little rump-rider, let's get busy shall we?" She said, standing up.

"Upstairs Cowboy." Michelle said.

Jacob followed his mom up the stairs. He couldn't take his eyes off the swell of Michelle's big matronly ass as it swayed teasingly beneath her robe.

Michelle led Jacob into her bedroom and made her way towards the master bath. Glancing over her shoulder she gave him a naughty little look as she stepped into the bathroom.

"Get naked." She said.

Jacob threw off his t-shirt and boxers. His big teenaged boner bobbed eagerly

A minute later Michelle stepped from the bathroom with only a bath towel tucked around her waist. Her big pendulous mommy-boobs trembled gently as she stepped towards her son.

In her hand Michelle had a big bottle of lubricant. She knelt down in front of Jacob and squirted an ample amount across his cock.

"The key to good anal sex is a nice greasy boner." She said, stroking the oil across his shaft with her tiny hand.

"Without proper lubrication you're gonna fight it the whole way. You could even hurt a girl, especially with something this big." She said.

Jacob's cock was now dripping with lube. His mom even coated his dangling scrotum, his big hairless balls slipping through her greasy fingers.

Michelle gazed at his iron-hard dick, rolling her tongue across her lips.

"Mmmmm, primed, lubed and ready to fuck!" She said.

"Do you put any on you?" Jacob asked.

"Already done. Momma's butt-hole's all greased up and ready for her baby." Michelle smiled.

Jacob watched as his mom undid the towel and threw it aside. His eyes were drawn to her cute little muffin, nearly bald accept for a little tiny triangle of neatly trimmed pubic fuzz. Michelle slowly turned and struck a cute little pose, with her hands on her waist and her pillowy butt-cheeks sticking out.

"Sure you wanna ride this ass?" She asked teasingly.

"Yeah." Jacob smiled, his cock flexing.

She slid her hands onto her cheeks and slowly pulled them apart exposing her big greasy butt-pucker.

"Sure you wanna go in there? It's awfully tight and warm inside that little hole." She continued in a cute little girls voice.

"I'm sure." Jacob mutter with excitement.

Michelle leaned over and placed one hand on her mattress. She spread her feet slightly apart and stuck her ass out, giving it a little pat with her hand.

"Come on." She whispered. Jacob stepped up behind his mom, his aching boner leading the way. Michelle watched over her shoulder as his cock lined up perfectly with her ass.

"Put the tip of your penis right up against my butt-hole." She said.

Jacob took hold of his cock and place it snuggly against Michelle's anal ring.

"Now push gently." She whispered.

Jacob pushed forward and watched in awe as his mom's big brown pucker stretched open, slipping over his greasy knob.

"That's it sugar, now just let your boner sink into heaven." She said.

Jacob pushed forward again sending three inches of buttery fuck-pole into Michelle's ass. He could feel the steamy walls of her shit-chute molding around his thick cock-meat.

"Oh God, mom." He muttered.

"That's it, sweetie. Let momma have it all. All the way to your balls." She said.

Jacob thrust forward again and he felt his cock-head sink into the depths of his mother's bowels. It seemed to just keep going, inch after vein-covered inch until he finally felt his balls bump against his mom's cunny and her soft butt-cheeks flattened against his abdomen.

"Oh God you're big." She sighed.

"This feels incredible." Jacob said.

"Don't pop too soon. Remember the drill. Fuck until you get close, grind until it subsides." She said.

"Okay." He said.

Jacob began to slowly saw his boner up and down her ass-pipe. Before long he fell into a nice rhythm and his mom's ass began to beat against him. "Oh, that's it sugar-bear, fuck my ass!" Michelle said, now gripping the mattress with both hands.

Jacob watched as a few inches of his penis appeared, then disappeared, gliding back through her anal ring.


Michelle's butt cheeks rippled as Jacob began to thrust forcefully.

He could feel his big hairless scrotum rap against her cunt each time their bodies met. It was only a couple minutes before he felt his balls begin to boil.

"Oh Mom." His voice quivered.

"Grab my hips and grind." She said.

Jacob thrust his penis in as far as it would go and held it there. Gripping onto Michelle's hips he began to stir her bowels with his spoon. He could feel something fleshy dragging across his purple mushroom. He didn't know what it was. He didn't care. It felt amazing!


After his cum settled he began to fuck his mom's ass again. He watched Michelle's tits as they hung from her chest, swinging up and back, up and back.

Michelle peered back at him, her breath heavy, her face red and excited.

"Having fun?" She smiled.

"Oh yeah." Jacob said.

"Guess what? You're about to make me cum." She said.

"Really?" He smiled.

"Can you fuck a little faster?" She asked. "Hell yeah." Jacob said.

Jacob doubled his efforts, pistoning his big thick cock in and out of her hungry ass.

Michelle's knees trembled and she let out a girly little shriek. Hearing his mom scream like a little school girl sent a shiver through Jacob's body and opened the sperm-gate.

"Oh God!" He groaned.

Thick ropes of potent teenaged cum began to pulse from his cock as he hammered his mom's ass. Michelle's ass cheeks were now a constant ripple as they beat against her son.

Mother and son road the waves of orgasmic bliss for what seemed like forever.

The day seemed to pass like an erotic dream. Five minutes after cumming in his mom's ass for the first time Jacob again found himself plowing her soft anal cavity. This time he was on the bed, laying on his back. Michelle was laying on top of him, her massive breasts pancaked between them.

Jacob watched as his mom did all the work this time. Michelle's big bubbly butt rapidly rose and fell, fucking it's meaty guest in wild desperation. The room was filled with quivering grunts and lewd slapping as Michelle's ass beat down on her son.

As soon as Jacob announced that he was getting close Michelle lifted her chest from his. Her butt squashed onto his groin and his dick sunk so deep that only his big balls were left, pressed snuggly against her butt-hole.

Michelle rocked her hips, stirring her bowels with her son's buttery stick.

Jacob gazed up at the underside of Michelle's huge ballooning breasts as they hovered over his face. He watched the heavy sacks wobble as she moved on his cock.

Michelle began to wince and throw her head back . "EEEEOH GOD!" She whined.

Jacob watched her body convulse, her tits rocking wildly as she came.

Once off her orgasmic high Michelle brought her chest down onto Jacob's face and began to work his cock in and out of her ass again.

Jacob sucked and chewed on one of her areola, his face buried in the soft-dough-like flesh of her breast.

His teenaged cock glistened with a slippery combination of lube and jizz allowing Michelle's butt-ring to glide up and down his pole with relative ease.

For a good ten minutes she bounced on his cock, until her baby muttered his orgasmic intentions, then she sat back up, her nipple popping from Jacob's mouth.

Again she rocked those beautiful matronly hips.

"Holy shit, Holy shit, Holy shit, HOLY SHIT!!!" She sang as again her body began to quake.

Again she came, harder than before. Jacob smiled with pride as he watched his own mom quiver and cry. Knowing that his dick was making this beautiful grown woman cream again and again was an absolute rush.

Michelle rolled them over on the bed so that she was now on her back with her son between her legs. A third of Jacob's cock remained tucked in her ass as they fell into their next position.

"You like your mom's ass, don't you, baby? You like your big dick way up inside my ass." Michelle moaned.

Jacob brought his chest down onto Michelle's and stared down into her wanton eyes as he began to saw his cock up and down her shit-pipe. He felt her soft feet slide onto the backs of his legs as she lifted her knees.

The entire bed began to rock beneath them as they found a nice steady rhythm. Michelle slowly coiled her arms around Jacob's neck and pulled his face down to hers. Their lips met and their tongues began to dance. Gradually their kissing became sloppy and their bodies began to thrash together wildly. They were no longer mother and son but two sweaty animals feeding off each others bodies.

"GGGGRRRRURUUUHHHHH!!!" Jacob grumbled as he hammered his mom's ass hard and deep.

"OH SHIT!" Michelle squealed, digging her heels into his ass.

As he fucked with everything he had, Jacob watched his mom's face as she began to show signs of another orgasm. He was beginning to get good at reading her. First her face would go red, then her eyes would roll back in their sockets...then, right before she popped, her cute little eyelids would begin to flutter as her head tilted backwards.

Jacob felt her sphincter tighten around his pecker and her face began it's cute little contortion. It was a pre-orgasmic expression that all moms make, but few sons would ever get to see. Jacob was one of the lucky ones.

Michelle let out a shrieking scream that echoed through the entire house.

If it was one thing that made Jacob pop it was hearing his mom howl. Before he started fooling around with Michelle, he'd heard her do lots of things...laugh, cry...even scream sometimes when she was mad. This sound was different though. This was the sound of his mom screaming in intense pussy-pulsing pleasure.

"It's my's my cock that's making mom scream." Jacob said to himself with pride.

The flood gates opened and now it was Jacob's turn to howl. He fucked with long hard strokes, hammering Michelle's ass into the mattress. His thick streak flew up and down her anal cavity, smothered by its spongy walls.

"UUUUUGGGHHH, GOD!" Jacob groaned.

Michelle could feel her son's cock flex each time he sent a blast of hot cock-milk into her bowels. After a full minute of orgasmic heaven Jacob collapsed onto his mom's chest, exhausted.

Jacob's cock moved like a well-lubed piston plunging up and down Michelle's anal cavity. The spongy walls of her butt-canal smothered the thick teenaged rod, casing it with hot buttery love.

It seemed like such a natural home for Jacob's large penis. It fit so snuggly and perfectly that it was almost as if his cock were made for Michelle's ass.

Each time his bulbous cock-head sunk into the deepest region of her furnace, he felt the magic that few boys would ever feel. It was like a million little butt-ferries whipping their tongues against his big pink mushroom, hot greasy froth spewing from their mouths.

The butt-ferries would only have a moment to work their magic, before the yawning bulb would sink back down into the smothering pit.

But then, like it never left, it would rise from the blackness, mouth agape and dribbling it's milky excrement. Reaching it's peak the cap would stretch and balloon as the butt-ferries attacked.

This process would go on at least a hundred times before finally, reaching it deepest point, the bulb would flex and a pulsing blast a boiling hot semen would erupt from it's piss-hole.

Jacob moaned as he felt his mom on his lap. She was facing away from him. They were on the sofa in the living room. Michelle was dressed, but her skirt was hiked up to her waist as she bounced on her son's dick.

Jacob's shorts were down to his ankles. His arm was around Michelle's waist, his head resting on her back as her big bubbly ass-cheeks slapped against his groin.

As his cock pulsed Jacob heard the garage door open, announcing his father's arrival.

"Relax and cum, sweetheart... We have time." Michelle said softly as she worked her ass on his spitting prick.

It was the seventh time he had cum in his mom's ass that day and at this point he felt like a blubbering ball of dough.

When his cock was through pulsing Michelle lifted her ass from his lap and Jacob's pipe popped from her hole. A strand of jizz clung to his cock like a string of melted pizza cheese connecting to her asshole as it rose from his lap.

Jacob watched his mom's sphincter tighten, severing the milky rope. The skirt fell, covering the big beautiful ass that he had spent the entire day pounding.

Michelle smiled back at him.

"My little rump-rider's all pooped out. Rush upstairs and get a shower." She said.

Hearing his dad's car door was extra motivation for him to get his ass off the couch and upstairs.

As he washed himself Jacob reflected back on his most amazing day. For every one orgasm he had, his mom had three. He remembered the look on her face as she came, the way she would stare into his eyes, like a helpless little girl, cumming on the dick of a well hung stud.

Later that evening Jacob was at the kitchen table studying when his mom stepped into the room. She had on nothing but a big silk pajama top. Her hair was still wet and slicked back from her shower.

"How goes the studying?" She asked.

"Okay I guess. Some of these words are a pain in the ass." He said.

"Need some help?" Michelle asked.

"Sure, if you want." He said.

Michelle sat down next to him at the table. He took a second to her admire her long silky-smooth legs and adorable little feet.

"Let's have a look." She said.

As his mom looked over the spelling words Jacob noticed that her pajama top was unbuttoned nearly half-way and her long gaping cleavage was peeking out.

"Wow, some of these are tough. Tell you what, how 'bout I use these in a sentence and you give me the definition, okay. Let's start with this one... Inevitable. She said.

"Once Jacob sunk his boner into his mom's butt-hole, popping his cap was inevitable." She said.

"Eventual." Jacob smiled.

"Very good." Michelle said.

"Substantial... One thing Michelle loves about her son is that the length of his manhood is quite substantial." She said, looking into his eyes.

"Large." Jacob smiled with a tinge of pride.

"You got it. Large, strong and yummy." She grinned.

"How 'bout this one... revelation. Discovering how amazing my son was in the sack and how good he could make me feel was quite the revelation." She said.

"A surprise." Jacob said.

"Yep... Insignificant... My baby boy is starting to make the other cock in my life seem quite insignificant." She said.

"Unimportant." He smiled.

"Very unimportant." Michelle said, staring back at him.

She searched for another word.

"Consequence... A son making his mom feel like a little girl again can have a very orgasmic consequence." Michelle said.

"Result." Jacob smiled.

"Right again. How 'bout attentiveness. When a mom without panties sits down and spreads her legs..." Michelle started, as she brought her foot up and rested her heel on the chair.

This caught Jacob's attention and he got a birds eye view of her cunt as her shirt rode up above her waist.

"It can surely spoil her son's attentiveness." She said.

"You can say that again." Jacob muttered.

"Wrong." Michelle giggled.

She brought the other foot up too and scooted her butt to the edge of the seat.

Jacob gawked at her beautiful matronly snatch. Michelle's big labial pedals drooped to the side making her genitals look like fat pink pouty lips. He saw her puckered anal ring, a reminder of where he spent his day.

Michelle ran her fingers down onto her quim and gave her labial meat a half-dozen sharp slaps.

Suddenly, the phone rang and Michelle jumped up to answer it. Jacob watched as her tits rocked beneath the thin silk shirt.

"Hello." Michelle answered.

"Is Jacob there?" A soft girl's voice asked.

"Who is this?" Michelle asked.

"Lisa." The voice answered.

Michelle got a perturbed look about her.

"Look, sweetie, my son's not interested in you." Michelle said in a snotty tone.

Jacob got up and reached for the phone.

"Mom, just let me talk to her." He said.

Michelle turned from her son keeping the receiver to her ear.

"Can I just speak to him?" Lisa asked.

"No, you cant. Don't call here again." Michelle said sternly, hanging up the phone.

"Jesus Christ, why are you trying to run my life!" Jacob said angrily.

He grabbed his homework and marched out of the kitchen.

"Jacob." Michelle said.

Jacob ignored her and headed straight upstairs. Michelle trailed behind him and as she moved through the living room her husband peeked over the couch.

"What's up with him?" He asked.

Michelle fed her husband an annoyed look at she headed for the stair.

"It's none of your concern. It's between him and I." She snapped.

Michelle's husband went back to his TV show. He knew better to persist when his wife was pissed.

Michelle found Jacob sitting on the edge of his bed staring at the floor angrily. She closed the bedroom door behind her and locked it.

She slowly stepped over and crawled onto his bed. Jacob could sense her moving up behind him. This was confirmed when her long naked legs began to coil around him.

He watched his mom's cute little feet slide onto his legs and felt her soft hands slip under his shirt and drag up his chest. He was pulled back gently and sighed as he felt Michelle's large spongy tit-sacks flatten against his back.

Michelle began to plant soft wet little butterfly kisses on his neck.

"You don't need her. Everything you want is right here." She said.

"So how would you feel if I told you to get rid of dad?" Jacob asked.

"It's not the same, sweetie." Michelle said.

"Why is it not the same? You told me downstairs that his cock was insignificant compared to mine." Jacob said.

"And it is...but there are other things that your father does that we should appreciate. Look at today for example...he goes to work so that you and I can stay home and fuck. That big bed down the hallway that you and I spent the day romping around in...he paid for that...along with everything else we have." She explained.

Michelle slipped out from behind her son and pushed him back onto the bed. She quickly straddled him, hovering over the teen on her hands and knees.

Jacob peered through the half-unbuttoned nightshirt at the big pendulous breasts hanging from her chest. He looked straight up and saw her smiling down at him.

"I know you're anxious for pussy, but sweetie your cock wasn't made for someone young and inexperienced. It was made for mommy-pussy. A nice plump twat that can meet it stroke for stroke." She said.

Michelle lowered her body onto Jacob's and moved her lips to his.

"Trust'll see." She smiled as her lips met his.

Twenty minutes later Michelle's husband came upstairs. He stopped at Jacob's door and knocked.

"You two in there?" He asked.

Jacob's bed rocked as Michelle's big bubbly ass bounced on his cock, swallowing it from knob to root. She turned her head to the door and her nipple popped from Jacob's mouth as he peered out from under a ball of tit-flesh.

"Be right there." She said, fighting to control her breathing.

Their bodies were glistening with sweat. Michelle lowered her ass so that only a hairless scrotum lay nestled in the crack of her ass. She wiggled her hips, letting Jacob's cock-head soak in hot bowel-butter.

After giving him a big smack on the lips she jumped off of him. His dick popped like a cork from her rectum and Jacob sat up and covered it with blankets.

In a flash Michelle buttoned her shirt and opened the door.

Her husband gazed in curiously.

"Everything okay? I thought maybe Jacob was up here kicking your ass." He said.

Michelle and Jacob laughed, glancing at one another.

"No more like fucking the shit out of my ass you wimp." Michelle thought.

"No...we're fine. We had a little chat and I think we're seeing things eye to eye, aren't we sweetie?" Michelle asked.

"Yeah, definitely." Jacob smiled.

"Good, well I think I'm gonna hit the hay." He said.

"Go ahead, honey...I'll be down in a few minutes." Michelle said.

They said their good-nights and Michelle closed and locked the door again. Sitting on the edge of the bed Jacob watched as his mom came over and knelt between his legs.

Michelle moved the blankets aside, uncovering her son's meaty delight. She stroked it in her tiny hand and she began sucking on his hairless balls.

Jacob leaned back on his elbows as he felt his mom's slimy pink snake rolling against the meat of his nuts. Michelle stuffed both his testicles in her mouth and used her lips to pull on his sack as her tongue flailed against the sperm filled eggs.

A few minutes later Jacob's cock-head was slipping past her larynx, into Michelle's throat. Like a blow-job queen she fucked his cock with her mouth. She clutched his balls with one hand. They were still coated with saliva, allowing her fingers to stroke and knead them.

Michelle used her skills to make him cum fast. Jacob threw his head back and grunted as he felt his cock blast for the eighth time that day. Michelle swallowed every drop and gently nursed on his prick until it began to soften.

"Oh God mom...that was amazing." He said.

"Remember that. That little cunt Lisa could never suck your cock the way I can." She said.

At school the next day Jacob did his best to ignore Lisa. After practice he saw a familiar car in the parking lot. It was his Aunt Gail's. He went to the passenger side and opened the door.

Gail smiled at him from behind the wheel.

"Hi Gorgeous." She said.

"Hey, Aunt Gail. What are you doing here?" Jacob asked.

"Came down for the day to do some shopping with your mom...and to see you. Hop in." She said.

Jacob got in and closed the door. He couldn't help but notice how short his Aunt's shorts were. Her legs were long and gorgeous, just like his moms. She was also wearing a form fitting t-shirt and oh how big those tits looked in it.

"So I heard your mom drained those balls pretty good yesterday. There's still some left in there for me I hope." She smiled.

"Of course." Jacob smiled.

"So, um...where do the guys from school take the girls to fuck?" She asked.

"We're gonna fuck?" Jacob asked.

"Well, I promised your mom that I wouldn't let you fuck my pussy. Apparently pussy is off limits until Jacob Little wins state. However, she also tells me that you are quite the little butt-fucker." Gail said.

"I guess so." He smiled.

"Well it just so happens that your Aunt Gail has a big juicy ass that loves to smother young cock." She said.

"There's a place in the woods outside of town. That's usually where guys take their dates." Jacob said.

Gail handed him the keys.

"Take me there." She smiled.

On the ride out of town Gail sat with her back to the passenger side door. She stretched her long legs out and slid one of her cute little bare feet onto Jacob's lap, clenching the tip of his cock with her toes.

"Oh I should have had a boy." She sighed.

"What do you mean?" Jacob asked.

"I love my girls, but it sure would be nice to have a strong teenaged cock around the house. Maybe I'll have one for a couple weeks this summer...if I can pull you away from your cock-hungry mother." Gail said.

The mini-van winded down a long dirt road through the woods until it arrived in a small vacant spot tucked in some bushes.

"The seats lay down in the back and I brought an air mattress that we can pump up. More cushion for the pushin'." She smiled, kissing him on the cheek.

A few minutes later the air mattress was full and in place. Gail closed the back door and went straight for Jacob's cock, fishing it from his shorts.

"Give me that big sugar-stick." She said, worming his dick into her mouth.

For about five minute Jacob watched his Aunt Gail nurse on his cock and God could she suck cock!

Gail rose from his dick and threw off her t-shirt. She quickly unsnapped her big bra and her huge jugs sprung free.

"Get those fuckin' shorts off. I want that big dick in my ass." She said.

Jacob pulled his shorts off and watched his Aunt peel hers off too. As she slid her dainty little panties down her legs Jacob got a good look at her beautiful bald pussy.

"I'll be fucking that a lot this summer." He thought.

Gail had a small bottle of lube and squirted a fair amount onto Jacob's cock. She straddle the teen and grasped onto his dick, licking her crack with his slippery knob.

As Gail positioned him against her butt-ring, Jacob gazed up at her enormous breasts as the wobbled back and forth above him.

"Holy shit...those are even bigger than moms." He thought.

He felt her buttery ring slip over his knob and fall straight to his balls.

"Holy shit." He muttered as he felt the heat of Gail's cavity encase his shaft.

"Oh God yeah that's good." Gail groaned as she began to ride her meaty guest.

She laid her chest against his, squashing her tits between them. Her lips met Jacob's and their tongues were off to the races.

There were so many similarities Jacob felt like he was fucking a his mom, only a different version. This one was a little rougher, a little wilder.

Like his mom Gail knew how to work her ass. She had hips like a machine, working her ass up and down tirelessly.

Jacob wondered if his Grandma could fuck like this in her younger days. He knew his Grandma Jean was built like her daughters, especially in the breast department.

"Damn, I wonder if Grandma could be this horny over me." He thought.

The little mini-van rocked as Jacob plowed the depths of Gail's bowels.

It wasn't long before Jacob had his Aunt Gail shuttering. He watched her face contort, just like his moms. Gail screamed her ass off. She was in the middle of nowhere and could completely let loose.

Jacob could feel a stream of juice cascading down his balls as Gail's orgasmic cream began to squirt from her muffin.

Michelle strolled into Jacob's room and set his clean clothes down on his dresser. She walked over and sat on the edge of his bed. Just being in his room made her horny. She bounced a few times, making the bedsprings squeak just as they had the night before.

"What the hell was I thinking. He could be in my ass right now." She said.

Michelle sprawled back on his bed and dialed the phone.

Gail was now on her back with Jacob between her legs. His big cock hammered at her, his balls beating against her ass. Her arms and legs were wrapped around him as she panted on his shoulder.

Gail's cell phone rang and she reached over and looked at it.

"It's your mother." She sighed.

Gail answered the call.

"Oh God, Michelle." She panted, her voice quivering.

"I told you, sis." Michelle giggled.

"Oh my God he's so good." Gail cried as her beautiful body trembled from the force of Jacob's thrusts.

"He had a good teacher." Michelle said proudly.

"Oh shit, talk to your son. I'm gonna cum." She said desperately.

"Hi mom." Jacob said, his breath heavy.

"Hey there, handsome. Having fun?" She asked.

"Oh yeah." His voice trembled.

Michelle could hear her sister crying like a little school girl in the background.


Michelle could hear her son emit a sharp breath with each ass-churning stroke.


"Oh that's it, tiger...fuck her hard! Come on." Michelle said, slipping her hand into her panties.

Jacob hooked Gail's legs over his shoulders and began to bare down hard, pounding her ass with long fast strokes.

"HHHHOOLLYY SHIT!" Her cute little mommy-voice shook.

Jacob growled as he fucked like a sex-crazy rabbit. Gail had been fucked thousands of time but never like this. She felt like a little rag doll beneath a big strong monster of a man only it wasn't a was a teenaged boy who knew how to fuck.

She let out a scream that nearly shattered the windows. Her back arched off the mattress and began to convulse. Jacob could feel the blasts of hot orgasmic juice squirt against his cock...his balls...everywhere.

The tight slippery hole...the softness of her tits against his chest. The satisfaction of making a gorgeous middle-aged woman scream.

"Oh fuck it's good." He moaned.

Cum blasted from his piss-hole. His young body shook. Gail's body was still quivering. Michelle shifted her hips upward. Her knees trembled as they came together.

"Oh Jacob." Her voice whined softly.

Together, the three of them rode the cloud of orgasmic bliss for what seemed like forever.

The Eastern finals was the next day and Jacob was getting nervous. He was beginning to go up against the best of the best, guys who had kicked his ass before and could easily do it again.

This time the match was four hours away and the plan was that his parents would meet him there. After the match it would be another hour drive to Jacob's Grandparents, where they would spend the weekend for their annual family reunion.

Because it was such a big day for Jacob and family were in the area for the reunion he saw lots of familiar faces at the match.

His mom was as stunning as ever of course, wearing a sexy pair of low cut jeans, a cami top and matching high-heeled sandals.

Aunt Gail was there with her clan. She wore a strapless dress with matching stiletto thong-slide sandals. Jacob's Uncle Ed was a big dude. Little did he know that his big dicked nephew was pounding his wife's ass the day before.

Jacob's Grandma Jean was there too. For a 70 year old woman she looked pretty fucking yummy. She wore a sleeveless turtleneck sweater- dress and a sexy pair of cork-slide sandals. She had a little more meat on her than Michelle or Gail, but more meat meant bigger curves and some of the biggest tits Jacob had ever seen.

Jacob's Grandfather was at home. He was suffering the later stages of Alzheimer's and didn't get out much.

Finally, there was Aunt Trudy, who Jacob hadn't seen for a couple of years. At forty-five she was the oldest of the three sisters. She was a little meatier, like Jean and looked to be just behind her in the tit-size department.

Trudy had a daughter name Laura who was Jacob's age. She had beautiful dark hair and milky-white skin. Her tits weren't nearly as big as the older women in the family, but still larger than any girl at Jacob's school.

Taking a break from my stretches he went over and said hello to everyone. He hugged Aunt Trudy and damn did her tits feel good on his chest, but it was that hug with Grandma that sent the blood rushing to his cock. Never before had he felt boobs so big and soft.

"Think about something else." Jacob thought, trying to keep from getting and erection.

Despite trying he couldn't help but follow Jean's tits as she sat next to Michelle in the stands. He imagine how big her areola must be. What it would be like to be smothered in breasts so large. Jacob's had gotten good at working a woman's breasts and wondered if his Grandma would give him a shot at working hers.

"Hi Jacob." A voice said.

Jacob turned to face his cousin Laura.

"Hey Laura." He said.

"Been a long time." She said, moving in for a hug.

She had a different feel than the other woman in the family. She was young and fragile Jacob felt so big and strong with her in his arms.

"Oh my God I could nail this girl to the wall." He thought.

Speaking of nail...Jacob's fight was a nail-biter, but in the end he got the decision and became the Eastern Regional champion.

After the shower Jacob came out of the locker room and found his mom, Gail and Aunt Trudy and Grandma waiting for him.

"There's our boy." Jean said.

"Where's everyone else?" Jacob asked.

"They already left for Grandma's, sweetie. During the ride we kinda figured, if you had enough steam left, you might wanna wrestle with three grown women in the back of Aunt Gail's van." She said.

Jacob looked around as the women stared with anxious smiled. "You mean like..." He started.

The women burst out laughing, amused by his innocent reaction.

"He's so damn cute." Jacob's Grandma said, taking his arm.

Michelle took the other arm and they led him out into the parking lot. They all piled into Gail's van, Gail in the driver's seat, Michelle, Jacob, Grandma Jean and Trudy in the back.

The air mattress was already blown up, spread out and ready. Jacob sat in the center of the mattress and found himself surrounded by big breasted women. He watched as they began taking off their heels.

"Good gracious I feel like a randy little teenager girl again." Jean said.

"He's gonna have you screaming like a teenaged girl here in a minute, mom." Michelle said.

By the time they got out of the parking lot the women had stripped down to their bras and panties. Jacob just sat there with his mouth open. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine he'd see this much cleavage in one place.

"Take it slow now, Gail. You don't wanna get pulled over and have to explain why three grown women are raping a teenager in the back of your van." Trudy said.

"I told you're Grandma how much you like big boobies so she thought it only appropriate that we let you take off our bras." Michelle said.

"Here, you can start with mine." Michelle said.

Jacob sat up on his knees as Michelle moved around to the front of him. His Aunt Trudy kneeled behind him lifting his shirt up and over his head. Michelle was wearing a strapless bra so as soon as Jacob unclasped it the bra sprung from her chest.

He reached around and cupped her big soft udders, lifting them from her tummy.

"Feel familiar?" She asked, smiling back at him.

"Oh yeah." He sighed.

"My turn." Trudy said.

Jacob turned around and Trudy's back was already to him. Michelle sat back and peeled off her panties.

Jacob unclasped Trudy's big bra and slipped the strapped over her shoulders. As the cups fell he reached around for a feel. His hands were swallowed by spongy tit-flesh.

"Oh my God." He sighed.

"Big huh?" Trudy asked.

"And heavy." Jacob said.

As marvelous as they were he couldn't wait to get to his Grandma. He turned to her and she had a big smile. A roll of tit-meat was literally oozing over the top of the huge white bra. "My Grandson's about to find out where the women in this family get their big boobies." She said, crawling around so her back was to him.

Trudy sat back and slid her panties off.

Jacob crawled up behind his grandma and unfastened the four hooks that kept her titty-cage closed. When Jacob reached around he about creamed his shorts as he hefted the biggest, softest tits he could have ever imagined existed.

"Holy shit." He groaned.

"I used to get that same reaction from your Grandpa." Jean giggled.

"They're soft." Jacob muttered.

"Oh, it's been so long since they've been squeezed like that." She sighed.

"Momma, sit back." Michelle said.

Jean sat down and Michelle whispered something into Jacob's ear. He got a big smile and followed his Grandma down to the mattress.

Jacob watched his Grandma's tit's roll off the sides of her chest. Her areola were massive, as big around as a softballs. As Jean leaned back on her elbows Jacob lifted one of her drooping udders. His face sunk into it and his tongue went to work, digging at her big pink caps.

Trudy moved behind the teen and cupped his big hairless balls. "Oh, my, my, my." She sighed.

Jacob was really going to town now on his Grandma's breast. He had slipped over into animal mode, sucking and chewing on her big rubbery saps, his tongue flailing away at her spongy softness.

He could have spent all day on her boobs but found himself licking his way down between her legs. He was surprised to find very little hair down there. Jean had a big fat clit and he wasted no time beating his tongue against it.

"Oh good heavens." She sighed.

Remembering the skills he'd been taught Jacob sucked her fleshy labia into his mouth and let his tongue dig at her groove. He wondered how long it had been since his Grandma had her pussy plowed like this.

He worked her big wrinkly butt-hole, knowing it wouldn't be long before it was stretched around his cock.

When he went back to her clit, Jacob inserted two fingers into her cunt-hole and found her sensitive G-spot. He dug at it as his tongue fluttered away at her love-nub.

"Oh Sweet Jesus!" She moaned.

Jacob was relentless in his assault. He soon had his Grandma bucking and squirming as she entered a realm of orgasm she had seen in years. Her body bounced as she began to cry but Jacob stayed with her, his tongue and fingers working together like an amazing pussy-pleasing machine.

His Aunt Trudy was now greasing down his pole. Jacob knew it was time to be on his back.

"Oh my God, what a beautiful cock." She said.

"A beautiful, well trained cock." Michelle smiled.

Jacob fell over onto his back watching his mom and Aunt Trudy reach back to grease their holes.

"Your Aunt Trudy likes it hard and rough, sweetie. Are you up for the task?" Michelle asked.

"I can do hard and rough." Jacob smiled, flexing his boner.

"Oh my God, I think this is gonna be the best family reunion ever." Trudy smiled.

Jacob watched as his Aunt mounted him. Her tits were insane. She didn't have to lean down very far for them to be hanging just above Jacob's face. He squeezed them roughly as Trudy placed the tip of his cock against her butt-ring.

He felt the mouth of her anus swallow his cock-head and slide down his shaft.

"Oh God." Jacob muttered as he felt his cock encased in Trudy's hot shit-pipe.

Jacob's horny Aunt began to bounce on his dick, packing her ass with his steak. As she fell forward her big bouncing breasts smothered the teen.

Jacob wrapped his lips around one of her big rubbery saps, letting his tongue explore every little milk-gland. "Oh Jesus that's a big dick." She panted.

For a good five minutes the back of the van was filled with a steady repetitious SLAP as Trudy's ass beat down on her nephew's big meaty cock.

Jacob was growing accustomed to having big spongy tits flattened against his face while he fucked. Sucking and chewing on engorged areola was becoming his new favorite hobby.

Soon Trudy's asshole tightened around his sausage and her body began to convulse.

"OH GOD I'M CUMMING!" She screamed.

Jacob was proud of how he could fuck a woman hard through an orgasm. With the help of his mom he had learned by now how to pace himself.

"My turn, greedy butt." Michelle said, pushing at her sister's side.

Jacob's cock slipped out of his Aunt Trudy's ass, but within seconds it was being swallowed again by Michelle's.

"Hi handsome." She smiled, gazing down into his eyes.

"Hi mom." He smiled.

Michelle's ass slapped against her son's balls as her beautiful butt-ring glided up and down his shaft.

Jacob's Grandma leaned over, staring down at the teen with her daughter. With their faces together, Jacob could see the resemblance. One's face was just a little wrinkled than the other, but they both had those beautiful sparkling eyes and big pouty lips.

"Oh the sexual vigor of a teenaged boy. Makes me wish I was young again." Jean said.

"Oh don't worry, mom, he'll make you feel young again." Michelle panted.

Trudy joined them, peering down at the lucky teen.

"You can say that again. I haven't cum that fucking hard since college." Trudy said.

Jacob was now surrounded by six of the biggest breasts he ever imagined existed. Michelle's tits drug against his chest as they rocked up and back from her thrusting. Trudy's and Jean's boobs just sort of hovered there near his face as they all doted over him.

"Yep, my Grandson's gonna have three very hungry ass's to take care of all weekend." Jean said.

"Four." Gail shouted from the driver's seat.

"Four hungry ass's. Sorry, baby." Jean said to her daughter.

Trudy watched in amazement as Jacob and Michelle's bodies seemed to move as one. After every dozen cock-churning strokes Michelle would grind her ass for about five second, then go back to bouncing. She knew just how to keep her baby going.

"God, look at you two. You're amazing together." Trudy said.

"We've had a little practice, haven't we sweetie?" Michelle said, smiling down at her son.

"Yeah." He grinned.

"If he can last that long in your ass, imagine what he can do to your pussy, Michelle." Trudy said.

"Well after next week I won't have to imagine anymore." She said, her voice quivering.

"Oh Mom, I'm feeling really good." Jacob moaned.

"So am I baby so I want you to cum with me. When we're done the three of us will suck you to another hard-on, then you can hump you're Grandma the rest of the trip, okay?" Michelle said.

"Sounds good to me." Jean smiled.

Michelle laid down flat on her son's chest, squashing her tits between them. Jacob watched as her gorgeous mommy-ass rose and fell rapidly. He then gazed up at the huge hanging udders floating over him.

"Michelle, I think my nephew's got a titty-fetish." Trudy said.

She got on her hands and knees, letting one of her massive breasts hang down just above Jacob's face. Jacob looked straight up at it as it wobbled slightly. He was like a little boy being teased with an ice-cream cone.

The breasts descended and the nipple fell into his open mouth. Pounds of tit-flesh oozed onto his face, smothering it completely.

"OH JACOB!" Michelle squealed, her ass hammering him relentlessly.

He sucked hard on Trudy's nipple and felt his mom's body begin to quiver against his. That's when his cock exploded!

"HHHHHHMMMMNNNNNN!!!!" He moaned, his tongue rolling across Trudy's engorged teat.

The first rope to blast from Jacob's cock had to be his biggest ever. It was a long quivering pulse delivering a huge steam of spunk into Michelle's bowels. Even Michelle could tell the first one was a whopper as she felt her son's cock-head balloon against the walls of her cavity.

Their bodies wrestled through their respective orgasms, not seeming to want it to end.

Jacob didn't know if he black out for a few minutes or what happened, but when he opened his eyes he was looking straight up into his Grandma's smiling face. Jean had his head in her lap, stoking it lovingly as her two daughters worked on Jacob's cock and balls.

He noticed the strong aroma a pussy and lifting his head he found himself staring straight at his mom's cunt. Michelle was in the 69 position, laying on her son's body and she vigorously nursed on his cock.

Trudy was down between Jacob's legs working his balls. She had one of his testicles stuffed in her mouth, spanking it with her tongue.

As Jacob lay his head back down, enjoying the amazing sensations, he gazed up at the underside of Jean's tits. He knew that as soon as his cock was back at full mast he'd be smothered in their love. Between the wonderful eye-candy and the way his mom sucked cock, it wasn't long.

Michelle popped the dick from her mouth, giving it a little wiggle.

"There...hard a granite." She said.

"Thank you girls." Jean said.

"Do you wanna be alone with him, momma?" Michelle asked.

"You girls wouldn't mind?" She smiled.

"Of course not." Trudy giggled.

"Be gentle with her, sweetie." Michelle said, giving his stick a few final strokes.

"Oh nonsense. I may be old but I can still handle a hammering." Jean smiled.

Michelle crawled up and got in the passenger seat while Trudy moved up between the two front seats. Jacob could hear the girls giggling as they whispered between each other.

"Sure you wanna hump this old body?" Jean asked.

"I wanna make you feel good Grandma. I wanna make you feel like a little girl again." Jacob said.

"Oh, you are quite the charmer." Jean said, crawling around and mounting him.

Jacob thought it would take some work to get into his Grandma's ass, but it slipped right in and sunk all the way to the hilt.

"Oh shit!" He moaned.

It was if his cock were just dipped in warm gravy. Jean buried the teen's face between her monstrous breasts and she leaned forward and began to ride.

"Oh my that is a big one." She said as she bounced her ass on Jacob's dong.

There was so much tit it took Jacob a minute to find her big pink cap. Jean's boobs were so big and so spongy soft that he just wanted to roll his tongue across every inch.

The girls peeked back and saw their mom's big bubbly ass rising and falling at a nice steady rhythm. Jacob's boner looked so thick and strong with her wrinkly little butt-hole stretched around it.

They giggled as they saw the boy's face completely masked in breast-meat. It was quite the sight. A 70 year old woman riding the big beautiful cock of her 18 year old Grandson.

After about five minute's Jean started to make little whimpering sounds. Even though she was 62 years his senior Jacob felt like he was fucking a young girl. He wanted nothing more than to fuck her silly.

The strong teen grabbed his Grandma's ass and began to jerk his hips upward, meeting her down stroke. He began fucking so hard that she couldn't keep up. All she could do was hang on for the ride.

Lewd slapping filled the vehicle as Jacob's scrotum thumped against Jean's bouncing ass.

Michelle and her sister couldn't help but watch, mouths agape, as the teen assaulted their mother's ass.

"Holy shit, Michelle, he's like a fucking porn star." Trudy said.

"I told you he's a stud." Michelle smiled.

Jean cried and shook as her body exploded with orgasm. Jacob didn't let up. He plowed his Grandma's ass until he felt her come down from her orgasmic cloud, then like reversing one of his opponents, he rolled her over on his back.

His cock stayed lodged in her rectum and Jean's legs instinctively coiled around him as he began to fuck hard again.

Jacob made animal-like grunts as he fucked like a mad-man.


"Jacob, maybe you should slow down, sweetheart." Michelle said, concerned for her mother.

"Don't you dare slow down, love. You just turn around and mind your own business young lady." Jean spat, her voice quivering.

Trudy smiled at her sister.

"Don't let age fool you little sister." She smiled.

For ten solid minutes Jacob's body thrashed against his Grandma as he lay against her massive breasts. Every few minutes he would hear a little whimper and feel her body quiver. Finally, it was Jacob's body that shook as thick ropes of hot semen surged from the tip of his penis. It seemed like they'd never stop as for two minutes he continued grinding.

Catching their breath, their bodies now a sweaty heap, Jean held her Grandson to her bosom, gently running her fingers through his hair.

" Grandson. My sweet, sweet baby." She said.

Gail pulled the van over to the side of the road.

"What are you doing, sis?" Michelle asked.

"Giving you the keys. It's my turn." She smiled.

"Good God, you must be crazy, Gail. He just had two orgasms, the poor boy must be spent." Trudy said.

Gail peered at Jacob as he rolled off his Grandma and onto his back.

"Is that true, Jacob? Too tired for one more ass?" She smiled naughtily.

Jacob's cock twitched. The women up front noticed it and smiled.

"Teenaged cock, tired? HA!" Gail said, handing her sister the keys.

Jacob's Grandparents had a beautiful lakeside log cabin tucked in a private little cove. The family met there every year for their annual reunion.

It was pretty spacious inside the two-story cabin, with more than enough room for everyone. Jacob slept on an air mattress in his Grandma's sewing room on the second floor. Exhausted from his activities the night before, it was nearly 11am when he finally woke up.

After laying there for a little bit, listening to the birds outside chirp, he sensed someone in the doorway.

Michelle smiled at her son as she struck a cute little pose in the doorway. She was completely naked, her hair pulled back in a pony.

"Good morning, handsome." She said.

"Morning Mom." Jacob stretched.

Michelle came over and crawled under the blankets with him. Jacob slept in only his boxes and he had the usual morning tent-pole. After snuggling up against him, Michelle fished out his prick and began to gently stroke at it.

"Where is everyone?" Jacob asked.

"All the boys and kids took the pontoon out fishing for the day. Your Aunt Trudy and Aunt Gail are out sunbathing on the dock and Grandma's downstairs cleaning, as usual." Michelle said.

"Laura's kind of a tomboy, isn't she." Jacob asked.

"She always has been and speaking of Laura, your Aunt Trudy tells me she's not on the pill, so don't get any bright ideas, Romeo." Michelle teased.

"Do you think she'd let me stick it in her butt?" Jacob asked.

"Well if she's anything like her mother there won't be an issue. Trudy doesn't want her knowing about any of this though, so if decide to get into her panties, you're on your own." Michelle said.

Michelle crawled onto her son, letting her pendulous tits drag against his chest. Still clutching his hard-on, she ran the mushroom tip through the moist folds of her vagina.

"One more match. One more win and my baby will be a full fledged motherfucker." She smiled, letting his bulb lick the mouth of her cavity.

"It's hard waiting." He said.

"I know it is and it's been such a long wait hasn't it, sweetheart?" She said lovingly.

"Long and hard." Jacob giggled.

"Like your cock." Michelle said, burying her face in the soft of Jacob's neck.

Jacob lay there while his mom loved on him, fluttering her tongue against the sensitive nerves on his neck. He looked up at the ceiling and smiled, savoring the feel of her big soft tits squashed against his chest.

He wondered how many other boys in the world were getting this same treatment. How many other guys were laying in bed with their big breasted moms.

"Now just look at you two." Jean said from the doorway.

Michelle peered back and smiled.

"Hi, momma." She said.

Jean came over and sat beside them. Jacob noticed that his Grandma was wearing a big flowery robe. It was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra by the way her huge boobs wobbled when she sat.

"You're just like a couple of horny little bunnies." She smiled as they all giggled.

"Can you blame me for being horny? Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?" Michelle said, gazing down at her son with goo-goo eyes.

Jean stared down at Jacob, softly running her long nails across his cheek.

"He reminds me of your father when he was younger. So strong and tender, always eager to crawl between my legs." Jean smiled.

"You miss that, don't you momma?" Michelle asked.

"I'd be a fool if I said I didn't. I may be old, but I am still a woman." She smiled.

"You're a beautiful woman, Grandma." Jacob said.

"Am glad you think so, sweetie-bear." Jean said.

Jacob's Grandma stood up and started for the door.

"Well, I'm gonna leave you two love-birds alone, go back to my cleaning." She said.

After she left the room Michelle gave her son a serious look.

"I'm gonna go back out and lay in the sun. Will you do me a favor, sweetie?" She asked.

"What?" Jacob answered.

"Will you please go down there and fuck the shit out of my mother?" Michelle grinned.

"With pleasure." Jacob smiled.

"Jacob." Michelle said.

"Yeah." He said, gazing up at his mom.

"I know I said no pussy until you win state, but I think a big dick cleaning the cobwebs out of her cunt is what your Grandma really needs right now." Michelle explain.

"Are you serious?" Jacob muttered.

"If it were anyone but my mother I'd say no. Look at it as though it were a practice fight to get you ready for your match next week with your fiercest" She smiled.

"What about Grandpa? Isn't he downstairs?" Jacob asked. "Oh, sweetie, you're Grandpa's lost his mind. He'll hear what's going on, but won't remember it for more than a few minutes." Michelle smiled.

Jean was dusting the bookshelf. Her husband sat in his wheelchair watching a baseball game.

"Whatcha doin' Grandma?" Jacob's voice asked.

Jean turned and saw her Grandson walk into the room. He was still in his boxers and his big boner made the material tent way out.

"Well, hello. I suppose you've come down here to find a warm place to put that thing?" She asked, glancing at his bobbing bulge.

"Yeah." Jacob said.

"Well I think I know just the place. Come on." She said, extending her hand.

Jacob took his Grandma's hand as she lead him towards her bedroom. Jean fed her husband a wicked little smile as she passed. Jacob felt a little guilty as he saw his Grandpa sitting there, but it was nothing comparing to the wicked excitement of knowing that he was going to pop his Grandma's cherry all over again.

Michelle strolled into the room and patted her father's cheek. He eyeballed her big dangling tits.

"Don't worry, daddy. She's gonna scream just like she used to." Michelle said.

Michelle glanced into the master bedroom just as her son was crawling between her mother's legs. Michelle smiled and strolled towards the door. Her big bubbly ass swayed seductively, capturing her father's attention.

Jean's cunt-lips were peeled apart as the head of Jacob's spear sunk into her creamy groove. Her pussy awoke from it's slumber as the mouth of her furnace stretched around Jacob's girth.

With three mighty thrusts Jacob's monster was balls deep. With one more little nudge he felt his purple bulb squash against the head of her cervix.

"Oh God." He groaned.

"Oh Lord it's been so long." Jean sighed.

For a good five minutes Jacob lay flat against his Grandma's body, slowly worming his cock in and out, savoring the place he had never been.

The old rusted bedspring whined with each thrust.


For the first time in his life Jacob was ready to pound some pussy. Holding her soft legs back he started to bear down hard. His big hairless scrotum rapped against her ass as his cock plunged in and out of her gaping fuck-tunnel.

"OH! OH, YOU LOVELY BOY!" She shouted.

Jacob kept a steady pace for about two minutes before he felt his Grandma begin to quiver.

"UH..UH...UH...UUUHHHNNNNGGGGNNN!!!" She whined, he body convulsing.

Jacob rode her straight through her orgasm, then, feeling his balls tighten, he thrust his cock deep and grinded.

The spongy head of her cervix felt like a tongue dragging against Jacob's knob as he plowed the back of her vagina.

Moments later he was back to thrusting. The bedsprings were now a steady repetitious squeak that filled the downstairs.


Jacob's Grandfather listened to the fuck-song as he watched the game. In the background, through the open doorway, his Grandson's ass rose and fell, his wife's old but still sexy legs kicked high in the air.

"OH YOU BEAUTUFUL WELL-HUNG BOY!" Jean's voice quivered.

Moments later she was squealing once again, her little toes curling as her pussy began to cream around it's meaty guest.

Even though Jacob was in hog-heaven he wanted more than anything to make his Grandma cum again and again. Little did he realize that before they were through Jean would have twelve of the most powerful orgasms of her life.

She had only a few on her back, but once she was riding her young stallion, her orgasmic juices would begin to flow like a faucet.

Jacob felt like King Shit! Here he was on his back, his cock being fucked by the matriarch of the entire family, his face smothered in the world's softest tits as he sucked and chewed on their big rubbery crowns. His big cock, that never tired, was about to make this mature Goddess scream again. Where the fuck would an 18 year old boy rather be?

Jacob pounded his Grandma for nearly an hour before he blew his nuts. He lay there on her soft sweaty flesh, resting his head on one of her pillowy breasts as they both caught there breath.

"Oh...I have a feeling you're gonna make me lots of great grandbaby's with that beautiful thing." She sighed.

A little while later Jacob strolled from the house down to the water. He was still naked, his cock and balls flopping between his legs.

His Grandparents cabin was on thirty secluded acres so privacy wasn't an issue and besides, his mom and her sisters were naked, so why should he be too.

He swam out to the floating dock where his mom, Aunt Gail and Aunt Trudy were all laying on their tummy's soaking up the sun. He could hear them talking and giggling.

The sight of three voluptuous woman, completely naked, laying on their stomach's side by side had Jacob's cock hard before he even reached the dock.

"Is it just me or do I hear a horny teenager trying to sneak up on us." Gail said.

They all looked back as Jacob arrived at the dock.

"Did you fuck your Grandma hard, sweet-baby?" Michelle asked. "Oh yeah." Jacob smiled.

" was your first pussy?" Michelle asked.

"Awesome...Grandma said I can fuck her again later." He said.

"Wow, you must have made quite an impression." Trudy said.

"With that dick I guarantee he made an impression." Gail said, making them all giggle.

Still in the water Jacob had a great view of their long tan legs which were all slightly spread, revealing their cute little clamshells. The plump cunnies were all bald and glistening with sweat.

"So are you gonna come up here and let these three horny moms oil you down?" Michelle asked.

"Sure." Jacob smiled, lifting himself up on the platform.

There was a floating mattress laying on the dock and Jacob crawled onto it and lay on his back. His big dick stuck up like a flagpole as he found himself surrounded by the three sisters.

Gail squirted baby-oil all over his cock and balls and she and Trudy latched onto his shaft. Even with both their sexy fists around his greasy dong they only covered half of it. They began to stroke the vein-covered steak.

"Oh I love this big fucking dick!" Gail growled.

"And his balls are so fucking smooth and soft." Trudy said, kneading his scrotum. Michelle squirted more baby oil onto her son's chest and began to gently message it in, gazing down lustfully at his young muscular frame.

Jacob's eye's were drawn to the six huge drooping breasts as they rocked and quivered. They each glistened with a combination of baby-oil and sweat and their areolas were all plump and swollen from the heat of the noonday sun.

"I think our baby wants to fuck him some big greasy titties, don't you, sweetie?" Michelle asked.

"Yeah." Jacob smiled.

Jacob's cock rose between Gail's dangling udders and she squeezed them together, sandwiching his slippery hard-on.

"Spent all morning in Grandma's pussy and now it wants to get between some warm titties." Gail said, in a cute little girls voice.

Gail and Trudy tag teamed Jacob's cock with their tits. His fat mushroom head bubbled with pre-cum as it split the top of Trudy's cleavage, emerging from it's creamy fuck-pocket.

"Oh, my big tits usually swallow a dick whole, but not this big beautiful thing." Trudy said.

"That's okay. Aunt Gail's can wrap her lips around the big juicy head." Gail said, capturing the tip in her mouth.

Jacob shuttered as her felt Gail's tongue flutter across his cock-head. She made a lewd sucking sound causing her mouth to vibrate around the tip of his dong.

Michelle straddled her son's chest and brought her body down onto his so her boobs rested on his shoulders.

"I wanna suck on my baby's tongue." She whispered, bringing her lips to his.

Mother and son began to make out, their tongues rolling and twisting together. Jacob wrapped his arms around his mom. She felt so fucking good against him.

Gail bounced her tits on Jacob's dick, fucking it up between her oily boobs As she did this Trudy massaged his balls, digging her long nails into the tender flesh of his nuts.

"Does that feel good, baby. Does it feel good to have your big dick smothered between Aunt Gail's titties, huh?" Gail asked.

"Uh-huh." Jacob hummed as his mom's pink snake flailed away inside his mouth.

Things continued this way for a good fifteen minutes before Michelle rose from his chest.

"How's my dick girls? You taking good care of it?" She asked.

Gail's tongue was sliding up the shaft as Trudy nursed hungrily on the spongy bulb.

"It's yummy." Trudy whined as the purple cap slipped between her pouty mommy-lips.

Michelle moved in, letting her son's cock slip into her mouth. Gail grasped it around the base and pulled the loose skin up and down his shaft a few times to meet her sister's lips. "That's it sis, suck that big pussy-fucker." She said.

Trudy and Michelle's tongues worked in unison fluttering away at bulb and crown of Jacob's lucky cock.

"Big, strong boner felt so good riding my rump last night." Gail said.

"How bout it, stud. Wanna stretch some horny butt-holes again today?" Gail asked.

"Oh fuck yeah." Jacob sighed, enjoying the amazing sensations on his dick.

A few minutes later the three sister's were on their hands and knees, side by side, their big tits dangling beneath them. In the middle was Michelle and Jacob was already kneeling behind her, hammering away at her ass.

"Oh God that's so good!" She moaned.

His sweaty balls slapped against her cunt as he plunged his thick penis in and out of her ass. All three woman were reaching between their legs and rubbing their clits.

Gail wiggled her ass, her big brown pucker pulsing anxiously.

"Fuck me!" She pleaded.

Slipping from his mom's ass, Jacob quickly moved to Gail's and popped his shiny cock-head into her steamy ass-socket. With one long thrust he sunk all the way to his balls.

"Oh my God!" He groaned.

He watched his Aunt Gail's ass ripple as he thrust into her with long ball-busting strokes.

"Oh fuck, I love that cock." Gail muttered.

"That cock's gonna fuck my pussy next week, isn't it sweetie?" Michelle asked proudly, winking back at Jacob.

"Uh-huh." Jacob answered.

"Have you got back on the pill yet, sis?" Trudy asked.

"No, I have an appointment with my doctor on Tuesday." Michelle said.

"Don't let her try to talk you into using fucking condoms. Some doctor's can do that you know." Trudy said.

"Oh fuck that. I'll let him get me pregnant before I make him wear a condom. That's just cruel." Michelle said.

"OH FUCK!" Gail screamed.

Gail thrust her ass back, meeting Jacob stroke for stroke. This caused his scrotum to slap hard against her ass. Her long tan legs began to become unsteady.

"That's it, baby. Fuck that sexy ass." Michelle said encouragingly.

"HUH, HUH, OH FUCK YEAH I'M CUMMING!" Gail cried, her head tilting backwards.

Jacob felt her asshole tighten around his phallus as her body began to convulse. He rode her hard straight through her orgasm.

Trudy's ass was ready and waiting. Her big brown butt-hole slipped easily over Jacob's crown and his cock sunk straight to the root.

Jean stepped outside onto the porch in a halter gown. Her tits were obviously braless beneath the top as they hung way down onto her tummy.

She looked out towards the floating dock to see Jacob pounding her oldest daughters ass. She could see Trudy's tits rocking wildly beneath her as the vigorous teen fucked with all he had. It was quite the sight...three grown women each with their butts in the air eager to be pounded by a handsome teenaged boy.

For a good half-hour Jacob moved from one woman to the next, riding their mommy-rumps and making each of them scream.

"Oh God, I'm feeling good." Jacob groaned, slamming his prick deep inside Michelle's ass.

"Cum on our tits, sweetie." Michelle said, pulling her ass off his cock.

The three women turned around and formed a little circle on their knees, holding their tits up. Jacob jacked his cock right above the greasy cluster of breast-meat.

"UGGGGHHHHH!!!" He grunted, as thick ropes of jism erupted from his cock-head.

"Oh yeah, cum all over these big tits, stud!" Gail shouted.

After cumming hard Jacob dived off the side of the dock. The three women screamed and giggled playfully. Gail dived in after him and soon after Jacob surfaced so did she and threw her arms and legs around him.

"Get back here you sexy boy." She said.

Like a horny young couple Jacob and Gail started making out. Jacob kept them afloat as Gail hung on, her tits squashed against his chest. Jacob could feel the underside of his still hard shaft resting against the warm folds of her quim.

"Ummmnnn" Gail hummed as her tongue wrestled with her nephew's.

Trudy and Michelle dove in and swam over to them. Trudy had one of those long floating water noodles.

"Here, baby. Put this float between your legs. It'll help you hold the three of us horny old gals up." Trudy said.

Jacob put the water noodle down between his legs so him and Gail could straddle it like a horse. This allowed them to float effortlessly. Gail adjusted herself so that she was now pretty much sitting on Jacob's lap, with her legs wrapped around him.

Trudy straddled the noodle also, coming right up behind the teen so her huge wet boobs were pancaked against his back. She rested her legs on top of Gail's so that she took could coil them around her nephew. She reached around and drug her nails on the tender flesh of his chest.

Jacob was now sandwiched between two women, one still had her tongue squirming against his, while the other began fluttering her pink snake against his neck.

Michelle swam up beside them and climbed on board, twisting her legs in through her sisters so she could straddle her son from the side. This caused the four of them to sink to their necks, but they still managed to float without kicking.

"This it what you call a mom sandwich." Michelle said.

"A meaty teenaged boy smothered in mommies." Gail said between kisses.

Jacob moved from Gail's lips to his mom's and Gail moved from Jacob's lips to his neck. The lucky 18 year old now had two woman working each side of his neck and his gorgeous mother exploring the inside of his mouth with her tongue.

Jacob's cock was trapped between the float and Gail's muffin. He could feel her soft peddles squashed against it and as they bobbed in the water Gail's genitals gently slid back and forth across his shaft.

"Holy shit, this is so cool." Jacob muttered, making the three sisters giggle.

"Oh, Michelle, our baby likes it." Gail giggled, fluttering her tongue against Jacob's ear.

"Do you like getting loved on by us, sweetie?" Michelle asked.

"Oh yeah." Jacob smiled.

"You mean you wouldn't rather be out fishing with the boys, baby?" Trudy smiled. "No fucking way." He said, making the three sisters giggle.

For a half-hour they floated like a big bobbing mass of sex. Three gorgeous big breasted moms against a handsome teen with a huge rock hard penis.

"UUUUGGGNNNHHHH!!!" Jacob grunted, as six experienced hands worked together on his cock and balls, bringing him to a toe-curling orgasm.

That night as they sat around the fire-pit it struck Jacob just how wickedly naughty he was. Here were these wife's, cuddling with their loving husbands after they had spent the day fucking and sucking him.

It was only early evening and Jacob knew he'd be getting laid at least a couple times that night. He just didn't realize it would be so soon.

Michelle left the group as one of Jacob's uncles was telling a boring hunting story. Jacob watched her stroll towards the door, her braless tits jiggling beneath her gown. Before she stepped inside she gave him a naughty little look.

"Come on." She mouthed.

Jacob followed her inside. Gail and Trudy looked at each other and smiled. They knew their sister was hungry for cock.

Not a word was said as Jacob followed his mom upstairs and into the bathroom. She closed and locked the door behind them and like an animal in heat began tearing her son's clothes off of him.

"We have to be quick." She whispered as she reached under her gown and slid her panties down her legs.

By now Jacob's confidence level was high so he felt right at home being the aggressor. As they began to kiss he reached around and squeezed her soft bubbly ass-cheeks.

He slid his hands down the back of her thighs and Michelle knew exactly what he wanted. Throwing her arms around his neck she hopped from the floor and coiled her long legs around his waist.

"We need lube." She said as her lips smacked against her son's.

Jacob walked his mom over to her bag which sat near the bathroom sink. As she reached down and thumbed through it he took a good look at the both of them in the bathroom mirror.

"What a fucking sight." He thought as he eyeballed the long tan silky-smooth legs that were wrapped around him.

He could see his mom's sexy feet tucked behind him, her heels resting on his ass. Her shapely mommy-rump hovered over his iron-hard cock as she reached around and applied lubricant to his cock-head and shaft.

His heart fluttered excitedly as he realized that this was his own mom he was holding, the one who gave birth to him and read him stories at night when he was a little boy. Now he was a big boy, with a large penis and Jacob was seeing a side of his mom that sons down't usually get to see.

Michelle guided her son's cap to its big puckered target and slipped it inside. She lowered her ass and with one long thrust Jacob sunk to his balls.

"Oh yeah, there's my baby." Michelle moaned.

Jacob pinned her against the wall and began to hammer away. With each of his upward strokes Michelle pushed her ass down, sending his greasy sausage into the deepest, darkest regions of her bowels.

"Oh God." His voice quivered.

"You're taking such good care of momma's rump, aren't you baby?" Michelle asked.

"I love your ass, mom." Jacob sighed.

"My ass loves you, sweetie. It loves to bounce up and down on that big monster, smothering it with warm love." She said.

Jacob fucked with everything he had, shaking Michelle's fragile body with each powerful thrust. She held on tight for the ride with her long gorgeous mommy-legs wrapped tightly around him.

"Oh my God, you're getting good.." She moaned, her body on the brink of orgasmic bliss.

"Uh fuck, I'm gonna cum!" Jacob muttered.

"Oh baby, me too!" Michelle cried.

As Jacob felt the lava rise from his balls he planted his cock as deep up his mom's shit-hole as it would go and held it there.

"UUUUHHHNNNGGGGG!!!!!!" He grunted, firing a hot blast of teenaged spunk into her guts.

Michelle was right behind him. She let out a muffled little scream into the soft of his neck as her body began to tremble.

For two full minutes they rode the wave together, grunting and quivering as Michelle's anal ring slowly slipped up and down her son's thick veiny butt-fucker.

"Oh sweetie-bear, you rock my fucking world." Michelle sighed.

"I love rocking your world, mom." Jacob said.

"We better get back downstairs before your father figures out you're rocking my world." Michelle joked.

Having been gone no longer that 15 minutes Michelle and Jacob rejoined the family on the porch. The sisters all exchanged a knowing smile.

Having had a long day the whole house was in bed by ten. About midnight Michelle slipped out of bed and snuck down to the room her son was staying in.

When she cracked the door open and peeked inside Michelle found her mother and Jacob making love on his mattress bed. Jean was riding him at a nice slow steady pace. Michelle could see her son's cock slipping in and out of the soft fleshy folds of her mother's vagina.

Jacob's face was buried in a soft mound of granny-tits. He looked like he was in absolute euphoria as he sucked and chewed on her monster areola.

He peeked over and saw his mom watching from the crack in the doorway. With a mouth full of breast he smiled and gave her the thumbs up.

"I love you." She mouthed, then gently closed the door.

Jacob woke the next morning around ten. He was surprised to see his cousin Laura sitting in a chair across from him. What was even more suprising was that she was in a skimpy pair of panties and a wife-beater t-shirt. She was listening to Jacob's MP3 player, with her cute little bare feet propped up on the chair. Her long milky-white legs were slightly spread and Jacob could clearly see the bulge of her clamshell through the thin fabric.

"I like your music." She said, looking down at him.

"Thanks. Where is everyone?" He asked.

"They all went into town for breakfast. Won't be back for a while." She said.

Jacob laid back and tucked his hands behind his head. His muscular bare chest was exposed and his morning wood made an impressive tent in the sheet.

" you have a boyfriend?" He asked.

"Yeah, he's a wrestler like you. Not as good though. So, do you always wake up like that?" Laura asked, glancing at the bulge in the sheet.

"Yeah, pretty much." He said.

"You must be pretty big for it to stick way up like that." Laura giggled.

"Yeah, it's pretty big, at least that's what all the girls I've been with say." Jacob said with pride.

Laura got up and pranced over to the window. Jacob watched her braless tits jiggle beneath her top and as she looked out at the lake he got a great view of her plump teenaged ass. Her panties were bunched up in her ass crack, exposing a lot off cheek.

"It's so beautiful here." She said.

"It sure is." Jacob said, staring at her long legs.

Laura turned and looked down at him.

"I know we're cousins and all you wanna fuck?" She said, matter of factly.

"Sure." Jacob muttered, his heart racing.

Laura peeled off her panties, revealing her cute little bald pussy.

"I sort of have this problem though." Jacob said.

"What kinda problem?" She asked.

"Well, I promised my girlfriend that I wouldn't have sex with anyone else." Jacob said.

"That's not a problem. I promise my boyfriend the same thing but I have sex with lots of other guys. Your secrets safe with me." Laura smiled.

"Well, she is okay with me doing other kinds of things with girls." Jacob said. "What kinds of other things?" Laura asked curiously.

"Well, she's okay with me going down on them and having anal sex." Jacob explained.

"Wow, so she'll let you eat other girls pussies and butt-fuck them? This girl must be so cool. Does she go to your school?" Laura asked, lifting her shirt off.

Jacob could barely answer as he caught sight of her big plump titties.

"No, uh...she's a little older than I am." Jacob said.

"How much older?" Laura asked.

"Oh, about twenty years." Jacob smiled.

"Holy fuck. Does your mom know?" She asked.

"Well, yeah actually she does." He answered.

"My boyfriend and I do anal, but he's not very good at it.... I bet you are though." Laura said, gazing at the tent in the blankets.

Jacob slowly slipped the sheet off his body revealing his big butt-fucker in all its glory. Laura's eyes got big and she gasped as her mouth curled into a naughty little smile.

At the restaurant the three sisters and their mother Jean sat in a booth talking while the men were outside shooting the shit with a couple other local guys.

"I was so jealous when you two went inside last night, I could have killed you." Gail said, gazing at Michelle.

"You could have taken him inside. I just beat you to the punch." Michelle said.

"Yeah, well we'll see who's punching first tonight." Gail said.

"Now wait a minute I think if anyone gets laid tonight it's me. You two are gonna be the one's tag-teaming him all summer." Trudy said.

"Now girls, why don't the three of you take him down to the boat house tonight and take turns on him like you did yesterday. In fact I may just join you this time." Jean said.

"Jesus, mother, you two fucked for an hour last night. Let us have some time with him." Trudy said.

"Oh dear, an hour's not nearly enough. Your mother may be old but she still has a healthy sexual appetite. Where do you think you girls got it from?" She asked, making her daughters giggle.

"I wonder if Laura's starting to crave sex like I do?" Trudy said.

"OH FUCK!" Laura cried as she was nailed to the mattress.

Her long milky-white legs were wrapped around Jacob's waist, her heels resting against his bouncing ass as his cock plunged in and out of her gaping butt-hole.

Jacob fucked her hard as he lay flat against her, savoring the feel of her young, firm tits against his chest. She let out a high-pitched squeal and her body began to convulse as yet another orgasm wracked her fragile teenaged body. "Well I for one refuse to sit there and watch my mother get her pussy pounded unless I can too." Trudy said.

"I agree, Michelle. State-Champ or not this "ass only" thing's getting a little old, don't you think?" Gail said.

"Hold on sec. Who was preaching to me when I first started this about giving him little rewards at a time...and saving vaginal intercourse for when he won state?" Michelle asked.

"That's great, so save your vagina, but don't deprive the rest of us." Gail said.

The four of them got quiet as Michelle looked down in thought.

"I guess... well, call me selfish, but I quess I just wanted his cherry, that's all." She said in a sweet little tone.

"Newsflash, sis. Your mother gobbled that cherry up yesterday." Trudy smiled.

Michelle and Jean exchanged a look.

"Hey, you told him it was okay." Jean said.

"I know I did, but I did that more for you than him. I wanted you to remember what it felt like to have a big dick inside of you. To be fucked hard like you used to be." Michelle said.

Jean reached over an took Michelle's hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. She searched her daughters eyes.

"First of all, daughter of mine, there is no "remembering." That was the biggest dick and that was the hardest fuck I've ever had." She said, making her daughters giggle.

"Secondly, that gorgeous boy of yours could fuck every single pussy on this planet and it still wouldn't be his momma's pussy. I've seen the two of you move together offence to my other girls, but it's like nothing I've ever seen." Jean said.

Michelle knew what her mother was talking about. She had been with many sexual partners in her lifetime, but when her and Jacob were together, it was like an intricate dance in which they both knew instinctively just how to move.

"Next week the two of you will be floating on your own little cloud. I promise you, when he makes love to his mother it'll be like nothing he's ever experienced." Jean said.

Michelle felt a surge of overwhelming excitement shoot through her body. She pressed her cute little toes hard against her sandals, flexing her long matronly legs. She felt her labial meat peel apart and vaginal juice trickle down into the crack of her ass. She felt her big breasts give out an excited quiver and her nipples harden into huge rubbery knots.

"Yes...I know it will." She whispered, her lips curling into a devilish little grin.

" that a YES?" Gail asked anxiously.

Michelle peered over at her and Trudy with a smile.

"That's a yes." She said.

Gail and Trudy let out an excited cheer, like two little horny teenaged girls, bouncing in their seats and making their huge mommy-boobs jump.

The men outside heard them and smiled in through the window, shaking their heads. Little did they know that the source of their wives excitement was a big teenaged dick that would be hammering their pussies and making them cream.

Speaking of big teenaged dick, Laura's plump ass rested against Jacob, his tool buried so far up her shitter that only his big hairless scrotum was left tucked snuggly in her crack. She shifted her hips, up and back, up and back, digging his cock-head into the depths of her bowels. A froth of butt-butter escaped from her hole and ran down across Jacob's testicles.

"OH GOD!" Laura cried as her little legs began to shake.

She was leaning against Jacob, who was in his favorite position, on his back with his mouth stuffed full of breast-meat. He let his teeth scrape against her areola as he felt her young body convulsing.

Laura's sexy teenaged butt bounced on Jacob's dick for a little over twenty minutes before he before he blew his nuts. His meaty cock had made his cousin cream at least a dozen times and her young body shook yet again as he as the ropes of jism blasted from his cockhead.

"Holy shit, I envy the hell out of your girlfriend." She panted, laying flat against her big-dicked cousin.

This brought a huge smile to Jacob's face.

"If you only knew." He thought.

Most of the family hung around the cabin that day, swimming and socializing. In the early afternoon Jacob decided to take the boat out to do some fishing. With five horny pussies floating around him like vultures, there was no fucking chance of him going alone.

Any of the women would have jumped at the chance, however, they all knew Michelle was the "alpha-female" so to speak. Jacob was hers, which always gave her first dibs.

"Hey, handsome, Going fishing?" She asked as Jacob prepared the little boat.

"Yeah, I thought I'd try my luck for a few hours." He said.

It didn't take Jacob's mind long to wander far from the fishing. Michelle was standing near the bank in a pair of cut-off Daisy Duke shorts and skimpy bikini top. Michelle had her hands on her hips and with all that tit-flesh oozing over the fabric, Jacob felt his cock begin to rise to salute.

"Need some company?" She smiled.

"Sure." He muttered.

"Be right back. I'm gonna let your father know we're going out." She said.

Jacob watched her prance away, her luscious ass-cheeks spilling from her shorts and swaying naughtily. He let his eyes travel down those long silky-smooth legs, the muscles flexing as she walked. Then there were those sexy bare feet. God-damn how he loved his mother's cute little feet. He could already feel them resting on his ass.

When Michelle came back she was carrying a inflatable mattress that hadn't been pumped up yet. She stepped into the boat and set it down.

"You're bringing that?" He asked.

"Of course I am. It's my bait. That's how I'm gonna catch the big one." She said, reaching back and rubbing his cock through his shorts.

"The big one huh?" Jacob smiled.

Michelle turned and looked into his eyes with this cute little smile.

"Yep. The big juicy one. It won't be able to resist jumping on my hook. You'll see." She smiled.

Michelle and her son set off in their little boat. They traveled for about twenty minutes before they found a nice private little cove.

Jacob threw over the anchor and set up his fishing gear while Michelle used the automatic pump to blow-up the mattress. It wasn't long before it was fully inflated. It was a large water-mattress, about the size of a full-sized bed mattress, with built-in pillows.

"Mmmm, doesn't that look comfy." She said teasingly.

The mattress had a tie-on which Michelle securely fastened the end of a rope to. She tied the other end of the rope to the boat and threw the mattress out into the water.

Leashed to the boat, the water mattress floated off about 30 feet away. Knowing she had her son's attention, Michelle undid her shorts. With her back to him she slowly slid them down her big bubbly bare ass and kept going until they fell to her pretty little feet.

Jacob squeezed the knot in his shorts as he stared at the big buttery butt-hole peeking out from between those meaty cheeks.

Michelle reached around, untied her bikini top and let it slip from her breasts. Jacob could see the sloping breast-bulge drooping way down onto her tummy.

Michelle dove into the water and swam over to the mattress. Jacob watched as his mom gracefully slipped up onto the float and resting on her knees, squeezed the water out of her hair.

He picked up his pole and cast it out, deciding to play hard to get. After a few minutes, the water mattress floated back behind the boat.

"Jaaaaccccooobbbb." Michelle called teasingly.

He smiled, trying to ignore her.

"Jaaaaccccoooobbb." Her sexy voice sang.

Despite how he tried Jacob couldn't ignore her. He peeked around and saw his mom laying down on her tummy, resting on her elbows. Her body was still wet and glistened beautifully in the noon day sun. Her big mommy-boobs were all spilled out onto the mattress beneath her and she had a warm smile as she stared back at her little boy.

"Cooooome here." She said in a soft, loving tone, patting the cusion beneath her. "I can't catch fish from back there, mom." He smiled.

"So you're gonna to just ignore that big boner in your shorts?" She said.

"I guess so." He said, trying to keep a straight face.

"Jacob Little, get your ass back here, right now." She said, half-sternly.

"But mom I wanna fish." He said.

"Yeah, right. I think I know you better than that, young man." She smiled.

"Obviously you don't." He said.

"Well that's too bad then. I guess you'd rather fish than spend the day fucking your mother's pussy." She said.

Jacob quickly stood up and turned around with a look of surprise.

"You'd let me fuck your pussy today...seriously?" He asked.

Michelle got a cute little look, cocking her head to the side.

"Well, you could come out here and we could talk about it." She said.

In a split second Jacob was naked and diving into the water. Moments later he was pulling himself onto the mattress with Michelle. She giggled at how eager he was.

With Jacob on his back Michelle crawled up next to him. Letting her big pendulous tits drag onto his chest, she reached down and curled her fist around his dong, giving it a few gentle strokes.

"See, I told you my big juicy one would take the bait." She smiled.

"So are you serious about letting me fuck you?" He asked.

There was a short pause as Michelle gazed down into his eyes.

"You know, when I first started loving on you a month ago I really didn't expect things to turn out the way they did." Michelle explained.

"What do you mean?" Jacob asked.

"Well, I guess I just didn't expect that I'd feel the way I do...about you...and about us." She explained.

"How do you feel?" Jacob asked.

"Well, judging by the fact that I can't keep my hands off of you, it's pretty obvious how I feel, isn't it?" She said.

"In case you haven't noticed your mother is a very sexual women, and she's been with a lot of guys in her life...but you're the only one, YOU, who's ever been able to keep up with me. I guess what I'm trying to say is at some point along the way this not only became about you...but about me too." She smiled.

"I can't ever imagine being with someone who makes me feel the way you do." Jacob said.

"Oh, sweetheart, I haven't even scratched the surface of how I could make you feel." Michelle said, her eyes lost in his. Jacob's heart skipped a beat. Here was this matronly Goddess, her tits hanging down and resting lightly on his upper chest, her hand still stroking his cock. Her hair was all slicked back and wet while she stared down at him with those big beautiful brown eyes. It was like a wonderful wet dream.

"Are you ready to fuck your mother." She smiled.

"What about winning state?" Jacob asked.

"I'm so proud of how far you've come, but honestly, at this point, love, it doesn't really matter. Win or lose next week, you'll still be between mom's legs." She said.

"Cool." He smiled.

"So...ready for some pussy, cowboy?" She asked.

"Fuck yeah." Jacob said.

Michelle slipped down onto her back and motioned for Jacob to follow her.

"Come on." She whispered.

Jacob moved down between his mom's legs, his mighty spear creeping towards the bald flower. As he came down on her chest Michelle positioned his cock so the bulbous head kissed the mouth of her vagina.

He felt her feet slide onto the back of his thighs as she raised her knees.

"Jacob." She said, looking up at him. "You're my champion." She said.

"Push." Michelle whispered.

Jacob thrust forward and held his breath as he felt his cock encased in Michelle's warm buttery fuck-sheath. Her soft vaginal walls molded around every vien as they expanded to accommodate his meaty girth.

"OOOHHH GGGOOODDD!" Jacom muttered, as he slid in inch by inch, his cockhead searching for bottom.

Michelle's eyes got big, a cute little gasp leaving her mouth as more dick just kept filling her.

Finally as Jacob's balls hugged the crack of his mom's ass, he felt his fat cum-drooling bulb bottom out.

"UHHH, Oh God, I can feel you against my cervix." Michelle gasped.

"Is that okay?" Jacob muttered.

"Oh sweetie, it's dreamy." She moaned.

Jacob put his face right against his moms and they both stared deeply into each other's eyes as they felt their genitals flex and contract together.

Michelle squeezed her cunt muscles around Jacob's cock, smothering it with warm tight love.

"Oh, wow." He sighed.

"You like that, love?" Michelle asked.

Jacob didn't have to answer. It was obvious that the teenager was in pussy heaven. For a good five minutes he just lay there moaning as Michelle did a little squeeze and release around his manhood.

"Oh, that's my baby. He just needed his momma's pussy." She whispered.

Slowly, gradually, they set in motion as Jacob began to saw his cock up and down her birth canal.

"Oh. Sweetie, you're doing it. You're fucking my pussy." Michelle whined.

"God, it feels so ggggood!" Jacob muttered.

Jacob squeezed Michelle's big tits, his finger sinking down into the pillow-like flesh.

At a nice slow steady pace Jacob's cock wormed in and out out Michelle's warm clutching vagina, his bulbous purple mushroom sank against the soft spongy head of her cervix with each downward thrust.

"Oh yeah, that's it, baby... just like that." Michelle moaned.

Normally Jacob could fuck for a long while before blowing his load, but not this time, even while grinding. The feeling of his mom's soft pussy around his raging boner was too much.

Michelle's orgasm was building too. It didn't take a pussy-stretcher as big as Jacob's very long to make a women squeal.

"Oh sweetie, momma's gonna cum on your cock." She whined.

Their bodies were so in sync that the second Jacob's cock-head started to ballon, Michelle's back began to arch.

"OH FUCK, JACOB, I'M CUMMING!!!" Michelle announced, her face contorting with pleasure.

Jacob kept his slow steady pace even as his prick began to spit it's potent milk.


He clung tightly to his mom as their bodies faught against each other. It was as though they were engaged in their own little sexual wrestling match, each one using the others body to intensify their orgasm.

Their bodies were a glistening ball of sex, thrusting and quaking on the water-mattress. Michelle's long silky-smooth legs were wrapped around her son's back and were like the fleshy strap holding them together.

It was two full minutes before mother and son came back down to earth. Jacob sighed as he lay against his mom.

"Oh, God. That was incredible." He muttered.

"Incredible, my dear, is an understatment." Michelle said.

"Mom." Jacob said.

"What is it, lover." She answered.

"Did I do something I shouldn't have?" He asked.

"What do you mean, sweetie?" She asked.

"Well, I heard you tell Aunt Trudy yesterday that you haven't gone on the pill yet and I know." Jacob said.

"Yes, you did, didn't you. Well, can't cry over spilt milk, now can we?" She said, making them both giggle.

"Beside's you might enjoy spending your summer at home with a pregnant mother riding your dick." She said, gazing up at him.

"No, that doesn't sound too bad." He said.

"A big baby-ball sandwiched between us. Huge milk-filled tits slapping against your face while we bounce on my bed all day. No, I don't think you'll mind." She said.

Jacob cock twitched at the very thought of it. Michelle smiled as she felt it in her cream-filled cunny.

"I think someone liked the sound of that." She smiled.

"I think so too." He grinned.

Michelle gently rolled Jacob over onto his back. He watched as his mom got onto her knees and swung her leg over his head as she turned the opposite direction.

Jacob gazed up at his mom's amazing cunt as it floated just above his face. Her big fleshy peddles were still splayed open and he could see his own spung dripping from her honey-pot.

He looked down between their bodies as he felt his mom grasp his deflating cock and stroke it gently. He felt blood rush to his genitals as he watched Michelle's dangling tits brush against his tummy as they gently wobbled.

Her twat fell to his waiting mouth and her soft tits rested against his abdomen as Michelle brought her body onto his and slipped his cock into her mouth.

For a good half-hour Jacob sucked and chewed on his mom's labia. He felt her body shiver at least a half-dozen times as he worked her clit with his tongue, paying special attention to the little spot under the hood that he knew drove her wild.

As Jacob had his fill of mommy-pussy, Michelle sloppily sucked his cock and balls, gradually bringing her son's phallus to full mast. She took her time, letting her tongue explore every bulging vien. At one point she clutched the base of his cock tightly, trapping his big scotum in her palm so it oozed through her fingers. Then, she fell into a ten minute skull fuck, let his cock-head slip past her larynx on each down stroke.

"Oh God I could spend all day nursing this big beautiful baby-maker." She moaned, rolling her tongue across the bloated bulb.

Michelle pushed herself up and turned around, still straddling her son. She reached back and positioned his spear at her creamy cave entrance.

"But I can think of somewhere else I'd rather have it right now." She said.

In one might swoop, Jacob's eight-plus inches sunk into the folds of her most sacred chamber until he felt his knob snuggle against the bubbly head of her cervix.

"Oh God." Michelle moaned, as she lifted her arms and gyrated her hips as if she were doing some sort of fuck dance.

Jacob gasped as he gazed up at his beautiful mother. Her eyes were closed, mouth slightly open in an obvious state of arousal. Her hair was still half-wet and strung down her face. This was the sex crazy animal behind all that sugar coating. Behind all those lacy bras and panties. Behind all those high-heeled saldals and cute little hairdo's. This was Michelle in the raw. Jacob had licked his way right down to her tootsie-roll center.

Michelle was so deep that Jacob couldn't even see their genitals. All there was was her bald pubic bone grinding against his. He moaned as he felt his cock-head battering back and forth across her spongy cervical door. It felt almost like a tongue licking at his head.

"Fuck yeah." Michelle whimpered, squeezing her tits together.

Gradually, she increased the speed of her gyrations until finally she settled on a consistant up and back motion, rolling her hips with desperate intensity.

"Holy shit, look at mom go." Jacob thought as he watched use her his cock to scratch her itch.

In the sack, everyone has a primitive side. Jacob was seeing his moms and he loved it. Her tits were going wild, flopping all around. Her breath was heavy, almost gasping.

Michelle's body stiffened and her neck arched back.

"UUUUUUNNNNGGGHHHHHOOOO!!!!!" She screamed, her voice echoing across the lake.

As his mom's hips continued on overdrive he felt the head of her cervix push against his cock so hard he swore he was going to pop inside her womb as she ground him against it.

Jacob was feeling pretty confident at this point. Despite all the excitement his balls weren't even stiring.

"Holy crap. I'm gonna be able to fuck the shit out of mom." He thought.

Michelle calapsed onto her son's chest. Instead of grinding, now her bubbly behind began to gently bounce on his groin.

As she lifted herself from his chest Jacob scooted down a little into his favorite position. Now while his mom rode him he could feel the wieght of her breasts on his face while he sucked and chewed on her engoged tit-saps.

For ten cock plunging minutes Michelle's ass slapped against her baby as she worked his teenaged dong with her sloppy mommy-pussy.

"OH GOD, JACOB!" She cried as her body shook with yet another mindblowing orgasm.

Jacob was in pussy-fucking heaven! He peeked out from under his mom's quivering breast as it laid on his face, her entire areola stuffed in his mouth. He could see the beautiful muscles in her hips working tirelessly as she bounced on his dick.

"Holy shit mom can fuck." He thought. By this time their genitals were making a lewd creamy slap. Jacob's cock glistened with a buttery fuck-froth that seeped down and dripped from his balls.

Stretched around his girth Michelle's vaginal lips puckered as they slid up and down about four greasy inches of bone-hard shaft.


At a steady pace they fucked like porn stars. It was another five minutes before Michelle popped again, letting out a desperate little squeal.

To Jacob there was nothing quite like having a matronly woman's body trembling against his, especially knowing it was his own mom.

As one orgasm subsided, Michelle's body was already pulling her towards the next one. When it came to sex, she was relentless and her butt just kept bouncing.


At this point Jacob's cock-head was getting used to be smothered in the depths of some sort of juicy orifice. It seemed as if lately it was spending more time plummeting up and down a warm hole than in his own pants.

"Oh my God that thing's a dream!" Michelle's voice trembled as she continued her assault.

Jacob smiled confidently. He knew that he not only had the size, but the staying power to please even the most sexual of women and Michelle was as sexual as they come. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!

Five more minutes of ball-bumping fun and Jacob was making his mom scream again. He felt like King of the Universe.

Michelle had been on top for nearly forty-five minutes and her body was getting tired, but still her desire for more pushed her on. She slid down a little and began to make out with her son. They feasted on each others faces like hungry animals, their genitals still rapping together, refusing to be broken.

No sooner did she recover from one than another toe-curling orgasm stuck her. Jacob watched his mom throw her head back, her eye-lids fluttering as she let out the most primitive grunt he had ever heard. He was floored when he saw a little tear run down her cheek.

Even though he had already made her cum more times than he could count, he had this overwhelming desire to make pop again.

Using the mattress beneath him Jacob thrust his cock up into his mother's cunt, meeting its downward fall. Soon it was he that was doing the work and Michelle ass was just along for the ride.


His big hairless scrotum jumped wildly, thumping against Michelle's butt-hole as Jacob hammered away.

Michelle rested her head on his shoulder, holding onto her baby as he took control. Her tanned, sweat-soaked body shook as Jacob fucked her sloppy gash.

"OH BABY...OH SWEETHEART...OH LOVER!!!" Michelle cried as she felt him shake her inner core.


Michelle's body suddenly shuttered violently and Jacob heard his mom start to sob on his shoulder. As her pussy-spasms went crazy Michelle literally wept like a little girl. They weren't tears of sadness, but of shear ecstasy. Michelle was having the most intense orgasm a woman could experience.

Hearing his mom sob only mad Jacob fuck harder. He giggled to himself pridefully. Oh how wonderful to have such a big pussy-pleaser and to know how to use it. He owed it all to his mom and now he was rewarding her for her efforts.


"Oh what a summer it's gonna to be." He thought, feeling that familiar little tingle in his nuts.

Even though he'd come so far, winning state really didn't matter to Jacob now. As far as he was concerned THIS WAS his final match. The crying, quivering beauty on top of him was better than any cheering crowd.

So did Jacob Little become State Champ? His mother still expected it, so what do you think?