Wednesday, 10 August 2011


I didn't need to be asked twice. The prospect of being able to touch
Ammi's naked body was a dream come true. I got up off my towel and
Ammi lay on it face down. I stared at Ammi's round ass as I fumbled
for the bottle of sunscreen. I squirted the lotion onto her back and
similar to her handling of me, started to spread the lotion around. I
started with her shoulder, carefully kneading the muscles. Ammi's
time at the gym made her body look really good.. my hands relished
the feel of Ammi's skin as they moved up and down her back. I moved
down to her buttocks and squeezed them gently in my palms. Ammi
sighed and moaned at the relaxation my hands were giving her. When I
had rubbed enough lotion in, Ammi turned over onto her back. The
sight of her breasts were a delight to the eyes. My cock had now
become fully erect again and Ammi smiled and winked at me when she
saw it. This teasing by Ammi was almost too hard to take, but I
decided to let it ride. If I made a move, it might turn out horribly
wrong and I would have spoiled what I already had.

I squirted some lotion onto Ammi's stomach. With trembling hands I
spread the lotion over her front. My cock was seeping the clear pre-
cum again as my hands slid over Ammi's breasts for the first
time. "Mmmmmmmmm." Ammi moaned. I could feel her stiff nipples poke
into my palms. Ammi was certainly excited. I was in heaven as my
hands roamed Ammi's body. I moved downwards and came to her pubic
mound and cupped it, drawing a sharp gasp from Ammi. She looked at
me, then closed her eyes with one of those faint smiles on her lips.
I continued massaging her cunt only from outside, but I could feel
that Ammi had secreted o lot of juice. How I wanted to run my tongue
between her lips. How I wanted to suck all the delicious syrup out of
Ammi's sweet cunt. My cock was throbbing in expectation. It wanted
relief and I couldn't bear it any longer. I finished rubbing the
lotion into Ammi's smooth skin and excused myself.

"Ammi, I have to go to the washroom." I lied, "I'll be right back"
"Ok, beta. Thanks for the massage. It was wonderful. I really needed
"No problem, Ammi."

I got up with my cock bobbing up and down. Ammi caught a glimpse of
it and smiled at me
"Again, Sameer?" she giggled.
I smiled back and rushed off to find some place where I could have
some privacy to relive my throbbing cock. I found some bushes not far
off and started to masturbate. My thoughts turned towards Ammi again
and dreams of fucking her in various positions. It had certainly
become a fantasy for me. As I flogged my cock in my hand I thought
about how much longer I'd have to maintain my virginity. I felt that
I was really desperate for a fuck. I would have to speak to Aapa
about it. I loved her and didn't want to break my promise to her, but
I didn't know if I would be able to keep it given all the
opportunities that were presenting themselves to me. That night with
Lucia could have gone all the way if we hadn't been caught. My hand
picked up its pace as I felt my orgasm build up. I decided to go to
Aapa's place the next day.
My cock erupted and shot wads of cum into the bush, clinging to the
branches. As my climax subsided I breathed a few deep sighs and
headed back to our spot.
As I approached our spot I noticed that Ammi was not there. I looked
around and could not saw her walking down the beach with someone.
They were a fair distance away and it looked like they were holding
hands. What astounded me more was that Ammi's friend looked like a
woman. My mind was racing. As horny a vixen I knew Ammi to be, I had
never considered the possibility that she might enjoy fucking women
as well as men. The thought of it excited me and my cock sprang to
life again. Ammi and her friend headed off towards some bushes which
led me to believe that they were going to have some fun. I certainly
didn't want to miss seeing this so I made my way down the beach after

As I strolled across the beach my cock was still rigid and was
bouncing up and down uncontrollably. I was no longer feeling
embarrassed because the only thing on my mind was getting to see Ammi
fucking another woman. The more I thought about it, the more solid my
cock became. It did attract a few appraising looks from other patrons
on the beach, but I didn't care. I approached the bushes in which
Ammi and her friend had disappeared and silently moved in. I could
hear muffled sounds and I moved forward cautiously, and they soon
came into view. The woman that Ammi was with had red hair and pale
skin. Her breasts were large with beautiful pink nipples. I estimated
her to be in her twenties. She was laying on her back on a patch of
grass with her legs spread apart. Ammi had her head between them and
she was hungrily eating the woman's cunt. The woman was moaning with
ecstasy as Ammi made slurping noises while enjoying the sweet
secretions dripping out of the woman's lovepot.

I began to stroke my throbbing cock while enjoying the scene before
me. Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected to see something
like this. The woman becan to buck her hips as her orgasm overtook
her. Ammi kept eating the woman's cunt as she cried out in ecstasy


Ammi was fucking the woman's cunt with two fingers as she continued
sucking on the dripping cunt. Finally, the woman's orgasm
subsided. "That was wonderful, honey. Now I want to eat your pussy"

Ammi got up and was standing on her knees, allowing her girlfriend to
get up so they could change positions.

"I've got a better idea." I heard Ammi say, "Let's sixty-nine. I
haven't had enough of your pussy baby. I want to eat it some more."

"Wow!" said the woman, "You're really horny, aren't you? I think I've
struck gold with you!"

"Well you taste delicious, and I love to eat a nice pussy like yours,

All the hot talk was making me even hornier. I didn't want to cum too
fast as I wanted to enjoy this session to maximum pleasure. I slowed
down the strokes of my hand on my cock. Ammi was now laying on the
ground and the woman was mounting her in the sixty nine position.
Once they settled down they began to make love to each other with
their mouths.

"Mmmmm" the woman moaned. "You really know how to use that tongue.
What did you say your name was again?"

"Samina, but my friends just call me Mina." Ammi mumbled as she
lapped at the woman's cunt. The woman started feasting on Ammi as
well, and that was the end of all the small talk. The two were
hungrily eating each other as if they had been lovers for years. I
had no idea that Ammi was an expert pussy eater. I was thrashing my
cock in my hand wildly while watching the two gorgeous women. They
were holding each other tightly in place as the rush of lust overcame
them. Sounds of sucking and slurping filled the air, and soon I could
hear their muffled moans as their orgasms built up.

"Oh I think I'm gonna cum again!" the woman moaned.
"Me too!" Ammi replied, "Keep going!"

They continued licking and sucking as their bodies began to writhe
and tremble. Then they let loose the flood of juices into each others
mouths gasping and moaning their pleasure to each other. I myself
exploded in another furious orgasm and shot my loadonto the sand in
front of me. I never knew I could cum so much in such a short space
of time. As my cock defalted I watched as the woman got off Ammi and
turned to face her. They collapsed in each others arms as they
regained their breath. Ammi started to lick her own juices off the
woman's lips. The woman stuck out her own tongue and the two French-

"That was wonderful, Mina. You were as good as I thought when I first
saw you."
"You're not so bad yourself, Michelle." Ammi said. So the woman's
name was Michelle.
"What are you doing this weekend?" Michelle asked
"What did you have in mind?"
"Well I was thinking you might like to spend the weekend with me?"
"What??? I've only just met you."
"Well, you liked what we did just now, didn't you? I think we'll have
a great time" Michelle ...encouraged Ammi.
"Well… Why don't you give me your phone number? I'll give you a call
tomorrow and let you know."
"Sure. I can live with that."
"Let's get back to my spot so I can get something to write your
number down on, Michelle."
"Lead the way, delicious!"

Ammi and Michelle got up and brushed themselves off. I thought that I
should get moving fast to avoid being seen. What I had just seen was
the hottest thing I had ever witnessed. I did feel a panf of jealousy
about Ammi getting fucked by someone else, but the sexual side of me
told me it was nonsense to think that way and to enjoy and let others

I rushed back to our spot and lay down on my towel pretending to be
soaking up the sun. As Ammi and Michelle approached I looked up.

"Sorry Sameer. I went for a walk with a friend of mine. Michelle,
this is my friend Sameer. Sameer, this is Michelle."

I nearly choked when Ammi referred to me as her `friend'. I figured
she didn't want Michelle to know about her true relationship, so I
played along.

"Hello Michelle." I smiled at her
"Hello Sameer." She replied as she outstretched her hand. I took it
and we shook.
"You look quite young, Sameer. How old are you?" Michelle asked
"He's sixteen." Ammi interjected.
"Oh I see!" Michelle smiled. "You like to play with the young ones,
eh Mina?"
"Not really, but Sameer is such a darling." Ammi said as she winked
at me."
"Well I can't blame you, honey. He's very well hung for sixteen."
"Oh you noticed?" Ammi teased. The two shared a laugh.
"You're going to have to lend him to me one day Mina, or better yet
we can all have a threesome. What do you say to that Sameer?"

What could I say? My shameless cock was already answering for me. He
was at full attention.
"That sounds like a lot of fun." I managed to say back.

"Okay Michelle. We'll organise something soon." Ammi assured. "But
right now I've got to get Sameer home. Give me your number and I'll
give you a call." Ammi said.

Ammi and Michelle exchanged numbers and we all said our goodbyes
before we headed home. as Ammi started the car after we had dressed
and gotten in she sprang a shocker on me.
"So how did you like the show, beta?" she asked.
My heart thumped at the question. "What Ammi?" I breathed.
"I saw you watching us, Sameer."
"Oh" was all I managed to say.
"Well did you like what you saw? I think you did from the way you
shot your cum from masturbating."
"You saw that?" I asked
"Haan, beta. I saw you watching when Michelle and I changed
positions. Then I was determined to give you a good show. I hope you
enjoyed it."
"Are you kidding Ammi?? I loved watching you two tongue fuck each
other!!" I said boldly
"Good, beta. I'm glad about that. You're not worried that I like to
fuck women as well as men?"
"No Ammi. I think it's sooo hot! I didn't expect it, but I loved
watching you eating her."
"Good beta." Ammi smiled. "Sameer, would you like to fuck her? I
think she's very interested, and if you want, I can arrange it."

That was another bombshell. Ammi was offering to get me laid. I had
to think fast.
"That would be great Ammi. I really do want to fuck her, but I
promised Lucia that she would be the first. I really want the first
tiome to be with her."

"Ok beta. I can understand that. I won't rush you, but you know you
can come to me when you need anything, na?"
"Yes Ammi. I know." I replied.
"Sameer, Michelle wants me to spend the weekend with her."
"Oh, are you going to?"
"I don't know. Do you think I should?"
"Yeah Ammi!! I know you're going to have a great time fucking her all
"And what about you?" she asked.
"I can stay at Mamu's." I replied.
"You don't mind about that? She asked?
"No Ammi, I want you to go and have some fun!"
"Oh thank you Sameer! You're a great friend to me!"
"That's what friends are for Ammi." I smiled at her. She leaned over
and kissed me on the cheek. We chatted all the way home from our
morning at the beach.

Part 5

My relationship with Ammi was blossoming into something I could
never have imagined in my wildest dreams. The bond between us was
growing stronger and stronger with each passing day. The intensity
of our feelings for each other was compounded with the enormous
trust we placed in each other. Ammi had taken great social and
emotional risks in extending our relationship to its present state
over the last few months. It went well beyond any normal
relationship between a mother and son, and that in turn led to my
unconditional trust in her. I would follow her anywhere and do
anything she wanted me to.

This put me in a little bit of a dilemma. The way our relationship
was going, I knew it wouldn't be long before Ammi put me in the
position to engage in sex, if not with her then with someone else.
She had already suggested that I fuck her new friend Michelle, and I
would be more than happy to. I had to keep my pact with Aapa though.
I could never betray her, and at the same time, I was feeling guilty
about keeping my relationship with Aapa a secret from Ammi. Although
she supported me having an active sex life, I didn't know how she'd
feel about me and Aapa. It definitely was not the right time to
reveal it to her. My life was taking a new phase and I knew it
wouldn't be long before I finally went all the way with Aapa.

The day after our trip to the beach Ammi had some errands to run and
left the house before I woke up. I was enjoying being able to sleep
in in the mornings and not have to go to school. When I did finally
get out of bed I decided to do some overdue chores around the house
for Ammi. I did a little bit of cleaning and then mowed the lawn
both front and back, and then tidied up the garage. This kept me
busy until early afternoon when I had my shower and lay down on the
sofa to watch some television. I didn't know when I'd dozed off. I
woke up to the smell of dinner cooking in the kitchen. I looked at
the clock and saw that it was already 6:30pm. I was so fast asleep
that I hadn't even heard Ammi come home.

"You must be really tired, Babba" Ammi said as I walked into the
kitchen. "You were sleeping like a log."

"Must be from all the excitement you've been giving me the last few
days, Ammi." I replied.

"Yeah, you're getting to see and do much, much more than other
fourteen year olds. Aren't you glad to have a mother like me?"

"Oh yeah! I couldn't have asked for any better. What's for dinner?"
I asked

"Chicken stri-fry tonight, beta." Ammi said. "I thought we'd have a
quick meal and watch some videos that I picked up this afternoon."

"Cool, what movies did you get?"

"Oh something I think you're really going to like." She said with a
naughty smile. "Let's have dinner first."

Knowing Ammi, after dinner entertainment was going to be very, very
exciting, so I went to wash up before helping Ammi to get the dinner
on the table. I was quite hungry and ate more than usual. As we ate
Ammi told me how excited she was about the coming weekend.

"It's really been a long time since I've been with a woman, Sameer."
She said. "I almost forgot how good it was!"

This intrigued me more about Ammi's sex life.

"When was the last time?" I asked

"Oh it would have to be at least five years, Babba. Do you remember
my old Uni friend Usha?"

I vaguely recalled Usha aunty from when I was very young. "Yeah,
Ammi. You mean to say you were fucking her?"

Ammi just winked in acknowledgement.

"Did you have other girlfriends too, Ammi?" I asked curiously.
Finding the thought very arousing. My cock was starting to react as
it usually did.

"Yes Babba. There was Samantha and Bronwyn as well. Do you remember

I nodded a yes. "You were having sex with them all?" I asked

"Yes. It was a common thing in university, Babba. When you go to Uni
you'll find out. That cock of yours is going to be in hot demand."
She giggled.

"I hope so!"

"Oh I don't think you'll have any problem in that regard, beta. Word
will get around. The girls and I would often swap notes on all the
really well hung guys."

"So you had lots of boyfriends too?" I asked.

"Not really boyfriends. Just friends at the most. And they really
had to be worth it for us to go to bed with. I was really more into
women at that time. I thought I was becoming a lesbian, but after a
while I craved a man's hard body and hard cock." She mused.

"Wow Ammi! I'm finding out more and more about you every day!"

"Does it change how you feel about me, Sameer?" Ammi asked.

"No Ammi, not a bit. I'm so glad you share your life with me like

She smiled with approval and winked at me as she continued to eat.

It was indeed a relationship that kept evolving. Ammi was revealing
more of herself to me each day, and I was lapping it up like a
hungry hound. Though I had felt somewhat uncomfortable about it at
first, the sexual side of Ammi was a huge turn-on for me. Things she
would do and say would often give me a hard-on and I soon became
shameless about masturbating while thinking about her.

We finished our dinner and I did the dishes for Ammi while she took
a shower. When she came back she was wearing a white silk negligee
which barely covered her body. She was also carrying a few video

"Why don't you put one of these on, Sameer." She said as she handed
them to me.

I looked at the cover and it was obvious they were x-rated movies. I
was beginning to get aroused again. Ammi actually wanted to watch
porn with me! I know I shouldn't have been surprised considering all
that we'd done already. She had already jacked me off and licked my
cum from her fingers. In addition to that I had watched her fuck
another woman. So it was quite strange that I was getting excited
about watching porn with her.

I don't think it was the movies that were turning me on so much, but
the fact that it involved sex and Ammi. I found myself wishing she
wasn't my mother and that I could have wild, unbridled sex with her.
To my mind she was the sexiest woman alive. I went over to the VCR
and inserted the cassette. Ammi was already reclining on the lounge
so I took the armchair next to her. The movie started with a few
trailers of other porn movies. Images of huge cocks entering
pussies, beautiful women swallowing cocks, guys tongue-lashing wet
pussies, cum being squirted into the faces and mouths of women
flashed across the screen. All this was enough to get an erection
from me. I looked at Ammi and she was laying back contented with a
smile on her face. I noticed that her negligee had hiked up and she
wasn't wearing any panties. Her neatly trimmed pussy revealed itself
to me. A soft pink fold of flesh peeked out between the outer lips.
She caught me looking and winked at me.

"You can take that cock out Babba." she said. "It won't feel too
comfortable straining against your pants. It'll feel much better if
you stroke it while you watch."

She was right. It was already straining to break free, and I knew
better than to argue the point with Ammi. I unzipped my pants and
pulled them down, then I decided to take them off altogether along
with my underwear. I found to my surprise that I wasn't ashamed to
do so. I had become so liberated about nudity that I was feeling
very comfortable about it now. My cock sprang out of my underwear
and stood bravely pointing at the ceiling.

"Someone's very excited!" Ammi teased as she saw my cock

"You know me, Ammi." I replied as I looked at her beautiful cunt

"Have you seen a porno movie before?" she asked

"Yeah." I replied, "At Albert's house a few times." Albert was a
friend of mine.

"And where did Albert get them?"

"Oh his dad has a whole collection of them, Ammi. Sometimes when his
parents are out I go over to his place and watch them."

"Well you don't have to go to his place to watch them now, Babba.
We'll start our own little collection and you can watch them
whenever you like, and you don't have to wait for me to go out
because I'll watch them with you."

"I'd love that Ammi! My friends wouldn't imagine this in their
wildest dreams!

"Yes, not everyone gets to see their mother naked, not to mention
fuck another woman, na Sameer?"

"Yeah Ammi, that was sooo hot."

"The movie's starting." Ammi said as she made herself more
comfortable by taking off her negligee.

I couldn't decide wether to watch the movie or to keep staring at
Ammi, who was now completely naked. Instinctively my hand went to my
cock. It was already hard, but seeing Ammi naked again made it even
more rigid.

The scene started with two air hostesses getting into a limousine.
One was a blonde and the other one was black. Their discussion
centred around their last few flights and the people they met on
them. I figured out that the movie was going to be based on the
memoirs of the two. But before it went to the flashbacks the two
started to get more intimate with each other, first kissing, then
unbuttoning each others' blouses. Soon they were both naked and
engaged in a sixty-nine on the backseat.
I had watched a few porno movies by this time that I was often able
to tell wether the actors and actresses were enjoying their on-
screen sex. I would be quite disappointed if it only looked like
they were routinely going through the motions. The two women that I
was watching on screen now however, were clearly enjoying each

"Bring back memories, Sameer?" Ammi asked me.
"Huh? Oh… Oh yeah Ammi. You and Michelle!"

"I was just thinking the same thing." Ammi giggled. "My goodness
those two certainly look delicious! Their pussies are just dripping
with their juices!"

"Yeah Ammi, I'd love to be in one of their shoes!"

"Only one? Couldn't you take them both in a threesome? One sitting
on your cock and the other sitting on your face?"

"Hell yeah! I'd love that!"

"Maybe one of these days you and Lucia will be able to find another
girl to join you."

"Maybe Ammi, but I don't know if :Lucia's into other girls."

"Ask her and find out. If you can convince her, you're going to have
a lot of fun with threesomes." Ammi said

"Have you ever had a threesome Ammi?" I asked her

"Oh yes Babba. Quite a few at Uni."

"Did you enjoy that too?" I questioned

"You should know by now Sameer, that I enjoy everything about sex."

I noticed that Ammi was now playing with her pussy. I could also see
that it was glistening with wetness.

"How does it look from over there?" Ammi asked"

"It's a hot movie." I replied

"Not the movie, silly! How does my pussy look?

I couldn't believe Ammi was asking that question. She never ceased
to amaze me. Recovering from my initial shock, I answered. "It looks
beautiful to me Ammi, just like the rest of you!"

Ammi laughed, "Flattery will get you everywhere, Babba."

I wondered if it would eventually get me between her legs. I didn't
feel ashamed of wanting Ammi at that moment. I would fuck her in a
heartbeat if she asked me to, and I was really hoping she wouldn't
ask. As much as I wanted to fuck her, I loved Aapa too much to let
her down.

We kept up our hot talk as the movie rolled on.

"Why don't you come and sit with me, Sameer?" Ammi said about half-
way through the movie.


""Come and sit with me, Sameer. It'll be a lot more fun. That way I
can play with your beautiful cock again and make you cum, and if you
want, you can touch my pussy too. She's dying to be touched."

I didn't know what to do. I didn't know if it was just going to be
touching or if it was actually going to lead to more. My heart was
trying to punch a hole through my chest from beating so hard. I
wanted to tell Ammi that I wanted to save it for Aapa, but I dared
not even say it. Maybe all she wanted to do was play after all.
Maybe the thought of fucking me never even crossed her mind. If I
said anything I was sure that I was going to spoil everything.

I kept my mouth shut and went to sit with Ammi on the lounge. As I
approached she shifted to make room for me. This was certainly going
to be interesting. I sat down next to Ammi and she shuffled over and
put her arm around me. This immediately sent shockwaves through my
body. My shameless cock again became the beacon of my excitement.

"Isn't this much better, beta?" Ammi asked.

I had to agree, there wasn't anywhere I would rather have been at
that moment. My hormones were running in overdrive.

"Yes it is Ammi." I replied. "Being here with you watching porn
movies makes me feel really horny!"

"I can see that, Sameer. Your cock's reacting to me again. Or is it
the movie it's more interested in?

"I think it's a little of both, Ammi. I really like watching porn,
and I really, really love looking at your naked body!" I said

"Oh? What is it about my body you most like?" she asked

I knew Ammi was leading me on now. She was enjoying being naked here
with me as much as I enjoyed it.

"Everything Ammi. I love your tits and the way your nipples stand
out. And I love how you've trimmed your pubic hair around your cunt.
I love feeling your skin against me. I love the way it makes my cock
rock hard."

Being able to say all this to Ammi gave me more of a thrill and I
could feel my cock grow even harder.

"You're a very bad boy, Sameer!" Ammi teased, "Saying such dirty
things to your mother! Looking at your mother's naked body!"

"You're pretty naughty yourself, Ammi. Always staring at my cock and
corrupting me." I played along with Ammi's game."

"Like mother, like son, na beta? I never dreamed you could be so
like me in your thinking."

"You mean that we love sex so much?" I asked

"Yes, babba. I've always loved sex. I've always loved pleasure and
everything associated with it. And I know you're just like me. Hai

"You bet Ammi."

"You want me to stroke your cock, Sameer?'" Ammi asked, "It looks
like it needs stroking."

I didn't need to be asked twice. "Sure Ammi, you know you can stroke
it any time you want"

"Be areful what you say, Sameer. You never know when I feel like
holding your big hard lund in my hand."

"I've always got time for you, Ammi."

Ammi started to stroke my cock with her finger tips. I couldn't help
but moan in pleasure.
"Oh you like that, do you naughty boy?"

"I love it Ammi! Keep doing it!"

"Would you like to stroke my pussy, babba?"

I looked at her with excitement. "You want me to, Ammi?"

"Well I only think it's fair that you stroke my pussy if I stroke
your cock. I want to cum too, beta."

I thought I was dreaming. Ammi now had her fingers wrapped around my
cock. I turned to face her. She shifted on the lounge and spread her
legs to give me better access to her beautiful cunt. I could see
that it was quite wet by now?

"Do you know how to, babba?" Ammi asked

"I'll do my best, Ammi."

"Well be quick, babba. I need to feel your touch. My pussy is

I moved my hand towards Ammi's dripping pussy. I could almost feel
the heat emanating from it. I could definitely smell its heady
scent. I touched it lightly with my fingertips causing Ammi to
gasp.i slipped my middle finger between her labia ans let the
slippery moistness engulf it. I slid my finger into her love canal
and could feel the warmth of her cunt.

I couldn't believe I was doing this. I was actually finger-fucking
my mother! Ammi moaned her approval of what I was doing and
continued to jack my cock. She opened her eyes and I could see pure
and wanton lust in here eyes. There was an unspoken desire burning
in them and I knew what she was thinking. With each passing day we
were moving closer to an event that I knew now was bound to happen.
Ammi and I had opened a door that neither of us would ever close.
The conventions of any normal mother and son relationship were
falling away and leaving only the feelings that a man (or in my
case, a boy) and a woman can develop for each other. I didn't know
how long it would be before Ammi and I fucked, but I knew that it
was as certain as the rising sun, and I was going to enjoy each day
until that event happened.

"Oh yes Sameer!!" Ammi gasped. "Keep doing that, babba! Aaaaahh!!
I kept rubbing Ammi's clit with my fingers. Her cunt was getting
wetter and wetter by the second. She was also pumping my cock with
equal rhythm. We had negotiated ourselves into a more reclined
position so that we were lying down facing each other. Ammi's
wonderful breasts were now pressed against me and I could feel her
erect nipples poke into me. We were both panting hard as we worked
one another towards orgasm.

"Fuck Sameer!! That's it! Keep doing that! Oooh it feels goood!!"
Hearing Ammi's excitement brought me closer to climaxing, but I
didn't want to come before her. It took all my self-control to stay
relaxed and prolong the intense pleasure I was experiencing. Ammi
had somehow manoeuvred herself so that she was laying underneath me.
Our hands between us playing with each other. Ammi wrapped one leg
around me and was bucking upwards and shaking uncontrollably. I knew
she was about to release her orgasm and I too began to work towards
my own.

"Aaahhh Sameer!!!! Oh babba!!! I'm cumming now!!! Don't stop!"

"I'm cumming too, Ammi!!!" I breathed. The intensity washed over me
and I let my hot cream course though my cock. I spurted onto Ammi's
belly and thighs. Ammi was also releasing her juices onto me. She
was rubbing her slippery cunt onto whatever part of my body it could
connect with and I felt it rub against my cock. As our orgasms
subsided I collapsed on top of her to regain my breath.Ammi put her
arms around me and held me tight.

"That was beautiful, babba. I enjoyed it sooo much! Thank you!"

"I enjoyed it too Ammi. I love you."

She planted a kiss on my cheek. "My you certainly came a lot didn't
you? I;ve got your cream all over my belly and legs. And I think
theres some soaking into my pubic hair!" she giggled.

I got up to have a look and she was right. There was cum all over
her. She scooped some up with her fingers and slurped it into her
mouth. "Mmmmmmmmm! Delicious, babba. You'll have to give me the

"Sorry Ammi," I played along. "It's a secret. But I'm happy to serve
it to you whenever you like."

She laughed a beautiful laugh. Oh how I loved this woman! We lay
down together and watched the rest of the movie. When it was
finished we showered together and had great fun washing each other
down. Then we said our goodnights and went to sleep to dream
wonderful dreams of love and pleasure.

The weekend finally arrived and Ammi dropped me off at Mamu's house.
She told Mamu that she would be back on Sunday afternoon to pick me
up. The story she told Mamu was that an old college friend was
getting married interstate and that she'd been invited. Mamu told
her to have fun and not to worry about me.

Aapa and I were very glad to see each other. I was dying to bury my
face into her cunt and feast on her sex-juice., and I'm sure she was
equally eager to have my cock in her mouth. I couldn't wait until
Mamu and Mami went to sleep. The evening went by without incident.
After dinner we all sat in the lounge room watching television and
chatting idly. Aapa kept passing me seductive looks. Each time she
did it would send a tingle through my body.

After some time Mamu and Mami said they were off to bed. As soon as
they had entered the room and closed the door behind them, Aapa flew
towards me and nearly bowled me over. She put her arms around me and
planted a kiss on my lips. The next thing I knew, her tongue was
prising past my lips into my mouth, swirling around my own.

"I've missed you, lover!" she breathed

"It's only been a week, Aapa."

"I know, baby. But it seems like forever! Haven't you missed me?"

"I miss you all the time, Aapa. I can't wait til we go to bed."

"Well go to your room and wait for about half an hour. Ammi and Abbu
should be fast asleep by then if they aren't fucking!" she
giggled. "Let's go. Wait half an hour and I'll get ready in the

"Ready?" I enquired

"You'll see." She said with a naughty smile. I could harldy wait for
what was in store. I loved Aapa's surprises.

"Do you think Mamu and Mami will fuck tonight?" I asked her. "Ever
since you mentioned it, I've been dying to see it for myself."

"Well it's Friday night, and Abbu doesn't have work tomorrow, so I
expect they will. Now get going! I don't want you to be pre-occupied
by Ammi and Abbu. I want you to pleasure me tonight too, Sameer."

I smiled and kissed Aapa again before going to the spare bedroom.
As I entered the spare bedroom I stripped down to my boxer shorts
which I always wore to bed in the warm summer months. As I lay on
the bed I pondered wether I should tell Aapa about what had
transpired between Ammi and myself. She already knew about our naked
night time romp at Bondi Beach, and thought it was cool as well as
intimating that I should fuck Ammi. I decided that I should tell
her. There was nothing to fear from her knowing. She accepted
everything and never judged.

After a while I got up and quietly opened the door and stepped out
into the corridor. Aapa's room was directly opposite the spare room.
I listened to make sure Mamu or Mami weren't stirring. When sure the
coast was clear I gently stepped across the corridor and turned the
doorknob to Aapa's bedroom. Knocking was never an issue as Aapa
required no privacy from me and it would risk her parents hearing. I
pushed open the door and cringed at the slight creak. Entering, I
closed the door behind me, being careful to release the knob slowly
to prevent any sound. My cock was already rigid with anticipation. I
was quite hungry for Aapa's delicious sauce and couldn't wait to get
my mouth on her pussy.

When I turned around and saw Aapa, my cock grew even harder. There
she was in the dim lamp light wearing white, lacy lingerie. It was
the first time I'd seen Aapa wearing lingerie, and though I loved
seeing her completely naked, she looked gorgeous like this. The bra
just barely covered her nipples. She wore a matching garter belt and
stockings. She wasn't wearing any panties however, leaving her
beautiful cunt exposed. I also noticed that she had shaved it
completely. I was literally drooling at the sight of her.

"What are you waiting for, lover?" Aapa had grown fond of calling me
that lately, and I liked hearing it because it rang so true. My love
for my elder cousin was without bounds.

"Sameer!, are you going to spend all night staring or are you going
to let me suck that cock of yours!?" Aapa asked, bringing me out of
my reverie. I smiled at her and quickly got out of my shorts,
releasing my cock and letting it bob up and down.

"Mmmmm Sameer! Bring that thing here baby!"

Wordlessly, I walked over to Aapa and stood by the side of her bed.
She swung around into a sitting position facing me. She put both her
hands on my buttocks while opening her mouth and taking my cock into
it. She mewled as she swirled her tongue around it and took it
deeper, expertly relaxing the muscles of her throat to give my cock
passage. I cupped her face in my hands as she sucked me. She looked
up with her beautiful brown eyes and locked my gaze.

"Oh man, Aapa. That feels soooo good!" I moaned. She kept sucking me
hungrily., relishing the feel of my cock in her mouth. "I've got so
much to tell you."

"Talk later." she said. "Right now we need to have sex. Have you
been hungry for me Sameer?"

"Oh yes, Aapa. Have I ever!"

"Then let's get into a sixty-nine, baby. Bring me off good tonight

Aapa got up off the bed so I could lay down underneath her. I
propped the pillow up so I could eat my dessert in comfort. I was in
the mood for a lot of cunt-cream tonight and I intended to make Aapa
cum in copious amounts.
I lay down and Aapa straddled me, lowering her already wet cunt to
my face. I opened my mouth and lapped at her lips with my tongue as
she settled in, immediately drawing a gasp from her. I felt her warm
mouth envelop my cock. Her tongue flicking at the tip. I went to
work on her erect clitoris, eager to bring her to orgasm so she
would release her nectar into my mouth. This brought muffled moans
from Aapa as she was reluctant to release my cock from her mouth. I
knew she wanted me to pump my jizz into her mouth and down her
throat. We were both fond of each others' sexual secretions and
looked upon it as a delicacy.
Aapa was getting quite excited as she started grinding her cunt onto
my face. It was all I could do to keep my mouth upon it. I could
feel the stirring of hot white lava in my balls. I knew it wouldn't
take long for either of us to cum, since we were so excited to see
each other this night. I managed to get into a rhythm to keep up
with Aapa's gyrations and se to feasting on my cousin's delicious
fruit. She was already flowing with excitement, feeding me what I
craved so dearly. The slippery sauce was all over my face and the
aroma of her sex got me high. I could feel Aapa's tongue and lips
around my cock, which she was sucking with such passion that I could
feel her love flow through my body. Her moaning and mewling only
added to my excitement. I loved to know that what I did pleased

As I continued eating her pussy, my eyes went to her puckered anus
which seemed to invite me like a long lost lover. I sucked up as
much of Aapa's sweet nectar as I could and ran my tongue up to her
ass, plunging it in.

"Ooooh Sameer!" she gasped. "Fuck that's so good baby! I love it
when you do that!"

I didn't need any encouragement from Aapa. I was doing what I loved.
I kept ploughing my tongue into her ass, feeling her squeeze her
spincter muscle…….kissing it…….loving it. I could feel the eruption
building up my cock. I had reached my orgasm but didn't care. I was
lost in my conger for Aapa's pussy and ass. Aapa held my cock deep
in her throat as my hot cream pumped into her. I kept slurping on
her ass as my orgasm subsided and my cock went limp in her mouth. I
went back to Aapa's pussy, paying particular attention to her
clitoris. Now that I had fed her, I felt I deserved my dessert as
well. There was nothing I liked better in this world than the taste
of Aapa's cunt when she came. As I flicked her love-button with my
tongue, I felt Aapa begin to shake uncontrollably and knew she was
about to burst. My tongue flicked her clitoris wildly to bring her

"Aaaaahhhh!! Oh fuck Sameer, I'm cumming!!!!"

That's all I needed to hear. I plunged my tongue deep into Aapa's
cunt, relishing the tangy nectar oozing from it, licking it lovingly
as if it were an expensive delicacy. Aapa moaned in ecstacy, riding
my face as her orgasm subsided. Finallyshe collapsed on top of me,
breathing hard.

"God I missed you Sameer. I was dying for that all week!" she said

"Me too, Aapa. You've got no idea how horny I've been! I've got so
much to tell you!"

I recounted the events that had taken place since I'd been sent home
from camp as she cuddled up against me, her head on my shoulder, her
hand absently stroking my cock, which was coming back to it's

"God Sameer!" Aapa said after she listened to my story. "How were
you ever able to control yourself? Didn't you want to fuck your

"I did Aapa, but I don't want to break my promise to you."

She looked into my eyes and smiled, then kissed me deeply. "I
appreciate that, baby. Thanks for being patient."

"I love you, Aapa. I know we're going to have a great time when we
go all the way."

"Baby, I'm going to blow your mind away! I promise."

This time a returned the kiss. "Aapa, I want to eat your pussy
again, and fuck your ass with my tongue too."

"My pussy's still a little sensitive Sameer, but you're more than
welcome to my ass!"

"Turn over, Aapa. Stick your ass out for me. I'll eat you from
Aapa happily conceded as she turned over and offered me her
beautiful ass. The globes of her buttocks were plump and firm and
her anus winked at me wantonly. I got into a comfortable position
behind her, lspreading her cheeks and planting a deep kiss on her
My tongue licked at her asshole delicately, making her gasp. I
swirled my tongue around the puckered rectum before squeezing it
into her.

"Fuck yes, baby! God you do that sooo good!" she mewled.

I kept on fucking her delicious ass with my tongue as she moaned in
delight, my mind thinking of nothing else but pleasuring my lover. I
buried as much of my face between her buttocks as a could, driving
my tongue into her now slippery asshole. I licked her furiously,
helping her to achieve her orgasm.

"Oh fuck Sameer! I'm coming baby!!!"

Aapa pushed her ass back into my face and tried to grind herself
against it. I kept up my chastising of her ass with my tongue, not
letting the momentum of her impending orgasm decline. She was soon
overcome by the torrential rush of pleasure as it coursed through
her body. She buried her face in her pillow to muffle the sounds of
her ecstasy as she half growled and half screamed her satisfaction.
Finally her body slumped to the bed exhausted.

"Did you like that, Aapa?" I asked

"You know I did! God you really know how to use that tongue!" she

I crawled up and lay beside her, stroking her back lovingly.

"Sameer, do you hear that?" she said

"Hear what?"

"It's my parents! They're fucking!" Aapa giggled. "You wanna go

"You know I do, Aapa!"

"Let's go," she said as she got out of bed and took my hand, "Follow

Aapa made no move to put on any clothes.

"Shouldn't we put on some clothes before we go outside?" I asked

"Don't worry about clothes Sameer, nobody's going to see us."

I knew better than to argue, and I was actually quite excited about
being outdoors naked again. Aapa quietly opened her bedroom door and
we snuck into the corridor and silently crept towards the laundry
room, through which we got out to the side of the house and followed
the footpath to the backyard.

Mamu and Mami's bedroom opened out to the patio through a French
door. The window was wide open and there was a dim lamplight
emanating from it. There was a big pot plant situated near the
window from where Aapa spied on her parents having sex. We moved
behind that plant and concealed ourselves as best we could. From
where we were, we had a full view of the bed on which Mamu and Mami
were engaged in a sixty-nine. They had obviously been at it for some
time, as they changed position and Mami got on all fours while Mamu
moved behind her.

"Achi tara se chodna, Yusuf." I heard Mami say.

"Fikar mat kar, meri jaan." Mamu replied, "Abhi toh sirf shuruat
huwa hai. Teri choot ko mai phaad daloonga!"
I couldn't believe my ears. Never in a thousand years would I have
imagined Mamu and Mami talking like this.

"Haan Yusuf! Chodo mujhe! Bahut maza aa raha hai!"

Mamu was driving his cock into her, fucking her with a ferocity that
was quite surprising considering his shape. Not to say he was fat,
but he had developed a belly over the years. I watched in awe as he
held Mami's buttocks and slammed his cock into her, making Mami's
beautiful breasts jiggle and sway. Aapa had been right about Mamu's
cock. It was huge! I wondered if my cock would ever get that big. I
know Ammi kept telling me how beautiful it was, but I figured she
was a little biased.

At that moment my cock was standing at attention in all its glory,
enjoying being in the open air once again. It was another balmy
night and it felt good to be outside naked

"Aren't they good together, Sameer?" Aapa asked.

"Are they ever!"

Aapa reached back and grabbed my cock.

"Ooooh, he's enjoying the show, isn't he?" she remarked

"He likes you even better, Aapa"

"I know, the poor dear has been so patient and yet he's always ready
for performance."

I moved close behind Aapa and put my arms around her, my cock
pressed against her back, and my hands roaming her front and
massaging her tits.

"Aaaah fuck! Yusuf!" Mami moaned. "Meri gaand mein ghusao! Mujhe
tera lund apni gaand mein chahiye!"

"Chal raandi," Mamu said, "ab mein tujhe dikhata hoon maza kya cheez
hota hai!"

Mamu let his cock slip from mami's pussy and bent down and kissed
Mami's asshole. Making Mami gasp with pleasure. I could see the look
of sheer bliss on Mami's face. I had never imagined to see Mami this
way. The way she looked at that time, she was the sexiest woman
alive. Mamu was licking and slurping on Mami's ass with passion.

"He's lubing her up." Aapa said. "Getting her nice and greasy so his
cock slides in easily."

Mamu finally got up and took his whopping cock in his hand and
guided it to Mami's rear entry. I could see Mami's face contort in
ecstacy as mamu sunk is pole into her.

"Aaaahaaaaahh!! Aaah Yusuf tera lund kitne mote hai!!!

That seems to be some sort of a cue for Mamu. All of a sudden he
just thrust the rest of his cock in and started pounding Mami's ass
making her scream.

"Aaaaah! Aaaahahhhaaa!! Marjaaungiiiiiiiii!!!! Maar daalenge tu

"Chup saali! Band kar apni naatak! Mujhe maaloom hai tujhe kitne
maza aa raha hai! Bahut gaand marwaane chahti ho, na? Le! Le mera
lund apni gaand mein!

Mamu kept hammering his cock into her. My hands squeezed Aapa's
breasts and I started necking her. She reached over her head with an
arm and brought my head closer to her. I could smell her sex and
knew her cunt was dripping wet with her sweet nectar.

"Eat me, Sameer." She said. "Take me here and now. I want to feel
your tongue in my cunt!"
I couldn't refuse Aapa and looked around for a place for us to
engage in our frolic. There was a banana lounge in the patio and
Aapa was already leading me towards it by the hand. The banana chair
would not have been able to support both of us on it, so Aapa lay
down and opened her legs for me as I knelt down between her legs and
brought my face to her glistening wet cunt, taking a long, deep
lick. Her juices were delicious on my tongue.

"Aaaaah" she gasped

I continued to eat her as the sounds of lovemaking came floating
through Mamu and Mami's window. This only spurred me on more to give
Aapa a mindblowing orgasm. I was lost in the passion of the moment.
At that moment all I could think of was how much I loved Aapa and
what more I could do to please her. Aapa's fingers clenched my hair
as she held my head to her cunt. I kept flicking her clit rapidly
with my tongue, bringing her close to orgasm then relaxing it,
letting her building orgasm abate. I wanted to make it last for her.
I wanted to make her crazy with lust. I wanted to make her body burn
in the excruciating pleasure I knew I could give her. My cock was
hard and I could feel the pre-cum bubbling out of it. It didn't
matter. My only purpose at that time was to pleasure my cousin.

"Ohh yes Sameer!!" she moaned, "Keep it up, baby! Oh I love that so

At the same time, I could hear Mami's voice as well "Yusuf!!!
Haan!!! Issi tarah karte raho!!!! Phad de meri gaand! Mai teri raand

Hearing the sounds of two women in intense pleasure sent me to
heaven. Continuing my feast on Aapa's cunt, I reached with one hand
between my legs and took hold of my rigid cock and stroked it. Three
or for strokes was all it took for my balls to start bubbling.
Somehow Aapa had sensed what I was doing and quickly got up off the
banana lounge almost knocking me over in the process. She told me to
stand up which I did and she kneeled down in front of me, taking my
cock into one hand and my balls in the other while her lips
encircled the head of my cock. She stroked it some more while
swirling her tongue around the knob. As I heard Mami's escstatic
screams through the window I knew she was cumming, and that was all
I needed to blow my load. Aapa caught the eruption of my hot, thick
white cream in her mouth and swallowed each last drop. My cock
wilted in Aapa's mouth as she savoured the last of my lovejuice.

She sensed that I was physically spent and guided me to the cool
grass where we lay down in each other's arms, tenderly kissing each
other. No words were spoken. No words were needed. We were two
lovers laying naked on the grass, enjoying each other's presence and
listening to the sweet sounds of sex through a bedroom window.

The summer wore on and I was enjoying my stolen interludes with Aapa
and the porn and masturbation sessions with Ammi. In truth, it was
driving me absolutely crazy as I wanted to do a lot more, but I had
decided that it was best to wait and let things play out with Aapa
after which I could let Ammi make the first move.
The turning point for all this was Aapa's sixteenth birthday. Aapa
wanted a small party with just a few friends, but Mamu wanted to
throw something big that included friends and family. Aapa was
always able to get whatever she wanted from Mamu so he relented and
agreed to give her the private party she wanted, as well as the big
one with family and friends.
What Aapa had in mind was a nice dinner at a restaurant in the city
with a few friends, followed by dancing at a nightclub. Mamu agreed
to this on the condition that she take me with her. Aapa put on a
show of protest, but this was what she was counting on and managed
to manipulate Mamu even further.
Aapa pointed out to Mamu that the party might end late and that it
might be a good idea if we just stayed in a room in the city
overnight rather than having to catch a cab home. Mamu agreed that
it sounded like a good idea. He didn't really like the idea of us
catching a taxi home that late at night, so Aapa had managed to bend
his arm over the situation even more.
When the night finally arrived Mamu drove us into the city. He had
already booked us a table at a nearby restaurant. He took us to the
hotel to put our things into our room. Mamu offered to take us down
to the restaurant but Aapa told him we'd walk instead. Mamu agreed
as he also had somewhere to go and was running late.
As soon as Mamu left, Aapa literally jumped on me. I fell backwards
onto the bed with Aapa on top of me. She took my head between her
hands and planted a kiss on my lips. I put my arms around her and
and held her close. We broke our kiss and Aapa rested on her elbow
beside me.
"What was that for, Aapa?" I asked.
"Just for being you, baby. Have I ever told you how much I love you?"
I looked into Aapa's eyes and saw pure adoration in them. I was
genuinely moved by the intimacy of the situation.
"Yes you have Aapa, and I love you just as much. I love you so much!"
She moved her lips to mine again for a kiss.
"Unzip your pants, Sameer. I want to suck your cock before we have
dinner. I haven't had your hot cream in a while, baby."
As usual, I wasn't one to refuse, so I got up, undid my belt buckle,
unzipped my jeans and dropped then around my ankles, followed by my
underwear. While I was still standing, Aapa knelt down in front of
me and took my already erect cock in her hand. It responded to her
touch by getting just that little extra bit harder. Without saying a
word Aapa engulfed my cock in her mouth; sucking and working her
tongue on it.
"Mmmmmmmm." She moaned as she sucked it. I put a hand behind her
head as I moved my hips in slow rhythm to her sucking. As she sucked
she gently caressed my balls with one hand just the way I liked. The
sight of my cock sliding in and out of her mouth was too much. Her
eyes were focused on mine and I knew she was waiting for me to shoot
my spunk down her throat.
All the physical and mental sensations I was experiencing at that
moment proved too much and I started shooting my load into her
mouth. Aapa discontinued sucking and just held my cock in her mouth
while milking my cock with her hand, coaxing it to expel every last
When my cock went limp in her mouth she let it slip out as she stood
up and kissed me on the lips. As she pushed her tongue into my mouth
I felt and tasted I wad of my own cum enter with it. We kissed
passionately, passing my love-cream back and forth between our
mouths until there was none left.
"That was delicious, Sameer!" Aapa remarked as we broke our kiss. "I
just love the taste of your spunk, baby!"
"Err.. I do too, Aapa. Especially when I get to suck it out of your
"Would you like to suck it out of my pussy?" she teased.
"Would I ever!!!"
She playfully squeezed my cock. "Soon baby, soon. Now get dressed.
The girls will be waiting.
I went to the washroom to wash up a little before we started off for
the restaurant. Aapa fixed herself up as well and we left the hotel
arm in arm like the lovers we were.
"Sameer, do you really feel like going out to dance with the girls
after dinner?" Aapa asked as we walked.
"Why are you asking, Aapa? Don't you?"
"Well I can go dancing with the girls any time, but we have a room
at the hotel to ourselves and you and I don't get an opportunity
like this very often."
"Well if you put it that way, I know where I'd rather be!" I said,
but what are you going to tell your friends?
"We'll wait until after dinner and I'll pretend I'm sick. We'll send
the girls dancing and then come back to our room."
"That sounds like a good idea to me!" I said
"Good. I can hardly wait!"
We arrived at the restaurant and Aapa's friends were already
waiting. It was a small gathering; only four of her closest friends.
I knew Jenny quite well, but the others were almost strangers to me.
The conversation during dinner revolved around clothes, boys and
other things girls talk about. I really didn't pay much attention. I
was anxiously waiting for Aapa to give the cue so we could get back
to our room.
About half way through dinner Aapa started to feign illness,
grimacing and rubbing at her temples as if she had a terrible
headache, but she kept up with the conversation making little of it.
It was just enough to make anyone think she wasn't feeling well.
Towards the end of dinner she spoke out.
"I'm sorry girls if I've seemed a little quiet. I just have this
splitting headache and I'm not feeling too well at all."
"I could tell you were looking a little sick, Razia." Jenny said
"Have some water, Razia. You might feel better in a while." Said
Hannah, another friend..
"No, I've had four glasses in the last hour and it's not making me
feel any better. I really think I need some rest."
"Sure, Raz. I'll take you back home." Offered Jenny.
"No, it's alright. I don't want to spoil the rest of your night. My
dad has already made arrangements for your entertainment. You girls
go and have fun. Sameer will take me home."
The girls protested briefly about not wanting to have fun without
Aapa, but in the end were persuaded to enjoy themselves while we
left. As we walked up the street back to the hotel, Aapa explained
to me that her friends didn't know we were staying in a hotel
overnight, otherwise they would also have wanted to stay. Normally,
this wouldn't have been a problem, but of course we had other plans.
We got back to the hotel about 9:30 pm. Aapa suggested we take a
bath. The hotel room had a huge spa, and we'd never been in one
together. The thought of luxuriously lazing in it with Aapa was
getting me excited and my cock responded accordingly.
Aapa turned on the water and poured in the scented lotions and oils
that were placed in the bathroom then started to undress. I followed
suit and soon we were both naked and in each others arms and kissing
each other passionately.
Soon the spa was full and we both slipped in. Aapa turned on the
jets and the water started to swirl around us. I leaned back against
one side of the spa and Aapa nestled in beside me. The feeling of
the warm water and Aapa next to me was heavenly. I put my arm around
her and brought her in closer. She wasted no time and searched for
my cock under the water and found it. I also began to play with her
breasts. There was no rush. Despite the situation of having the
night to ourselves there was none of the frantic pace we always
seemed to go at. We were always hungry for each other and normally
we would be ravishing each other. This night was different. There
was certainly expectation in the air of what was going to happen,
but we were both wanting to relish every moment.
Aapa turned her face up to mine and we engaged in a passionate kiss.
Our tongues explored each others mouths hungrily, seeking the love
that emanated in the air. My hand slid down from Aapa's breasts to
her pussy, finding the clit and stimulating it, getting a moan from
Aapa in approval. I slid my middle finger into her cunt and fucked
her slowly. She responded by squeezing my cock and pumping it with
more vigour.
"Aapa, I want to eat you." I said to her as I broke our kiss.
Without a word, Aapa rose out of the spa and onto the edge. She
leaned back and spread her legs, giving me access to her sweet
pussy. I wasted no time and placed my head between her thighs and
took a long, deep lick of her cunt, and then started sucking on the
lips before going to work on her clitoris.
"Mmmmmmm…" Aapa moaned, "Keep doing that, Sameer. Work me with your
tongue, baby!"

I sucked Aapa's clit up into my mouth and started thrashing it with my tongue. I slipped two fingers into her pussy to fuck her while I brought her off. "Yes baby!! Bite my clit Sameer! Do it to me good!!!!" I gave Aapa's clitoris a hard nip at which she let out a yelp. I soothed her clit with my tongue but that seemed to spur her on even more "Oh fuck yes Sameer!!! That felt so good!!!! You know how to do it, don't you baby!!! Fuck yessssss!!!!!!!" I could feel the uncontrollable shuddering in Aapa's body that told me her orgasm was building up. All I could think of was her releasing her cunt-honey into my mouth when she came. She lay back on the marble floor edge of the spa squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples as she watched me hungrily eating her juicy cunt. Her eyes were delirious with pleasure as she smiled her approval at me. When her eyes rolled back I knew it was on. She started to moan as her orgasm mounted and took control of her body. I clamped my mouth over her pussy, delving my tongue deep inside to suck up her delicious sauce. Aapa took my head in both hands by the hair as she started to grind her cunt in my face. Her thighs held my head tight and I let her ride her orgasm into me, covering my face with her juices. As her orgasm subsided she released my hair and relaxed thighs around my head. She lay back and gained her breath, her breasts heaving. I wasn't done with her. I absolutely loved the taste of Aapa's juices and followed a trail of it that had trickled down to her anus. I swirled my tongue around it and plunged it in. "Aaaaaaah!!!! Oh Sameer that feels beautiful!!!!!" Aapa moaned. "Turn over onto your hands and knees, Aapa." I said, "That way it will be easier for me to get my tongue into your ass." I don't know how I thought of such a thing. The thought all of a sudden came into my mind as it was overcome by lust for my cousin. "Oh you're a wicked boy, Sameer!!" Aapa said. She rolled over and onto her hands and knees and wiggled her ass before my face playfully.

"Go for it, lover!" she said.
I put my hands on the beautiful soft globes of Aapa's ass and spread
them apart to reveal her puckered, brown anus. Aapa squeezed it as
if to wink at me. I kissed it lovingly and made Aapa gasp in
delight. I continued to kiss it then stuck my tongue into it in a
swirling motion, pushing in.
"God Sameer, I love it when you do that to me!!! Fuck my ass with
your tongue baby!!!"
I didn't need any encouragement from her, but hearing Aapa talk
dirty always made me much hornier. It put me in the state of mind
that I would do anything for her; anything she asked.
Sameer, get up here baby." She said. "I want some of your cock."
I didn't want to stop making love to Aapa's ass with my mouth, but I
knew better than to argue. I got up out of the water onto the marble
ledge next to Aapa. My cock was already at attention as usual. Aapa
just bent down and took it into her mouth expertly in one motion,
sucking and slurping on it noisily. She slipped back into the spa to
bring her head to a more comfortable level.
She bobbed her head up and down on my cock often releasing it to
lick the length of the shaft before swallowing it again. The both of
us really knew how to work each other, and we never got bored of the
sex we had. Perhaps it was because we knew there was much better
still to come. Aapa started to gently lick my balls as she stroked
my cock in her hand. She knew just the right amount of pressure to
apply when taking each of my balls into her mouth.
Her tongue then trailed down the crack of my ass to my anus. It
seemed she wanted to return the favour.
"You like that, Sameer?" she asked
"God, Aapa! I love it!!" I replied, and she went back to licking my
ass the way I did hers.
It was a wonderful sensation to have her warm, wet tongue squeezing
into my ass. The sensation of her tongue fucking me and her pumping
my cock tipped me over the edge and globs of my cream spurted out of
my cock. Aapa was quick enough to take my cock into her mouth and
capture the hot cum she loved so much. She mewled as she coaxed it
out of my cock with her tongue and swallowed it.
I lay back on the marble to recover from my orgasm. Aapa slid into
the water and went her head went under. She stood back up, letting
the water cascade from her hair and down her body.
"Come back into the spa and relax, Sameer." She said, "The night's
still young, and I'm nowhere near finished with you yet."
I looked at Aapa standing in the tub naked. She was a vision of
beauty with her hair almost down to her ass now, her lovely round
breasts defying gravity crowned by bullet-like dark brown nipples. I
joined her in the spa and put my arms around her as we locked into
another kiss. We sat back down into the water and just relaxed for a
while not saying anything.
"I have a surprise for you, Sameer." Aapa said after a while.
"It should be me giving you surprises, Aapa. It's YOUR birthday." I
"No, today is a special day for both of us, baby."
"Yeah, I would never have dreamed that we could have a night to
ourselves in a luxury hotel room." I agreed.
"That's not all, lover. There's something more."
I was starting to get delightful thoughts in my head and was half
expecting to hear some wonderful news, and I could tell by the
dazzling smile on Aapa's face that she had something very special to
tell me.
"What is it?" I asked
"Well, I went to the doctor two weeks ago and had something done."
"What do you mean?" I asked, all of a sudden worried.
"Don't worry, it was a standard procedure. I had a contraceptive
inserted in my vagina to prevent me getting pregnant. Do you know
what that means?"
My head was spinning. Of course I knew what it meant, but was
speechless at what Aapa was telling me.
"Sameer, I know you've waited a long time, baby." Aapa said. "I know
you've had the opportunity to lose your virginity but you saved it
for me. I love you so much for that."
"Uh huh." Was all I was able to mumble.
Aapa stood up in the water and extended her hand to me. Her eyes
looked straight into mine and poured her love into me through them.
"Take me to bed, baby" she said softly. "Take me to bed and fuck me."
I was dumbfounded. I couldn't believe what I was hearing and
couldn't believe that I was finally going to fuck my cousin who I
loved so much. I took Aapa's hand in my own and stood up. Aapa
stepped out of the spa and pulled me along after her. She led me to
the bed without drying off and lay down on her back
"Fuck me, Sameer. I want you now, baby." She said hotly.
I stood there motionless. My cock was ready and harder than I've
ever thought I felt it, but my mind was still in a state of disbelief
"Whar are you waiting for?" Aapa asked. "This is what we've always
"I… I know, Aapa." I gibbered. "It's just such a big surprise,
that's all."
"Don't you want to fuck me?" she teased
"Yes! Yes I do Aapa!"
"Well….. Come and fuck me then."
I climbed onto the bed and kneeled between Aapa's legs to bring my
mouth to her already wet pussy.
"No, Sameer. I don't want foreplay. I want you to put that big cock
of yours inside my cunt and fuck me!"
I could see the hunger in Aapa's eyes. In the mood she was in she
wouldn't have cared if we were on her living room floor in front of
her parents. All she knew was that she had to have me fuck her.
I positioned myself between her and she took hold of my cock and
guided it to her pussy, rubbing it against her wet folds and finding
the entrance to her canal.
"Do it, Sameer. Push it in."
"I don't want to hurt you, Aapa."
"Don't worry baby, my hymen is already broken. I'm not going to
With that I plunged my cock into Aapa's waiting pussy. The feeling
of her warm, wet flesh sheathing my cock as it slid in was just
heavenly. It was much different to her sucking on it. The knowledge
that I was inside her was driving me wild. I picked up a rhythm as I
thrust my hips into her. I held myself up on my hands which allowed
me a view of Aapa's breasts which jiggled with each thrust. Her eyes
were closed and her face displayed a look of rapture.
"Mmmmmm….. Aaaaaah….. Aaaah Yesssss……" Aapa moaned as she thrust her
hips in tandem with mine. "That's soooooo goooood, baby!!!!"
I was in too much pleasure to speak a word. I continued stroking my
cock in and out of Aapa's pussy and as I did so, she raised her head
and brought her mouth to my nipples and licked and sucked them. This
really got me going. I started to fuck her faster and felt the
familiar warmth building up in my groin.
"Aapa, I'm going to cum! I can't hold out much longer!"
"Yes baby! Shoot you hot spunk into me! I want your hot cream inside
me, Sameer!"
Hearing the words was enough for me to loose my load. It spewed out
in a thick, hot stream. I collapsed on top of Aapa and she wrapped
her arms and legs around me, holding me inside her. I panted for
breath as my cock went limp inside Aapa.
"Oh god, Sameer! Oh god that felt good! Fuck, how I love you little
brother!!!!" Aapa breathed as she held me.
"I love you too, Aapa. I love you so much!" I replied.
"Ok, NOW I wasn't to suck your cock Sameer. Get on your back, lover!"
Aapa released her hold on me and I rolled off her onto my back. My
cock was already showing signs of life again as it started to swell.
It was glistening with a mixture of my own cum and Aapa's juices.
"Doesn't that look so delicious!" Aapa commented.
"Why don't we 69, Aapa?" I suggested "I'm feeling hungry for your
pussy too."
"Great minds think alike, don't they?" she quipped.
Aapa climbed over me and positioned her pussy over my face. I could
see that the same mixture of cum and juices that coated my cock were
still oozing from her cunt.
Looking at it inflamed my desire and I wasted no more time feasting
on the delectable cream that was a product of our unbridled sex.
I licked deep and collected the thick stuff on my tongue and
savoured the taste of it before letting in slide down my throat. To
know that I was swallowing this beautiful fluid that had come from
deep within Aapa as a result of her enjoyment tantalised my mind and
made me eat her delicious cunt with vigour.
Aapa was also sucking my cock with as much enthusiasm and most
likely had the same thoughts running through her mind. The sweet
sounds of slurping and sucking filled the air as we submitted to our
lust-driven feeding frenzy of each other. Like so many other times
before, we had ascended to a higher plane where the only thing that
existed were the desire, lust and love between two people.
Everything was forgotten ain the moment and only mutual
gratification remained. Aapa ground her pussy into my face as her
orgasm mounted and I too could feel my own coming on. She sucked my
cock with such expert skill, coaxing it to release the hot cream she
loved so much.
I finally relented as the pleasure took over my body and senses, and
I hammered her clitoris with the tip of my tongue as she released
herself onto my face. Once our orgasms subsided she got off me and
came to rest in my arms and quietly we dozed off to sleep.
I was awoken by a warm feeling coming from my groin. My eyes opened
and a brief thought entered my mind that it was all a dream. The
unfamiliar surroundings told me that I was not dreaming and that I
was indeed in bed in the hotel room. I looked down towards my cock
and saw Aapa's lips around it.
"Ready for some more?" she asked as she let my cock slip out of her
"Mmmh. What time is it?" I asked sleepily.
"About 2:00 in the morning. Come on, your cock's awake now. I want
you to fuck me from behind, Sameer. Fuck me doggy-style."
"Wow Aapa, you really are horny aren't you?"
"Well judging by the way your cock's reacting, you are too! Let's
not waste this night, baby. I enjoyed my first fuck and I want more."
Aapa got on all fours as I positioned myself behind her. My cock was
already throbbing and eager to slide into her again. The sight of
Aapa's ass from behind at that moment was one that sticks in my
memory even until today. It wasn't just her ass, but her bare
shoulders and ass. The whole body just waiting to be loved again
I held my cock in my hand and guided it to Aapa's wet cunt, finding
the entrance and pushing in. Again, the feel of it sliding in was
heavenly. I picked up a slow rhythm, sliding it in and out, my cock
slipped out a couple of times as I withdrew a little too far, but
soon I was able to find the right pace and the right stroke.
I held on to the round globes of Aapa's buttocks as I fucked her.
Neither of us spoke as we enjoyed giving ourselves to each other.
The only sounds that filled the air was a soft slapping sound as my
hips hit hers and my breathing and Aapa's short sighs at each thrust.
"Uh… Uhh… Ungh… Uhh… Uh…"
I seemed to have a little more staying power in this postion. I was
learning to control my strokes to keep my orgasm in check. I didn't
want to cum too quickly as I was having too much pleasure driving my
cock in and out of her. I knew Aapa was enjoying it too as she threw
her head back and often dropped it as her body rocked back and
forth in movement with my thrusts.
I loved watching the little jiggle of her buttocks as our hips
collided. Soon it all proved to be too much as pressure built up in
my cock and I knew I couldn't hold it any longer.
"Aapa, I'm going to cum!" I warned her.
"Do it Sameer! Fill me with your hot cum baby!!!"
I let go of my load and pumped it all into Aapa's pussy. She bucked
back into me as her own orgasm took her. We were both sweating from
the length of the session, but the thought of Aapa's hot and sweaty
body next to me made me horny. Aapa got onto her knees and turned
around and kissed me passionately.
"Thanks baby," she said, "That was awesome! Let's get some more
sleep. I might wake you up again."
We went to sleep again, drenched in sweat and each other's cum. Aapa
woke me up about two hours later and we fucked again as well as
sixty-nine to clean ourselves up. Despite the new found pleasure of
fucking, we still enjoyed that taste of each other's cum and tonight
was no exception for that.
After that session we woke up just after 8:00 in the morning and
fucked in the shower. Aapa braced her hands against the wall and I
fucked her from behind standing up. We decided to have breakfast in
our room and ordered room service. Aapa ended up sitting on the edge
of the table in front of me as I sat in the chair and ate her pussy.
Then she lay back on the table and I fucked her again, after which
she pushed me to the floor to suck my cock. We lay on the floor
resting in each others' arms and caressing each other after that.
"I wish we could stay another night, Sameer. I could spend all day
fucking you. In fact, I'd love to be here all week with you." Aapa
"Me too, Aapa." I replied. "Last night was the best night of my
"There's more of that to come, baby. I want to fuck you as often as
I can!"
"I sure hope we do!"
"Oh we will, lover. Don't worry about that. Come on Sameer, we
better get dressed and go before Abbu sends a search party out for
With the best night of our lives behind us and the promise of better
yet to come, Aapa and I showered again, got dressed and caught a
taxi home.
I arrived home at about mid-day. Ammi had apparently gone out so I
went straight to bed since I was exhauseted from the events of the
last twenty four hours. I woke up early evening to the sound of the
shower running in Ammi's room. I decided to get up and freshen up
myself. About 10 minutes later I went to Ammi's room where she was
standing in front of the mirror wearing only a towel around her

This had become a familiar sight to me, but for some reason it was
making me more aroused than it usually would. I could see her
beautiful breasts in the mirror and the nipples were erect and
jutting out. I could also see goose bumps on the flesh of her

Ammi saw my reflection in the mirror.

"Hello beta, did you have a good time last night?" she asked

"I had a great time, Ammi." I replied as I walked to her."

I don't know what overcame me, but I reached my arms around Ammi and
cupped her breasts and nuzzled my head in the crook of her neck,
kissing it. My hands squeezed her lovely tits and I pinched the
nipples between my fingers.

"Wow babba, what's gotten into you?"

I didn't reply. I took my mouth from Ammi's neck up to her ear and
nibbled gently on the lobe. With one hand still on her breast, I
slid the other down her belly to her pubic mound and slipped my
middle finger between her soft lips.

Ammi's hand went over mine to hold it on her breast, and her head
tilted to one side as my tongue probed into her ear.

"Mmmmmhhh…. Oooooohh…" Ammi sighed. She turned around and her arms
went around my neck as he brought her lips to mine. I opened my
mouth and her tongue slipped inside and met my own, I put my arms
around her and caressed her bare back with my hands as we kissed

We began to lose ourselves as our lust took over. I broke our kiss
and I knelt slightly to take one of Ammi's breasts in my mouth. I
sucked it and flicked my tongue over it and grazed it lightly
between my teeth. I let go and did the same to her other breast.
Ammi entwined her fingers in my hair to hold my head on her breast.
Neither of us spoke. We both knew what was happening and neither of
us wanted it to stop. We were about to take it to the next level. I
started to kiss my way down her belly to her neatly trimmed pubic

Ammi knew what I was doing and propped her leg up on her dressing
stool. If I had any doubts about her wanting this or not, it was
wiped away by that single act. I licked each side of her vulva
gently, teasing her as I did.

"Aaaaaahhhhh…." Ammi moaned as my tongue worked on her.
Encouraged by Ammi;s approval, I licked deep into her wet cunt for
the first time, lashing out a dollop of her tangy cream. I stood up
and kissed Ammi, letting her taste herself on my lips.

We hade both completely lost ourselves to primal desire and Ammi was
pulling my t-shirt off over my head. She then kissed my neck and
chest and even sucked my nipples working her way downwards. She
unbuckled my belt and quckly undid my zipper, pulling my jeans and
underwear down around my ankles.

My cock sprang out and bobbed up and down in front of her face. Ammi
took my cock into her hand and then her eyes looked seductively into
mine. Wordlessly, she took the head into her mouth and swirled her
tongue around it before releasing it from her hand and swallowing
the shaft. I couldn't believe Ammi could deep-throat. It wasn't a
new thing for me as Aapa deep-throated me all the time, but I could
feel the difference in Ammi's technique.

After sucking me for a while, Ammi stood up and took my hands in
hers and led me to the bed. I hobbled over as my ankles were still
entrapped in my jeans and underwear. I quickly shook them off as
Ammi lay back on the bed still holding my hands.

She pulled me on top of her and spread her legs as she took hold of
my cock again and guided it to her wet cunt. We didn't waste any
time as we both knew what we wanted. As soon as I could feel my head
touch the entrance of her hot pussy I pushed it in. There was none
of the calm and patience of the previous night with Aapa. Ammi and I
had let our animalistic instincts take over and all we were
interested in now was fucking each other's brains out.

I drove my cock in and out of her and she brought her heels up and
dug them into my hips as if to spur me on. Amazingly, despite my
lust I was able to control my orgasm. I kept pumping in and out of
her increasing my pace and slowing down at different periods. I
propped myself on my hands and at times just collapsed on her
letting my hips hump up and down.

Ammi's fingers dug into my back as she moaned much the same way Aapa
"Mmh…. Mmh…. Anhh….. Anh….."

Soon I kinew I was about to come, so I increased my pace and Ammi
began to moan louder, letting me know that she was also about to
come. I propped myself back up on my hands and really drove hard as
my thick white sauce flooded Ammi's hungry cunt. As my orgasm
subsided I collapsed again and Ammi held me close to her, wrapping
her arms and legs around me. I could feel her squeezing my cock with
her pussy, extracting whatever juice might be left.

"Sameer, that was beautiful!" Ammi said finally.

"I enjoyed it too." I replied as I rolled off

"Are you alright with what just happened, babba?

I looked at her. Her eyes showed the concern of a mother. In truth
it was a strange feeling to have finally fucked this goddess, and in
the next instance realise that she was your mother, but underlying
all of that was the profound love we had for one another. What we
had just done was a natural progression of it.

"Ammi, I love you." I replied. "I'm alright with ANYTHING that
happens between us. I loved what we just did and want to do it
again. You will let me do it again, won't you?"

Ammi kissed me. "Babba, you can fuck me whenever you want." She
said. "You're my friend more than anything else. You're my best
friend! I love you more than anything or anyone!"

She climbed on top of me and pressed her breasts against my chest as
we engaged in a kiss. We lay in each others arms for a while not
saying anything, but just enjoying being naked and close to one
another, our hands idly caressing each other, punctuated every now
and then with a deep kiss.

My cock began to show signs of life again and Ammi helped it along
by stroking it expertly. Once it reached its rigidity Ammi scooted
down between my legs and wrapped her lips around it. She swirled her
tongue around it and slid her lips right down to the base, taking my
head into her throat. She held it there and I felt her tongue
sliding up and down the underside of my shaft, her throat
contracting. This was something I had never felt before! I moaned my
appreciation as Ammi worshipped my cock with her expert skill.
"I want this inside me again." Ammi said as she released my cock
from her hot mouth, "Do you want to try another position, Sameer?"
I merely nodded my agreement, too excited to say anything. Ammi came
up beside me and got on all fours.

"Fuck me from behind, baby." She said, "Fuck me doggy-style."
I moved behind Ammi and saw the round globes of her ass in the air.
She reached underneath herself with one hand and played with her
pussy, teasing me as she did. I saw her beautiful anus. It looked
too good to pass up so I bobbed down and planted a kiss on it,
slipping his tongue into the hole.

"AAAAAHHHHHHH" Ammi moaned.

I held her ass cheeks apart as a licked her asshole and drooled my
saliva into it.

"Oh babba! I love that!!"

Once I had enough of tasting Ammi's ass, I stood on my knees and
guided my throbbing cock to her waiting cunt.

Ammi reached between her legs and took hold of it again, guiding it
to the entrance of her love canal. I plunged my cock deep inside in
one motion and held her waist as I began pumping in and out, again
not bothering with any reserved gentleness. Fucking Ammi was a
different experience altogether. There was an eagerness from both of
us, an animalistic desire that demanded pleasure.

Ammi began to moan again as she had before, and I responded with
hoarse groans as I continued to slam my cock into her, my balls
slapping against her pussy lips.

"Oh fuck, babba! Your cock feels so good inside me!" Ammi
remarked, "Keep fucking me like that!"

I was in absolute heaven. Never had I dreamed that finally losing my
virginity would bring this much pleasure. First Aapa, now Ammi. The
two people I loved most in the world were now my lovers in the more
literal sense. To think that I could have either of them any time I
wanted was almost too much to accept.

"Sameer, let me know when you're going to cum. Don't cum inside my
pussy, I want it in my mouth, babba. I want to drink your love!"
That was almost enough to make me spill my load there and then, but
I wanted to make Ammi cum too. I didn't want to pull out before she
could have an orgasm, so I increased my pace and began to really
hammer my cock into her.

"OOOOHHHH!! AAAAAAHHHHH!!!" Ammi moaned. "Oh fuck me hard like that
babba! You're going to make me cum!!!"

Her body rocked forward with each of my thrusts and the soft flesh
of her ass jiggled with the impact. Ammi grabbed hold of the bedhead
so that she was semi-upright. I reached my arms around her and held
her in a type of bear-hug as I drove my rod into her.

"Oh that's it baby, FUCK ME!!!" she wailed.

I didn't need any more encouragement. I slammed my cock into her for
all I was worth and Ammi moaned her appreciation of it. I knew she
was riding her orgasm and I don't think she had any concern at that
moment whether I came in her pussy or in her mouth, but I controlled
my own orgasm as best I could so that I could fulfil Ammi's desire.


I held tightly onto Ammi, my arms wrapped around her, my cock buried
deep inside her as she rode her orgasm and let it subside. My cock
was still hard and Ammi knew it. As soon as her orgasm abated, she
slipped herself off my cock and lay down with her face underneath my
cock. She took my throbbing shaft in her hand and began to pump it
close to her open mouth. The visual was too much and my balls
started to boil and the familiar warmth ran up the shaft of my cock.
Thick globules of hot white cream spurted out landing on Ammi's

She quickly took my head between her lips and held it there so as
not to let any cum escape. As I emptied my cream into her mouth,
Ammi swallowed hungrily, taking it down her throat as if it were a
refreshing drink. After she had gotten every drop I collapsed beside
her, totally spent. Ammi kissed me and I tasted traces of my own cum
on her lips.

"You're a fantastic lover, Sameer!" Ammi commented.

"Thanks Ammi, you're not so bad yourself."

"As compred to who?" she teased. I know she was joking, but I knew I
would have to tell her about Aapa soon.

"Come on beta, let's have a shower and then we'll go out for dinner.
Then we can come back home and have some more fun." She said in a
naughty tone, and I knew I was in for another long night, but I
wasn't about to complain.

We quickly showered together and dressed to go out. We decided on a
local Indian restaurant which was a favourite for us. We took a
table in a quiet corner and ordered our meals.

I loved going out with Ammi. It was one of those events I always
looked forward to. It was a time we could both relax and enjoy the
evening. There was a special intimacy between us when we went out. A
zone of comfort where we left the world behind. I knew that it was
all because of Ammi. She herself created the conditions and the
environment that made our relationship what it was today, and she
did it with such love and care that I knew my feelings and best
interests always took precedence.

She had opened the doors for me to choose which one I wanted to walk
through, and left them open just in case I wanted to come back out.
I realised that she loved me so much that she wanted me to
experience every pleasure life had to offer and make up my mind on
which of them I was happy to pursue. I was a lucky boy indeed to be
loved by such a woman, and it was because of that that I felt
comfortable enough, more so than obliged, to reveal to her my
relationship with Aapa.

We made small chat over dinner and Ammi would occasionally tempt me
with hints about what she was going to me later that night. After we
finished our dinner, I decided to tell Ammi about Aapa.

"Ammi, there's something I want to tell you." I began.

"Sure, babba." She said. I took a deep breath before I uttered the

"I'm not a virgin any more."

Ammi giggled. "I know you aren't, beta. My pussy can vouch for that!"
I smiled at her and went on, "No, I mean I wasn't a virgin even

I saw one of Ammi's eyebrows rise in amusement.

"You weren't?" she asked.

"No, I wasn't……… I lost my virginity last night."

"Wow!!! Are you serious???"


"That's wonderful! I'm happy for you, Sameer! And here I was feeling
bad that I had to be the one to take your virginity!"

"Really??? You aren't upset?"

"Why would I be upset? I'm so happy for you, beta. I've been
wondering how much longer you and Razia were going to wait."

Then the world started to spin. That hit me like a semi-trailer.
Ammi knew about Aapa!!

"H-h-how did you know it was Aapa?" I stammered.

"Oh I have my ways." Ammi teased, "Don't you think I'm clever?"
I sat dumbfounded with my mouth agape.

"Come on, Sameer. Don't be so shocked. I've known for a long time.
The two of you have been playing games for years, and I know you've
tried to keep it a secret, but you've been a little clumsy in trying
to conceal it. I remember coming home quite to the wonderful smell
of sex, although you try to mask it with air freshener."

"You mean you know about all that too???"

"Of course."

"Y-you're not upset about it are you?"

"No babba, I'm not. I was a little shocked at first, but I
understand that it was all bound to happen. Razia is a little minx!"
she giggled. "So tell me, how was she?"


"Go on, you can tell me!" Ammi prodded.

"Well, it was great, Ammi! I couldn't have wished for anything
better my first time." I confided, encouraged by her camaraderie. I
really couldn't believe Ammi was reacting so well. It really was
like talking to a friend. I recounted the events of the previous
night to her and she listened attentively, wooing me and eyes going
wide at some of the detail.

"No wonder you were sleeping like a log all day!" Ammi said when I
finished the account, "You were having sex all night long! What a
stud you are, babba!"

I smiled at her compliment. "I think I can go all night long with
you too tonight, Ammi." I said suggestively.

"Well then let's get out of here and make a start, baby!" Ammi said
as she waved the waiter for the bill.

We drove back home and as soon as we stepped into the house, Ammi
literally jumped on me. She pushed me back onto the couch in the
living room and fell on top of me, pressing her lips onto mine. It
didn't take her long to get her tongue into my mouth and we engaged
in a deep soul kiss. I put my arms around her and held her close to
me as we kissed like the lovers we were. My hands found their way
under her top and caressed her back.

We continued kissing for long minutes as we relented to the passion
of love and desire. Ammi took hold of the front of my shirt in both
hands and pulled me up into a sitting position, then straddled me.
She took my face gently in both hands and brought it close up to her
own. She was breathing hard and her eyes were staring deep into

No words were needed to describe what was passing between us, a
profound love that had surpassed anything humanly imaginable. We
knew who we were to one another. We knew that this would never be
accepted by the world. We didn't care. We loved each other and we
wanted to make each other happy. We enjoyed the pleasure we gave
each other. We enjoyed the feel of our skin against each other. We
enjoyed the scent of each other. We enjoyed the taste of each other.
Ammi licked my lips softly. I licked hers in response. We toyed with
each other passionately. Not playfully. The feeling at the moment
was too intense. We were ascending to a higher plane, to that
ethereal world of pleasure. Our mouths locked again, and again we
lost ourselves in the passion of the kiss.

There was no rush this time. We knew we had all night, but there was
still that animalistic hunger. We were still fully clothed but it
didn't matter. Ammi and I had transcended the physical. Our bodies
writhed as we devoured each other with our mouths and the game we
played in our minds.

This was something I had never experienced, not even with Aapa. With
Aapa, nudity had always been a matter of course, a visual appetiser
for the senses, but here and now with Ammi, it was secondary to what
we were experiencing, but we knew we wanted to fuck. We knew that we
needed to meld and be one.

Ammi grabbed my t-shirt and pulled them out of my pants and over my
head, throwing it aside once it was off. She ran her hands over my
chest and bent slightly to lick my nipples, sucking them and biting
them. Her hands were now busy unbuckling my belt. I stood up to help
her get my pants off. Before no time I was standing naked before her
with my cock pointing into her face. She took it eagerly into her
mouth and sucked as she ran her hands along the back of my legs and
up to my buttocks, squeezing them.

I reached down and fondled her breasts through her thin top, feeling
their exquisite softness
I began to lift it to take it off Ammi. It became stuck when I
couldn't get it off her head as she was enjoying sucking me too
much. She finally released my cock and I pulled her top over her
head. She then stood up to let me take off her pants and her

We stood before each other and fell into another passionate kiss as
I unhooked her bra behind her and removed it, letting it drop to the
floor. I bent down slightly to take one of her breasts into my mouth
and she started kissing my neck which she now had access to. I
sucked and gently nibbled on her nipple causing her to gasp and moan.
Ammi pushed me onto the floor and I sat there while she descended
over me. She lowered herself over my cock and straddled me, letting
my hard cock slide into her. Ammi wrapped her arms around my neck
and her legs around my waist. I put my arms around her back and we
pressed our bodies together as we slowly rocked back and forth
letting her warm, moist cunt grind my cock lovingly, and we settled
into the ever so slow rhythm, enjoying the feel, the scent, the
taste, and the sight of each other.

There was no rush. We were lost to the world as we ascended to that
higher plane where only pleasure existed. For what seemed like hours
we remained in that position, Ammi slowly grinding me inside her as
our tongues explored each others' mouths and our souls melded, our
hearts intertwining in the profound love that we both knew no other
person could comprehend. The love that transcended all boundaries
and gave every whim and pleasure to the recipient. How many orgasms
we shared that evening I couldn't tell. Our quivering bodies,
glistening with sweat, as we sat in the pool of sex-juices that had
flowed from within us, was now merely a medium, a channel, a vessel
for the lust and abandonment of the ecstasy that washed over us.

Grinding ever so slowly. If there was a heaven on earth, this was it.