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Best Intentions

Best Intentions Ch. 01
Once again, I am very grateful to my friend Gayle for her willingness to edit my work. You are the best!

As always, this is a work of fiction.


Isn't it funny how the smallest of actions can carry such great consequences? We may set out to do something with the absolute best of intentions, but larger forces seem to conspire against us and the subsequent outcome is far different than we ever could have imagined. This is a story of just one such event, and the resulting pickle in which I now find myself.

My name is Jan, and I am a forty three year old divorced mom of two wonderful children. My eldest is a daughter who is twenty one years of age and lives nearby in an apartment with her longtime boyfriend. My youngest is Darren, an eighteen year old high school senior who lives here at home with me.

I am a registered nurse and work the odd hours that often come with the job. As such, I have to admit I was not always around to observe my children's lives as much as I would have liked, particularly since the divorce. My daughter, Lynne, seemed to enjoy wonderful school years and was always on the go at one function or another. Darren's high school experience appeared much different however, which caused me a great deal of concern.

Darren is a smart, handsome kid, but is also quite shy. As a child he had a number of good friends and was very active, but of late he seemed to always be at home alone, working or playing on his laptop. I spoke to him about it a number of times, but he simply said he and his buddies preferred playing video games online to just hanging out like they used to. I never understood video games and hoped he was being honest with me, yet I remained a tad skeptical.

I confided in a couple of my friends that I was worried about Darren's behavior, but none appeared worried at all. The common refrain from them all was simply, "Kids are just different these days, Jan." As much as I wanted to believe them, I was still worried.

It was February when I grew concerned once more. Valentine's Day had just passed, and it appeared Darren had no sweetheart, or even anything close. In addition, I knew there was a spring dance looming on the horizon, but he made no mention of attending. And I wasn't yet even contemplating the Senior Prom.

I guess that's why I began to contemplate Darren's sexuality for the first time. Did he masturbate? Was he a virgin? Had he ever even kissed a girl, or touch a breast? Could it be he might be gay and struggling to come to grips with that fact? I then thought about all the time he spent online. Was he going into adult sites to see things he didn't have in real life? He had become withdrawn in some ways, so nothing would really surprise me.

My ex husband and I had more than our share of issues in our relationship, but nocturnal activities in the bedroom were never a part of them. We both enjoyed high sex drives, so I just assumed our children would be raging sex maniacs. Not that I wanted my kids to become studs or sluts, but I considered a healthy sexual appetite a good thing for one's outlook on life.

Suddenly I was left feeling great guilt. I had noticed the changes in him over the years, and just assumed it was Darren being Darren and left him alone. As a single mom, I didn't want to smother him, so I let him walk his own path. Now I realized he may have needed a confidant to share things with, or maybe get advice from time to time. As part of my job, I listen to patients all the time, but for some inexplicable reason, had neglected my own child.

I set up a lunch date with my daughter, and over salads began to question her about Darren. Did she think he was okay? Was she aware of any issues? Had he ever had a girlfriend? She assured me he was just fine, yet for some reason I couldn't stop asking questions. After a few more queries, Lynne looked at me incredulously and said, "Jesus, you're his mother. Ask him yourself!"

Of course she was right. I had let things go on too long, and made up my mind right there to have a heart to heart with Darren, the likes of which we'd never had before. When I arrived home after lunch, I poured myself a glass of wine and tried to figure out the best way to tackle things with him. I certainly didn't want to come on too strong after ignoring his behavior like I had.

When he came home from school that afternoon, Darren went straight to his room and opened his laptop just as he did most every day. He instantly began pecking away at the keys, and seemed oblivious to the fact that I was even home. I took a deep breath and entered the room to chat with him.

Darren seemed annoyed that I interrupted whatever he was doing online, but he made a few keystrokes and then looked up at me. I tried to give him my best easy going smile to let him know everything was okay, and then I sat down on the bed beside his desk. We had always shared a fairly casual relationship, so I decided that rather than beat around the bush for a long time, I'd just get right at it. "Darren, is everything okay at school?"

"Sure Mom, why do you ask?"

I hesitated for a moment, then responded, "Well, it's just I never see you with your friends anymore."

"I told you, we like to play online," he answered, sounding somewhat irritated.

"I know, sweetie, it's just you never seem to leave the house."

"Mom, what's this all about?" he asked.

"Nothing, really...it's just, well, I'm concerned about you," I stammered, suddenly regretting that second glass of wine.

"I'm fine," he responded, as his hands went back to the computer.

He must have felt the conversation was over, but I was just getting started. "Do you have a girlfriend?"

Darren let out an audible sigh, and simply replied, "No."

I wasn't sure exactly how to ask it, but before I even knew what happened I said, "You do like girls, don't you?"

"Jesus, Mom!" he barked. "Is that what this is all about?"

"Relax honey, please," I said, trying to calm things down. He looked really annoyed with me, but I pressed on. "It's just we haven't talked in so long, I was worried about you, that's all."

"I'm fine, okay," he replied, and then added, "And I'm not gay."

A big part of me felt like I'd crossed the line, and should leave him alone. I instantly decided that it was just better to press on, so I casually asked how his friends were doing, how school was, and any other innocuous thing I could think of. After exhausting most of my basic questions, I once again went for broke. "Have you ever had a girlfriend?"

"Yes," was his curt reply.

With relief, I asked, "So, do I know her?"

"I've actually dated two girls, Mom. But to answer your question, no, you don't," he responded tersely.

We both remained silent for a moment; unsure of what to say next. I finally decided to get one more thing out in the open, so I stammered less than eloquently, "You know I'm a nurse, and, well, if you ever have any questions, umm, you know...about sex, you can ask me."

Darren blushed, but simply nodded back at me with a somber look upon his face.

Not wanting to let things drop just yet, I added, "I know your dad isn't great at this stuff, so if you need anything, I mean anything, just ask. Okay?" He nodded once more, and with that I decided to let him off the hook and walked away.

Over the next few weeks, I did my best to engage Darren in conversation whenever possible, and overall he seemed okay with my renewed interest in his life. He didn't push me away, which was a start anyway. I pressed him gently on the subject of his past girlfriends, but he was not very forthcoming. I had the impression he was still a virgin, but that was fine with me. He assured me life was good, so I dropped it.

Darren was interested in attending college, and my ex had not been great with child support, so I had been picking up extra shifts at the hospital when available. I often worked nights, and was just climbing into bed when Darren was heading out for school in the morning.

One night after leaving work, I stopped into a convenience store to grab a cup of coffee for the ride home. I had been in there numerous times before, and had spied the adult magazines lined up on a rack behind the counter. After all my questioning of Darren regarding his love life, I impulsively decided to buy him a couple as a bit of an olive branch.

I didn't know which ones to get, but the two names I recognized were Playboy and Penthouse, so I purchased one of each. The guy behind the counter gave me a lecherous grin, but thankfully said nothing as he tucked them in a paper sack for me. I almost ran to the car before anyone could see me with them, and then headed for home.

After Darren left for school, I pulled the magazines out of the bag and was tempted to review them. They were wrapped in plastic, so I decided to leave them as they were and set them on a table next to his bed. I jotted down a quick note, letting him know they were a thank you for his honestly in opening up to me. I hoped my act would show him I thought he was an adult and it was safe to engage me about his feelings if ever he needed to.

I intentionally made it a point of not asking him about the magazines the next few days, and Darren said nothing either. We both pretended noting had changed, but I did notice that he was spending more time alone in his room. Candidly, I wondered if he had been masturbating to the pictures, which was fine with me. I owned a vibrator and diddled myself off at least three or four times per week, so I couldn't be a hypocrite.

I did notice that he become more attentive to me, helping clean up after dinner and the like. Maybe he had come to appreciate my attention, and the fact that I tried to treat him like an adult rather than a child.

About two weeks later, I just happened to have an entire Tuesday off, so I did errands and cleaned the house. When I brought a load of fresh laundry into Darren's room, I was suddenly curious about the magazines I had left. I opened the drawer of his bedside table, and found them right on top. It had been years since I'd actually looked at one, and wondered if they were still the same.

I sat down on Darren's bed, and began leafing through the Playboy. I was mildly surprised to find there were so many articles about things other than sex. The pictorials were tastefully done, and the women were even more beautiful than I had remembered. One thing was different from the last time I saw one, and that was all the girls were completely shaven. I trimmed myself down below, but had never completely done away with my hair. I figured that was the style today, and made a note to myself to try it sometime soon.

I opened the Penthouse, and began looking it over as well. The pictures were more graphic, but not too bad overall. I then found a section titled, Forum, and began to read. Apparently, they were letters from readers, detailing their sexual liaisons, and I must admit I quickly became engrossed. One of the first stories I read was from a college girl who seduced her professor, and it really made my pulse pound.

Next, I read about a guy who bedded his mother's best friend, which seemed naughty but oh so sexy. Without even realizing what I was doing, as I read my right hand wandered up under my skirt and I began softly stroking my pussy through my panties.

My body grew warmer as I scanned the subsequent tale. It was from a female lawyer who made it with her sexy new assistant in her office after hours. It reminded me of another nurse from work who made it clear on a couple of occasions she was interested in me. I was too chicken to acknowledge her overt hints, but I had fantasized about her on many occasions. Her name was Deb, and I closed my eyes and rubbed myself faster, picturing the two of us together just like the lawyer and her assistant.

I dropped the magazine and began pinching a nipple with my free hand while the other was busy between my legs. When my orgasm hit, I fell back on the bed with a loud moan, basking in the wonderful sensations. After a minute or so of panting and writhing atop the mattress, I opened my eyes and was shocked to see Darren standing at the door to his room, a look of wonder written all over his face.

I jumped up and stood before him, nervously straightening my skirt. "What are you doing home so early?" I barked, feeling more embarrassed than at any other time in my life.

"It's the first Tuesday of the month."

At that moment my head was swimming, so I asked, "What does that mean?"

"It's always early release for teacher's meetings on the first Tuesday of the month. You know, half days." he replied.

Of course, how could I have forgotten? I was so caught up in my errands and then, well, you know, I had lost focus. Feeling like a complete fool, I just had to get out of the room. I quickly walked past him and muttered, "Your laundry's done." As I did, I couldn't help but notice the large lump in his slacks and wondered just how long he had been watching me.

I did my best to avoid Darren the rest of the day, but over dinner there was obvious tension in the air. Needing to address it, I finally said, "I'm sorry for invading your privacy today. I shouldn't have been in your room."

He gave me a soft smile and said, "It's okay, Mom."

We ate in silence for a while longer, but I had to bring up the elephant in the room. With more than a bit of anxiety, I asked, "You saw what I was doing, didn't you?"

"Yes," was all he said. Obviously, he wasn't going to make this easy on me

"Well, I know some people say it's sinful, but I want to let you know that masturbation is normal and healthy," I stated, I'm sure sounding rather more clinical than I had hoped. He just looked back at me, as if at a loss for words. For some inexplicable reason, I asked, "Do you masturbate?"

His face went red, but after a pause he slowly nodded his head. "It's completely normal sweetheart. You have nothing; I mean nothing to be ashamed of, understand?" He simply nodded again.

In spite of the fact that I was feeling pretty embarrassed with everything, I added, "Remember, if you have any questions or need anything, just ask."

He answered, "Okay, Mom," and we both went back to eating in silence.

Things seemed to get back to normal quickly, albeit with a few minor changes. Instead of playing on the computer in his room, Darren would usually set the laptop on either the kitchen or living room table. We would chat while he played online, and sometimes he tried to explain why he found it so interesting. His passion for the games was lost on me, but I loved our new closeness regardless.

There was one change in me as well. As I said, I have always been a sexual being, but had never at all had been an exhibitionist. For some reason, after the little mishap in Darren's room, I suddenly became titillated at the idea of being watched. On more than a few occasions, I rubbed myself off in bed, imagining someone peering in the window, or viewing me in some other way. It was new and sexy, and I really liked it.

For some reason, I felt compelled to alter the way I clothed myself each day. I found myself dressing a bit spicier, and even went without a bra at times when I went about town. I tried to keep my appearance normal around my son, yet on a few occasions Darren was home from school when I returned from my errands. If he looked, he would have seen the jiggling of my unencumbered breasts under only a thin cotton top. Or maybe he would have preferred to gaze at the sleek legs running down from under my short skirts. And to be honest, I think he did look.

We had somewhat settled into a regular routine at home, and in spite of the infrequent wardrobe malfunctions around my son, things seemed pretty normal overall. I had almost completely gotten over the shock of Darren catching me in his room, when out of the blue he floored me with a question at dinner one evening. I could see there was something on his mind, so I asked him what was wrong.

He blushed profusely, but then began, "Well, you know how you said if there was anything I wanted, to just ask?"

I was truly excited for what was to come, wondering if he was finally going to open up to me. Maybe he'd share some tidbit of his past on which he needed my advice or support. Nodding enthusiastically, I replied, "Of course."

He took a deep breath, and then said, "You remember, ummm, the other day? When I saw you in my room?"

Instantly I felt sweat breaking out all over my body, wondering just where the hell this was going. I nervously responded, "Yes."

Very coolly, he stated, "I want to watch you again."

I don't think six simple words had ever shocked me so much. "What?" I shouted, not believing what I just heard, "You can't be serious!"

"But you said you'd do whatever I wanted."

"Jesus Christ, Darren! That's not what I meant and you know it!" I yelled, dumbfounded that he would actually have the gall to ask such a thing.

"Fine," he muttered, and rose from the table with his dishes. I watched in stunned silence as he rinsed off his plate, set it in the dishwasher, and started towards his room.

I shouted to him before he made the hallway, "Darren, I can't believe you just asked me that. There's just no way I can do it."

He waived his hand towards me dismissively and stated, "Typical."

I stood and yelled back to him, "Just what the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"It's always been like this," he replied, sounding exasperated.

"What do you mean?"

"When I was a kid, you said I could ask for anything, but I never got it. I'd ask for special cereal in the grocery store, and you'd say it was unhealthy. I asked for cool clothes, and you said we couldn't afford them. Same with the school trip to Washington, D.C. You always say ask, but the answer is always no. Why do I even bother?" He ranted on and on, then walked into his room and slammed the door.

To say I was stunned would be the biggest understatement of my life! I sat back at the table and tried to come to grips with what the heck had just happened. I had to admit, he was correct in some respects. Being a nurse, I never let him have the sugary treats that were the staples of his friend's diets. And of course we were never wealthy, living in a fancier town than we really could afford, so we went without in other ways. I never dressed Darren like a pauper, but he was not exactly the school trend setter either, that's for sure.

In spite of all that, there was just no way I could intentionally masturbate for my own child. How could he ever even think I'd agree to that? Did he believe that just because I purchased him a couple adult magazines, and admitted I played with myself that I'd just put on a show for him? I was astounded!

I let my nerves calm down for a few minutes, and then went to his room to talk to him. I knocked on Darren's door, and heard a loud, "Go away."

In spite of his comment, I turned the knob and went in anyway. Darren was at his desk, on his laptop, and looked at me with anger clearly written across his face. I softened my own as best as I could and said, "Honey, let's talk."

"What's the point, Mom? You'll talk; I'll listen, just like always. But nothing will really change."

I tried my best to control my nerves, but I was rapidly tiring of his attitude. "Darren, I'm sorry if I've let you down in the past, I really am. But this is one thing that just will never happen. I shouldn't have been in your room, and I'm sorry you saw what I was doing, but that's it. It'll never happen again."

Darren stared back at me with daggers in his eyes, then said, "Fine, Mom. Can you close the door on your way out?" With that he turned back to the computer and began typing away.

I was pissed! I walked out and slammed the door behind me, needing to get away from my son for fear I'd say something I would regret. I don't think I had ever been so upset. I found myself pacing back and forth from the kitchen to the living room the remainder of the night, silently continuing to argue with Darren in my head. When I finally climbed into bed, I suffered through one of the least restful nights sleep of my life.
Best Intentions Ch. 01
The next few weeks were like silent torture. Darren found reasons to be out of the house, even spending some nights at his father's place, which I know he didn't like to do. On the rare occasions when he was home, he was constantly in his room with the door closed in protest. Over dinner I'd receive the silent treatment, before he'd clean his plate and leave me alone once more.

Boy, I had really made a mess of things. I was mad at Darren, but even madder at myself. All my intentions had been so good, and now here I was feeling the worst I had in my entire life. If possible, I felt lower than I had during my divorce. I tried to engage Darren in conversation on a few occasions, but he'd either waive me off or ignore me completely. Almost every evening, I'd cry myself to sleep wondering how I'd let this all happen.

One night at work, Deb, my lesbian friend, struck up a conversation with me. She seemed to know something was wrong, and asked me if everything was okay. I broke down in tears and told her I was having trouble with Darren. She ushered me into an empty patient room and closed the door, then stood behind me rubbing my shoulders as I cried. I must say, it was wonderful to have someone so close, and I found myself leaning back into her for support. My emotions had been so on edge of late, I basked in her attention.

"Tell me what's wrong," she stated as she softly kneaded my tense muscles.

I began blabbing about Darren, and how we weren't speaking, but of course I couldn't tell her why. Words poured out of my mouth, basically telling her I felt like a failure as a mother. She was wonderful and listened to everything without judgment. "That's it, let it all out," she said as she caressed me.

When I calmed down a bit, Deb wrapped her arms around me in a tight embrace, and then softly began kissing my neck and cheek. I actually twisted my head to provide her better access. She must have been encouraged by my reaction, because her hands slowly moved up my tummy until she was cupping my breasts. Deb whispered in my ear, "Let me make you feel better, Jan." I almost fainted.

With my busy work schedule, I rarely had time to date. In all honesty, I had not been intimate with another person in over a year, and never with a woman. But at that moment my body was simply on fire.

A moan escaped my lips as she rolled my hard nipples between her fingers. She seemed to intuitively know exactly what I liked, and began toying with all my hotspots. Her kisses moved up the tender flesh of my neck until she took my earlobe between her teeth and gently tugged it playfully. At that very moment she ran a hand down my belly until she pressed it up firmly against my mound.

A huge part of me wanted to give into the sensations and just let her take me, but I simply couldn't. I was nervous about being with a woman, but was also terribly afraid of being caught in such a compromising position at work and possibly losing my job. With a great effort, I forced her hands away and almost ran out of the room, saying, "I'm so sorry, Debby."

That morning I drove home slowly, wanting to arrive after Darren left for school. I went to the bathroom and took a long hot shower, trying to wash away all my troubles. As I soaped my chest, I couldn't help but remember the feel of Deb's hands on my breasts. She had been so gentle with me, the moment was almost magical.

I slowly began caressing my nipples as I thought about her soft kisses on my neck. One hand ran down my body until it was between my legs, just as she had done. I began subtly teasing my excited clit, and occasionally moved them lower to dip them inside of me. My mind had been so preoccupied with Darren of late, I had not pleasured myself, and I let my mind take me away and began rubbing with vigor. After only another minute or so, my body shuddered to a truly satisfying orgasm.

After I exited the shower, I toweled off and made my way to bed. My body was still tingling, certainly ready for more attention. I grabbed the small shoebox I kept hidden in the back of the closet, and pulled out my vibrator. Other than my own fingers, it was the only thing that had been inside my pussy in ages, and today it was going to get a workout.

I eased myself down onto the bed, and basked in the softness of the cotton sheets against my naked skin. My fingers twisted the base of my toy to turn it on its lowest setting, and then I began teasing my nipples with the tip, one at a time. I thought about Deb once more as my nipples grew hard, and wondered just what else she would have done to me if given the time. I imagined her rubbing them, and then bending over to kiss and suck them.

My chest rose and fell with each deep breath as I worked my nubbins. The fire in my loins that had started earlier had not been extinguished, so I ran the vibe down my belly until I contacted my pussy. The hard plastic tip slid easily across my wet labia as I caressed the entire area, drawing contented sighs from my lips. After only a minute or two, I couldn't wait any longer and eased the fake cock into my cunt.

I twisted the base once more and turned the toy up higher, in great need of more stimulation. Feeling it probing my insides, I suddenly forgot about Deb and instead imagined a young stud sliding his prick deep within me. My mind first went to Doctor Sampson, a surgeon who was frequently seen on my floor. He was married, but rumor had it he had been with half the staff. Word at the nurse's station was that he was quite good too.

For some reason, at that moment I suddenly thought of Darren. My eyes quickly went to the door, needing to ensure nobody was there watching me as had happened before. I was relieved to find that I had closed it tight, and at that time he should have been safely in his second period class at school.

I tried to refocus on Dr. Sampson once more, but his face kept slowly morphing into that of my own son. I did my best to fight the image, but as I began driving the vibrator in and out with greater urgency, it was Darren's face that I saw. I spite of myself, when I came I whimpered, "Oh my baby."My hips rocked violently as I rode the orgasm out as long as possible, before I rolled into the sheets, desperate for sleep to take me.

My mind was quite troubled the next few days. Darren was still avoiding me, which was actually okay given the fact that I had been fantasizing about him both in my dreams and when I toyed with myself. I was also ashamed of how I ran out on Deb at work, but was growing more comfortable with that decision. The more I thought of it, the more I thought she was trying to take advantage of me when I was at a low point. I still liked her, but was a bit disappointed by her behavior.

I let things stay the same at home for another two weeks, but by then I felt like I was going to lose my mind. Deep down I was afraid I may have lost my boy for good, the thought of which just killed me. Something had to change.

As I lay in bed one sleepless evening, I thought about what Darren had asked for. Would it really be that bad? After all, he had already seen me once; could another time make things any worse? Right there and then I made up my mind. I would do it for him, but with two caveats to which he had to expressly agree.

As I made dinner the next night I was on pins and needles. I downed a glass of wine as I cooked, trying to steady my frazzled nerves. I was really going to do this. As we ate I once again received the silent treatment, as expected. When he was almost done with his plate, I took a couple deep breathes, and said, "Darren, I have something I need to discuss with you."

He said nothing, but simply rolled his eyes. Teenagers!

I took a long sip of my wine and asked, "You know the thing you asked me to do? The thing you wanted to see?"

Immediately I saw him perk up and look at me intently. Clearly his interest was piqued and he wanted to know more as he rapidly nodded his head.

"Well, I'm willing to do it," I said as calmly as possible, and after a brief pause added, "Under two conditions." Darren's eyes went wide as manhole covers, as he sat in stunned silence. "You have to agree with everything I ask, or it's no deal. Do you understand?"

Darren nodded his head again vigorously, but I told him I needed to hear him agree. "Yea, I understand," he answered enthusiastically.

"First, this is a onetime only occurrence. It happens once and we never even talk about it again." I took a bit of time to let it sink in, while Darren sat listening intently. "Second, under no circumstances do you tell another living soul about this, particularly your father. I hope you understand the magnitude of what you asked for and what it could mean for both of us if anyone found out," I stated, staring directly into his eyes.

"Okay, I agree," he quickly muttered, nodding his head like a bobble head doll.

I had expected this, so I calmly responded, "No Darren, it's not that easy. I want you to think about this carefully for a while before you agree. We do this once only, and then pretend it never, ever happened." I don't think he knew quite how to respond, so I added, "I'm going to my room for a while, and then I'm going to take a long bath. I want you to come to my room at 8:30 and let me know your final decision. That will give you ninety minutes or so to think this over, okay?"

"Sure Mom, eight thirty," he replied enthusiastically.

On shaky legs, I put my dishes away and headed towards the safety of my room. I closed the door and sat on my bed for a long while, head in hands. Was I completely insane?

I may have enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine earlier, but my mind seemed sharp as a tack. An ongoing dialog ran back and forth in my head nonstop. At times I listened to the voice that said this was crazy and I needed to stop things before they got out of control. But at others a more resolute voice emphasized it was the only way to move forward, so I needed to steel my nerves and just get it over with.

After sitting in the darkness of my room for almost an hour, I made my way into the tub and poured a warm bubble bath. I settled in under the thick suds, and relaxed as best as I could given the circumstances. By that point I had made the decision to go on with the show, and just hoped the consequences would not be too great for either of us.

Since this was going to be a onetime only event, I figured I would make it memorable. Deciding I could use a little personal maintenance, I grabbed my razor from the shelf and proceeded to clean up all over. I remembered how all the playmates in the magazines I purchased were completely bare down below, so I with a bit of care I did the same. After I completed the task, I softly ran my hands all across the area. I'm not really sure what I expected, but everywhere I touched seemed more sensitive than it had before with hair.

Upon exiting the tub, I dried off with a large bath sheet, and then wrapped myself in my thick terry robe. I went back and forth from the dresser to the closet as I contemplated what to wear. Obviously I needed something that would provide access so I could touch myself, but just how much did I want to show? I didn't know if I could actually let Darren see my vagina, maybe just a quick glimpse under a nightgown or skirt.

I settled on a short lavender nightie I had not worn in ages. It was a gift from my ex on our last Valentine's Day together, and had remained in my drawer since long before the divorce. When I looked in the mirror, I liked what I saw. It was a sexy little number, but more classy than slutty, something I felt pretty comfortable wearing in my son's presence.

Maybe this would be a good time to tell you about myself. I stand about five foot five, with blue eyes and long dishwater blonde hair. I have a medium build, with large breasts and a pretty firm butt. I've been told I'm quite attractive, but I would describe myself more as girl next-door cute as opposed to hot.

I sat down in front on my makeup mirror and added just a hint of color to my face. My cheeks were flush as I was already anxiously anticipating what was to come. After fixing my hair, I looked at the clock and it was almost eight thirty, so I stood and moved to the bed.

Wanting to look sexy, I sat back against my headboard, propped up by a few pillows. I spread my arms out across the pillows; trying my best to look like a vamp from the movies I had seen when I was younger. My pulse quickened as I awaited Darren's arrival, just certain he was going to agree to my conditions as he had earlier.

At exactly eight thirty, there was a soft knock on my door. Words almost stuck in my mouth, but somehow I was able to grumble, "Come in."

Slowly the door cracked open, and in walked my son. He came forward just a few steps, and then stood tentatively near the foot of the bed, looking more nervous than I was. I let him soak me in for a short time, and then asked, "So, have you made a decision?"

Darren nodded his head and replied, "Yes."

I just stared back at him and asked, "And?"

"I want to do this."

"And you agree with everything I asked?"


Even though I had resolved to go through with it, the magnitude of the situation didn't hit me until that very moment. My son wanted to watch me masturbate, and I was actually going to do it. Suddenly I felt tightness in my chest and a light sweat began to break out all over my body. I had to take a couple deep breaths before I told him to have a seat on the bed.

Darren sat staring at me for a while, I'm sure expecting the show to begin, but I hadn't really thought how to proceed. I mean, what exactly did he expect to see? I looked back at him, but that only made me too nervous, so I closed my eyes and moved my hands to my belly.

I had never done this before, not even for Darren's father, so I figured I would start slow and see where things went. Very gently, I began to caress my stomach with both hands, and gradually moved them up and down my torso. After playing the tease for a while, I ran my hands to my breasts and cupped them through the thin material of the nightgown. My fingers lightly kneaded the soft flesh before I touched my hard nipples. There was no escaping the fact that I was already getting very turned on.

My mind raced as I wondered just what Darren might be thinking. Was he turned on by my display, or was he disgusted that his mother could do something so overtly sexual? My eyes had been closed the entire time, but I had to see the expression on his face. When I opened them, I found Darren starring at me intently. There was a look of wonder on his face, certainly not disgust. I couldn't help but glance down to his crotch, and discovered a surprisingly large lump in his jeans. My baby boy was excited, the thought of which sent a shiver down my spine.

I had been turned on of late flaunting my body around town, but nowhere close to the way I was feeling at that moment. There I was, actually touching myself, for my own son's benefit no less. Suddenly my inhibitions seemed to fly out the window, and I wanted to put on a good show for him.

I began to roll my nipples between my fingers, as I stared directly into Darren's eyes. Every now and then I would give them a tug or a squeeze, which actually made me whimper loud enough for him to hear. When I decided to do this for him, I contemplated letting him see me naked, but thought the chances were next to nil that I'd actually go through with it. Yet at that moment I impulsively was determined to let him see me in all my glory.

Very slowly I slid one hand to my shoulder, and eased the spaghetti strap down my arm. Gazing at him intently, I then did the same on the other side. The nightie remained in place, clinging to my chest in defiance of gravity. Not a word had been spoken in minutes, when I finally broke the silence with, "Do you want to see them?"

I didn't think Darren's face could be any redder, but I was wrong. As a crimson hue washed over his face, he quietly answered, "Yes."

Very sensually, I moved my fingers back to my chest, and traced them back and forth over the silky fabric. I then curled them just under the lace seam, and slowly pulled downwards. Inch by inch I dropped the nightie, until my breasts came fully into view.

Darren looked astounded as he unabashedly soaked in the sight of my unencumbered boobs. I have always been told my breasts were nice, and judging by the look on his face, my son thought so too. My 36 C titties were still pretty firm, and were capped by cute pink nipples, which were hard as little rocks at that moment. I cupped my breasts once more, and began toying with them. Starring back into his eyes, I asked, "Do you like them, sweetie?"

He didn't say a word but just nodded profusely. I saw him adjust the way he was sitting; I'm sure due to the stiff member that was mounding his slacks obscenely. A perverse thrill ran throughout my body, knowing I was the reason for his condition.

I began to play with my nipples once more, tweaking them for both mine and Darren's benefit. I'm not sure I had ever felt them so hard, and I loved giving them a gentle squeeze from time to time to keep my blood flowing. Feeling very naughty, I asked, "So, are these as nice as your old girlfriends?"

With a sigh, he muttered, "Nicer."

I was thrilled by his response, because I could tell from his expression that he was being honest. The fact that my forty three year old boobs could still complete with his teeny bopper friends made me feel amazing, yet I was determined to give him more.

My body was on fire and I knew that an orgasm could not be far off. I ran one hand from my chest down my belly, until I cupped my mound. I pressed my fingers tightly into my crotch, savoring both the feeling I had and the look on my son's face as I did so. I couldn't help but whimper as my fingers ran over the soft material covering my over-heated sex.

I slumped down lower into the bed, and slowly dragged my feet up to my bottom. With the sexiest smile I could muster, I eased my knees open, until I was spread wide for his gaze. The nightie and my hand were still covering my groin, but little else was left up to his imagination. Emboldened by my earlier question and felling a bit naughty, I asked, "Did your girlfriends ever let you see them down here?"

Darren didn't say a word; he just shook his head no.

"So, do you want to see me?"

I actually heard him suck in air, before he gasped, "Yes."

"Good boy," I whispered with a wink, as I moved my hand from my crotch to grasp the hem of the nightie. Very slowly, I drew the gown upwards until my vagina was completely revealed. I looked down at my freshly shaven crotch, and found my labia were puffed out in excitement and covered in a sheen of dew. I had never really found that part of my body particularly sexy before, but suddenly I thought it looked really hot. I was like the women in those magazines, but only here in real life.

My lips were soaking wet and very warm as I lightly traced my fingers up and down my slit. I was ready to explode with a climax at any moment, so I decided to slow things down just a touch. Knowing that Darren had never seen a woman in this way before, my inner-nurse decided to give him an anatomy lesson. I figured if anyone ever found out what had happened between us, I could insist it was just a Sex Ed class.

With my feet pulled up the way they were, there was a large gap between Darren and me, so I asked him to move closer. As he slid, his hands covered his groin; I'm sure trying to hide his arousal. I'm sure it was not very erotic, but part of me wanted to tease him to prolong things. I used my fingers to hold myself open as I pointed out the various parts of the female form. I intentionally left the clitoris for last, and explained its wonders while gently caressing it. My entire body was literally shivering with excitement when I said, "If you want to drive a woman wild, lick her right here."
Best Intentions Ch. 01
My brief tutorial finally over, I relaxed back onto the pillows and began rubbing myself in earnest. This was no longer a lesson for my son; this was mommy's time to get herself off. I couldn't help it as I moved one foot to Darren's thigh and began stroking with my toes it as I fingered myself. Only a moment later, I came with a gush over my probing fingers.

My body shook with spasms so hard and for so long I was afraid I may actually pull a muscle in my abdomen. As my mind cleared, I realized that I was still slowly rocking my ass into my fingers. When I looked up, I found Darren staring back at me with an intensity he had not even shown towards his beloved video games. There was still a large lump in his pants, and I suddenly felt guilty that I had cum yet he had not.

Still in a heightened state of arousal, I stared at his groin for a moment, and then looked up into his eyes. I could tell by the uncomfortable look upon his face he knew what I had seen, so I gave him a reassuring grin and said, "That must hurt baby, why don't you take it out."

Darren's eyes went wide, as if shocked by my statement. I was certain he was still a virgin, so this was quite a watershed moment for him. There was obvious tension written across his face, so I offered him encouragement. In my most soothing tone, I said, "Take it out for me, mommy wants to see it." He groaned aloud, but did not move a muscle, so I whispered, "It's okay, sweetie. It's just you and me tonight. Don't be shy."

Very slowly, Darren's hand went to the front of his jeans, and began to rub his impressive bulge. I was certain he was about to cum in his pants, but felt relief when he moved his fingers to his belt. After he released the buckle, he opened his slacks and snaked his hand down inside of them. He fumbled around a moment, and then fished his cock out into the soft light of my room.

To say I was stunned would be an understatement. Although not very thick, my son's cock had to be at least eight inches long. I was wondering how I'd never noticed it before, and how the girls at school were not all over my little boy. I found myself salivating as I looked upon it in all its erect glory for the first time, thinking it the absolute perfect size to suck. Giving head was one of my old specialties, and that long, narrow sword appeared perfect for swallowing.

When I looked back up into Darren's face, I could see the uncertainty in his eyes. His whole body posture read, "What now, Mom?" I gave him a soft grin and said, "Go ahead, touch it for me."

Apparently the uncertainty vanished quickly, because Darren's hand shot to his crotch and he began stroking himself with vigor. He seemed to be struggling to rub his cock still partially trapped within the tight confines of his jeans, so I told him to take them off. He seemed reluctant to release his hard member, but he stood and pushed his pants and shorts down and unceremoniously kicked them away. Without being asked, he also pulled off his tee shirt and cast it away as well. It was hard to believe my eighteen year old son was completely naked before me.

Darren sat upon the bed once more and began furiously jerking himself off. My body was aflame as I watched his lewd display. I wanted him to enjoy the moment as much as I had, so I instructed, "Slowly, sweetie, go slow."

Darren's hand began to crawl up and down his shaft, but I could see the urgency in his eyes. I started thrusting three fingers in and out of my pussy, in perfect time with my son's sliding palm. It was obvious he was close to an orgasm, and I wanted to cum with him. I could hear his breathing increase as he sucked in air, and I knew I was about to see juice shoot from his rock-hard cock.

"It's okay baby, let yourself go," I moaned, as I fingered myself rapidly. Darren gave into the moment and began fisting his cock so quickly that his hand was a blur. Seconds later I watched as blast after blast of cum erupted from his prick, splashing in ropes across his chest and abdomen. I had never seen anything so overtly sexual, and came once more upon my driving digits.

I have no idea how long it was before my mind came back to the present, but when I did I found us both gasping for air. Darren had collapsed back upon my bed in exhaustion, while my head rested upon the pillows, as weak as a ragdoll.

Neither of us said a word for a long while, I'm sure equal parts astounded, excited and embarrassed by what just happened. Darren appeared too weak to move, so I decided to be the mom and take control. I pulled the two straps back across my shoulders, and adjusted the nightgown over my chest. I stood on wobbly legs, and made my way to the bathroom, where I grabbed two washcloths. I soaked one in warm water and then rang it out, before heading back to my room.

Darren was still lying prone across my bed, and I couldn't help but think how handsome yet vulnerable he looked at that moment. My motherly instincts kicked in, and I dropped to my knees on the floor beside him. Suddenly he was my little boy once more and I needed to take care of him.

He looked nervous as I dropped the damp cloth on his chest, and gently began wiping up the puddles. I ran the towel across Darren's firm chest, and then moved it lower as I tried to wash the cum from his abdomen. My eyes were riveted by the cock no more than a foot from my face, and ever so slowly I ran the washcloth even closer. It almost felt like an out of body experience as I wrapped it around his flaccid penis, capturing it firmly between my fingers.

Even though I had cum twice, holding my son's cock in my hand sent a tingle throughout my entire body. This was no longer the child I bathed in the kitchen sink years before, but a man. I slowly ran the wet fabric up and down his shaft, and then replaced it with the dry one. I dried his crotch, and then rubbed my way up to his chest to finish him off.

I sat on the bed beside him, and gazed deeply into his eyes. Darren looked so sheepish, like he had done something wrong, so I reached for him and pulled him into a hug. "You have nothing to be ashamed about, sweetie." I whispered in his ear as I stroked the soft skin of his back.

We held onto one another for a good five minutes, until I suddenly felt quite self-conscious about being so close. I pulled back a bit to look him in the eyes, and then gave him a soft kiss on the lips. "You should go get some rest now," I whispered softly, and he simply nodded in assent.

As I watched him collect his pants, it was obvious Darren was hard again. I felt bad sending him away in such an overheated condition, but figured he'd certainly be able to take care of himself in the privacy of his own room. Touched with great sympathy, inexplicably I said, "Darren, if this stays between you and I, well, umm, maybe we can do it again sometime. That's if you're okay with that, of course."

"Heck yea, Mom," he responded enthusiastically, looking as happy as a puppy dog.

"Okay, but we only do it when and if I'm ready. Please don't pester me for a repeat performance," I instructed, trying to regain a measure of control.

"No problem," he replied reassuringly.

I gave him a soft smile and said, "Well, good night, Darren."

"Night, Mom" he replied, and shuffled off towards his room.

No sooner had I turned out the light than I was rubbing myself once more, just as I'm sure my son was in his own room. In all my life I had not done anything so overtly sexual or taboo; not only had my son and I cum together, but I actually cleaned the seed off his penis.

And what a penis! As I touched myself, I couldn't help but imagine taking it into my mouth and sucking him to completion. I was certain I could take most, if not all of his long, narrow shaft down my throat. Then another thought entered my head. A cock like his would be perfect for anal sex.

I was shocked that I could think of my son that way, but after what we shared, I guess it was only natural. After my divorce, the first guy I dated constantly badgered me to try anal sex. I had never done it before, but was willing to give it a shot. Unfortunately, while my boyfriend was only of average length, he was very thick. We tried on a few occasions, but each time I was left feeling like someone was trying to shove a fencepost up my behind. Needless to say, that relationship came to an end rather quickly, no pun intended.

Another strong orgasm was brewing deep within my loins as images of Darren and I together ran through my mind. I could almost feel his cock sliding across my tongue and into my throat as I pictured myself on my knees before him, just as I had been when I cleaned him off. I rolled further onto my back, and pulled my knees up towards my chest. In that position, I thought of Darren sliding up to my bottom, and taking my ass and I came with a groan as my climax washed over me like a wave. Shortly thereafter, I fell into a deep, contented sleep.

When I awoke the next morning, I felt more refreshed than I had in ages. However I was genuinely fearful of what I might find from my son. Would Darren still respect me as a mother, or would he see me as some kind of whore for what I had done? I hoped for the best as I climbed out of bed and slipped into my robe.

As I walked down the hallway, the smell of fresh-brewed coffee wafted into my nose. When I arrived in the kitchen, I expected to find my son, but instead the room was empty. He left a brief note upon the table, letting me know he had to run to school, but there was hot coffee in the pot, as well as a fresh fruit smoothie in the fridge for me.

I honestly felt quite touched. Maybe this was his way of making it up to me for being such a pill the last few months, or maybe he just really enjoyed our special time together and this was his way of angling for a repeat session. Either way, I was happy. In spite of all my trepidation about putting on a show for him, the early results seemed positive.

I was very pleased by Darren's behavior the next few days as well. He was extremely attentive to me, but never once mentioned what we had shared or requested another go. Not that the idea wasn't appealing to me, as it honestly had been hard for me to think about anything else. I tried not to tease, but I felt such a sexual energy around him it was hard not to flaunt myself just a bit.

At work a few days later, Deb approached me to ask how things were going at home. I told her everything was much better, and she actually looked disappointed. Deep down I could tell she hoped things were still bad so she could once more offer her intimate support. I was feeling a bit naughty, so I pulled her into a hug and mashed my breasts up against hers. Just before I broke our embrace, I whispered in her ear, "Thanks for thinking of me." As I walked away, I intentionally put some extra wiggle in my hips and hoped she was watching. God, I was feeling super sexy!

Darren and I were watching a movie on TV just days later, and things on the screen got quite spicy between the lead characters. Although they were under the covers, it was clear they were simulating having sex, with the male on top of the female. I was feeling exceedingly horny, and wondered if Darren was as well. I glanced over, and couldn't help look towards his groin. I was not surprised to see a large lump in his sweatpants, and knew he was enjoying the scene as much as I was.

When the movie ended, I stood and began walking towards my room, but stopped after just a few paces. I turned to look back upon my son, and said, "I think I'll take a bath." After a pause, I asked, "Would you like to come to my room for a bit before you go to bed?"

Darren nodded his head rapidly, as he said, "Yea."

"Okay, give me about half an hour." With that, I headed for the bathroom.

After soaking for a while, my body tingled all over as I slipped into a pair of silk pajamas. I knew they were not nearly as sexy as what I had worn the last time, but I guess I wanted to tease Darren just a bit. Like before, I was sitting back on the bed when he knocked on the door.

When Darren entered the room, my eyes were immediately drawn to the lump that still lived in his sweats. Clearly he was as excited as I was with the prospects of what was about to happen. I told him to have a seat on my bed, and he dropped down in the same position as he had only days before.

I was so hot; I began to softly caress my body without saying a word. My hands danced over the silky material as I teased myself with gentle strokes. My nipples were distended and clearly visible poking through the thin material of my top, and I needed to touch them. Staring into Darren's eyes, I grasped my nubbins within my fingers and began to roll them.

Darren gazed at me intently, soaking in my every move. He had a look of complete adoration on his face, and deep down I had a great desire to please him. I ran my hands to the buttons of my top, and slowly began to undo them, top to bottom. After I had unclasped the last one, I tucked my fingers under the seam, and ran them upwards. Wanting to tease him a bit more, I slid my hands under the material to fondle my breasts, still covered by the fabric.

After caressing myself for a while, I asked, "You want to see, don't you?"

My son, the man of few words as always, simply nodded. I pushed the pajama top outward and eased it off my shoulders, exposing the twins before Darren's hungry eyes. I then pulled it down my arms and set it on the bed beside me. My hands immediately went back to my breasts as I began to rub my hard nipples once more.

His eyes were like a laser beam, pointed directly at my chest. The way Darren looked at me made me feel so desired, much like I had felt when I teased Deb at work. My body had been in a heightened sexual state for weeks and I was experiencing feelings I never had before. There was a throbbing in my pussy I could no longer ignore, and had to address it immediately.

Darren had been so passive; I wanted to get him more involved. I always liked having a take charge guy, so I pressed him with, "Do you want me to take my bottoms off?"


"Well, then...you're going to have to take them off me." I remained in place, wondering just what he'd do.

Without pause, he scooted up on the bed until he was sitting aside my hip, then leaned over me and grasped my pajama bottoms. With a series of firm tugs, he pulled them down my legs before removing them completely. Darren had a huge grin on his face as though he was proud of himself, which sent a tingle down my spine. That's my boy!

Feeling hotter than I ever had before, I lifted one leg and set it upon his thigh, so he was now nestled directly between my knees. Sitting the way I was, I realized I was spread wide open before him, as lewd a display as I could ever have imagined. Rather than be embarrassed, I gave into my darkest desires. Very slowly, I dipped two fingers inside my pussy and began to slowly piston them in and out.

As I toyed with myself, I had a deep desire to see Darren's cock once more. I gazed down and found his sweat pants mounded up by his stiff flesh. I stared back into his eyes and said, "Take it out for me."

A coy grin broke out across his face, and he responded, "You want to see me without my pants?"

I gave him back my own sexiest smile, and just nodded my head.

Echoing my own statement from earlier, he stated, "Well, you're going to have to take them off me."

I was surprised my son had been so bold, but candidly was thrilled. He seemed to be maturing before my very eyes, and I loved it. He really was going to make a woman happy someday.

I didn't want to stop touching myself, but reluctantly climbed off the bed and dropped to my knees beside him. He scooted his butt off the bed, and I pulled his sweats down and off his legs. When I looked back up, the tip of his hard prick was no more than a foot from my face. I froze solid as if mesmerized, and couldn't move a muscle. When my lips were finally able to form words, I breathlessly whispered, "Rub it for me."

I remained rooted in place as I watched Darren begin to stroke his cock from just inches from my face. I don't know if I leaned in closer of if he scooted forward, but out of the blue his penis seemed to be so near my mouth I could almost kiss it. Two fingers went back into my sex as I began touching myself in time with Darren's strokes. I suddenly realized that if we kept this up, he would cum all over me. I know that thought should have disgusted me, but to the contrary I was so turned on by the idea that I moaned out loud.

My free hand found Darren's thigh and I began to stroke it, trying my best to heighten his arousal. I noticed his fist was moving more rapidly, so I knew he was getting close. My toes began to curl and the muscles throughout my body tensed, and I knew I was about to cum as well. Darren began making grunting sounds; I couldn't help myself as I leaned forward and took the head of his long cock within my lips.

I sucked it hard for only a few seconds, when I felt the first blast of hot cum fire into my mouth. With the very first taste, the realization hit me like a freight train; I was actually sucking my son's cock. I desperately wanted more and drove my face downward, trying to engulf his entire shaft within my mouth. A millisecond later, my own orgasm overtook me, yet I still tried desperately to gulp down every subsequent shot of Darren's salty seed.

After I came, I felt faint and collapsed against him, my head resting on his thigh with his cock still in my mouth. As I fought to regain my breath, I found that I was almost nursing Darren's prick between my tongue and the roof of my mouth, unwilling to let it go.

Even after sharing what we already had, I never expected to suck my son's cock. Sure, I had fantasized about it, but that was only in the darkest recesses of my mind. I had been so sure it could never really happen. Yet sitting there as I was there on my knees before him, my mouth tasting of fresh cum, I felt like a total slut. Suddenly I was wracked with guilt, and ashamed for what I had done. How could a loving mother ever do such a thing?

Standing quickly, I grabbed my robe, and pulled it tightly around me. I was at a complete loss for words, but somehow mumbled, "You should go to bed now." Darren looked at me with wide eyes, and tried to speak, but I cut him off before he got a word out with, "I'm tired sweetie, let's call it a night." Feeling ashamed, I turned my back as he began collecting his clothes.

After an agonizing twenty seconds or so, I heard a soft, "Night, Mom."

"Night honey," I responded weakly, just before I heard the door thump shut.

Incest/TabooBest Intentions Ch. 02
Best Intentions Ch. 02
If you have not done so already, may I suggest you read chapter one as I am not going to provide much background below.


After the clang of my bedroom door closing reverberated throughout my room, the silence suddenly seemed almost deafening. I was standing there all alone, hugging my terry robe around me tightly. Running through my head over and over was, "Jan, you just sucked your son's cock."

I moved to my bed and slipped in under the sheets, and then buried my head under the pillows. My mind was so conflicted I was feeling completely overwhelmed. A huge part of me was mortified by what I had just done, but the other side of me couldn't ignore the fact that I was as turned on as at any point of my entire life.

As I lay there reviewing the previous few minutes like a highlight reel, I couldn't help but taste Darren's sperm in my mouth. I always loved sucking cock, and the flavor of his seed on my tongue made me shiver all over as it had been ages since I'd gone down on a man. But this just wasn't any man; it was my own flesh and blood.

I rolled onto my back and couldn't help but let my hands wander across my body. My fingers slipped between the lapels of robe, and I eased it open. I ran my hands to my breasts and found that my nipples were still rock hard. Rolling them roughly, I could almost picture the way Darren had been staring at me as I touched myself earlier. He had such adoration in his eyes it made me feel so wonderful all over. As a forty three year old woman, I was afraid that an eighteen year old may find my body unattractive, but that certainly did not appear to not be the case.

I eased my right hand down my tummy until I pressed it between my outspread legs. As expected, my vagina was still soaking wet, and I couldn't help but diddle it. I couldn't get the image of Darren stroking his cock just inches from my face out of my mind as I began to finger myself. Time seemed to go in slow motion as I pictured myself taking it in my mouth, just before he shot his impressive load. I was panting deeply as I came with a rush, greedily running my tongue over the roof of my mouth, desperately trying to recall Darren's salty taste.

As I lay there in bed, I couldn't help but feel bad at how my encounter with Darren had ended. I was so troubled by what I had done, I forgot to think about his feelings and let him go without barely a word. Knowing it would be uncomfortable, I made up my mind to talk to him about what happened as soon as possible. I suddenly remembered I was scheduled for a double the next day, so I closed my eyes and soon drifted off to sleep.

In the morning I was up and out of the house before Darren woke for school. My mind was somewhat preoccupied at work, as at every free moment that day I tried to think of just what I might say to him when we spoke. The way things had progressed between us had seemed so natural, I assumed it might not even be a big deal to him, but I couldn't be sure. I mean, I doubt he had long fantasized about receiving his first ever blow job from his own mother, and I certainly didn't want to scar him for life.

In the end, I decided to watch him closely to gauge his reaction towards me to see how to proceed. If when I next saw him he looked upset or troubled in any way, I'd have a long heart to heart with him to let him know I got carried away. I was sure he'd understand.

After working the double, I made my way home late in the evening feeling anxious but resolved to do what was best for my son. Given what we shared the night before, I expected him to be waiting up for me, but was somewhat disappointed to find the lights off and Darren in bed. I wasn't completely sure what to make of that, but hoped it was a good sign. I took a long hot bath to rest my tired legs, and then slipped into bed myself.

For some reason I was up early the next morning, and decided to make a hot breakfast for Darren before he left for school. I mixed up some pancake batter and began to cook it along with some bacon. Darren entered the kitchen just as I was done, and my heart skipped a beat as I awaited his response to me. It felt like a massive boulder had been lifted from my shoulders when he stepped forward with a smile etched across his face to give me a big hug. He then gave me a soft kiss on the lips and said, "Smells great."

We sat across from one another at the table and enjoyed breakfast in relative silence, but it was obvious Darren was not upset with me, and certainly not disgusted as I feared. Occasionally he would look at me with a devilish grin and I almost had the feeling he was flirting with me. Before he left for school, he pulled me into another tight embrace, and whispered in my ear, "I love you, Mom."

I was about to tell him the same when he startled me by giving me a long, wet kiss, which nearly took my breath away. I stood dazed for a moment as I fought to regain my wits, and by the time I had Darren was already out the door. The timid boy I had known for ages seemed to be maturing rapidly.

My skin tingled all over as I made my way into the bathroom for my morning shower. As the warm water cascaded over my body, I felt a deep desire in my loins once more. I had cum more times in the last few weeks than I had done in months before, yet I still needed to get off. Darren's kiss had been so sweet and tender, I had nearly melted. I wasn't sure, but I think I was actually falling in love with him. Before I even knew what I was doing, the shower massager head was between my legs as I rubbed myself to sweet oblivion.

I was feeling saucy that day, so when I dressed I intentionally slipped into a sexy little outfit. I selected a short denim skirt I had not worn in ages, and a white button down blouse, which I left open more than usual. I wore a sexy black thong, but once again chose to go braless. I hoped my breasts and legs would look good as I strolled the aisles of the grocery store for all to see. I even contemplated going to the hardware store, although I didn't really need anything there. The idea of a bunch of burly contractors checking me out felt so naughty it sent a chill down my spine.

I was feeling so heady, I really hadn't thought about any possible consequences of my actions. After being in the grocery store only a minute or so, I heard a familiar voice from behind me. "Hey Mom," rang in my ears, and I snapped my head around to find my daughter, Lynne, looking at me with a smile. Instantly I saw her eyes wander my body, and her grin quickly faded away.

It took a moment for me to process what was happening, but somehow I muttered, "Oh, hello sweetie."

Lynne came right up next to me and asked, "Mom, are you wearing a bra?"

I knew I was completely busted, and needed an excuse for my sexy attire. The only thing I could think to do was lie, so I responded, "Umm, no. We ran out of milk and coffee for breakfast, so I just threw this old stuff on and ran out of the house. Guess I wasn't thinking." She looked skeptical, so before she could speak, I added, "You know me when I don't have my coffee in the morning."

Lynne looked at me and nodded solemnly, and then said "Well, you look great."

"Thanks," I replied, feeling guilty for my deception but pleased that we had moved past the awkward moment.

"So, how are things going with Darren? Any better?" she asked with a look of concern on her face. God, if she only knew!

I told her that yes, things were much better. Thankfully, she didn't ask for specifics, and after a bit more small talk, she said she needed to run. Just before she left, she said, "You should wear that skirt more often, it looks good on you, Mom."

As I finished shopping alone, I wondered if I had gone too far. I clearly had been putting off a vibe to Darren and even to Deb from work, but I wondered if Lynne had also picked up on it. Toying with Deb and playing with my son was bad enough; I certainly didn't need to expand my familiar encounters.

I chose to head straight home from the grocery store rather than parade myself around any further. The idea of hitting the hardware store still held great appeal, but I was too chicken I might once again run into someone I knew. Rather than change when I arrived at the house, I kept the outfit on as it made me feel super sexy. I loved the way the soft fabric of my blouse caressed my nipples as I walked, unencumbered as they were without a bra.

As I puttered around the house, it was hard to keep Darren out of my head. I decided I'd do something nice for him since he had been so wonderful to me of late. I baked a big batch of his favorite cookies, chocolate chip, which were cooling on a rack when he walked in the door from school.

I was still feeling naughty, so I purposely stood near the kitchen counter when he entered the room, wanting him to take in my sexy attire. As I turned to face him, I saw his eyes wandering up and down my body, which made me tingle all over. Clearly, he noticed.

I told Darren to take a seat at the table, and I went to the fridge to pour him a glass of milk. Anticipating this moment hours earlier, I intentionally put the milk behind a few other items so I could take my time fishing it out. I hoped my son would get a good look at me bending over, and was rewarded for my display with a big grin when I turned around. So much for subtlety from the both of us, I thought.

After delivering a couple cookies and the drink, I dropped down across the table from him as we casually talked about his day. Every now and then, I adjusted the way I was sitting as to draw his attention. I kept looking into his eyes however, not wanting to show that I knew I was displaying more than a hint of cleavage. My nipples were throbbing, so I knew they were hard and probably poking through the thin top as well.

We spent almost an hour catching up, before I told Darren he should go and get his homework out of the way so we could watch a movie after dinner. I was deeply tempted to offer him a reward for doing his work, but somehow managed to refrain. I was becoming obsessed with him, and needed to get a grip on myself.

Dinner that evening was a somewhat intimate affair. I made Darren's favorite, and thought about lighting a few candles, but figured that was going too far. As we ate I sipped a glass of wine, and we continued our subtle flirtatious behavior. I don't know why, but I honestly was feeling quite giddy being in my son's presence. We had shared thousands of meals, yet somehow things were now quite different.

After we finished, I told Darren I was going to take a bath. He perked up immediately, but then looked somewhat dejected when I asked him if he could clean up, and then go to the video store to pick up a movie for us to watch. It was obvious he expected some playtime as he was used to that after my recent baths, but he agreed and began clearing the table as I made my way to the tub.

I basked in the warm bubbles and vanilla scent for some time as I sipped another glass of wine. Feeling so horny I might actually jump my son, I decided to take the edge off and rub myself to an orgasm in the tub. The water swirled around me as my insistent fingers danced all over my sex. I could almost picture Darren's long cock pounding me as I drove my digits in and out of my throbbing pussy. My body convulsed as I shook in orgasmic bliss, then relaxed my head back against the cool porcelain.

Even after pleasuring myself, I was still feeling aroused as I chose my outfit for the evening. I decided on the lavender nightgown I had worn for Darren the first evening I put on a show for him. I had no plans for a repeat performance that night, but for some reason I just felt the need to tease him a bit. It was wonderful for a woman my age to have such a handsome young admirer.

I took plenty of time alone in my room before I headed to the living room. Darren was sitting in the recliner, patiently awaiting my arrival. As soon as I entered the room, he almost jumped up out of his seat to start the movie. I had to chuckle to myself at his enthusiasm, and wondered what he had picked out. I asked, "So, what's on the bill tonight?"

I was stunned when he responded, "Nine and ½ Weeks." It had been ages since I'd seen the movie, but remembered it was highly sexual, with dominant and submissive overtones. Darren was an adult, yet I was not sure I wanted him to see something of that nature, in spite of what we'd shared between us. Before I could state my reservations, he said, "My friend's older brother says it's a classic." With that, he turned the lights down and started the film.

As troubled as I was at the prospect of watching something like this with my son, I dropped onto the couch and said not a word. For some reason I felt the need to keep some distance between us, so I pressed myself to the arm of the sofa, as far away from Darren's recliner as possible.

While we watched the movie in silence, I couldn't help but become more aroused. I had never been a big Mickey Rourke fan, but I must admit rogues like his character did make my pulse pound. Every now and then I looked over at Darren to gauge his reaction during the sensual scenes, but it was difficult to read his expression in the low light. However, even in the semi-darkness I could make out the large lump in his grey sweats.

I was nearly going out of my head. The movie was over the top sexually, but knowing Darren was watching it nearby made things more mind-blowing. I found myself absent-mindedly stroking my bare thighs, just below the hem of my nightgown. I desperately wanted to touch myself in a more intimate way, but fought to remain in control.

The scene finally came on where Kim Basinger is blindfolded, and Mickey Rourke brings another woman into the room. The image sent me for a loop as I thought of my friend Deb, and wondered just what she would do to me if I were suddenly in that same position as Ms. Basinger.

I found myself licking my lips as I took in the erotic sight, but I had to see how Darren was taking it. I must admit, I was not completely shocked to see he had pulled his sweatpants down and was slowly stroking his cock as he watched the sexy scene intently. Clearly our relationship had changed that he had little to no reservations masturbating in the same room as me.

As much as I was turned on by what was on the screen, my eyes became riveted to the site before me in my own home. My daughter Lynne had a habit of showing up at the house unannounced from time to time, so I should have reprimanded Darren for jerking off right there in the living room, but I just could not. I loved watching him pleasure himself, and only seconds later my own fingers moved from my thighs to my groin. I sank back deeper into the sofa and spread my legs as I began caressing my pussy.

The movie was lost on me as I only had eyes for my son. Before long Darren glanced over at me, and must have seen what I was doing as well. Suddenly time seemed to stand still as we watched each other unabashedly play with ourselves.

Darren's eyes left me for a moment, as I saw him pull a tissue from the box on the nearby end table. From that action, I knew he was about to blow, and I wanted to cum right along with him. I began firing my fingers in and out of myself as I watched his hand piston up and down his erect shaft. The movie blared in the background, nearly drowning out my whimpers, yet I could still hear Darren groan as he came into the tissue.

My pussy was so wet, I was afraid I'd leave a stain on the sofa as I came down from my gut-clenching climax. I remained seated for a few more minutes, but then suddenly felt really sleepy. The combination of the wine, the hot bath and the powerful orgasm really knocked me out.

As I stood to say good night, Darren just stared back at me with his sweats still around his knees. He made no attempt to cover up, and I couldn't help but steal a few looks at his now flaccid cock. A big grin broke out over his face as he whispered, "Night Mom."

"Night," I replied, and then slowly padded off to my room. Thankfully sleep took me quickly, and I fell into a deep sleep.

I must have been overtired, because I ended up oversleeping the next morning, and had to rush out of the house to work, barely acknowledging Darren as I did so. It was Friday and I actually had the entire weekend off for a change, so I was looking forward to some quality relaxation after my shift.

Throughout the day, I couldn't help but think of how reckless I had become of late. As hard as I tried to rationalize what Darren and I had shared, deep down I knew it was wrong. Exposing myself to him was bad enough, but masturbating for him and ultimately sucking him off was another thing all together. The fact that Lynne seemed to notice the change in my behavior troubled me as well. Somehow I was going to have to reign myself in.

From time to time the girls from work would go out for drinks after our shift, and thankfully that evening was one such occasion. I had forgotten all about it, but welcomed the opportunity to head out rather than run right home in my conflicted state. I sent Darren a text to let him know he was on his own for dinner, and then headed to the nurse's lounge to change my outfit. Luckily, I always kept a set of casual clothes in my car as I hated going out dressed in scrubs.

Six of us in total ended up at Sully's, a dive bar not for from the hospital. We shared a long table in the corner of the fairly crowded pub, with three of us on each side. I was not surprised to find Deb had chosen the seat on the bench directly to my left, pressed closer to me than was usual. My other side was against the wall, so she had me somewhat captive in the corner of the room as I was.

I'm usually not a big drinker, just a few glasses of wine from time to time, but for some reason I was really in the mood to get silly. I ordered a margarita and began sipping it with relish. Before long I had finished it and quickly ordered a second one.

As my mind mellowed out, my eyes began to wander around the bar as I took everyone in. Most of the occupants were twenty-somethings, only a few years older than my son. Some of the guys were quite handsome, but in my opinion, none any hotter than Darren. The girls were all dressed quite sexy, showing off their assets in tight tops and short skirts. I know it sounds crazy for a mother to say, but I suddenly felt jealous of their youthful figures and wondered if Darren might find them physically more appealing than me. My skin tingled as images of my son once again entered my head.

As the night wore on and the drinks flowed, I couldn't help but feel Deb's constant presence alongside me. Her right leg was pressed up against my left for some time, which given what had happened between us, I assumed was completely intentional. Maybe it was the alcohol, but suddenly I was feeling somewhat saucy, so I gently pushed back towards her.

Deb must have noticed, because only a moment later I felt her hand come to rest on my left knee, and she began to softly tickle my skin with her long nails. I quickly scanned the table, but everyone seemed to be engrossed in conversation, not suspecting anything that Deb's right hand was below the table.

After work I had changed into a basic cotton top, and a somewhat conservative skirt, the hem of which came just a couple inches above my knee when I stood. Sitting as I was, it rested at mid thigh, and Deb took advantage of that fact by softly stroking as much of my exposed skin as possible. She traced her fingers high onto my inner thigh, but her progress was thwarted by my tight skirt. I fought to remain apart of the conversation at the table, but my mind was suddenly elsewhere.

At one point, my friend Colleen, who was seated next to Deb, said, "Wow, look at those hot guys who just walked in."
Best Intentions Ch. 02
The entire table turned to look that way, and Deb took the moment to her advantage. Sensing how excited I must have been, she leaned closer to me and said, "Hike up your skirt."

I know I could have ignored her, or even chosen that moment to say goodnight, but I did not. While everyone was distracted, I quickly rose off from the bench a few inches, and pulled my skirt up and under my bottom. When I sat back down, I could feel the cool vinyl seat against my bare thighs, which made me feel very exposed and so much naughtier.

I had expected Deb to go right for my crotch, but as an experienced seductress, she took her sweet time. She kept slowly teasing me, sometimes lightly caressing my thigh under her palm, and at other times tickling me with her nails. After what seemed like hours, she finally ran her fingers under my left knee and lifted it up over her right thigh. Thankfully we were in a dark corner of the crowded bar, so nobody could see my lewd display. Still, I leaned my abdomen into the table to hide what was going on below.

Deb then slowly traced a single finger down my thigh in a direct line until she made contact with my wet panties. She ran that one digit softly up and down my slit, driving me wild with her feathery touch. I looked around the table once more, but no face seemed to notice my agitated state as they were thankfully engrossed in conversation.

I was so turned on, yet nervous. I gulped down my drink as Deb worked me like a seasoned pro. Before long, she eased my sopped panties aside and ran her finger over my bare sex for the first time. Only moments later, she plunged a couple fingers inside of me and very slowly began a gentle fucking motion. Every now and then she would back them out to tease my clit, then run them back deep inside of me. Clearly, the woman I was seated next to was no novice and I was ready to explode at any moment.

Deb must have added another finger or two as I suddenly felt wonderfully stretched inside. She kept methodically running them in and out of me, until I knew I was a goner. I tried my best to remain calm and quiet as I came with a rush at another woman's hands for the first time in my life. Deb's fingers toyed with me through my entire orgasm, which drove me insane.

When my head cleared a bit, I suddenly felt really vulnerable. There I was, in a crowded bar, with another woman's hands dancing over my exposed crotch. I was embarrassed, but became even more so when my friend Patty, who was seated directly across from me, asked, "Jan, are you feeling okay? Your face is really red."

Somehow I muttered, "I, umm, I think I've had too much to drink."Self consciously, I drove my hands under the table and grasped my skirt. I slowly rocked my butt back and forth a bit as I forcefully jerked it back down into place, trying my best not to let my actions show.

I was not surprised when Deb announced to the table, "She probably shouldn't drive. I'll take her home."

Patty responded, "That's a good idea, make sure she gets home safe."

When I looked over at Deb, I could almost see the hunger in her eyes. I was sure getting me home safely was the last thing on her mind. As much as I loved what she had done to me, I was afraid to be all alone with her. I just wasn't sure I was ready to go much further with a woman yet.

"No, I'll be fine," I mumbled, as I fought to regain my focus.

"Nonsense, I'll take you home," Debby stated firmly, and gave my knee a firm squeeze.

My mind and my mouth seemed to be at odds, so I couldn't find the words to decline her offer in front of everyone. Before I even knew what was happening, we had said our goodbyes and Deb was leading me by the hand towards the door.

When we arrived at her SUV, Deb eased me against the car and opened the door. Before I could get in, she pressed herself into me and smothered me with a kiss. We made out for a moment right there in the parking lot, until I forced her away, pleading, "Please, I need to go."

"You're coming home with me," Deb hissed in my ear before she leaned in and kissed me once more. I felt her hand run up under my skirt until she pressed it firmly over my sex. I found myself whimpering into Deb's mouth as her tongue caressed my own and her fingers toyed with my pussy. She broke our kiss for a moment and whispered, "Don't tease me, you know you need this."

Deep down I wanted to give in and let her do whatever she wanted with me, but for some reason I just couldn't. At that moment I thought of Darren at the house alone, and felt supremely guilty. For some odd reason I almost felt as though I was cheating on him, which struck me to the core. With every ounce of strength I could muster, I pushed her away once more and ran towards my car without another word.

As I drove home, my cell phone rang a few times, I'm sure from Deb, but I didn't pick up. Even though I didn't feel drunk, I probably shouldn't have been driving as my head was absolutely swimming with emotions. Fortunately I had driven the route thousands of times and thankfully my car seemed to be on rails as I made it home without incident.

When I walked into the house, I was not surprised to find Darren sitting alone in the living room. Almost as if he could sense something was wrong, he came to me directly and hugged me tightly, then asked me about my day. I found it hard to think straight, but basically told him my evening was fine as I didn't want him to worry about me.

Darren stepped back and stared directly into my eyes. "Are you okay Mom, your eyes look really glassy."

"Yes, umm, I'm fine. Just tired I guess," I mumbled guiltily. It wasn't even nine o'clock, but after the days events I was ready to crawl into bed. I said, "Think I'll call it a night, sweetie."

"Oh, come on Mom, its Friday. Stay up and watch a movie with me," he begged, knowing we both had the weekend off. He worked on me for a while, until I finally gave in. I felt a bit dirty after drinking in the bar, and told him I wanted to take a bath first. I was pleasantly surprised when Darren said, "Go rest on the couch and I'll run it for you."

As I sat quietly on the sofa as my mind replayed what had happened at Sully's. I could almost feel the way Deb played with me, right under the noses of our other friends. My pussy throbbed when I thought of how naughty I'd been.

Darren came back into the room a few minutes later and broke me out of my reverie. He held out his hand and helped me from the couch, then led me to the bathroom. The tub was full of bubbles, and the entire room smelled strongly of vanilla. I expected him to leave, but a shiver ran down my spine when Darren said, "Let's get you out of these clothes."

I was dumbstruck when Darren grabbed my shirt and pulled it upwards, and I could only raise my arms to help him as if I was in a trance. Next, he reached around me and unsnapped my bra, and lowered it down my arms to expose my breasts. Just a few weeks ago I would have been horrified at the thought of my son seeing me that way, but after what we had been through, it almost seemed natural.

Darren unbuttoned and unzipped my skirt, then dropped to his knees in front of me. He firmly tugged on the fabric, and slowly forced it over my hips and downward. I set my hands upon his shoulders for balance as he extricated the skirt from around my feet, then he tossed it onto the counter on top of my blouse and bra.

From where he knelt, I realized Darren's face was just inches from my crotch. I was sure my panties still had to be damp from the working over Deb had given me earlier, and wondered if he could smell my arousal. I know it probably sounds sick, but I hoped he could get a whiff of my feminine scent. I had been so excited around him of late; I wanted him to know the effect he had on me.

Like he had done with my skirt, Darren lowered my undies until I was stark naked before him. I almost wanted to grab his face and shove it into my crotch, but before I could he stood and placed my panties on the counter aside my other discarded clothes. Darren then assisted me into the tub, then leaned over and softly kissed my lips. With a wink, he said, "Enjoy your bath." With that, he grabbed my dirty clothes and left me all alone.

As I soaked in the tub, I realized that I was probably more drunk than I thought when I left the bar. My head swam as I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensual surroundings. I have no idea if it was because of the alcohol or not, but I was still really horny. The warm water only made things worse as I just couldn't help stroke my sensitive skin all over.

Darren had left the door open when he exited the bathroom, and I felt really naughty as I manipulated my nipples under the suds, knowing he could come back at any moment. My thighs went wide as I began stroking my sex, deeply impressed at how he had been so bold to undress me. In such a short time he had come so far, and I wondered what surprises lay ahead for us.

While I toyed with myself, I also couldn't help but ponder just what Deb would have done to me if I had gone home with her. There was no doubt in my mind that she would have gone down on me, which I love, but would she have expected me to follow suit? I tried to imagine what it would be like to touch her all over, and it really turned me on. I came hard for the second time that night, my whimpers echoing off the tiles in the small bathroom.

Darren came back into the room a few minutes later carrying a large bath sheet over his shoulder. He leaned over and helped me to my feet as I stepped from the tub. After wrapping it around me, Darren began to rub the towel into my skin all over to dry me off. I'm not sure I had ever before been pampered that way and I loved every second of it. My son really was going to make some woman really happy one day.

After he had dried me off, Darren led me by hand to my bedroom. Not a word was spoken as he went to my dresser and pulled out the familiar lavender nightgown. He came back to me and gently lowered it over my head, and dressed me as if I were a little girl. I stood in front of him meekly, but he gave me an encouraging smile as his lips pressed lightly to my own in a soft kiss.

Before I knew what happened, we were seated beside one another on the couch as Darren turned down the lights and started a movie. Unlike the previous evening, he was pressed up against my left side, just as Debby had done only an hour or so before. I wondered if he had any idea what he was doing to me, but felt certain he at least had a little indication.

My mind was still swimming and I rested my head upon his shoulder as we watched the film side by side. I could barely follow the plot of the movie, but it was clearly sexual in nature. It wasn't pornographic mind you, but it certainly wasn't the latest from Disney either.

Pressed so tightly together as we were, I couldn't help but feel the heat between us, and I fought to stay still. My body was simply on fire and I tried to remain calm, but couldn't stop my thighs from slowly rubbing together in excitement. I'm not sure if Darren could see or feel what I was doing, but shortly thereafter I felt his hand come to rest on my knee.

Instantly I had a flashback to what Deb had done to me and wondered if Darren could ever be so bold. On the TV a macho male detective was making out with a sexy suspect in an interrogation room, and I found myself groaning out loud as Darren began to tickle my thigh with his fingertips, much like Debby had done. My eyes left the screen and I looked down to see his hand on my leg, and noticed my nightie left a good deal of skin exposed. I then looked a bit to the left, and was not surprised to see Darren's favorite Simpsons pajamas bulging up from his groin from an obvious erection.

Darren continued to stroke my thigh, running his hand higher and higher up my leg as if testing my resolve. I know I should have stopped him, but like with Deb earlier I just could not. His fingers ventured under my nightgown, only inches from my steaming sex. Rather than discourage his boldness, I actually lifted my left knee over his lap, just as Deb had done to me under the barroom table. My son may have been an inexperienced eighteen year old, but I'm sure my actions rang out loud and clear in his head - Mommy wants to be touched!

I was certain Darren was going to go right for my groin, yet he did not. He kept toying with the skin only a tantalizing inch or so from my moist mound. My inner voice was screaming, "Go for it!" but as his mom how could I say something like that?

As he continued to lightly tease my thigh, I couldn't help but do the same to him. I placed my palm upon his right leg, and ran it back and forth across his soft PJ's. I just couldn't take it anymore, and finally grasped his rock hard cock in my hand and gave it a squeeze. I felt his body tighten against me for a moment, but he quickly relaxed and opened his legs wider to give me better access.

Only a moment later, Darren's fingers found my naked sex for the first time. "Yes!" screamed in my head, but only a soft whimper escaped my mouth. I rotated my torso towards Darren to give him better access to my womanhood. In so doing, I couldn't effectively stroke his cock any longer, but I still held it in my hand and milked it with soft squeezes.

Darren's fingers ran all over my pussy, as if trying to memorize every bit of my anatomy with his searching hands. I must admit he was in no way as deft with his touch as Deb had been, but knowing it was my own flesh and blood that was touching me somehow made it even more erotic. I felt his finger slowly move inside of me, and I shivered knowing I was the first woman he had ever touched in such an intimate way. My baby was fingering his first pussy, and it was amazingly intoxicating to me that I could share in the moment.

I removed my hand from his groin, and grabbed his wrist in both my hands. I slowly guided his fingers higher until they made contact with my super sensitive clit. My hand wrapped around his as I moaned into his ear, "Right there, baby." Darren didn't have to be told twice as he gently began stroking my clit.

I was in sensory overload and simply needed to get off as quickly as possible. I firmly forced his hand into my crotch as I began thrusting myself against his palm. Loud groans escaped my lips as I rode Darren's hand to an earth shattering orgasm.

The climax I had experienced with Deb earlier in the evening was truly wonderful on so many levels, but nowhere near as powerful as the one my son brought me to. I would have thought my first orgasm with another woman, in public no less, would have been a watershed moment for me, but suddenly not so much. I fought to catch my breath as Darren's fingers continued to softly caress my overheated pussy.

My body felt as weak as a rag doll as I rested against Darren's shoulder. I was surprised when he eased me back into the arm of the sofa, and then broke away. Only a moment later, I found him on his knees directly before me. I still wasn't sure what he was up to, until he fished his hands under my knees and firmly pulled me forward.

I was left resting with my bottom on the edge of the sofa, my legs splayed open widely around Darren's torso. My nightgown had been trapped on the fabric of the couch under me, so when I was forced forward, my crotch became completely exposed to Darren's eyes. I had no idea what he was up to, until he lowered his lips to my left thigh and began to softly kiss and lick it as his hands stroked my knee. Oh lord, he wanted to go down on me!

Darren began to caress my inner thighs higher and higher as he moved up my thigh. When his face went between my legs, I found it impossible not to place my hands on his head and run my fingers through his thick dark hair. I could actually feel his warm breath against my pussy an instant before his tongue made contact with my pussy for the first time.

It had been ages since anyone had gone down on me, and I missed it so much. Darren's tongue seemed to be everywhere as he lapped at me with abandon, but I loved every second of it. He must have learned a lesson from before, because he somehow found my clit and began suckling it gently. I remember telling him that if he licked a woman in that spot she'd go off like a rocket, and I certainly was ready to at that moment.

In all my life, I had never been so insanely turned on. I felt guilty as I grasped his head and firmly pulled it into my crotch. His tongue continued to dance across my clit, and then I felt a finger enter deeply into my pussy. Such loud moans escaped my mouth I was afraid I'd wake the entire neighborhood. My hips began rocking uncontrollably as I rode Darren's fingers and face to the most powerful orgasm of my life.

My eyes were closed tightly for over a minute as I fought to regain my breath. When I finally opened them, I found Darren still between my outspread legs with a big smile on his face. Clearly he knew what happened and he was proud of what he had done. My son just gave a woman, his mother, an orgasm.

As I fought to regain my senses, I looked down and saw my nightgown was almost transparently pressed against me, soaked in my sweat as it was. My nipples were poking up lewdly through the damp fabric around my chest, which heaved as I tried to regain my breath.

Very slowly, Darren rose between my legs. As he stood, it was obvious his cock was still hard as his pajamas tented out before him obscenely. I was almost completely satiated, and felt a part of the couch, but seeing Darren's arousal made me shiver.

Darren stood stiffly before me in silence, and I felt dumbstruck by the moment as well. His body language clearly intimated he wanted more, but for whatever reason he just couldn't ask. After another minute or so staring back and forth upon one another, I watched his hands move to his hips. Without a word, he slowly pushed his pajamas down until they pooled atop his feet. My son was nearly naked, his rigid cock standing up proudly before me.

It was clear what he wanted, and after what he had done for me I felt obliged to return the favor. I rocked my back forward off the sofa until my face stopped almost level with his belly button. It was impossible to ignore the erect cock only inches from my chin, and I lowered my lips to its large head. My trembling hands went to his naked thighs as I gently kissed the velvety tip.

Lost in a haze of momentary insanity, I had once briefly taken Darren's cock in my mouth, yet this was different. Deep down, I wanted to give him more pleasure than he had ever experienced in his entire life. I knew none of his previous girlfriends had taken him in their mouths, so I wanted to bring him to a place he had never been before. Come hell or high water, I was going to rock his world.

My fingers ran up his legs until they came in contact with his warm groin. I palmed his meaty balls in my right hand when my left wrapped around the base of his impressive shaft. I could hear soft whimpering sounds from above, and hoped I was driving him as insane as he had made me.

I opened my mouth wide and eased my head forward as my lips encircled his shaft. I hate to admit it, but I had dreamed about swallowing Darren whole for weeks, and I was determined to do so. Taking a deep breath and relaxing my throat, I forced my face onward until my lips made contact with my hand holding the base of his shaft. I had taken nearly every inch of his long dick.

The tip of Darren's cock tickled my throat, so I eased off him for a moment before I gagged. I began greedily sucking his dick while my hands wandered all over his delicate places. He seemed to like when I toyed with his balls, so I continued to do that as I nibbled on the head of his cock and stroked its base.

"Oh Mom," He groaned aloud and thrust himself forward, burying his penis deeper into my mouth. Darren grabbed my head and held me firmly as I lavished attention on his prick, then began driving his hips back and forth. I nearly passed out as he fucked my face with abandon, but fortunately only an instant later I felt the first blast of cum wash over my tonsils as he came with a sound so primal I didn't think it could actually be human.
Best Intentions Ch. 02
Darren held me tightly as he rode out his orgasm, as I continued to suckle his throbbing prick. I found myself fighting to breathe from my nose as I desperately drank down every bit of his seed. Darren finally released my head from his grasp, and I reluctantly backed my head off his throbbing dick. I took a much needed breath, and then closed my eyes to savor the salty taste in my mouth.

When I looked back up, Darren was staring back at me with glassy eyes. His knees looked weak, so I patted the sofa beside me and told him to sit. An instant later, he collapsed in a lump on the cushions beside me. I couldn't help but notice from the way he was laying that his young cock was fully on display. My body was on fire and my special places tingled. I desperately needed to be fucked, but could I actually take that momentous step with my own son?