Thursday, 11 August 2011

Neuro Submission Transmitter Ch. 06

"Yes, coming," Susan says, moving her hand from her breast and resting it on his shoulder. "You know what coming means, don't you?" she asks as her hand slides down his body and rests firmly against the bulge in his uniform pants.

"Yeh... yeh... yes," he pants as Susan strokes and squeezes his hard cock. She unties her kimono and lets it fall open while she glides her other hand over her hairless pussy mound.

"Good, because I need to know when I can expect a letter that was mailed from that mailbox yesterday," Susan smiles, her naked body captivating him as she rapidly jerks him off through his pants.

"Tomorrow... or... Wednesday," he blurts out while bucking his hips against my sister's machinations of his hidden hard-on. He must be in shock to just be standing there and not reaching for Susan's perfect tits or porcelain smooth pussy.

"Oh God!" he cries as he literally creams in his pants. Susan keeps stroking and squeezing until his hips stop jerking and then pulls her hand away.

"Will you be bringing it?" Susan asks as she swipes a finger between her pussy lips and brings it up to his mouth.

"Uh huh," henods his head as he sucks pussy juice from my sister's finger.

"Good. See you then." Susan turns and walks back into the apartment.

"What the fuck was that?" I ask, shaking my head and laughing.

"What?" she asks coyly. "The package should be here tomorrow or Wednesday," she says, sashaying into the living room but not bothering to tie her kimono.

"What do you want to do until then?" I ask, wrapping my arms around her from behind and gently caressing her succulent breasts. She doesn't answer right away but catches me off guard when she does.

"Can we call Carl?" she whispers.

Carl and Carolyn are a black couple I've gotten together with for some pretty outrageous sex parties whenever I've been near Uncle Harry's house. I made the mistake of telling my sister how Nicole and her mom enjoyed Carl's well-hung black cock and now she's obsessed with it. I have to admit I wouldn't mind seeing Carolyn again.

"Sure, I'll call Carolyn and see if we can get together," I tell my sister as I pull out my cell phone. Susan raises her eyebrows as she strokes my stiff cock through my shorts.

"Looks like you enjoyed that little show with the mailman," Susan smiles.

"Not just your show," I answer, nodding at Tracy who still walking around the house naked, exposing her lightly freckled breasts and her neatly trimmed red pubes as she dusts tables and straightens up some magazines.

"Talk to me," Carl answers on the second ring, pulling my attention away from my sister and our naked host. Susan steps back and watches me anxiously.

"Carl, it's Nick. How's it going?" I ask into the receiver while I watch Tracy bend over to pick up a subscription card that fell from one of the magazines. Her dimpled ass with its smattering of freckles, looks very inviting and my cock maintains it's curious arousal.

"Hey Nick, you can only be calling for one reason," he says. "Nicole must really miss me, huh?" he laughs.

"Well, it's not Nicole but I have someone even sexier who'd love to meet you." I answer enthusiastically. Susan almost giggles as she bounces excitedly on the balls of her feet.

"Of course you do, Nick." Carl laughs. "When shall we come over?"

"Well that's the thing, Carl. We can't meet at my place. Is there any chance we can come over there?" I ask. I've never been to Carl and Carolyn's house but with mom and dad at Uncle Harry's our options are limited.

"Carolyn's not home right now, buddy, but let me ask her and call you back. Is this a good number to reach you?" he asks.

"Yeah, it's my cell. Hopefully we can get together later today or sometime tomorrow. You're going to love Susan," I assure him.

"No doubt, Nick. You've never disappointed me," he laughs again. "Carolyn should be back shortly. We'll call you back, Nick." Carl hangs up and Susan squeezes my stiff cock.

"Well?" she asks as I close my cell phone.

"They're going to call us back. Carolyn's not home but Carl sounded pretty excited." I tell her.

"Thank you, Nick," Susan flings her arms around me and starts undoing my shorts as she pushes her tongue into my mouth. The good thing about having complete control over your libido is that neither my sister nor I have to worry about saving ourselves for later. I can get and stay hard whenever I want and she can orgasm at will so we can fuck all day and still be ready for Carl and Carolyn.

"Want to include our hostess?" I ask, breaking the kiss while I shed my clothes and Susan drops her kimono on the floor.

"Not unless you want to," she whispers conspiratorially. After sucking and fucking as a threesome most of last night and with the potential for group sex later, I'm glad this is just going to be my sister and I. We ignore Tracy while we kiss and grope our way to her bedroom.

"Teasing that mailman really made me horny!" Susan exclaims as she pushes me onto the bed and crawls up on top of me. Sprawling across my body with her tits crushed against my chest, she starts rocking her slick pussy along the length of my shaft.

"That was pretty erotic," I answer, cupping her ass cheeks and trying to sandwich my cockhead between her wet pussy lips.

"You're okay with me and Carl and all that?" she asks, looking intently into my eyes.

"I've never shared you with another guy before," I answer honestly. "I guess I know how you felt when I went over to Sherrie's that one time."

"But you shared Nicole with Carl?" she asks with a puzzled look on her face. Susan pushes herself up into a sitting position and wiggles her slippery pussy along the length of my cock.

"Hey, don't ask me to explain it. I'm just telling you how I feel," I answer, as the bell-shaped head of my cock slips between her hot pussy lips. Grabbing her waist, I pull her down while I thrust upward and sink the rest of my cock into her juicy snatch.

"Mmmmm." Susan moans as I impale her on my rigid shaft and she squeezes her vaginal muscles around me. Just as we start getting a familiar rhythm going Tracy walks in with my cell phone chirping in her hand.

"Your phone is ringing," she says handing it to me like I was sitting in a chair watching TV.

"Answer it!" Susan says, picking up the pace of her ride. "It might be Carl!"

"Hello," I blurt as Susan's rocking rhythm nearly takes my breath.

"Hey Nick, it's Carolyn," the sexy voice answers. "Carl says you want to get together over here."

"Yeah," I keep my answers monosyllabic as Susan works us both into a sexual sweat.

"The thing is, Nick, I've invited Earl and Denise for dinner. You're welcome to join us with your lady friend but I don't think they're ready for anything else," she laughs. Earl is Carl's brother and Carolyn has been having an affair with him for some time while Carl was having an affair with Denise. When I discovered this with some transmitter-induced honesty, I suggested they bring it out into the open. Last I heard they were all cool with sharing but not with group sex.

"Still haven't overcome that inhibition, huh?" I ask all in one quick gush. Susan has me about to shoot my load into her over-heated pussy, I'm just waiting for her to get there first.

"No way. But hey come over anyway. Denise was pretty interested when I told her about your staying power and Earl's a guy so who knows what will happen.

"What... time?" I barely manage as Susan nearly bounces off my cock and then drives her feverish pussy back down around it.

"Are you alright, Nick?" Carolyn asks.

"Yeah, just... getting... warmed... up... for... later!" I pant each word as I fervently buck my hips up in rhythm with my sister's pounding.

"You are incorrigible!" Carolyn says. "Call me when you're done and I'll give you the address." The phone goes dead and I concentrate on fucking my sister.

"Now that you're off the phone, let's finish big!" Susan smiles. Damnit! While I've been waiting for her to finish, she's been purposely holding back.

"You are insane!" I finally release my load and Susan clamps her pussy around my cock. Jerkily spewing a huge fountain of cum inside my sister's quivering pussy, I pull her down against my chest. We lie there trembling against each other.

I call Carolyn back and she gives me directions. We arrange to be at their house at five. It's Susan's idea to bring Tracy with us.

"That way Carl and Earl can each have a white girl," she says in a mock southern accent. My only response is a big smile because that means I'm left with Carolyn and Denise. Who can argue with that? I give Tracy a transmitter command to be receptive to any sexual advances; white or black, male or female.

Carl and Carolyn live in a typical middle class neighborhood with self-maintained lawns and more SUVs than sedans. Carl answers the door, shakes my hand and turns towards Susan.

"Hello," he says, openly appraising my sister's appearance. "I'm Carl."

"Susan," my sister says, extending her hand. Carl takes her hand but instead of shaking it, pulls her into a tight embrace, crushing her breasts against his chest. Susan grabs Carl's arms but instead of pushing him away, she squeezes his upper arm muscles and explores his broad back.

"Uh... Carl," I interrupt them. "This is Tracy." Carl hesitates then pulls his eyes away from Susan's face to look at Tracy.

"Two?" Carl smiles. "You brought two women?" He shifts Susan to his side with one arm wrapped around her and pulls Tracy into their embrace. Kissing her lightly on the cheek, he turns the threesome towards the living room and walks in with one arm around each woman.

"Look what I found," he smiles. I follow him to a dining area that opens off the living room and see him addressing a young black couple sitting at the table.

Earl is younger than Carl with broader shoulders and when he stands up towers over his brother by a couple of inches. His smile indicates that he knows why we're here. He walks over and Carl introduces him to Susan and Tracy. Forgotten in the background, his wife sits anxiously by herself. I step over to the table and introduce myself.

"Hi, I'm Nick," I say extending my hand to the beautiful woman sitting at the table.

"Hi Nick, I've heard a lot about you from Carolyn," she blushes. "I'm Denise." I'm the one who should be blushing as I grasp her soft hand. She is absolutely stunning. Her light brown skin is the color of coffee with just a touch of cream and her long, black hair, hanging in loose curls around her shoulders, has subtle highlights that nearly match her skin color.

"Uh... hi," I stammer as I stare at her deep brown eyes. Her face has the look of a supermodel with her exquisite make up, accented by her slightly arched eyebrows and lush red lips. I'm still holding her hand when Carolyn enters from the kitchen carrying casserole.

"Nick!" she hurriedly places the casserole on the table and turns to give me a hug. My eyes are still on Denise when Carolyn pulls me against her lush breasts and plants a big wet kiss on my lips. Her tongue slips between my lips and I close my eyes as I cup her firm, round ass cheeks.

"I've missed you," she says, breaking the kiss. From the corner of my eye I see Denise watching us curiously.

"I've missed you, too." I answer honestly. Damn! No wonder Carl was fucking his sister-in-law. I can't wait to see Denise naked.

"Dinner's ready, everyone," Carolyn calls into the living room. Carl still has his arms around Susan and Tracy while they are all laughing at something Earl is saying. Susan sits between Carl and Earl on one side of the table, Denise takes the end and I'm sandwiched between Carolyn and Tracy on the other side. Everyone readily digs into the food, engaging in non-intimate small talk between bites.

"How did you guys meet?" Denise asks as she swallows a bite of bread.

"We met at the mall," Carolyn answers without letting on that we fucked in the parking lot as soon as we met. Carolyn thinks she just impulsively came onto me but in reality she was under the influence of the transmitter.

"Carolyn works in the department store," I add, making it sound like that's where we met.

"Denise wants to be a model," Carolyn tells us, intentionally changing the subject.

"Really?" Tracy asks. "Do you have a portfolio?"

"Sure. Why?" Denise answers.

"Tracy works for Harrison & Associates," I answer. "They specialize..." Denise cuts me off mid-sentence.

"I know who they are," she says excitedly. "Ohmygod! You really work there?" she asks Tracy.

"Yes," Tracy smiles. "Nick's dad is Daryl Harrison.

"Wow! Really?" Denise smiles at me like it's Christmas morning and I just became her favorite present. Who knew dad's reputation was so widespread or so helpful? I just stare at her beautiful smiling face.

"Can I see your portfolio?" Tracy asks.

"I have one in the car." Denise jumps up from the table, dropping her napkin on her plate. It's the first time I've seen her standing up and she's every bit as desirous as I imagined. Her short denim skirt fits snugly against her round ass cheeks and her grapefruit-sized tits bounce appreciably as she runs out of the room.

"Nick, I didn't know you were connected to a modeling agency," Carolyn says.

"That explains a lot," Carl smiles, looking from Susan to Tracy.

"Tracy is the first woman you've seen me with who's connected with the agency," I say defensively.

"Are you disappointed I'm not a supermodel, Carl?" Susan teases.

"Not at all!" he exclaims, leaning over and giving her a kiss on the cheek. I watch Susan slip one hand under the table as she smiles at Carl.

Denise rushes in with a large portfolio and sets it in front of Tracy. Thumbing casually through the pictures, Tracy is nodding and smiling as she appraises Denise's portfolio.

Carl is smiling and squirming in his seat as my sister turns her attention to Earl. Her other hand disappears below the table as she leans over and whispers something in his ear. From the smiles on the brother's faces I can imagine what my sister is doing with her hands.

"No nudes?" Tracy asks suddenly, snapping my attention back to Denise.

"N-no," Denise stammers.

"Who took these?" Tracy asks, flipping back through the pictures. "They're awfully good."

"Carl took them," Carolyn says. "He has his own photography business. That's how he and Denise... um." I smile at Carl who has his arm around Susan and is rocking in his chair. So he hooked up with his sister-in-law when he was taking pictures for her portfolio? Interesting.

"We don't usually consider models unless they submit nudes," Tracy says matter-of-factly. "Do you object to posing nude?"

"Well, I guess not," Denise glances at her husband as she answers. Earl is barely paying attention and he just smiles back with a kind of lopsided grin. "I didn't know they were that important." Denise adds, turning back towards Tracy.

"Well we can do without pictures if we have access to the live model," Tracy says, her eyes traveling up and down Denise's body. "You can just show me what you've got." Tracy stands up and leads Denise away from the table.

"You mean now?" Denise asks, looking back at the faces around the table.

"Why not?" Tracy asks. "If you get a modeling job you'll be flaunting yourself in front of more people than this," she informs her.

"It's okay, babe," Earl says encouragingly, as he nuzzles his face against Susan's neck.

"Let's go into the living room," Tracy says. "You can enter from the kitchen and pretend this pathway here is your runway." Tracy points to a path from the kitchen to the living room.

"I don't know," Denise says, looking at Carolyn imploringly.

"It's up to you, honey," Carolyn says. "I'm going to be naked sometime tonight. I don't mind joining you if it'll make you feel more comfortable."

"I will, too!" Susan says, standing up and pulling her blouse out of her skirt.

"Wait! Wait!" Denise shouts, raising her hand. "Let's not all get naked just yet. I need to think about this."

"Why doesn't everyone go into the living room and give Denise a chance to think this through," I suggest, pulling the transmitter out of my pocket. Standing up, I start ushering everyone out of the room while putting the earbuds in my ears. Susan starts unbuttoning her blouse as she leads Carl and Earl into the living room.

When the others are gone, I dial in Denise's frequency and press the button. Kneeling next to her chair, I speak softly so she's the only one who can hear.

"Denise, you will have zero inhibitions about getting naked around any of the people in this house. Tonight only, you will welcome all sexual advances; black or white, male or female and have the most explosive orgasms of your life. When this is over, you will always welcome a foursome with Carl, Earl and Carolyn." I push the button and join the others in the living room, taking a big overstuffed chair next to the couch.

Susan, having shed her blouse and bra, is sitting on the couch between Carl and Earl. I watch her put her arms around their necks and pull them down towards her hefty tits. As they each suck a nipple into their mouths, Denise enters the living room and does a slow striptease in front of them. Susan leans her head back, mildly shuddering as the two large black men suck on her taut nipples.

Carolyn slides onto my lap just as Denise drops her blouse to the floor. Tracy stands to the side, appraising Denise's moves as I wrap my arms around Carolyn and start undoing the buttons on her top. Keeping my eyes on Denise's light pink satin bra, I undress Carolyn like a blind man reading Braille.
"You've had them both, Denise," Susan says, drawing everyone's eyes towards the couch. "Which of these guys should stretch me out for the other one?" Susan is stroking the bulges in each of their pants while they continue to feast on her succulent breasts.

"You shouldn't ask an embarrassing question like that in front of them," Carolyn admonishes Susan. Carolyn's dark blouse and black bra are on the floor next to the chair and I'm squeezing and massaging her massive tits while she speaks.

"Neither one of these guys has anything to be ashamed of," Susan says squeezing their hard cocks through their pants. "Besides the smaller of the two gets to be first," she smiles.

"Do Carl first," Denise says while unzipping her skirt and slowly lowering it to the floor. Gently swaying back and forth in her matching bra and panties, she cups her succulent breasts and gives them a quick squeeze before unfastening the front of her bra and shaking it off her shoulders.

Holy shit! Unlike Carolyn whose skin tone transitions from light to dark across different parts of her body, Denise's skin is an even colored light mocha everywhere. At least, everywhere I can see. Her tits are so perfect they look like they were airbrushed and color-corrected, like you would see in a men's magazine. I continue to squeeze and pinch Carolyn's nipples but I'm staring at her sister-in-law's thick nubs, jutting out from large black areolae. My cock is straining against the confines of my jeans and pushing against Carolyn's ass.

"Okay fellas," Susan says. "Time to see what you're packing." She pushes their faces away from her chest and motions for them to get undressed. Neither one hesitates stripping off their clothes while they drool over my sister's bare chest. Her aroused nipples are bright pink from being sucked and nibbled and she watches intently as Carl and Earl do a double striptease just for her.

Denise meanwhile is pulling her pink panties down revealing the most beautifully trimmed bush I have ever seen. A perfect black oval of tightly curled pubic hair surrounds her thick pussy lips, already glistening with moisture. The oval seems to extend about an inch all the way around her pussy and Tracy can't restrain herself from touching it. Stepping closer, she runs her fingers through the patch of hair encircling Denise's pussy.

"Very nice," she breathes, continuing to caress Denise's pussy while she rubs her cheek against Denise's perfect breasts.

"Damn! You guys," Susan bellows, again drawing the attention of the whole room. Carl and Earl are standing up, facing Susan. They're both stark naked and her eyes are darting between the two erect black cocks pointing at her. I knew Carl was big, but fuck! Earl is hung like a fucking horse. His huge cock is both thicker and longer than his brother's and it reminds me of the football player who fucked Danae.

Susan scoots forward on the couch, taking a giant cock in each hand and rubbing them against her cheeks. Carl and Earl each let out a small moan as my sister starts stroking up and down the length of their long shafts.

"I can barely get my hand around you two," Susan whispers as she turns her head towards Carl and flicks her tongue against his cockhead. He's still moaning his approval when she turns and does the same thing to Earl. Turning her head from side to side and corkscrewing her hands up and down the two black cocks, she slathers her tongue all over their cockheads.

When I turn back to Denise, Tracy has her spread eagle on the floor with her knees pulled slightly up. Tracy quickly strips off her own clothes and slides her body over the would-be model. The stark contrast between Tracy's white, freckled skin and Denise's dark exotic coloring is the stuff of which wet dreams are made.

"Come on, lover," Carolyn says. "We're the only ones dressed. Would you like to see my bedroom?" she smiles. Normally I would jump at the chance to take Carolyn to a bed, but I really want to watch the action here in the living room.

"Can we see your bedroom later?" I ask. "I'd really like to stay here and see what happens." I kiss her neck and start working my hand into the waistband of her pants.

"Let me help," Carolyn says, pulling her side zipper down as she stands up. Quickly pulling her panties down with her pants, she kicks them aside and starts working on my belt buckle.

Susan is sucking two cocks, or at least rapidly alternating between them. Carl and Earl are thrusting their massive, saliva-coated tools at her as she slides first one into her mouth and then the other, slobbering all over their bulbous cockheads.

"Oh fuck!" Carl cries, you sure know how to suck a cock, girl!"

I'll say!" Earl pants.

"Time to see if this thing fits inside of me," Susan says, pulling Carl by his cock and pushing him down onto the couch. She's still stroking Earl's horse-length dick as she swings her leg over Carl and positions her pussy over the tip of it. Pausing for a second, I see her shudder as she undoubtedly gives herself a quick lubricating orgasm. Smart thinking, Sis.

"You're next, Earl," Susan says, releasing his cock so she can concentrate on Carl's extra large member. Rubbing his cockhead between her pussy lips she slowly starts lowering herself down.

"Oh God!" Carl breathes. "You are so fucking hot! And so damn tight!" Susan glances over her shoulder at me as she inches down and I watch her pussy stretch to accommodate Carl's thick cock. I've discarded my clothes and I'm kneeling on the floor in front of Carolyn's chair. With one leg over each arm of the chair, Carolyn's thick pussy lips are stretched apart revealing her tasty pink center.

Susan is about three quarters of the way down Carl's thick shaft, rocking her hips as she inches more of it inside her stretched out pussy. Her face is pulled into a tight grimace as she eases it in. I keep my eye on her as I flick my tongue along Carolyn's juicy pussy lips teasing her aroused pussy.

"Oh yeah!" Carolyn sighs, sliding forward in the chair and humping her pussy against my mouth. I watch Susan finish impaling herself on Carl's hard cock and start a slow motion rhythm, barely undulating her hips as Carl hungrily sucks her tits. Closing my eyes, I bury my face in Carolyn's eager pussy, quickly lapping up her delectable juices and then wrapping my lips around her engorged clit.

"Oh Nick!" Carolyn cries, grabbing me by the hair and slamming my face tighter against her horny pussy. Sliding two fingers into her sizzling opening, I suck on her clit and tease it lightly with my tongue.

"Oh! God! Nick! Don't stop! Don't fucking stop!" Carolyn cries as she rocks feverishly against my mouth. "Ohhhhhhh! Nick! Ohhh! ArrrrrgggggghhhhhHHHHHH!" Carolyn clamps her dark thighs around my head as her orgasm floods her pussy with fresh cream. Pushing her legs apart, I drink her delicious nectar, licking inside and all around her sweltering pussy.

When she finally relaxes, collapsing back into the chair, I pull her to her feet and turn her around, bending her over the chair. She spreads her legs and gives her gorgeous black ass a little wiggle to let me know she's ready. My cock is so hard it's throbbing as I align it with her sopping wet pussy. Grabbing her hips, I slam into her in one slick stroke.

"Oh yeah! Fuck me Nick!" Carolyn demands, lowering her head and reaching her right hand back between her legs. As Carolyn rubs her clit, I swell my cock to its fullest size and glide in and out of her well-lubricated pussy. I consciously reduce my sensitivity so I don't cum too soon and take a minute to survey the living room.

Susan is bouncing wildly on Carl's big cock, slamming herself down like she's trying to break it. Earl is staring slack-jawed at his wife, writhing on the floor while Tracy eats her pussy like a pro. Denise is squeezing her own tits and pulling her black nipples out from her large areolas.

"You should suck on her nipples, Earl," I offer, nodding towards his wife, lying spread-eagle on the floor. I pick up the pace and start vigorously fucking Carolyn's fiery pussy. Earl looks at me pounding into his sister-in-law, then at Susan with her pussy assaulting his brother's thick cock and shrugs his shoulders as he gets down on the floor and crawls over to his wife.

Earl gently removes Denise's hands from her beautiful breasts and lowers his lips around the closest nipple. Massaging her other breast with his hand, he sucks on his wife's thick black nipple while Tracy uses her talented tongue on Denise's pussy.

"Yeah, Honey! Suck my nipples!" Denise coos, causing Tracy to look up from between Denise's legs to see what's happening. When she spots Earl lying on his side, raised up on one elbow to suck on his wife's tits, she reaches her hand over, encircling his massive black hard-on with her slender white fingers.

"Oooohhh!" Earl exclaims without taking his mouth from Denise's nipple. He rocks his hips as Tracy expertly corkscrews her hand up and down his impressively large shaft. With her husband sucking her nipples and Tracy licking her pussy, Denise's orgasm builds to a heart pounding peak. Of course, the transmitter suggestion doesn't hurt either.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Fuck...Fuck... FUCK!" Denise shakes and shivers through an intense orgasm, gyrating on the floor while Tracy laps up her gushing juices. Susan and Carl finish at about the same time, with Susan slamming her pussy down hard on Carl's spasming cock. Carl wraps my sister in a tight embrace, squeezing her tits against his dark chest as they tremble through their prolonged release.

I keep my cock hard, hammering it into Carolyn's drenched pussy as she shivers through several frothing orgasms. Her hand is working feverishly on her clit and her tension builds towards a huge, protracted climax.

"OhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Carolyn's pussy explodes into a liquefied cavern of hot lava with her body quivering in fits and spasms. I keep my hands firmly on her hips and slam into her one final time, unleashing my pent up load of cum deep inside her saturated pussy. Jerking wildly against her smooth black ass, my legs wobble a little and I lean against her back for balance. She has no more strength in her legs than I do in mine and we end up tumbling sideways onto the chair, my dick slipping from her pussy while still discharging its final spurts of cum.

"God, Nick!" Carolyn cries and we both burst into laughter as I slip off of her onto the floor. "That was wonderful!" she coos, leaning her head down to kiss my neck. I turn my face towards her so our lips meet and circle my hand behind her neck. Fuck! I forgot that when I hold back like that the orgasm is so insanely huge!

When we break the kiss, I glance around the room. Susan has dismounted Carl's cock and they are sitting side-by-side on the couch with their heads back and their eyes closed, catching their breaths. Susan's tits are heaving and her legs are spread wide open, displaying her swamped pussy to everyone in the room. A pang of misplaced jealousy strikes me momentarily and I look away.

Gees! I just fucked Carolyn and I can't wait to fuck Denise but for some reason I'm jealous of Carl fucking my sister. What is wrong with me? I turn towards Denise and Tracy, focusing my eyes on Denise's perfectly smooth tits, still heaving from her rapid breaths. Tracy has her cheek on Denise's pussy mound with her head turned to the side and she's licking Earl's cockhead while stroking his long, thick rod with her hand.

"Tracy, why don't you take a turn with Carl. I want Earl next." Susan's voice isn't much more than a hoarse whisper but it's drenched with desire and I feel another stab of jealousy coming on. I shake it off, stiffen my dick and crawl over towards Denise. Tracy is already on her way to the couch where she kneels in front of Carl and extends her tongue to clean up his spent cock.

"Damn! I've barely caught my breath!" Carl smiles at the sultry redhead who's feeding his limp dick into her talented mouth.

"Don't worry, Carl," I tell him. "Tracy will have you out of breath again in no time." I smile as I lean down and kiss Denise on the lips. She opens her eyes as I gently caress her firm, round tits.

"Mmmmm. That feels nice. Are you as good as Carolyn says you are?" Denise teases as I move my mouth to her taut, black nipples.

"Only one way to find out," I say, sucking the closest nipple into my mouth and lightly clenching it between my teeth. Denise watches Earl position himself behind my sister as Susan leans over the couch balancing her hands on the back of it.

"Take it easy, Earl," Susan says over her shoulder. "I think this is the best way for me to take that big boy all the way in."

"I'll be gentle, Miss Susan," Earl says in mock southern drawl. "Ya'll tell me if'n I's a-hurtin' ya."

"I'm sure it'll be a good hurt, Earl," Susan laughs. I continue to suck and caress Denise's delicious tits while I watch Earl align his massive pole with my sister's horny pussy. Earl hasn't cum yet. He's been stroked and sucked by Susan and Tracy and his hard cock looks like a battering ram as he eases it between my sister's enflamed pussy lips.

"Oh fuck!" Susan moans and I notice a slight shudder as she gives herself a lubricating orgasm.

"You still okay?" Earl asks, having dropped the phony accent. He holds still with his cockhead inside Susan's pussy.

"Yeah..." Susan breathes. "I'm ready for more." Earl tenses his muscles, holds Susan's hips and slides his huge cock forward.

"I don't need much foreplay, Nick," Denise whispers, drawing my attention back to her. "I'm really ready for you to just fuck me." I look up from her scrumptious tits and see a big smile on her face. "How do you want me?" she asks.

I lean up and feast my eyes on her supermodel physique and can't resist running my fingers through her pubic hair. I've heard of women's pubic hair being called fur, but this is the first one that actually feels like fur. Denise's tight curls are soft and cushiony as I comb my fingers around the neatly trimmed oval. The spongy hair right next to her pussy lips is wet and matted from her orally stimulated orgasm with Tracy.

"Come on, Nick," Denise pleads. "Don't you want to fuck me?"

"You've never been shy before, Nick," Carolyn says from her perch on the overstuffed chair.

"Hey, can't a guy take a minute to admire a woman's beautiful body?" I smile as I harden my cock and slide on top of Denise. I want to do this missionary style so I can see her beautiful face and feel her tits against my chest.

When my cockhead rubs against her wet pussy, I can feel her heat before I even part her lips. Denise pulls her knees up and arches her back as my cock slowly penetrates her steamy pussy. Fuck! She's not tight but her plush pussy walls contract around my cock, pulsating in sync with her heartbeat. How could she be tight with Earl's monster cock stretching her out every night?

"Jesus Christ, Earl!" Susan moans. "It's gonna come out my mouth!" I glance over and see nearly all of Earl's thick shaft buried in my sister's pussy.

"Almost there, baby," Earl pants, giving one last shove and sinking the last inch and a half into her stretched out hole.

"Hold it still a minute!" Susan begs and I see another slight tremor down her legs. "Let me get used to this thing." Susan rises up on her toes and rocks gently up and down while Earl stands perfectly still. "Okay, I'm ready... go slow." Susan says.

"You are so fucking tight!" Earl exclaims as he pulls his cock about halfway out and then pushes it back in.

"That's good, Earl," Susan says. "Do a few more strokes like that." Earl complies and when he's finished his fourth stoke, Susan is pushing back against him and urging him to go faster.

"Now fuck me Earl!" Susan cries, bracing herself against the couch and rocking with his increased rhythm.

I turn my attention back to Denise, pushing my tongue in her mouth as I pick up my rhythm. Her tits feel so good as I put more weight on her, driving her hard nipples into my chest.

"Ohhh! I'm gonna cum again!" Denise whispers, breaking the kiss and thrusting her hips off the floor to match my fast paced rhythm. I push up on my elbows and lower my head to her tits, sucking one of her erect nipples into my mouth. Almost chewing on her tit, I continue to vigorously pound her hot pussy.

"Oh Nick! Yes! I'm cumming! I'm fucking cumming!" Denise's pussy contracts around my throbbing cock as her body convulses in an intense orgasm that sends shivers through her whole body. I keep my cock hard and ride out her trembling after quakes until her body relaxes, stretched out on the floor with her breasts heaving, gasping for air. I kiss her all over her face; her eyes, her cheeks, her chin and finally her lips where she sucks my tongue into her mouth like a fucking vacuum.

When she's sufficiently recovered, I lean up and slide my arms behind her knees. Raising her legs up and pushing them forward, I start my rhythm again. With her legs in the air and my hard cock assaulting her squishy pussy, Denise stares at me wide-eyed with disbelief.

"Really? Really?" she says, with a grin so wide you'd think she'd won the lottery.

"Oh yeah, we're not done," I tell her as I jackhammer my cock into her drenched pussy. With her legs bent up to her shoulders, Denise can't move with my rhythm this time and I just continue to slam my cock into her pussy as she moans and cries my name.

"Oh Nick! Oh fuck! Oh Nick!" I just pound and pound and pound... not letting up even when I feel her juices gushing around my cock and her body spasm with what can only be another orgasm. I will my cock to stay hard while I continue my ferocious onslaught of her unsuspecting pussy.

"OHHHHHHHH EARL! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" Susan screams from the couch. Jerking my head to the right I see Earl and Susan writhing against each other, each in the throes of a powerful orgasm. Earl is grunting as he spasms against my sister's sweat-soaked ass cheeks.

"Fuck!" Earl cries, holding onto Susan's hips as she continues to shake and shiver. "You want it out now?" Earl whispers as he leans against Susan's back.

"Not yet..." Susan breathes. "Wait until it stops... until I stop... until um... just wait a second." She whispers.

"Sure thing, baby," Earl says kissing her neck as he holds her ass tightly against him.

"I can't believe I've got another one coming on," Denise murmurs, gasping for air while I continue hammering into her soggy pussy. "How... long... can... you... go?" Denise pants out each syllable on the downward thrusts of my cock.

"Forever," I whisper honestly. I watch her eyes get big as her body explodes in another mind-blowing orgasm. "How long do you want me to go?" I ask. My cock is more than ready but I want this to be a fuck she'll never forget.

"I... don't... think... I... can... take...much... more," She tries to smile but she's short of breath and it looks more like a grimace.

"This is it," I whisper in her ear while letting my cock erupt in a geyser of cum that shakes me to my toes. The power of my release almost pushes my cock from her flooded pussy, but I ride it out. Releasing her legs and letting them drop back to the floor, I collapse on Denise's soft chest and push my tongue into her mouth. It takes several minutes for us to fully recover and I enjoy the feel of her body stretched out under mine.

Speaking of stretched out, I hear Susan telling Earl to go just as slowly pulling out as he did going in. "You don't want half of my insides coming out with you," she teases. Earl eases his spent cock from my sister's battered pussy and they both crash onto the couch.

"Do you have any flavored oils?" Tracy asks Carolyn. Tracy has been stroking and licking Carl's cock for nearly half an hour.

"No, nothing like that," Carolyn answers.
"Well... I need to lubricate his cock," Tracy looks over at Carolyn. "This is your husband, right?" Tracy asks.

"Yes," Carolyn smiles, maybe at the absurdity of all of this.

"Can you come here and help me? He needs some lubricant and normally I would use mine, but I can't see this thing fitting inside me." Tracy says but I don't think Carolyn is getting what Tracy's trying to explain.

"Just take him inside you for a minute and juice him up again," Tracy elaborates. Carolyn shrugs her shoulders and lowers her pussy down on her husband's overheated cock.

"Mmm," Carolyn coos. "You feel good, honey."

"So do you," Carl answers, grabbing her waist and lifting her up and down his hard cock.

"That's enough," Tracy says, pushing Carolyn up and off Carl's cock. "But don't go too far away." Carolyn sits on the couch next to Carl, watching Tracy wrap both hands around Carl's cock, working her magic with her mouth as her hands corkscrew around his pussy juice coated shaft.

"Damn, girl!" Carl exclaims. "That's some amazing stuff you're doing."

"Oh, we're just getting started, Carl," Tracy smiles, wrapping her lips around his thick cockhead.

I close my eyes and nuzzle my face into Denise's neck. I love my sister and think she is absolutely gorgeous. My father's secretary, Danae is easily the most exotic and sexy creature on the planet. But this woman, whose naked body is stretched out under mine, and whose fur lined pussy is cocooning my spent cock, is by far the most ravishing beauty I have ever seen. Denise's beauty extends from her rich, chocolate-colored eyes to her full pouty lips and her perfectly even skin tone. Not to mention her delectable breasts with their thick black nipples, her smooth, flat stomach and the precisely trimmed oval surrounding her delicate pink pussy.

My cock stirs involuntarily inside Denise's plush pussy. I lean my head up and kiss her gently on the mouth. She pulls my head to her as she pushes her tongue between my lips. I stiffen my cock and barely rock back and forth.

"Don't tell me you're ready to go again," Denise says, breaking the kiss.

"What can I say, Denise? It's what you do to me." I smile.

"He said the same thing to me, Denise," Carolyn says, while watching Tracy devour her husband's thick, black cock.

Ignoring Carolyn, I push my tongue back into Denise's mouth and start a slow, grinding rhythm against her pussy.

"Mmmmmph." Denise's moans echo down my throat as she tightens her pussy muscles around my hardening shaft. I momentarily wonder about rug burn on her ass as I increase the pressure on her pussy but Denise pulls her knees up, planting her feet on the floor and matches the force and rhythm of my movements.

Denise's body is coated with a thin sheen of sweat from our intense fucking and her plush breasts easily glide across my chest as I rock her sideways and grind myself against her pussy.

"Goddamn, girl! What you do!" Carl's expletive interrupts our kiss and we both turn our heads in his direction. Carl is leaning his head back against the couch, panting and obviously enjoying Tracy's machinations of his hard cock. Denise and I keep up our slow, forceful rhythm as we watch Tracy deep throat Carl's massive cock.

"Damn." Denise whispers, smiling conspiratorially. "I've never seen anything like that. I bet she couldn't do Earl."

"I wouldn't bet against her," I whisper as Tracy gradually pulls her lips back up the length of Carl's cock and lets it plop from her mouth.

"I've got an idea you'll both love," Tracy says, settling onto her haunches as she looks at Carl and Carolyn. "Straddle him, facing me." Tracy directs Carolyn who quickly swings her leg over husband's lap and Carl scoots forward on the couch. Standing with her ass towards Carl and her pussy a few inches from Tracy's face, Carolyn lowers herself onto her husband's throbbing cock.

"Oh yeah, babe!" Carl sighs as Carolyn settles down onto his swollen shaft. Carl reaches around and cups her breasts with his hands, pinching her thick, black nipples between his fingers.

"Don't fuck yet," Tracy says, "just hold still for a minute." She leans forward and licks around the base of Carl's cock where it disappears into Carolyn's pussy, letting her tongue tease Carolyn's pussy lips and Carl's cock at the same time.

"Oh fuck!" Carolyn cries when Tracy's tongue lightly swipes her clit.

"Don't move." Tracy tells them again and it's obviously getting more difficult for them to stay still while Tracy's tongue erotically tortures their most sensitive areas.

"I can't help it," Carl pants as he starts pumping his cock into his wife's pussy. Tracy stays right with him, licking the length of his cock when it's exposed and attacking Carolyn's clit when it's not. While their fucking heats up, Tracy expertly tantalizes them both, drawing deep orgasmic moans from the pleasure neither of them has ever experienced.

"Wow," Denise whispers in my ear with maybe a jealous tinge in her voice. It's unclear whether she'd like to trade places with Carolyn or Tracy, but Carl and Carolyn aren't the only couple who's fucking has heated up. Denise and I are now thrashing around on the floor, our sweat-soaked bodies pounding against each other as we watch the erotic threesome.

"Oh yeah! Oh Fuck! Suck my clit!" Carolyn is leaning back with her arms stretched out behind her and her hands on Carl's shoulders. She's rapidly bouncing on Carl's cock but Tracy moves right with her sucking on Carolyn's sensitive clit while Carl mauls her heavy, black tits, leaving momentary light fingerprints all around the sides. Tracy has one hand between Carl's legs fondling his balls while her other hand is cupping Carolyn's ass cheek.

"OhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHAAAHHHHH!" Carolyn screams, bucking wildly on Carl's hard cock while pushing Tracy's mouth away from her spasming pussy. Tracy leans back, continuing to stroke Carl's balls as she wipes pussy juice from her mouth.

"Me too, babe!" Carl breathlessly exclaims as he feverishly thrusts into his wife's pussy. "OH FUCK!" Carl releases Carolyn's tits as he grabs her waist and slams her down onto his erupting cock. Tracy pulls her hand from between Carl's legs, then waits for the couple to stop moving before she leans forward and starts lapping up the pussy juice oozing out around Carl's spent cock.

"Oh, Nick! Nick! NICK!" Denise digs her nails into my ass cheeks as her orgasm rips through her body and she trembles and shakes under me. I grind against her spasming pussy, providing her the maximum level of pleasure before triggering my own release and collapsing on her heaving breasts. My hips convulse involuntarily as I deposit another thick load of jism into her cum-soaked pussy. Damn!

"Damn!" Denise might have heard my thoughts. "You..." she pants, "are..." I cover her mouth with mine before she can complete her sentence. As my tongue swirls around hers, I stiffen my cock slightly to enjoy the pulsating heat of her pussy walls. I know we're done but I grind my body against hers anyway while our tongues dance erotically from her mouth to mine.

When we finally break the kiss, I look around as I catch my breath. Susan is fastening her bra and Earl is pulling up his underwear over his spent cock. Even in it's softened state, it is still massive and he shifts it around with his hand several times before he reaches for his pants.

It always amazes me how self-conscious people suddenly become when the fucking ends. We've been romping around naked all evening, fucking and sucking anything that moved, changing partners on a whim and now everyone is embarrassed to be without their clothes.

I press deeply into Denise's steamy pussy, grind a little circle against her pussy lips and then slowly extract my semi-erect cock. I stifle her moan with light kiss and leave a trail of little kisses down her neck to her exquisite tits. With a quick nibble on her dark nipples, I push myself up and look around for my clothes.

With everyone dressed and sitting as couples around in the living room, I notice Denise looking expectantly at Tracy who's standing by herself off to the side. It dawns on me that she still wants to know about the modeling.

"Hey Tracy," I say and she turns towards me. "So what do you think about Denise's modeling opportunities.

"Oh... um... terrific!" she smiles. "She's beautiful and could do well with still photos or live action whichever she prefers." Back into work mode, Tracy plucks a business card from her pocket and offers it to Denise. "Call me on Thursday and we'll get you in to meet Daryl."

"Really?" Denise almost jumps off the couch. "Ohmygod! Really?" She glances at her husband who is smiling with her but looking lustfully at my sister.

"Time for us to go," I announce, standing up and pulling Susan up with me. "Carolyn, as always it was a pleasure." She stands up and wraps her arms around me.

"The pleasure was all mine," she smiles, squeezing my ass cheeks as she presses her tits into my chest.

"And mine." Carl stands up behind her and we shake hands behind his wife's back before he reaches over and pulls Susan in for a lingering kiss.

"We all enjoyed it!" Earl bellows from the couch.

"I see a foursome in your future," I whisper to Carolyn as I nod at Earl and Denise.

"You never know," she smiles.

"What did you mean by live action?" I ask Tracy when we get back in the car.

"You know, movies. Daryl has just gotten started in erotic cinema production, in fact the first shoot is scheduled for tomorrow morning."

"Erotic cinema production?" Susan raises an eyebrow. "You mean porn."

"You don't have to be vulgar about it," Tracy says. "I wish we could have filmed what we did today. That would have made an awesome movie. Next time we should invite them to Daryl's house."

"Is that where this cinematic production is taking place tomorrow?" I ask, wondering what it would be like to watch an adult movie being filmed.

"Yes, why?" I glance at my sister and see that her expression matches mine.

"Because we're going!" I tell her, waiting for her reaction to see if I need to use the transmitter.

"We start filming at 10 o'clock," she says without questioning our inclusion. "I have to be there at nine, so... I guess we should leave here about eight-thirty. How does that sound?"

"Great!" my sister and I answer in unison, then turn to each other and start laughing. I can't believe we're going to a shooting of a porn video.

Back at the house we say goodnight to Tracy.

"We'll see you in the morning, Tracy," I say as I turn Susan towards the guest room.

"Really?" Tracy asks. "We're not sleeping together tonight?" She sounds disappointed and it hits me that she's the only one who didn't get off during our orgy earlier. A moment of guilt washes over me as I look her way but then I remember how she was blackmailing us for the transmitter. Fuck her. I don't have to feel guilty about wanting to be alone with my sister.

"I think we're all kind of exhausted and just need to sleep," Susan says, winking at me and walking towards the guest room.

"I wonder what it'll be like," Susan whispers excitedly as we share a shower, lathering soap on each other's body.

"The porn film?" I ask, running my soapy hand down her back as I pull her towards me.

"Yeah. We've watched enough internet porn to know it's about as real as pro wrestling but it'll still be interesting to see how they do it." My hand is squeezing her ass cheek and she's rubbing her soapy tits against my chest.

"Hard to believe that dad was getting into that stuff," I say while my finger glides up and down between her firm ass cheeks. Susan emits a quiet moan and gently pushes me away.

"Come on, let's take this to bed. I really am kind of exhausted," Susan smiles, stepping back out of my reach. Rinsing the soap from her body, she steps from the shower. I rinse off and follow her.

After drying ourselves off, we tromp nakedly down the hallway to the bedroom, oblivious to whether Tracy is around. Slipping under the covers and snuggling face to face, our warm bodies assume a natural entwinement that is both familiar and arousing. Susan's soft breasts rest against my chest and I can feel the tips of her nipples pressing into my flesh. My cock hardens without any mental encouragement.

"Do you mind if we just hold each other for a while?" Susan asks.

"Not at all," I lie, deflating my cock. As much as I enjoyed my afternoon with Carolyn and Denise, I've been looking forward to the magical passion of making love to my sister.

"Have you ever wondered what else the transmitter can do?" Susan asks, obviously noting that I deflated my cock. She presses her pussy mound against my soft dick, sending me mixed messages of her intentions for the night.

"What do you mean?" I ask, running my hand down her back and gently squeezing her ass cheek.

"Well, controlling our arousal and our orgasms is pretty intense. Doesn't it make you wonder what else you could do?" she whispers.

"Like what?" I ask, more focused on sliding my hand between her legs than what else we could do with the transmitter.

"Mmmm," Susan purrs as my fingers touch her pussy and I tenderly stroke up and down her outer lips. "I'm reading this Science Fiction book where a twin brother and sister have telepathic powers and can communicate mentally," she says, moving her leg higher onto my hip and spreading her pussy lips apart. "I started wondering if the transmitter would let us do that. Do you think it would?" I dip one finger into her pussy and draw out some of her natural juice to lubricate her outer labia as I contemplate her question.

"Wow... I've never given it any thought," I answer honestly while continuing to smear her juices along her pussy lips. "That would be pretty cool, though."

"I know," she whispers, rocking her pussy mound against my hip as my finger barely dips into her wetness. "Of course, I already know what you're thinking about most of the time," she smiles before pressing her lips to mine. I open my mouth and she slips her tongue inside while I continue to lightly caress her moist pussy lips.

Susan is humping my leg and squirming around, trying to get my finger to slide into her wet pussy. If we had telepathic powers she'd know that I'm going to tease her a while longer before penetrating her pussy lips. I know what she likes.

I love the feel of her tongue caressing the inside of my mouth, pushing deeper towards my throat as we're grinding our bodies together. With the palm of my right hand cupped around the bottom of her firm ass cheek, I worm my middle two fingers between her moist pussy lips. I feel her steamy heat as they ease slowly into her gelatin-like cavern. I wiggle the tips of my fingers back and forth, stirring her thick juices as they approach the second knuckle. God, I love teasing my sister's pussy. I could play with it 24-7 and never tire of it.

"Mmmm," Susan moans and her body shudders as she undoubtedly triggers a mini-orgasm. Her creamy juice oozes around and between my fingers. I'm just about to bury them completely when Susan breaks the kiss and grabs my wrist.

"Let's try it now," she says, pulling my hand from between her legs and rolling onto her back.

"Try what?" I ask, exasperatedly, my hard cock sticking straight into the air.

"The telepathy," she smiles. "Come on. I promise I'll do whatever you want after we do this with the transmitter," she pulls my hand to her mouth and starts licking her pussy juice off my fingers.

"We don't even know what commands to use," I argue. "We have to think this through."

"I've already been thinking about it." Her eyes dance mischievously as she sucks on the ends of my two fingers and glances as my throbbing cock.

"The transmitter is not a toy." I tell her. I know first hand how much havoc we can wreak if we don't get the commands exactly right.

"I know that!" Susan says, dropping my hand and kneeling on the bed beside me. "Trust me, Nick. You can command me first so you can undo it if it goes wrong, okay?"

"Fine," I concede and Susan jumps off the bed and runs out of the bedroom saying something about paper and pencil. Damnit! All I wanted to do was make slow passionate love to my sister. Is that too much to ask? I absently stroke my cock while I wonder if her idea will even work.

"Where's the transmitter?" Susan asks when she comes back with a pen and a tablet of paper.

"I'll get it." I say resigning to her desires. Susan sits cross-legged on the bed, writing while I get the transmitter from the pocket of my jeans.

"Okay, how does this sound?" Susan asks a few minutes later. While she reads, my eyes are focused on her smooth, hairless pussy and the beads of moisture visible on her outer labia.

"You will heighten the awareness of your mental receptors..."

"Mental receptors?" I laugh. "You've been reading too much science fiction, Sis."

"Just listen," she admonishes me. "Who's the psych major?" She starts reading again. "You will heighten the awareness of your mental receptors and focus them on receiving mental messages sent from your brother. You will also be able to transmit specific mental messages to your brother's mental receptors."

Susan looks up at me expectantly. My cock is hard and I'm having trouble keeping my eyes from roaming over my sister's beautiful body. Her nipples are still quite aroused and her tits jiggle seductively as she leans toward me.

"Can you at least pretend to be interested in this?" she asks, handing me the paper. "We'll just try it, okay?"

"Sure, okay." I take the paper and try to keep a straight face while I dial in my sister's frequency. "Here we go," I say, pressing the button on the transmitter while my sister fidgets nervously. I stare at her naked body for another minute, wondering why we're playing this game instead of making love. Sighing, I drop my eyes to the paper and slowly read the words. I read them like I'm actually giving her a command and when I finish I press the transmitter button. There's no way this is going to work.

"Actually it did," Susan says quietly.

"You heard that?" I ask, watching my sister for signs of her normal playfulness.

"I'm not playing," she says. "This is so cool! I can hear what you're thinking." I still don't believe her. I close my eyes and try to think of something she won't be able to guess. I conjure up an image from a couple of years ago when Susan and I were fucking in the parking garage at the airport.

"That couple was watching us," she says, smiling at my astonishment. Holy crap! She can read my mind! It worked.

"It really worked, Nick. Let me do you now." This time I don't hesitate. Handing her the transmitter and the paper, I sit next to her on the bed and wait for her to find my frequency. Damn! This is going to be...

"Did you do it?" I shake my head to clear it. I've only had the transmitter used on me a couple of times and I forget how disoriented I feel afterwards.

Can you hear me, Little Brother?

"Yeah, I can hear you inside my head." I answer, staring at my sister while I wonder how we're going to use this new discovery.

You don't have to talk out loud, Nick. We'll use it to communicate with each other when other people are around. It's just like in my book! Susan is almost jumping up and down she's so excited. I watch her tits bounce and want to grab them. I'm even hornier now than I was before.

I concentrate on sending Susan a message. I can't believe it actually worked. Susan reaches over and wraps her hand around my stiff shaft.

I don't know if you're hornier but you're definitely harder than you were. Susan smiles.

You can hear what I'm thinking even when I'm not trying to transmit a message?

Apparently. Susan answers. I want you to grab them, too. She leans forward, dangling her gorgeous tits right in front of me. I heft them in my hands and rub my palms against her nipples. God, I love her tits.
Just my tits?

Okay, this is getting weird. If you know everything I'm thinking then you know I want you to make good on your promise to do whatever I want.

You want me to lie on my back, spread my legs and not trigger my own orgasms. How did I do?

"Not bad -- except you're not on your back yet," I answer out loud. Susan smiles and lies on her back with her hands behind her head.

What are you going to do? I lie beside Susan and run my hand over her soft breasts, tweaking her semi-erect nipples. Pinch them. I follow her mental instructions and pinch the nipple closest to me. Harder. I comply, pinching her nipple and pulling it out away from her breast. Mmmm, nice.

This is weird. I drop my face to her breast and suck her nipple into my mouth while my hand glides down across her flat stomach. I bite her nipple and tease the tip of it with my tongue. Susan spreads her legs when my hand glides up the slope of her hairless pussy mound, slightly raised from her flat stomach. Sherrie and Susan still wax each other regularly and there is not a hint of stubble as my fingers caress the smooth curve above her pussy. I love my sister's porcelain smooth pussy.

I'm glad you like it. You're making me wet.

You were wet already, I answer mentally.

You're making me wetter. Feel. I slide my middle finger between my sister's moist pussy lips and dip it into her. Farther.

Be patient... and stop being so bossy. My finger is up to the first joint and I stroke it lightly back and forth. My cock is fully erect and throbbing with excitement but I continue to tease my sister.

I can't help it... I want your cock in me! I ignore her mental message and move my mouth to her left nipple, giving it the same treatment as the right one. Mmmmm. Pulling my finger out, I make small circular motions over her sensitive labia, smearing her juices around it. Oh Nick. Oh fuck! Susan arches her back and tries to push her pussy against my finger. Come on, Nick... please.

Please what? I send her a mental message while I continue to nibble on her tit.

You know what... you can read my thoughts. She's right. She wants me to fuck her. Really hard!

I know. We'll get to that... just be patient, Sis. I bite down hard on her thick nipple and at the same time slip two fingers into her anxious pussy.

"Ohhh God!" Susan's moan startles me; I was expecting to hear her in my mind. Her pussy muscles tighten around my fingers as I slowly pump them in and out. She bucks her hips off the bed, driving my fingers deeper into her steamy pussy.

You're going to make me cum!

That's the idea, isn't it? I release her nipple and cover her mouth with mine. She hungrily sucks my tongue into her open mouth while humping her pussy against my fingers.

Fuck me! Fuck me, Nick! I wait to remove my fingers until my body is poised over hers. Without breaking the kiss, I replace my fingers with my stiff cock and ram it all the way in with one quick thrust. Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh Nick!

I feel the same way. I'm hammering my cock into her fiery pussy, driving us both to the crest of nirvana. I love you, Susan. I really, really love you.

I... love... you... too! Susan digs her nails into my ass cheeks as her body starts shaking and shuddering under me. So good! So good! Feels so good! Cum with me, Nick!

I'm right there with you, Sis. I drive my tongue into her mouth and my cock into her pussy with equal force, releasing my built up load deep inside her quivering pussy. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

Her body shivers under me while I convulse against her spasming pussy. Breaking the kiss, I slide off of her, turning her body with me so we're still connected. As our breathing returns to normal, my spent cock slips from her pussy and we lie entangled in each other's arms.

In that blissful state just before drifting off to sleep, I wonder if we're ready for what we've unleashed on each other.

I hope so. Susan whispers inside my head. Me too.

When I wake up, I'm alone in the bed and the sun is shining through the thin curtains. I stretch my arms over my head and hear my sister's thoughts. She's in the other room talking to Tracy but I can hear her in my head.

Is the bacon ready? I guess we should wake up Nick if we're going to be there by 10. I can't hear Tracy's responses but my sister's voice is crystal clear. Okay, this is getting to be very weird.

Oh, you're awake. This is weird. I wonder how far our thoughts can reach.

I don't know. I didn't really expect to hear your every thought. I respond mentally to Susan's thoughts. I'm going to shower

I'd join you but we don't have time. There's even a playful tone to her thoughts.

Too bad. I try to put a smile in my thoughts as I project them.

It worked. I got your smile.

During my shower I try to imagine what the movie set will be like but I can't seem to conjure up complete images. I think I'm too distracted by our newfound telepathy abilities.

The driveway is already filled with cars when we pull up to the large house that Dad has been sharing with Christina.

"You are just here as observers," Tracy reminds us as we walk up the sidewalk. "I'll show you where you can watch from."

She thinks she's in charge. Susan smiles.

Let's just play along for now. I answer.

"We appreciate you letting us tag along," Susan says to Tracy. Fuck! Look at this house! I forgot that my sister has never been here.

I know. Unbelievable, huh?

"They're filming in the master bedroom upstairs." Tracy says, leading the way up the spiral staircase. "Watch your step," she says, stepping over the thick cables that are running the length of the hallway.

They're already filming when we walk in the room and Tracy motions us towards a sidewall while holding her finger to her lips to indicate we should be quiet. Duh. My sister winks at me.

All the furniture except the bed has been pushed to one side and there are several large halogen lamps lighting the bed. Tracy points out a guy with long brown hair and mouths that he's the director. There's a guy on one side of him with a script and a woman on the other side with a notepad and pen. Tracy whispers that the guy is the scriptwriter and the woman is the director's assistant.

Damn, look at that cock! My sister draws my attention to the naked couple on the bed. And he's not even hard!

The guy is kneeling behind a naked woman on all fours with her ass towards him. He's stroking his nearly limp cock and my sister is right, it's huge! Well maybe not huge, but extremely long even in it's current state. The woman's face conveys her impatience as she looks back over her shoulder. Her blonde hair is as unnatural as her large tits.

"What's the matter, Dean?" the director asks, walking towards the bed.

"He can't get it up! That's what's the matter," the naked blonde on the bed yells.

"Maybe if there was even a hint of wetness in this pussy..." Dean counters, still trying to get his dick hard.

"The lubricant doesn't last forever!" the blonde retorts.

"Leave him alone, Cheri," the director chides as he approaches the actor. "Dean, man, we don't have all day."

"I know... I know. Can I just have a minute?" Dean asks.

"Okay, everybody," the director yells, "take ten."

Maybe the transmitter can help. I communicate to my sister. I'll be right back.

I follow Dean as he walks down the hall and turns into another bedroom that has apparently been set up as his dressing room. It feels weird to be following a naked guy into a bedroom and I try not to think about the implications, as I make sure the transmitter is ready.

"Hey." I say standing in the doorway as he sits down on the edge of the bed.

"Who are you?" he asks, startled by my presence.

"Just someone who might be able to help with your problem," I answer, trying to look somewhere over his shoulder.

"Come on in," he smiles sheepishly. "Is it that obvious? I thought I was a pretty good actor."

"Is what that obvious?" I ask, entering the room and looking for a place to sit. I'm certainly not going to sit on the bed with a naked guy! There's no chair so I lean against the dresser.

"You said you could help. Didn't you mean...?" He glances at his limp cock and then raises one eyebrow at me.

"No! Um... no. I... um..." I try to figure out how to approach this without talking about the transmitter.

"Oh fuck!" Dean stands up and starts pacing around the room. "Well, what the hell did you mean? Ronald is usually with me." He starts waving his arms as he continues his explanation. "His mother is sick and he couldn't be here. He usually helps me get ready and when you said you could help..." His voice trails off just as I have an idea.

"I'm a hypnotist," I blurt out. "I can help you with your little problem." Or big problem, I mentally correct myself as I catch a glance at his extra large cock.

"Really?" he turns to me excitedly. "You won't tell anyone I'm gay will you?" he pleads.

"Never crossed my mind. Your secret is safe as long as you don't tell anyone about the hypnosis. Do you want to try it?"

"Sure, yeah... anything," he sighs.

"Okay. Sit down and close your eyes. I'm going to hypnotize you and make it so you can get hard anytime you'd like." Dean does as he's told and I take out the transmitter as soon as his eyes are closed.

"Does this stuff really work?" He asks while I'm dialing in his frequency.

"Only if you want it to," I answer cryptically.

"I do! I do!" I press the button and start giving him a command that whenever he thinks 'hard, hard, hard' he will get the biggest erection of his life and maintain it until he thinks, 'cum, cum, cum', then he will immediately explode with an incredibly satisfying orgasm. I tell him he will only remember the thought commands and then press the button on the transmitter as I'm tucking it into my pocket.

"Okay, let's see if that worked," I say. "Do you remember the thought commands?"

"Yes," he answers and immediately looks at his dick, which is rapidly growing hard.

"Practice for a few minutes before you come back out and don't forget our agreement." I don't stick around for an answer. I turn left out of the bedroom and try to figure out which bedroom is Cheri's dressing room. There's only one other closed door so I knock as I let myself in.

"Who the fuck are you?" Cheri asks, making no attempt to cover her naked body as she sprawls on the bed. Her racing stripe of brown pubic hair is a stark contrast to her blonde head.

"I'm Nick," I answer, "the studio hypnotist."

"The what?" Cheri swings her legs over the bed and her tits bounce unnaturally as she sits up.

"I've seen Dean already and he's got complete control over his erections. I thought you'd like me to show you how to stay wet through the entire scene." She's older than I initially thought, probably mid-thirties but attractive in a porn-star kind of way. She looks at me skeptically then shrugs her shoulders.

"Why not?" she sighs. "What have you got for me?"

"Close your eyes." I repeat the transmitter exercise with Cheri, giving her the commands of 'wet, wet, wet' and 'cum, cum, cum'. When I pocket the transmitter and turn it off, she opens her eyes and looks at me like I'm from outer space.

"Just try it," I smile. This time I stick around for the demonstration.

Cheri lies down with her head on the pillow and raises her knees. With her legs spread I watch a big smile spread across her face just before her pussy juices moisten her thick labia.

"Are you ready to try your scene again?" I ask as I get ready to leave.

"In a minute, sweetie. Tell them I'll be right there." Cheri shivers from her jiggling tits to her curvaceous legs as I turn towards the door. "Ahhhhhhh," is all I hear as I exit the bedroom.

"A hypnotist?" Susan asks when I return to the master bedroom.

"You heard all of that?" I smile as I squeeze her ass cheek.

"I can't wait to see what happens," she says as she leans up and gives me a kiss on the cheek.

"All right everybody," the director yells. "You two ready to do this, now?" he asks.

"No problemo," Dean answers.

"I'm ready when he is," Cheri answers; crawling up on the bed and getting in the same position as before.

Susan and I watch Dean step up behind Cheri and place his hands on the sides of her smooth ass cheeks. He takes a deep breath and we watch his cock start to inflate.

"Look what you did," Susan teases, wrapping her arm through mine and leaning close. She watches with wide-eyed wonder as Deans cock start to grow like some time-lapse photography of Pinocchio's nose.

"Now if it worked as well on Cheri."

Cheri shivers briefly just as Dean's mammoth cock gains its full length and breadth.

"Damn!" Susan squeezes her tits against my arm and bounces on the balls of her feet. I can feel her hard nipples through her thin blouse and realize she opted for no bra this morning.

"You just noticed?" Susan teases. Instead of responding I fold my arms across my chest putting my right hand against her breast and rolling her extended nipple between my thumb and finger.

"Mmmmm, better late than never," Susan's body molds against mine as I continue to fondle her breast.

"And... action!" the director yells. Cameras start rolling and Dean slides his monster tool into Cheri's juicily lubricated and welcoming cunt. The smiles on their faces transcend any acting ability they have and their obvious pleasure permeates the bedroom. Dean slowly withdraws his long shaft and the camera zooms in for a close-up of his cunt soaked cock.

The director excitedly steps forward and tells Dean to continue slowly for three more strokes. He motions another camera in on the other side. Dean does as directed but appears to be having difficulty moving so slowly in Cheri's overheated pussy.

"Fuck me harder, baby!" Cheri moans thrusting back against him in an attempt to speed up the action. Dean grabs her hips more firmly and starts pounding into her juicy cunt.

"Oh, yeah! Just like that, baby! Just like that!" Cheri is lost in her own arousal; her enhanced tits vigorously swinging under her as Dean slams into her fiery cunt.

Susan is almost humping my thigh now as she watches dean hammer Cheri's pussy. I'm still taunting her hard nipple and my cock is responding to both the porn scene and my sister's reaction to it.

"That's not in the script!" the scriptwriter hisses, while flipping pages back and forth.

"Shut up!" the director glares at him before turning back to the unusual porn action.

"Come on." I grab Susan's arm and pull her out of the room. I just remembered about the video feed from all of the bedrooms. We can watch this and have some privacy.

"What video feed?" Instead of answering, I lead her down the hallway to the last bedroom and swing open the door.

"Check this out, Sis," I swing my arm into the room as an invitation for her to enter first.

"Holy shit!" Susan gasps, her head swinging from side to side as she takes in the NASA looking control center with the huge plasma monitor on one wall and a bank of computers on another. "What is this room?" Susan asks.

I smile at her as I lock the door and walk over to one of the computers.

I start tapping keys on the main computer as I explain how every room in the house is wired with cameras. Hoping I remember how to make this work, I select the camera for the main bedroom. Susan is checking out the hundreds of DVDs along the opposite wall when the plasma monitor springs to life with live coverage of the porn video being filmed down the hall. I pick up Susan's thoughts as she wonders what this is all about.

"Dad and Christina run an entertainment business with their models," I explain. "They all get souvenir DVDs. Yeah, I don't know how I feel about it either," I answer her unspoken thoughts.

"But that's not why we're here," I smile, pulling my shirt over my head. Susan returns my smile, obviously reading my actions, if not my thoughts.

"You're a horny little fucker," Susan laughs, "and I am reading your thoughts."

"Then, I'm glad you agree with them," I answer as I watch Susan pull her blouse over her head and her luscious tits bounce against her chest. Damn. I never get tired of my sister's body. Her tits are so fucking fabulous I could look at them all day.

"Glad you like them," Susan steps towards me cupping her palms under her breasts and lightly squeezing them.

"God, if you only knew how much I love them, Sis," I answer leaning down and taking one of her aroused nipples between my teeth.

"Bite it," she mentally directs me. I comply and a soft moan escapes from her lips. "This is so hot! I can watch Dean and Cheri fucking while we do this."

"That's the point," I answer mentally without taking my mouth off her tasty nipple. I suckle her left nipple, lightly chewing on it as I lower the zipper on the front of her jeans.

"Mmmmmm!" Susan gasps as I release her tit and the cool air hits her wet nipple. Kneeling, I tug her jeans down to her ankles. The sweet aroma of her aroused pussy assaults my senses and hardens my cock. "I never knew you liked my smell that much," Susan mentally teases as I slowly roll her thong down her smooth thighs.

"I love everything about you," I answer as she steps out of her jeans and panties. Standing up, I wrap my lips around her right nipple, trapping the thick nub between my teeth.

"You know exactly what to do," Susan says, combing her fingers through my hair and pulling my face against her breast. "Almost like you're reading my mind," she laughs.

I continue nibbling at my sister's breast, kneading it with my fingers, knowing exactly how she wants me to touch her. As my other hand roams across her stomach, lightly caressing her bare pussy mound, I realize I'm no longer reading her specific thoughts. It's like I just know what she wants - like I'm mentally absorbing her needs and desires.

When my fingertip reaches her slick pussy lips she shudders. And so do I! What the fuck! I actually felt her reaction.

"What?" Susan asks.

"Hold on. I want to try something." I'm still teasing her taut nipple with my teeth while I ease my finger between her wet pussy lips. Quickly locating her sensitive love button, I flick my finger lightly over her clit and her knees buckle. So do mine! Her tit is pulled from my mouth as we stumble sideways.

"Can we sit down or lie down or something?" Susan pants. She's holding my shoulders, trying to use me for stability but I'm wobbling too.

"Good idea," I answer, moving us both towards the large couch.

"What just happened?" Susan asks while I strip off my jeans and join her.

"I'm not sure," I answer, lying beside her and caressing her flat stomach. "One minute I was reading your thoughts and the next minute I was... I don't know... feeling your reaction... or... your... um... arousal or something. It was weird. Did you do anything differently?"

"I don't think so," Susan says, spreading her legs as my hand eases lower. "I was getting really turned on watching the video," her eyes dart to the big screen where Dean and Cheri are still going at it. "And you were touching me in all the right places at exactly the right time... ohhhh... just like now."

Without realizing it, I was stroking her hot pussy. It was like my fingers had a mind of their own. Once again I could feel my sister's reaction.
"Fuck me, Nick," Susan moans, tugging on my hard cock. "I need you inside me."

Susan's hand around my cock feels good and I press my hips forward sliding my cock through her fingers.

"I felt that!" Susan says and at first I wonder why she's announcing this but quickly realize she means mentally. "I... uh... felt your pleasure," she whispers.

"This is going to be interesting," I answer, rolling on top of my sister and positioning my hard cock against her burning pussy lips. Susan wraps her legs around me as I drive deep inside of her.

Ohmygod! Fuck me! As soon as my cock hits her fiery pussy walls I get the double onslaught of sensual signals from my cock, and mind messages from my sister's excitement.

"OH NICK!" Susan screams, obviously feeling the same thing.

"I know... just as I start to feel my pleasure I get this surge of your pleasure washing over me and..."

"I know already! Just shut up and fuck me, Nick!" Susan says, squeezing her anxious pussy around my cock and rocking her hips up and down. I start pounding into her and can't believe the incredible feeling.

I could never adequately describe what it feels like to be fucking someone, especially your sister, and at the same time be absorbing all of her arousal along with yours. My cock feels like it's going to burst any second and my whole body feels like it's going to explode.

We're sweating and panting -- both lost in the surreal feelings of fucking and being fucked at the same time. I know just where to manipulate my cock to give her... us... the most pleasure and I can feel her orgasm build as if it were my own. Unfuckingbelievable!

I want to feel her climax! I pump harder! I can't believe this... My cock is throbbing! I don't know if I can get us there.... I try to hold back...

"WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?" Susan yells. "I can't feel you anymore!" She's digging her nails into my back like she can claw her way to her orgasm.

"I'm... holding back... waiting... for your orgasm," I pant; sweat dripping from my forehead as I pummel her soggy pussy.

"Don't... hold... back!" She screams. "I want to feel you, too!"

Fuck! What to do... if I finish early Susan will miss her orgasm but it's unfair to not let her feel the double whammy of our lovemaking.

"Oh god! I'm cumming! Nick! I'm fucking cumming!" Susan cries and it's all a moot point. I ram my cock into her for all I'm worth, feeling her climax building right along with mine.

"Oh yeah! Oh Nick! I... can... feel... you... too! Oh fuck! Oh Fuck! OH FUUUUCK!!!!" Susan's orgasm peaks in a series of convulsive explosions that shakes the hell out of both our bodies. We're writhing together on the couch, riding the crest of her multiple orgasms when my cock erupts driving us to new heights of ecstasy.

Susan is jerking along with me, panting and moaning as I spew my heavy load of cum inside her spasming pussy. Holy shit! I can't catch my breath!

"Me either!" Susan can't speak but she's sending her thoughts, and apparently reading mine. We're clinging to each other, our sweat-soaked bodies wracked from the intensity of the dual sexual assault.

"That was... I don't know..." I message to my sister.

"I know, right... what the fuck!" Suddenly we're both laughing and giggling, our arms wrapped tightly around each other as we try to make sense of what just happened.

"I felt your orgasm." I tell my sister as I kiss her lips. "It was indescribable! It just kept building and building... and..."

"I know." Susan responds, pushing her tongue in my mouth. "When I felt you cum, it was as if I was shooting your sperm inside my pussy. It was so weird and so wonderful!" I stiffen my cock just enough so it won't slip out of her soggy pussy. Susan breaks the kiss and looks over at the video screen.

"Oh fuck! He's going to stick that monster in her ass!" Susan exclaims. I glance over my shoulder and see Cheri on all fours with Dean kneeling behind her. As he aligns his stiff cock with her puckered asshole, Cheri emits a noticeable shiver. She obviously just gave herself an orgasm to get ready for the anal fuck.

"I wonder how long they'll be filming," I ask, moving my cock around inside my sister's well-lubricated pussy.

"They'll be at it all day," says a voice behind us. Fuck! Susan and I scramble to untangle ourselves and my cock plops from her pussy as she curls her legs up and covers her tits with her arm. Christina is standing just inside the doorway, texting on her phone.

"Do mommy and daddy know how close you two are?" Christina asks as she punches buttons on her cell phone.

"What are we going to do?" Susan asks while scooting to the edge of the bed, still trying to cover herself.

"A little late for modesty, Susan," Christina snickers. "I've been watching for several minutes. You guys were really hot!"

"What are you doing here?" I ask.

"Pretty smart, Nick, picking the only room that doesn't have a video feed." Christina says, ignoring my question. Fuck! I hadn't even considered us getting caught on tape.

"But not smart enough," she says, tossing me her phone. "Check out the video I just shot of your incestuous coupling. You know that's illegal in this state, right?"

"Did you give her a trigger?" Susan asks, looking over my shoulder at the phone's tiny screen.

"No trigger. I didn't think I'd need one."

"And don't even think about erasing it," Christina smiles. "I've already emailed it to a safe place."

"Act like we're watching the video," I tell my sister as I scroll to Christina's sent mail folder.

"You had no right to video us!" Susan yells at Christina.

"Fuck! She sent it to dad!" I can't believe she just emailed a video of Susan and I fucking our brains out to the one person I would never want to see it.

"Why would she do that?" Susan asks me.

"I don't know. She must want something."

"What do you want, Christina?" I ask, standing up and walking towards her.

"Where's the transmitter, Nick?" Susan asks. Of course, I can take care of Christina with the transmitter. "Distract her a minute."

"Does she like girls, too?" Susan asks.

"No clue, just try something."

"My brother asked what you want?" Susan says, standing up and placing her hands on her hips, fully exposing herself to Dad's girlfriend. Taking a big breath, Susan swells her breasts and I watch her nipples harden as she steps towards Christina.

"I don't blame you for fucking her, Nick." Christina says, staring wide-eyed at my sister's recently fucked body. "Her shaved pussy alone would be worth thousands at one of our parties and her tits; they're real aren't they?"

"Don't fucking talk about me like I'm not here!" Susan yells as she approaches Christina.

"You want to know what I want?" Christina says, stepping closer to Susan.

While Susan is distracting Christina, I've managed to put on my underwear and pick up my jeans. Grabbing the transmitter from the pocket, I conceal it until I'm pulling my shirt over my head and she can't see me put in the earbuds. I glance up as Christina puts her hand on Susan's shoulder.

"I'll tell you what I don't want. I don't want to be left out in the cold while your loving family reconciles. Although I didn't know how loving until a few minutes ago," she laughs. "Not that I blame you. I wouldn't mind another round with your brother myself. He eats pussy almost as well as your father."

"Nick!" Susan mentally admonishes me.

"Not now." I message back. "Just keep her distracted."

"It runs in the family." Susan smiles seductively. "You haven't tried me yet." Christina blanches and is reaching for Susan's creamy tits just as I find her frequency.

"I've got it." I tell Susan, dialing it in and pressing the button, I watch her eyes glace over and turn to Susan who's staring at me with a panicked look on her face.

"We've got to stop dad from reading that email!" I blurt as I try to figure out what kind of command to give Christina.

"You actually fucked dad's arm candy?" Susan asks incredulously.

"It's a long story," I answer. "I'll tell you all about it but first help me figure out what command to give her so we can get out of here." My sister is still naked, glistening from our lovemaking and I feel my cock stiffen in spite of the situation.

"Your cock stiffens in any situation... apparently with anyone." Susan shakes her head and starts getting dressed.

"I'm sorry," I say, knowing how lame it is even as I say it.

"Forget it," Susan forces a smile. "Let's just take care of this."

Together we figure out the right wording to make Christina forget what she saw. I delete the video and the sent email file from her phone and then release Christina from the transmitter's power after we exit the control room.

"Let's find Tracy and get out of here," I say, leading my sister down the hallway to the bedroom. Dean and Cheri are still going at it on the bed. Based on Cheri's moaning and vocal encouragement, Dean's perpetual hard-on is more than meeting her needs. The director looks like he could piss his pants he's so excited.

"He's been hard all day! This is going to be a fucking goldmine," he tells his assistant who looks like she'd give Dean's monster cock a hearty welcome. Her face is flush, her nipples are pushing at the fabric of her blouse and she's bouncing from side to side, rubbing her thighs together.

"Look what you've done," Susan messages me with a smile in her voice. "I hope he doesn't hurt himself keeping it hard for so long."

"He'll learn to pace himself," I answer. "There's Tracy. Let's go get that disc."

We get back to Tracy's place just as the mailman is leaving. He looks like he's been waiting around for a while and who can blame him.

"Here's your package," he says to Susan with an expectant smile worthy of a love-stricken teenager.

"Thank you," Susan gushes, batting her eyelashes at him.

"Pleeeeze! Don't encourage him." I mentally sigh as Susan almost wraps herself around him to get the envelope.


"Do you have to even ask? Of course, I am."

"Good." Susan disengages from the mailman, gives him a kiss on the cheek and thanks him again for making sure the mail is delivered safely. I almost gag.

"I want to watch it," Susan says once we're inside and she's torn the envelope open.

"We don't have time," I answer, trying to figure out how to keep Susan from seeing the DVD.

"Why don't you want me to see it?"

"Fuck! I forgot you know everything I'm thinking. There's just stuff on there I'd rather you didn't see." I certainly don't want her to see me skipping back and forth between her and Danae to mom and dad.

"Mom and dad are fucking on this DVD? We're watching it right now!" Susan inserts the DVD into Tracy's player and grabs the remote. There is no stopping my sister once she's made up her mind so I find Tracy and give her a command that keeps her occupied in the kitchen while I settle onto the couch next to Susan.

"Why don't you want me to see this?" Susan asks as she settles back against me and I put my arm around her shoulder. Before I can formulate an answer, my thoughts betray me.

"You think I'll want to fuck dad?" she looks at me incredulously, ignoring the TV screen where I'm using the transmitter to get Tracy to strip.

"No, no, of course not... I mean... well... you know... maybe... I don't know." I honestly don't know what I think but I know what dad thought when he replayed the video of Susan's ass.

"Dad did that?" Susan looks shocked, then contemplative and then bursts out laughing. "Oh my god, Nick. You're fucking mom and you're jealous of dad looking at my naked ass?"

"I'm not jealous!" I protest.

"What do you call it? Why don't you want me to see this video?" Susan asks, still smiling.

"Fine... watch the video... make copies... I don't care." I slide out from behind her and stand up to leave. I know I'm being silly but I can't help it.

"Nick," Susan says quietly. "If you don't want me to watch it, I won't."

"Really?" I ask. I mentally survey her thoughts to see if she's telling the truth.

"I am telling you the truth. I want to watch it but I won't if you don't want me to."

"Why would you do that?" I ask.

"Because I love you. Do I need more of a reason?" Susan pats the couch beside her. "Come on, Nick. I don't want to fight."

"Me either," I sigh, joining her on the couch. "It's okay. We can watch it. I'm just being a jerk."

"Actually, I find your jealousy kind of endearing, Nick." Susan kisses my cheek and turns back to the video of Tracy giving me a blowjob while the on-screen me watches Danae go down on my sister.

What a weird fucking day! My first look at a porn video shoot, the incredible sex with my sister, feeling every emotion she feels, and then Christina emailing video of Susan and I to our dad. Now my sister and I are watching ourselves in a quasi-porn video of our own.

"That is kind of weird, isn't it? What are we going to do about the email to Dad?" Susan asks without taking her eyes off the TV.

"I don't know but we'd better come up with an idea fast or at least give mom a heads up," I answer.

"I've never seen video of myself like this," Susan says, squirming around as she watches her and Danae switch places. "I'm getting wet! How narcissistic is that?" she smiles but she's also undoing her blouse. "We should be naked," she announces. I don't argue.

With our clothes in a heap on the floor, Susan curls up next to me with her head in my lap. My cock responds to her fingers lightly trailing up the inside of my thigh.

"I do have a nice ass," Susan says and I glance at the video. It looks like the same shot dad kept running over and over.

"Really?" Susan responds.

"I don't like you hearing every thought." I tell her, stroking her hair as her tongue swipes the head of my cock.

"But you like the sex part," she answers. She's right.

"I wonder if..." I can already hear what she's thinking as she wraps her lips around my quickly hardening cock. "I'm going to make you forget about Tracy's blowjob,"

"Tracy who?" Leaning my head back, I close my eyes while Susan administers the best blowjob in the history of blowjobs.

"I can feel exactly what you like!" she tells me mentally. "I know how licking like this," Susan licks the underside of my cock just below the cockhead, "feels better than this." Her tongue moves to the side of my cock. "But I still have to do some of that to prolong our pleasure."

Susan is using her tongue in ways I've never imagined. My cock is throbbing as she licks, nibbles, sucks and strokes up, down and around my aroused shaft. Fuck! Susan's whole body is rocking as she experiences the stimulation she's providing me by mentally tapping into my reaction to her blowjob. She's already exceeded anything Tracy did and I thought nothing could get better than that prolonged blowjob.

"Think again," Susan's voice has a definite smile as she again slips my cock into her mouth.

Her tongue is hyperactive, swirling around my shaft while her fingers are teasing my balls and her mouth can't seem to get enough of my cock. Sliding her lips down to the base, she pops my cockhead into her throat and swallows. Before I can even absorb that feeling she's pulled halfway back and does a quick bob up and down that causes us both to shudder. Frantically pumping me into her mouth while her tongue hits every sweet spot along the length, she's got me out of control in no time. I'm bucking my hips off the couch as she keeps finding new ways to excite my sensitive cock.

"Oh God! I feel like the slut in that Deep Throat movie; you know the one that weird guy in the dorm always used to watch, where her clitoris is in her throat." Susan is slamming my cock into her throat with an urgency that backs up her sentiments.

"Oh! Susan," I cry tangling my fingers in her hair. "That feels so fucking good!"

"I know! I'm going to make us cum!" Susan declares and within seconds my cock explodes into her mouth. She gasps and nearly chokes on my first blast as her body convulses right along with mine. Pumping me with her hand, she manages a quick swallow as cum splatters her cheeks and chin. Her hips are jerking in rhythm with my cum spurts as she takes a deep breath and pulls me back into her mouth. Were both completely spent by the time she finishes sucking me dry.

"That was... I don't know what..." Susan says a few minutes later. She's lying on her back with her chest heaving as she sucks air into her lungs. "I came with you... or it felt like I did... actually I think I felt you cumming but it felt like it was me... fuck! I'm not making any sense." She flops back on the couch and I watch her breasts swell with her breathing.

"Let me catch my breath and I want to do you," I tell her as I run my hand up her thigh. "Damn, you're soaking wet," I tell her when my hand reaches her drenched pussy.

"I told you I just came," she smiles. "I don't know how... I mean... from the transmitter commands but... anyway, do you mind if we just wait a little before we continue? I'm wiped out."

I must have dozed off because the next thing I know, my sister is sitting on the floor, holding the DVD.

"You did doze off... and you snored," her voice seems distant but not unfriendly. She's leaning against the couch and I stretch out behind her, my head behind hers.

"Did you watch the rest of it?" I ask her. She nods.

"I'm trying to figure out how dad fits into our lives," she says. "I mean, you know, everything that you and I have with mom."

"He doesn't," I say out loud. "That's what I've been trying to tell mom."

"I know... it's just... she seems really happy that he's back... and watching them fuck. Did you really watch them? She's never been like that with us." I know what she means and I've been trying to block out the image of mom in dad's office, riding dad's cock like a sex-starved nymph.

"You can't just ignore it, Nick," Susan says. "And you can't just control everything you don't like by using the transmitter." Susan is starting to sound like Nicole.

"I'm not Nicole! But if this sounds like her then maybe you should be listening to the people around you."

We're both quiet for several minutes. I try to figure out what to do about Dad getting Christina's email but I can't seem to block Susan's thoughts out of my head as she thinks about Mom and Dad and what it means for us.

"Susan," I kiss her neck.

"Hmmm?" she leans her head back against me.

"How do you feel about us hearing each others' thoughts?" I ask.

"You should already know what I think. I never expected it and I'm not sure it's healthy." She turns her head towards me. "But I love the sex!" she smiles.

"Me too," I answer, sliding off the couch so I'm sitting next to her. We're both still naked and I feel my cock harden as I put my arm around her. "Do you think we can undo the thoughts and keep the sexual part?"

"I like the way you think, baby brother," Susan brushes her lips against mine and then stands up. "Let me give it a try."

A few minutes later she's back with paper and pencil, scribbling notes as she stands before me. Her glistening pussy is inches from my face. I breathe in her sexy aroma and start to lean my head forward.

"I can still hear what you're thinking," she smiles. "Wait until we do these commands. Where's the transmitter?"
I retrieve the transmitter from my jean's pocket as my sister shows me what she's written. It looks perfect but I'm a little hesitant.

"I'll be the guinea pig again," Susan assures me as she sits cross-legged on the floor in front of me, her hairless pussy splayed open and slick with her juices. Raising one eyebrow and pointing to the transmitter, she hands me the paper.

"Focus, Nick," Susan laughs.

"I am focusing," I respond.

"Not on that, on the paper," she says. "Do you want me to get dressed?" she teases.

"No... I'll read this." The command Susan has prepared is longer than any command I've ever given but it seems to cover exactly what we want. Dialing in her frequency, I press the button and read the command to her.

"What do you think?" I ask, after releasing her from the transmitter's power. Susan cocks her head to the side like she's listening for something.

"I can't hear your thoughts," she says. "At least that part worked. Let me do you and then I promise we'll test the sex part." I hand her the transmitter and the paper.

"Well..." Susan asks.

"Did you do it?"

"Yes. Can you hear my thoughts?"

"No," I smile. "Let's move on to the next test."

"This is an oral text, I hope," Susan snickers as she jumps onto the couch and pushes her ass to the edge of the cushion while spreading her legs. Her pussy lips are tantalizingly soaked with love juice, just inviting me to take a taste.

"Your wish is my command," I answer, kneeling on the floor between her legs.

"If only," Susan smiles and I wonder, not for the first time, about her using the transmitter on me.

As soon as my tongue touches her labia I know the commands worked. A shiver of pleasure jolts through my body as my taste buds explode with the succulent flavor of her aroused pussy. I lick all around her hairless mound, feeling the tension build until my tongue again touches her sensitive lips. Damn! I never knew how good this felt to her.

"It's working," I tell her, "I can feel your... arousal." Leaning my face down to her pussy, I spread my tongue wide and take one long lick from the bottom of her slit to the top of her clit.

"Ohhhhhh. Fuck! Nick!" Susan moans and I'm groaning right along with her. The taste... the smell... the feel, yes the feel of me licking her pussy is so fucking potent it's like an out of body experience or something.

I back off and lick all around her pussy again, slurping up her juices and menacingly not touching her sensitive lips. Gradually moving my tongue closer, I lick along the outside of her labia, gently teasing it with my tongue. Holy shit! We both shiver when my tongue touches her pussy lips and my cock is sticking straight out between her thighs

"That feels good! Come on, Nick, dive right in, eat my pussy!" she cries, pushing her ass off the couch, trying to make better contact with my tongue.

I slide my arms behind her knees, lifting her legs and pulling her closer to the edge of the couch to give me better access to her pussy. Okay, this is the big moment I've been waiting for. I stretch out my tongue and slide it into her juicy hole. Damn! I tighten my grip on her thighs as my body trembles from the pleasure. I thrust my hips forward like it's me who's getting tongue fucked instead of her.

I've never felt anything like this. I'm sliding my tongue in and out of her wet pussy, licking all around and pushing it against her inside walls. I know exactly where to lick to give her the best feeling and her pussy juice is flowing into my mouth and running down my cheeks. My whole body is quivering as I shift my mouth from side to side, giving us different sensations with each movement of my tongue.

"Oh, Nick! Oh, Nick!" Susan screams, entangling her fingers into my hair and pulling my face against her pussy. "What are you doing? That is so fucking wonderful!"

Without answering her, I move my tongue up to the top of her slit, licking just below her clit. I never realized how sensitive this area is until now. As I push the tip of my tongue against the underside of her clit a fucking tremor rips through my body. Hers too! I push two fingers into her drenched pussy and vigorously pump them in and out while I move my mouth to her clit.

GOD DAMN! No wonder women love this little button so much. I think I just came... at least it felt like I did. I've never felt a jolt that was so instantly pleasurable in my entire fucking life! My body is convulsing, my cock is humping the air and I'm having trouble concentrating on what I'm doing. Susan is moaning her agreement and I suck her clit into my mouth enjoying the most incredible sensation I've ever felt.

I suck gently, flicking my tongue across this little miracle button to release a series of pulsating flashes that rip right to my groin. I'm gyrating my hips but it just waves my throbbing cock in the air, it feels like I've died and gone to heaven. Does it always feel this way for women? Guys, I'm telling you, we're getting cheated!

Well, I no longer am. I continue to pump two fingers in and out of Susan's pussy while I suck, nibble and tease her delicate little nub. My whole body is trembling, I'm panting, breaking out in a sweat and I want this to go on forever! I cannot describe to you the level of arousal this tiny little bump invokes. It is insanely pleasurable.

"Ohh, Nick! Mmmm, Oh, God!" Susan is moaning and twisting her body left and right, humping my fingers and pushing her clit against my tongue. "Don't stop! I'm cumming, Nick! Just keep doing that! Exactly that! Ohhhhhhhh God! Don't Stop!"

I have no intention of stopping. I keep sucking on her hair-trigger protrusion, trying to keep it in my mouth, as we both writhe around uncontrollably. My fingers are still busy in her pussy but I can't tell if I'm pumping them in and out or if she's doing all the moving. I feel her... our... orgasm build and I keep my mouth on her clit when she clamps her thighs around my head and captures my fingers in her pulsating pussy.

Letting out a loud moan, Susan jerks the back of my head hard against her spasming pussy. Oh Fuck! This is not like shooting cum. This is like my whole body is exploding in pleasure. We're both shaking uncontrollably, my cock is throbbing and my sister is gushing pussy juice into my mouth. I can't breathe! My head is trapped between her legs, I'm in the throes of her orgasm and I can't catch my breath. I try to fight her but we're both convulsing and I can't push her legs apart. She finally releases the pressure on the back of my head and I gasp for air.

Wow! Motherfucking wow! That was... so... fucking intense! Susan's chest is heaving while her pussy is oozing juice all over the couch. I haven't fully caught my breath but my cock is dying for release so I plunge right in. Holy shit! My brain explodes as her pussy contracts around my throbbing cock and I feel it from both of our perspectives.

"Oh fuck!" Susan gasps as my cock glides into her saturated pussy. "Ohhhh Nick!" she screams, wrapping her legs around me as I indulge in the ubiquitous feeling of pleasure that seems to be coming from everywhere -- my dick, her pussy, my mind. I can't explain it; it's just all-encompassing arousal that is impossible to pinpoint.

Susan must be feeling the same way because her fingers are clawing at my ass cheeks as she humps her pussy against my pounding cock. I'm panting and sweating and fucking my sister like my dick is club and I'm trying to pummel her pussy into soggy mush. In fact, that is exactly what she feels like as we both experience her unstoppable bursts of orgasmic delight leading up to the big payoff which is about to happen any second. I slam my cock into her as she tenses her legs and screams my name.

"Oh Nick! Ohhhhhhh! Fuuuuccck! OhhhhmmaarrrggghhhhHHH!" Susan's pussy explodes and I grab her thighs for balance as my knees buckle under the forcefulness of her detonation. Her orgasm shoots through me like a bottle rocket on the fourth of July and I'm riding her waves of pleasure while trying to keep my cock pumping in and out of her frothing pussy.

I may pass out; my body is convulsing, my heart is palpitating and my cock is about to burst. I close my eyes and dig my fingers into my sister's thighs as I drive my cock home for the final thrust.

"Ohhhh Fuck!" I scream as my cock discharges its load into my sister's battered pussy and we melt into one big throbbing orgasmic heap on the couch. Clenched in a spasming embrace, I'm unable to distinguish between the various pleasurable sensations stemming from our sweat soaked bodies.

Neither of us speaks for several minutes. We just gulp in air and revel in the post-orgasmic bliss that has engulfed us. I don't know if I'll survive many more like this but it would be worth trying.

"Holy shit," Susan breaks the silence with my exact sentiment. "That was even more... I don't know what... than the last time." I couldn't agree more. I squeeze her tightly and press my mouth to hers. The kiss is long and sensual with our tongues entwining in a slow dance meant to convey more love than lust or maybe it's just that neither of us has any lustful energy left. My cock is still buried in her liquefied love canal and I can feel her pulse beating through her tender pussy walls as we kiss.

When we can both finally move, I call mom's cell to let her know we have the DVD. She's at the mall with Maggie and says we should meet her and dad at Uncle Harry's house for dinner later.

"More dressing room adventures?" I tease as Susan gives me a curious look. I just shake my head like it's not important.

"You never know," Mom laughs. "See you tonight."

Susan and I take a long, languid shower, using the time to discuss what to do about the emailed video. I push for an approach that might kill two birds with one stone but Susan is skeptical. I want to put all the blame on me, and say I used the transmitter to get Susan to fuck me. If my plan works we'll also figure out if Dad really is a changed man. Dad being alone at Uncle Harry's all afternoon plays right into my plan and Susan finally relents.

I borrow a camcorder from Tracy while Susan dresses appropriately for her part and we drive over to Uncle Harry's house. Per the plan, Susan goes in by herself to scope things out and then lets me in through the kitchen door. She quietly points to the den to indicate Dad's location. I tiptoe into the hallway while Susan calls out.

"DAD!" she hollers as if she'd just arrived.

"I'm in here, Susan," Dad calls in response. "Where's Nick," Dad asks when Susan enters the den.

"He's over at Nicole's house," Susan lies as I position myself near the doorway where Dad can't see me. "Why?"

"You two have some explaining to do," Dad gruffly announces, pointing to the computer screen. I can't see the screen from my position but I assume he's got the emailed video.

"Ohmygod! What is that? I would never...!" My sister is a better actress than I expected. Dad is staring at her in disbelief. "Where did you get this?"

"Never mind where I got it," Dad snaps, "what the hell do you two think you're doing?"

"Dad, I don't know what this is about or how that video was made but I would never do anything like that with my own brother!" Susan retorts, hands on her hips and chest heaving as she displays her indignation. Dad just looks at her and then a hint of realization crosses his face.

"That little fucker's been playing with the transmitter again," Dad says under is breath. When he turns back to Susan, he's smiling like the Cheshire Cat. This is my cue to turn on the camcorder and hit record.

"What?" Susan asks. "Dad, what's going on? This... this... thing is obscene!" Susan points to the computer.

"Susan," Dad says more tenderly, "has anything weird at all happened between you and your brother lately?"

"Not like that!" Susan points again.

"No, I mean have you been with him and feel like you've lost a few minutes or anything like that?"

"What do you mean, like the Matrix. I don't know what you're talking about, Dad." She's really good at this.

"Susan, listen to me," he stands up and puts his hand on her shoulder. "Something weird is going on here and I don't think this video is fake so tell me anything that has happened with your brother." Susan looks at him for a minute and then sighs.

"Well, there have been a couple of things that were sort of weird," Susan says.

"Tell me about them," Dad encourages her.

"Last week and then earlier today... um..." Dad nods his encouragement for her to go on. "Well... Nick stood really close to me and said, 'Susan, you're my sex slave.' Then I would feel kind of funny and he would laugh and turn away."

"But it seemed like something happened to you, didn't it?" Dad asks excitedly.

"Yes. But nothing happened, Dad. Certainly nothing like that!" Dad steps back a few steps and just looks at Susan. Before we left Tracy's Susan had donned a sundress without any undergarments. Dad was being treated to a spectacular outline of Susan's nipples which she had obviously hardened while they spoke.

"So... Nick just says, 'Susan, you're my sex slave', huh?" As soon as he speaks the words, Susan slips the thin straps off her shoulders and lets the sundress fall to the floor. Even from outside the room, I can hear Dad suck in his breath while Susan stands naked before him with a glassy look in her eyes. Damn, she's good.

Dad stumbles back into the chair, putting Susan's perfect tits at eye level. "Step closer," he says. Susan obeys and he places his hands on her hips as he licks his lips. "Wow," he whispers as his gaze travels from her fully exposed tits to her hairless pussy.

No stranger to the use of a transmitter, Dad tells Susan to make her nipples hard and she obliges him. This is exactly what I was hoping I would get on video.

"Damn, it really works," Dad smiles mischievously. He's obviously done this before because he gives Susan commands to speak normally and let her body respond naturally while his hands glide gingerly up her sides and his thumbs caress the underside of her breasts.

"Oh, Princess, are so beautiful!" Dad breathes. "What command did Nick give you to release you from his control?" he asks, pressing his cheek against the inside curves of her breasts.

"He'd say, 'Get dressed, you are no longer my sex slave," Susan answers as Dad's thumbs reach her taut nipples. Fuck! I felt that! Susan got a jolt of pleasure from her nipples being touched and I felt it, too! I never considered that I'd feel her pleasurable responses if she was with someone else.

Dad turns his head and sucks her left nipple into his mouth while his hands roam around to her firm, young ass cheeks. He takes his time sucking her tits and caressing her ass, while my cock responds to Susan's pleasure signals, which are being transmitted to my brain.

"Give yourself a huge orgasm," Dad says, leaning his head back from his daughter's tits. It's a good thing Susan and I have this capability since she's not really under the spell of the transmitter. Oh fuck! I didn't see that coming! I almost drop the camera when Susan's orgasm hits me like a lightning bolt. My whole body is wracked with her pleasure as I watch her knees buckle and Dad catches her so she doesn't fall.

"There, there... I've got you," Dad says. "Spread your legs a little, Princess." Dad holds her hips and steadies her quivering body. "I want a little taste of this." Susan spreads her legs while resting her hands on Dad's shoulders for balance. I'm still shaking from our orgasm and I'm surprised he can't hear me panting.

"Oh, Daddy," Susan moans and once again I'm engulfed in her arousal as Dad lightly strokes her pussy lips and scoops out a big dollop of her love juice onto his hand. Bringing it to his face he takes a deep sniff before putting his tongue into it.

"Oh Susan, my sexy young princess," Dad coos. "You taste so fucking good!" I could have told him that. I adjust the camera and try to calm my breathing but Susan is getting more aroused by the minute. This is perfect. The video will confirm everything I've been saying about Dad and how we can't trust him.

I watch Dad slide his right hand over Susan's porcelain smooth pussy mound, pressing his thumb down towards her wet opening. I zoom in and watch as he brings his other hand up. As smooth as if he's done it a thousand times, he shoves two fingers from his left hand into her cunt while his right thumb starts rubbing a circular rhythm on her clit.

Holy fuck! I lose my balance and tumble into the hallway clutching the camcorder to my chest as the wave of pleasure rips through my body. Squelching a moan by shoving my fist in my mouth, I half walk, half crawl to Harry's bedroom as I continue to experience Susan's arousal. I drop the camcorder on the floor and flop down on the bed, my hips bucking feverishly at the intensity of the pleasure.

I'm pulling at my zipper to stroke my cock while I await Susan's orgasm when everything suddenly stops. I didn't lose connection with Susan. I can feel her frustration that she didn't climax. It seems that Dad just stopped. What the fuck? This must be how a woman feels when a guy shoots his load too soon. I better get out of here.

I pull up my zipper and check the hallway just as Susan comes out of the den fully dressed. She spots me and pulls me back into the bedroom.

"Fuck me, Nick!" Susan pleads, grabbing my arm. "I need your cock RIGHT NOW!" She drops her dress on the floor and starts fumbling with my belt.

"Dad's gonna hear us," I whisper as she pulls my at my shirt.

"Use the transmitter to keep him in the den," Susan begs. "Come on, Nick. I need this!" she's as out of control as I've ever seen her. What the hell did Dad do to her?

I run back to the den, use Dad's trigger to tell him to stay where he is and tell him to ignore any sounds from the rest of the house. Pulling off my shirt while I run down the hall, I nearly stumble when I get a quick pleasure jolt. I find why when I get to the door and find Susan stretched out on the bed, fingering her pussy. I leave a trail of jeans and underwear from the door to the bed and crawl up next to my sister.

"Oh, Nick," she cries pushing me onto my back and swinging her leg over me. Without any preamble, Susan impales her hot cunt onto my erect cock and starts riding me like a wild woman. A blast of Susan's lustful desire explodes through my body as soon as her over-heated pussy closes around my cock.

"Oh! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Susan screams as she drives her hungry pussy up and down my shaft. My body reacts to the staccato signals of pleasure that pulsate with each mini-orgasm Susan experiences.

We each get lost in the double whammy of passion that envelops our bodies. I can't stop shaking as Susan jounces and grinds on my throbbing cock, rocking her body from side to side. Her tits are bouncing in a circular motion slapping against each other, and I can't even summon the strength to reach out and grab them.

She's out of control with her eyes closed and her head thrown back, a tight, opened mouth grimace plastered on her face. Her orgasm is building at an incredible rate and I dig my nails into the mattress as I feel it crest. Bucking my hips and thrusting into her, I tense my legs as she reaches the peak and throws herself forward onto my chest.

"Fuuuuuuck!" my sister and I scream in unison as her orgasm rips through both of us and my cock explodes inside her spasming pussy. We convulse in a series of thrusts and quakes that threaten to pull us apart but Susan wraps her arms around my neck and crushes her breasts against my chest. Fucking hell! You can't imagine what it feels like to experience the male and female pleasure during sex. I wouldn't know where to begin to describe it.

"What happened in there?" I ask Susan when our bodies have calmed somewhat. "You were amazing. I almost believed you were in a transmitter-induced submission. Then all of a sudden nothing."
"He stopped," Susan says. "He just abruptly said, 'Get dressed, you are no longer my sex slave.' And that was it.

"Well, it doesn't matter." I say. "We've got Dad right where we want him and can show Mom the video." Susan doesn't answer; she just leans her head back and looks in my eyes.

"Nick," she says very quietly in a tone that assures me I won't like what's coming next. Raising my eyebrows, I wait for her to continue. "I didn't want him to stop," she whispers.

"WHAT!" I scream. "You've got to be kidding me!" I push her over and jump off the bed. "After everything he's done? He was taking advantage of you, thinking you were under the spell of the transmitter!"

"If you knew how he made me feel..." Susan says in a breathless whisper.

"I do! I know how he made you feel because I felt everything you did." I tell her, pacing at the foot of the bed. I can't believe she wants to fuck him.

"What?" Susan turns to me with an expression of shock and incredulity.

"It doesn't just work when you and I are fucking," I explain as calmly as I can. "I even felt it when you were rubbing your pussy a little while ago."

"So I'm going to feel it when you fuck Mom or someone else?" Susan asks. I hadn't even thought about that.

"I guess so," I shrug.

"Nick," Susan says, sitting up and crossing her legs under her, exposing her recently fucked pussy. "Come here a minute, please," she pats the bed next to her. I stop pacing and join her on the bed.

"When Dad was looking at my naked body," Susan says, her eyes directly on mine. "It was so... so... erotic. I know you couldn't see his eyes but he had this look of... I don't know... reverence or something, it was almost worshipful. And then when he was touching me, it wasn't just how he was touching, although that was very nice, it was the fact that it was Dad, you know."

"Susan, you know what he's like. He's an asshole and I can't believe you want to fuck him!" I shake my head.

"Nick, why do you like to fuck Mom? It isn't because you crave a 40 year old woman, right?" Susan tries to reason with me. "A big part of it is because she's our mom. Why don't you see that it's the same with Dad and I?"

"Whether it's true or not, he thinks he's using the transmitter to get his own daughter to fuck him." I retort.

"You, brother dear, are a fucking hypocrite," Susan smiles. "You've used the transmitter to fuck every woman you've met since you discovered the thing including your sister and your mother. And now you're being judgmental of Dad? Give me a fucking break!"

I don't know what to say. She's right but I also know she's wrong. Okay, I've used the transmitter for sex... lots of sex... and incest. But I never hurt anyone and I'm not the asshole my dad is. Fuck! I don't trust him.

"Nick," Susan says. "Please try to have an open mind about this, okay? There's no need to be jealous."

"I'm not jealous!" I protest, but I'm not sure if maybe she's right. Maybe I am jealous of anyone who wants to fuck her. And maybe I am hypocritical but I just don't think it's right for her to fuck Dad.

"Fine," Susan says, getting off the bed. "I'm going to see where this thing with Dad goes. You do whatever you want with the video... show Mom or whatever." She picks up her dress and starts putting it back on when we hear mom's car in the driveway.

"You'd better let Dad out of his study," Susan says, as I gather up my clothes. "And Nick..." Susan says, placing her hand on my arm. "Promise me you won't use the transmitter to stop any of this between Dad and I. Let us just work it out. Please."

Damn it! I don't know why I hadn't thought of that but with my sister's pleading eyes now focused on mine, I know I've just lost that option. Fuck!

"I don't like it," I tell her, kissing her forehead. "But I promise. Just be careful, okay?"

"I love you, Nick," Susan says, brushing her lips across mine. "I just want to see where this goes. You of all people should understand that." She's right but I still don't want her, or Mom for that matter, to have anything to do with that asshole.

"I better undo Dad's command," I tell her. "Distract Mom for a minute." I finish dressing and run back into the den. Tuning in Dad's frequency, I'm tempted to break my promise to my sister but instead just undo the command I'd given him earlier.

"Mom's home," I tell him before turning to leave. I walk slowly towards the door, making sure I give him ample opportunity to confront me about Susan's trigger. He doesn't say a word.

I say hi to Mom. She and Susan are sitting in the living room rummaging through the bags of clothes Mom bought at the mall.

"Is Maggie home?" I ask, heading for the front door.

"Yes," Mom answers. "Are you home for dinner?"

"Yeah. I'll be right back," I call over my shoulder. Of all the people I know, I think Maggie is the best person to help me sort this out. She knows all about the transmitter and has seen Dad's aggressive behavior first hand.

"Hello stranger," Maggie says when she opens her front door.

"Hi Maggie," I respond, moving comfortably into her open arms. She crushes her marvelous tits against my chest as her arms squeeze my ass cheeks. "Are you alone?" I ask, looking over her shoulder.

"Yes," Maggie says raising her eyebrows. "Frank's at work and Nicole is out with her friends. What did you have in mind?" She asks, grinding her pussy mound against my cock.

"Well..." I smile. "Actually, I wanted to talk... would you mind if we do that first?" I ask, consciously inflating my cock to push back against her pelvic motion.

"Sure... what's wrong?" Maggie leads me in to the living room and we sit on her couch together. She turns halfway towards me and rests her hand on my inner thigh.

"Dad wants to fuck Susan," I blurt out. "And... I think Susan is going to let him do it."

"Hmmm," Maggie sits back, almost like she's appraising me. "Why do you find that so hard to understand, Nick? Who do you know that doesn't want to fuck Susan, including yours truly? She is a very desirable woman." Maggie smiles seductively.

"But you were there! You know what an asshole he is, Maggie!" I don't mean to yell, but I can't believe everyone is taking this is stride.

"I thought your mom figured out that it was a result of the transmitter." Maggie counters. "You don't believe that?"

"I don't know," I answer.

"Are you maybe just a little bit jealous, Nick?" Maggie asks without a hint of sarcasm.

"Do you really think the transmitter made him do those things in his office that day?" I ask her.

"I don't know. Look what it did to me... and Frank," Maggie answers. "Maybe you should trust your mom and your sister a little more. They are smart enough to make their own decisions." I slump back into the couch.

"I guess I don't have much choice, do I?" I answer, attempting a smile that I don't really feel. Maggie looks at her watch.

"I don't have much time, Nick." Maggie says. "Frank will be home in about half an hour. Do you want to see what I bought at the mall?"

"That depends," I answer, my smile becoming more genuine. "Are you going to model them for me?"

"I thought you'd never ask," she says, pulling me to my feet and leading me into the bedroom.

We never quite get around to Maggie modeling her new clothes. By the time she's stripped down to her lacy, red thong, I can't keep my hands off of her. Sitting on the edge of the bed, I pull her close between my widespread legs and squeeze her bare ass cheeks while sucking her thick nipple into my mouth.

"Mmmm. I've missed you, Nick," Maggie says while curling her fingers through my hair. I roll her thong down her creamy white thighs while I continue to suck and nibble on alternating tits.

"Get undressed, Nick," Maggie breathes as my fingers comb through her pubic hair and play with her moist pussy lips. "I want a hard ride on that magical cock of yours." She steps back out of reach and I quickly shed my clothes. I've barely stretched out on my back when Maggie impales herself on my hardened cock.

"Oh, Nick!" Maggie cries as she starts rhythmically rocking back and forth. I grab her bouncing tits and squeeze with my fingertips while pressing my palms against her taut nipples. Maggie has large fleshy tits and whenever I'm with her I can't keep my hands off of them. Fucking your ex-girlfriend's mother may seem weird but Maggie is a sexy, adventurous lover who I've learned so much from that I can't imagine giving her up.

I control the hardness of my cock and continue to knead her ample breasts while she loses herself in her mounting pleasure. Humping my ass off the bed, I match her rhythm and drive her towards her building orgasm. Abruptly Maggie stops moving and sits firmly on my cock.

"Shhh," she whispers. "Did you hear something?" Must be the mother instinct because I didn't hear a thing.

"Hello!" My mother's voice echoes down the hallway. "Nick? Maggie? Anybody home?"

"Thank God it's only your mother," Maggie sighs as she starts moving again on my hard cock. "We're back here, Elaine!" she calls while picking up the rhythm again.

"Oh... sorry!" Mom stops in the doorway and smiles at the unexpected scene she's stumbled upon. "Susan sent me to find Nick. She said he has something to talk to me about." Maggie is really rocking and Mom steps into the room to get a better view.

"Mom, I..." She cuts me off before I can finish my sentence.

"Don't be rude, Nick." Mom admonishes me as she moves closer to the bed. "Finish with Maggie first. We can talk later."

"Thank you, Elaine," Maggie pants. "I'm... getting... pretty.... close." Maggie is bouncing to the tip of my cock, slamming herself back down and grinding her clit against my pelvic bone.

"Ahhhhhh... almost... there!" Maggie cries as her tits slam against her chest on each downward thrust.

"Take your time, dear," Mom says, sitting on the edge of the bouncing mattress. "Nick, don't neglect her breasts. That hurts to have them thrown around like that." I respond at once, grabbing Maggie's tits while smiling at the absurdity of my mother as my sex coach. How unreal my life has become.

"OHHH FUCK YES!" Maggie explodes in a gushing orgasm, clamping her hot pussy around my solid cock. Triggering my own release, I shoot a fountain of cum into Maggie's love canal as she shakes and shivers on top of me. Mom leans over and gives us each a quick kiss on the lips.

"That was nice," she says. "Watching you two could make a person real horny," she laughs.

"Nick is a good antidote to horny," Maggie says as she lifts her soggy pussy off of my spent cock. "Thanks, Nick," she says, kissing my lips. "I needed that but now I have to get dinner started. Frank will be home soon."

Mom and I watch Maggie get dressed as I try to figure out how to explain to Mom what happened today. While Maggie pulls a clean thong from her dresser, Mom lightly glides her hand over my chest and across my stomach.

"You two can stay in here for a few minutes but make sure you're dressed when you hear Frank's car, okay?" Maggie smiles as she zips up her shorts.

"We won't embarrass you, Maggie," Mom says as her hand encircles my cock, which is slick from Maggie's juices.

"Mom, there's something I want to talk about," I start but she's shaking her head as she moves it towards my cock.

"Shhhh. In a minute, okay?" Mom says kneeling on the bed beside me. "Maggie and I had fun in the dressing rooms today, but we didn't do anything. Let me taste some of this second hand love juice first and then we'll talk."

Like a kitten lapping up milk, Mom starts licking around the base of my cock where Maggie's juices have pooled. With my dick in her hand her tongue moves up the sides of my shaft and I stiffen my cock a little as I lie back on the bed.

"Mmmmmm. You taste good," Mom teases just before slipping my cockhead into her mouth. Lying naked on Maggie's bed, watching my fully clothed Mom bob her head up and down on my overused cock, I again smile at what my life has become. Susan, Maggie and now Mom, one right after the other, takes the urgency out of cumming but with Mom's talented mouth I'm soon bucking my hips up to shove more of my hardened cock into her mouth.

With Mom corkscrewing her hand up and down my slick shaft while her tongue works miracles around my cockhead, my jism bursts forth of it's own accord. Sealing her lips around my spasming cock, Mom sucks and swallows more cum than I thought I'd have left in me.

Easing my limp cock from her mouth, Mom scoots up beside me on the bed and stretches out next to me. "You didn't want to go home with Maggie's smell all over you, did you?" Mom teases while brushing my hair from my forehead.

"Never," I answer as I put my arm around her and pull her close.

"Now, what did you want to talk to me about?" Mom asks, nuzzling her head against my shoulder.

Completely relaxed and not having come up with a good opening, I just start talking. I tell Mom about Dad's porn business and how Tracy got us into the shoot this morning. I explain how Christina caught Susan and I in the control room and emailed a video of us to Dad. Mom listens quietly, not even commenting when I describe what happened between Dad and Susan. When I've finished, I just lie quietly and listen to her breathing.

"Nick, after what we just did, why are you surprised that your father would be interested in your sister?" Mom asks quietly. "I've been struggling with how and when we should introduce your father into our unique living arrangements and now I think you've solved that."

"Mom! He thinks he's using the transmitter on her to make her do whatever he wants!" I shift on the bed so I can look at her face. She just stares at me with one raised eyebrow. Fuck! She thinks this is the same as what I've been doing! Doesn't anyone think this is wrong?

"Nick," Mom touches my cheek with her hand. "I know you've had issues with your father, and you've had Susan and I exclusively to yourself for a long time, but things change." Before she has a chance to finish, we hear Frank's car pull into the driveway.

"You'd better get dressed," she says, kissing me on the forehead and standing up. I smile as she straightens her clothing then I grab my clothes and hurriedly pull them on.

Dad and Susan are watching TV when we get home and I wish I hadn't been so quick to get rid of our telepathic powers. I help Mom get dinner ready and the four of us have an uneventful meal full of small talk and gibberish, as far as I'm concerned. I watch Susan and Dad for any sign that they picked up where they left off but don't see anything.

The four of us watch a movie on Starz then head off to bed. Because Dad is still supposedly in the dark about our relationship, Susan and I are relegated to different bedrooms for the night. This may be one of the first nights since I've gotten the transmitter that I've slept alone. I don't like it.

Lying on my back with my hands behind my head, I stare at the ceiling with my mind working overtime trying to make sense of the situation with Dad. I am so sure that I'm right but then why doesn't anyone else see it? Am I just being bullheaded? Am I really just jealous?

Everyone thinks that because I'm committing incest with Mom and Susan that it's okay for Dad and Susan. It's true that I'm fucking Mom and Susan... and Maggie... and Mary... and Carolyn... Denise... Mrs. Edwards, occasionally. Fine, I've abused the transmitter a few times but I never hurt anyone. I've never threatened anyone the way Dad did with Maggie.

I try to picture being in a family orgy with Mom, Susan and Dad. I can't do it! Why can't I get anyone to see it? I fall asleep thinking about ways to use the transmitter to help people see how Dad really is.

"Nick... Nick..." I wake up to my sister's voice and a gentle shoulder rub.

"Wha?" I yawn halfway through the word and rub my palms against my eyes. "What time is it?"

"It's almost nine," Susan answers. "Dad asked me if I wanted to go to the office with him today," she says, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Why?" I ask.

"Well... I'm not sure but I think he wants us to be alone," she says quietly. "I really want to do this, Nick but not behind your back."

"If you're asking for my approval, I'm sorry, Sis but I still think Dad's a manipulative asshole."

"Not your approval... just... I guess... please don't interfere, okay?" Susan asks. I nod but don't say anything. "Did you talk to Mom?" she asks.

"I told her what was going on but we really didn't get a chance to discuss it," I sigh. "Look, Sis. I'll wait until you get home from Dad's office. Tell me how it goes and we'll take it from there, okay?"

"You're the best!" Susan wraps her arms around me and kisses me full on the mouth. "I love you. You know that, right? I want to spend the rest of my life with you." With that declaration she waves and hurries out the door. The rest of her life? What does that mean? I roll over and bury my head in the pillow.

After I hear them leave, I toss and turn for a while and finally give up trying to go back to sleep. Pushing the covers aside I stretch, then get up and walk naked down the hall to see what Mom's doing. I find her asleep in the big bed in Uncle Harry's room. Her and Dad slept here last night and she's curled up on her side facing away from me.

I slip into bed and spoon my body against mom's warm back. She moves slightly but doesn't wake up as I nestle my cock between her beautiful ass cheeks. Draping my arm over her side and cupping her breast with my hand, I breathe in the smell of her hair as I close my eyes.

As I dose off, my sister's comment comes back to me. I always thought this was something we would do for a while and then I'd grow up, get married and raise a family. I hadn't really considered how Susan would fit into that scenario but I fall asleep wondering if Susan and I could possibly raising a family.

I awaken to the sound of the phone ringing on the nightstand. I'm still cuddled up to mom's back as she's reaching for the receiver.

"It's got to be for you," Mom says, passing the receiver behind her.

"Hello," I mumble into the handset and Mom jerks her head around, I guess just realizing that it's me and not Dad lying naked against her back.

"Nick," Susan's frantic voice comes through the tiny telephone speaker. "I need you here, right now... bring Mom!" I sit up immediately, swinging my legs off the bed.

"Susan, what's wrong?" I ask, already moving down the hall to get my clothes.

"You were right!" Susan screams. "Dad is a fucking asshole!" I cradle the phone between my shoulder and my ear while I pull on my underwear.

"What happened?" I ask.

"Just get here, Nick!" Susan says, crying into the phone.

"I'll be right there!" I hang up and finish getting dressed.

"What's going on?" Mom asks from the doorway. She's already put on some shorts and is buttoning her blouse.

"Susan went with Dad to his office and something happened," I answer. "We need to get over there right away."

"I'll get the car keys," Mom says, turning from the door and running down the hallway.

"What happened?" Mom asks as she's backing the car out of the driveway.

"I don't know," I answer, explaining what Susan said and how frantic she sounded. We ride the rest of the way in silence.

Surprisingly, it's Danae who meets us in the lobby of Dad's office.

"Susan is in Tracy's office," she says hurrying us down the hallway. "She's getting the video feed from Daryl's office for you to watch."

"Mom! Nick!" Susan hugs us both. "Oh Nick, you were right! God! I'm so sorry I didn't listen to you!" Susan is almost crying as she holds us both in a tight embrace.

"Susan, what happened?" Mom asks grabbing Susan's shoulders and holding her at arm's length. There's a red mark on Susan's cheek that was obviously made from a slap.
"Did he do this?" I ask through clenched teeth. "Where is he?" Susan stops me as I turn towards the door.

"Nick, wait," she pulls on my arm. "I don't really want to talk about it but you can watch the video. Dad is waiting in his office... he's um... subdued," she says with a forced half-smile and nods towards the large plasma screen over Tracy's desk.

Danae starts the video and we watch Dad and Susan walk into his office. Closing the door, Dad turns to Susan and says, "Susan you're my sex slave."

My sister stops walking and assumes a robotic pose. She's wearing a red scoop neck tee and with low-rise white shorts that fit her like a second skin. Dad leans against his desk with a shit-eating grin on his face as my sister pulls her top over her head and unfastens her bra.

"We can skip this part," Susan says quietly.

"No," Mom says emphatically. "We'll watch it all."

We observe Dad adjust his crotch as Susan unzips her shorts and wiggles them down her thighs. The camera angle is from the side and picks up both Dad and Susan very clearly. Dad steps forward as Susan peels her thong down her sexy legs and he's already cupping her breasts as she stands up straight.

"You are beautiful," Dad whispers, moving his thumbs over her erect nipples as his fingers caress the sides of her breasts. "But are you talented?" he muses, moving his hands down to her hips before sliding one over her ass as the other over her pussy mound.

"Do you know how to use this?" he asks, teasingly while pushing his fingers inside her wet pussy. Susan shudders at the intrusion but maintains the illusion of submissive control. "Or this?" he asks, extracting his fingers from her pussy and pushing them into her mouth. "Suck my fingers, Princess," he whispers, still caressing her ass cheek with his other hand. "Do you know how to use your mouth to pleasure a man?"

"Yes, Daddy," Susan whispers when he removes his fingers from between her lips.

"We're going to see how talented you are," Dad says, pinching and twisting her hard nipples before stepping back and removing his clothing. He hangs his pants, shirt and jacket neatly in the closet and lays his underwear on a shelf above them. His cock is fully extended when he turns around and faces Susan.

Dad positions himself on a comfortable chair just to the side of his desk and spreads his legs.

"Come her, Princess," he says. "You're going to give me a blowjob. Make it your best and show Daddy what you can do with that mouth of yours." Susan walks over and smiles at him as she kneels in front of his chair. Sliding her hands lightly up the inside of his thighs she leans forward and flicks her tongue against the underside of his erect cock. Dad really is treating her like a sex slave. There is nothing loving or romantic in what he's doing with her.

"Do we have to watch all of this?" Susan breaks our concentration. Completely mesmerized by what was happening on the screen, I almost forgot Susan is watching this with us. "Can't we just skip to the part..."

"You can leave," Mom says quietly but firmly. "I understand if you don't want to see this, but I'm going to watch it all." Susan nods and we turn our heads back to the screen.

Susan has sucked Dad's cockhead into her mouth and her hands are stroking his shaft and teasing his balls. Moving her hand up and down in rhythm to her bobbing head, Susan has Dad worked into a frenzy in no time. Susan slows her pace and starts licking up and down his shaft and around his cockhead.

"I wanted it to last... I wanted to impress him," Susan whispers in my ear and I realize she's pushed her body against mine and is holding my arm in a death grip.

"I know," I whisper, releasing her hands from my arm and putting it around her. I squeeze her protectively against me as I turn back to the video. I can't believe what I'm seeing. Susan is giving Dad the blowjob of his life and he's picking up his cell phone to make a call.

"Christina!" Dad says into the phone. "You won't believe what I'm doing right now." Susan stiffens in my arm as I watch her shocked look on the video. "Guess who's giving me a blowjob right now, in my office?" Susan appears to be trying to distract him from his call by rapidly pumping him into her mouth while she corkscrews her hand up and down his saliva coated shaft.

"My own darling daughter, Susan," Dad says with an evil smirk in his voice as he thrusts his cock deeper into Susan's mouth.

"No, I haven't gotten the transmitter yet but her own brother gave her some sort of post transmitter suggestion." I involuntarily wince when I hear this. "While I've been playing nice with Elaine, Nick's been using the transmitter to boink his sister." Dad laughs and Susan looks up at him with a different look in her eye.

"Hell yes, she's good! She's as good as I've ever had!" Dad grabs Susan's hair and starts anxiously fucking her mouth.

"I don't know, twenty something but she could pass for a teenager and we don't have to do anything to her tits, they're perfect." Susan is still sucking his cock but a look of pure hatred has entered her eyes. "We're back, baby! Her mouth alone is worth thousands! Start calling clients today and AGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!" Dad drops the phone as Susan pulls his hand from her hair.

"You bit me, you bitch!" Dad screams, smacking her on the cheek and knocking her onto the floor. Beside me Susan's hand goes to her still red cheek as we watch the scene unfold on the big screen.

"Susan, you're my sex slave," Dad commands, standing over her with a confused look on his face.

"You sonofabitch!" Susan screams as she jumps to her feet and starts pounding on Dad's chest with her fists. "I've never been your slave!" Dad tries to grab her wrists. "It was all a stupid act so I could fuck you!" Susan cries as Dad succeeds in getting a hold of her wrists

"An act? You were never under the influence of the transmitter?" Dad asks incredulously. Susan just shakes her head. "You stupid cunt!" Dad says, letting go of her wrist and punching her in the stomach. Susan doubles over, out of breath and I clench my fists as I watch him turn her around over his desk.

"You want me to fuck you?" Dad screams. "I'll fuck you!" He viciously kicks her legs apart and aligns his cock with her exposed pussy. "You're a dumber cunt than your mother." Dad says, slamming her tits against the desktop as he shoves his cock into her pussy. "I'll fuck you! And then I'll get that transmitter from your brother and turn you into the biggest moneymaker I've ever had."

"Oh God!" Mom has her hands to her mouth and tears are streaming down her cheeks as we watch Dad rape Susan.

"Think about it, Dad," Susan cries as he pummels her pussy with his hard cock.

"I was trying to remember the trigger," Susan whispers hoarsely as she turns her head away from the brutal assault on the screen. I pull her closer and smooth her hair with my hand. God, I wish I'd never suggested she pretend to be under the influence of the transmitter.

"Think about what?" Dad laughs. "How hot your pussy feels around my cock or how dumbfounded your brother will be when your mother brings me the transmitter?" Dad has Susan by the hair and is pulling her head up off the desk as he continues raping her pussy with his hard cock. "Your mother is a great piece of ass, too. I'll bet..."

"Think about it, Daryl," a voice says and Dad's eyes glaze over. He remains frozen in place with his cock half out of my sister's pussy and his hand tightly gripping her hair. "Let go of her hair and pull out." Danae walks into the picture and gives Dad instructions. He complies and Susan collapses on the floor next to the desk.

"It was, 'Think about it, Daryl' not 'Think about it, Dad'. Are you alright?" Danae asks.

"I am now," Susan answers. "You were just in time. How did you know the trigger?" She half smiles at Danae.

"I knew Nick had some kind of control over Daryl so I watched the video after one of his visits," Danae answers.

"Another random act of carelessness," I whisper to my sister.

"I'm glad you were careless this time," she smiles. This explains why Danae lead us into Tracy's office. I turn my attention back to the video.

Dad is standing naked in the center of the room as Danae helps Susan to her feet.

"I trusted you!" Susan says, tears streaming down her cheek. "I wouldn't listen to Nick! I thought I knew better!" Susan slaps Dad's face and then punches him in the stomach. Dad doubles over as Danae grabs Susan's arm.

"Come on," Danae says. "You need to get dressed and call Nick." Danae stops the video and Tracy's office falls into a dead silence.

"Fuck!" I say for lack of anything else to express my anger.

"You were right," Susan says.

"I wish I wasn't," I answer, kissing the top of her head.

"I wish you weren't, too, Nick," Mom says. "Where is Daryl now?"

Danae pushes a button and the video feed from Dad's office fills the screen. Dad is still standing naked in the center of the room.

"Perfect," Mom says. "Turn off that monitor and wait for me in the lobby. Give me the transmitter, Nick." Mom says. I hand her the transmitter and usher my sister into the hallway.

"What are you going to do?" I ask Mom as she squeezes between my sister and I on her way to Dad's office.

"I'm going to make sure nothing like this ever happens again," she says with a steely resolve. A few steps later she stops and turns around. "Who is the most trustworthy person in this company?" she asks. I look at Susan and we nod towards Tracy's office.

"Danae," we both answer. "She's the one who helped Susan," I add. Mom nods once, then turns around and disappears around the corner.

"Are you sure you're okay?" I ask Susan as we sit side by side on the lobby sofa waiting for Mom.

"I'm fine, Nick," Susan smiles. "My pride is more hurt than anything," she says. "It wasn't that bad physically, but it was a brutal assault on my psyche." I squeeze her to me and kiss her hair.

"I wish I had never talked you into role playing that transmitter induced sex slave idea." I tell her.

"It wasn't your idea to keep it going like I did. In fact, if I remember correctly you tried to talk me out of it," Susan smiles.

"I never should have let you go with him alone," I say apologetically.

"You tried your best to stop me, Nick. If I had listened to you we wouldn't be here," she sighs. I think about it a minute and another thought occurs to me.

"If you had listened to me, Mom and Dad would still be getting back together," I offer. "Look at it this way, you single handedly exposed Dad's true nature. That's more than the rest of us were able to do," I smile.

"So, I'm like the heroine of this story, then," she smiles a more genuine smile than I've seen on her since I got here.

"You're always my heroine!" I announce.

"Let's go," Mom says abruptly entering the lobby and just as quickly leading the way out the front door. Susan and I follow her to the car and we all pile in. Mom nearly burns rubber leaving the parking lot and no one says anything for quite a while.

"I'm sorry, kids," Mom says when we're about halfway back to Uncle Harry's house. "I guess I just wanted it to work out so badly that... I don't know... maybe I was completely blind." She glances over her shoulder at Susan and I in the back seat. "Forgive me?"

"There's nothing to forgive, Mom," Susan says. She's lying across the seat with her head in my lap. "We were all sucked in by Dad's bullshit. There is no way you could have known."

"Nick knew," Mom says quietly. "Sorry I didn't listen to you, Nick."

"I didn't really know," I respond, stroking Susan's hair. "I think I was more jealous than perceptive," I laugh.

"Finally, you admit it!" Susan pounces on my confession like a hungry cat but she's smiling a gorgeous smile up at me.

"Yeah, I really didn't think I was but..." Susan moves to get more comfortable and I rest my hand on her hip. "Are you sure you're okay?" I ask quietly.

"I'm fine," she smiles. "Dad's got nothing on Earl."

"Who's Earl," Mom asks looking at me in the rear view mirror.

"A friend of ours," Susan answers cryptically, giving me a wink.

"We're going to stop at Uncle Harry's house, get our stuff and go home. Is that okay with you two?" Mom asks.

"Sounds great!"

I'm in the front seat, leaving Susan stretched out on the back seat when we leave Uncle Harry's. Susan sleeps most of the way and I doze off and on. When we stop for gas, I get sodas for mom and I but we let Susan sleep.

"Want me to drive," I ask Mom when she's finished filling the gas tank.

"Sure, if you want to," she answers, tossing me the keys.

"What did you do to Dad?" I ask as I ease the car back onto the highway.

"You mean besides making him effectively impotent?" Mom gives me a wry smile. "It seems that Danae is going to become a very effective whistle blower on your father's illegal operation. Besides leading a prostitution ring, he will ultimately confess to extortion, blackmail and tax evasion. I think he'll be spending the next few years in jail."

"Wow! You pack quite a wallop!" I exclaim.

"You saw what he did to Susan," Mom replies emphatically. "He deserves what he gets. I also gave him a suggestion of how to behave in prison that won't make him very happy," she says sheepishly. "I might have gone a bit overboard."

"I doubt it. I agree with you that he's getting what he deserves," I answer. "Mom," I say quietly, laying my hand on her thigh. "I'm sorry it didn't work out for you."

"I know," Mom says as she covers my hand with hers. "Everything works out for the best. I still have you and Susan... don't I?"

"You definitely do!" Susan answers from the backseat.

"I thought you were asleep," I tell her, looking at her in the mirror as she sits up.

"I was dozing, but when I heard you ask Mom what she did to Dad, I wanted to know, too."

"Do you approve?" Mom asks.

"Absolutely!" Susan says, leaning forward between the seats. "Mom, it's not just about what he did to me, or what he was planning on doing with me. He was using you, too! And who knows what would have happened if he'd gotten the transmitter. He deserves everything you gave him and probably more!" Susan sits back with her arms crossed.

We ride in relative silence the rest of the way home.

After unloading the luggage, I tell Susan that I'm going to draw her a bath and I'm rewarded with one of her more endearing smiles. "Thanks," she says wrapping her arms around me. "You're the best."

"I'm just anxious to get you naked," I joke.


I draw Susan a very hot bath, throwing in some lilac bath crystals while she strips out of her clothes. She eases down into the hot water while I kneel beside the tub.

"I'm going to wash you all over and then let you soak for a while," I whisper, kissing her forehead. Susan just nods and leans her head back as I squirt soap onto a washcloth.

"I'm just so glad he didn't cum inside me," Susan says very quietly without opening her eyes. "I feel so disgustingly dirty from him. I don't know what I'd do if he'd climaxed." Not sure if she wants me to comment, I remain silent as I lift her leg from the tub and gently apply the soapy washcloth in a circular motion around her leg.

"Next time I don't listen to you Nick, you have permission to smack me," she smiles.

"I'm going to hold you to that," I tease as I finish with her other leg and move the washcloth across her porcelain smooth pussy mound. "Do you want me to wash between your legs, Sis?" I ask.

"I'll do it," Susan answers, taking the washcloth from my hand and vigorously scrubbing her pussy lips until they turn a bright pink.

"Careful!" I admonish her, taking the washcloth back. "I'll do it."

"I just want every trace of him gone!" she says, tears streaming down her cheeks. "Goddamn him! That fucking bastard doesn't deserve my tears!" she cries, wiping her arm across her eyes. I pull my shirt over my head and toss it over by the door before I lean over my sister and wrap my arms around her.

"It's okay," I whisper, crushing her breasts against my chest as I stroke her hair. "He'll get his," I offer, knowing it's not the consolation she's looking for.

"He... I was going to... Fuck! I wanted him to..." Susan sobs out disjointed thoughts and it occurs to me that she's as angry with herself as she is with him. "I actually wanted..."

"Shh... Shh... I know. It's okay. You didn't know." I assure her. "None of this is your fault," I'm practically laying in the tub with her, holding her against me as she cries into my shoulder.

Susan bends her knees and her body shifts, pulling me down into the tub. My weight pushes her down, unexpectedly burying her face under the warm water. It takes me a minute to regain my balance as she's trying to push me off of her. She finally comes up sputtering water from her mouth and nose but before I can apologize she's laughing hysterically.

"So..." she laughs, "crying women bother you? What? You just drown them?" I start laughing with her and she pulls me back into the tub on top of her, kissing me and pushing her tongue into my mouth as I stretch out on her naked body. The water is soaking through my shorts and underwear but I don't care.

"I love you," she says, wrapping her arms and legs around me.

"I love you, too."

"Good answer," she says, releasing her hold on me so I can ease back out of the tub. I'm dripping water all over the floor as I again kneel next to the tub.

"Why don't you soak a while," I tell her, standing up and grabbing a towel. Susan blows me a kiss and leans her head back, closing her eyes. "No more frantic scrubbing, okay?"

"Don't worry, Nick. Your love has exorcised all my demons," she smiles.

I strip off my wet clothes and dry off before leaving the bathroom. Mom calls to me from the living room couch when she sees me come out into the hall.

"How's Susan doing?" she asks as I'm walking towards her. I wait to answer until I get closer. Mom doesn't disguise the fact that she's checking out my naked body but she doesn't flaunt it either.

"She's going to be okay," I answer quietly. "I think she's almost as mad at herself for being taken in as she is at him."

"Would you mind... I mean, would it be okay with you guys if I slept with you tonight?" Mom asks quietly. "I don't want to be alone."

"Of course, that would be great!" I answer, imagining Mom and Susan on either side of me in the Mom's king-sized bed. "It would be just like old times."

"Yes, it would," Mom smiles. "The old times were good, Nick."

"Yeah, Mom, they really were."

"I don't know if I feel like doing much tonight," Susan says when I tell her about Mom's request to sleep with us. I'm helping her dry off from her lengthy bath and my cock is stiffening as I move the towel up and down her sexy legs. "Would you rather just sleep with Mom," she asks.

"No!" I answer emphatically, looking up at her but my view from this position is filled with my sister's beautiful bald pussy. "I don't care if we just sleep," I lie. "It would be wonderful to be in bed with both of you again."

"I'd like that, too," Susan answers as I towel off her perfect tits and give her a kiss on the cheek.

Bedtime can't come soon enough for me and I'm glad when Mom says it's been a long day. I smile at Susan and we both agree we're tired too.

"I've missed you guys," Mom says as we shed our clothes and climb into bed together. I make sure I take the middle of the bed and watch excitedly as Susan climbs in on my left and Mom on my right. Lying on my back, I wrap my arms around their shoulders and pull them into a loving embrace.

"I love you both," I say as Susan pulls the sheet over the three of us.

This is heaven. With Mom's head on my shoulder and her tits pushed up against my right side and Susan mirroring her on my left side, I close my eyes and thank my lucky stars how all this has worked out. I'm kind of sorry for Mom that it didn't work out with Dad and I seriously wish I could have prevented what Dad did to Susan, but I'm ecstatic to be back home with these two amazing women.
My reverie is interrupted by Mom's hand sliding down my chest. I kiss the top of her head as she caresses my stomach and makes her destination obvious. My cock is tenting the sheet as Mom wraps her hand around it.

"Mmmm," I sigh when Mom turns her face towards me for a kiss. When her fingers start exploring my cock it elicits a responding moan from Susan.

"What the...?" Mom breaks the kiss and looks over at Susan who is smiling sheepishly on the other side of me. Mom starts strokes my cock faster and watches as Susan reacts accordingly. Her parted lips emit a soft moan as she grinds her hips in rhythm to Mom's strokes.

"What have you two done?" Mom asks, releasing my cock and sitting up next to me.

"Well..." I start but Susan interrupts me and excitedly explains about the telepathy in her science fiction book, how we experimented with it and finally settled on this sexual empathy thing.

"So you can actually feel each other's arousal?" Mom asks incredulously.

"Yes," I answer. "It doesn't seem to matter who we're with or even if we're alone, although I didn't feel when you were with Dad." I say to Susan.

"That wasn't arousing," she says bitterly.

"You're right... I'm sorry... I didn't mean..." I stammer out excuses.

"I know you didn't," Susan says quietly. "I felt you when you were at Nicole's. Was it Nicole or her mom," she asks.

"Maggie and then our mom," I answer. "You felt that?" Susan nods while smiling at me.

"Do you know what you have here?" Mom asks, gazing wide-eyed at the two of us. "Can you imagine if a married couple consented to these transmitter suggestions what kind of marriage they'd have? There would be no reason to stray because they'd never find a sexual partner as fully satisfying as their spouse," she smiles.

"And if either of them did stray, the other would know it immediately," Susan adds.

"You could do this!" Mom's gorgeous tits are bouncing around as she gets more animated. "A marriage counseling center," she exclaims. "With your degree in psychology, Susan..." My sister interrupts her before she can continue.

"I'd need to get my doctorate," she says thoughtfully. "But it is definitely something we should think about."

"In the meantime," I clear my throat for emphasis. "Can we get back to the matter at hand?" I laugh.

"Funny, Nick," Susan says but she's already wrapping her hand around my hard cock.

"I want to see how this works," Mom says, leaning over and sucking my cockhead into her mouth while her eyes are glued to Susan's pussy.

"Mmmm," my sister and I moan in unison. Susan starts rocking her hips to the rhythm as she pumps my hard cock into Mom's mouth. I'm trying to thrust my cock deeper into Mom's mouth when she helps by pushing Susan's hand out of the way and sliding her lips down the length of it. Mom starts teasing my balls and flicking her tongue along the underside of my shaft but never takes her eyes off of Susan.

"Ohhhh yeah!" Susan cries as she rocks against an invisible lover and Mom's eyes widen in shock. Mom start's working my cock for all it's worth, building me up to an explosive release, all the while watching Susan writhe in pleasure next to me.

I don't even try to hold back and Susan's body jerks along with me as I shoot my heavy load into Mom's talented mouth. Fuck! Mom sucks and swallows until my balls are completely drained and then sits back licking her lips.

"Does it work the other way, too?" she asks, still amazed at what she's just seen.

"Yes! Do you want to see?" Susan asks excitedly.

"Are you sure, Honey," Mom asks.

"Mom, I'm fine!" Susan says, lying back and spreading her legs. "Besides you've just made me very horny." Mom crawls over me, giving my spent cock a quick kiss before making herself comfortable between Susan's thighs.

Mom's first lick of Susan's pussy catches me off guard and I gasp at the pleasure of it. Mom looks over as my cock start to respond to her machinations of Susan's wet pussy. She rolls her eyes and attacks Susan's cunt with a renewed vigor, her eyes locked on my growing erection.

Mom knows exactly what to do with a horny pussy and she has my sister and I moaning with pleasure in no time at all. I feel every lick and nibble as she alternately sucks Susan's juices and nibbles on her clit. I'm humping my hard cock into the air when Mom abruptly stops.

"Put that in me!" Mom commands, looking over at my cock. "I want you to fuck me, Nick," Mom says, suddenly sounding more pleading than commanding. I jump to comply, moving into position behind her as she lowers her mouth back to Susan's smooth pussy.

Susan reacts instantly when I shove my hard cock into Mom's anxious pussy. "Oh fuck!" Susan screams at the dual onslaught of Mom's voracious pussy eating and the transmitter induced absorption of my cock's pleasure. I'm feeling the same double whammy and I grab Mom's hips to maintain my balance as I pound into her hot cunt.

Damn! Adding another person into the mix completely changes the dynamics. When Susan and I were fucking I was feeling her reaction to me directly. With Mom as a conduit between us, I keep getting surprised by Susan's pleasure signals. They're wonderful surprises but they manage to keep me off balance as I try to increase the rhythm and intensity of our fucking.

"Ohhhhmyyyyyygaaaawwwd!" Susan cries as the tension builds and I continue pummeling Mom's pussy with almost brutal thrusts. My body thrashes around as I absorb the force of Susan's imminent orgasm and try hard to get Mom over the edge with us. With a near death grip on Mom's hips, I use the force of Susan's pleasure signals to drive my cock deeper and faster into Mom's overheated pussy.

I don't know if Mom has synchronized her tongue with my violent thrusts but it's like Susan's arousal has become one with mine and every thrust of my cock drives us a step closer to her volcanic release.

"Ohhhhhhh! Mom! Nick! FUUUCCCK!" Susan screams as her orgasm rips through both of us and my cock explodes inside Mom's fiery cunt. I dig my fingers into Mom's hips as I jerk violently against her smooth ass cheeks. This is not just cumming together, where Susan's orgasm has triggered mine. This feels as if Susan's orgasm is actually shooting the cum from my swollen cock into Mom's burning pussy.

Mom is shivering too and I can only surmise that she came along with us but right now I can't even think. My cock is still spurting cum while Susan's orgasm completely engulfs my senses. I collapse onto Mom's back, rocking her forward onto Susan's stomach.

"Oooomph!" Susan exclaims when the two of us land unexpectedly on top of her. I pull my spent cock out of Mom's cum-filled cunt and crawl up beside my sister.

"Fuck!" I pant as my chest heaves and I try to catch my breath. Susan smiles at me and pulls Mom up for a pussy-flavored kiss, mashing their tits together as Mom settles on top of her.

"That was intense," I say while watching Mom and Susan kiss passionately, their bodies melding together in a posture of post orgasmic harmony. I flop onto my back and marvel at how sexily they fit together, Mom's ass rotating slowly as they crush their bare pussies together.

God! Everything feels so right. It was crazy for a while and I wondered if we'd ever be together like this again but now we've come full circle. I gradually succumb to the inevitable post coital calm that overtakes my senses and reflect on everything that's happened.

I mentally laugh at Mom's idea of a marriage counseling service but stranger things have happened with the transmitter. And what about Susan's comment regarding spending the rest of our lives together? Could she really mean it like it sounds? Could my sister and really want to settle down with me and raise a family? My cock stiffens at the prospect.

This does not go unnoticed by my sister who reaches down and encircles my cock with her hand.

"I love you, Nick," Susan whispers while her thumb rubs circles around my cockhead.

"I love you, too, Sis," I answer scooting closer to her and Mom. "I don't think I've ever loved anyone more." I add as I press my lips to hers. Mom smiles as Susan strokes my hard cock. Maybe she's just happy that her kids are finally getting along.