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Measuring My Cum

Measuring My Cum Ch. 01
I cannot confirm whether this story is purely a work of fiction or has elements of truth. I will leave it to your imagination...


My problem started soon after I had just turned 18. My name is Jacob and I'm just a regular kind of guy. Or so I thought. Ok, so I had a few issues back then, but doesn't everyone at 18? For me most of these issues revolved around my mom being temperamental and difficult, and the way I had been brought up.

My mom, Margaret Addington, or Marge as she liked to be known, had divorced three years back, and now at 55, in the prime of her life, she had become a bit of a recluse. She'd given up on men, 'I'm not giving myself to another man' she would say angrily, when I'd suggest she maybe try meeting someone. 'Not after all the trouble your father gave me' she would continue. 'One man in my life has been quite enough'.

My mom had a tough life until she divorced. She'd married quite late compared to others in her generation at 35, been my father's second wife and it seemed he'd only married her to have someone cook and clean and provide some carnal satisfaction. They had argued a lot - as far back as I could remember, and enough for me to get sick of it. Anyway, it all finally ended with a divorce and with me as an only child. And now mom just wanted to stick to working in her job of many years as a librarian until she retired, enjoying her garden, and the occasional women's institute gathering, a few female friends and of course taking care of her only precious child -- yours truly.

The problem for me in all of this was that I had been over protected, and mom had a fiery temper, and would be very controlling. She was also quite prudish and straight laced. Now, at the age of 18 when I just wanted to break free and experience life, I felt guilty about leaving her alone. We had no other family close by, so I felt obliged to stay on at home and go to my local college rather than move away. And that meant losing my freedom, and having to cope with mom's controlling ways, and her moodiness and temperament.

This was not easy. Sometimes she would fly off the handle over the smallest thing. I'd argue back and then she'd sulk or not talk to me for ages until I came round to her way of thinking. And mostly, I would give in. I wanted a quiet life. It was either that, or the guilt I would feel by moving out. So I decided to stay. Looking back, I think that was a mistake in some ways, but as this story unfolds, you might think otherwise.

Before I go on, some descriptions. I was 5'8" average to heavy build with dark hair, and I wore glasses. I didn't think I was bad looking, but I had never really made it with girls up to then, and never had a girlfriend. I was still a virgin at that stage.

Mom at 55, was 5'6", with dark hair, which she liked to keep in a bun, and a dress size of between 12 and 14. She had filled out, so to speak, as many women do in their late forties and fifties, but she did still have curves and a figure of sorts. She had quite a voluptuous frame with largish boobs that definitely filled out anything she wore (I found out later she was a size 38DD), and a good-sized rear end -- not gross, but quite a nice full, curvy bottom.

And if you were going to ask me 'Did I ever fantasize about my mom sexually?' my answer would be yes, of course. Many a time. Don't most sons' at one time or another? This story is actually about how those fantasies, quite unexpectedly became a reality.

So back to the story. I had just turned 18. Like most guys I had been masturbating for some years. I had what I thought was a reasonable stash of porn -- magazines, videos and DVDs. Then for some inexplicable reason I started to develop a regular ache in my balls which I had never experienced before. It would start gradually in the mornings and then build up to an uncomfortable feeling by the end of the day. The only way to relieve the discomfort would be to bring myself off and get rid of my cum when I got home in the evenings. I'd have to do it at least three times during the course of the evening. By the end of my third wank, I'd be fine and comfortable again. And the funny thing about this was I always seemed to have plenty of semen. I never seemed to dry up or produce a small quantity, even after the third time of the evening. After a few weeks of this I decided I needed to get some medical advice. There was surely something not quite right.

I felt embarrassed about going to our family doctor. I had never really discussed anything sexual with mom before (as I said before, she was quite a prude and didn't approve of 'modern girls' behaviour), but I felt as this was a health issue, I should ask her advice on it. I didn't know who else to turn to, in all honesty -- I didn't really want to discuss it with my friends.

One evening after our dinner we were in the living room. I was reading a magazine and Mom was knitting (I was only allowed a TV in my room as mom rarely watched TV, refusing to have 'those awful shameless programmes with semi nudity and violence mixed with commercials ' in her living room).

"Mom, I've got a bit of a problem," I said.

"What's that dear?" she said, not looking up at me.

"Well," I replied rather awkwardly, " It's a little embarrassing."

"Come on Jacob, speak up," she replied rather sternly this time, and giving me a cursory glance.

"Well, it's a little personal" I continued again, hesitatingly.

She stopped her knitting, straightened up her body a little and looked at me rather seriously. "Tell me young man," she said keenly, "Have you got a girl in trouble?"

"Er...no mom," I replied. "It's more of a personal health thing."

"Go on then," she said relaxing a little and starting up her knitting again. "Don't be shy."

"Er...well its about my...er," I hesitated, "... private parts," I said squirmingly, and in a low tone.

"About what?" she said loudly.

"Well, it's about my testicles" I said not looking at her but the carpet in front of the sofa.

She stopped knitting again.

"Go on" she said, more gently than I had expected.

"Well, I seem to have some aches and discomfort there. I was wondering if I should se a doctor."

"Are you sure you've not been with a girl and caught something?" she replied accusingly.

"No mom, honestly" I said.

She thought for a moment. "How long has this been going on?"

"A few weeks" I said

"A few weeks?" she replied questioningly. "Why didn't you say anything before?"

"I was embarrassed. And I thought it might clear up by itself."

"Oh," she said, looking concerned. "Well, I'm not sure what I can do except get you in front of a doctor. I'm not too keen on you seeing our family doctor Jacob because our health center is full of gossips and I wouldn't want my son to be thought of in a funny way -- they'll probably think you've caught something off someone."

I felt a bit horrified that mom would think like that, but I could sort of see her point.

"I'll have to take you to a private clinic," she said after another pause.


Two days later we were both sitting in the reception of a private sexual health clinic. Don't ask me how mom found out about it, but she had been busy making phone calls after I raised my little problem.

We went in to see the doctor together. As we entered the consulting room I saw a desk behind which a largish looking lady in a white coat was sitting. There were two chairs in front of the desk and to one side of the room a standalone curtain rail on castors, behind which was an examination table. Mom and I both sat down on the chairs.

The doctor was a mature lady -- she looked liked she was around 50, chubby and buxom, and with greying hair. She wore glasses, but had quite a pretty face and wonderful deep blue eyes.

She looked at mom and then me, smiled and then said in a quite matter of fact way, "Hello. My name is Dr Taylor. It's Jacob isn't it?" she said, looking directly at me. I nodded.

"Your mother contacted us about a problem you are having," she continued. "I know you are 18, and old enough to see me on your own, but she wanted to sit in on our little consultation." She briefly glanced reassuringly at mom and then back at me. "Is that ok with you Jacob?"

"Er...yes, sure... I guess," I replied, a bit timidly.

"Now, what appears to be the problem young man?" she continued.

I explained the problem like I had to mom previously, only with more embarrassment. The doctor listened patiently and took some notes as I spoke.

"As you are just a young man, there could be many reasons for your condition," she said looking at me then at mom. She spoke quite confidently and without any embarrassment. I guess she dealt with sexual problems all the time.

"It may just be a phase and nothing to be too concerned about, but we do need to do some tests," she continued.

"Firstly, I need to examine you," she said. "Come over to the examination table."

I had been expecting this with a bit of trepidation.

I went over to the table and lay on it. "Undo your trouser button and belt," she said, as she drew the curtain rail around us so mom could not see.

I had undone my belt and top button of my jeans and lowered the zip a little. She put on some latex medical gloves which were cream coloured and tight fitting on her hands, and pulled down my jeans and underwear in one yank, as I moved my hips up to help clear the way for the material.

I was exposed from the waist down, my private parts showing.

"Just relax," she said.

I felt her hands first touch and lift my limp cock, squeeze it gently along its length, and then feel around my balls, cupping each in turn. Then she pulled back the foreskin of my penis for a moment, taking a look at the skin there, and then let it go back to normal.

"Any pain when I touch your penis or testicles?" she said, looking at me for a moment.

"No" I replied. But I do still have a sort of ache in my ba.....I mean testicles," I said. It goes away when I...er.. you know...masturbate," I said meekly.

"I see," she said, still looking at me and then licked her lips. She seemed to linger her tongue around and outside her lips a little longer than I would have expected. Or maybe that was my imagination.

"Ok, Jacob" she said finally, "Get you clothes back on and come back to the desk when you are ready. She took off her gloves, apparently satisfied, washed her hands in a sink next to the table, and walked around the curtain back to her desk.

I made myself decent and joined her and mom a moment later. I was still thinking about the way she had licked her lips.

"Well," said Dr Taylor, "Everything appears normal on the physical examination. What we need to do in a case like this is take some blood tests and samples of your semen."

"Ok," I said, rather timidly. Dr Taylor then looked at mom and said firmly, "Mrs Addington, I assume you are happy to go ahead with the tests?"

"Yes, of course" replied mom.

"Good. Now, I'm going to ask you a few questions Jacob," said Dr Taylor looking back at me. "Don't be embarrassed. Firstly, do you have a regular girlfriend at the moment or have had one in the past year?"

"No" I replied.

"Have you been with a prostitute in the past year?"

"No," I replied.

"Have you had casual sex with anyone in the past year?"

"No," I replied.

Dr Taylor ticked some boxes on a form as I gave my answers.

"Right," she continued, "As I mentioned before, this is not something to be embarrassed about -- it could just be a phase you are going through as many young men do at or around puberty. Some boys develop later than others and everyone can have slightly different experiences."

"For the blood test please see the nurse outside, who will take some samples, and I will let you know the results of those in one week."

"Now, the other thing is samples of your semen. As you are describing an unusual amount in quantity, what I need from you is a record of how much you are producing." She looked at mom and then me.

"Now, it is very important that we get an accurate record as possible. So what I need you to do is use this."

She opened a drawer of her desk and pulled out what looked like a clear plastic beaker, about 5 inches in height and 3 inches wide at the open end, and with some measuring lines on the side.

"It's better that you don't use a condom to masturbate into as much of your semen will get stuck to the insides of it and so we will lose the accuracy of the measurement. This beaker has been specially treated on the inside so that all the semen flows to the bottom and then you can take a measurement using the lines on the side," she continued.

She looked at mom again and then me, making sure we understood. "Is that ok?"

"Er...yes," I said, and mom said the same.

"Now, Jacob, when you masturbate you need to aim the tip of your penis at the centre of the beaker and make sure your cum goes into the beaker. Make sure you don't spill any. After every session of masturbation, measure the amount produced and write it down on this form." She gave me a couple of sheets of paper with grid lines on and columns marked 'date', 'time' and 'quantity'.

"In order to get an accurate sample, I need to know how much semen you are producing everyday for 2 weeks. I will arrange an appointment to see you again in 2 weeks time, and depending on the results, I may ask you to continue to keep a record of how much semen you are producing for a further two weeks after that. Is that clear?"

Mom and I both nodded.

"Now one last thing, is that when we ask for samples like this, we normally find from experience that most men require the help of their partner, girlfriend or wife in collecting the samples, because it can be quite awkward for a man to catch all his semen when he masturbates into this beaker. In this case," she said, looking at me directly, "I hope you will be able to manage, but if you have difficulty," she continued, now looking at mom, "Perhaps your mom will be able to help. It is nothing to be embarrassed about as we are dealing with helping to resolve your condition for medical reasons."

Dr Taylor paused for a moment, still looking intently at mom.

"Would that arrangement be ok with you Mrs Addington?" I glanced a look at mom, who looked a little perturbed, but then composing herself said, "Well it's going to be a bit of a nuisance, and inconvenience to my routine, but yes I'll do it Doctor, as it's for medical reasons, and to help my son," replied mom. "As long as it gets him sorted out."

She sounded a bit annoyed, but that was what she was like when she had to do something out of the ordinary, usually.

"Good," replied Dr Taylor, now looking at me and smiling. "Don't be shy of your mom and ask her help if you need it," she continued. "In fact, I would recommend your mom helps you collecting your semen and doing the measuring from the start as that way you will avoid any mistakes and little accidents that may affect getting an accurate result. I do need accurate measurements to be able to make a proper diagnosis."

"Er..yea sure," I replied, a little stunned by the implications of what she meant.

Dr Taylor stood up, indicating the consultation was over. She handed mom the semen beaker and we shook hands and said our goodbyes. On the way out I gave a blood sample, whilst mom waited in the reception area.

There was a bit of a silence in the car for a while as we began our drive home. I guess it was because of what the Doctor had said. I didn't know quite what to think and mom must have been having similar thoughts about it. What she seemed to have said was mom would help me masturbate into the beaker! It seemed bizarre! Mom would see my erect cock and then see me spurt my cum. God! That was a private thing to me in my life so far, but now I was supposed to wank off in front of mom! I felt a mixture of embarrassment and excitement at the same time.

Mom eventually broke the silence. She spoke firmly and without any embarrassment. "Well this all a bit of a pain Jacob, but we must do what the doctor has suggested. I will do my best to help you. We need to get your problem sorted out and get back to normality. It is going to be very inconvenient for me, but it has to be done." She sounded ok about it but she also seemed a bit pissed at me.

"Thanks, mom" I replied, a little awkwardly, and trying to sound grateful.

"We'll talk more about this when we get home and how we make arrangements for collecting ....er ...you know...your semen. We'll have a chat after dinner. We probably won't be able to start properly getting your samples until tomorrow, so if you need to relieve yourself when you get home you can do, but we might do one test run tonight, so save yourself for a time with me when I will be present when...you know...you masturbate."

I'd never heard mom talk like that before and my cock stirred. I was semi hard when we got home and had to cover the front of my pants with my jacket until I got into my bedroom and wanked off. I came a bucket load.

I came again about an hour later thinking about mom touching my dick. The ache in my balls had eased as normal after cumming a couple of times, but I knew I could still cum once more, which mom had suggested I saved myself for.

We had dinner in front of the telly. Nothing more had been said about how mom would help get samples of my cum since we had got home.

After I finished my plate, mom said, "Finish the dishes and then come back in here so we can have a talk."

I disappeared and did my chores.

Finally, when the last plate and spoon had been washed up, I dried my hands and went back into the living room. My heart was beating fast.

"Come and sit here." We had a 3 seater sofa. Mom sat on one end and she beckoned me to sit next to her on the middle cushion.

"Now Jacob. This is going to be quite inconvenient for me but we have to do what the doctor advised. Firstly, as some people might not understand what we are doing and that it is for medical reasons, what ever we do must never be discussed outside this house except with Dr Taylor. Do you understand that?" she said in a very stern tone.

"Yes, mom" I replied meekly.

"Now, the other thing is that we need to discuss some very personal things, and there is no point in getting embarrassed with me about it. I have seen your body many times before when you very young and growing up, although I haven't seen you naked for many years or in a sexually aroused state. Whatever we do or discuss now, you must remember it is for medical reasons, so don't be shy with me."

"Ok, mom" I said. My dick stirred again.

"Firstly," she continued, "You'll have to tell me how you masturbate normally, and what you do to arouse yourself." She spoke in a schoolmistress sort of tone.

"Er...well", I paused, trying not to be embarrassed, but not succeeding.

"Come on now, don't be shy," said mom encouragingly. "I know most boys of your age have magazines of some sort with pictures of naked women. Do you?"

"Er..yes, I do", I said, being up front about it. "I've got some magazines and some videos and DVDs which I read or watch, and then I normally masturbate onto a towel on my bed. I keep a few towels only for that purpose so as not to mix them up with the normal laundry."

"I'm glad to hear that Jacob." replied mom in quite a 'matter of fact' way. "I'm glad you have the sense to be clean."

"Well," she continued, "I certainly don't want to help you when you're looking at such things. I don't want to be in a room with you when you are looking at those things, some of which are quite disgusting, I'm sure."

I blushed in embarrassment, and also felt a little admonished about my porn collection.

"But," she continued, "I do have to help you masturbate into the semen beaker. So I will have to see you naked, and see your erect penis, hold it, feel it and stimulate it, and make sure you cum into the beaker."
"You will also need some visual stimulation - we can't really avoid that," she continued, again sounding very schoolmistress like. "As you have told me some of your personal 'secrets' so to speak, I will also tell you one of mine. When your father was around, he liked me to dress up for him in what you might call 'stimulating underwear' before we had sex." She paused for a moment letting what she had said sink in. "I did not mind doing that -- in fact I used to enjoy it, as long as it was done tastefully" she continued. "So what I am prepared to do is stimulate you by dressing up in some suitable underwear which will help you to cum more quickly."

My dick had turned rock hard as she spoke. I did not quite believe what she was saying. So my mom had liked dressing up in sexy lingerie for dad! Wow! And she was prepared to do that in order to 'stimulate' me as she put it! Fuck!

"Is that acceptable for you?" she continued.

Acceptable? Fuck, yea, I thought, but kept my composure and acting a little, replied, softly, "Yea mom, if you're ok with that?"

"Good," she said. "Now, a few other rules. Firstly, I may let you touch me if I feel it may help you cum more quickly. I don't want our sessions to last for ages as I have my day-to-day routine to do, so it may help speed things along if you are able to touch me. But, you may only touch me by first asking my permission, or when I say you can, and where you can."

I gulped.

"Secondly, and again, only because it may help to stimulate you, we can use more normal day to day words for our various body parts. I think it might be a bit off putting if I used the word 'penis' all the time when I was stimulating you, or if you said 'semen' instead of cum. You may use normal slang word which men and women use such as ass, bum, cock, pussy and tits, but, and this is a big but, I do not want you to be very crude in my presence unless I say you can. Do you understand?"

I couldn't believe I had heard my prim and proper mom use such words. My cock was raging in my pants and making me feel quite uncomfortable. All I could do was nod in agreement and slight shock.

"Is there anything you want to ask me?" she continued.

My mind was still half in a daze, and all I could do was say " I can't think of anything right now mom, but I might later."

"That's fine," she replied.

"Now, the other thing is that it may be better to take one sample in the morning and then the others in the evening. How many times do you normally need to cum in the evening?"

"Normally about 3 times" I said.

"That is a lot," she said. "Well, let's see what happens. We'll both have to get up a bit earlier in the morning during weekdays for the next two weeks if we are to have one session in the morning."

"Ok," I agreed.

"Do you feel the need to cum now Jacob?" she said.

Fuck yea, I did, my prick was straining, "Yes that would be helpful," I said, as coolly and politely as I could.

"Ok then. What I would suggest is you go to your room, take off your clothes and lie face up on your bed. Oh, and give yourself a wash down below -- I do insist on cleanliness," she continued. "I'll go and change into something suitable and come in with the semen measuring beaker."

I got up. Mom must have noticed the tent in my pants. She didn't say anything. I thought it didn't matter, she would soon see my hard on in all its glory anyway.

I walked out of the room a little awkwardly, and almost flew up the stairs, I went so fast.

I had my own bathroom attached to my bedroom so after undressing, I gave my hard on and balls a quick wash. I felt like I was going to cum quick.

I laid down on the bed on my back. I was now semi hard as the washing had taken the edge off it.

As I lay there waiting for mom to come in thinking about what she might be wearing, I started to get a full pole again. I stroked it gently once.

After a couple of minutes, I heard a knock on the door.

"Jacob, are you ready?" I heard mom say in a raised voice from the other side of the door.

"Yea, mom," I said. My cock was still rock hard and sticking up like a pole.

The door swung open and mom came in. I took in the wonderful sight. She was wearing a black bra and matching panties and nothing else. She saw my hard cock sticking up already and it jerked up again at seeing her.

I saw her draw a heavy take of breath. "So you are hard already I see. You didn't really need much stimulation today." As she walked over to the bed I got a better look at her body, although I tried not to stare too much. She had quite large boobs, but the bra and panties were a little old fashioned with quite a lot of material and covered most of her private parts well. She came and stood next to me as I lay on the bed. I saw she had the semen beaker in one hand.

"You've grown a lot since I last saw you naked," she said, looking at my raging prick, and then looking at me straight in the eye. I thought I saw a slight glint in her eyes I had never seen before.

"Now Jacob," she said, "I'm going to stroke your cock and wank you off into the semen beaker. I'm going to bend over slightly. You may touch my bottom lightly if you wish, and it helps you to cum.

She stood level with my chest and at about a 45 degree angle so that her ass was a bit more accessible to me, and then she bent over me, her head towards my legs, and started stroking her right hand up and down my dick. With her other hand she put the beaker between my legs near my groin, but not so it was touching me.

I saw her bra wrapped boobs hanging over my stomach as she touched me and realised they were probably much bigger than I had imagined.

"Go on," she said, "You can touch my butt lightly, but you must tell me when you are about to cum."

I looked at he ass, which was largish, but not huge. It was quite round and shapely and her black panties gripped the flesh of her buttocks sexily. Some of the white flesh was visible, under the thinner material of the panties where they covered her buttocks, but there was a thicker, non-see through material that covered the line of her ass and pussy area. I don't think this underwear was very modern, but it sure still turned me on seeing mom almost naked next to me and sticking her ass out at me.

As mom touched my dick I felt like I was in heaven. She started stroking it up and down ever so gently at first. With my left hand with was nearest her ass I started stroking her butt cheeks gently in circular motions, feeling the flesh there.

Her ass felt wonderful. I wanted to grope it hard and squeeze the flesh there much more roughly, but I dared not, and was quite soft and gentle so as not to put mom off.

Even so, I knew I would not last long this first time. Within about a minute of mom starting to pump my dick up and down, and me feeling up her ass curves, I said, "I'm gonna cum mom."

She grabbed the beaker quickly with her free hand and then, still pumping my dick wit her other hand, she pointed the tip towards the open end of the beaker.

I closed my eyes, and with my left hand still playing and feeling up moms wonderful fleshy ass cheeks in wide round circles as she pumped my dick even harder now, I shouted, "I'm cumming...oh...oh ....ohhhhhhh.....," and I spurted a ton of cum.

Mom had directed the tip of my prick right into the centre of the beaker and gently milked my dick into it, managing to collect all my spunk as I came. As my dick became limp, she wiped the tip with her fingers, and then wiped them into the beaker to collect as much as she could from them.

"That's good Jacob, well done. We have a good test sample," she said, pointing at the beaker and showing me my cum had reached the measuring lines marked on the side. I think our little arrangement will work well. You get yourself cleaned up and I'll do the same," and with that she turned and walked towards the door. I saw her hourglass voluptuous figure fully from the back now, with her white smooth skin naked and bare, except for the bra strap and panties. I couldn't take my eyes of her wide full ass cheeks as they wriggled and wobbled in her knickers as she walked. Her ass looked really sexy to me, and I wondered if I would ever see more of it, and than in just old fashioned black panties.

I looked up at the ceiling after she had left the room and wondered just how good the next two weeks would be.
Measuring My Cum Ch. 02
Please read first chapter if you can, to understand the storyline better and perhaps enjoy it more...


After having been wanking in private for so many years and being careful not to have mom catch me whilst doing it, it had felt quite liberating to have done in front of her, and, even better, with her doing the 'wanking off' part for me. It was an amazing, exhilarating feeling. It felt like some chains on my sexual freedom had been removed, although why I had these aches in my balls was still a bit of a downer in the whole situation. Hopefully, it was just a phase that would pass, as Dr Taylor had said.

After a few moments of pondering my thoughts, I decided I'd better clean up and dress, just in case mom came back in to talk to me. After washing myself down below, and putting on some clothes, I sat on the bed. The ache in my balls had gone as normal, after cumming a few times during the evening.

After a few moments, Mom knocked on my door and came in. She was fully dressed again and looking all prim and proper. Seeing in her normal clothes again, it excited me even more that I had seen her in her underwear and felt up her ass with her permission. My dick stirred as she walked in. She smiled at me and said, "We'll have a session in the morning as that went quite well. As I have to go to work tomorrow, I'll knock on your door before leaving and we'll see if we can get a sample, to start keeping a record of your specimens."

"OK, mom" I said, smiling back, and trying to sound cool and calm. In reality my dick was getting hard again in my pants, although I didn't think I could cum again so soon now.

"I'll leave you to get on with your normal stuff now," she added, and disappeared off to get on with her nightly routine.

I looked over at the clock on the wall of my bedroom. It was 10pm. I thought about what mom had said about the morning. I normally went to college much later than when she left for work. I'd have a bit of a lie in after our session. I wondered what she would wear for me, and my dick stirred again. This all was rather amazing that it was actually happening.

I decided to try and take my mind off it and save my energy for tomorrow by playing a few video games on my PC and then go to sleep. I walked over to the PC in the corner of my room and got lost in playing 'Tomb Raider' in no time.


"Jacob" I heard a voice say and something nudge my arm. "Jacob, wake up." It was morning, and mom was waking me up.

I opened my eyes sleepily. Mom had opened the curtains and daylight was flooding into the bedroom. I had a semi-hard on under the sheets. I noticed mom was fully dressed in a black knee length skirt and cream coloured blouse.

"I'm running late," she said and sounding annoyed. She must have been in one of her moods. She was often like that in the mornings.

I noticed she was holding the semen-measuring beaker in one hand.

"Come on, we must be quick about this," she said, pulling the sheets off me in one movement, and still sounding a bit pissed off.

She saw my semi hard on poking through the gap in the front of my pyjamas. I normally slept with just those and nothing on my top half. "Well, at least that's a start," she said, sounding a bit calmer, but business like.

This all still felt a bit weird.

She folded the sheets right back and said. "Take off your pyjamas and lie back on the bed naked, like you did last night."

I did as I was told, and lay back on the bed with my semi hard-on wavering below me. Hearing her talk like that was getting me going.

"As I'm running late, we'll have to manage like this," said mom, pointing at her clothes. "I don't have time to mess about, dressing and undressing. You can touch my butt again through the material of my skirt, if you like. That should be enough stimulation for you, together with my hand."

I felt a bit disappointed that she would not be taking her clothes off, but as mom positioned herself again, like she had done last night, with her butt angled slightly towards my face and bending over me slightly as she started pumping my dick up and down, I got quite turned on.

I had, many a time, imagined myself feeling up her ass through her normal day clothes in my fantasies, so this was now the real thing.

Again, like last night, not wanting to appear too keen, I gently felt mom's right buttock through the material of her skirt, and then moved over to the left buttock, squeezing the flesh there gently. Her ass felt good.

"Don't crease up my skirt now" she said sternly, still stroking my dick, which was now fully hard.

I widened the circular movement of my hand over mom's ass and wondered if she would let me put my hand up under her skirt and feel her ass through her panties.

I thought quickly and said hesitatingly, "Mom...er...I might cum a bit quicker if I...er... could maybe feel your butt cheeks under your skirt...w..would you be ok with that...?"

She looked back at me for a moment and said in a slightly stern tone, "Yes, if it helps get this over with quicker, but don't crease up my skirt."

The hem of mom's skirt was just above her knee and about level with me as I lay on the bed. I moved my left hand off her ass and ever so slowly slid it under the hem of her skirt, next to her right leg, which was nearest to me, and slid my hand up along her smooth thigh, until I felt the material of her panties. God it felt great, feeling the flesh of her thighs and buttocks!

I squeezed her ass cheeks through the material of her panties as I moved my left hand in circular motions over it, and for a split second slid the tips of my fingers under the panty line so as to feel the flesh there. The feeling was exquisite and my prick raged in response. Mom did not seem to object, although it was only for a split second. I felt like I was going to cum. I wasn't able to last long as all this was so new, and incredibly arousing for me.

"I think that's done the trick mom, I'm gonna cum soon," I said warning her, and with that she placed the semen beaker in position with her free hand and with her other hand which was pumping my dick, pointed my piss-hole towards it.

She did that just in time. As I felt mom's ass cheeks again, I ran my middle two fingers along the material of her panties, down the line of her bum crack and a little way towards her pussy. As I did so, I started to cum, gushing my spunk out, thick and fast. "Uhhh...uhhh...ohhhhhhh.......," I blurted out.

Mom, skilfully managed to catch all my spunk in the beaker, as I felt like I flooded it with my cum.

"Yes, Jacob,....good boy" she said, now sounding a lot happier than when we had started. As I relaxed back on the bed, again, similar to last night, mom, wiped her fingers which had caught a bit of my cum, into the beaker, so as to collect as much of it as she could.

Then, without much further fuss, she said, "Goodness me, that is a lot," holding the beaker up towards the light, and looking how far up the measuring lines my cum was. It was about a quarter full, which did look like a lot as the beaker was quite wide. "Right, I'm going to note down this amount on that form Dr Taylor gave us, and run off to work now. Have a good day." She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and walked out of my room quickly.

"Bye, mom," I said, as she went.

I pushed my head back into the pillows and closed my eyes. Mom's ass had felt great. Wow, it felt so fucking good lying back like this on the bed, with my mom just having wanked me off, letting me feel up her ass cheeks again. I found her butt incredibly sexy. I was a real ass man. I just couldn't wait till the evening. I wondered if I could find a way to add some a variety to our sessions. As that thought struck me, I wondered how I'd pass my day at college just thinking about it! Fuck!

To be continued...
Measuring My Cum Ch. 03
Please read earlier chapters to enjoy best!


I had barely been able to concentrate on my lessons at college that day. I'd spent much of it with a semi hard-on just thinking about mom wanking me off that evening, and the sight of her in her underwear. By late afternoon, the ache in my balls was more than normal. I needed to cum, big time.

When I got back to our house, my heart was beating fast, not knowing quite how things would pan out this evening. Mom's car was parked in the driveway. She was home already -- she normally got in before me, because of the hours she worked.

She was in the kitchen, and called out to me as she heard me come in and slam the door shut.

"Jacob, come in here."

I walked down the hallway into our kitchen.

Mom had her head down mixing something in a bowl.

"I've been thinking about our little arrangement," she said, looking up at me, and without any 'Hello' or 'Hi'. "We'll have to organise our evenings so that we have one session as soon as you come in, one just before bedtime and then fit one in somewhere in between depending on what we've both got planned for the evening." I didn't like the tone of her voice. She was in one of her moods it seemed, and it was the last thing I expected or wanted when I got home.

"This is all very inconvenient for me Jacob. I hope you appreciate what I am doing for you," she continued, sounding really pissed off. Maybe she had been simmering all day at work, thinking about my problem and what she was having to do to help me.

"I do mom," I said, trying not to let her get to me and appease her. "It's only for a couple of weeks, hopefully," I added.

"Are you sure you've not been lying to Dr. Taylor and me about being with a girl and catching something?" she said accusingly. "If I find out after all this that you have, young man," she continued, in a threatening tone.

"Honestly, mom, I haven't," I said a little desperately, "I honestly don't know why I've got this...er...problem," I added looking directly at her.

She looked at me hard in the eyes from across the room in silence for a few seconds, and then seemed to mellow a little.

"Ok, then," she said, more calmly, apparently pacified at my response, and looking back down at the bowl she was stirring.

"Are you going to have a shower?" she said in a more relaxed tone, but sounding like she was being made to do a chore.

"Yes, mom," I said. I normally had one first thing, when I got home in the evenings.

"Well, as we need to get three specimens each evening, I think we can do one first thing when you come home, whilst you are showering. It will save time," she said.

My dick became alive as she spoke, despite the fact we had almost argued a moment ago.

"Ok," I said, and blushing a little. "I'll...er...leave my bathroom door open for you."

"Give yourself a good wash all over, first," she replied, "And then give me a call. I don't want to come in before you've had a chance to clean yourself all over properly," she continued.

"Ok, mom" I replied and turned back into the hallway and ran up the stairs. My dick was straining in my pants again.

I pulled off my jeans, t-shirt and sweater quickly, kicked of my sneakers off and removed my socks in double quick time. I wanted to cum, and cum soon -- my balls were really aching.

I left the bathroom door ajar and got into the bath, pulling the shower curtain across at the same time. Turning on the shower, I gave myself a good wash all over, including my balls and semi hard cock.

I had one of those shower's that were positioned over the bathtub with a detachable head, so you could either take a proper bath or stand at one end of the bathtub and shower, or use the head attachment in your hand. It was nice having my own bathroom attached to my bedroom.

On finishing, I turned the water off, opened the shower curtain, and shouted out loudly to mom, so she could hear me downstairs, "I'm ready mom."

As I dried myself off with a towel whilst standing in the bathtub, I thought about mom coming in here in her bra and panties, and my cock became fully hard. I was desperate to cum, but I didn't want mom to see me like this as she walked through the door. I was still a bit embarrassed about her seeing me so easily aroused, so I decided to hang the towel casually in front of my legs, hoping she would not notice that I was trying to hide my erect dick.

I heard mom come into my bedroom and then she knocked on the bathroom door, which was ajar about two inches.

"Come in," I said. My heart was beating fast.

Mom came in. She had not undressed and was still wearing the half sleeved blouse and skirt, which I had seen her in downstairs. I felt a bit disappointed. She had the semen-measuring beaker in one hand.

She looked me up and down and saw I was holding the towel, covering my crotch and legs partly. My dick jerked up again, seeing mom standing just a few feet away, with me being nude in the bath in front of her.

"Why are you holding that towel?" she said, and grabbed it. As soon as she snatched it from my hand, she saw my boner sticking out.

I blushed, still not used to her seeing me like this.

"Your cock gets hard easily doesn't it?" she said, not taking her eyes off it, and looking a little mesmerised by it. My stretched cock head, with the piss slit showing, pointed straight up towards her.

"Er...well... I guess...it's cos I'm quite young." I said a little embarrassingly, trying desperately to think of an excuse. "I can't really help it," I added, being truthful.

She licked her lips. I'd not seen her do that when she had wanked me off before.

I blushed again, not quite sure what to make of seeing her do that.

Then, looking back up at me she said, "Ok, just follow my instructions. We'll have to do things a bit differently as you're standing up, rather than lying on your bed."

"Ok," I replied, compliantly. I still wanted to cum bad. "I think I'll be quite quick this time," I added, wondering if she would take her blouse and skirt off for me.

"It looks like you don't need much stimulation, but I'm going to take my blouse and skirt off anyway. I don't want them to get stained just in case we have a mishap, as your standing," she said.

Then she turned around so her back was towards me and pulled her top off over her head and threw it on the clothes hamper in the corner of the bathroom. I could see her bra straps now. She was wearing a cream coloured bra.

Then, still with her back to me, she unzipped her skirt from the side and let it fall to the floor. My dick jerked up. I saw she was wearing matching cream coloured panties and I could see the shape off her round, full buttocks, tightly held in by them. I took a hard breath in. The panties seemed to be slightly more modern and shapely than the black ones she had worn before, with a bit less fabric, and seemed to be tighter into her ass crack too. She looked really sexy!

Then she stepped out from her skirt, taking one step backwards and bent down forwards to pick it up.

Fuck! What a sight! She was sticking her ass right out back, towards me with the material of her panties catching in her butt crack. She seemed to hold that pose for ages and then stood up, and threw her skirt on top of her blouse on the clothes hamper.

Then, she turned around, looked at me and then down at my dick. I saw her bra from the front and noticed that this bra, like her panties, seemed to have a bit less material than the black ones she had worn before, and was also more modern looking. Still, it covered her largish boobs well, so I could not see much of them.

My eyes then wandered down to her crotch. The material of her panties was quite thick and wide there, so I could not see much, not even any pussy hair. I looked up again quickly, so as not to appear like I was staring.

"Have you cleaned it properly?" she said, looking at my erect dick.

"Er..yes," I responded feebly, and feeling all hot and bothered seeing her like this.

"Let me make sure and give it a quick rinse," she replied.

She grabbed the showerhead, which was detachable from the wall bracket, and turned the water on, directing the spray onto my hard cock and balls. She gently stroked me along the shaft, and then my balls.

"Turn around," she said.

I didn't know why she wanted me to do that, but I did it, following her instructions. She could now see my naked butt properly, for the first time.

"You have quite a nice bottom Jacob," she said spraying the water onto my ass cheeks and giving each buttock a good rub up and down with her free hand. When she touched my ass, my dick jerked up. I had never felt so hard before.

"I think I need to cum mom," I said, a little desperately, but trying to sound as cool as possible.

"Turn around again."

I faced her again, my dick pointing directly at her face again. I was rock hard.

"Good, we won't waste much time then, as you are so ready," she said.

She grabbed the semen beaker from the washbasin where she had placed it, and said, "This time, I'm going to wank your cock towards me."

As I stood in the bath with my dick pointing out over the side, mom bent forwards slightly so she was looking down at my dick, held the semen beaker with her left hand, and then with her right hand, started pulling on my dick towards her, pointing the head of my penis into the beaker. She was holding the beaker about level with her boobs, so it looked almost like she was wanking me onto them and her bra, if the beaker had not been there. Fuck! This was a real turn on!

As she bent forward, I could see the top of her boobs better as they hung down in her bra whilst she stroked my dick. The feel of her hand squeezing and stroking my hard-on was fantastic.

I knew it would not be long before I came now. Then, all of a sudden she stopped wanking me and said, "Jacob, I think we might have a problem like this. I don't want you to cum on my bra and stain it, just in case I miss catching your cum for any reason. I think it's better if I take it off."

I could believe my ears. Mom was going to take her bra off! Fuck!

She let go my dick, put the semen beaker down and started unclipping her bra from the back.

My heart was racing big time, watching her do this, and my dick raged up in response.

She didn't look at me, and without any fuss, whipped it off, grabbed the semen beaker and started pumping my dick again, concentrating hard on it.

I looked down and couldn't believe my eyes! I'd never seen boobs before in real life and just seeing the large fleshy, milky-white globes of each breast was incredibly arousing! And as I stared, I saw that mom had wide pinky-brown areole, about two inches across on each, and large nipples to match! Fuck! Her boobs looked amazing, and my dick seemed to harden even more!

I stared open mouthed whilst mom's boobs wobbled and shook below me as they hung down whilst she wanked me off. That was it. I shouted, "I'm cumming," and mom tightened her grip on my prick and pointed it firmly into the beaker, as I came in thick, creamy spurts, again and again.

"Uh...uh...Uhhhhhhh....." I blurted out as I exploded.

"That's right Jacob," said mom encouragingly, as she milked my dick, pulling and squeezing on it. My cum waves seemed to last for ages, until finally I felt I had no more to give, and mom finally let go my limp dick.

I had to sit down on the edge of the bath facing her and closed my eyes for a moment. That cum had felt so amazing and I was on a real high.

I came to my senses after a few seconds and mom said, "Look at this."

I looked at the beaker and saw my cum had almost reached the half way mark. It looked like a lot.

But my eyes did not linger on the semen beaker. They went back to the amazing sight of mom's gorgeous large tits. They were 'hangers', and big ones. Fuck! They looked so hot! I felt like touching and sucking on them.

I tried not to look as if I was staring hard, but it must have looked a bit obvious.

I think mom realised I was looking at her boobs and became a bit self conscious and said, "Ok, that's enough for now. I'll go and make a note of this quantity and then finish getting dinner ready. Give yourself a quick rinse again and come down to eat," and with that she turned, grabbed her bra and clothes, and began walking out of the bathroom towards the hallway, which was through my bedroom.

As she did so I could not take my eyes off the sway of her ass, and the way the flesh of her butt cheeks wobbled and wriggled as she did so. The material of her panties seemed to catch in her ass crack and I don't know if it was my imagination, but her hips seems to be swaying more than I'd ever noticed before, as she walked.

I could never have imagined that I'd see my mom topless, with just her panties on, walking out of my bathroom and bedroom like that in front of me. This was all still incredible!

I cleaned up, put on some clothes and then sat on my bed for a moment, thinking about what had just happened. I was trying to make sense of it all. This was all a real turn on for me.

My mind went back to the way mom had been whist in the bathroom. I thought about the way she had looked at my hard dick at first, seemingly mesmerised by it, the way she had licked her lips and then bent over, showing me her ass as she picked up her skirt, and then asking me to turn around so she could look at my butt and give it a feel, and then finally, her taking off her bra and showing me her boobs. It all had been so fucking hot!

Yet, before all this, she had been angry and had a go at me whilst in the kitchen, saying it was all very inconvenient for her! How odd!

It was a real turn on, the way mom had been in the bathroom, and maybe she was just doing those things to just stimulate me, but somewhere in the back of my head I started to wonder whether she was doing those things on purpose, because she was getting some secret thrill out of it.

As far as I knew mom hadn't been with another man since dad left three years ago. She must have sexual feelings too. Had she got angry in the kitchen because she was feeling guilty about what she was doing, or because she was getting some sexual pleasure out of it and feeling guilty about that?

If that was the case, I maybe I could be more adventurous and suggestive in our sessions, in stages, as long as I didn't go too far each time. And perhaps I shouldn't feel so self-conscious of my body in front or her -- if she was getting some secret thrill out of it, then I needn't be shy. As these thoughts came to me, I felt a bit more confident about our next session, and about showing her my body. I think I was becoming aware of the power of my own sexuality.

I looked over at the clock on the wall and realised I had spent a while going through my thoughts. I went down to help mom get the dinner ready. She was dressed properly again and doing her chores. Nothing more was said for a while about our session earlier. Mom asked me how my day at college had been, and I asked after her work. We were just like 'normal' at home in the evenings. But I kind of looked at mom's body differently, and more lustily as she moved around the kitchen.

She seemed more relaxed than earlier.

Then, just before eating mom said, "Tell me when you need to cum again."

I nodded and got the plates out.

About half an hour after eating, I felt I was ready, as my balls were aching a little.

"I think I'm ready now," I said to mom whilst she was reading in the living room.

Without looking up at me she said "Ok, we'll do it on your bed again like yesterday. Get yourself ready and I'll come up in a few minutes."

As I lay naked on my bed waiting for her, my dick started to get semi hard thinking about mom's body again. And I felt a bit more relaxed about my own nudity in front of her now. I hadn't been able to feel up mom's ass during our session in the bathroom and I was looking forward to that, assuming we would do the same thing as before.

Soon, there was a knock at the door and mom came in, holding the semen beaker. She was wearing the same cream coloured bra and panty set she had worn earlier. The top of her tits swayed a bit in her bra as she walked towards the bed. My dick responded by jerking up.

"We'll do like we did this morning and last night," she said and angled herself so that her butt was more accessible to me. "You can touch my bottom again if you like."

I was waiting for her to say that, and started squeezing and stroking her buttocks with my left hand whilst she bent forward slightly and stroked my hard-on. I felt a little disappointed I would not see her tits like before, but felt comfort in that fact that she might take her bra of again in the bathroom tomorrow.

Mom's ass felt exquisite. I felt like I would last a bit longer this time and not cum so quickly. It might have been because we were repeating our routine and it was not so new.

After a couple of minutes, mom seemed to notice I was lasting a bit longer than before, and she looked back at me and said, "Not so quick this time, I see."

"ER...no mom," I said hesitatingly, "But it won't be much longer I think."

"Well, maybe this will help a bit "she said, "I haven't got all evening for this, and need to get you going" she said, a little sternly.

Then she did something amazing I hadn't seen before. With her free left hand, she moved it behind her, and pushed the fabric of her panties into her butt crack a little, so more of her butt cheeks were showing, making it look much more sexy. Then, even more surprisingly, she wriggled her ass at me a little, as if to tease and stimulate me.

Her full backside looked wonderfully sexy as she did that. It did the trick, my dick responded by jerking much more firmly in mom's hand as she stroked me.

I increased the swirling motions of my hand on mom's ass, squeezing a bit harder, and touching the flesh a bit more around her ass crack, which I had not done before, and I felt the cum rise in my balls.

"I'm gonna cum soon mom," I said after just a few moments of playing with and watching her butt like this.

She grabbed the semen beaker with her free hand and placed it into position.

Then, taking a bit of a chance, I rubbed the two middle fingers of my left hand which was stroking her ass flesh right along the material of her panties that had gathered inside her ass crack, pushing it in a bit myself and feeling the walls of the insides of her buttocks a little. Mom jerked her ass a little as I must have touched a more sensitive spot, but did not object.

That was it. I came, "Ohh....ohhhhh....Ahhhhh...." I said out loud. Like before, waves of cum filled the semen beaker as mom milked and pulled on my dick, making sure every last drop went in to it.

As I relaxed back on my head onto the pillows, I let go of stroking mom's ass and she straightened herself up.

"Well, done" she said, in quite a matter of fact way, "Get cleaned up. I'll go and note this measurement down and get on with my other stuff."

And with that she turned and began walking out of my room.

My eyes went to her butt as she did so. The material of her panties was still caught up in her ass crack a bit -- she had not adjusted it properly and made her ass look so damned hot! I was almost hypnotised by it -- watching her buttocks wobble as she walked away. I wanted to lick it, but didn't know if ever that would happen. Then she disappeared from my view.

I cleaned up, dressed, and made a few phone calls to friends using the phone in my bedroom. Then I decided to do a bit of college homework for a while.

I think Mom had decided to potter about in the garden for a while and water some plants, although it was almost dusk.

At about 10pm, she came into my room and said, "I want to get an early night, can we get the last measuring session over with now?"
"Sure, mom I said" turning around from looking at my computer screen on which I had been doing my homework on.

I thought she might go out of the room and ask me to get undressed and give her a call when I was lying on the bed, but instead, she said, "You can undress in front of me, I've seen plenty of your body now. You don't have to be shy with me in that regard."

My dick, which had been limp, came alive in my pants, hearing her talk like that.

I pulled my t-shirt off over my head, and as I started to unzip my jeans, mom pulled off her blouse at the same time and unzipped her skirt, stepping out of it. She placed her clothes on one corner of the bed and I did the same.

I stood there in my boxers with my dick semi hard, as mom stood on the other side of the bed facing me in her bra and panties.

I pulled my boxers down, exposing my semi hard on. She saw it, but did not say anything. Then, I had a brainwave. Mom had seemed to want to look at my butt a bit earlier when we were in the bathroom, so before clambering onto the bed, I turned around so she could see me naked from the back, and walked over to the window.

The curtains were already pretty much drawn, but there was a slight parting in the centre.

"Just want to make sure no one can see anything," I said trying to sound helpful.

I made sure mom got good look at my naked back and ass as I reached up and precisely positioned the curtain edge. Then, still facing the curtains, I took a step back and bent down pretending to move something on the carpet, so that my butt was pointing at mom, so she could see it in all it's glory.

Then, I straightened up, turned around, and with my semi hard cock bobbing up and down in front of me, climbed on the bed, lying face up in my normal position. I had avoided eye contact the whole time I'd done this, but as I rested my head on my pillows, I looked up at mom's face and I was sure her cheeks looked a little flushed, like she had been blushing.

"I'm glad you are being discreet, Jacob," she said with a little smile, and seemingly, composing herself. I know we are doing this for medical reasons, but we can never be too careful. As I mentioned before, we shouldn't discus this with anyone except Dr Taylor. And I certainly wouldn't want any of our neighbours to know what we are doing," she added.

"Sure, mom" I replied reassuringly. "I understand."

Then, seeing that mom appeared pleased with me and more relaxed, I decided to try the idea I had earlier about maybe pushing things a little further in our session, just to see how far mom might go.

As mom turned to position herself as normal, with her butt a little towards me, I said, quite innocently and with some hesitation, "Er...mom,...before we start, I was wondering...er...well...actually... I thought maybe to help me cum a bit quicker, as it took a bit longer last time...if...er...you....you might take your bra off again. I'm sure it would stimulate me...er...you know...a bit more." There, I'd said it!

There was bit of a silence, as mom seemed to ponder over what I had said, looking directly at me.

Then, looking all serious again, she said, "Well, I do agree it took a bit longer for you to cum last time, and I don't want this to go on longer than necessary. As you have already seen my boobs in the bathroom, it probably won't matter if you see them again, when I stimulate you on the bed."

It was music to my ears, and my dick responded at the thought. Mom noticed, but didn't say anything.

I wondered if I could go a stage further.

"Thanks, mom" I said. "That should help a lot. Would you mind if I gave them a light touch like I do with your butt? I might cum really quick then, and it is for medical reasons," I added, taking a chance.

Still keeping a straight face and in a business like manner, mom looked at me and said, "Ok, but just lightly."

She moved her arms behind her and began unhooking her bra. I couldn't wait to see those glorious globes again and this time, touch them.

Mom pulled her bra off slowly, revealing her large hanging boobs.

I couldn't help but gasp a little again and my dick raged up to a full pole.

Mom looked at my dick, and then back at me, and smiled a little and said, "Well, I can see an immediate reaction."

"You've got really nice boobs mom," I said, trying to sound appreciative and thankful, which I really was. "I hope you don't mind my saying."

"Thank you dear. No I don't mind. Your father used to like them too," she said, all business like. She moved her chest towards the pillow end of the bed more so I got a direct view. Her boobs were now just about foot away from my face. I had never been so close to them before, and got a much better look at them, than in the bathroom. "You may have a light touch and squeeze," she said, "Just to get you going."

I took in the fullness of her milky white flesh of her tits as they hung down, noting the wide pinky-brown areole surrounding each thick, almost bite-sized nipple, and instinctively put both my arms up, lifting and cupping each full breast simultaneously, one in each hand. They filled my palms completely as they hung into them, as my hands acted almost as bra cups.

I gently let go and then tweaked each nipple gently, with the thumb and forefinger of my hands and rubbed along the areole surrounding each nipple, feeling the slight raised bumps on the flesh there.

My dick was now raging and jerking up continuously.

"I think that's enough," said mom after a moment, and noticing the way my hard on was going. "Let me get your sample now."

I lowered by hands from mom's boobs. I desperately wanted to suck on them, but knew better than to go any further today. Maybe, much later in our sessions mom might agree, but I didn't want to push things too far right now.

Mom angled her butt again for me, and I started feeling it up again through the material of her panties. I think she knew by now I liked feeling up her ass, and she wriggled it a few times again for me like she had done in our earlier session. She did it so nicely and sexily, almost pushing her ass back into my hand, that for a moment I wondered if she was enjoying it too.

Mom leaned over me, her large boobs hanging down over my stomach towards my groin, and began pumping my cock with her right hand. Then, without my asking or suggesting anything, copying what she had done in our earlier session, moved her free hand back behind her and pulled the material of her panties into her butt crack a little so that her butt cheeks were more exposed and looked more sexy.

She must have guessed I would cum very quickly with all this going on, because after finishing toying with her panty fabric in her ass crack, she immediately positioned the semen beaker correctly with her free hand, with my dickhead pointing into it as she pumped it with her other hand.

She was right. The sight of mom topless, her sexy boobs hanging down above me and my feeling her wide ample butt as she wriggled it sexily for me, tipped me right over the edge. In almost 30 seconds of this, I came, spurting thick waves of thick spunk into the semen beaker again, as I grunted satisfactorily whilst cumming.

"That's good Jacob, a nice specimen," said mom in a satisfied tone, as she wiped bits on my cum that were on her fingers into the beaker. She stood up straight, holding the beaker up to the light, showing me how much cum I had produced again. She looked really sexy as her large boobs hung down on her chest.

I gulped, a little out of satisfaction, as well as from the way mom looked standing in front of me.

"Well, I think I'm off to bed now" she said with a smile, "After noting down this measurement." She bent forward and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Her boobs touched my chest momentarily as she did so. "Goodnight, and be ready for our morning session."

"Goodnight mom" I said. "Thanks, I do appreciate your help with my problem," I said trying to sound as grateful as I could, and meaning every word.

As mom turned to walk out of my bedroom, my eyes went to her hot ass again. The material of her panties was still caught in her butt crack. She didn't seem to mind, and her hips swayed again. Looking at her like that, a thought crossed my mind about another suggestion I could try making next time, which might let me enjoy that wonderful ass of her's even more.

The ache in my balls had completely gone as normal after cumming three times over the evening, and I settled down to sleep, still thinking of mom's hot body.

To be continued...
Measuring My Cum Ch. 04
A big thanks to everyone who has sent in feedback so far, which is always welcome.


The next two days, which were a Thursday and Friday, followed a very similar routine to the first day of mom helping measuring my cum.

Mom would take one specimen first thing when I got home, coming into my bathroom after I showered, whilst I stood naked in the bath. The other two times each evening, she would wank me off into the semen beaker whilst I lay on my bed.

Mom would take her bra off during our 'sessions' in the bathroom. Even better, she had also got into the habit of removing it and showing me her boobs whilst she wanked me off on the bed. I had requested this during one of our earlier sessions on the bed, although we hadn't started off that way, and she seemed to be happy to continue with that extra bit of stimulation for me. It was incredibly exciting for me, watching her boobs jiggle and wobble whilst she wanked me off. She would let me touch them lightly, but only for a moment or two, until I became rock hard and virtually ready to cum straight away.

Just a few other things worth mentioning about our sessions, as the week had gone on.

Firstly, when mom came in to wank me off in the bathroom, she would always insist on 'making sure I was clean', as she would put it, even though she knew I would only call her in after I'd soaped and rinsed myself all over. She would rinse my dick and balls, taking the showerhead in one hand and spraying warm water over me whilst she stroked my cock, which would be hard or semi-hard by then, and then move on to my balls. After that, she would ask me to turn around so she could rinse my butt. Now, I don't know for sure why she asked me to do that, because she didn't need to do it for wanking me off, but I would comply, and she would always rub my buttocks up and down well, getting a good feel of them. I was sure she was doing that on purpose, because she enjoyed it, but I never said anything. It kind of turned me on to know she might be getting some pleasure out of it, if my suspicions were correct.

Secondly, when she would wank me off on the bed, although she always wore panties which were large enough to cover her pussy well, she would push the fabric at the back of those into her butt crack, so as to expose more of the flesh of her ass cheeks. Again, I used to find this extremely arousing. It got me thinking that, as she was doing this anyway, perhaps I could suggest she wear something like a thong, or g-string which would have the same visual effect, in a better way, but I hadn't felt confident enough to say that so far. In any case, I didn't know if she owned anything like that, or had worn such an item, even for when dad had been around.

Another thing was that, as the week had gone on, she seemed to have become much more relaxed about the whole thing. Originally, when Dr. Taylor had suggested mom help me get samples of my semen for accuracy in collection, she had been a bit twitchy and reluctant. But as each day went by, she became a bit more easy going with me. And not just about doing that, but also in our day-to-day conversations and how she behaved at home. She had become a bit less moody and temperamental. Also, she seemed to be wearing a bit more make-up around the house, and her hair seemed better kept, which I'd never noticed before.

She seemed to be changing. Maybe it was just a co-incidence and nothing to do with our cum measuring sessions. Or maybe it was.

As mom's mood improved, I had also kept on thinking about how I might be able to push things a bit more in our sessions. I had become much less self-conscious about my body and being nude in front of her, and her seeing my erect dick. I desperately wanted to suck on her nipples and tits and kiss that wonderful backside of her's. But I just couldn't hink of a way to suggest that. And I didn't want to push things too far, too quickly, just in case it all went wrong.

Although I had an inkling that mom might be getting some kind of secret sexual gratification out of our sessions, I couldn't be sure, and didn't want to ruin things in case she got angry with me, and stopped the whole thing. So I decided not to push it. I was still enjoying our sessions anyway. After all, how many son's get the chance to actually see their mom semi nude, topless, wearing only panties, and feel up her tits and ass whilst she wanked them off! I should be grateful for what I was getting!

It still bothered me, though, why I had the ache in my balls everyday, until I had cum several times, and only then felt normal by the end of the day. I guess Dr Taylor would let us know after she had all the results. Mom had been keeping a daily note of how much cum I had been producing, noting down the measurements from the lines on the sides of the semen beaker, after each of our sessions. From what I remembered, Dr Taylor had said she would let us know the results of the blood tests early next week.

During our last session on Friday evening, after I had cum, but before saying goodnight mom said "We'll have more time over the weekend," kissed me on the cheek as she normally did, and went off to bed. As I drifted off to sleep, I kept on thinking what she had meant by that. Time would only tell!


As I awoke next morning, sleepily, I looked at the lock radio on the bedside cabinet. It was 8.00 am. Feeling my semi hard-on, I realised mom hadn't come in like she had been doing the last few mornings. Then I remembered it was Saturday. She must be having a lie in, like she normally did on weekends.

I turned over, nuzzled my face into the pillows, pulled my duvet up so it covered my face and curled back into the warmth and comfort of my bed. It was the best part of waking up on weekend mornings, nuzzling back into bed after just waking up.

I think I must have drifted off to another gentle sleep for a while. The next thing I knew, something was touching my arm and I heard my name.

"Jacob, come on sleepy head."

I turned, opened my eyes and saw mom standing over me in her dressing gown and holding a mug in one hand.

"Morning, young man," she said with a smile.

"Morning, mom," I replied, smiling back.

"I've bought you some tea. As it's the weekend, I thought we could do our first session in the bathroom whilst you shower."

"Ok, mom" I replied. "Thanks for the tea" I added, sitting up and taking it from her hand. It had been ages since she had bought me tea in bed. Maybe this was sign of a good day to come.

She sat down on the bed next to me. "I'm going shopping after breakfast, so I'll be out until about mid afternoon. What are you doing today?"

I hadn't got anything planned so I said "Not much. I might go out later and meet up a few friends, but that won't be till late afternoon, if I manage to get hold of someone on the phone. Why?"

"Oh, I just wanted to plan our sessions for today," she said, looking at me hard in the eyes. "As I've got a bit more time over the weekend, it just makes it easier time-wise."

Like last night, I wasn't quite sure what she meant by that, but my dick was stirring under the duvet.

"And I just wanted to have a talk with you about how you were feeling now, and if your condition has improved any? Be honest with me now."

"Well," I said hesitating a little, "I still have these aches..er.. you know...in my ba...I mean testicles," I said.

"It's ok, you can call them your balls," said mom, picking up on my stammer. "I don't mind if you use normal slang words for our body parts -- I did mention that to you before," said mom reassuringly.

My dick stirred again.

"In my balls I mean," I said, going along with her.

"And do you still feel better after cuming several times by the end of the day?"

"Yes," I replied.

"Well, let's see what news Dr Taylor will give us this week. You know she is going to let us have your blood tests results on Monday or Tuesday, don't you?"

"Yes, mom," I said. "I remembered this morning about that."

"Good," she replied. "Lets see if we can get some more samples this weekend then, and make you feel a little better," she added, with a slight look of concern, but smiling reassuringly too. "I'm sorry I had a go at you earlier in the week about not believing you."

"That's ok mom," I replied, a little surprised and touched by her sudden apology.

"Call me when you are in the shower. I just need to do something downstairs in the meantime."

"Ok, mom" I said. "Thanks."

Mom got up and left the room. I couldn't help watching her ass sway under her dressing gown as she walked away.

I sipped on my tea for a while and thought about what mom had said. She seemed quite concerned and keen to help me. It was nice to see her like that. Being the way she was normally -- which was quite temperamental and moody, and not expressing much love to me, it kind of mellowed my heart a bit to see her apparent warmth and concern. Her mood certainly had improved during the course of the week.

I did have a problem of sorts, and I hoped the doctor would let us know if there was anything to be really concerned about, or whether this was just one of those 'growing up phases around puberty' that she had mentioned it might be. But also, out of all this, I was getting some real sexual turn on and relief. Ok, so my balls ached a bit at times and I needed to spurt out a lot of cum, but, hey, I was really enjoying doing it by the way mom was helping me!

My dick stirred again. I wondered for a moment what mom had really meant about 'having more time' over the weekend. I looked over at the clock. It was 9.30 am. I decided to shower. I was dying to see mom's body again.

I gave myself an extra good clean all over and then shouted down to mom.

My dick was already a little hard thinking about what was to come. By now, I was much more comfortable about her seeing me nude as well as my hard on in all its glory, so I just stood there, wiping my face with the towel and rubbing my hair dry. I knew there was no point in drying the rest of my body, as mom seemed to insist on rinsing my cock and butt whenever we had a session in the bathroom.

I heard her come up the stairs and walk into my bedroom towards the en-suite bathroom.

She knocked on the door like she normally did.

"Ok, hon?" she said, from the other side of the bathroom door, which was only a few inches ajar.

"Yea, come in mom," I said, in a happy tone.

Mom came in. She was still wearing her dressing gown, which was one of those made of towelling fabric, with a belt tied by a knot in the middle. She was holding the semen-measuring beaker in one hand as usual.

She looked at me, and then down at my dick, which was semi hard as usual at this time in the proceedings.

She licked her lips again. She had done this a few times, and I was certain she was not aware she was doing it.

"As I mentioned earlier, " she said looking at me, "I've got more time over the weekend, and as I haven't showered yet, I thought we could kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, if I joined you in the shower. I can take your sample and shower off as well. And we'll save a bit on the hot water."

I stood in silence looking at her, trying to take in what she had just said.

Then, she undid her robe, pulling on the belt so it untied and fell loose, pulled it off over her shoulders, and let it fall to the floor. It was only when it had dropped down fully, that I saw she was completely nude, as my eyes dropped to her crotch area and saw the hairs on her pussy. Fuck!

I blushed, like I never had before. A deep red streak must have shot along my neck and cheeks.

Mom had not looked at me whilst she took off her robe, and in a 'matter of fact' way she said, "You've seen me half naked anyway over the past few days, so I guess, it doesn't really matter if you see me completely nude. Naturists do it all the time. Move along a bit."

She waved her forefinger at me to move towards the tap end of the bath. As I did so, she held the semen beaker in one hand, and with her large hanging tits rolling freely from side to side, she lifted one leg up and over into the bath, followed by the other, and stood in front of me in the bath, completely naked.

As you might imagine, by now my dick was raging up. I looked at mom's wonderful boobs momentarily, and then my eyes automatically went down to her pubes again. I could see a neatly trimmed patch of hairs covering her pussy!

She saw my straining cock and said, "Well, at least you are well and truly ready for your morning session."

I gulped.

All this had left me truly speechless so far, but trying to compose myself, I said, in a hesitating, high-pitched voice after clearing my throat a little, "Yea, mom, I think I'm ready." It was all I could think of!

"Grab the showerhead for me will you," she said. I turned around and pulled the detachable showerhead off the wall bracket, switched the water on, and turned back around, handing it to mom as I faced her.

My dick was sticking out rock hard in front of me. I was dying to cum.

"Let me give you a quick rinse," she said. And with that, she sprayed the water over my straining prick, running her free hand along the shaft, and then moved down to my balls, cupping and feeling them as she did so.

"Turn around," she said.

I did a quick u-turn and faced the tap end wall.

I felt her spray my back and then my buttocks.

"Hand me the shower gel will you dear," she said. I'd never heard her ask for that before, as she would normally only rinse me off, but I picked up the bottle and moved my hand backwards, passing it to her without turning around.

Momentarily, I heard her let the showerhead fall down into the bath with the spray still coming out, and then she said, "I do like you to be especially clean all over, so I'm just going to rub some of this shower gel along your butt crack towards your balls. Bend forward for me a little."

I couldn't believe my ears! I turned my head to one side as if to turn around and mom said, "Don't worry, I'll be gentle. It's not as if I haven't done this before young man. Who cleaned your butt crack when you were much younger?"

Jesus, I couldn't quite believe what mom had just said, but I complied with her instructions.

I felt her run a finger along my ass-crack, making me flinch a little as she ran over my asshole and then touch my balls, rubbing some shower gel along there.

Then, I felt her rub my buttocks up and down, giving them a good feel.

Finally, she grabbed the showerhead again, spraying my butt and up between my ass cheeks, rinsing me off under there.

"There, that's better," she said after a minute or two of rinsing me off.

"Turn off the water and turn around now," she continued.

I did so, and she looked down at my raging hard-on jerking up at her.

"It will be easier to take the sample if I kneel down in front of you," she said. Then to my further amazement, she knelt down in the bath so that her face was virtually level with my dick and balls, and started stroking it. I could almost feel her breath on my piss-slit, it was so close to her lips. God, I felt like sticking it in her mouth there and then, but controlled myself!

Her right hand wrapped my dick firmly as she pumped me. As I looked down, I saw her glorious boobs wobble and jiggle as she did so. Fuck! What an amazing sight!

After all that had happened so far, and seeing mom knelt down in front of me, naked and pumping my hard cock for she was worth, I felt the spunk rise in my balls and let her know as normal.

"I'm gonna cum, quick, mom," I said.

She grabbed the semen beaker, which she had placed in the bath next to her, with her free hand and positioned it so the tip of my prick was pointing into it, and with her other hand continued pulling on my cock, hard and fast.

"Uh..Uh...Ohhhhhhhhhh," I said out loud as I came. My eyes closed, but I could feel thick wads of creamy white spunk spurting into the semen beaker.

As usual, mom milked every last drop from me, until I went limp. I opened my eyes and I saw her wipe the tips of her fingers into the beaker as normal, making sure she got every last bit.

I was on a real high and sat down on the edge of the bath to compose myself.

"Feeling better?" mom asked questioningly, holding up the semen beaker for me to see. "Look at that."

I looked up and saw the beaker was almost a third full, which seemed a lot, considering the size of it. I'd kind of got used it by now.

"Yea, that was really good mom," I said truthfully. "I do feel much better now."

"Good," she said, placing the beaker on a glass shelf above the end of the bath.

"Now, I'm going to use your bathroom to shower as I said before, whilst I'm here, but before you go, there's something you can do for me."

"Ok," I said, hesitatingly, not sure what to expect.

"At my age, it's getting harder to reach all my body parts, so just soap up my back for me, and then you can go. That will be helpful."

"Sure, mom," I said, pleased to be able to help her in some way. I stood up again in the bath. As we were standing, I was still at the tap end.

Mom said, "I'd need to swap places with you to be near the shower end. You don't have to get out, I think we can just squeeze past each other in here."

My bath was a fairly large one, but two people could not stand side by side in the width part without touching each other, but there was just enough room to get by. As mom moved herself so she was sliding along, facing me, I did the same, facing her, and our bodies touched. Her boobs squeezed along my chest and I felt her nipples rub into me. Even more tantalisingly, as I held her shoulders for support, because we were about the same height, my pubic area and cock, which was still limp, brushed across her pussy mound! Fuck!

She did not say anything and neither did I, but as she turned so as to face away from me towards the shower, I felt the blood rush to my prick. I was still not quite erect, but the effect of the manoeuvre we had just performed, and touching her pussy area with my dick, had been like an electric current through me.

In all our activity in the bath so far, I had not managed to see mom's fully naked ass clearly due to our positions. Although I was now standing behind her, I still could not see it 'full on' as I was not at, or near, eye level, with it. I looked down and saw the milky white globes of her buttocks as they arched outwards and curved back towards her thighs. Her ass was large, but not too big, and it still retained a good round shape and form with taught skin. It looked fucking hot as I looked down! Despite the fact I had cum just a moment ago, my dick started to get slightly hard again, although mom could not see that, as she had her back to me.

I grabbed the shower gel and started rubbing it on and around mom's back in wide swirling motion. I moved from her shoulder blades, to the centre of her back, and down to the tops of her buttocks. I was hoping my increasing hard on would go back down, but, as I moved my hands to mom's lower back, I just couldn't help let the tips of my fingers slide over the top part of her buttocks, and that just made my cock spring up a touch more, although it was not quite a semi hard-on yet.

Mom had not objected when I touched the flesh over the top of her buttocks.

I moved my hands back up to her shoulders and lathered in the soap a bit more, almost as if was massaging her shoulders and upper back area.

"Oh, that feels good," said mom in a grateful tone. I felt her relax her shoulder blades down as I did so.

Feeling encouraged by this, I carried on massaging the soap into her back. Then, I decided to take another chance. As the tips of my fingers went to her lower back and reached the tops of her buttocks again, I let both my palms slide gently over each butt cheek, one in each hand, as I rubbed soap into the deep, thick flesh there. I was careful not to let my fingers go anywhere near her butt crack, as that would probably have been going too far.
Mom did not make any disapproving remarks as I did this. So as not to seem like I was lingering on her ass, but just making sure I was soaping her up properly, I slid my hands slowly up again, onto her back.

Then I repeated the whole thing, massaging her back and lathering in the shower gel, and finally again sliding my hands down over her ass cheeks, this time cupping a full deep handful as I squeezed the flesh there whilst rubbing the soap in.

Although mom had not said anything so far about my soaping up her ass 'unasked', the net effect of all this was that my dick had just raged up again. Mom could not see it, but I was fully hard again now, and desperately thinking what to say, and trying to avoid touching mom's ass with the tip of my dick, by moving back a few inches!

Then, quite unexpectedly mom bent forward a little to pick up a sponge and as she did so, the centre of her butt crack went over the tip of my stiff prick, going into it a little way.

"Oops, ....was that your finger?" she said, as she straightened up suddenly.

"Er...no...mom," I said hesitatingly. "Er.., I'm sorry but I think soaping you up has made me hard again," I added. There was no hiding it now.

Mom turned around at saw my hard-on, sticking right up towards her.

"Goodness me" she said, "How did that happen so quick? You've only just cum!"

"Er...well...I think it was seeing your ass mom," I said, deciding to be completely honest. There was no point in hiding what was happening.

"You only just rubbed some soap in," she said, almost aghast.

"Well...er...mom," I said hesitating again, "It's just that I...er..I find your body really arousing and ...well...especially your ass."

"Well, really," said mom in a tone that treated what I had said as childish, like I was a kid who didn't know any better.

"This will never do. We'll have to get this childish, teenage, sexual excitement worked out of you, so we can collect your samples in a more adult way!" she continued, a bit more sternly.

I looked at her slightly confused, not knowing quite what she meant, with my dick still poking out towards her.

"I know I need to stimulate you to get your samples, but this is ridiculous!" She looked at me hard in the eye.

"Well, I guess you need to cum again?"

"Yes, I think so," I said. "But, although I'm hard, I think I need more stimulation to get the cum out as it is so soon."

"It's not stimulation you need, I think. More like sex, young man," she replied. "What are we to do with you, young man?" she continued, a little exasperated, and again in a tone like she was dealing with a naughty child, but not really sounding too annoyed

"Err....," I said, turning red in the face and completely confused now at what to do or say at her remarks.

"Never mind," said mom, seeing my confused, helpless state. "Ok, well first hand me the semen beaker," she continued.

I turned around and picked up the beaker from the shelf. It still had my cum in it from the previous time.

Turning back around, I handed it to mom. I had become a little soft again due to mom's rather brisk exchange of words.

Mom noticed and said, "It's gone soft again. Are you sure you need to cum?"

"I am," I said, feeling a slight ache.

With a bit of a sigh, mom said, "Ok, then, you might as well touch my ass again as you find it so interesting, and then we can get this over with, so I can finish my shower. Just tell me when you are ready to cum so I can get the beaker into position.

Holding the semen beaker in one hand, mom turned around, showing me her back and ass again. Then, as if to offer her ass to me better, she bent forward just a little, placing her free hand on the tiled wall in front of her for support.

I started cupping and feeling mom's still soaped up, wonderful, large buttocks again. The feel and sight of her glorious ass was extremely arousing, and in no time my dick was fully hard again, sticking out towards her butt cheeks.

I felt an instinctive desire to ram my cock along her butt crack and up into her pussy, but I knew that was completely out of the question.

Instead, I thought of something else quickly. "Mom, would you mind if I just slapped your butt cheeks with the cock a little. That would be really helpful, and I'm sure I'll be ready to cum quick then.

"Oh, go on then," replied mom, in a tone that sounded like she was saying 'let's get this over with'. "But mind you don't stick it into my ass crack."

With my lust raging now, mom's words were music to my ears, and I took hold of my prick with my right hand and slapped mom's buttocks a few times with the tip of my dick, and rubbed the piss-slit over the flesh of her ass cheeks, wiping my pre-cum on her.

"Oh, that feels good mom," I said savouring the feel of her ass flesh on my stretched cock-head, and seeing the way each buttock rippled and indented with each movement.

"I felt the cum rise in my calls after a just a few moments of doing this, and knowing I could not last anymore I said, "Ok, mom, get the beaker ready."

Mom whipped herself around quickly, knelt down, and seeing I was holding my prick already so she needn't use her own hand, positioned it so the head of my prick went into the beaker. I wanked myself off into it as she held it correctly in position, watching me spurt my thick, creamy cum.

"Uooooohhh......," I grunted, loudly than ever before, as I came. I hadn't wanked myself in front of mom before, and just doing that added to the excitement of the moment as well.

She held the beaker in place whilst I pumped myself for as long as I could, until the cum waves stopped.

Mom stood up after I had finished and looked in the beaker again.

"This is amazing," she said looking at it. "It's just over half full now."

I had sat down on the edge of the bath, as I'd become slightly light headed. As I recovered and looked up at the beaker, I saw what mom meant. It looked like I'd produced almost the same amount of cum as a few minutes ago, and so soon!

All I knew was that I felt much better, and the ache in my balls had eased up.

"Satisfied for now young man?" said mom looking down at me, and in a tone a bit like she was talking to a kid.

"Er...yea mom, thanks," I replied, and actually feeling a bit like child who had wanted to play with a toy.

"Give yourself a quick rinse and then go and get dressed, and leave me to finish my shower," she said, handing me the showerhead and turning the water on.

I gave myself a quick wash and stepped out of the bathtub.

"I think we need to get as much cum out of you as possible, Jacob," said mom, in a stern, business like manner, as she stood naked in the bath looking at me, whilst I dried myself off, "So that Dr Taylor knows exactly how much you are producing. I think we should modify the frequency of our sessions a bit just to see just how much we can get. I'll have to think about how we should proceed, and," she paused for a moment, "How to deal with your now obvious sexual desires towards my body." And with that, before I had the chance to say anything, she drew the shower curtain across firmly and turned on the shower.

Not quite understanding what she had just said, I walked back into my bedroom and lay down on the bed, still naked, and closed my eyes. I was still half in a daze from the high of my orgasm and seeing mom completely nude for the first time. Fuck! That had been amazing!

To be continued...

Measuring My Cum Ch. 05
I felt something slap against my butt cheek, and then again a couple of times. It felt like a hand. I woke up with a jerk. I had drifted off to sleep, only for a few minutes it seemed, as I lay naked on my bed whilst mom had finished her shower. Now she stood over me next to the bed. She had a bath towel wrapped around her, and had been slapping my naked butt with her hand to wake me up.

"This will never do young man," she said sternly. "It's almost 10.30. Why haven't you put any clothes on?" I had drifted off to sleep on my side, so mom must have had a good view of my ass and back whilst she slapped me. As I turned on my back, to now face her, I saw her looking at my balls and dick again, which, for now, was still limp. She licked her lips again. As before, I was sure she was not aware she was doing this and it was almost an involuntary action.

"Oh, sorry mom," I said, apologetically. "Must have drifted off to sleep. I felt a bit sleepy after cumming twice in the bathroom, and lay on the bed for a few minutes to recover, that's all."

"Oh," replied mom more calmly, apparently pacified at my explanation.

"Well, I hope you remember what I said in there. We have some serious talking to do later. I'll probably think things over whilst I'm out. Make yourself breakfast after you put your clothes on. I'll be going straight out when dressed."

As she spoke about dressing, I had a sudden idea.

"Mom, I'm not really in the mood to go out today, now. I think I'll just stay at home all day. I was wondering...er...well...as I'm going to have to dress and undress a few times later when we have our, ...you know...sessions, ...it would just be easier if I...er, ...I mean, ...if I just wore say, my boxer shorts, and that dressing gown I got a couple of years back. You know, the one I've hardly worn. Maybe I could wear it around the house with just my boxers on underneath to save bother. After all, you have seen enough of my body by now."

Mom looked at me in silence for a moment, as if she was considering what I had just said. After a pause, she said, "Well, I guess it doesn't matter if you do, and it would save us some time. As long as we've got no guests coming over, I'm ok for you to dress like that. But only whilst we are having to do our sessions mind, and back to normal after this is hopefully all over," she said in a firm tone. "And, I guess it will save a bit on the laundry," she added, in a more relaxed way, and as if she was giving herself another reason to agree to my request.

With that she started walking out of my bedroom, still with the bath towel wrapped around her.

I lay back on the bed for a moment again. I didn't know where I'd got that idea all of a sudden, and the courage to say it! It just seemed to happen!

I was referring to a 'house-gown' I had bought a couple of year's back -- one of those impulse buys. It was like a dressing gown, but made of fine, smooth fabric, which I couldn't remember the name of, dark blue in colour with an embroidered design over the back. It was really designed for the 'man' who liked to lounge around at home without much on underneath after a shower or bath. Looking back, I don't know why I'd really bought it, except it looked nice in the shop. Mom had refused to let me wear it around the house when she was around, being the prude she was (or I had thought she was), so it had ended up folded up and unused, in my cupboard.

But now, it seemed appropriate enough to wear it, and the circumstances were right! Mom had agreed, and that was great. I got up, slipped on a pair of loose fitting, comfy boxer shorts, and rummaged around in my clothes cupboard until I found the gown.

I put it on and looked at myself in the long mirror in the corner of my room. The gown still fitted me well, going down to just above my knees, and was very comfortable, with a tie-belt around the middle. The fabric was not quite silk or satin, but still smooth and luxurious feeling. The dark blue colour was quite alluring and stylish! I almost looked like some rich guy lounging around at home! I smiled at my reflection in the mirror and posed a bit, and then decided to go down to get some breakfast.

Mom came into the kitchen not long after. She was fully dressed with some make up on, looking ready to go out. She was wearing a beige coloured, fine corduroy skirt, and light brown, lambswool, v-necked sweater, which was quite clingy and showed off the size of her large boobs well. Although the sweater was a v-neck, it sat quite close to her neckline, so only a little part of bare skin under her neckline showed. I could make out the top of a fine gold necklace around her neck, which she sometimes wore when going out. She looked quite nice and 'lady like', and it excited me to see her like that, knowing that I had seen her completely naked not long before.

She looked at me up and down in my house gown for a moment, but didn't say anything, and then put some money on the kitchen worktop.

"I have to do some shopping," she said, pouring herself a short coffee. "I had something to eat earlier, so I'm off now. Here's some money for lunch. Order yourself a pizza or something," she continued. "And see if you can tidy up a bit whilst you're at home, instead of being lazy. Bye." And with that, she took a final sip from her coffee cup, turned and went.

"Bye, mom," I said, as she walked down the hall.

I heard her slam the front door shut and the car starting.

As I sat at the kitchen table, I thought back to what mom had said in our session in the bathroom. It had been a real turn on for me, seeing her completely nude for the first time. And she had let me play with her wonderful butt for a few moments! Fuck! But she had also sussed out my desires towards her body. I felt a little like I had been caught thinking something I shouldn't have. But I just couldn't help my sexual urges! I was a red bloodied male at 18 and seeing her nude body was just a complete turn on for me! The fact that it was my mom...well that just seemed to make it a little more exciting for some reason. Maybe it was the closeness and trust of the relationship.

I wondered what she would do now, and if she would become more strict. But she had also said something about increasing the frequency of our sessions to see just how much I could cum. It was confusing, and felt a slight headache come on as I thought about it. I decided it wasn't worth getting a headache over. There was no point, and I guess I'd find out soon anyway what she was going to do about our sessions when she got back home.

The ache in my balls had eased a bit as I'd cum twice that morning, but I knew it would start up again in an hour or two and I'd be ready to cum with mom, hopefully, still helping. My dick stirred a bit at the thought.

The next few hours seem to fly by. I did a bit of tidying up in the kitchen and living room as mom had asked, as I thought it best to get her in a good mood for when she came back. Then I ordered a nice large pizza and a bottle of coke, all to myself.

After eating, I watched TV. A couple of friends phoned whilst I was watching, and we chatted about this and that. They had no idea what was happening between me and mom at home, and it was going to stay that way.

At around 3pm, I heard mom's car pull into the driveway. I didn't fancy going out in my gown to help her with the bags (and she probably wouldn't want the neighbours to see me like that), so I just opened the front door and picked them up to take into the kitchen, as she placed them inside our porch. They looked mostly like groceries, but there were a few other nicer looking bags, which I didn't see into, which looked like mom had gone downtown to the main shopping mall to buy something.

Mom came in and closed the door. She had a serious look on her, but looked pleased when she saw I had tidied the place up a bit.

"You've done some housework I see, Jacob," she said, looking at me up and down in my gown like she had done earlier in the morning.

"Yea, mom, it's the least I can do right now, as you've been...er....helping me....you know."

Mom looked away from me and got on with sorting out the groceries and her other bags. "I'm going to make myself something to eat," she said, all serious again. "Do you want anything?"

"No," I replied. "I ordered pizza while you were out."

"Well, go and do something for a while and I'll give you a call when I'm ready for our little chat I mentioned we'd have."

"Ok, mom," I said a little nervously, and went off to my room.

I decided to read a book to take my mind off things. After about an hour, I heard mom call me.

I went downstairs and found she was at the kitchen table.

"Sit down" she said.

I pulled up a chair next to her at the table and sat down.

My eyes wandered to her boobs momentarily as they stuck out of her tight fitting sweater, and then back to her face. I think she noticed.

"Jacob, I had a good think whilst I was out today," she started. "Although I had initially agreed to give you some stimulation to help you to cum for medical reasons, it seems that seeing my body has raised some sexual urges in you."

She paused for a moment.

"Now, thinking it over," she continued, "I realise it's only natural for you to react like that, seeing a woman's body in real life for the first time, even if it's the body of your mother. If we hadn't had to go through this routine as Dr. Taylor had suggested, I'm sure you would not have developed such urges towards me, as I am your mother."

I nodded in agreement, going along with what she had said. It sounded good so far, and better than I'd expected. And I wasn't stupid enough to say I had lusted after her body for some years. Not at this point, anyway.

"So," she continued, "I've decided that I am prepared to continue giving you the stimulation you need."

"Thanks, mom," I said, smiling at her, and feeling slightly relieved.

"However," she continued, "From our session this morning, I can see that you do need to work out some of these urges, and it may be of some benefit to include in our sessions some extra activities which will help you to cum." She paused again, letting what she had said sink in.

I was still not sure what she meant.

"I think in order to be able to give Dr Taylor as much information as possible, we need to try to make you cum as much as we can, just to see where your limit is. So far we've stopped our sessions when you are comfortable, rather than seeing how many times you can actually cum. And also it's been a bit awkward during the week, as I'm at work and you're at college."

I looked at her still confused. "So, what do you mean mom?" I said a little hesitatingly.

"What I mean, is that, in order to stimulate you and help you cum as often as possible, over this weekend, I am going to give you constant visual stimulation."

I gulped.

"Er....ok," I said, again not really sure what she meant.

"Which means that I am going to wear clothes and other garments appropriate to do that. I went to some lingerie shops today and bought a few items that may help with our sessions."

Fuck! I couldn't believe what I just heard. A lump developed in my throat, I gulped again and my dick stirred.

"Oh," I said, all innocently.

"I may not wear the lingerie all the time, but I have some other clothes that may do the job in stimulating you," she continued.

My dick was coming to life as she spoke, tenting up in my boxer shorts a little, and because I was just wearing the gown and no jeans, I realised it would soon show. However my crotch was partly under the table, so mom could not see it yet.

"And, it may also help you to cum, to go along with some of your natural urges with regard to my body," she continued.

"Er, ...in what way mom?" I managed to say meekly.

"Well, you tell me what you might like to do when we are having our sessions and I will let you know if that is acceptable to me."

"You mean about touching you," I said.

"Yes, and perhaps a few other things which you may naturally feel like doing."

I swallowed again and my mouth was suddenly feeling very dry. My dick was semi hard now.

"But," she continued, "One thing is totally off limits. You may not ever penetrate me. That would be completely wrong."

I blushed deeply at her words, knowing that she had thought I wanted to do that to her. Fuck, yes I did, but mom knowing that at this stage, felt deeply embarrassing.

"Ok, mom," I said in a high-pitched, embarrassed tone, trying to make out it was no big deal. I felt a tinge of disappointment run through me.

"And one other thing, is that I may do or suggest other things which women normally do to turn men on, which will also help you to cum," she added.

"Like what? "I said, curiously.

"Well, we'll see," she said, a bit mysteriously. "Why don't we wait for our sessions and then it will be more stimulating for you."

As she spoke my mind became flooded with things I'd seen in porn movies or in pictures and I just couldn't imagine for a moment that what I had known as my 'prim and proper mother' doing those to me.

I blushed again and my dick was now raging up.

"Do you feel like you need to cum now Jacob?" said mom, looking down towards my crotch area under the table.

"Well..er....it just so happens mom, that...er...you know....talking about this has...er...kind of...got me going again," I replied.

"Well don't hide it," she said, standing up and pushing her chair along the floor a little so she could sit a bit closer to me and see my crotch area better.

"From now on, you must tell me whenever you are becoming turned on and hard by looking at my body, especially as I will be dressed more appropriately to stimulate you. You must tell me as soon as you get aroused, so that we can do what we can to try to get a sample. We must get as many samples as we can for Dr Taylor, to show her just how much semen you are producing. Is that clear Jacob?"

"Yes," I replied obediently.

"Now, take that gown off."

I stood up in front of her as she sat about a foot away from me. She immediately saw the tent under my gown where my dick was. I undid the tie in the middle of the gown and let it open at the front. My dick burst out, through the gap in the front of my boxer shorts, and pointed directly up at her, the piss slit showing.

She looked at it hard, leaned across and stroked it gently. "That looks nice and ready," she said smiling a little, but still quite business like.

I pulled my gown off completely, and put it on the back of the chair I had been sitting on.

I was now standing with just my boxer's on, and my hard cock pointing through them.

"As I am going to be giving you visual stimulation at all times everywhere around the house, there's no reason we should not be able to collect your samples anywhere too. I'm going to get the semen beaker."

Mom had kept the beaker on a shelf by the kitchen window. She walked over to it, picked it up and came back and sat on the chair in front of me.

"Take off your boxer's," she said in an almost schoolmistress sort of tone.

I pulled them down and kicked them to one side, and my hard cock raged up, as I stood naked in front of her in our kitchen. This really turned me on, being in our kitchen like this, even though mom still had all her clothes on!

"I'd don't want you to cum on my sweater or bra just in case I miss catching it, and we do need to give you as much stimulation as possible, so I'm going to take them off," she said, much to my pleasure.

Mom put the semen beaker down on the table next to us and pulled her sweater off over her head, and put it on the back of her chair. I saw she was wearing a black bra. Then still standing and facing me, she unclipped her bra from the back, putting on the chair over her sweater, and exposing her large hanging boobs, which flopped a bit as she did so. The fine gold necklace which I had noticed earlier, was still around her neck, and it made her look a touch more sexy, as her large swaying boobs hung down below it.

Seeing her like this in front of me, caused my prick to rage up further.

Then she sat back down on the chair so my cock was almost level with her face. Mom started stroking it up and down. As she did so I looked at the nipples on her boobs and the wide areole surrounding them. Boobs like that had always turned me on enormously in my porn collection, and here they were in real life. Fuck!

I wanted to suck on them, but I was still hesitant to do anything different to our routine so far.

"I did say to tell me what you naturally feel like doing from now on," said mom, taking her eyes off my straining cock for a moment and up at me.

I looked down at her, blushed a little, and said, "Er, ...well, ...I'd sort of like to...er...suck on them a little, ...if that's ok with you."

"Well, that sounds quite normal and natural," she said. "You may do so, as long as you don't bite hard on them. Be gentle."

I knelt down so as to be more at eye level with mom's wonderful hanging boobs, and firstly, squeezed and cupped them softly with my hands. Then, I gently licked around her left nipple and sucked on it, taking more of the boob into my mouth as I did so, whilst my right hand caressed her right boob. It felt fantastic and my dick jerked up even more.

Then I moved my mouth over to her right nipple and did the same, this time rubbing and caressing the left boob with my left hand as I sucked on the right one. Fuck! The sensation was mind blowing!

I had heard mom gasp a little whilst I sucked on and played with her tits. "You haven't done this for around 18 years," she said softly.

I was too busy sucking and licking on her boobs to reply.

Then, after a minute or two of this, she said, "Ok, that's enough for now, let me stroke your cock again."

I stood up and poked my hard on towards mom's face.

She licked her lips again. I wanted to ask her to suck my knob, but still felt too embarrassed to do so. Her mouth was close enough for me to feel her breath on the end of my prick. She seemed to be concentrating on my piss slit as she stroked along my shaft.

Then, although I wasn't feeling brave enough to ask her to suck on my dick yet, I had another idea, which I did feel brave enough to say. "Er...mom... can I rub it between your boobs?"

"Yes, that should be ok," she said, almost straight away, much to my relief.

She moved herself forward a bit towards the edge of the chair and held her boobs up towards me, one in each hand. I grabbed my cock with my right hand and started stroking it between the flesh of her boobs in her cleavage. Mom held each tit carefully and firmly in position, squeezing the flesh around my dick and looking down watching me slide my cock between them, and up towards her chin. Fuck, this was great!

As I continued, I could see pre-cum at the tip of my prick, and some of it went on her boobs as I slid between them.

"Go on Jacob, fuck my boobs and cum," said mom encouragingly, all of a sudden.

Fuck! I couldn't believe my ears! I'd never heard her use language like that, and it was really arousing.

I continued fucking mom's beautiful full boobs, watching my pole slide between the fleshy mounds, whilst she held them tightly over my prick, almost like she was making a tit-pussy for them!

"Go on fuck them," said mom again, encouragingly.

It didn't take much more of this, and before long I felt the cum rise in my balls.

"Ok, mom, I'm gonna cum....," I said out loudly to warn her.

Immediately, she let go of her boobs, and grabbed the semen beaker with her left hand. With her right hand, she started pumping on my dick, which was at full stretch, pointing it into the beaker.

The feel of her hand on my dick was ecstatic, and after just a few firm stokes I felt myself spurt.
"Uhhhhhhh......," I said out loud, as my cum flooded into the beaker.

Mom carried on pumping me, gripping my dick firmly and milking as much cum out of me as possible, whilst I was still hard.

After what seemed like ages, the cum waves finally stopped, and she let go of me. I flopped back onto the chair, feeling light headed and like I needed to sit down due to the high of my orgasm to recover.

"Fuck, that was good," I said with my eyes half closed, and almost automatically. Then, realising I had sworn in front of mom, I opened my eyes and said, "Oops, sorry mom, I couldn't help saying that."

"That's ok," she said, still looking at the semen-beaker. I can understand your relief. I don't mind, as long as you don't get too crude. It is natural. And I did encourage you in a similar way too, which is what women do sometimes to help men cum."

It felt great to hear mom say that and I relaxed a bit more. then I looked at the beaker like she was doing. It was about a third full again. I seemed to be cumming about the same amount each time, even though this was my third session of the day.

"I can't believe you're still producing this much, as it's your third time today," she said. "It's not biologically possible. Surely, you must end up producing less each time by the end of the day? As we've only had 4 sessions per day so far, whilst I was working in the week, I'm sure we can manage more, as it's the weekend. And I'm sure you'll dry up by the time I've finished with you today."

I listened in silence, still recovering.

"Well, I'm going to change into something suitable to keep you stimulated whilst around the house, she said. "Clean yourself up and keep just your boxer shorts on under your gown. She got up, still topless, her boobs swinging freely and sexily in front of her, grabbed her sweater and bra from the back of the chair, and started walking out of the kitchen to go up to her bedroom

"I won't be long," she added as she left.

I watched her ass sway in her skirt as she walked, and I gulped again.

Wondering what mom would come down wearing to stimulate me, and hearing she was going to be like that all weekend was enough to get me going! Fuck! This was all just so awesome!

To be continued...

Measuring My Cum Ch. 06
Thanks again to everyone who has sent feedback for this series. I hope to do quite a few more chapters. Enjoy!

I didn't feel like going upstairs to wash, so I grabbed a few 'wet & wipe' tissues from a tub we kept in the kitchen, and gave my now limp cock a good clean and wipe over, especially around the tip as I pulled back the foreskin a little.

It felt exciting to be naked like this in our kitchen, mom having just wanked me off in here. Then, still in the nude, I walked out of the kitchen, along the hallway, and into our downstairs cloakroom, and flushed the wet tissues I had used to clean myself down the toilet.

As I washed my hands in the basin, I gave myself a look over in the mirror above it.

I almost had a glow about me. All this 'sexual activity', seemed to be a having a real positive effect on me.

Then, I walked back into the kitchen and pulled my boxer shorts on, followed by my house gown, and finally sat down at the kitchen table, waiting for mom to come down.

I started to wonder what she would wear for me. It was still rather amazing that she had said she would be giving me 'constant visual stimulation' over the rest of the weekend, whatever that meant. I could not imagine that she would be wearing sexy underwear for me all weekend, but the way things were going, I guess anything was possible! I hadn't yet even seen her in anything more than her regular old fashioned bra and panties, so the idea that she had gone to some lingerie shops especially to buy sexy stuff for me, to turn me on, was still pretty far out!

But, hey, I wasn't going to complain. It would be like a fantasy come true! As I thought over this, my dick stirred a bit, and I wondered just how much I could really cum. So far it had been four times a day, but I hadn't really pushed myself. But I guessed mom was right, it may well be useful to see where my limit was, and to provide as much information to Dr Taylor as possible about the extent of my seemingly incredulous cum production!

I also wondered just how far mom would let me go in terms of touching her, and perhaps more. But before I could think about this any more, I heard her start to come down the stairs, and I braced myself for whatever stirring sight might befall me as she came into the kitchen.

You could not see directly into our hall from the kitchen table where I sat, so it was only as she came around the corner that I saw her.

My jaw dropped.

Without looking at me, she just walked casually in and went over to the kitchen sink and started doing some washing up, with her back to me.

I just looked and stared, open mouthed, almost in amazement.

Before I tell you what she was wearing, just a short aside. You have to remember that up to now in my life, mom had always been rather 'prudish' in her clothing, being very straight laced and wearing long skirts and tops that would cover most of her body her well, although of course nothing could hide the size of her large boobs. Whatever she wore, it was normally very ladylike and conservative, with a big 'C'. And although she still had a reasonable figure and curves, she would always wear clothes that would never accentuate her largish, but still shapely ass.

But now as I looked at her in our kitchen just a few feet away from me, it was a sight to behold for any big butt and full figured woman loving, red-blooded male!

She was wearing light grey shorts and a low cut, pink blouse, and heels that were as high as I'd ever seen her wear, so that her legs and ass looked really sexy. I hadn't seen her in shorts for many years, but these were no ordinary shorts. They seemed to be made of soft, jersey like fabric that clung to her skin and moulded to every curve. Not only that, but it looked like she had cut them so that about one third of the lower part of her ass cheeks were showing! Fuck!

Her shorts weren't quite 'hot pants', but if you can imagine a mature voluptuous lady with a curvy figure and a largish butt in figure hugging shorts, that exposed about a third of her ass cheeks, that's what she was wearing! And they clung tightly into her butt crack, just to make it look even sexier! Fuck me!

"I know you have a thing for my bottom, Jacob," she said finally in a firm tone, and still with her back towards me, "So I've decided to wear things that will help to arouse you when you look at it."

I gulped.

"It...er...really...er...looks great mom," I said, hesitatingly, feeling my dick move in my boxer's, and not really sure what to say to her.

"Good," said mom, and finally turned around. Then I saw her front properly. She must have taken out one of her very old tops, which had string like shoulder straps, leaving exposed her upper shoulders. Not only that, but it looked like she had cut the fabric around the area which would normally have covered her boobs, so that there was a huge amount of cleavage showing! I could clearly see the shape of them, as they hung under her top. As I looked closer, I could make out her thick nipples protruding through the pink fabric. It looked like she wasn't wearing any bra!

Then my eyes wandered down to her crotch area. Jesus! The soft material of her shorts was so tightly pulled into her crotch that I could see the slight indent of her pussy line. My dick jerked up more in response.

Then, she looked at me hard in the eyes and said, "Oh, and by the way, I'm not wearing any bra or panties under these, in case you don't notice."

Fuck me! My mouth started watering, and my dick stirred in my boxer's again!

Then, before I could reply, she turned around and said, "Now Jacob, as it's almost 6.00pm, I'm going to start getting dinner ready. Just sit and watch me, and when you feel aroused enough to...you know...cum,....let me know, and we'll get another sample."

"Er,.. ok mom," I said. My dick was already moving like a snake under my gown, but it wasn't quite semi-hard yet. I didn't think it would be long though.

Mom walked over to the fridge, opened the large door and bent down to pick something up from the lower shelves. Fuck! Her ass was poking out back towards me, the soft fabric of her shorts stretching and pulling even tighter into and between her butt cheeks, so that her ass looked even hotter, if that could be possible, in those shorts!

"And while I get things ready," she said, standing up again and walking back to the worktop with some salad making stuff, "I want to ask you some questions which might help me to know just how best I can stimulate you, and it may also help to arouse you just by talking about it."

I swallowed again.

Mom stood with her back to me, her ass cheeks partly showing in her 'hot pants', and started cutting up some lettuce and tomatoes.

As she did so, she said, "Tell me Jacob, I know you like my bottom, but I'd like to know just what you like about it." Mom spoke almost like she was teasing me and I blushed.

"Well..er...," I started.

"Tell me honestly," she said. "Don't be shy."

"Well...er...I like the...er...fullness and roundness of it mom," I said, a bit timidly.

"Go on," she said.

Felling encouraged, I continued, "I've...er ...always liked largish asses' mom."

"And why is that Jacob?" quizzed mom. "I always thought men liked smaller, pert and firm, toned bottoms."

Feeling more a bit more confident, I said, "Well, they look nice in photos, but...er...I don't think you can...er...you know...get a nice deep handful of butt cheek with those."

Mom burst out into a little laugh.

"Oh, I see," she said. "And there I was I at my age thinking my butt was too big and unattractive."

I relaxed a bit at mom's laugh and began to feel more conversational. "Well, if it's too big and with lots of fat and cellulite it wouldn't be very attractive to me, but your ass is just right mom, not too big and not too small, and it's also still quite shapely and firm in places. It does sag a little bit, but that makes it even nicer for me, as I ...er...sort of like to see the flesh there jiggle and wobble as you walk, and I don't think you get that effect so much with firm, toned ones."

"Goodness me" said mom, "You do have a lot to say about backsides, and mine in particular!" She still had her back to me and was now mixing the salad in a large bowl and adding seasoning and dressing.

"You do still have quite nice curves, mom," I continued, feeling even more relaxed as we spoke, and like I wanted to tell mom how good looking I thought she still was. "And that's why I've said to you so many times about going out and meeting someone. I know you've been put off a lot with your experience with dad, but I'm sure plenty of single guys around your age would like to meet and date you. You never know, you might meet someone really nice."

Mom became silent and as she finished mixing the salad. She turned around and then walked over to the kitchen table, still holding the salad bowl, her bra-less tits sexily wobbling in her low cut top. She put the bowl on the table, bending forward towards me slightly so that I got an even better view of her cleavage.

"Thanks, Jacob," she said breaking into a smile. "That's nice of you to say so. I might take up your advice, as it's good to hear your opinion on how I look. But for now, we must concentrate on your little problem." She looked at me in hard the eyes for a moment, and then said, "Do you like the way my boobs look in my blouse?"

I swallowed again, and my dick now jerked up hard in my boxer's as I looked down into mom's cleavage right in front of her, and could see her large tits hanging freely under her top, as she had no bra on.

I blushed again, looking at her boobs, and said a little uncomfortably, "Er...yea mom,...er...they look really g...good."

"Do they look sexy?" she said, still holding her bent forward pose.

"Y..yep...they sure do mom," I replied, feeling an overwhelming desire to grab them, but controlling myself.

"Good," she said and stood up straight again and walked back to the worktop next to the cooker. I watched her ass cheeks wobble and swing from side to side in her tight shorts. My dick became a bit harder, but I knew I was not quite ready to cum.

"Do you like boobs too, then?" said mom quizzingly again.

"Yea...sure I do mom," I replied.

"But not as much as bottoms," she retorted.

"Well...I like both," I said blushing a little again. "Especially when boobs are large and...well...a bit floppy and jiggly, like yours mom," I added, to reassure her and truthfully too.

"So that's why you find my body so arousing is it?" said mom, still with her back to me whilst she put some pasta into a pan to boil up.

"Well...er...I like women with...er...full curves," I said.

"You mean voluptuous," said mom.

"Yea, I guess so," I replied.

"I see," said mom. "Well it's a good thing I look the way I do then isn't it Jacob, otherwise I might have had difficulty helping you to cum as Dr Taylor suggested?"

"Maybe," I said, not quite knowing what to say to that.

There was silence for a minute or two.

"Are you feeling aroused yet Jacob?" said mom, finally breaking it. She was now mixing up some pasta sauce and meatballs, still with her back to me.

"Yes, I am," I replied. "I'm hard."

"Well, why didn't you say?" said mom, turning around and looking at me.

"I didn't feel I was quite ready until now," I replied.

"Ok, just wait a minute or two while I get everything ready to go on simmer to cook. We'll have about half an hour then before it's all ready, so we'll have time to squeeze in another session before we eat."

My dick jerked up again in my boxer's and tented up my gown as she spoke.

Mom carried on adding ingredients and mixing the saucepans as she stood with her back to me, facing the cooker.

Then, after a few minutes, she turned around and said, "Ok, that's done. Follow me upstairs." And with that, she grabbed the semen beaker from the windowsill near her, and started walking out of the kitchen.

I got up and followed her, my eyes locked on her ass as she walked.

As I walked behind her up the stairs, I almost started salivating, watching her ass cheeks, which were almost level with my face as she took each step. It looked almost liked she was swinging her hips even more than normal as she walked up, just to give me some extra stimulation! Fuck!

Reaching the top of the stairs, she walked into my bedroom, and I followed.

"I think perhaps we should do things a bit differently now," she said, as we reached the side of the bed and stood next to it. "Rather than have you lying on the bed whilst I wank you off, it may give you more stimulation if we added some variety."

"Er...ok," I said. The tent in my gown was now clearly showing.

Mom looked at it and said, "Well, take your gown and boxer's off and lets, see that nice hard cock of yours again."

Fuck! Mom talking like that was turning me on even more. She sat down on the bed facing me to watch me undress.

I took off my gown and threw it on the far corner of my bed. My hard-on popped out through the front of my boxer shorts as I did so. I pulled them down, and chucked them into the same corner as my gown. Now, I stood naked in front of mom, with my proud, full hard-on pointing up at her.

"I think perhaps we should start with some breast stimulation," she said, and started to take off her top, pulling it over her head. Mom's gorgeous boobs came into full view.

She held them for me, for a moment, pointing them in my direction. She'd never done that before, and it made my hard –on jerk up at her. "Come and play with these lovelies," she said invitingly.

I couldn't believe how eager to please mom seemed to have become.

"Give them a suck, Jacob."

I knelt down in front of her, and like I had done in our session in the afternoon, I gave each one a good suck and lick, paying close attention to each nipple, and caressing and cupping each boob generously, and feeling the wonderful soft flesh of each. This time, mom let me carry on much longer than before. My prick was rampant as I did this, kneeling in front of her.

Then, after letting me do this for what seemed like ages, I was beginning to think mom would now let me fuck her boobs again, like last time, but she surprised me by saying, "Now, Jacob, as you've been so nice to me about my bottom, I'm going to give you a special treat. I'm going to get up and you may give it a feel and a kiss through the material of my shorts."

"Fuck! This was the first time she was letting me kiss her wonderful ass!

Mom stood up, her tits swaying freely and sexily as she did so, turned around so her back was to me and then spread her legs a little and bent over so that her hands were resting on the mattress, with her arms straight for support, and offered me her glorious backside.

Fucking hell! Her pose was really enticing and arousing, and all I could do was just drop to my knees again, so that my face was level with her buttocks, and I just slobbered, kissed and licked the lower part of her ass cheeks that were exposed, like I was some wild crazed animal. Fuck!

"Easy now," said mom, realising I was all over her buttocks like something possessed. "You'll have plenty of chance to do this later too."

Man, hearing her talk like that, rather than calming me down, just caused my prick to rage up even further.

After a moment, I eased up on the way I was kissing the visible uncovered part of her ass, and then started to feel each butt cheek where it was still covered by her tight shorts, and kissed them through the material.

Then, looking more closely at the area where her butt crack was, which now had the fabric of her shorts caught, and tightly stretched in it, creating a sort of 'canal', I realised I could see the indentation of her pussy crack, as the soft, thin fabric was so tight against it. Fuck!

I desperately wanted to kiss her there through the material of her shorts, so I started to kiss all around the outside of her butt crack first and then just let the tip of my tongue gently and lightly touch the fabric that was stretched tightly in her butt crack. Mom did not say anything to object as I did so. I did this a few more times at intervals as I was kissing and feeling up her glorious full ass cheeks through her shorts.

Although I was fully hard now, with my dick raging, I sensed that I was still not quite ready to cum. It was now becoming apparent that it was taking me a bit longer to feel like I could cum.

I think mom, must have also noticed this because she said, "Aren't you ready to cum yet?"

"No, mom," I replied, "Not just yet."

"That's interesting to know," she replied still bent over and posing for me. "Well, maybe some more stimulation is in order. Why don't you slap my butt cheeks with your dick honey? You know, like you did in the bathroom."

That sounded good to me, so I stood up and grabbed by hard-on with my right hand.

Mom was still bent over in the same pose, and now she started wriggling her ass at me a little, shaking it from side to side, as if to taunt me with it.

I started slapping her cheeks hard with my prick, over the exposed lower flesh and then on the covered part of her ass, over the fabric of her tight shorts.

Then looking at the crack of her ass again, where the material was tightly stretched so as to form a valley, I just couldn't help rubbing my cock head along it. It went over her pussy slit, pushing the stretched material there in a little way.

Mom gasped a little, but again did not object.

Feeling encouraged, I did this a couple more times, and on the last of these, I let my cock head linger over the soft, taught fabric that was right over her cunt, and pushed in a bit more. But because of the tightness of the fabric over it, there was no way I could actually enter her pussy. Again, whilst I did this, mom gasped a little, but did not say anything or object. Well, that was it. Doing that, and the incredible sight of her ass as she posed for me, caused the cum rise in my balls, and I shouted out to her, "Ok mom, I'm ready."

She grabbed the semen beaker, which she had put on the bed next to my pillows and turned around quickly and sat on the bed, her tits flopping and jiggling as she did so.

She grabbed my cock, pointed the tip into the beaker and started stroking me firmly.

"Uhh...Uhhh...Uhhhhhhhhhhh....," I grunted out loudly, as I came.

"Yes, baby, cum for mommy," she said encouragingly.

Hearing her say that, just seemed to extend the length of my cum waves, and I carried on spurting, and mom kept on pulling on me, until the pulsations became less and less, until I finally stopped and became limp.

Following her usual pattern, mom wiped the ends of her fingers which had caught some of my cum into the beaker, so as to collect every last drop.

Finally, she held up the beaker up again and said, "Honey, I think I detect a little less spunk than normal. Maybe I'm starting to dry you up a little?"

I had sat down on the bed next to her to recover, and looked over at the beaker. Normally my cum would be up to the lines at least one third of the way up the sides, if not more, but this was one mark below that.

"Maybe," I replied. "That was my fourth time today, and we normally stop at this point. Perhaps you need to stimulate me more the rest of the evening to get me going enough, and ready to cum, to see if I do actually run out."

"Well, I don't think that will be a problem," mom replied, looking at me with a slight smile on her face. "After dinner, I'm going to put on some of that lingerie I bought today, and I don't think you'll be disappointed."

I blushed deeply. Although I was getting used to what we were doing, mom seemed to be taking things to a new level each time, and I still had a tinge of embarrassment about the whole thing.

"Er..thanks, mom," I said gratefully, "To be honest...er...I sort of, can't wait."
Mom slapped me on the cheek playfully, smiling, and said, "Ok, come on, clean yourself up and come downstairs. I'm just going to note down this measurement and then go and put dinner on the plates. See you in a few minutes." And with that she got up, picked up her top, and walked out of my room, her tits swaying sexily in front of her as she did so.

I looked at her ass again as she swung her hips, watching it move from side to side in her tight shorts and a twinge of excitement ran through me. This was not just because she was going to dress in sexy lingerie for me in our next session, but also because I remembered that I had touched her pussy slit through the material of her shorts with the tip of my cock, and she had not objected! Fuck me! Maybe I could go all the way!

To be continued...

Measuring My Cum Ch. 07
Thanks again to everyone who has sent in feedback for this series. There may be a bit more time between posting new chapters, but I hope to make it continue for a while...


I decided to have a quick shower, put on a fresh pair of boxer's under my gown, and then went downstairs.

Mom was in the kitchen, still wearing her tight shorts and low cut top. She served up the plates and we both took them into our dining room. Mom had already set the table. I was surprised to see a bottle of red wine and two wine glasses there. Mom normally only drank alcohol on special occasions or social events and had rarely allowed me to drink at home, although I did drink if I went out with friends.

"Wine?" I said questioningly, as we sat down.

"It will help to relax you," said mom, without looking at me. "Just think of it as part of the medicinal process of helping you to cum. A glass or two is fine," she added. "And it will help to relax me too. There are two people involved in this after all Jacob, you should not forget that."

I became silent for a moment, thinking about what she had just said, as we ate.

I took a sip of the wine. It was good, and immediately had a relaxing effect on me. My eyes wandered to mom's cleavage, which was clearly showing.

I felt I should say something about her last remark.

"I really do appreciate all your help, mom," I said.

"Thank you for saying so Jacob, but I'm sure most mothers try to help their son's as much as they can."

"I know, but...er....you're really helping so much...in er...you know,...stimulating me."

"What has to be done, has to be done," mom replied. "But, one thing Jacob, although I didn't say anything at the time, you did try to rub yourself on my pussy through my shorts earlier. Remember, you may never penetrate me."

I felt a rush of disappointment go through me.

"But," continued mom, "We can do other things."

My cock stirred.

"Er, like what mom?" I asked, questioningly.

"Well, you say, and I'll tell you if we can. But not just now. Let's finish eating and talk about something else."

We carried on our meal and talked about usual day-to-day things. As I drank more of the wine I became more and more relaxed, and I thought mom did too.

When we finished I'd only had the one glass and mom the same. She said, "We'll have some more wine later if you like. I feel like a bit of a rest now. I'm going up to my room, but I'll call you when I'm ready. Tell me, what colour underwear do you like?"

I blushed.

"Well...er,... I've never been asked that question before, mom, but I guess if you ask me what I used to like to look at in magazines, it would be black. But I like other colours too."

"I'm glad you said black," replied mom, "As most of the lingerie I bought was that colour. I'll let you know when I'm ready. Your turn for clearing up after dinner and the washing up I think!" And with that, she got up and walked out of the room, leaving me sitting alone at the dining table. I still couldn't keep my eyes off mom's glorious full ass cheeks in her shorts as she walked out.

I sat for a moment trying to take it all in. This all still felt a bit like a dream.

I cleared things up, tidied and washed the dishes in the kitchen, and then decided to chill out in the living room, by listening to some music. Recently, I'd got into jazz type stuff, so I stuck on a Norah Jones CD, and laid back on the 3 seater sofa with my legs up, eyes closed, listening to her wonderful tones.


I managed to get to the end of the CD and was about to put another on, when I heard mom call down to me.

"I'm coming down Jacob. Take the wine and two glasses into the living room. We'll have our next session there. Oh, and draw the curtains, please."

I did as she asked, getting the wine bottle and glasses from the kitchen, and placing them on our glass coffee table which was in front of the 3 seater sofa. Then, I pulled the curtains closed.

It might help you to know the layout of our living room. It was quite good sized, about 18 feet wide by 25 feet in length, with a plush light beige carpet, 3 piece cream coloured sofa, comprising two large single sofa chairs and one extra large 3 seater, a fire place in the centre of the wall than ran the length of the room, and a white rug in front of it. We also had some bits of furniture like a hi-fi cabinet, bookcases, various lampshades and the glass coffee table I had put the wine bottle on. No TV of course, as mom only let me have that in my room. We had bay windows at one end of the room and wide glass patio doors at the other, leading to the garden. It was all quite spacious and open plan. I had drawn the curtains at both the windows and the patio doors, just in case we had any nosy neighbours, although luckily we were not very overlooked at the garden side.

I poured some wine into both glasses, sat down on one of the single sofa chairs, which was positioned in part of the room from where you could see the door as someone came in, as well as the entire length of the room towards the patio doors, and waited.

After a couple of minutes, I heard mom coming down the stairs. My heart was beating fast.

Finally, mom came in, and walked straight to the centre of the room and stood on the rug in front of the fireplace, holding the semen beaker in one hand.

Fuck, what a sight!

I had only ever seen photos or movies of women wearing what she had on, and to see it in real life, and that it was my mom, was incredible, and my dick immediately responded.

She was wearing a black, full cup lace fabric bra, a black thong, hold up stockings with lace trims and black stiletto heels. Fuck me! My jaw just dropped at the sight, and my eyes were almost popping out of my head.

As I sat speechless, with my prick now semi hard, mom seeing my reaction, did a twirl and showed me her back and ass. Her thong was thin and tight into her ass crack at the back -- virtually all of her wonderful, full, fleshy white ass cheeks were showing!

Finally, I just couldn't hold myself back and said, "Mom, you...you look really...h...hot!"

She turned back around to face me and said, placing one hand on her hip and striking a sexy pose, "Well that's the whole point, isn't it dear?"

I gulped.

"How's your cock doing?" she asked, in a matter of fact way.

"Er...I'm getting hard mom, but I'd just like to just watch you for a bit if that's ok. You just look so fabulous."

"Tell you what," she said, bending down and taking a sip from the wine glass. "I'm going to walk for a while in front of you up and down the room, so you can have a better appreciation of how I look, and that should help to stimulate you more too."

And with that, mom turned and still directly in line with the way I was looking straight at her, walked sexily away from me, towards the patio doors, going about ten paces or so, almost like a catwalk model.

Fuck! The sight of her sexy ass swinging in her thong, and the way the stockings made her legs look was incredibly hot. I had never realised how much in 'real life', as opposed to magazines or videos, a woman could look so good in sexy underwear, and be so arousing!

Reaching the patio door, mom turned and then started walking back towards me, still swinging her hips as she went, and now letting me get a good look at her from the front. Her tits, although well covered in the bra, still swung a bit die to their size. Wow! What a sight!

When she got to about two feet in front of my chair, which was the closest to me so far, she smiled, turned again and before walking away from me again bent forward slightly, showing me her full ass cheeks in all their glory.

Fuck! That was it! I didn't want to wait for her to do her walk again.

My dick was straining in my boxer's, and before mom could walk away from me again. I said, "I'm ready mom," and stood up, almost throwing my gown off me and yanked my boxer shorts down.

Mom turned to see me standing naked in front of her, my hard-on fully erect and ready for action.

"Are you ready already?" said mom.

"Well..er..mom...you look so hot. I don't think I'm quite ready to cum yet, but maybe some more stimulation would be good. Can I touch your ass?"

"Yes, you may," she replied, "But let me get into a more comfortable position."

She walked over to the back of the other single sofa chair so she faced the rear of it, and placed her hands on the top of the back of the chair for support. Then she bent forward slightly, and said, "Now, you may touch and kiss it."

I followed her and knelt down so that my face was directly in line with mom's butt cheeks. Fuck! What a sight in her black thong! I kissed each cheek in turn. Mom smelled fresh and fragrant. She must have showered for me before coming down. I played with each buttock, squeezing each fully and deeply, intermingled with kissing and licking her flesh there. Then, I ran my tongue a little way into her butt crack, but because of the material of the thong, I could neither see nor touch with my tongue, her asshole or pussy.

My hard on was raging now.

"Can I slap your ass with my cock again mom?"

"You may, but not in my butt crack."

Mom bent over slightly more, as if to position her ass better for me, for what I wanted to do.

Her ass looked so good! All I really wanted to do was pull her thong to one side and ram my hard dick into her sweet pussy, but that was completely off limits of course.

I grabbed my hard on with my right hand and smacked her fleshy ass cheeks with it several times. My precum was leaking out, and I rubbed the tip of my prick onto mom's ass flesh, so that it went on her skin there. Fuck, that felt so good!

Although my precum was visible, for some reason, I still did not feel quite ready to cum proper. As this would be my fifth time of the day, it might take longer, I thought.

"I'm really hard mom, but I don't feel I can cum just yet. I think I need more stimulation," I said.

Mom turned around to face me and stroked my hard on a few times. Her hand on it felt exquisite.

"Well, maybe I should take my bra off," she said, and with that she put her hand behind her and unclasped it.

Mom's glorious, large boobs came into full view. She then knelt down in front of me, her back against the sofa chair for support and said, "Try fucking my tits, that might do it."

Fuck! Hearing her talk like that was a real turn on!

Mom held up her tits for me, so that I could rub my cock between them.

I grabbed my prick with my right hand again and started rubbing it between the beautiful milky flesh of her ample boobs. As she held them from me, her nipples pointed outwards and I could see they were erect and hard. For a moment, I rubbed my piss slit against each nipple in turn, and then went back to fucking her gorgeous mounds

"Yes, Jacob, fuck, my boobies."

Fuck! Her words were such a turn on.

I continued fucking mom's glorious tits as she held them tight over my prick, so they squeezed my shaft as it slid between the flesh there towards her chin.

I still didn't feel like I was going cum, though.

"Almost mom," I said, "But not quite there yet."

Then she said, "Stop, and we'll try something else."

My hard on was still raging, but I stopped fucking her boobs.

Mom stood up and walked to the other side of the single sofa chair, picked up the semen beaker, which had been on the coffee table, and sat down. I followed her and then stood with my hard on in front of her so it was level with her face, as she sat.

"Jacob, as it looks like it's getting harder for you to cum now, as we've done it so many times today. I'm going to try something else. I think it's a good sign that its taking much longer for you now, so what I'm going to do is only to help you cum, remember."

"Er...ok," I said, not sure what she meant.

"I'm going to stimulate your cock with my mouth. But before I do that, I should warn you that most men find it very arousing, and they can cum quite quickly, especially if they are not used to it, like you. But as it is taking you so long to cum now, I think it would be appropriate under the circumstances.

I blushed, and my dick raged up at the thought of what she'd just said.

"Er...ok, mom,...er...thanks." Fuck! This was all still too good to be true!

Mom, then still holding the semen beaker in one hand, beckoned me to come closer to her.

With the tip of my cock about and inch from her mouth, she slowly moved towards it and engulfed the entire cock head with her mouth. The feeling was like nothing I had ever felt before.

Slowly, she took more and more of the shaft into her mouth, and started making slurping noises, as she let her saliva cover my cock, as she sucked on it, almost like it was a lollipop.


I put one hand on top of her head for support as she carried on sucking on me.

Then she stopped her sucking action for a moment, and with the tip of her tongue started lapping at and licking my piss slit, and around my cock head.


Then, after a few moments, she stopped that, and went back to sucking my shaft, taking more and more of it into her mouth.

The sensation of mom's mouth and tongue on me was so wonderful that after just a few moments I felt the cum rise in my balls.

"Ok , I'm gonna cum mom," I said to warn her.

She immediacy stopped sucking on me, positioned the semen beaker correctly and, started pumping me with her right hand. She did that just in time, as shortly, with the sensation of her hand over my shaft, I came in spurts as I grunted and shouted, "Ahhhhh.......Uhhhhhhh....Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Finally, as my cum waves subsided, I flopped down on the three seater sofa, my head slightly spinning.

As I recovered, mom said, "Well, not so much this time. I think we may be getting to find out your limits for a day."

I looked over at the semen beaker and saw my cum was about half than normal. I sort of felt relieved, as it seemed to show my body did have a limit.

"That was really good mom," I said. "Your mouth really helped to stimulate me. It was very arousing."

"It normally is for a man," she replied. "I haven't done that for ages. Not since your father left. He always used to like me doing it to him."

I blushed again, still felling a little embarrassed about the whole thing.

This time, mom seemed to notice my blushing and said, "You do seem to go red sometimes when I talk about stimulating you Jacob. You must stop that. This is all for medical reasons, as we need to let Dr Taylor know just how must cum you are producing. You must be more relaxed with me."

"Er...sure mom," I said. "I'll try. It's just that...er ..you know...talking to you and doing these things is sort of hard for me as it's new and not knowing if you're ok with it."

"Well, maybe we'll have to work on that," replied mom. "We'll have to get you used talking more freely with me. We should practice"

"What do you mean?" I replied.

"You may use crude language more with me Jacob. That may help to remove the embarrassment that you feel. Once you are comfortable in doing that with me in our sessions and as we build up to them, I'm sure you will also be able to cum better as it often helps a man to cum when talking like that, and feeling comfortable to talk like that with a woman. As an example, say you want to fuck my tits."

I blushed again. "There you're doing it again," said mom.

"Sorry," I replied. "I want to fuck your tits mom."

"Good. Now say how you like my ass, but in a more crude way."

I thought for a moment and then said, feeling a bit more confident, "I love your fucking ass mom. It's so juicy and fleshy, and I love to rub my hard cock all over it." I felt a twitch of a movement in my cock, as I said those words, even though I had just cum.

"Even better," replied mom. "And do you like fucking mommies tities?"

"Yea," I replied, almost straight away. "Your tits are so fucking hot I want to suck them and play with them and see them bounce up and down and fuck them."

"Good young man. I see we are making progress. Now, tell me that you want to see my pussy."

Fuck! Mom had never mentioned that before and I blushed again.

"Er...," I hesitated.

"I didn't say fuck my pussy, but you can see it if you like, as it may help you to cum more," she added.

I took a deep breath and said. "I want to see your hot pussy mom," and then feeling braver, I added, "I want to see your cunt."

"Good boy!" said mom out loud and looking pleased with me.

Then taking the initiative, I said. "And I want see your hot asshole and lick it."

"Excellent," replied mom, much to my surprise that she had not raised an objection to this. My dick was moving now and mom saw it.

"Good. I can see all this talk is having an effect on you Jacob. But I'm sue you are some time away from cumming again. So let's drink some more of this wine and I'll stay semi naked like this in my lingerie until you are ready again."

I gulped and looking over at mom hard in the eyes, I thought I saw a sparkle there I had not seen in a long time.
Measuring My Cum Ch. 08
"Go and give yourself a quick wash upstairs," said mom after a moment. "And you might as well stay naked for now," she added.

I got up, my now limp cock and balls flapping a bit, and started walking out of the room. I noticed mom looking at my dick as I went. Just being naked like this in front of her in our living room was exciting, and it sent a tingle through me.

I gave myself a clean in my bathroom, and in double quick time I went back downstairs again.

Mom was still topless, and wearing just her black thong and stockings and sitting on the sofa with a glass of wine in one hand. "I made a note of the amount of cum you produced, whilst you were upstairs," she said. She'd put the empty semen beaker back on the coffee table for our next session. "It's definitely a lot less than before -- about half I'd say, which is a good sign," she continued.

I sat down again on the three-seater sofa, picking up my wine glass as I did so. I took a sip. It felt good. We hadn't drunk that much, so I was relaxed, but not so much that it might affect my getting a hard on.

I looked over at mom and saw her staring at me. "What?" I said.

"Oh, I was just thinking how to best stimulate you again. I think it might be a while before you can cum, no matter what we do. But perhaps we can help things along by trying a few different things, including what you said you wanted to do to me a few moments ago."

I realised mom was referring to the crude things she had asked me to say to her. I felt a twinge in my dick just thinking about it, as mom had said she would show me her pussy and also not raised any objection when I said I'd like to see her asshole and lick it. Fuck! This was just getting better and better!

"Perhaps we can try a few games to get you going," she said, after another pause.

"Games?" I said, confused.

"Yes, games," replied mom. "But these are games that adults sometimes play, and I used to with your father occasionally, when we first married. I haven't for a long time now, but perhaps you'd like to try."

I blushed.

"Stop that blushing, Jacob," she said sternly, noticing. "I did say you must be more relaxed with me."

"Sorry, mom," I replied. "I'm still trying to get used to all this."

"Ok, well, let's start."

She stood up, putting her wine glass back on the coffee table.

"As you like my bottom so much, we can do something called spanking. Have you ever heard of that?"

I thought for a moment.

"Well, I think I've read about it, but the idea never really turned me on. I don't mind trying," I said.

"Good," mom replied. "Now, I'm going to stand with my hands resting over the fireplace mantelpiece, with my ass out a bit, and I want you to give my ass cheeks a smack with your hands."

Mom walked over the fireplace, and positioned herself as she had said. Fuck! The way her ass and legs looked in her black thong, stockings and stilettos was incredibly sexy. I felt a slight movement in my dick again.

Mom's largish, milky white ass looked wonderful, and the wide deep curve of each buttock cheek made a fabulous shaped arch from her lower back to the tops of her thighs. For her age, her butt was still surprising well toned, although she had a bit of excess fat there, but that only added to my excitement.

I stood next to her on her left, but one step back, and gave her left buttock a light slap with my right hand. I saw the flesh of her ass cheek ripple a bit as I did so, and I enjoyed seeing that.

"Harder, Jacob, that was too light."

"But I don't want to hurt you mom," I replied.

"Just do it a bit harder," she said. "I'll tell you if it hurts me or not, and to stop if it does."

I slapped the same cheek again, only this time a bit harder. It actually felt a bit more satisfying.

"That's right, Jacob" said mom, "Like that. A touch harder if you like."

I continued, this time slapping the right buttock. I never thought I might enjoy this, but seeing the flesh of mom's ass cheeks ripple and wobble as I did it, was quite enjoyable. Then I noticed a slight, momentary tinge of redness on the white flesh caused by my slapping and that excited me too.

"Oh, yes" said mom, appreciatively.

Fuck! She seemed to be enjoying it. It was the first time she had indicated getting some satisfaction out of our sessions.

I decided to go along with her and try to encourage her pleasurable remarks, so I said, "Do you like that mom?"

"Yes, Jacob, very much. I always used to enjoy it when your father slapped my butt. He also used to say crude things to me whilst he did it, as that used to get him going. Why don't you try, that, your cock might respond."

Hearing mom say this was quite a turn on. I had always thought of her as so 'prim and proper' in my life so far, until just a few days ago, but I never realised she used to get up to this sort of stuff!

"Sure mom," I said. I was starting to feel quite confident now. I moved to her right side, still behind her, so that I could use my left hand for a while.

I slapped her cheeks, one after the other again with my left hand. As I did so, I said, "Fuck yea, mom, I love slapping your large backside. It's so fucking hot."

For a moment, I couldn't believe I had been so crude, but mom seemed ok about it as she said encouragingly, "That's right Jacob, tell me how you like it, and what you want to do to me to make you cum."

My dick responded almost immediately to her words, getting a bit of life into it, but I was way off being properly hard yet.

Then, feeling the urge to kiss mom's ass, I knelt down behind her as she stood, and kissed and felt her butt cheeks almost like I was worshipping them. Satisfied momentarily, I then let my hand wander down to the tops of her stockings, over the slightly rougher elastic lace trim, and then slipped them down, over the stockings, feeling their silky smoothness, as I felt each leg, one in each hand.

Then, I slid my hands back up along the stockings, onto the flesh of mom's thighs, and finally back over each butt cheek, squeezing and caressing deeply each one as I did so. Mom's legs, thighs and ass felt so good!

Mom must have appreciated the feel of my hands on her, almost massaging her lower body as I ran my hands over her, as she said softly, "That felt really good Jacob."

Finally, I stood up again and mom turned around to face me, so I could see her glorious boobs now as well.

Mom appeared to have a slight tint of red on the cheeks of her face like she had been blushing herself, but I didn't say anything.

"That was good. Have some more wine," she said.

We both picked up our glasses and took a sip. I was starting to feel a little tipsy now, and I was sure the alcohol must have be getting to mom too, as she had drunk about the same amount as me, and I was bigger, physically, in frame to her.

"Now," she said. "It's my turn."

I sort of looked aghast, not knowing what she meant by that.

"Er....," I said.

"I mean it's my turn to give you a spank. Just try it. If you don't like it tell me," she said. "Get into position like I did."

I didn't think I would really enjoy being spanked myself, and in any case I had thought all this was about me being able to cum. Then I remembered that mom seemed to have liked feeling up my ass when we had our sessions in the bathroom, so I guessed this might be part of her way of getting some enjoyment. I decided to oblige, as I realised, if mom ended up getting something out of this, then it might lead to us going much further."

I positioned myself like mom had done, with my hands on the mantelpiece and stuck out my ass a little towards mom, who was now behind me.

She started giving me light slaps at first. I wasn't really getting anything out of it as she did so, but after a minute or so, I liked the slight tingle as she slapped me.

"Ok, Jacob?" she asked.

"Yea...fine mom," I replied.

"I'm going to do a it a little harder. Tell me if you don't like it."

Mom slapped my ass cheeks in turn again, this time a bit harder. This time for some reason, the slapping seemed to have more of an effect on me and I felt my dick respond a little. I didn't know why.

Then between the slaps, mom ran her fingers along my butt crack, just tickling it, which felt pretty good too. It seemed like she had been a bit of an expert at this in her time. Finally she gave my ass a good feel and rub over. Then, before I could turn around she said, "I'm going to give your bottom a kiss, like you did to me."

My dick definitely responded to this and twitched a bit, although it was still not hard.

I felt mom, kiss me gently on my ass. It actually felt really nice. She kissed over it a few times, just gentle kisses, unlike my slobbering over her butt!

Then, she said to my surprise, "Turn around, I want to suck your cock and see if I can make it hard."

Fuck! I couldn't believe she had just said that. Quickly, I turned around, to see mom on her knees in front of me, a sight I could hardly have imagined a week ago, ready to take my cock into her mouth.

Before she did anything, she looked up at me for a moment and said, "Well, as you are taking so long to get hard this time, I think this is the only way."

Then without further ado, she took my limp prick into her mouth and started sucking on it. Fuck! The inside of her warm wet mouth on my dick felt so good, that blood started to rush to it, and I could feel myself get aroused and harder.

After about a minute or two of her sucking on me, I was semi hard. I knew I wasn't ready to cum yet though. Then I had an idea.

"That feels really good mom," I said, "But I think I need more stimulation. You did...er...say that I could see your pussy didn't you?"

Mom hadn't looked up at me as I said this, as she seemed to be engrossed in sucking my cock.

Then after a moment she stopped sucking me and said, "Ok, but first I need some more wine. Just stay as you are."

I don't know if it was because the alcohol would give her more courage, if she needed it, or if she was just enjoying herself, but still kneeling, she reached over to the coffee table which was next to us, picked up the wine bottle, filled her glass right to the top and then took a large sip of it. Then she said an extraordinary thing.

"Jacob, I do like wine and sucking cock at the same time. So I'm going to dip your cock head into my wine glass and then suck it. You don't mind do you?"

Fuck! Did I mind? Did my 'prim and proper' mother really say that? I didn't care. I found the idea so arousing, that I just nodded my head, almost lost for words that she'd said, what she had just said.

Mom brought her wine glass next to my cock, which was now semi hard, but still pointed down a little as it was no way fully erect, grabbed my cock with one hand and dunked the tip of it into her wine glass which she held in her other hand, so my cock head was submerged in the wine about one inch. Then, lifting my cock out of the glass, she immediately took it in her mouth to suck the wine off it. Fuck me!

I felt the blood rush to my dick again, and I became slightly harder seeing her do this. Then she stopped sucking me for a moment, took another sip from her wine glass which she had been holding on one hand all this time, and then repeated the whole thing. She dunked my now slightly harder cock into her wine glass again, lifted it out, sucked on it for a moment, and then took a sip from the glass again.

"Mom, that looks so hot," I finally said, unable to hold myself back.

"Good. That's the whole point and I enjoy it too. Now, perhaps it's time for you to see my pussy young man, and we'll see if we can get you to cum."

She put her wine glass down and as she did so I picked up mine and took a sip. I needed it after that, and to prepare myself for what was to come!

Mom stood up and without any hesitation, slipped off her thong and chucked it on one of the sofa chairs. She was now standing before me in just her black stockings and stilettos. Fuck, she looked so hot!

I looked down at her pussy and saw the neatly trimmed pussy hair, which I'd noticed before, during the only time I'd seen it, which had been in the bathroom.

Then mom said, "Sit down over there." She pointed to the three seater sofa. I did as instructed, and mom sat herself down on the single sofa chair, which was a few feet away.

Then, instead of just sitting, Mom leaned back a bit, raised her knees slightly and opened her legs, more and more, until they were almost splayed wide open. Her pink pussy came into full view. Fuck, what a sight! My dick responded by hardening even more.

Then, mom put her index finger in her mouth to moisten it, and inserted it into her pussy. It was like she was playing with herself to stimulate me.

"Wow, mom," I said. "That looks really hot."

"Good" she replied, and looking at my prick which was getting harder and harder.

Mom continued playing with herself, exposing more of her pink pussy flesh to me as her fingers played and poked her cunt and she opened her pussy lips for me.

I just felt like getting up and kissing and licking it, but I wasn't sure if she would allow me. I knew she would not let me fuck her.

I don't know if she had read my mind, but after a moment she said, "Tell me what you want to do when you see my pussy like this Jacob."

I was in such a state of arousal now that my hesitation to say anything had gone out of the window, and I just said confidently and almost greedily, "I'd sure love to lick your cunt mom. It looks so fucking hot. Can't you see how hard my dick is now?"

"Good boy," said mom, smiling, in reply. "You seem to have become much more confident now, which is a good sign, and means you should be able to cum more easily. Ok, you can lick it, but nothing more. But before you do I want to have a suck on that lovely cock again, it looks so good now it's fully hard."

I got up in a flash and went over to mom's sofa chair, my hard on swinging in front of me as I did so.

Mom sat up properly again and grabbed the base of my dick with one hand and took the cock head into her mouth, slurping and sucking on it. Then, she licked around my piss slit with the tip of her tongue, before taking the shaft into her mouth again. She really looked as if she was really enjoying this now.

Maybe it was the wine, or maybe she had now just let herself go a bit, as if she had been holding herself back from expressing the fact that she was being turned on in our sessions so far.

"That feels so good mom, your mouth on my cock is so nice. Suck it yea, go on," I said encouragingly.

Mom responded by sucking me harder and continued like this for a few more moments.

Finally, I said, "I sure would love to lick that juicy pussy of yours."

Mom stopped her sucking of me, and looked up at me. I saw her eyes seemed to be slightly watery and I immediately became a bit concerned.

She said, "Jacob, I haven't sucked a cock like this for such a long time and you've probably realised it is quite arousing for me. I hope you understand. I am feeling a little embarrassed at myself. I am your mother. Will you forgive me for being like this."

I saw mom appeared a little upset, yet she was also being turned on by what she was doing. I didn't know whether it was the wine that had finally got to her, but she seemed to be fighting her own feelings.

Still looking at her hard in the eyes I said, "Please mom, don't feel embarrassed or bad about it. I do understand. Just think of it like me being turned on my your body, but in reverse. Just do what you feel like. I don't mind at all. You are helping me to cum after all, and I'm not surprised if your getting turned on too."

Mom smiled at me and then, got up. "Ok, I still want to suck you until you cum into the beaker. We can lick each other at the same time Let's do a 69 position. Do you know what that is?"

I nodded, remembering I'd seen it in movies, but never having actually done it in real life.

"We'll do it on the rug in front of the fireplace," she said. "Lie down first, and then I'll lie on top of you."

I did as instructed. The rug was quite large -- about 8 feet long by 6 feet wide, so we could easily lie on it.

As I lay there, I realised I would be able to see mom's asshole and pussy properly for the first time - fuck!

Mom picked up the semen beaker, and then straddled over my head. As she did so, the wonderful insides of her ass crack came into full view. Her puckered asshole and wide lipped pussy were just inches from my face. Fuck!

"Is that ok Jacob?" she asked.

"Wow, mom, your ass looks amazing! Back down a little more on me."

Mom wriggled her ass down over my face a bit more until finally I could lick her, whilst I had positioned my arms and hands in away that I could feel and stretch her buttocks wide open at the same time. I could also feel her large fleshy boobs rubbing against my belly, as she had positioned herself on me. Fuck, this was just awesome!

I took in the smell of her pussy juices and they excited me, and I started licking at it. It felt amazing! As I did so, mom had started to suck my cock again. This was heaven!

After licking around mom's juicy cunt for a few moments, I moved to her asshole and started lapping and licking it with the tip of my tongue. Then grabbing her ass cheeks firmly, I stretched and pulled her butt cheeks wider so I could I dart my tongue deeper into her asshole, almost like I was fucking it with my tongue. I could feel the walls of her tight rectum as they rubbed against the tip of my tongue. I was loving it!

Then I went back to her pussy and lapped at it, letting my saliva flow freely, and even took her thick protruding pussy lips into my mouth to nibble. Fuck!

Mom had been working her mouth and tongue on my cock expertly at the same time as I had been doing all this, and I finally felt the cum rise in my balls.

"Not long now mom," I said to warn her to have the semen beaker ready.

Hearing this mom, seemed to want to give my cock an extra hard and deep suck and in doing so, I knew that was it.

"Ok, anytime now," I said.

Finally mom stopped sucking on me and, although I could not see it as her wonderful ass was smothering my face, she must have positioned the semen beaker to catch my cum. I felt her hand start pumping me and then, as I grabbed and stretched mom's fabulous fleshy butt cheeks at the same time, and licked deep into her pussy, I exploded. I had to force my head back down onto the rug as I came, and shouted, "Ahhh...Ahhh.....Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

I don't know how much I had cum, but my orgasm had felt really good. This was the best yet. I felt mom still stroking my dick gently, as she must have been trying to get the last few drops of cum into the beaker. As I lay with my head on the rug all I could see as I looked up was the sight of mom's beautifully large ass cheeks and her puckered asshole and wide open cunt which I had lusted after for so long, still hovering over me. I could stay in this position forever!

Then I remembered what she had said about being aroused herself, and I realised things might be about to take a big turn in the way we did our sessions. I felt the need to give mom more satisfaction. Maybe she would agree to me penetrating her. I wondered.....

To be continued...
Measuring My Cum Ch. 09
For those new to this series, please do read earlier chapters for a full appreciation of the storyline. Thanks again to everyone for all your feedback. I hope to continue this a bit longer, but there may be longer time gaps in between future chapters. Please note this chapter contains very mild references to watersports, so do not read if this offends.


"You've got a fabulous ass mom," I said, as mom's fine open ass cheeks with her asshole and wide open cunt with lips hanging down, still hovered above me.

"Thank you dear," she replied, as she milked the final drops of my cum into the semen beaker.

Then, as if to tease me further, she pushed her butt down on my face and wriggled her pussy and ass cheeks over my nose and mouth, as if she was trying to wipe her ass over me, and then lifted her butt up again.

"Wow, mom, you sure know how to tease me with it," I said, in response to that.

"Well, now I know how much you like it, I might as well put it to good use."

Finally, she lifted her leg up over me and turned and sat on the floor, looking at me, whilst I still lay on the rug. Her large hanging tits, looked incredibly sexy as she sat there, kneeling on the floor.

Mom held up the semen beaker again for me to look at. There was only a small amount of cum in it this time.

"Well, I think you might have reached your limit for today," she said. "And I'm a little tired too. I think it's time for bed."

The wine had got to me a bit now, and I nodded in agreement.

"I think tomorrow, as it's Sunday, we'll review how much cum you have produced so far this week. And we have an appointment with Dr Taylor on Monday. Make sure you get a good night's sleep and your strength back for our sessions tomorrow." Then she kissed me goodnight on my cheek.

With that mom got up and started walking out of the room. She still looked incredibly hot wearing just her black stockings and nothing else! I wondered if I should ask her to wear just those and nothing else for me again tomorrow. That would do!

After mom left, I got up a few moments later, and went up to my room. In no time at all, I fell asleep.


I felt something nudging my arm and awoke sleepily. Mom was sitting on the bed in her dressing gown, smiling as she woke me.

"Morning, Jacob," she said brightly.

"Morning, mom," I replied, yawning.

Then I felt a bit of a draught, and something touch the lower part of my stomach. Mom had removed the duvet and was sliding one hand over my stomach down towards my cock in my pyjamas.

"Let's have an early session," she said keenly. "I've brought the semen beaker."

I couldn't quite believe she wanted to help me cum so early, but my sleepiness soon disappeared hearing her talk like that.

Mom pulled down my pyjamas, exposing me fully from below, and threw them in the far corner of the bed.

Then, without further ado, she bent down her face towards my still limp cock and started sucking on it. Fuck! I couldn't believe how keen she seemed this morning, almost like she wanted sex!

The sensation of mom's wonderful wet mouth, tongue and lips on my dick had an almost immediate effect and I became hard as she sucked me.

"Ohhh....That's nice mom," I couldn't help saying out loud.

Then, seeing me get hard so quickly, mom stopped sucking on me, stood up, untied her dressing gown and let it fall to the floor. She was completely nude underneath, and her voluptuous, sexy figure came into full view. She stood there for a moment with one hand on her hip, striking a sexy pose, with one leg slightly angled, and her full, hanging, sexy boobs facing me in all their glory. Her thick, protruding nipples were erect, indicating she was aroused herself.

"Well, as you are hard already, let me give you something to keep you going," she said teasingly. "Your cock tastes so good this morning, that I want it to last as long as possible before you cum," she added, much to my surprise at her forwardness.

Mom stood next to the bed about two feet from me near the head end, and turned around to show me the wonderful round globes of her ass, and then sexily wriggled her butt cheeks for me from side to side as she stood on the spot, making the flesh there wobble and jiggle. Fuck! That looked so good! Then, as if knowing what effect this would have on me, she parted her legs a little and bent forward so that I could see her pussy and asshole. And then, even more incredibly, she placed her hands on her ass cheeks, and pulled them apart wider, so I got an even better view. Fuck!

Jesus, she was really going for it this morning, getting me really worked up!

Mom held this pose for a while, adding to my arousal by wriggling her ass from side to side occasionally, and then saying, "Like what you see? Does my ass look good like this?".

The sight of mom posing like that for me was enough to make me say, "Fuck, yea mom, I just gotta taste your asshole and pussy now, you look so damn hot. Please can I?"

Hearing this mom stood up properly again and said, "Yes you may, but only if you let me suck on that juicy cock of yours again. I hope you realise young man that I am now starting to get turned on too by all our activities."

This was the first time I had heard mom admit she was getting turned on too, by what we had been doing to help me cum. I nodded, but did not say anything, so as to not make it seem like a big issue.

I got off the bed and stood up. Mom knelt down in front of me and took my erect cock into her mouth again, making slurping noises as she sucked on it, and playing with my balls with one hand. She seemed to me, to be getting as much out of all this now, as I was!

I didn't feel like cumming yet, which was good, but the sight of mom's tits wobbling and jiggling from side to side as I looked down at her whilst she sucked me, was really turning me on.

Finally, after satisfying herself on my prick and balls for a few moments mom said, "Ok, special treat time. I'm going to get on the bed on my hands and knees, with my ass in the air, and I'll let you play with it. You may lick my pussy and asshole, but no penetrating me, remember!"

Mom stood up and then clambered onto the bed on all fours, facing the window, so she was sideways on the bed with her ass pointed back towards me, sticking up in the air. Fuck me, what an amazing sight! Never could I have imagined a few weeks ago that my 'prim and proper' mom would be posing like this for me on my own bed. It was almost all my dreams so far, come true!

The shape of mom's large wide open buttocks, and the crack between her ass cheeks with her asshole and open cunt and lips hanging down, looked so inviting, that immediately I knelt down on the carpet, so that my face was level with her open butt, and I just started licking and salivating along her entire ass crack. I ran my tongue greedily along the insides of her buttocks, moving from asshole to cunt and vice versa, whilst I grabbed and squeezed a full handful of each butt cheek, one in each hand, as I did so. I was in butt heaven!

Then, satisfied for a moment at tasting her ass crack up and down, I decided to concentrate on her pussy for a while. Mom was wet, and I lapped at her cunt and pussy lips, opening it up with two fingers by stretching them wide apart and tasting the pinky, moist flesh on the inside there. She tasted wonderful!

"Oh yes," she cried as I did this. This was the first time she had openly responded to my licking her pussy. "Yes, Jacob, lick mommy's pussy. Taste all my dirty cunt juice."

Fuck! Her words really spurred me on, and my dick responded by jerking up more.

Then, I moved my tongue up to her asshole and gently darted my tongue into it a little way, as I spread her ass cheeks wider apart for better access. Seeing her brown puckered hole open up and stretch further as I did so, I darted my tongue a little deeper into her ass this time, almost like I was fucking it with my tongue.

Mom groaned in pleasure as I did so, pushing her butt back into my face, apparently very sensitive to my tongue fucking her asshole.

"Ohhhh....Ohhhhh...yes.. baby......lick my asshole. That feels sooooo....gooood."

I continued, responding to her pleasure by pushing apart her butt cheeks further so I got even better access, and tried to go as deep as I could into her asshole with my tongue.

"Ahhhh..." mom groaned again in pleasure.

Then, after a moment, I moved back to her cunt and licked and lapped at it some more. Fuck, this was good!

I was dying to plunge my dick into mom's open wet cunt, now, but I knew she would not agree. But I could also sense she was really in a lustful state, the way she had been wriggling her ass back into my face as I licked on her pussy and asshole.

As a second best measure I said, "Can I slap my dick against your butt and along you ass crack? I promise I won't penetrate you."

"Ok," she said, much to my surprise.

My dick jerked up in response to this.

I slapped my hard on against mom's buttocks for a few moments, wiping my precum on them as my piss slit slid over the flesh on each, in turn. Then, the sight of her ass crack being so tempting, I rubbed my cock head against her asshole, almost tickling it.

Fuck that was so good, I almost felt like cumming but held myself back. Mom had not objected to my rubbing her asshole with my dickhead, so feeling braver, I moved it with my hand slowly along and gently tickled mom's pussy lips with it, which were hanging down. God, her open pussy was so tempting, and just centimetres away from my cock head. I just wanted to shove it straight in!

Then, to my surprise, mom, who must have been so turned on my what I was doing, said, "Ok, Jacob, I can't stand this anymore. Stick it in my cunt, but don't cum inside me. We need to catch your cum in the beaker still!"

Fuck! I couldn't believe it! This was music to my ears! Without further hesitation, I pointed my straining dick directly at her gaping pussy hole, and shoved it in.

"Ahhhhhhhhh...," I cried out in ecstasy, feeling mom's pussy walls grip hard onto me.

I pulled back instinctively, and then shoved in again.

"Ohhh...yess," I said.

Mom was also now groaning in pleasure as I did this. I carried on pumping her, now a little faster, as I grabbed her hips for support. The feel of mom's pussy around my dick as I penetrated her, in and out, was wonderful! Imagining fucking was one thing, but actually doing it was a hundred times more pleasurable!

I was in the throes of ecstasy now and didn't care about anything, let alone making sure my cum went into the semen beaker.

I think mom was also in an extremely heightened sexual state as she was moaning and groaning with pleasure, pushing her pussy back into me as I shoved my cock in at each thrust.

"Fuck me, yes...," she said out loudly.

I was now moaning loudly too, and I just couldn't stop myself cumming quickly, it being the first time, no matter what happened next. I felt the cum rise in my balls, and I exploded inside her, feeling my spunk spurt thickly and deeply inside mom.

"Ahhhhhhh........." I shouted as I came.

Mom responded with a huge moan of pleasure too, as I carried on spurting inside her.

Finally after what seemed like ages, I stopped cumming and felt my cock go limp and I collapsed on the bed next to mom, who was now laying on her front with her eyes closed.

I had finally fucked mom and cum inside her too!

It felt like ages before either of us spoke.

Mom broke the silence by saying in a quiet tone and without looking at me, "What have we just done?"

I didn't say anything for a few moments. Then I replied in a quiet tone too, "I couldn't stop myself, and neither could you I think."

There was silence for a while again.

"You're right," she said after a few minutes. "Never mind, it's happened now. I guess it was bound to happen at some point. We'll have to just get on with it. And we've missed getting a sample." Mom paused for a moment, as if thinking.

Then she said, "Maybe we can work out an average sample based on all the results from the past week. But, you must promise me Jacob, that you will never tell anyone about what we've just done. Not ever."

"I won't mom," I replied sincerely. "Never."

"Good, I feel a bit better about it then." She paused again. "And maybe if we do it again to help you to cum, it won't matter so much now, as we've done it once," she added, much to my surprise.

Fuck! That sounded unbelievable! Mom was ok for us to fuck again!

"But you must try to pull out next time," she said, "So I can get a sample."

"Ok, mom" I replied, "I'll try, but it might be hard, as it's so new to me," I said, truthfully.

Mom didn't reply.

After a moment, I felt like going to the toilet.

I got up off the bed and said, "Just need to take a pee."

I walked naked into my en-suite bathroom. Normally I would close the door, but somehow, I felt so relaxed after what we had just done that I left it open. In any case, you could not see the toilet part inside directly from the bed.

I stood over the toilet and started to piss into it. It felt good and relieving.

As I finished and gave my dick a few nudges to get the last drops out, I suddenly felt like someone was looking at me. I looked over at the door. Mom was standing there. She must have just seen the end part of my peeing into the toilet. For a moment the thought excited me. I didn't know why.

She looked at me and said, "Hope you didn't mind my watching."

"No, mom," I replied, truthfully, although slightly unnerved.

"Good," she said. "Shall we shower together? Maybe we can get another sample whilst we do that."

I felt a twinge in my dick as mom suggested that. I was already feeling a little aroused at the thought, even though I had cum not long ago.

"Sounds great to me, mom," I said.

"Ok," she replied. "Get in the shower and turn the water on. I just need to take a pee myself. You can draw the curtain closed after you get in the bath."

The moment mom said she wanted to use the toilet as well, I got excited for some reason. I felt like I wanted to watch her, like she had me.

"Can I watch you mom?" I asked.

Mom looked at me for a moment as if thinking, and said, "I don't see why not."

I got in the bath and left the shower curtain open so I could watch her use the toilet. Already, I felt my dick becoming alive at the thought.

Mom, still completely nude, went over to the toilet, put the seat down, and sat on it. I had never seen her before like this.

After a moment I started to hear the distinctive sound of a stream of pee hitting the water in the bowl at the bottom of the toilet. This went on for a minute or so, until mom stopped her pissing. Then, she took some toilet paper and dabbed at her pussy, stood up, threw the paper into the bowl and flushed the toilet.

I had found the whole experience of watching her do this, a bit of a turn on, strangely!

As mom washed her hands in the washbasin, I had a semi hard on after what I had just witnessed. Mom looked over at me and saw it.

"Did that happen whilst you looked at me on the toilet?" she said.

"Yes," I replied. "Seeing you take a pee was quite arousing, for some reason," I added.

"That's not uncommon," mom said. Then, pausing a moment longer, she finally said, "Come over here, I'd like to try something before we shower."

Mom went back to the toilet and sat down again on it. She beckoned me to her.

I got out of the bath and went over to her and stood in front of her as she sat on the toilet. My dick was still semi hard, and seeing her sitting on the toilet seat like that was contributing to its state.

Then she started sucking my dick again, as she sat there. My prick responded almost immediately to this, hardening up again. I grabbed mom's head and fucked her mouth as she sat on the toilet.

"Fuck, yea mom," I said. "This is so good."

She paused sucking my dick and licked my balls for a moment. Then she stroked my hard on with her hand.

"Ok, that's enough. I just wanted to see if you would get hard quickly this way. Next time I want to go to the toilet for a pee, come in with me. I'd like to suck you whilst I do it. That should be a good way of helping you to cum, from your reaction just now."

Fuck, the thought of that was so thrilling and arousing that my dick jerked up again toward her face.

Mom got up and said, "Get in the bath again. I'm just going to get the semen beaker from the bedroom."

I did as instructed and waited for mom to return. My dick had become slightly limp again as I waited

She came back into the bathroom a moment later, holding the semen beaker. Then she clambered into the bath, her tits flapping sexily as she did so, and put the beaker on one of the glass shelves over the far end of the bath.

Then she said to me, "Turn the water on and let's soap up together."

I turned the shower on and the spray went over me. I adjusted my position slightly so that mom could get under the showerhead too. Her boobs touched my chest as we did this. My dick was starting to respond again.

Mom grabbed the shower gel and started lathering me up from the front, over my chest, stomach, and then running her hands over my dick, which became semi hard as she did this. She cupped my balls and soaped them, and then knelt down so her face was level with my dick and started to lather up my legs. Then, she stood up again, and said, "Turn around."

I turned to face the tiled walls at the shower end of the bath, and felt mom lather up my back and shoulders. Then she moved onto my ass and cupped each butt cheek as she rubbed the shower gel into it. "I'm going to do your ass crack now," she said.

I braced myself, and felt her run her fingers and hands along my butt crack, over my asshole and towards my balls. It tickled a bit as she did so and I instinctively jerked forward a little, still not used to someone else's hand running over my sensitive parts like that.

Finally mom stopped soaping me, and said, "Now do me."

I turned around and faced her. She raised her arms, as if offering her body to me. I started under her armpits, and then did her arms, which she then let fall back down to her sides. Then, I started lathering up the area just below her neck and then moved onto the large globes of her tits, squeezing and cupping each one almost greedily, as I did so, enjoying the feel of them with each movement of my hands.

My dick was getting harder, at this point.

Then, I knelt down in front of her and soaped up her stomach and then her pubic area, letting my fingers slide between her legs, over her pussy mound, towards her asshole from the front. God, that felt good!

Then, I did her legs, in swirling motions, making sure the back of her thighs and calves were also well lathered up.

Mom then turned around whilst I was still kneeling down, so that the glorious curved arches of her buttocks faced me directly. I squeezed some more shower gel onto my hands, and then started kneading and squeezing her fleshy, thick, white butt cheeks. God, I was loving this.

I stood up, still caressing mom's butt, and then let my hand slide along her butt crack, over her asshole, towards her pussy. Mom pushed herself back towards me as I did so, almost like she was enjoying the sensation of my fingers and hand running along her ass crack.

Then, I moved my hands up to her back and shoulders and lathered the soap in there, well.

My dick was now slightly more than semi hard, but not quite a full pole yet.

Mom turned around and said, "I have an idea."

"What?" I said.

"As we are now both soaped up, let's hug and rub our bodies together so that the soap gets rubbed in even more as we rub ourselves against each other.

Fuck, the idea sounded hot!

Mom made the first move my moving a bit closer to me and then putting her arms around my back like she was embracing me in a hug.
I did the same to her, and for a moment as we hugged, it just felt like a loving embrace rather than anything sexual. But then, as I felt my hard on rub up against her stomach, above her pubes, the sexual feelings returned.

Mom started sexily rubbing her boobs and other parts of her body against me and running her hands along my back and down over my butt.

I decided to do the same to her as we rubbed up against each other, but I ended up concentrating more on squeezing her wonderful large ass cheeks as we embraced.

My dick started to get even harder at what we were doing.

Mom noticed this and said, "I see you're really hard now, and your cock is starting to get in the way. If you promise not to cum inside me, I'll let you put it in me again."

I made the promise, not believing my luck that mom would agree to this so soon!

Then she grabbed my slippery soaped up dick and said, "Turn the shower on and let's me rinse off some of this soap first."

I switched the water on and we both rinsed under the spray together, mom, paying special attention to my dick.

Then, after we had rinsed pretty much all the soap off our bodies, I turned the water off, and faced mom again.

She knelt down and took my cock into her mouth. The feeling of her sucking me was wonderful and she soon had me very hard.

Then, she turned around and moved a step towards the far end of the bath, and bent forward so she was supporting herself with her hands against the end tiled wall, as she presented her ass to me.

"You can fuck me like this," she said firmly. "And I want you to talk crudely to me whilst you do it. But remember, don't cum inside me. You must tell me when you are about to cum, so I can get the semen beaker into position."

"Ok, mom " I said. "But first I'd like to lick you down below."

I knelt down behind her, parted her buttocks with my hands and started lapping at her pussy. She tasted wonderful, and smelled clean and fresh after the wash. I squeezed her butt cheeks as I licked her. Then, I moved onto her asshole momentarily, giving that a good tonguing.

By now my hard on was raging.

I stood up again and still holding her butt cheeks open a little way with my free hand, I braced myself to do what I had longed to so much, and for so long -- ram into her pussy, hard, from behind, whilst we were in the bath together.

Mom's pussy looked so inviting, I positioned myself as correctly as I could, in my inexperience of doing such things, and then pointing my cock head between her open cunt lips, I pushed in.

"Ahhhh," mom gasped, as I did so.

"Oh, yes," I cried out.

I pushed all the way in, and then back a little, as we adjusted ourselves for our respective movements

Then, I shoved in again, and then out again, a little faster this time.

"Fuck, yes," said mom, to my surprise.

I increased the pace and depth of my thrusts until I was slapping up against mom's meaty ass cheeks each time I went forward and fully in.

"Fuck, mom that's so good," I said.

I moved my hands up from holding her hips, so that I could squeeze her boobs as I fucked her.

Man this felt amazing!

I moved my hands down to her hips again and carried on slapping hard into mom.

"Yes, Jacob, tell me how much you like fucking me," she said teasingly.

"Fuck yea mom, I love fucking you like this. Your cunt is so fucking hot, I just want to fuck you all the time now," I said, all my inhibitions vanishing for a moment as we fucked.

We were now moaning and groaning like wild animals.

Soon, as we were both so lost in the throes of our mutual enjoyment, all of a sudden I felt the cum rise in my balls.

I remembered what mom said about not cumming inside her, but this felt so good, I just didn't want to stop. But something in my mind told me I should warn her, so I said, "Mom, I'm going to cum."

Mom was groaning deeply in time to my thrusts as I fucked her, and she just managed to blurt out. "No, fuck that. Cum inside me, cum inside mommy. I want to feel your spunk inside me again."

That was it. Her words of encouragement only spurred me on further, and after just a few more thrusts, I came deep, thick and heavily inside her, making a noise almost like a donkey braying as I did so!

Mom screamed out as I spunked deep inside her, indicating she had orgasmed too.

I held onto her hips as her pussy walls milked my prick of cum. I could feel them pulsating against my dick and it felt wonderful. This was all still very new to me, but it had all felt so instinctive, which it obviously was!

After a while, as my dick became limp, and finally fell out from inside her, I still held mom around the waist supporting her whilst she leaned on the wall still facing away from me, her eyes closed, and her face resting on her hands.

"Jacob, that felt so good," she said finally. "I don't feel I care about measuring your cum anymore, but I know we have to," she added.

After a moment, she turned around, and without looking at me, put her arms around me, as we stood naked in the bath together, and held me close to her, hugging me tightly.

Measuring My Cum Ch. 10
Please read earlier chapters to understand storyline and enjoy it better! For those who have been following this series, your feedback requesting more of the story is appreciated, and I do hope to incorporate some of your ideas, including more characters in any future chapters.


After a moment, mom seemed to regain her composure, as she let go of hugging me, and without looking at me directly said, "Rinse yourself off and get dressed."

I did as instructed, grabbing the showerhead and spraying myself over with water, and rinsing around my cock and balls to get the remnants of semen from my last cum load off.

Then I stepped out of the bath, grabbed a towel from the rail and dried myself off for a moment with my back to mom. I turned around to say I was off to get dressed and saw mom looking down at my now limp dick and balls. She had an intense look on her face, almost like she was mesmerised by my prick.

"Dry your cock properly," she said, watching me. I was a little surprised at her saying this, but did as she asked, rubbing my cock and balls over with the towel.

I caught a glance at her as I did so, and saw her lick her lips. It excited me again to see her do this, but not to the extent that it had any effect on my dick, just yet!

"Actually, don't dress. Just put your gown on without anything on underneath and go downstairs and eat breakfast. I'll be down in a few minutes after I rinse off as well," she added.

With that she drew the shower curtain across and I heard the sound of water spray over her.

I threw my towel in the linen basket in the bathroom and walked naked into my room. My house-gown was on a chair in the corner. As I walked over to pick it up I passed by the full length mirror in my room and just stood for a moment looking at myself nude. My chest swelled and I felt confident as I did so. I had finally fucked mom. Twice, in fact, and boy it had felt great. Now, I wanted more. I wondered if she would let me carry on doing that as part of our sessions. I just couldn't get enough of her voluptuous, sexy body!

I pulled the gown on and went downstairs. I sat down at the kitchen table with some orange juice and cereal and started eating. As I eat, I wondered what we would do today and what mom would wear for me to keep me 'stimulated' as she put it.

After about 20 minutes, I heard mom come down the stairs. I was a little disappointed to see she had herself completely covered up in a white cotton bath gown. She was holding a blue document folder in one hand.

She didn't look at me as she came in, but just started to get her breakfast ready.

I didn't say anything. There was silence for a while.

Then mom came over and sat opposite me and started eating some toast she had made, and sipped on a cup of coffee.

She looked at me and said, "Now, Jacob, what we did this morning must be a complete secret between us."

"Yes, mom," I replied, in a serious tone.

"Did you enjoy it?" she said, much to my surprise.

"Yes, of course," I replied. "Bit of a strange question," I added, truthfully.

"Well, I was wondering if you felt guilty that it was not right."

"It felt right, mom," I replied honestly. "It just felt like something natural to do, like all the other stuff we've been doing."

"I'm glad you are comfortable with it," she replied firmly. "I just wanted to make sure. I should have restrained myself though, I think," she added, "But over the past week, since the doctor said I should help you get samples of your cum, seeing your nude body, and you appreciating mine, well......you've awakened a part of me that has been dormant since your father left." She paused for a moment, looking into her coffee cup.

"But, your penetrating me means that we haven't managed to collect proper samples today and that's why I think we must not do it again. It's just too hard for you to pull out in time."

I felt a bit disappointed, but just nodded in agreement, so as not to make it an issue.

After mom finished eating, she said, "I've brought the record of your semen measurements taken from the measuring beaker. You know I've been keeping a note after every session."

I nodded. I had not seen the record sheets so far, and keenly looked over as mom pulled a couple of sheets out from the document folder.

Come over here so you can see better.

I moved my chair around so that I was sitting next to mom and we faced the same direction. She put the sheets on the table in front of me.

Mom had pencilled in amounts in several boxes in columns, each column representing a day. As I looked through what she had noted down, I could see that most of my cum measurements were somewhere between 25 and 40 millilitres each time. But I noticed there was no total for each day.

"Mom, do you mind if I just add up what I've been producing each day?"

"No, I guess not," she replied. "I think the doctor was going to do that anyway."

I got up for a moment and grabbed a calculator from the kitchen drawer, and then sat down again next to mom.

I started totting up the amounts for each day. There were 6-7 cum loads per day noted.

It took a few minutes and mom watched me whilst I added them up.

Then when I'd added up each column so that the figures for each day was done, I looked closely at the final figures.

It appeared that even though the amounts I had been producing varied a little each time, the daily amounts never showed more that 5-10 millilitres of variance.

"That's interesting," I said finally.

"What is?" Mom replied.

"Look, can you see that the amounts I'm producing each day aren't that much different? That means that even if we miss a collection or two, we could probably just work out an average."

Mom smiled at me. "I see," she said. "So what your saying is that we can fuck once or twice a day without worrying about collecting you're cum to measure are you?"

I blushed, hearing mom be so blunt.

"Er...actually I hadn't thought of it that way," I replied, truthfully, as I had been engrossed in working out the figures and what they might mean. "But, I suppose that's one of the outcomes of the results so far," I said, trying to sound all serious and scientific about it.

"I see," said mom. She looked at me hard in the eyes. "So are you saying that we could even go a full day without collecting and measuring your cum?"

"Er.. well.." I replied, "I don't think we should do it too often, but we could do that occasionally, as long as we did take normal collections and measurements on other days until the doctor has worked out what is going on with my condition. Otherwise we might mess up working out the averages."

"Ok," replied mom. She seemed to have a bit of a mischievous look on her face now. I couldn't quite make out what she was thinking, but my dick was starting to twitch a bit under my gown.

"In that case Jacob," said mom, with an intense look on her face, and I also noticed her cheeks flush, "Why don't we forget about collecting samples today in the semen beaker. You have got me very aroused since morning, and I think that today, I will help you to cum as naturally as possible, and in return I want you to help satisfy me too. How does that sound?"

I gulped, not quite believing what I had just heard, and my dick was now tenting up my gown. I could not hide it, and mom saw this, as I was sitting right next to her.

I just nodded, still not knowing quite what to say.

"I can see your cock is in agreement," said mom with a wide smile and then a giggle.

"Let's go upstairs to my bedroom," she said.

She stood up and as I did so too, my hard cock was still pushing my gown up below my waist.

Mom giggled again. Well that looks a bit silly, let's make you more comfortable and untie your gown. And with that, she pulled on my belt untying it, and my gown opened from the front, partly exposing my nakedness underneath, and my erect dick popped out.

"That's better," said mom, and grabbing my hard on said, "Come on." Mom walked in front of me and pulled me along behind her holding my cock like it was some rod attached to my body!

Fuck! I couldn't believe it! It was like mom was taking me upstairs for sex! And she had said her bedroom this time, not mine. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!

Mom gently pulled me along the hallway and then up the stairs, and then finally let go of me as we entered her bedroom.

Mom's bedroom was bigger than mine and she had a king-size bed as opposed to a double in mine. She also had an en-suite bathroom like me. All along one wall opposite her bed were fitted cupboards with sliding doors, which all had full length and width mirrored fronts on them, so that the entire room almost looked double in size as you stood in the room looking at the mirrored cupboard wall. For someone who I had always thought of as very prudish until now, mom liked mirrors a lot, and she also had a very large one on the wall over the head end of her bed. Her bedroom had a beige coloured carpet and a large fluffy white rug at the end closest to the bay windows, where there were also two cream coloured single sofa chairs. Mom had a very luxurious bedroom!

As we entered the room, mom closed the door firmly behind us.

"Sit on the end of the bed facing me," she said commandingly.

I sat down as instructed at the end of the bed so I was facing the mirrored wall of cupboards. My gown was still open at the front and my dick had for a moment gone down a bit from its fully hard state it had been in a moment ago.

Mom now stood in front of me in her white bath robe, her back to the mirrored cupboard wall.

"Now," she said, "After so many days of having to collect your cum in a measuring beaker, today we are going to just help you cum as naturally as possible. Maybe that will help sort out your medical problem too. We are going to fuck like a normal couple, all day Jacob. Do you like the idea of that?"

I blushed deep red, hearing mom talk like that.

"And I want to hear you talk dirty to me, and I want you to fuck me as hard as you can to satisfy me. I think I deserve that, after helping you out all week. Now, tell me you want to fuck me."

"I want to fuck you mom," I said, a little meekly.

"Louder," insisted mom.

I want to fuck you mom," I repeated, a little louder.

"Louder, and more firmly."

"I wanna fuck you hard mom," I said.

"Better," she added. "Now say it in a more dirty way."

I paused for a moment, thinking, and then said "I'm gonna fuck your ass off mom, I'm gonna fuck that wet juicy cunt of yours which you let me fuck earlier today and I'm gonna do it hard and long, and all day until I make you scream."

"Even better," said mom. "But make sure you talk like that when you fuck me. And you may call me all sorts of names that men like to use. Don't be shy with me, it's all part of the enjoyment and satisfaction. Can you think of any names to call me?"

I swallowed. I was now starting to lose my inhibitions as I responded to mom's requests and teasing.


"That's good. More."

"Teasing bitch. Cock-sucking bitch. Prick teaser. Cock loving whore." I turned deep red again saying this all, but it soon wore off seeing mom was looking pleased as I said these words to her."

"That's right young man. I am a cock-loving whore. I love the taste of dick and I love fucking, and I want to be fucked like a dog, and if you want, and if you please me enough, you can fuck my ass too! Your father used to love that! Would you like to fuck my asshole?"

My dick was now raging and I stood up. I couldn't wait anymore as my lust was at full blast.

Mom untied her robe and let it fall to the floor. She was completely naked underneath and her voluptuous body came into full view, her breasts were looking full and swollen and her nipples protruding, indicating her aroused state.

"Let me taste that wonderful cock of yours," she said.

Mom immediately fell to her knees in front of me and took my hard dick into her mouth greedily. She sucked on it almost like some sex starved animal! She lapped at my balls and I could feel and hear breathing heavily on me as she sucked and licked me. She let me dick slide along her face and cheeks like she was worshipping it, and then engulfed the entire cock-head again into her warm wet mouth.

Seeing her like this was really getting me turned on and my dick was straining hard as she sucked on me. I grabbed her head and held it almost like I was face fucking her as she sucked on me.

After a few moments of this she stopped, stood up and said, "Let's get on the bed. I want you to lick me too whilst I suck you off."

I lay down so that my head was at the end of the bed nearest the mirrored wall, and then mom straddled over my face, so that her glorious open butt cheeks hovered above me. What a fabulous sight was above me! Her wide fleshy buttocks opened to expose her cunt lips which were hanging down, and her pinky brown puckered asshole were being brought down to smother my face for my pleasure!

As mom positioned her backside over my face, she firmly planted her knees and legs on the bed next to my chest, and began to suck my dick madly like before.

I licked and lapped at her cunt and ran my hands up over her butt cheeks and lower back. God, this was so good!

I loved the smell of her pussy and ass, and for a moment I let my tongue slide deeply into her asshole, stretching it wide as I did so.

Mom was still sucking on my dick wildly, and although the cum was beginning to rise in my balls, I was managing to not cum too quickly as I wanted to make this last as long as possible.

I let my saliva pour into mom's pussy and asshole in turn, and I licked and lapped at each, as she wriggled her butt into my face in response, and I continued kneading her fleshy buttocks at the same time. Man, I was in butt licking heaven!

Then, finally I felt the cum rise in my balls and I shouted out to mom, "I'm gonna cum soon."

Mom stopped sucking on me and said. "I want you to cum in my mouth, so I can taste your lovely spunk, but I want you to watch me do it. Let's change positions."

With that, she moved her legs off me, got off the bed and knelt on the floor at the end of the bed again, sideways onto the bed and the mirrored cupboard wall.

I stood in front of mom and grabbed my hard on, slapping it on her tits and then her cheeks few times before she took the shaft in her mouth again. Changing positions had put a pause on my cumming, but only for a moment, as her mouth was doing wonders on my dick again. I looked at the mirrored wall and watching my own mother kneeling on the floor with her full hanging tits looking so sexy, sucking me off like she was doing for my pleasure, sent a wave of lust through me, and finally I felt the cum rise in my balls. After a moment I shouted out, "Ahhhhh.. AHHHH....... AHHHHHHHHHHHH......., as I came, spurting wave after wave of cum into mom's welcoming mouth.

Mom managed to take the first few spurts in her mouth and swallow my cum, but either she was a bit out of practice taking cum in her mouth, or I was producing a hell of a lot this time, because on the third of fourth cum wave, some of it came out of the sides of her mouth. Then, as my final few cum waves came, mom, stopped trying to swallow it, and just opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out a little, letting me see my cum dribble down her chin and onto her boobs. Fuck, what a sight! My cum was dripping down her chin in gooey strands! Finally, having stopped my spurting, mom, wiped my dripping cock head along her cheeks so that my spunk smeared her face like some cream. Then she rubbed the cum that had dropped onto her tits into them and then licked her fingertips, as if to show me how much she enjoyed it!

"Ooh, that's lovely, Jacob. I do love the taste of cum, and yours is especially nice. I haven't told you before, but after taking your samples using the semen beaker and measuring it, I would always swallow and drink some of your cum from the beaker. That's why I know it tastes so good. I love it!"

"Fuck! Did I hear right? Mom had been swallowing my cum from the semen beaker after our sessions! Jesus!

As I looked down at her, with my spunk over mom's chin and face, and some stringing down towards her boobs, just thinking about mom drinking my cum from the semen beaker seemed to send a second shot of life into my dick again and I became slightly hard. Mom noticed and went back to sucking me and managed to get another wave or two of cum into her mouth before I went completely limp, and then started licking and lapping my cock head to clean it up.

Finally, I just collapsed back onto the bed in a heap, and in the high of my orgasm.

"Mmmm...that was lovely," said mom, getting up from kneeling on the floor and walking over to the bedside cabinet. Her large melon like tits wobbled sexily as she did so.

Mom picked up some tissues from a box and wiped my cum from her face and boobs, dropping the tissues into a wastebasket next to the cabinet.

"Give me a minute whilst I clean myself up properly," she added, and then walked to her en-suite bathroom. I watched her wide meaty ass cheeks wobble and jiggle as she walked. Man, what a sight!

After a few minutes mom came back into the room, beaming a wide smile and lay herself on the bed, with her back straight against the cushioned headboard.

"Give yourself a wash too Jacob, and then come and lie next to me," she said.

I got up off the bed and started walking to the bathroom like mom had done.

"Nice ass," she said chuckling, as I went.

I responded with a slight giggle. I remembered mom liked my ass too.

Mom had a much nicer bathroom than mine. It had a large bath at one end and at the other a spacious 'walk-in' type shower. The shower area was very roomy -- I'd say you could fit three people in there easily, and it had all manner of jet sprays as well as the traditional shower head type fitting. The nice thing about this was that you could just walk in, pull the frosted glass door across and start showering -- no messing about standing in a bathtub or cramped shower cubicle -- it was very roomy and spacious.

I walked into the shower, turned the jet sprays on, which hit your body from several angles, and soaped and rinsed myself all over quickly, including my cock, balls and ass crack. I knew mom liked me to be especially clean. In less than two minutes I was done and drying myself off.

Then, throwing my towel in the linen basket, I walked back into mom's bedroom. My now limp dick was waving in front of me as I walked, and my balls were flapping a bit.

I saw mom look down at my crotch area as I walked in.

"Is my sexy son all clean now?" she said teasingly, and with a cheeky smile.

"Yep, sure am mom," I replied, as I clambered on the bed so I was half sitting, half lying next to her with my back up against some pillows.

I looked at her naked body next to me and felt like touching her. She must have sensed my desire and said, "You can touch me if you like, whilst we talk for a bit."

I moved my right hand over mom's stomach and up to her boobs. I squeezed her right boob gently and tweaked the thick protruding nipple with my thumb and forefinger. Then without asking, I bent my head down and licked all around her nipple and gave it a gentle suck

"Ohh...that's nice baby," she said in response.

I was still far from being able to get hard again, but it was nice just to touch and caress mom. I moved my hand down her body again, over her stomach and then down over and along her pussy mound. I looked her in the eye as I did this, wanting to see an approving look from her. She did not disappoint me, saying, "Oh yes, touch mommy's pussy, play with it. Put your finger in if you like," and then closed her eyes and pushed her head back to enjoy the sensation. I moved my middle finger along her pussy mound, over the hairs there until I felt the line of the opening, and then gently pressed in, pushing my finger into the moist flesh there.
"Oh...yes, baby" said mom, still with her eyes closed, and pushing her pussy up towards my finger as I inserted it in.

"Don't stop Jacob, that feels really good. Fuck me with your finger and see if you can make me cum."

I hadn't intended on stopping as I was really enjoying what I was doing.

"You can put another finger or two in to stimulate me better, if you like," she added, still with her eyes closed and humping herself gently on my finger.

I let my index and third finger enter mom's pussy as well, gently at first, and then started pumping them in and out, the full length of the fingers. The moist flesh there felt wonderful as I did so.

"Ahhh...Ohhhh...Yessssss," mom cried out.

I continued, increasing my pace a little, whilst mom pushed her pussy mound up to meet my forward pushes.

After another minute or two of this, mom cried out and her whole body shook and shuddered for a moment. I felt a small amount of liquid go over my fingers. I guessed mom must have had an orgasm and cum, although I'd never seen a woman's orgasm before.

Mom lay back on the bed still with her eyes closed for a few moment and then said, "Thanks Jacob, I needed that. I hope you'll be able to do that to me with your hard cock next time." She looked down at my prick as she spoke. It was still limp, despite what we had been doing. It was till too soon after my last cum load, although doing what I had been with my fingers had sent the right signals to my dick, which had twitched a bit!

"Tell you what, why don't I go downstairs and get some coffee for us both, and we can drink it up here and talk until we manage to get you going again," said mom.

I nodded in agreement.

Mom got up and put her bathrobe on again, and disappeared out of the room. "I won't be long," she said as she left.


I felt something touch my arm and I rolled over and opened my eyes drowsily. There seemed to be some kind of fabric touching my skin, and then I realised I was on mom's bed with a blanket over me. Mom stood over me next to the bed, shaking me gently on the arm and holding a cup.

"Jacob, you fell asleep, wake up now."

"Oh, sorry mom," I said sleepily. "How long have I been asleep?"

"Over an hour. When I came up with the coffee, you were already dozing away. I didn't want to disturb you as I though a rest would you good," mom winked at me as she said this, "So I went back down again and gave your auntie Jean a call."

"Here, have some coffee now -- it'll wake you up."

I sat up and took the coffee cup from mom. I let the blanket still cover me from the waist down. Mom sat down on the bed facing me, still in her white bathrobe.

I sipped the coffee. It was good and fresh, and I began to shake off my sleepiness.

"Your aunt Jean is doing well and says hello," said mom.

"What made you phone her?" I asked.

"You know I always call her on the weekend," replied mom. "It was just a general catch up chat."

Mom and her sister Jean, who was a couple of years older than mom, were quite close and spoke regularly. Aunt Jean lived on the West Coast, but she and mom would speak on the phone regularly -- at least once or twice a week, and also visit each other several times a year. Aunt Jean lived on her own now, as her husband had died a few years back of a heart attack. They never had kids. Mom was always asking aunt Jean to move closer to us, but she had got so used to where she was, she'd never made the move, so far at least.

Then a thought hit me. "Er...mom, you haven't said anything to aunt Jean about my...er...you know.... condition. I know you are very close."

"Mom looked down at the bed for a moment and said, "Well, I haven't gone into any great detail, but I have told her you have some personal medical problem and we and seeing a doctor about it. That's all."

"Oh, well I suppose that's ok then. I would be embarrassed if you had said anything else."

"But Jacob, your aunt Jean is like a second mom to you, I'm sure she would be very concerned and want to see you get well. Of course, I haven't gone into any detail -- certainly not about...you know...our extra little activities, and what we are doing now."

I decided to let the subject drop, although I wasn't quite sure how much mom had told auntie Jean.

I finished the coffee whilst we had been speaking and placed the cup on the bedside table, feeling refreshed and fully awake again.

Mom smiled at me cheekily. "That's better. You've had a good rest now. How are you feeling?"

"Fine" I said. I knew I was ready to cum again, and the slight ache in my balls was telling me I needed to get a load off. "I need to cum again."

Mom smiled and slowly pulled the dark blue blanket, which was covering my crotch and legs, off me, revealing my cock and balls.

She stroked my limp cock gently with her fingers, almost like she was touching something precious. "Mmmm, very nice. I've got so used to seeing your wonderful cock now that I want it much like you want my body. Let's see, what shall we do to get you going again?" Mom straightened up her body a bit, and looked at me intensely with a sparkle in her eyes. The look in her eyes had changed from that of my normal prudish mom, when we had been talking about aunt Jean a moment ago, to something almost like another person, revealing her innermost, wickedly lustful nature which had been suppressed for a long time since dad had left (and I hadn't seen it all yet!).

"Will you wear something sexy for me?" I said.

"Ok, what would you like?"

"Well, I liked you a lot in just your stockings and stiletto's. That would do for now."

Mom though for a moment and said, "Ok, I have some ideas to get you going. Just lie back on the bed, close your eyes so you can't see what I'm doing for a few minutes."

I did as instructed, and lay back, now fully naked, with the blanket removed, with my eyes closed and back against the bed headrest.

I heard mom rummage around in some drawers and then some noises of movement as she must have been putting something on.

My dick was starting to twitch in anticipation.

After about five minutes mom said, "Ok, you can open your eyes now."

I did so, and a delightful sight was in front of me. Mom had removed her bathrobe and was standing in front of me, about two feet from the end of the bed, wearing just black hold up stockings with lace trims and black stiletto's. She had brushed her hair and was wearing deep red lipstick, and a little make up on her face.

She posed for me with one hand on her hip and her large boobs hanging sexily on her chest. Then she turned around to show me her ass and wiggled it from side to side for a minute, making the flesh on her buttocks wobble and jiggle, which she knew always sent me wild with desire. God it looked so good with those black stockings just below!

"Like what you see," she said, teasingly, but firmly, and then turned around. I could sense mom was getting turned on herself by what she was doing.

I whistled my pleasure. "Wow, sure do mom," I replied. My dick became semi hard almost immediately.

"I'm going to pose for you for a bit, and walk around the room so you can appreciate the curves of my body. I know you like doing that from our session in the living room a few days ago. But before I do that there's something I'd like you to do."

"What?" I said, keenly.

Mom held up a stick of lipstick which she had been holding in her hand, which I'd not noticed before.

"I want you to write something on my ass with this lipstick."

I gulped.

"Er...ok...what?" My dick was getting harder by the second.

Mom threw the lipstick on the bed and turned around, presenting her glorious ass to me again.

"Come and sit on the end of the bed so my ass cheeks are level with your face."

I picked up the lipstick and did as asked.

Mom's ass globes looked so hot, especially as her stilettos, made the angle of her butt cheeks stick out more. I had to kiss and lick them.

"Sorry mom, but I just have to do something first." I grabbed the fleshy cheeks with my hands greedily, squeezing them hard and then kissed and licked them, wiping my face over them. Mom moaned with pleasure as I did so.

"God, mom, your ass is so good," I cried out.

After satisfying myself, I said, "Ok, what shall I write?"

"I want you to write in large capital letters, 'S' and 'L' on my left butt cheek, and 'U' and 'T' on my right ass cheek, so it will spell 'SLUT'.

Fuck! I couldn't be; live mom was so dirty minded. It excited me though, and my dick was now rock hard hearing this.

I held the lipstick like it was a large crayon and did as asked, writing a large 'S' and 'L' on one cheek and then the 'U' and 'T' on the other. The letters were in deep red and against the milky white colour of mom's ass cheeks looked really hot!

"Done," I said. "Your ass looks damn hot mom, with that."

"Good," mom replied and wobbled her cheeks for me, standing on the spot. Fuck!

Mom turned around so her back was towards the mirrored cupboard wall and turned her head back so that she could see her butt out of the corner of her eyes.

"Yes, very good," she said satisfied, looking back at me.

"I used to do this with your father and it used to really turn him on."

Mom looked down at my dick and saw it was already hard. She bent down for a moment and gave the cock head a suck, making slurping and licking noises as she did so.

Then, apparently satisfied she said, "I want to tease you some more now. You've been very polite so far. I want you to talk dirty to me again as I pose for you."

Mom started to walk around the room in her stiletto's and stockings with her hand on one hip. Her tits jiggled and wobbled. As she walked away from me, the words 'SLUT' clearly showed on her ass as she sexily swung her hips from side to side. My dick was at full stretch now, seeing this.

"How does my slut ass look as I walk?"

"It looks fucking hot mom," I said, going along with her request to talk dirty and actually feeling what I was saying.

"Would you like to fuck my pussy?"

"You bet," I replied.

"Would you like to fuck me like a dog?"


"Then call me a bitch."

"I want tou fuck you, you dirty bitch," I said and blushed a little.

"What kind of bitch am I?"

"A dirty, slut, whore of a bitch, who likes to swallow my cum."

"Excellent Jacob," replied mom, commandingly. "I am a dirty little whore bitch as you will see. I just love prick, and the taste of cum, and to have your hard juicy cock inside my mouth and pussy."

Then she walked over to where the chairs were and put one let up on the seat cushion and inserted a finger into her pussy, playing with it and looking at me directly in the eyes.

Then she put her leg back on the floor and turned around, placed one hand on each butt check, bend forward and pulled apart her ass cheeks, so I could clearly see her asshole and cunt. Both looked delicious and enticing!

Fuck, that was it!

I got up quickly and knelt behind her and licked and lapped at her asshole and pussy, going from one to other and running my tongue all along her ass crack, up and down.

Then, mom turned, and sat on the chair so my aching hard dick was right in front of her mouth and she started sucking on it, taking it deep into her mouth.

I reached down and fondled her boobs as she did this as they jiggled and wobbled under me. After sucking me for a couple of minutes, mom let go of my prick and said, "Fuck my tits."

Mom held up her boobs for me and wrapped them around my rock hard dick as I fucked in between the fleshy mounds. Man, this was tit-fucking heaven!

After a few minutes of this I said, I don't want to cum like this, let's fuck now.

Mom stood up and walked over to the bed.

She got on her hands an knees facing away from the head end of the bed, so that her face was towards the mirrored cupboard wall. In this pose she said. "Now come and fuck my ass off, whilst you watch yourself fucking me in the mirrors."

Fuck! What an invitation. My dick was raging at this thought and I clambered onto the bed behind mom, and ran my dick all along her ass crack and slapped her buttocks a few times. Then, seeing that her gaping cunt lips looked so inviting I inserted the tip of my cock head in slowly, going deeper, until I was about half way in. I felt mom's pussy walls clamp onto my dick and I moved back out and the thrust in again, this time going deeper to the hilt.

Soon we were going at it full pelt, as I thrust in and out, slapping myself against moms ass cheeks as I fucked her pussy hard. I looked up at the mirrored wall and could see mom's tits hanging under her, wobbling and flapping like crazy, forwards and backwards as I thrust into her and she pushed herself back towards me. It looked damned, fucking hot!

I started moaning and mom hearing me said, "Yes, fuck me, fuck me you dirty mother pussy loving bastard."

"Yes, bitch" I cried out, "Take it all, yes..."

We carried on like this for what seemed like ages, watching myself fucking mom from behind in the mirrors was the most incredible sight and she was just loving it -- I could see this from the contorted looks on ger face and the moans of pleasure and delight she was making.

After what seemed like ages, I finally cried out, "I'm cumming...Ahhh....Ahhh...Ahhhh.......and came deep inside her, spurting wave after wave. Mom seemed to orgasm almost at the same time as she screamed out, and her body shook and shuddered violently beneath me. Finally, we both collapsed in a heap on the bed, still moaning and groaning with pleasure.

To be continued...

Measuring My Cum Ch. 11
For those who have been following this series, thanks again for your feedback. For anyone new to it, please read earlier chapters to understand the storyline and enjoy it better!


We spent the rest of the afternoon in mom's bedroom, fucking and sucking in various positions, including with mom on top, riding me, which was great, as I could watch her ample full boobs jiggle and bounce as she rode me. Fuck that was good! I must have cum at least another four times over the course of the afternoon.

One of my favourite times was when mom knelt on the floor on her elbows and knees, and let me pull her buttocks wide open so I could lick and finger fuck her asshole. I opened it up wide and also let a few gobs of my spit enter her butt-hole, to help ease my finger in. I think she enjoyed it from the way she moaned and groaned with pleasure. To be truthful, I was becoming increasing aroused by the sight of mom's asshole and wanted to stick my prick in there. But although mom had mentioned this in her "dirty talk", she'd never actually said I could, and I did not want to push things too far, too soon. But from the way she had reacted to my fingering it, I had hopes she would let me fuck her ass sometime soon.

During our sessions during Sunday afternoon, mom never collected my cum. She either swallowed it if she sucked me, or let me cum inside her, and then let me watch it drip out of her pussy, which added to my excitement.

In the evening whilst we were eating, mom reminded me that we had to see Dr Taylor again the next day.

"And remember," she said, "We mustn't tell the Doctor just how far I have gone in helping you to cum."

I nodded in agreement. I knew it wasn't something we could talk about in front of other people.

After our meal we both sat in the living room to watch some TV before going to bed.

I was wearing my 'house-gown' with my boxer shorts on underneath, whilst mom had 'dressed' since our earlier fuck-fest in her bedroom, but sill quite sexily -- wearing the tight fitting soft-jersey type material grey shorts with a low cut bright red blouse without a bra, which showed ample cleavage, and her nipples protruding through the thin fabric. She looked pretty hot sitting there!

Since mom had been helping me cum all weekend, the ache in my balls had been much less. But with the working week starting for her tomorrow, being a Monday, I wondered how I would manage.

"Mom, I'm going to feel a little strange during the daytime this week, as you won't be able to help me cum like you have this weekend," I said.

"I know dear," mom replied. "I've been thinking about that too. I have to go to work and you have to go to college. We'll speak to Dr Taylor tomorrow and see what she says. How are your aches now?"

"Well, I've been feeling pretty good this weekend as I've been regularly cumming."

"We'll have one session tomorrow morning before I go to work and I'll have to collect a sample like we were doing before. Today has just been an exception." She smiled at me as she finished the sentence.

We idled the time away watching a movie and soon I was feeling sleepy. Mom looked over at me and said, "Time for bed I think young man. Do you need to cum again before sleeping?"

I felt I could, and my sleepiness started to disappear at the thought.

I nodded.

"As I haven't collected your cum all day, I think one last time without won't matter too," said mom as she stood up. "What would you like to do?"

Seeing mom standing a few feet away from me with her tight figure hugging shorts which were pressing sexily into her crotch, I felt like touching her there and feeling up her ass.

"I'd like to play with that wonderful ass and pussy of yours again mom," I said. "I just can't get enough!"

Mom walked sexily over to me, swinging her hips, and stood in front of me as I still sat seated on the sofa chair.

"Go on then," she said, smiling, "Do what you like."

I placed the four fingers of my right hand on the area of her crotch and just ran them along her pussy mound several times, up and down. I could feel her pussy hairs and slit through the soft thin material of her shorts as I did so. Mom reacted with a slight moan of pleasure and pressed her pussy mound back against my fingers.

Then, satisfied for a moment with that, I said, "Turn around please mom."

"That's too polite," replied mom teasingly. "You'll have to ask me in a different way, if you want me to do that. Talk dirty."

I looked up at mom and decided to oblige.

"Turn around and show me that juicy thick fuck of an ass, mom."

"Mmmm....yes," replied mom, "That's better." And with that mom turned 360 degrees on the spot and presented me with her curvy large butt, which was just about level with my face as I sat, if not a touch higher.

I rubbed my hands over each buttock, through the soft material of the shorts, groping and cupping the flesh there greedily. Then, I pulled the material that was covering each ass cheek inwards so that it caught in mom's ass crack, making her butt look even sexier as it tightly hugged her ass with each buttock partly showing. I bent forward and kissed each cheek in turn and then ran my tongue over the skin, savouring the taste and sensation. Fuck! This was good, and my cock getting was hard!

Then, I grabbed mom's shorts at the waist and just yanked them down, giving her a bit of a surprise.

"Fuck, yea mom," I said, "Your juicy ass is so fucking hot, I could play with it all day and all night."

Mom didn't say anything, but just stepped out of her shorts, so now all she had on was her bright red blouse which went to just above her hips, leaving her glorious backside and legs fully exposed and naked.

Then she wriggled her ass as she stood on the spot, knowing how much it excited me to see the flesh on her butt cheeks wobble and jiggle.

By now my dick was fully hard and wanting some attention.

I stood up behind mom and rubbed my cock along her ass crack, again slightly surprising her and making her exclaim, "Ooh, that's nice."

I slapped my hard on against mom's butt cheeks for a bit longer, and then said, "I'd like to follow you upstairs with you like this, so I can watch your cheeks move, and then maybe you can suck me off and swallow my cum."

"Ok," replied mom, still with her back to me, and rubbing her butt sexily back against my hard on.

Then she started walking slowly away from me toward the door, her hips swinging, so that her ass looked even hotter as she walked.

Mesmerised, I followed her. When mom, got to the stairs she started walking slowly up them, again swinging her hips as she did so. Man what a sight! I was half drooling as I watched her climb with her butt almost in my face as I followed closely behind. I could not help slapping her ass once or twice with my hand. "Fuck yea mom," I said, "Fucking hot ass."

Mom reached the top of the stairs and walked down the corridor and into my bedroom, and sat on the bed. My hard on had been swinging wildly as I'd followed her, and now I just presented it to her face as she sat down. Greedily she took it into her mouth and started sucking me.

"Oh fuck yea mom," I said, responding to the way she was blowing me.

She grabbed the base of my dick with both hands and really went for it, taking all my shaft into her mouth almost to the hilt.

Then she started playing with my balls, with one hand. I let my right hand wander down of mom's left boob for a moment and then I just grabbed her head as she carried on sucking me hard. Then she let my dick out of her mouth for a moment and ran her cheeks along the side of my shaft as if savouring it's length along her face.

"Talk dirty to me while I bring you off," she said. "You know how much I like it."

And without further ado she took my dick head into her mouth again and started sucking on me.

Happy to oblige, I said "Yea suck that dick bitch. Suck it hard and let me see you swallow my cum. I know how much you like it now. You're a cum swallowing slut aren't you? You just love taking my cream inside your mouth and swallowing it, don't you?"

I grabbed her head and started pushing my dick into her mouth in time with her sucking, so that I felt like I was face fucking her.

I could feel her breathing hard through her nose as she sucked on me and she seemed in total ecstasy. Finally, I felt the cum rise in my balls and grabbing moms head hard, I thrust hard and deep and spurted in her mouth with a loud groan.

"Ohhhhhhh...Ahhhhhhhhh..." I said out loud.

Mom had clamped onto my dick with her mouth firmly as I came, making sure that this time she would not spill a drop. And indeed she didn't, as she seemed to be swallowing the lot!

After she'd milked me dry with her mouth and cleaned all the cum off my dick, she smiled up at me and said, "Mmmm.... that was lovely, I love the taste of your cum," and she licked her lips, letting her tongue linger outside her lips momentarily to show me how much she enjoyed it, like she had been eating some delicacy. Fuck, she knew how to tease me!

"Now have a good sleep and I'll collect another sample first thing in the morning before I go to work, but I'll have to use the semen beaker again from tomorrow."

I nodded, and smiled back at mom.

She stood up, her tits wobbling in her red blouse, kissed me on the cheek and said, "Goodnight, hon. Sleep tight." And with that she strolled out of my bedroom. Again, I watched her naked ass swing sexily as she walked away. Fuck!

I curled up in bed, and in no time at all fell sound asleep.


I looked at my watch. It was 3.30pm. I was about to leave my college campus and head for Dr Taylor's Clinic, which was a short bus ride down town.

Mom had told me in that morning she would leave work a little early, and meet me there. That was after she had wanked me off into the semen beaker of course, before she left for work. It was a little disappointing not to have her suck me off properly and let me cum in her mouth, but we had to use the semen beaker again to get some measurements, as we'd given doing that a miss, completely, on Sunday.

As I sat on the bus going towards the clinic, I wondered what Dr Taylor would say, and if my blood test results would show up anything. I still had a slight ache in my balls everyday, but as I mentioned before, this would normally clear up after I'd cum several times.

I thought back to our first visit to see Dr Taylor. I suddenly remembered the way she had looked at my dick and licked her lips. Then I remembered mom doing the same thing several times before she had actually started to suck me off. An image of my dick in Dr Taylor's mouth flashed through my mind quickly and I smiled. 'Don't be stupid,' I said to myself! Doctors don't do that with their patients!

Soon, I reached my stop and got off the bus. A few minutes later I was climbing the steps up to the Clinic front door. I saw a mid-thirties looking attractive blonde receptionist at the desk and introduced myself.

"Afternoon, " I said. "I'm Jacob Addington. I have an appointment with Dr Taylor for 4.30pm." The receptionist looked down at her diary, and as she did so I could not help but look down at her quite ample cleavage which was showing. She was wearing a white nurse type uniform which had quite a low cut top, and her boobs were pushed quite firmly up to create quite a sexy cleavage. She looked damn hot!

"Oh yes," she smiled back at me. "Please take a seat. Your mother is already here."

As I walked into the waiting area of the clinic, I saw mom had got there before me and was sitting in a chair reading a magazine. She looked up and smiled at me. There were no other people waiting, probably because we had the last appointment of the day, although I think the clinic had two or three other doctors too. I gave mom a kiss on the cheek and sat down next to her.

The receptionist was a about 10 feet away from where we sat at one end of the waiting area, near the front door. She smiled reassuringly over at us. I couldn't remember seeing her the last time I was here. The image of her ample cleavage still lingered with me.

Then mom said in a low tone so no one else could hear, "Remember Jacob, you mustn't say anything about how far we have gone in our cum collecting sessions. Let me do most of the talking."

"Ok, mom" I replied, as quietly back to her.

After a couple of minutes the phone rang by the receptionist, and after answering it she said out loud, "You may go in now."

Mom and I got up and went over to the consultation room door. Mom knocked, and I followed her in.

"Ah, Mrs Addington and Jacob, do come in said Dr Taylor smiling broadly, from behind her desk, standing up in a white doctor's coat, welcoming us.

She shook both our hands and beckoned us to sit down on the chairs in front of her desk.

Dr Taylor was a mature lady, of around 50 years, stocky in build, chubby and buxom with it, and with greying hair. She wore glasses, but as I looked at her I noted again, like the first time we had met her, that she had quite a pretty face and wonderful deep blue eyes, which had almost a playful sparkle in them.

As we sat down, Dr Taylor first looked at my mom and then me, and still smiling and looking quite jovial said "Well how are you both, and how have you been getting on since I last saw you?"

Mom took the lead and said quite enthusiastically, but a little hesitatingly as if slightly embarrassed, "We've been doing fine Dr Taylor. I....er...have been helping Jacob in getting some measurements for you, as you suggested. I have them here." Mom pulled out the records sheet, which she had shown me on Sunday morning, and handed it to the doctor.

"That's excellent," said Dr Taylor smiling. She took the paper from mom's hand and put it on the desk in front of her without reading it. "I'll look at this in a moment. I'm so glad you felt able to help Jacob, as it can be difficult to collect samples," she added, as if to provide some reassurance.

Then Dr Taylor looked hard at me and said, "Tell me Jacob, how are your aches down below?"

I cleared my throat and said a little timidly, "I do still have them, but it does help a lot when I er....er ...you know masturbate. I mean when I...er...you know, spurt my semen."

"Good," replied Dr Taylor still smiling at me. "I'm glad that you do get relief at least."

"Now," she continued, "I do have your blood test results here," she said pointing to a blue folder, which was on the desk in front of her. "But first let me see your semen measuring record."

Dr Taylor picked up the sheet of paper mom had given her and read it carefully.

"Yes, I see you have been producing quite a lot, but from the totals you've worked out at the bottom, I can see it is generally within a similar range every day."

She paused for a moment looking at the numbers. "Yes, that's all fine," she added. "Thank you for keeping this record. I hope it has not been too difficult," she added, looking first at mom then me.

For the first time I think I saw mom blush at that remark, and she replied quickly, "Er... no doctor...it....its been quite an experience as it's something a mother is not often asked to do, if you know what I mean."

"Yes, yes Mrs Addington. May, I call you Margaret."

"Well, my friends call me Marge. That will do."

"Marge it is then," replied Dr Taylor. "Yes I do understand, and I'm sure Jacob has been grateful too."

Mom looked slightly uneasy but just smiled back at the doctor.

Dr Taylor looked at me and said. "Aren't you Jacob? You must be thankful your mom has been able to help you."

"Yes, sure I am," I said, in a tone more relaxed than I thought I would say it.

Mom then said, "Are you able to tell us what the problem is Doctor?"

"Yes, I can," replied Dr Taylor. "I am pleased to say the blood tests have given us an answer to what is going on. So in that sense it is good news. However, the treatment I am going to suggest maybe a little more...," she paused for a moment, "A little more unusual and perhaps difficult."

I felt a tinge of concern and looked at mom, who I could see was also looking worried.

Dr Taylor saw our anxious expressions and said, "Oh, please, I did not mean to worry you like that. Once I've explained, you may not think it is too much of an issue to overcome."

"Please tell me what's wrong with Jacob?" asked mom.

Dr Taylor straightened up in her chair a little as if she was about to say something important.

"Mrs Addington....I mean Marge," she said looking at mom, "The blood test show Jacob has a condition which although I would not describe as rare, is a little uncommon. I will not bore you with the name of the condition, and we did send the samples to another laboratory for confirmation. Luckily the condition is detectable through the blood tests. I will try to explain it as simply as I can."

Dr Taylor looked at me then mom as she spoke. "As you may know, men and women both have bacteria present in their genital areas, which are kept at an optimum level though various means, including the body's own immune system. In certain cases in men, the balance of this bacteria overwhelms their balancing mechanisms and can lead to aches in the scrotum area, which in effect has happened to you Jacob," she said, looking directly at me and smiling reassuringly.

"But, the good news is that it is curable. Our medical history records show that virtually all young men who have had this condition have been completely cured. However, the recommended method is,....well,.....slightly unusual."

"Well, it's a relief to know you know what it is, and that Jacob can be cured.," said mom. "But in what way is the cure unusual?" she added, almost taking the words out of my mouth.

Dr Taylor paused for moment.

Then looking at mom directly she said, "Because of the slightly unusual nature of the treatment, you may prefer that I speak to you directly and in private first, Marge, before telling Jacob."

Mom listened and thought for a moment before replying.

"Er....well, no doctor. It's all right. I know Jacob is mature enough to listen to what you will say, and I would like him to be present. He's my son, and I know he will be ok with whatever you might say," she replied, firmly.

I felt kind of pleased that mom had spoken up for me like that. But I guessed it was partly because of the sexual intimacy we had already shared.

"Alright," said Dr Taylor, looking at mom and then me quite seriously.

"Occasionally, men much older than Jacob in their fifties and sixties can get this condition, but for them we normally prescribe tablets, which they then have to be take once a week for the rest of their lives. However, the best treatment for this condition, in a young man of Jacob's age, is to naturally lower the imbalance of bacteria in the male genitals. The way to do this normally, is for a man is to have sexual intercourse frequently with a woman, as the different bacteria that are present in a woman genitalia, naturally help to restore the imbalance in the male, as they get passed on during intercourse.

Mom and I both listened in silence without saying anything. You could have heard a pin drop. And I felt a twitch in my dick as the doctor spoke the last sentence.

"Now for this to work," continued Dr Taylor, "The intercourse must be without a condom, as obviously we require the male and female genital fluids to mix."

Dr Taylor paused for a moment.

Then looking hard at me, she said, "Do you have a girlfriend at the moment Jacob?"

"Er...no," I replied, rather embarrassingly.

"Well, here is where the slightly unusual recommendation for treatment I have for you comes in, in that case."

Dr Taylor paused again.

"To be blunt Jacob, you need to have sex with a woman daily for the next 2-3 months, and then regularly thereafter, to restore your body's balance and get rid of your aches. But if you do not have a girlfriend, then that is a problem."
I sneaked a look at mom, who obviously was not going to say we had been doing it, and neither was I.

Then, I was shocked at the Doctor's next lengthy statement.

She looked at mom and said, "Marge, I want you to know I am also a sex therapist and counsellor as well as a medical doctor. I see many different types of people who visit me in that capacity, and who tell me all kinds of sexual fantasies and fetishes. So nothing surprises me anymore. And of course the relationships between a sex counsellor and the client is completely confidential."

"Er..yes...I understand that," replied mom, slightly confused.

"So what I am try to say, is that one possible solution to the fact that Jacob has no girlfriend currently is ..," Dr Taylor paused, "For you to perhaps go a little further in helping him with his treatment, if you know what I mean."

I saw a streak of red run across mom's neck and cheeks as she realised what the doctor had just suggested to her.

I think I must have blushed too.

Mom stayed silent. My dick twitched again.

Then trying to be more reassuring, Dr Taylor said, "As I mentioned, the relationship between a doctor and the patient is strictly confidential. I can only suggest what is best for the patient and it would go no further than between us, if it helps Jacob get over his little problem, or until he meets a fine young girl in the future hopefully." Dr Taylor smiled as she finished the sentence.

Mom regained her composure a little and said, "Er...yes...I see what you mean doctor. I shall have to think about it." She obviously didn't feel comfortable enough to tell the doctor we had already fucked!

"However, I have an alternative option," continued Dr Taylor. "Over the years during the course of my sexual counselling, I have seen a number of women, similar to your age Marge, who also have certain sexual issues and problems because their husbands' can no longer perform sexually. I have handful of such women on my books now. All they require is to have sexual intercourse once or twice a week to help them overcome their problems. Dr Taylor paused.

Then continuing, she said, "I Also have a number of men a little older than Jacob -- in their early twenties, who also come to see me with their sexual problems, for example, shyness in approaching women, or lack of experience in the sex act, and require just some initial guidance and prompt in the right direction. Now, being a 'hands on' type of sex counsellor, what I do, with the permission of all involved, is, I link up these young men to these older women, who have their husbands' permission of course. And so the young men can resolve their sexual issues and gain some confidence, whist at the same time satisfying these mature ladies. It is a 'win, win' situation. The key is also that before I link up the young men to the mature, experienced women, I make sure both parties are completely free of any infection or STDs, so that they are able to enjoy themselves to the fullest extent, without worry. And I do follow up checks too. So what I am saying, Marge, is if you feel unable to help, I could link Jacob up to one or two of these ladies I know."

As the doctor had been speaking, and what she had been saying sunk in, my dick had become semi hard. I couldn't quite believe my ears. Dr Taylor could put me in touch with some older ladies of mom's age for me to fuck to help cure my problem! Fuck!

I thought mom would blow up either in embarrassment or rage at the idea, but strangely enough when I looked over at her to see her reaction, see seemed quite calm. If anything, calmer than when the doctor had started talking.

"I see," mom replied. "Well, Dr Taylor, I am so pleased to have chosen you as our doctor, as I can see your approach to treatment is very 'hands on' as you put it, and you have the best interests of the patient at heart, even if the treatments are slightly unusual. I'm also glad that you are so frank with us in your explaining the situation, and offering an alternative solution. I shall have to think this all over, as it is quite a lot to take in. But at least we know what's wrong with poor Jacob," mom paused, looking at me, "And how best we might be able to help him." Mom smiled back at the doctor now, clearly much less tense and more relaxed in her chair.

Mom's reaction surprised me and my dick was still snaking around in my pants at the thought of all these suggestions. I was trying to hide it by holding my hands over my crotch!

"Good," replied Dr Taylor beaming back at mom. "I'm so glad we have an understanding."

Then looking at me, Dr Taylor said, " I hope you will feel comfortable with the suggested treatment Jacob and not feel shy. I'm sure you will appreciate it." I thought I detected a glint in her eyes as she spoke to me.

I decide to play all innocent and I piped up, "Er...yes.... sure Dr Taylor, anything that helps me get over my problem." Then, feeling a little braver and to add a touch of spice to the conversation, so that Dr Taylor might perhaps think I was more of a man than she knew, I added, "It has been quite nice and relieving at times when mom has been helping me, so I'm sure help in other ways from mom and from other ladies might be good too."

I definitely saw a sparkle in the doctor's eyes this time as I spoke, and my dick twitched again.

"Very good," replied Dr Taylor. "Now, Marge, you have a think about what I've said and let me know how you might want to proceed. And remember this is all completely confidential between us only."

"Thank you, Dr Taylor," replied mom.

"Now, before you go today, I do need just one final test to perform which is to take a fresh sample of semen from Jacob. Once the treatment I've just suggested to you has been started I will also have to take fresh semen samples twice a week as we monitor progress through regular semen tests and blood tests. You no longer have to take daily cum measurements from Jacob now. Is that ok?"

I felt relieved we didn't have to use the semen beaker at home again, but I think I must have not been listening properly to the first part of what the doctor had said as mom asked, "You mean you would like a sample now from Jacob?" and looking a little perturbed again.

"Yes. That shouldn't be a problem should it? Do you feel you can provide me with one Jacob?"

"Er.. yes," I said.." I guess so." The truth was, aside from being semi hard already, hearing what the doctor had suggested, my balls were aching a bit, and cumming was just what I needed, as I'd only cum once that morning with mom helping me.

"Good," replied Dr Taylor. "Excuse me one moment."

Dr Taylor picked up the phone and said, "Cynthia, as Mrs Addiington and Jacob are the last patients for the day, and it's almost 5pm, you can go home now. I won't be needing your assistance further today."

I realised Cynthia must have been the name of the hot looking receptionist. Dr Taylor listened to a reply and then said,. "That's right, we'll be fine. Have a nice evening - bye," and put the phone down.

"Right, would you like to follow me to my inner consulting room?" Dr Taylor got up and beckoned us to follow.

I had not noticed another door in the doctor's room on the first visit, but the doctor led us to the far side of the room where there was indeed another door. She opened it and we all went in. The doctor then closed the door and bolted it from the inside. "I like to make sure we have absolute privacy," she said. "Welcome to my inner consulting room. This is where I see clients who have sexual issues or problems of various sorts, and I try to counsel them and help them resolve these issues."

As I looked around the room I noticed it had a much more cosy and informal feel to it compared to the doctors main consulting room. This was more homely and even intimate. There were matching lampshades, a luxurious beige carpet with a large roomy leather sofa and a separate sofa chair. At one end of the room a very comfortable looking milky chocolate coloured leather bound couch/examination table was placed in the centre space so you could walk around it, where I guessed people could lie down. There was also a door to another room attached to this one!

As I entered the room, for some reason my hard on had gone down completely. Perhaps it was the thought of what I might have to do in front of the doctor, rather than in private with mom, which is what I was used to.

"Now, Marge, I've brought you in here too because I thought it would be better if you might like to help your son produce his semen sample, like you have been doing at home. I would like to watch and assist if you wouldn't mind so I can make sure everything is in order from a physiological point of view. Is that ok with you both?"

"I guess so," said mom, but I could see she was a little embarrassed.

I just nodded.

"Now Jacob, see that door -- that goes to a bathroom. I'd like you to be nice and clean, so would you like to take off your pants and underwear in there, leave your t-shirt on, and give yourself a good wash of your privates, wrap yourself in a towel, and then come back out here.

I nodded again and walked over to the bathroom door.

Dr Taylor asked mom to sit down and offered her a soft drink. "Jacob before you go, would you like a drink too?"

"Just water is fine," I said.

I went into the bathroom and closed the door behind me. Fuck! I couldn't believe this was happening!

The bathroom was very nicely fitted with a bath and separate shower cubicle, and luxury tiles on the walls and floor. Next to the wash basin were a number of cream coloured towels of different sizes.

I took off my trousers and boxer shorts and gave my dick and balls a good wash using a small towel and soap. Then I rinsed myself off by wetting another small towel, and finally dried myself using a larger one. The large one was big enough to go around my waist, so I wrapped the towel around my hips and walked back into the room where Dr Taylor and mom were waiting.

"Excellent," said Dr Taylor as she saw me come in. I took a sip of my water which she handed me in a glass. "Please lie down on the couch over there, and we'll join you. Keep your towel over you for now."

I did as instructed. My dick was completely soft now - my earlier arousal had completely gone!

I lay down on the couch, which was in the centre area of the end of the room so that people could walk around it, with my t-short still on, and the towel covering me from below. The couch was very comfortable and had a high back so as I lay there I could almost sit up. Mom and Dr Taylor came over.

Dr Taylor was holding a semen-measuring beaker like the one she had given us to take home.

"Just relax now Jacob. I'll just ask your mom to take a sample like she does at home."

Dr Taylor then lowered the head end of the couch a little so as I was lying, my back was about at 30 degrees, and I could relax my back and head.

"Right Marge, just do whatever you normally do to get the sample from Jacob at home. I assume you masturbate his penis into the beaker?"

"Er.. yes, that's right," said mom, not giving much away.

Mom stood on one side of me and Dr Taylor stood on the other as I lay on the couch.

Mom pulled the towel way from my crotch and legs to reveal my dick. I was now naked from the waist down. I could sense Dr Taylor looking at me dick intently.

Mom started to stroke my dick to try to get some life into it.

I was still limp. And I thought I should say something about that.

"Sorry, I think maybe because I'm in a strange place, I'm not worked up enough just yet," I said truthfully.

"Marge, do you provide any stimulation for your son? For example, do you let him touch you?"

Mom hesitated for a moment. I could sense she was unsure just how much to let on. Then she said. "Well sometimes I do. I let him touch my bottom and sometimes my breasts too, as that can help him to cum quicker."

"Well don't let me stop you then. Just do what you normally do," said Dr Taylor encouragingly.

Mom turned her ass towards me a little and I started to caress it through her skirt. My dick responded a little, but I was still not really getting properly hard.

"I think perhaps you need some more stimulation," said Dr Taylor, after watching this for a few minutes, and seeing I was still not getting properly hard. "Tell me Marge, do you let Jacob see you partly undressed?"

I knew mom was fighting her feelings not to tell the doctor too much, but to my surprise at her openness she finally said "Well as you been so frank and open with us doctor, I will also be honest with you and say yes. Occasionally, I have let Jacob see my breasts and my bottom. But I would always wear some panties to cover my crotch area," she added, lying. She obviously didn't feel comfortable to reveal any more just yet!

"Well, may I suggest you remove your top and skirt in that case so Jacob can be properly stimulated? I think he does need more help, poor thing," said Dr Taylor sympathetically.

Mom stopped wanking me and started to unbutton her white blouse. She then took it off, revealing a white full cup bra underneath. Then, she unzipped her skirt from the side and let it fall to the floor. She was wearing quite conservative white panties underneath which didn't reveal much of the flesh of her ass. She picked up her skirt and placed it on the sofa with her blouse.

She was now wearing just her white panties and bra with black medium height heels. She came back over to me, and not looking at Dr Taylor, perhaps to avoid eye contact because of how she was now dressed in front of me, pulled her panties into her ass crack partly, so as to make her ass look more sexy, and then began stroking my dick again.

"That's quite a nice touch, to make you look more stimulating," said Dr Taylor pointing to what mom had done with her panties in pushing the fabric into her ass crack.

"Well, he does like bottoms a lot, so he tells me," replied mom, to my surprise, revealing one of my likes.

"Well that's quite natural," said Dr Taylor smiling at me.

I started stroking mom's ass again, which was now looking much more alluring, but Dr Taylor looking on at me from one side was not helping my erection still.

I think the doctor noticed my discomfort.

"I think we need to do something else here if we are to get you going young man," she said. "I did say I was the type of sexual counsellor who believes in a hands on approach, so what I can do if you like is to stand nearer you Jacob, and you may also touch my bottom lightly through the material of my skirt, as you like bottoms so much. Are you ok with that Marge?"

"Er...yes sure," replied mom.

Dr Taylor removed her white coat to reveal surprisingly low cut beige blouse and dark brown knee length skirt underneath. She came and stood next to me about level with my chest so my right hand could reach her ass. She was much rounder in shape than mom, and more of a bubble butt, I noticed, despite her chubbiness.

"Now don't be shy young man, you can squeeze and feel my bottom as you like whilst your mom does her bit."

I couldn't quite believe this was happening. With my left hand I was feeling up mom's ass cheeks as she stood in her underwear to my left and with my other hand I was stoking Dr Taylor's ass through the material of her skirt as she stood to my right!

My dick started to become hard and responsive finally, although I still felt a little awkward.

Dr Taylor placed the semen beaker on the couch so mom could get hold of it in time.

Then to my surprise mom said. "Dr Taylor I hope you won't mind, but I'm going remove my bra so Jacob can see my boobs. That normally does the trick at home."

"Well, I am glad to hear you have such an informal arrangement," replied Dr Taylor looking more pleased now.

Mom unclasped her bra and threw it on the sofa. Her glorious, full, melon like globes with large brown areole came into full view. Mom's thick nipples looked exceedingly tempting and suckable.

"And I must say you have a very fine pair of boobs," said Dr Taylor seeing them in their glory.

"Thank you."

Before going back to working on my dick mom lent over my face so her boobs were in reach of my mouth. I don't think she had planned to do this but just did it instinctively. Seeing this, Dr Taylor said, "And I see you let him suck you too. Excellent! That should really do the trick. Look!"

Dr Taylor pointed at my dick, which was now fully hard, as I had taken mom's juicy tit into my mouth as she let her boobs fall over and stroke my face, and she saw it's full length and hardness now for the first time. "Jacob, you do have a fine erection. I am going to call it a cock if you don't mind, as I think it is easier to help you to cum if we use more common words."

Dr Taylor keenly looked at my hard on, and licked her lips, and I could see she wanted to touch it. "Can I make a suggestion?" she said.

"Go on," said mom.

"How about if you stand over Jacob like you are and let him play and suck on your fine boobs, and I collect the semen sample? It may make things easier," said Dr Taylor.

"Sounds ok to me, " said mom. "You ok with that Jacob?"

I nodded. It would be good to have another woman's hands on my dick.

I was started to feel much more relaxed being in the doctor's presence now, as she seemed to be enjoying what we were doing too. She moved over to my left where mom had been standing and mom came over to the right of me, still leaning over me slightly so I could suck and play with her boobs or ass with one hand.

Mr Taylor started to wank me. The feel of her hand on my dick was quite exquisite and her technique arousing. She was clearly an expert in this from the way she was stroking me!

My dick was now at full stretch, but I did not feel like cumming just yet.

"May I touch your bottom again Dr Taylor?" I said, feeling brave.

Without saying anything, Dr Taylor angled her ass back at me so I could reach it, and I started to grope at her fleshy ass cheeks through he material of her skirt.

"That's right. Feel my ass young man and cum for me," said Dr Taylor as she continued to wank me, whilst I felt up her butt.

At that moment I would have loved it if either mom or Dr Taylor had given my dick a quick suck. But I did not feel brave enough to go so far as to suggest that.

Mom then surprised me again by saying, "Let me use my boobs on his cock for a moment. That should do it finally."

Mom moved down the couch a little so she was now opposite to Dr Taylor a who let go of my dick, and let mom wank me with her boobs as she held them tightly around my prick and moved up and down.

Dr Taylor looked on pleasingly. "I'm so glad to see you are so free with each other in this way," she said.

Seeing mom do what she was doing to me in front of the doctor triggered something off inside my head, and I started to get extremely aroused now at the idea of mom sexually pleasuring me in front of someone. I'd gone from being very shy about it initially, to now getting really turned on by it, and I felt the cum rise in my balls.

"I'm gonna' cum in a minute if you carry on like that," I said out loud.

Mom continued wanking me between her fleshy tit mounds for another minute or so and then stopped and let Dr Taylor take over. The doctor grabbed the semen beaker in one hand and started pumping my dick hard up and down. She was just in time as after just few strokes I came, gushing into the semen beaker.

"Ahhhhh..AHH...OOOOOHHH," I shouted out as I came, jerking my hips upwards several times as I did so.

Dr Taylor continued to expertly hold my cock and pump me until my cum waves subsided and she'd collected all my cum in the beaker. I pushed my head back against the couch and closed my eyes, enjoying the high of my orgasm as the doctor's hand still held my dick, and mom stood topless, wearing just her panties, next to her. Fuck, that was so good!

Measuring My Cum Ch. 12
This is a continuation of a long running series. Please read earlier chapters to follow the storyline. For those who have been following this series, it has been a while since the last chapter post, but I hope to get a few more posted before the end of the year, as I can see this one running some time yet! Thanks again for all your feedback on the series.


"Well, that must feel a lot better," said Dr Taylor, as I opened my eyes from the high of my orgasm. "And you've produced quite a lot of semen too," she added, pointing to the semen beaker.

I looked at her, then mom, standing next to the doctor, still topless, wearing only her black panties. I couldn't quite believe what we had all just done together, but I nodded, as I was a little lost for words.

Mom looked at the beaker too for a moment, and then seemed to become self-conscious standing there almost naked in front of the doctor and said, "Excuse me, while I put my clothes back on." She picked up her bra, blouse and skirt in turn, and I watched as she put her clothes back on.

It was just as sexy watching mom dress as undress, seeing her put her bra and blouse on and then slide on her skirt with a wiggle.

Dr Taylor looked at me and said, "You should dress too Jacob. I am finished with you for today. Both of you, please come and join me in my main office when you are ready."

I jumped off the couch and went back into the bathroom. I cleaned myself, and put my clothes back on.

When I entered the 'inner' consultation room again it was empty. I guess both mom and the doctor were back in the regular consulting room.

I joined them, opening the interconnecting door and walking in.

The doctor had her white coat back on and was sitting behind her desk again with mom on a chair in front of her. It hardly seemed possible that a few minutes ago they had both been helping me to wank off, they looked so prim and proper sitting there!

Dr Taylor smiled at me as I sat down next to mom.

"Jacob and Marge," she started, "I am so glad we have managed to get a sample today, and that you have felt comfortable enough to provide one in my presence. And I am so pleased to see you are comfortable with each other in a situation where you are both nude and a little sexual," she said.

And then looking at mom directly, she continued, "I'm especially pleased with you Marge at how helpful you are to Jacob." I guess she must have been referring to mom taking off her bra and playing with my cock with her tits. "Most people would not understand, but I do," she added, smiling at us both.

I saw mom blush just for a moment, but then regained her composure.

"Now," continued Dr Taylor, " I am very hopeful you can proceed to the next stage of the suggested treatment, but I do understand that may be a little difficult. I am going to give you the contact details of three ladies who I believe will be more than happy to help you Jacob, should you and your mom choose to proceed that way. However, if you need my help in getting to the next stage if you'd like to try it between yourselves, then do let me know," she added, looking at mom in particular.

It seemed rather extraordinary, the matter of fact way, the doctor had just said she would help mom and me to have intercourse, but that's what she had just said!

Mom and I both listened in silence and then mom said, "I will think about it and let you know Dr Taylor. It is something quite unusual you are suggesting. Thank you for your kind offer to assist though."

Dr Taylor smiled and then began writing on a piece of paper.

I guessed she must have been writing the contact details of the 'ladies' who I could go and see to have sex with. Fuck - what a thought! My dick became semi hard again in my pants at the idea!

After a few minutes, Dr Taylor finished writing, and folded the piece of paper up and put it in a white envelope she took out from a drawer next to her.

"I've written the contact details of these ladies together with some additional information which may help you decide who to see. You may see any one or all of them. I will let them know you may give them a call, but give it a couple of days before phoning, so I can let them know in advance you may want to see them. These are all quite delightful women, who have been clients' of mine for a number of years and who I can assure you will be most supportive to your needs, Jacob. I have sent them numerous young men of your age and slightly older, and they have helped tremendously in the treatment of the various conditions of those men.

Dr Taylor paused for a moment. "However," she continued, "I would just say that, as you may expect, these ladies came to see me originally because they have high sex urges, which were not being satisfied. Because of this, some of them have particular...," she paused again for a moment, "....fetishes. Do you understand what I mean by that Jacob?"

"Er...," I replied meekly, not sure quite what to say.

"By that I mean, some of these ladies have particular things they like to do in relation to sex. You will find that many ladies, especially those with high sex drives and of a mature age, who are still sexually active, enjoy particular things which help them to orgasm, in addition to just normal sex."

I just nodded again, trying to take this in. Fuck! My dick twitched again in my pants.

"Now, I must see you again next week for a sample, or possibly sooner if you would like my help in any other way for the next stage of your treatment," said Dr Taylor getting up, indicating the consultation was over. "Remember, you don't need to take cum measuring samples at home anymore -- just once a week with me from now onwards."

Mom and I both got up and shook the doctor's hand in turn, and we said our goodbyes. The doctor had given mom the white envelope containing the ladies' details as we left.


As we sat in the car driving home, I was dying to open the envelope, but thought it best to leave it till mom raised the subject.

Mom was silent for a while and then said, "How did you feel giving a sample in front of the doctor?"

"I was a bit uncomfortable at first," I said truthfully, "But in the end, strangely enough, it was a bit of a turn on doing it in front of her."

"Yes, I felt the same," mom replied, much to my surprise. "I wasn't sure at first, but when we got going, I started to get quite turned on too by the end. If we hadn't had to keep our secret from the doctor about how far we've actually gone in getting your samples at home, I would have sucked and fucked you right there."

I was slightly taken aback by mom's words, but hearing her talk like that started to get me hard again, and a streak of lust ran through me. I had never imaged mom saying something like that.

"Well at least we know what is wrong with you now, and what needs to be done to get you fixed," she continued. "I'm not sure if I'm comfortable about you seeing other women yet though. I suppose the good thing is that they've all got medical checks from Dr Taylor and will have no STDs, so you won't catch anything. Let me think about it for a bit though."

I felt a little disappointed as mom said that, but I hoped she would come round to the idea.

"But, I have a another plan or two for now," she continued. "Let's make another appointment with Dr Taylor and pretend we'd like her to help us go to the 'next stage' as she put it. You know, about you penetrating me."

I listened in silence, and my dick carried on growing in my pants.

"We need to let the doctor think it's her that helps us fuck for the first time, as I wouldn't want her to know we've already done it. And then perhaps we can see her a couple of times a week and do it in her presence, as it was a bit of a turn on. Dr Taylor looked quite up for it and keen about the idea, I thought. And you never know, she might get a bit more involved as she let you touch her today. She seemed to like my boobs for some reason too. What do you think?"

My dick was now straining, hearing mom talk like that and my cheeks flushed red.

"Why are you blushing Jacob?"

"Er..well," I said meekly, "I'm just getting really turned on hearing you talk like that mom...and...er....well...my dick is really straining in my pants now."

Mom looked down for a moment at my crotch while she drove and saw my cock tenting up my pants as I sat.

"Oh, you poor thing," said mom. Then, with her eyes back on the road ahead, and one hand on the driving wheel, she put her hand nearest me on my crotch and rubbed my hard cock firmly through the fabric of my trousers.

I gasped at her touch. Fuck! I almost felt like cumming there and then!

"If you carry on like that mom, I'm gonna cum in my pants," I said honestly.

"Well, we can't have you doing that," she replied. "Try to hang on honey as we're almost home, and I'll sort you out then. And we won't have to worry about getting samples in that silly semen beaker now, as the doctor said. So you can cum normally, wherever you like."

Fuck! Man, this was turning out to be such a hot conversation, I really did feel like whipping my dick out whilst I sat in the passenger seat of our car, and wanking myself off, hearing mom talk like that! Luckily, however, whilst my dick was still straining, mom turned into our road, and shortly after, pulled into our driveway.

Mom quickly got out and so did I, albeit a little awkwardly, trying to hid my hard on with my hands in case any nosy neighbours were looking.

We got inside our hallway and mom closed the front door and then the inner porch door.

As soon as we were in, much to my amazement at her speed, mom pushed me back against the wall, knelt down in front of me, and started trying to unzip my pants!

It was a little awkward as my hard-on was stretching the fabric, but she seemed to manage it as she pulled my pants and boxers shorts down to my ankles, and out popped my now semi hard dick, finally free. Immediately, she took it in her mouth and I became fully hard in an instant, as she started sucking me frantically. Fuck! My lust was raging due the way mom had come inside the house and started giving a blowjob like some sex mad nympho.

I grabbed her head and hair as she pumped my dick with her mouth, taking me in fully to the hilt as she almost gagged on it.

"Yea, suck it mom. Fuck - that's so good," I said, in heaven.

As I had been dying to come earlier in the car, it didn't take long, and within a few moments I spurted.

"Ohhhh....,AHHHHH.......AHHHH," I groaned as I came, gushing a bucket load into her mouth, pushing myself back against the wall for support. She expertly clamped onto me as I came, swallowing everything I fed her. God, that felt so good!

My eyes had closed as I had cum, and now I opened them and saw her cleaning my now limp dick. Then, she stood up and said, "Mmm...that was lovely. I hope you're feeling better now." And then she gave me a peck on the cheek, and started walking up the stairs.

"I'm going for a shower now. Why don't you have one too and I'll see you downstairs later for something to eat," she said, as she went, leaving me half naked with my pants ands trousers still around my ankles.

I made myself decent and sat down on the next to bottom step of the stairs as I recovered from my orgasm. Fuck that was so amazing!

I looked through the frosted inner porch door at the daylight outside and thought about what had happened at Dr Taylor's consultation in the afternoon. That had been really hot too, and all that stuff about me having to have sex regularly as my treatment, and with other women as well!

Then, I remembered the envelope containing the contact details of the other ladies Dr. Taylor had said I could call. Mom had put it on the back seat of the car and left it in there when we came into the house in a rush.

I got up, picked up the keys mom had put down on the table next to the door and went out to get it.

I came back in, shut the door behind me and was about to open the envelope when something made me stop. I'd better wait do it in front of mom, I thought. As she had said she wanted to think about it for a while, it might put her off if I appeared too keen.

I decided to go up and shower.


After showering, as I dried myself off and walked naked back into my bedroom from my en-suite bathroom, I heard mom from across the hallway in her bedroom call out loudly, "Honey, have you finished in the bathroom?"

"Yea, sure have mom," I shouted back, so she could hear. "I'm just gonna get dressed."

"Are you naked?" she called out again.

"Er..yes," I replied, "I'm just drying myself off with a towel."

"Well, come in here and do that. Don't be shy."

I paused my drying for a moment and my dick stirred. Maybe mom had other plans before we went downstairs to eat. It had been about forty-five minutes since I came in mom's mouth earlier. I reckoned I could cum again now.

I was by now quite comfortable being nude in front of mom, so I casually walked out of my room, rubbing my hair dry with the towel as I did so.

As I walked into mom's bedroom, my dick seemingly having a life of it's own, although still limp, had filled out a little, and flopped from side to side with a bit of a swing.

I had my eyes half covered as I walked in as I was still drying my hair, but as I pulled the towel away from my eyes, a hot, horny sight greeted me.

Mom was on the bed, with her back half propped up by the headboard. She was naked and had her legs wide open with her pussy lips pulled apart, so I could see the pink flesh inside, and she was playing with it, with one finger of her right hand. She looked damned fucking hot!

Sexily, she said, "Don't you want some of the medicine the doctor ordered?" and smiled at me.

Fuck! How could not! I threw the towel on a chair, and clambered onto the bed on my knees towards the centre of mom's wide-open legs.

"Lick me first honey," she said, gently.

I bent my head down between her thighs and started to lick her. She tasted wonderful. I lapped around her pussy lips and then stuck my tongue in deeper into her fuck hole, darting it in and out, like I was fucking it with my tongue.

Mom writhed in pleasure and groaned, "Mmmm...Oh yes...Jacob...that soooo.. nice..."

I continued lapping her pussy, and she closed her thighs around my ears and head almost pulling my face into her crotch with them.

I was now clamped onto mom's delicious pussy with my mouth, sliding my tongue in and out, and up and down the wet, juicy pink flesh there. I must have touched a sensitive spot, as she cried out louder than before, "Ohh...Ohh...yes, honey...that's it...oohhh."

Mom let go of clamping my head with her thighs. I lifted my head up and looked down at her thick pussy mound, with the lips hanging invitingly. I had an urge to put my finger in.

"Can I finger fuck you?" I said eagerly.

"Go on," she said, "Then stick that hard cock in."

I gently prodded her pussy with my middle finger, and enjoying the sensation, I added a second finger. Mom writhed on my fingers, pushing herself onto them.

My dick was now rock hard and straining, I wanted to stick it into her.

After a few more moments, I raised my arms and pushed mom's thighs back, revealing her wet open cunt. It looked really inviting

"I'm gonna fuck you now, mom," I said determinedly.

"Do it baby," she replied, her eyes closed.

I positioned my knees between mom's thighs and pointed the tip of my dick towards her pussy. Then, I rubbed my dickhead along it, as if teasing her, and finally pushed in.

"Ahhhh..." I cried as I did so. Mom's pussy walls grabbed the sides of my rock hard prick as I pushed all the way in, and started pumping, in and out.

Fuck! This felt so good!

I held the top part of the middle of mom's thighs as I fucked her. My chest was at about 45 degree angle to her as she lay below me, and my dick penetrated her deeply as she held her thighs wide open. Mom's large tits wobbled below me as I started to slap into her with my groin and balls as I pumped.

Then, I put my elbows down either side of her chest, and as I pumped her with my dick I saw her open her eyes, and for the first time, I wanted to kiss her as we fucked. I lay my chest flat on her boobs and brought my lips down to her's and we started to French kiss. Our tongues worked inside each other's mouths greedily and sexily for what seemed like ages. I continued pumping her, and then we broke our kiss as I straightened up again and placed my hands on her thighs.

"Go on, fuck me Jacob," she said, now looking directly at me. "Fuck me, and cum inside me. Mix all your creamy prick juice with my cunt's. That's what we want."

I continued pumping in and out, and I knew it wouldn't be long now.

"Come on," she continued, almost taunting me to cum inside her."

"I'm going to let you fuck me whenever and wherever you like now," she continued, tauntingly. "We can do it all the time and in front of the doctor. And if you satisfy me enough, I'll even let you fuck your aunt Jean and other women. Come on fuck me, cum in side me..."

And that was it for me. Her lewd, hot words did the trick, and I came, big time. "Uhhhhh...Uhhhhh...Uhhhhh..." I cried out, shooting deep inside her, wave after wave of my spunk.

Finally, I collapsed in a heap on top of mom as she wriggled beneath me, and wrapped her arms around my back in an embrace.


After a few moments, I turned to lie on my back naked next to mom. I was just coming off the high of my orgasm, when I recalled what she had said last of all as we had fucked.

"Mom, what did you say about aunt Jean? Did you say you would let me fuck her? What do you mean?" I said.

Mom rested her head on her elbow and stroked my chest as she spoke. "Well, that was something I was going to speak to you about later as one of my plans. I might as well tell you about it now."

I listened intently, enjoying the sensation of mom stroking me.

"You know, I mentioned that I'd spoken to Jean a while back, and told her you had a bit of a personal problem?"

"Yes," I replied.

"Well, I did say to her it was something to do with your privates, and that I had been told by a doctor that I had to help you to cum."

I was a little shocked mom had told aunt Jean about this, who I knew as equally as 'prim and proper' as mom (before I knew about mom's own lustful nature, that is).

"What did she say?" I said, a little alarmed.

"She was quite surprised, and at first didn't approve. But I told her it was for medical reasons, and for a few weeks only, and we had no choice. But I haven't told her just how far I've gone with you. She has no idea yet."

"Yet?" I replied. "I can't ever imagine getting to the stage of telling her what we're doing or Jean letting me ever have sex wit her," I added.

"I know what you mean Jacob, but I also know my sister very well unlike you, and I know her intimate ways in the past. She used to be quite friendly with men in her younger days before she got married. She changed a bit after getting married and becoming a widow, but she's been single now for a while, I know she hasn't had sex with a man for over two years."

"So?" I said.

"Well, I know she has sexual urges and cravings like all women, and she's confided those to me. My plan is that we should ask her to stay with us for a few weeks and we'll try to get her involved in some way in helping you. You know she doesn't work like me, so she will have the time."

I remembered Aunt Jean was fairly well-to-do, as she lived off a large insurance payout when her husband died

"We won't tell her to start off with that Dr Taylor has now said we don't need to take samples of your cum anymore at home, or the new suggested treatment," mom continued. "We'll start off by keeping quiet about that. We'll use the excuse that while I'm at work, you need someone to help you cum. I think that when she starts to see your lovely cock and body, her lustful cravings will develop into something more, just like they did for me. And I will try to encourage and entice her and ask her to join me when I do a pretend collection of your cum. I'm sure we'll be able to get her begging for you to fuck her by the time we've finished!"
Wow! I was amazed by the way mom's mind worked. Fuck me! I was trying to imagine both mom and aunt Jean playing with my dick at the same time to help me to cum. Man!

"Ok," I said. "I won't complain about having two women play with my dick," I added with a giggle. "And it's kind of exciting that it's you and aunt Jean at the same time."

"Your aunt's got a nice large butt as well, which I know you like," said mom, smiling back at me teasingly. "Just imagine having two full juicy ass's to play with."

My dick stirred at the thought, even though I had cum just moments ago. To be honest, I had been turned on by aunt Jean's ass many a time when she had been over to stay before. It was quite full and curvy, very much like mom's, but maybe slightly bigger, although not gross. I decided not to mention I had fantasised about aunt Jean to mom just yet.

"Mom you're mind is just amazing," I replied, keeping my thoughts to myself.

"I haven't finished yet," said mom. "While Jean's here, we'll also start having sessions with Dr Taylor where we get the doctor to think she has helped us to have intercourse together for the first time. I've got the feeling Dr Taylor can be a lot more hands on then she let on to us so far, if you know what I mean."

My dick stirred again, and I just looked at mom open mouthed!

Measuring My Cum Ch. 13
Thanks again for your feedback if you have been following this series. Much more to cum...


As I regained my composure, mom got up off the bed and started to walk over to her mirrored wardrobe.

I loved watching her walk about in the nude. Her tits wobbled from side to side, as did her glorious full buttocks, the juicy, ample flesh on them jiggling up and down, and from side to side as she did so.

She bent her face towards the mirrored front of the wardrobe and plucked something out of the corner of one eye with a finger, and looked at her reflection. Fuck, her full, curvy ass looked so damned sexy, angled to one side, as she stood there naked with her back to me!

"Let's get something to eat," she said, as she looked at her reflection.

"Ok," I replied. I was feeling hungry too.

"Tell you what," she said, "You get dressed and go down, and I'll be there in a few minutes, after I think of something to put on."

"You don't have to," I said cheekily, as I walked passed her to the door.

She gave me a friendly slap on one butt cheek as I passed her, and said with a giggle, "Dirty boy."

I went to my room, and put on a t-shirt, boxer shorts and jeans, and then went downstairs to the kitchen. I poured myself a glass of coke from the fridge and sat down at the kitchen table, waiting for mom to come down. I sipped on my drink, and wondered what she would wear, smiling to myself at my joke earlier in the bedroom.

Then, I remembered the envelope Dr. Taylor had given us. I had l left it on the small table next to the front door. I got up quickly, and hurriedly walked into the hallway to retrieve it.

Grabbing the envelope, I went back into the kitchen table and sat down again. I was just about to slip my finger under the seal of the envelope, when I heard mom's footsteps at the top of the stairs. I decided to hold my curiosity in check, and open it in her presence, just in case she became a bit annoyed I didn't open it in front of her.

Soon, she came in and I was a little surprised to see she was just wearing a white, full-length bathrobe. Maybe she had decided to listen to my request after all, as I wondered if she had anything on underneath!

"I've got the envelope the doctor gave us," I said keenly, as she walked in.

"Let's eat first," she replied. "That can wait a bit. Omelette ok?"


As we eat, we talked small talk about how my studies were going at college. I think mom intentionally kept off the subject of what the doctor had said, and I decided not to bring it up. It was kind of funny how mom just 'switched off' the sexual part of what we did together. But it kind of turned me on too, as she sat there at the kitchen table, and talked just like any middle aged mother might have done to her son, knowing just how slutty she could be too, when her lust took over.

After we finished eating mom said, "Bring the envelope in the living room. We'll open it there and discuss things further. Oh, and do the washing up for me, honey."

Mom got up to go to the living room whilst I did my chores.

My anticipation was high as I rinsed the dishes, going a bit quicker than normal. I wanted to see what the doctor had written!

After drying my hands, I picked up the envelope and walked quickly into the living room.

Mom was sitting on the one end of the cream coloured three seater sofa, still fully covered up in her bathrobe.

"Come and sit next to me honey," she said.

I liked the way she had recently started to call me 'honey'.

I sat down, still holding the envelope.

"Open it up, and hold it between us so we can both read it at the same time," she said.

I almost ripped it open, and took a single sheet of white A4 sized paper out. I unfolded it and held it between mom and myself so we could read it together.

Here is what it said:

'Jacob, here are some details of some women you can see. I have given some of their sexual preferences so you can choose. They have given me permission to give these details out to any males I consider suitable for sexual meetings based on the needs of both parties. Please keep this information confidential.

Clarissa: Aged 52. Likes young men aged under 25. Widow with very high sex drive. Particularly likes oral sex. Enjoys naturism, nudity and exhibitionism. Bisexual. Holds a highly respectable position in her community, member of various committees, and so requires absolute discretion.

Beth: Aged 49. Good natured and very accommodating to nervous types/first timers. Divorced, but well off, likes being serviced regularly by younger men. Has a particular fetish for dressing in uniforms and anal sex.

Deborah: 54. Married with older husband who has limited ability to perform. Likes to have sex with virile younger men in front of her husband. Husband approves and may join in if aroused.

Patty: Aged 53. Married to older husband who is away much of the time on business. Bisexual. Likes role-play of various sorts and sex with more than one man/woman at a time. Fetish for double penetration (DP) and well endowed black men. Husband unaware, so discretion required.

Bernice: Black lady aged 52. Very high sex drive. Enjoys interracial sex and multiple men/women. DP, a favourite. Highly respected member of her local gospel choir/church. Requires absolute discretion.'

As I read the note, my dick had started to get hard. The further I read, the harder it seemed to get, until it was straining against the material of my jeans.

At the end of the note were telephone numbers of the women and a footnote in brackets saying 'Any individuals these ladies see are only those referred directly by me as their doctor and sexual counsellor, and only after screening for STDs to ensure the health of all concerned'.

I was kind of agog after reading all this. I looked up at mom who had also just reached the end of the page. She also looked a little taken a back and her cheeks had flushed red, but she also had a sort of worldly-wise look on her face.

"Very interesting," she said after a moment, breaking the silence.

I didn't know quite how to respond. I did know I had a hard on, but I'd kind of covered it with the sheet of paper so I wasn't sure if mom had it noticed yet.

"Do you think you'd really like to see any of these ladies?" asked mom enquiringly. I think she also had a bit of a disapproving face on her as she spoke, but I couldn't be sure.

"Well....er.... I...," I spluttered hesitatingly, still not sure whether to sound keen or not.

"Go on, be honest with me Jacob," she continued, in a confrontational sort of tone, this time.

"Well...er...mom...er...one or two of them sound a bit scary, but I...er... I mean...reading about them has got me a bit excited, so I guess....I...I would like to meet one or two," I finally blurted out. Actually, I think I might have liked to see all of them, but I didn't want to say that just yet to mom. They all sounded incredibly hot women!

Mom's face seemed to ease a little and she relaxed a bit. Perhaps she had just been waiting for me to confess what I actually felt.

"I see," she said. "Well, I have been around a lot longer than you Jacob, and I do know how women can be behind closed doors, so none of this really surprises me. Some of them sound like they have quite respectable positions in life, covering very lustful natures. A bit like me perhaps. To be honest Jacob, reading this has made me a little flustered too."

With that, mom moved her hand over my crotch and felt my bulge.

I felt a little relief at mom's reaction to the doctor's note, and my hard on responded to mom's encouragement and touch.

"I can see this has got you going," she said smiling a little now, and rubbing her fingers over my hard cock through my jeans. She licked her lips.

"Let's put this note from the doctor away for a while and give you some more of the doctor's medicine," she continued. "Get that juicy, hard dick out."

That was music to my ears.

Hurriedly, and feeling quite aroused, I laid the sheet of paper on the coffee table and got up. My dick was bursting to get free.

Mom straightened herself up on the sofa, moving a little closer towards the edge of the cushion, whilst I stood in front of her and unzipped my jeans.

I yanked them and my boxer's down in one go, and stepped out of them, kicking them to one side so they were well out of the way.

My hard cock sprung up towards mom's face, and she immediately engulfed the tip into her warm wet mouth.

"Ahhhh," I groaned with pleasure, as she took it in.

I stood there just in my t-shirt, naked from the waist down and watched as mom sucked on my dick. It was a fabulous sight and feeling. She still had her bathrobe on and was fully covered, but for the moment I didn't care, as the feeling of her sucking on me was ecstatic.

"Yea, mom," I said, "Suck on it. Suck it hard."

I grabbed her head with my hands, encouraging her movements in and out, as she took more and more of my cock in her mouth with every suck.

She was really going for it, making slurping and gurgling noises as she sucked me.

As she sucked on me, my mind wandered back to those women the doctor had described and what they liked sexually. The thought of them willingly being available for me to fuck, mom agreeing to this, and the dirtiness of their sexual desires behind a facade of respectability turned me on incredibly, and I just felt like cumming in an instant in mom's mouth. I didn't feel I could hold back.

"Mom, I think I'm gonna cum really quickly this time," I said.

Mom didn't respond except by clamping onto my dick even harder with her mouth and cupping my balls from below with one hand, almost encouraging me to spurt in her.

After few more moments of this I came, "Auhhh...Ahhh.....UUUUHhhhhhh," I shouted out, as I spurted wave after wave of thick, gooey cum into mom's willing, waiting mouth. She tried to take in as much as she could, but I must have cum so much, that some of it started to come out of the corners of her lips, and then she just opened her mouth as if she couldn't swallow any more, and even more poured out and onto her robe, and some even went on the carpet!

"Oh, fuck mom," I said. "That was so good. It was thinking about those women that made me cum so much and so quick."

Mom looked up and me and smiled a cum filled smile, and then started to lick my dick clean, paying particular attention to the tip by sucking any cum left in and around it. She even scooped up some of my cum which had fallen on her robe with two fingers sand placed them in her mouth. Fuck!

After a moment she said, "I love your thick, creamy spunk you dirty boy. I know you like the thought of those dirty women too. They are real sluts aren't they?"

I just nodded, a bit taken aback at mom's dirty language so soon after my cumming. She must have been really turned on too!

Then she said, "But we need to fuck. You've cum in my mouth, which is fine. But the doctor said we must have penetrative sex. And my pussy needs some attention too. Do you think you'll be ready again soon?"

"I'm sure I will mom" I replied. "I'm still feeling quite excited about the thought of fucking those ladies."

"As long as you keep enough of your spunk for me, I'll let you," she replied smiling, and firing up my lust yet again, with her reaction.

"But before we do anything else," she continued, "Go and get some large towels so we can spread them out on the sofa and carpet as we don't want to get them messed up. Some of your cum went on the carpet this time, you came so much. Oh, and take off your t-shirt. I'd prefer you completely naked now."

I pulled off my t-shirt and chucked it on the single sofa chair in the corner. Naked, I walked out of the living room and ran upstairs, my now limp dick and balls swinging freely as I did so.

I the bathroom I gave my cock and balls a quick rinse and picked up a couple of large towels before going back down.

I was met with a wonderful sight as I came back into the living room.

Mom had taken off her bathrobe and had laid it over the cushions of the sofa (to protect tem from our activities it seemed) and she laid her back against one end of the sofa with her legs wide open, fingering her pussy.

"Come and lick me, " she said firmly, "My pussy needs attention."

I laid the towels on the carpet in front of the sofa and knelt down on them in front of her, spreading her thighs wider, I started lapping and licking at the mounds of her beautiful, moist cunt.

I stroked my tongue up and down the outside of her pussy lips as if teasing her, and then darted it in deep.

"Ohhhh....Ahhhhh," she moaned, with pleasure. "Keep on doing that," she added.

I continued with my face buried in her slit, and I raised my arms and started to squeeze and fondle her ample boobs.

It was a glorious feeling. My tongue and hands were on a sensation high!

My dick hadn't quite yet started to respond as it was so soon after cumming earlier, but I was happy to continue giving mom some much needed relief.

As I continued my licking and lapping at mom's wonderful, moist pussy, she ground her hips up into my face and started thrusting it up harder as I pushed in with my tongue. This continued for a few moments, getting more and more intense, when finally, she cried out, "Ohhh...Ohhh....Ahhhh....yes," and her hips bucked up and down and she shook several times, almost involuntarily, then fell back against the sofa cushion. I guessed she had just orgasmed.

I continued licking her pussy, and fondling her tits for a moment until she spoke.

"Thank you darling. That was wonderful, and just what I needed."

"Did you orgasm?" I asked.

"Yes," she replied.

I smiled and felt pleased I had been able to give her some relief.

"Bring the doctor's note and sit next to me again," said mom, now sitting up again and patting the sofa cushion next to her. "I'd like to read about those women again, and maybe we can choose someone for you to see first."

My ears pricked up and I immediately got up of the floor.

Picking up the doctor's note again from the coffee table, I flopped down next to mom. We were both naked next to each other now, and I was sure it would not be long before my dick would be buried deep in mom's pussy, as we talked over the lusty women the doctor had chosen for me.
Measuring My Cum Ch. 14
**** Please read earlier chapters for a fuller understanding of the storyline. Thank you to everyone who has written with feedback, and yes, it has been quite some time... I hope not to leave it so long for the next chapter.****


On reading the doctor's note again mom had second thoughts about me going to see other women just yet.

"I'm really not sure Jacob," she had said, "About you seeing all these women yet. They all sound very experienced and you're not. Maybe we should wait a bit longer and see how we can get along between the doctor and us, and maybe your aunt Jean might agree to help."

I didn't have a problem with that, and in my easy going way I just nodded and said "Ok, mom." I was no fool and knew I was onto a good thing here, getting mom's pussy and ass as I wanted. Anything else was just a bonus!

Mom & I continued our fucking session regularly over the next few days, and I just couldn't get enough of her glorious full backside which she let me fondle and play with to my heart's delight anytime I wanted!

One evening not long after we had read the doctor's note, she said "I'll ring Dr Taylor and see if we get another session with her as it was such a turn on for us both last time. Let's get her thinking she will introduce us to intercourse." I liked the way mom used the word 'intercourse' instead of 'fucking'.

After returning from college the next day, mom described the conversation she had with the doctor on the phone.

Dr Taylor had been quite pleased to hear that mom was willing to 'take things further,' which of course, meant mom was agreeable to the doctors suggestion to let me penetrate mom as part of my treatment. The doctor obviously did not know we were already well past that.

"When we see the doctor, you must play completely innocent, Jacob," mom said, as she broke off re-telling of her phone conversation with the doctor. I nodded my head.

Mom continued, "Dr Taylor also asked me if I owned any suitable underwear, and to bring it along at the session, as she thought it may help in stimulating you." I smiled hearing this. "Of course I knew what the she meant," continued mom, "But I played a little innocent saying 'you mean something sexy?'"

"Yes", replied the doctor.

"I'll see what I can do -- would black stockings, bra and panties do?"

"That sounds just fine Marge," said the doctor. They then confirmed the time and both said they would look forward to seeing each other and hung up.

The session had been set for the next day at 4.30 pm. Mom said she would leave work a little early, go home to shower and change and then pick me up from college at 4 o'clock.

Hearing mom describe the call with the doctor had an immediate effect on me, and my cock was soon buried inside mom's eager and willing pussy as she bent over the kitchen table. Without much ceremony, I had lifted her skirt and yanked her panties to one side before burying my cock deep in her. I thrust in and out as she slapped her big fleshy butt back against my balls and groin. I swore as we fucked and called her a dirty bitch, amongst other things. It was an enjoyable part of our fucking now, swearing and using dirty language, which she liked and encouraged me to use, and she responded in turn, which spurred me on further, until I spurted inside her.

During the next day at college I had a semi hard on thinking about what we might all end up doing in the doctor's office later in the afternoon.

Mom picked me up on the dot at four. She looked nice with her hair done and make up. She was wearing a business suit with a skirt that was just below knee length. She looked like she'd come from work, but I knew she had been home first. I kissed her on the cheek as I fastened my seatbelt. As we drove off, I let my hand wander down over her thigh and under the hem of her skirt to her stockings over her knee. I stroked my hand upwards over the silky material, exposing the tops of her stockings and naked thigh, and briefly stroked the exposed skin there.

"Now, now tiger," mom said, smiling, without taking her eyes off the road. "Be patient, you'll see a lot more of me very soon. Just make sure you're nice and hard for momma," and she licked her lips, letting her tongue linger outside them momentarily.

Fuck, what a tease! I was hard in my pants. I chuckled in response and looked at the road in front, hitting the window wind-down button on my door side as I did so. The wind blew back my hair and cooled down my face and lust, somewhat. I was looking forward to the rest of the afternoon and evening.

We were let in by the same mid-thirties looking blonde as last time. She welcomed us with a smile and ushered us in. She wore a tight fitting white nurse type outfit, which had quite a low cut top. The tops of her tits were clearly visible like last time, and my dick responded with a twitch at seeing them again. I followed directly behind her as she walked in front of mom and I, watching her ass sway sexily. Fuck, she was hot! There were no other patients in the waiting room, and the receptionist led us straight to the doctors consulting room, knocking loudly on the door as she did so.

Dr Taylor stood up from behind her desk and welcomed us with a broad smile. She told the receptionist, whose name was Cynthia, she could go home early, just like last time.

The doctor wore a white coat, but it was unbuttoned at the front, and I noticed she was wearing a black skirt and dark brown v-neck sweater underneath which showed off an ample cleavage.

"Marge, Jacob, how very good to see you again," she said beaming at both of us.

Mom and I reciprocated with smiles that contained an edge of cheekiness, as we were about to lead the good doctor on with some pretence in connection with our sexual activities so far.

The doctor led us straight into her inner consulting area and I looked around remembering it as before - it had a much more cosy and informal feel to it compared to the doctor's main consulting room. It was more homely and even intimate. There were matching lampshades, a luxurious beige carpet with a large roomy black leather sofa and a separate matching sofa chair. At one end of the room a very comfortable looking milky chocolate coloured leather bound couch/examination table was placed in the centre space so you could walk around it, where I guessed people could lie down. There was also a door to another room, which I remembered was the rather nice shower/bathroom.

"I have no other patients today, so we can relax and take our time," said Dr Taylor. "Please do sit down."

Mom and I sat down next to each other on the large black leather sofa.

"May I offer you a glass of red wine?" said Dr Taylor moving towards a drinks cabinet. "I often have a glass after work to relax."

Mom and I both said, "Yes," almost in unison.

The doctor brought over two full glasses and placed them on the low coffee table in front of the sofa.

She then took a glass for herself and sat down opposite us. She had removed her white coat before returning to the sofa.

She crossed her legs, showing us her black stockings and low-heeled shoes.

"So how have you been getting on since we last met?" asked Dr Taylor keenly.

Mom answered first, "Well we've been collecting samples as before, but I've had a think about what you said last time, and I think I'm ready to go to the next stage of the treatment you recommended doctor."

"Good," replied Dr Taylor. "I take it you are both agreeable to penetration, for medical reasons, of course?" she asked directly.

Mom and I both nodded.

"It is rather unusual doctor, and I do feel little awkward about it," mom added, "But if, as you say, it is required to resolve the problem Jacob has, then I am willing to act as a 'body donor' so to speak. I am a little hesitant, but I hope you will be able to help us perform the act so we are both able to deal with it in an adult way." Mom spoke very convincingly, although it was a pretence.

"Yes, of course," replied Dr Taylor. "I do understand your hesitancy, Marge. But do take it from me that penetrative sex is what Jacob requires in order to balance the bacteria present in his body, and it will lead him to be completely normal in due course. This whole matter will remain entirely confidential between us, so you need not worry in that sense, as no one else will know."

"Oh, that is a relief," replied mom, continuing her 'act'.

"And what did you think of the note I gave you last time?" continued the doctor. "I believe, I mentioned Jacob would benefit from mixing of his genital fluids with a wide range of women, such as the ones I suggested, who are clients of mine and also very discreet."

"Well, doctor, replied mom hesitatingly, "I did think it over, and for now I'm not so comfortable with him seeing anyone else. Perhaps in a few weeks, but I just can't bear the idea of him going with some strange women yet."

"I see," said Dr Taylor, looking slightly disappointed. "I do understand."

"But," continued mom, I do have a sister, Jean, who I may be able to persuade to help us."

The doctor's eyes lit up momentarily. "Oh yes?" replied the doctor, "Do tell me more about Jean."

"Well Jean is now a widow and lives on the west coast. She is a couple of years younger than me and I may be able to persuade her to help us, perhaps with some support from you. My sister is a very straightforward lady, who might like to help if the recommendations came from someone in authority and held in professional esteem, such as yourself.

"I see," said Dr Taylor. "Well I'm sure I could give you a letter to send her, explaining the medical reasoning of the treatment required for Jacob, or perhaps you could, bring her to see me, whichever suits you best.

"Thank you doctor. I will let you know," replied mom with a smile.

All three of us had been taking sips of the wine as we sat and talked and I was feeling quite relaxed due to it. I was sure it was having a similar effect on Dr Taylor and mom.

"Jacob, you've been a bit quiet, so far," said Dr Taylor.

I smiled a response "Oh just happy to listen," I said. "I'm just pleased everyone is so keen to help me," I added truthfully.

The doctor beamed a smile back at me.

"Well, now," she replied, "Perhaps we should make a start. The purpose of this session is to help you and your mom to begin the process of penetrative sex so that by allowing the genital fluids to mix, your medical condition is treated. I hope that by helping you both to break the 'barrier' so to speak, here in my presence, you will be able to continue the treatment at home. Is that understood?"

Mom and I both nodded in agreement.

"Whatever I suggest you do," continued the doctor, "Please try to act as naturally as possible during the sex act and leading up to it. I am also going to suggest some foreplay so as it get you both best aroused, and as the facilitator to the treatment, I will give you instructions and may participate to a certain degree. Are you both happy to follow my instructions and for me to participate in the treatment as I see fit? This may involve certain mutual touching and verbal encouragement, which normally occurs during sex."

"Yes, that will be fine," said mom

I nodded, and felt my dick twitching in anticipation.

"Also, I think it would be appropriate to use normal everyday words which men and women use for our body parts and the act of sex, which may be considered rude in the wrong context, but for our purposes the context is entirely appropriate and suitable. Are you both happy with this?"

Again, mom and I both nodded. This sounded like it couldn't get any better!

"Good. I am so pleased we are all happy with this arrangement, which you must remember is purely for medical reasons," said the good doctor.

"Now, Jacob, I want you to go into the bathroom, take a quick shower and then come out wearing the white bathrobe I've left in there for you. There are plenty of towels, so just help yourself."

I remembered how clean the doctor liked everything to be, so I happily got up to, oblige, leaving mom and the doctor to continue drinking their wine and I assume, decide what would happen when I emerged from the bathroom!

Entering the bathroom, I noticed how luxurious it was. There were very fancy looking tiles on the floor and walls, a walk in shower with multiple shower jets and curved clear glass sides which looked big enough for at least 3 people, a large jacuzzi style bath as well as a toilet and bidet. There were plenty of fresh white towels on a warmed towel rail and a couple of white bathrobes made of towelling fabric hanging on two hooks behind the door. This was certainly not the type of bathroom I expected to find in a doctors surgery, but it was great nonetheless!

I took my clothes off and placed them neatly on a cabinet, and entered the walk in shower. The multiple power shower sprays hit my body from different angles, and were intense and invigorating, and I cleaned myself all over in no time, paying special attention to my dick, balls and ass crack.

I towelled myself down. My dick was feeling a little 'filled' in anticipation, making it look longer whilst hanging down, but is wasn't quite erect. I gave it a quick feel and stroke to try and relax it, and then pulled on the white bathrobe.

As I entered the inner consulting room again, was met with a most delicious sight. Both ladies had their backs to me, and turned around as they heard me come into the room, but not before I had a chance to look at them momentarily 'from the rear', so to speak

Mom had taken off her clothes and was wearing just a black half cup lacy bra with her boobs almost hanging out, black mid-sized lacy panties which clanged to and emphasised her large butt wonderfully, black stockings and black stilettos. Fuck she looked hot!

The doctor too had taken off her clothes and was also in black bra, panties and stockings, although not quite as sexy as mom's. This was the first look I had of the doctor without any clothes and although she was much stockier in build than mom and so a bit less shapely, her large ample boobs looked gloriously suckable, and her big wide panty-wrapped butt looked enticing.

"Wow, you guys look good," I said, as I entered the room.

"Thank you dear," said mom. "The doctor had suggested I try to dress up suitably to try to stimulate you, and I think the wine has taken away my shyness."

"I also thought it best to try to contribute and help the stimulation," said Dr Taylor smiling, and I know you like 'bottoms' from what your mother has told me, so I did not think it amiss to go down to my underwear as part of this session.

"That's fine doctor," I said, "I do appreciate your attention to detail towards my needs."

"Now," said the doctor, I would like to try the first penetration, in a position such that you do not need to look at each other, which may make it easier to perform - the doggie position. Marge I would like you to kneel on the sofa with your hands holding the top edge of the sofa, and your bottom sticking outwards toward the coffee table. I think this will also help get Jacob stimulated and hard.

Mom walked over to the three-seater leather sofa and positioned herself as instructed. Fuck she looked damned hot with her white skin contrasting the black lingerie and black leather in the background!

The doctor dragged the coffee table out of the way and walked me over so I stood a couple of feet behind mom's ass which was sticking out towards the edge of the sofa seat with the doctor standing next to me.

"How do you like the sight of your mom's ass in that position Jacob?" said Dr Taylor.

"It looks very arousing," I said. My dick was tenting up my robe at the front.

"Are you comfortable Marge" continued the doctor.

"Yes, very," replied mom.

The doctor undid the belt on my robe so the front fell open and my dick shot out semi hard.

"Ah good," said the doctor. "I see you are stimulated." The doctor wrapped one hand around my shaft and started wanking my dick to get it harder. Then after a minute or so of doing this she pulled off my bathrobe completely, and threw it on into one corner, leaving me totally naked. My dick was semi erect with mom still positioned doggie fashion on the sofa a couple of feet in front of me.

"That's better," said the doctor. "Now you can proceed more naturally." She looked quite pleased at my nakedness, and I was secretly getting quite a kick out of being like that in front of her, with mom so sexily positioned just a few feet away.

The doctor then with her right hand gave my balls a brief cup and squeeze and started to pump my dick again, and with her left hand she started to caress and grope my ass cheeks. Fuck! It looked like she was getting some pleasure out of feeling me up now! I realised mom had been right in suggesting the good doctor was a lot more 'hands on' than we had originally thought!

After another minute or so of the doctor feeling up my dick, balls and ass, she said, "Now Jacob, I am going remove your mother's panties and you may play with her ass a little."

The doctor moved over to mom and slipped off her black lacy panties, sliding them down her hips, knees and legs and then off over her feet, as mom positioned herself to ease the process.

I now had mom's beautiful large, fleshy ass cheeks in front of me. I had seen them like this before of course, but the doctor did not know this, as the whole aim of this session was to get the doctor thinking she was the one to introduce us to fucking proper, and join in with us.

"Go on, play with your mom's ass cheeks," said the doctor encouragingly.

I moved so I stood directly behind mom's ass as she knelt, with my dick still half erect and gave mom's ass a good grope and feel.

"Does that feel nice?" asked Dr Taylor.

"Oh yes doctor," I replied. "It feels fabulous."

"And you Marge, do you like it?"

"Well, yes, I guess so. It does feel rather nice, although a little strange knowing Jacob is doing it," said mom, play-acting a bit."

"You'll get used to it and more," replied the doctor. "Now Jacob, I want you to kneel down and kiss and lick your mom's ass as I pull open her butt cheeks."

The doctor stood next to mom, slightly to one side, and gently prized open mom's fleshy ass cheeks so that I could see her pussy and asshole clearly.

Needing no more encouragement, I knelt down as instructed and kissed the fleshy part of moms ass cheeks the doctor hands were not on.

"Lick mom's pussy as well," instructed the doctor. "It is all part of the foreplay."

I lapped at mom's pussy for a while licking her labia lips and the pink flesh inside her cunt.

"Now, lick your mom's asshole."

Fuck, this doctor was hot and dirty! My dick was now rock hard as I moved my tongue around mom's rosebud. This was one of my favourite things to do with mom! I just loved rimming! I let my tongue go deeper into mom's asshole as she squirmed in delight as I did so. The whole thing was incredibly hot and horny, especially as Dr Taylor held open mom's ass cheeks as wide as she could with her hands and encouraged me.

"Now lick from asshole to pussy and then pussy to asshole, and back again."


I did as instructed as I darted my tongue in and out of mom's asshole and then down to her pussy, darting it in and out and licking around, and then back to her asshole again, and then in reverse.

My dick was now raging hard and pulsating up and down.

The doctor must have sensed or seen this as she then said, "Now, Jacob, ease your prick into mom's pussy."

I stood up and adjusted myself to the right height by bending my knees slightly.

The good doctor still held mom's ass cheeks open for me with her hands as I brought my cock head to the opening of her cunt.

I plunged in, in one stroke I was so desperate. Mom gasped. The doctor said, "Steady now son, not too fast." I pulled back letting mom's muscular pussy walls claim their grip on my dick. Then I thrust in again and pushed forward.
"That's right Jacob. In and out, not too fast and not too slow, just do what comes naturally," continued the doctor encouragingly.

I continued pistoning mom's cunt and it felt glorious. The doctor let go of holding mom's ass cheeks open as I was now well and truly in and she instead kept one hand on my ass as I thrust forwards and backwards. It kind of felt strange and nice at the same time!

The idea that I was now fucking mom in front of the doctor was really turning me on, and I was sure mom was feeling the same, although she did not let on. Her face was buried in the top edge of the sofa and her arms were partly over the sides of her face so we could not see her expression, but she let out some groans of pleasure as I continued to pump her.

"That's right Jacob, fuck your mom, stick your hard dirty cock into her juicy cunt and let all those lovely juices mix and make you better," uttered the doctor.

I continued my thrusts and then noticed the doctor had removed her hand from feeling my ass as I pumped and saw she was unclasping her bra. Fuck!

As her bra came off, I saw the doctor's large pendulous boobs from the corner of my eye as she stood next to me, and again started pushing and feeling my ass cheeks as I thrust into mom.

The doctor's tits wobbled and jiggled roughly and I noticed two large pinky-brown areoles and nipples, as I looked sideways momentarily.

"Go on fuck her hard Jacob and watch my titties at the same time." Fuck this was amazing.

The doctors tits and dirty encouraging words were fuel o my raging fire of lust now, and I increased the pace of my thrusts and even slapped month ass cheeks a few times as I gripped her love handles.

Then, incredibly the doctor left my side and shot around to the back of the sofa so she was now facing me, and placed her hands on the top of the sofa near where mom's hands were. She then bent forward ever so slightly and started moving herself from side to side so that her tit's hung down and wobbled and jiggled sideways as she did so. Mom's head was still buried in the sofa so she could not see this, but it was an incredible sight!

As I continued pumping mom, the sight of Dr Taylor's pendulous, melon like boobs jiggling and wobbling and hanging down almost like udders as she swung them, pushed me over the edge.

I knew I would not last much longer now as and after just a few more thrusts I blew my load deep into mom's pussy with a loud "Ahhhhhh.....," as I did so, followed by several grunts as I spewed inside her, each groan timing with a spurt of my cum.

Mom also groaned loudly as I came, indicating she must have at least orgasmed too.

I became light-headed and I closed my eyes, still holding onto mom's hips as the last of my cum waves eased and my dick became limp. Fuck, that had felt so good....."

Measuring My Cum Ch. 15
****Please read earlier chapters for storyline. NOTE: This chapter contains very mild references to watersports. If this subject offends, do not read.****


I regained my composure and opened my eyes. Mom was now sitting on the sofa trying not to look too much like she had enjoyed being fucked by me. The good doctor was standing next to me with her left arm clasped around my waist, holding me slightly towards her so our bodies touched, as we stood in front of mom. She was beaming all over like the cat that had got the cream! She was still topless, her ample boobs hanging glaringly on her chest, and still in her black panties and stockings.

"Congratulations," she said out loud. "Well done both of you, and especially you, Jacob, as you're no longer a virgin."

I smiled back at her, knowing my secret, fully aware that I'd lost my virginity to mom some time ago, and trying not to ogle at her boobs too much, particularly as her left tit, which was nearest to me, was squashing up against my body. Fuck!

Mom continued play-acting with the doctor a little by saying hesitatingly, "I hope that was ok Dr Taylor. I mean, I did do my best for Jacob for medical reasons."

"Yes, yes, my dear Marge, you did very well. I hope it was not too difficult the first time for you with Jacob, as it is a bit of a taboo to do it with your son. But remember, it is all for the best of medical reasons, and what mother would not want to do the best for her son now?"

Mom looked reassured and smiled, happy the doctor did not seem to suspect anything was amiss, and that she genuinely thought it had been the first time for her and Jacob. She had got quite turned on by the whole thing, but luckily had been able to hide the pleasure on her face from the doctor and muffle her groans and dirty talk she normally liked to verbalise.

"I hope you are both happy with my involvement as facilitator," continued Dr Taylor.

Mom nodded politely and smiled. She had been particularly pleased the doctor had held her ass cheeks open and voluntarily taken her bra off, as that indicated the doctor might go a lot further, although she did not openly want to seem too keen at that. Cheekily, but very innocently she said, "Thank you for holding my bottom and assisting Jacob. It did make the process easier, feeling your hands on me in support. And thank you for removing your bra. I'm sure the sight of your very nice breasts did help to stimulate Jacob further."

For some reason, I thought I detected a slight blush on the doctor's cheeks, but I could not be sure. My eyes moved back down to her boobs, which I was now dying to caress and suck, particularly as one of them was squashing sexily into my chest.

I thought I should add a compliment and said, "Oh yes, Dr Taylor, may I say how wonderfully arousing your breasts are. I hope you do not mind me saying so."

"Of course not Jacob. As a young man, it is natural you should be attracted to them. It is quite normal. In fact, I may let you touch them in due course as part of my role as facilitator."

My dick twitched in response at the thought, even though I had cum just a moment ago.

I doctor just happened to be looking down at that moment, and saw my dick getting aroused momentarily.

"Ahh...a twitch of agreement from your cock I see," said the doctor, and mom and her both laughed out loud.

The ice, if there had been any, seemed well and truly broken.

Still with one arm around my waist, and her left boob still squashing up against my chest, the doctor gave my limp cock and balls a feel and caress with her free hand. "What a wonderful cock your son has Marge. You should be very proud."

Mom smiled back, but didn't say anything, perhaps not knowing quite how to respond. The doctor then lifted my limp cock in her hand and rubbed over the tip. Some cum was still on the end, and she massaged it into my cock and balls, again giving my privates a good feel all over. Fuck, she was giving me a good grope!

Finally letting my cock go free and rubbing my chest instead she said, "Now perhaps we should get cleaned up a little before we have another go -- do you think you will be ready again soon Jacob?" Her hand became stationary on my chest for a moment.

"Oh yes ma'am," I replied.

"Definitely," confirmed mom, "He can cum quite a few times in a few hours. I know from experience in collecting his cum!"

"Excellent," replied the doctor. "Let's freshen up first and then we'll continue the treatment."

"I'd like to use the toilet for a moment," I said, feeling the need to pee after cumming.

"I need to clean myself and use the toilet as well," said mom.

The doctor's eyes seem to light up with a thought.

"As, facilitator, I would like to suggest we all go into the bathroom together," said Dr Taylor. "The reason being, as we do such personal things in the bathroom, by sharing what we do in there, will help break down any psychological barriers. We must not have any secrets between us."

There was a bit of a silence hearing the doctor's suggestion as it sunk in.

Mom looked slightly perturbed. I thought it was just another kinky side to the doctor. As I had seen mom pee once before and enjoyed it, it was a quite exciting thought to be able to watch her again, although I didn't let on.

Mom regained her composure and said finally, "Well, if Jacob is fine with the idea, perhaps we should follow your suggestion."

"Ok by me," I replied, trying to sound as innocent as possible.

"Marvellous," said Dr Taylor. "Follow me."

The doctor, still topless started walking towards the bathroom door, her glorious fat butt cheeks bouncing up and down in her black panties as she did so. Fuck! I loved watching a large womanly ass move!

Mom followed behind me. She still had her bra and stockings on, but was panty-less.

The doctor entered the bathroom and held the door open for us.

When we were all in, she closed the door. Mom looked around. It was her first time in the doctor's luxurious bathroom.

"My, what a fabulous bathroom you have," said mom gazing around at it all. "And how spacious!"

"Yes," smiled the doctor. "I do like to have some counselling sessions in here of various kinds, and it needs to be spacious and comfy."

I didn't let my mind dwell too much on what kind of counselling sessions the doctor might have meant, but I was sort of getting the gist from her actions so far.

"Now, Jacob, ladies first. Let your mom have a pee. Don't be shy at doing it in front of your son and I, Marge. Remember, no secrets between us -- you must feel it is completely natural to do it in front of us."

Mom seemed to hesitate, I believe genuinely this time. But then she walked over to the toilet and sat on it.

After a moment, a clear stream of urine could be heard hitting the water in the toilet bowl. I could not see much of the stream, but we could certainly hear it. Mom finished after a minute or so and dabbed herself below with some tissues from a toilet roll next to her, got up and washed her hands in the sink. I had enjoyed watching her, and it triggered some strange feelings in me.

"Good," said Dr Taylor looking pleased. "Now you Jacob."

I was quite desperate to pee now, so my inhibitions in doing it front of the doctor and mom went to one side. I lifted the seat and held my dick so it pointed into the bowl.

The stream came in no time sand I felt a wave of relief as my bladder emptied. I hadn't looked up at mom and the doctor watching me, but I could sense them looking on intently.

"Excellent," said the doctor. "How did you feel doing in front of us?" she said to me firstly.

"Kind of freeing, I guess," I said. "I enjoyed watching mom pee for some reason. I don't know why," I added truthfully.

"Interesting," replied Dr Taylor. "And you Marge?"

"Well, I kind of felt the same as Jacob described. It is kind of freeing." I think mom decided to be discreet, and not say anymore.

"Very interesting," the doctor replied. "Well some people find it sexually arousing - maybe we can explore that another time," she added.

"Now, next, I would suggest Marge and I remove the remainder of our underwear and all three of us have a quick shower together. The shower is big enough and designed to accommodate several people at once. I would encourage you both to have lots of mutual touching in the shower and wash each other, as it will again help to break down barriers against bodily contact you may still have, prior to the act of intercourse."

Man, this doctor was something, I thought. My dick was now starting to log.

I think the doctor noticed.

She ushered us into the shower. As described before, it had curved glass sides, split into three sections, one of which slid across to let someone in. We all went inside in turn. I would say the shower floor area was about one metre in width by two metres in length, and had several jet sprays along one wall and three shower-head sprays equidistant in the ceiling.

Mom and the doctor were now completely naked and I had glanced at the doctor's fleshy fat ass cheeks and pussy bush momentarily, as she had walked in. Fuck, what a sight! I started salivating!

I was now in the middle, sandwiched between two gloriously voluptuous ladies, one of which was my mom! Fuck!

The doctor turned on the water sprays for a minute and we wet ourselves all over. Then, turning the water off, she said, "Now lather each other up quickly - I know you are both pretty clean already."

"I will do your back Jacob, while you do your mom's. And then we can swap."

Mom turned to face one end wall, I turned to face her back and the doctor faced my back. We all grabbed some shower gel from the various containers and started lathering up -- me doing mom's back, the doctor mine, and mom doing a bit of her own front -- tits and pussy.

Man, this was starting to get seriously erotic, and my dick was coming back to life! I felt the doctor rubbing my back and ass all over, and she even inserted her hand between my ass cheeks, doing my crack, as I was doing mom's in a similar fashion, at the same time. What a sight that must have been if anyone had been watching!

Then the doctor asked me to do her. Fuck!

I turned 360 degrees, and with my back to mom started to lather the doctor's shoulders and back. Now I could see her glorious chubby ass properly, as I grabbed a full handful of her ass cheeks, moving my hands down to wash them. Fuck, my dick was now getting hard!

"Do my ass crack," commanded the doctor.

I obliged, delighted she would allow me to do that. I let my soapy hand wedge between the fleshy mounds of her ass. I rubbed my fingers over her asshole and along her pussy briefly so that the lather cleaned her, but I did not let my fingers linger, so as not to seem too keen. Fuck, that was good!

Mom had not been idle whilst I got a good handful of the doctor's body. She had been doing my back and ass again. Boy, I was gonna be really clean after all this!

Then the doctor returned to face me.

She did not look at me direct in the eye, but straight down at my dick, seeing it was now getting hard and sticking out towards her. The veins in my uncut cock-head were clearly showing, and I saw her lick her lips unconsciously.

"I see you are getting stimulated Jacob," she said, as she started lathering up my semi-hard cock.

I sure was, with the doctor's naked flesh and boobs inches from me. Fuck!

Then she said, "I think that's enough soaping up. Let's rinse." The doctor pressed a button and all three of us were hit by powerful sprays of perfectly temperatured, medium hot water.

The doctor then stood sideways on and invited mom and I to help rinse each other off as she patted both our backs.

We complied. My hard on wilted somewhat during the rinsing.

Then, I had a flash of an idea, and said, "Doctor, you do know how much I like ladies bottoms. I wonder if...well...if you could oblige me with some play of your's and mom's together?"

"I don't see why not," replied the doctor, smiling.

"I'm happy to comply with the doctor," said mom, still play acting a little.

"Marge, why don't you and I turn our backs, and let him have a good look and feel of our ample rears, which still provide such a thrill to a young man of his age?" said the doctor, a little teasingly.

My dick raged up again at the suggestion and the doctor and mom both saw.

They then both turned, so as to face away from the glass panels, so that they were standing side by side along the long wall of the shower, hips almost touching, and their arms folded against the wall for support.

Fuck, what a sight from behind!

I looked first at the doctor, who was slightly shorter than mom and more stocky, and only with a slight curve to her waist, and then down at her magnificently thick, large butt cheeks, the curves of which protruded out at least 8 inches at there thickest point in the arch from her thighs. Fucking, sexy ass bitch!

I then looked at mom's lovely body, which was much more familiar to me, and appreciated how much more curvy mom was, with a 'smaller' and more shapely butt, but still large and ample to behold.

Seeing two naked women with large, thick butts, side by side, just waiting for me to grope and play with them was fucking awesome, and my dick jerked up again to maximum stiffness at the sight.

I decided to push my luck a bit and said rather meekly, "Er...would you both consider wriggling your lovely bottoms form side to side for me, please?"

Without saying anything, the doctor and mom both complied. Fuck what a sight! A wicked thrill of lust went through me, seeing those glorious buttocks wriggle from side to side, the flesh on each rippling and wobbling sexily as they moved.

They both stopped after a minute or so, and I said, "Thank you. I begin my play now."

I decided to start with the doctor, as her ass was relatively new to me. I gave each butt cheek a bit of a slap, watching the flesh ripple, and then a good feel over the smooth luscious skin with my palm, squeezing and squashing the deep white flesh on each. Fuck, I loved that!

Then, I knelt down and gave each cheek a good kiss all over, licking in places. Her ass smelled clean and fresh after the wash, and the cheeks were still wet of course, which I didn't mind at all. Then, I smothered my face all across the doctor's ass cheeks, almost worshipping them by rubbing the sides of my face across her butt flesh and across her ass crack. I then licked along the crack, letting my tongue enter the crack about half and inch, but not more, as I was not sure how much the doctor would allow at this stage, but it was just enough to satisfy me.

Then I said, "Doctor, may I slap your wonderful ass with my cock please?"

"Yes, you may," replied the doctor, "But do not try to penetrate me."

I wondered for a second if the doctor would ever allow me to enter her, or if she was play-acting with me this time, so as not to show how much she was getting aroused with all this.

In any case, I stood up again and started slapping my hard prick against her butt cheeks. There was pre-cum leaking from the tip of my cock, and I wiped that on her ass flesh as I slapped them. Then, directing my cock-head at her ass crack I rubbed my cock all along it, up and down, and then pushed the length of my erect dick almost sideways onto into her crack near the base, so her juicy butt flesh enveloped my dick, squashing its sides and giving me comfort as it felt like I was being wanked by the flesh either side of her ass crack. Fuck!

The doctor's butt had been moving and wriggling in response to my actions and it was a glorious sight and feeling.

Then, letting go of the doctor, I moved to mom, and gave her wonderful ass a very similar treatment to that given to the good doctor, and enjoyed it immensely.

When I finished with mom, I said, "Thank you so much, that was wonderful and very stimulating."

Then the doctor said. "Now Marge, I want you to rub your boobs up and down Jacobs body, starting from his chest and down to his prick."

Mom did so. The sensuousness of it urged my dick to greater hardness, particularly as she rubbed her boobs on my dick and gave it a massage with them. Fuck!

Then the doctor said, "Marge, let me do the same for him."

Mom moved to one side and the doctor did as mom had done. When she rubbed my hard dick between her tits my dick raged up again. "Fuck," I blurted out unconsciously!

"Ah I see this really has an effect on you Jacob," said the doctor.

"Sorry for swearing," I replied.

"No, not at all, you must release your thoughts. Please verbalise your feelings, and you too Marge, as I will. That is the way to gain absolute closeness for the act of fucking that must be performed between you as mother and son. I want you to talk freely between us, and when you are together, so you feel free."

The doctors words were music to my ears, but I decided to play cautious in front of the doctor for now, as I'm sure would mom, although we both loved talking dirty to each other during sex.

My dick was still raging as the doctor stood up again after massaging my dick with her tits in a kneeling position.

There was one thing I was still dying to do which I'd not done so far, and that was to give the doctors tits a suck, and I looked at them again.

I don't know if the good doctor read my mind, but she seemed to sense my desire and said, "Now, lastly before he penetrates you, may I suggest we allow Jacob to orally engage our breasts Marge?"

Mom and I laughed out loud and the doctor also grinned at her remark, pleased it had the desired comical effect.

"You mean suck our tits," said mom bluntly.

"Yes," replied the doctor.

"I have to say, my boobs were aching for some attention after all this activity. You seemed to have aroused me sexually with my son, doctor," added mom.

"Well, I think that needed to happen, somewhat, if he is going to penetrate you regularly Marge," replied the doctor.

Both women now stood next to each other facing me. I actually also felt like inserting my fingers into each of their pussies to finger fuck them simultaneously, but I managed to control myself.

Then they did something which I found incredibly horny, which was to hold up their large tits towards me, offering me their boobs and nipples to suck. Fuck!

I wasted no more time and sucked and grabbed each boob and nipple in turn. I had four to choose from and my mouth and hands moved from one to the next almost like I was some madman, as I buried my face in those glorious mounds of flesh.

"Marge, I think he is ready to enter you again," said the doctor, after I had gorged myself on their tits.

The doctor was now in the middle, standing between mom & I.

"Marge, I would suggest you turn around and face the end wall." Mom complied. "Now, brace yourself against the wall with your hands and let your butt stick out, so Jacob can enter you from behind again."

My dick jerked up at the suggestion, although I actually would have liked to fuck the doctor as well at that moment.

"But before I let him enter you, I am going to do something new -- which is to stimulate him with my mouth."

With out much further ceremony the doctor knelt down in front of me, with mom facing the wall behind her, and took my pulsating hard cock into her mouth, at least half of it's entire length in one go!

"Fuck!" I gasped. "Oh that's good doctor," I managed to blurt out.

"Oh, yes, fuck that's good," I said again, unable to help myself.

The doctor continued sucking me, taking me further into her mouth, and I could feel her saliva and tongue working on me as her mouth clamped onto my dick like some amazing suction machine. Fuck, she was good at this!

Then, having got me as hard as I could possibly be, she stopped sucking me, stood up and standing sideways on, started to pull mom's buttocks apart as she had done before in the inner consulting room.
I needed no further encouragement, and seeing mom's pussy lips hanging open, inviting me into her, I plunged into her deep at the first thrust, just like before.

Again, mom gasped. The doctor let go of her buttocks and moved behind me as I started pumping mom furiously.

As I continued my thrusting, in and out, mom bent herself forward a bit more and started pushing her ass back into me, in time with my forward thrusts, so I was penetrating as deep as possible into her.

"Yea, mom, that's soooo... good," I said out loud.

"Oh, yes, fuck me Jacob," said mom, much to my, and I assumed the doctor delight at her words.

"Yes, that right," said the doctor, "Go on fuck her, fuck your mom, Jacob, and Marge, you fuck your son. Mother and son in perfect unison, a son's prick inside his mother's pussy. What could be more glorious!," the doctor continued, urging us on profusely.

I felt something touch my back and close to my legs and I realised the doctor was rubbing her body against me as best she could with my movements as I fucked, and then I felt her arms across my chest and stomach. It felt great.

Needless to say, with all that had gone on before, all this activity had its desired conclusion, and in double quick time, I finally erupted inside mom with a loud groan, which she reciprocated in turn, as I continued to spurt my cum deep inside her for what seemed like ages. As my cum waves eased, and my cock started to become limp, I hugged her from behind, closing my eyes, still high from orgasm, and felt the doctor holding me from behind, pressing her naked body into me. Fuck this was heaven!

To be continued...