Thursday, 23 August 2012

Sexting mom ch 1

Introduction: A snooping mother discovers more than she bargained for
Chapter 1

I felt like a low down sneak thief, but I was only doing it to keep my son from getting into trouble. Eric had left his cell phone on the kitchen counter, and I had turned it off then hid it in the back of the junk drawer. He was looking all over for his 'missing' phone when it came time for him to go to meet up with his friends at the movies, but he finally gave up and left without it.

There was a story on the news about how kids are doing something called 'sexting' with their phones. Apparently they were sending each other explicit text messages, and sometimes even sending naked photos to each other. I desperately wanted to believe that at 16 years old my son was still my innocent angel, but I knew this very well might not be the case.

And it wasn't even him doing something bad that I was particularly worried about. He's a handsome young man, and very popular at school. That's not just a mother bragging--believe me, I'd gladly trade all my anxious evenings waiting for him to come home for a nice, socially inept, homebody nerd for a son.

What I was more worried about was that if any of those fast girls he ran with were sending him naked pictures of themselves he could get into trouble for having photos of underage girls. The last thing I needed was to be the single mother of a teenaged sex offender.

It took me a minute to figure out how to work his phone and get to what I was looking for. I hate all these newfangled gadgets, and I was terrified that I'd mess something up and Eric would know that I was spying on him. I just wanted to make sure there was nothing on his phone that would get him into trouble, and that was all.

After nearly fifteen minutes of confusing menus, and sifting through dozens of nonsensical text messages from his friends, I was relieved to find nothing especially incriminating. I was about to shut it down when I noticed something on the menu called 'Photo Album,' and I selected it. There were some photos of his buddies making goofy faces that he had taken with the camera built into his phone. My phone could take pictures as well, but I never bothered to figure out how to do it.

I scrolled through the dozen or so photos that he had to be sure they were safe, and when I got to the last few I just about fainted.

One second I was looking at a picture of his friend Brian standing in front of his locker giving the camera the finger, and when I flipped to the next image I was looking at a close-up of a big, fully-erect cock.

What the hell was Eric doing with a photo of somebody's penis on his phone?

Granted, it was a very nice looking penis, but that wasn't the point. My heart was racing with panic as I went to the next one, and there was that cock again! This time from a lower angle that accentuated the attractively large pair of balls that completed the package. My mind was running in a thousand directions all at once, and I didn't know what to think.

Was Eric gay? Why else would he have pictures of a naked boy? Was it one of his friends? Someone I knew? That's when I noticed something that made my stomach drop.

I recognized the bed spread the boy was standing in front of. It was the one in my son's room! Eric was taking pictures of this person under my own roof. My hand was shaking so much that I was barely able to press the button to view the last remaining picture. It flashed up on the screen.

There was the big cock again, this time with a hand wrapped around it, the engorged head flaring flamboyantly in all its circumcised glory. The shock of that was quickly replaced by the bigger shock of recognizing the small V-shaped scar on the back of the hand that was gripping the cock. It was my son Eric's hand!

What was his hand doing on this person's cock? I couldn't deal with all this coming at me at once. I mean, it's not like I would care one way or the other if he was gay, but I'd had no clue whatsoever. He'd always had girlfriends, and...and...wait a second...

Maybe it was because the screen was so tiny that it took me a few seconds to finally realize what I was looking at, but it all suddenly made sense. From the angle Eric's hand was at, it was now totally obvious--that I was looking at a picture of my son holding his own cock!

Relief that it wasn't some stranger quickly turned to a whole new kind of alarm. Oh, my God! I was looking at pornographic pictures of my son's penis. What's worse is that I had been a little aroused by it before I recognized who exactly I was looking at. But, now that I knew it was him, I quickly pressed whatever buttons I needed to push to turn that damned filthy gadget off.

I tucked Eric's phone partway behind the sugar canister on the kitchen counter, turned the lights out and retreated to my room. I busied myself with getting ready for bed, taking off my make-up, and fussing with my hair that didn't need any fussing. I was doing anything I could to keep my mind off of what I'd just seen.

Once in bed, I picked up my book and tried to distract myself. It wasn't long before I realized I had finished a full chapter and had no idea what I'd just read. I couldn't get those images out of my head. What was he going to do with those pictures? When did he take them? When did my baby boy get such a big cock? I had to stop thinking about it!

I heard Eric coming home just about then. My heart started beating faster and I had no idea why. I heard him messing around in the kitchen, then after a few minutes he came clomping down the hallway past my closed bedroom door.

"How was the movie?" I called out as he passed.

"It was a'right," he answered without stopping. "Night, Mom."

His door closed and I wasn't able to hear anything else after that. I turned off my light and settled in under the covers. My heart had slowed to normal, but my mind was still running at full speed. It shouldn't have been anything so out of the ordinary for a mother to see her son's penis. I'd changed his diapers, I'd given him baths, all the usual things. So why was I all worked up like this? Maybe it was just because I wasn't expecting it. That must be it. Or, maybe...

Maybe it was because it was such a nice looking cock. To be fair, I thought that before I knew it was my son's, so it's not like I was being weird about it. If it was anyone else's cock it would be perfectly normal to be turned on by it. I am still a woman after all.

I turned over and squeezed my eyes closed and tried to put my thoughts onto a different track. I had errands to run tomorrow during my lunch break, and I needed to take the car in for an oil change, and the electric bill had to be mailed, and wow did my son have a beautiful set of balls on him. Damn it!

What was wrong with me? Nothing, I assured myself, it was perfectly normal. I hadn't seen a cock in well over a year--actually, longer when I thought about it--so this reaction only made sense. What didn't make sense was how badly I wanted to touch myself at that moment. But, no. That would definitely be weird. There was no way I was going to touch myself with images of Eric's penis fresh in my mind. No way.

I turned over on my tummy and tried to get comfortable. This was all crazy. I just needed to relax and forget about it. I couldn't think about that plump mushroom head topping that long hard shaft. I had to get out of my head how clean and smooth it looked, and how cute those curly little hairs were. And I definitely couldn't even consider what it might look like with a stream of thick cum oozing out of that alluring little slit at the tip. I realized with a start that I was grinding myself against the mattress, and quickly rolled over onto my back again. Oh God, what was I doing?

Before I could stop myself I reached into my panties and found out for sure what I already knew. I was soaking wet down there. I was thoroughly disgusted with myself, but there seemed to be nothing I could do about it. Maybe a cold shower--wasn't that supposed to take care of problems like this? Or did that only work for horny men?

I slipped out from under the covers, and opened my bedroom door. The house was dark, and there was no light coming from under Eric's door. I didn't want to use the bathroom we shared for my cold shower since it was right next to his room, so I tiptoed down the hallway toward the guest bathroom at the other end of the house.

As I passed through the kitchen I found myself checking behind the sugar container. His phone wasn't there. He must have found it and taken it to his room. I noticed that I was very annoyed by this. But why? What was I going to do if I had found it there? Would I have looked at those pictures again? No. Of course not. That would be so very, very wrong.

Next thing I knew, I was standing outside Eric's bedroom door listening. All was quiet. I eased open the door and peeked in. The room was dark except for the glow coming from his MP3 player, and that from the clock-radio on his nightstand. I could see his phone sitting just in front of his clock. The steady sound of his breathing told me he was sound asleep. Some part of me was screaming to go back to my room before I got myself in any deeper, but I was unable to make myself turn back at that point. I silently snatched the phone from where he left it and hurried away with my prize.

For some reason I took it to the living room, I guess because it was farther away from Eric's bedroom and I'd have more time to react if I heard him coming. Also, if he got up to visit the bathroom, he might recognize the light of his phone glowing through the space beneath my door if I was looking at it in my bedroom. That didn't made sense. I realized this as I stood in the dark turning the devious device over and over in my hand. My own living room seemed somehow strange and unfamiliar to me, like I was in a place I'd never been before. None of this made any sense at all.

I'd always prided myself on being the one who had her life all put together. Even when my marriage fell apart because he felt there was something better out there for him, I'd held it together. I had a good, though decidedly unglamorous, career as a customer service manager at a local branch of a large bank. I was the model of stable dependability that our customers wanted to see when they conducted their business with us. How could a professional woman as squared away as that be on the verge of purposefully looking at pictures of her son's erect cock for her own prurient gratification?

The fact that I hadn't had sexual intercourse with a man in over three years was no excuse. It's not like I couldn't have found someone to fuck me, if that's what I wanted. Sure, I was getting up there, but for a woman in her mid-forties I was holding up quite well, thank you very much. Of course, there were some fine lines showing around my eyes these days, and I had to pluck the occasional gray from my shoulder-length, mahogany-brown hair, but I had no complaints about my body.

I was in good shape. I know it was more to do with genetics than my regular, yet less-than-rigorous, exercise routine. Although I would never be so crass to say it aloud, I always felt that my tall, slender frame combined with the defined feminine tone of my muscles gave me a naturally pleasing appearance, with or without clothes. Not that I was perfect by any means.

My breasts were disappointingly small, just shy of filling a B-cup. The smooth skin of my belly had been understandably spoiled due to my pregnancy with Eric. I used all sorts of creams and fading remedies, but in the right light the faint marks were still visible on my otherwise firm tummy. Plus, I had a light brown birthmark about the size of a cookie that was shaped a little like France on my left buttock. Absent that mark, I don't feel it would be an exaggeration to say that I would otherwise have a flawless ass.

So, if I was perfectly capable of getting sex, why was I standing there in the middle of the night with an almost manic need to once again see my boy's strapping young penis? Could it simply be that this was nothing more than a convenient outlet for the sexual cravings I'd been suppressing for so many years? It wasn't that I was sexually attracted to my son, as it was merely a carnal reaction to a rather impressive appendage. My finger hovered over the power button of Eric's phone. Was I the kind of person that would so easily toss aside her morals for a cheap thrill that bordered on being criminal?

The impassioned muscles of my pussy flexed involuntarily as if in response to my silent question. I pressed the power button. My hand shook with yearning anticipation as I waiting for the darned gizmo to power up. It seemed to take forever.

I quickly navigated into the photo album and paged through the pictures in an eager frenzy. And there it was. That gorgeous cock. I felt a tingle pulse through my nipples, and my pussy clenched longingly at the sight of it. Okay, so now what? There I was, looking at a very private picture of my son's penis--a picture I'm sure he never in a million years thought his mother would ever see. But what was the ultimate point of me doing this? It's not as if I would ever do something creepy, like get myself off while looking at my own son's cock. Even though it was such a nice cock. The more I gazed at it the more it almost began to seem like a waste not to fully enjoy it.

I knew at that moment that my attempts at resistance were useless. I could feel how hard my clit was without even having to touch it. This was truly perverse, I knew, but no one would ever know. What would be the harm in taking a little innocent pleasure from his pictures? He'd never be the wiser, and I obviously just needed to get it out of my system, then I could forget all about this foolishness.

I set the phone down on the coffee table, lifted my nightgown, and pulled down my panties. I tucked them under the sofa cushion so they wouldn't be out in the open in case Eric woke up and came out to the living room for some reason. I squatted down and looked at the picture again, leaving the phone resting on the corner of the coffee table. I let my hands drift down my body and gave myself over to the sick lust that was polluting me.

Eric must have been holding the phone out at arm's length and pointing it back at his penis. It had a slight upward curve to it, and an enticing girth. My mouth watered. I couldn't remember the last time I even wanted to put a cock in my mouth this badly. Eric's cock looked like it would taste so very good. I could almost feel the spongy tip sliding along the roof of my mouth and pressing against the back of my throat.

My hand was busy between my legs. As I looked at the tiny picture, I pressed against my stiff clit and electricity coursed through my body. This was so wrong, but it felt so good. I fondled one of my tits through my nightgown and shivers raced up my back. I pressed the button to view the next photo.

Mmm, those lovely balls. My son's big, manly balls. They looked like they would feel so good against my cheek, all warm and soft. I was becoming increasingly hot and had to pull my nightgown off over my head. I tried not to think about what it must have looked like--me squatting, naked except for my glasses, there in my living room, fingering my pussy and playing with my nipples as I ogled a picture of my own son's cock and balls. It was so reprehensible...beyond disgusting. But knowing this didn't stop me. I leaned in closer to get a better view of my boy's dick, and slid two fingers into my dripping hole.

I imagined how it would feel in my hand. How I would grip it and delight in its virile hardness, then slowly move my hand up and down. So very slow, savoring the sight, sense and smell of it. I could almost picture the look on his sweet face as my experienced hand reacquainted itself with the pleasures of holding and fondling a man.

But this wasn't a man. He was only a boy. My little boy. I couldn't stop my fingers from probing deeper, seeking that aching spot that demanded relief. I needed to get control of myself. I had to stop masturbating to my son's cock, turn his phone off, and put this all out of my head completely. It's what any decent mother would have done. I pressed my thumb hard against my pulsing clit, and, heedless to my own recriminations, continued to hump my fingers with wanton zeal.

"Such a beautiful cock," I whispered. A thrill coursed through me upon hearing myself utter those words aloud. "Such a big, beautiful cock." My fingers moved faster, pumping in and out of my pussy. God, it felt so damned good.

I had to resort to masturbating more than I cared to admit in the years since the divorce, but for me it was simply a necessary task to achieve an end. Noting fancy, just a way to scratch the occasional itch and get it out of the way. Sometimes a quick one in the shower, or once in a while to help me get to sleep, but this felt different. This wasn't my normal utilitarian chore, this was the closest thing to erotic sex I'd experienced in a long while.

"This is so wrong," I moaned. "I shouldn't be looking at my son's hard cock and fucking my fingers like this." My whispered confessions were getting me more worked up. The sound of my hand slapping into my cunt raised goosebumps on my naked flesh. Something about the way I was squatting, open and exposed, out in the living room, rather than hidden under the covers in the privacy of my dark bedroom, heightened every sensation to an exquisite intensity.

"I'm going to make myself cum," I gasped in a hushed voice. "I'm going to cum looking at his cock. I'm cumming to his beautiful cock. Oh, sweetheart, Mommy's sorry for this...Uh, uh, uh, uuuuuunnnnnhh."

I began to cum. It was immediately obvious that this wasn't going to be the pleasant little tingle I had become accustomed to. This orgasm was going to be orders of magnitude beyond anything I'd given myself in recent memory. I clenched my jaw and struggled not to scream.

My pussy convulsed, clutching tight around my two fingers, and every purple-prose description of every orgasm I'd ever read in all those trashy romance novels was instantly put to shame. This was flashbulbs, fireworks, and earthquakes all at once. Instead of passing in a quick twinkle, it was building and gave no indication it was going to stop. And then, in the middle of this sublime moment of pure ecstasy, I heard something that froze my heart with dread.

"Mom? What's going on? Are you alright?"

At the sound of Eric's sleepy voice, I snapped my knees together, threw an arm across my naked breasts, and dropped into a huddled crouch, instinctively trying to hide my nakedness from my son who had just walked in behind me. With one hand cupped over my crotch and the other covering my tits, I was unable to turn around and grab my nightgown without exposing myself. To make matters worse, my orgasm was continuing unabated. The shock, embarrassment, and sheer panic I was feeling contended with the delicious emanations of sexual bliss still radiating from my cunt.

I realized that despite all my efforts to conceal myself Eric was be standing behind me with a full, unobstructed view of my bare ass. My body was seized motionless as my mind screamed for it to do too many things all at once.

"Why don't you have anything on?" he wondered groggily. "Is that my phone?"

Fuck! That was the first thing I should have done--hid the phone! He quickly stepped past me and grabbed it from the coffee table before I could do anything.

"What are you doing with..." he looked at the screen and saw the picture that was displayed. "Oh, shit," he cursed under his breath, momentarily dismayed that his graphic self-portraits had been discovered by his mother.

I tried to think of what to say, some possible reason for why I was in the living room in the middle of the night in the nude looking at pictures of his mouth-watering penis. I could feel my pussy juices oozing between my fingers, and I drew a complete blank.

"Wait, you weren't..."

I could tell the full realization of just exactly what was going on was becoming clear to his sleepy mind, and all I could do was look up at him helplessly, unable to explain any of it.

"You were..." He backed away from me, unable to say what he knew out loud. "Mom, that' could...? You're such a freak!" He turned and ran to his room, slamming the door behind him.

I was suddenly nauseous. I fumbled for my panties, and fought my way into my nightgown. My vision was blurred with tears as I scolded myself for being so stupid. I should have done all this in the guest bathroom where I could have locked the door. No! That wasn't the mistake I'd made.

Eric was right--I was a freak! I shouldn't have been doing it in the first place. What was I thinking? I was despicable. What kind of mother would look at her own child like that and get turned on? What had I done? I'd never be able to face my son again after this. I held back my sobs until I was behind the closed door of my own bedroom, then I cried into the pillow, knowing that what I did was unforgivable.

When I woke up the next morning, Eric had already left for school. I called in sick to work, then took a very long, very hot, shower. Even after all that soap and scalding water, I still felt dirty. I looked at myself in the mirror and considered my puffy, red-rimmed eyes. Unbidden, the memory of me, on my knees, naked in front of my son came to my mind's eye. What must he have been thinking seeing me like that?

My nipples stiffened, and I watched my reflection in the mirror as they slowly elongated. Tears welled in my eyes. After the night I'd been through, I couldn't believe that I was actually getting sexually aroused by the humiliating thought of Eric seeing me like that--catching me masturbating on the floor like a sex-starved degenerate. I might have ruined our otherwise good mother-son relationship by acting like an irresponsible pervert, and yet there I stood getting wet between the legs wondering if he was aware that his mother had been orgasming right in front of him because of his erect cock.

I splashed cold water on my face, and shook my head to get rid of these awful thoughts, then got dressed before I could let myself do anything else I would regret.

I passed the morning in a restless fit of housework, doing everything I could to concentrate on the tasks at hand and not what happened the night before. I was going to drive myself crazy if I didn't find a way to occupy myself.

Just before lunchtime, my cell phone buzzed. It was a sound I hadn't heard it make before. I checked it and saw that I had received a text message. I'd never gotten one before, so it took me a few seconds to figure out how to view it. My stomach knotted. The message was from Eric.

sry mom - shouldn't have said u were a freak - please don't b mad at me.

He was apologizing to me? Oh, my poor sweet boy. I didn't think I could have felt any guiltier over what happened, but after seeing that, I did.

It took me a long time to compose a response. There was so much to say, but I couldn't put it all in a text message. I wanted to wait and talk to him face to face. At the same time, I didn't want him to go through the rest of his day thinking I was upset with him.

I'm the one who should be sorry. What I did was wrong. We'll talk later. Love you.

I pressed the send button and my heart was beating a mile a minute. As much as I wished I could pretend it didn't happen, this situation wasn't something I could avoid, or gloss over. I was going to have to face up to what I did, as shameful and horrible as it was, and deal with the consequences. Hopefully, Eric and I would be able to put this behind us and eventually we'd get back to something near to normal.

I was a bit more at ease after our exchange of messages--at least I wasn't feeling like he hated me--and I went down to the basement to get the laundry out of the drier. I was just starting to convince myself that I had regained some control over my frantic mind, and then I began folding a pair of my son's underwear.

There was nothing special about them, just a plain navy-blue pair of boxer-briefs, but the uninvited thought of his cock popped into my head as I held them. I'd handled his underwear (clean and dirty) a thousand times before without any sexual association at all. Now it was the only association I was able to make. I couldn't help thinking about his soft cock and balls nestled snuggly within the thin cotton material. How many times had he gotten an erection while wearing these underwear? Maybe it was the sight of a pretty girl at school that made him hard, or one of those random boners that teenaged boys get for no reason. Had his pre-cum ever seeped into the fabric, wetting it with his excitement. Before I could stop myself I pressed my lips to the front of his warm underpants and imagined what it would feel like if my son's cock was inside them.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when my phone made that new buzzing noise again. Holy shit, I had to somehow get myself together--this was insane.

Upon flipping open my phone I saw that there was another message from Eric.

u said it wasn't wrong to do 'that' - remember?...when u gave me 'the talk'

I had to chuckle. 'The Talk' had been so uncomfortable for both of us. I rambled on like a lunatic, all while trying to be the totally cool mom who supposedly wasn't embarrassed trying to explain sex to her son. Halfway through I realized that all I was telling him was how getting a girl pregnant would ruin his life, and about all the awful diseases he could get, and how girls might use sex to manipulate him--I was scaring him into impotence! I attempted to recover by explaining the good things about sex, but I think hearing his mother talk about how great it can be to fuck mortified him even worse. It was basically a disaster. I let him know that he could always come to me if he had any questions, but he never did.

This was the first time he'd ever voluntarily mentioned anything even remotely to do with sex. I wasn't sure how to respond. I finished folding the laundry, put it away, then replied to his message.

True, when it is in private (not in the living room - LOL). Sorry for traumatizing you.

This obviously wasn't something that could be laughed off, but maybe if I made light of it Eric might not think it was as bad as it truly was. Yes, it was somewhat cowardly of me, but I had already sent the message, so there wasn't much I could do about it.

His response came back in a matter of seconds.

no biggie - surprised was all - kinda funny when i think about it

I wasn't sure how to take that. I wondered exactly how much thinking about it he was doing, and it gave me a strange feeling. Strange in that it gave me a very inappropriate thrill that he was probably replaying the whole encounter in his head over and over like I had been. I shouldn't go there, I told myself, and instead tried to figure out if I should respond again, or just let this exchange lapse. My phone buzzed in my hand before I could decide.

goin to dannys after school - having dinner there - love ya

I was somewhat relieved. The nervous butterflies in my tummy eventually calmed, and I was able to get through the rest of the day without only a few more disturbing thoughts.

Later than I expected, I heard Eric getting in. I was already in bed reading my book when I heard him tromp past to his room. Before I could decide if I should call him in to talk about the 'incident,' I heard his bedroom door close. Maybe it was better to give it a little more time before dealing with it.

Ten minutes later, just as I could feel my eyelids getting heavy and the words on the page were becoming fuzzy, my phone buzzed on the nightstand. What the heck?

I checked it and saw that it was another text from Eric. He was sending me a message from his room?

hi mom - letting you know i'm home - didn't want to disturb your 'privacy' - haha

That little scamp. It felt odd sending him a text message with him right down the hall, but I tapped out a quick response.

Don't be fresh, I'm only reading.

another dirty romance book?

Romance, yes. Dirty, no.

aw, 2 bad

I stared at the little screen on my phone trying to figure out what exactly he meant by that comment. If I didn't know better, it was almost as though he was being flirty.

You should get to sleep, mister.

getting undressed now

He left it at that. Was I reading too much into this? It seemed like he was being purposefully suggestive, but it was hard to tell just from the tone of the text alone. I decided to leave it at that, set my phone on the nightstand, and tried to finish the chapter I was on.

A few minutes later, the buzz of another incoming message startled me.

do u want me to delete those pics?

My mouth dropped open. I couldn't believe he was actually bringing that up so matter-of-fact. Knowing my son, he would have never said that to me in person. It appears that he felt more at ease behind the screen of his cell phone than he would if he had to talk to me directly. The butterflies were back.

They're your pictures. Do what you think is best.

My first instinct was to tell him to delete them, but I didn't want to make him feel ashamed of himself for taking them in the first place. He was just being curious and exploring, as everyone does at that age. The more honest reason I wanted them deleted was so that I wouldn't be tempted to look at them again.

i only did it as a goof but i guess i'll keep them 4 now - just in case

The wheels in my head were spinning. Was there something he was trying to tell me that I wasn't quite recognizing, or was this nothing more than the usual type of idle electronic chat kids were used to these days?

Fine, but keep them to yourself.

don't worry I won't show anyone else - only you - haha!!

Now I knew I wasn't just being paranoid. My son was definitely flirting with me. It was all too strange to grasp, but I was ashamed to admit that part of me was a little flattered by it.

Stop teasing me about it - I'm embarrassed enough already.

embarrassed? about what part?

All of it!

like what?

I knew I shouldn't let myself get caught up in this weird little game he seemed to be trying to draw me into, but I couldn't contain my sick fascination to see how far he was willing to take this.

Like what? For starters, you seeing me naked.

i only barely saw your butt

Still embarrassing!

not as much as ur mom finding the pictures u took of ur own junk!

He was getting bolder with each message it seemed. Once again, I noticed that my nipples were standing out. This was very bad.

Not as much as your son catching you doing what I was doing.

There was a delay. I waited anxiously for his reply. I squeezed my thighs together to try to alleviate the building insistence between my legs. The moments ticked by. Did I go too far?

what exactly were u doing anyway?

Wow. He wasn't beating around the bush. I had to pause and now ask myself how far I was willing to take this. I started typing before the rational part of my brain could catch up.

I think you know.

i have an idea, but i'm not really sure

I took a deep breath and decided to just be honest with him.

Okay, fine. I was looking at the pictures of your penis and masturbating myself. Happy?

That nauseous feeling was back as soon as I pressed the send button. What the hell was I doing? Was I out of my mind? I held my breath. As I stared at my phone and waited, I tugged nervously on one of my erect nipples, rolling it between my fingers. Mmm, that was a nice distraction.


Just the one word. I found that I was a little disappointed...until a few seconds later.

that's kinda what i thought - but i wasn't sure if u did stuff like that

Now you know.

do u do that a lot?

I couldn't believe I was actually having this conversation with my son.

On occasion...when I'm in the mood for it.

r u in the mood now? haha

I almost choked when I read that. My innocent angel was really testing the limits with me. I should have put a quick end to this much earlier, but I had gotten myself in too far to gracefully back out.

That's none of your business, mister.

i am - in the mood i mean

Oh God, help me. So wrong...

Teenage boys are always in the mood - LOL.

i guess - haha - some times more than others...

It was getting hot in my room. I pulled the blanket aside, and pressed my hand against the wet place in my panties. What was the matter with me? My fingers trembled as I typed out the next message. Maybe I just needed to stop pussyfooting around and see if that got him to back down.

Are you touching yourself right now?

There was a long pause. Did I embarrass him into dousing whatever this thing was, or was I only fanning the flames?

yes i am

The heat was building, and it was apparently melting away my ability to responsibly manage my baser impulses.

Does it feel good?


Does it feel weird to be texting about this with your mom!?

YES! but I like it - ask me something else

Is your penis hard?

very! i'm holding it and rubbing up and down

That sounds nice. I really liked the way it looked in the pictures.

thanks mom - u looked vry sexy last nite.

That did it, I couldn't take it any longer. I put the phone down for a second and pulled off my increasingly damp panties and ran my fingers over my swollen pussy lips, down to my wet hole, then up to my impatient clit. How could my boy be doing this to me? It felt so wickedly good.

You enjoyed seeing me naked, did you?

yes - i thought about it all day

Have you ever seen a naked girl before?

no - not in real life - u r my 1st

I pulled my nightgown down off my shoulders, baring my breasts, grabbed them both at the same time, and squeezed them roughly. This was too much. I picked my phone up again and tried to concentrate on my next message.

Are you still masturbating your penis?

yes mom

Is it difficult to play with yourself and text at the same time? LOL


I thought so. Keep rubbing your penis and just read without replying. Okay?


Wrap your whole hand around your cock.

Stroke it nice and easy, squeezing your hard shaft firmly.

Think about seeing my naked butt last night in the living room.

Now touch your balls.

Be gentle. Roll them around in your hand.

Give them a nice tickle.

You have such a beautiful penis. Stroke it faster for me.

I didn't care how warped this was--it had to be about the hottest thing I'd ever done in my life.

Rub your hard cock for Mommy.

Make it feel good.

Think about catching me naked last night, and make your cock feel really good.

Mommy loves your penis so much.

I was typing as fast as I could manage. I'd never said anything this dirty in my life--not even when I was younger. I could see myself getting addicted to this. Before I was able to finish my next text, a buzz announced an incoming message. I opened it and let out a surprised squeal.

It wasn't a text, it was a photo. It was a view looking down at Eric's erect cock with the head all covered in a creamy white coating of fresh cum. The shock didn't stop me from being incredibly turned on by this.

u r awesome - g'nite mom!

I imagined now that he had gotten off he had come to his senses and couldn't bring himself to continue texting with me. I was almost glad, because I was in serious need of having my hands free by that point.

Good night, Eric. Love you.

I quickly went back to the previous message and displayed the image again. I turned over and got up on my knees, yanked my nightgown off, and propped the phone on my pillow so I'd have a good view of it. I cursed the fact, for the first time, that my phone didn't have a larger display.

My fingers were buried in my pussy as soon as I got into position. I couldn't believe I was letting myself do this again. All the guilt, shame, and embarrassment I'd suffered after the last time I got myself off looking at pictures of my son's cock was forgotten, and the only thing I could think about what how badly I wanted to recapture that feeling from the previous night. This time without any interruption.

I wasn't just using my fingers. I was getting into it with my whole body, as though I was having full-blown sex. This was so out of character for me. Nothing like the quick diddle I usually gave my clit, where I lay almost stock still, moving noting but my middle finger and getting it over with as quickly as possible. Not only was I now masturbating above the sheets, with the lights on, but I was totally fucking myself like I never had before.

The bed bounced and the phone jiggled on the pillow in front of me. I frantically fondled my small tits, and pulled hard on my excited nipples. I added a second finger, then forced in a third. Oh, yeah, that hit the spot!

"Mommy loves your cock," I breathed. Saying it out loud had the same effect on me as it had before, and I fucked myself harder. "Look at all that cum you made for Mommy."

I could feel my orgasm coming almost immediately. I wanted this to last. I didn't want to cum yet, but I couldn't slow down. The wet noises coming from my soaked pussy spurred me on.

"Mommy wants to taste your cum, baby." I surprised myself with the filthy things I was hearing coming out of my mouth. "Mommy wants to eat your cum, Eric."

I had never particularly liked the flavor of sperm, and only put up with letting my ex-husband cum in my mouth on special occasions, but I had the overwhelming desire to taste my son's cum. I could almost feel it on my tongue as I fixated on the small image of his penis. I was captivated by the gooey liquid that had leaked from the tip of his cock and spilled onto his taut belly.

"I want to lick it all up," I moaned. "Let Mommy clean up your nasty cum and swallow it."

It was suddenly happening again.

"Oh, God, I'm cumming. I'm cumming, Eric. Your big, hard cock is making your Mommy cummmmm..."

I bucked and thrashed on my knees in the bed with half my hand stuffed in my pussy hole. A warm wave flowed through me moments before one burst of pleasure, after another, after another barraged my cunt. Each spasm lifted me to another level of delight and my head spun with the rush of sensation. It was nearly a full minute before I had milked every last shiver of physical joy from my climax. I couldn't help but laugh at myself when I realized how happy I felt in that moment.

I eased my fingers out of my pussy and sat back. I gasped when I saw the huge wet spot I'd left on the bed sheet. I hadn't ever lacked for natural lubrication when it came to sex, but there was never a time before where I was so wet that I made anything close to that much of a mess. Oddly, that just made me smile even more.

I turned the light off on my nightstand, turned over and settled my bare ass down right on top of that big nasty wet spot I'd made. I don't know why I did it, but it felt good to me for some strange reason. I didn't bother putting my nightie back on, or even getting back into my panties. I hadn't slept naked in years. It felt so naughty.

I felt around, located my phone and held it up. The glow illuminated my face and breasts. I meant to shut it off, but I couldn't stop gazing at my son's semen-covered cock. My fingers drifted over my nipples as I thought about how moments before he snapped that shot he had been reading my dirty messages and masturbating. I made him cum like that. Eric was imagining his own mother's naked ass as he squirted cum all over himself.

Before I knew it I was masturbating again.

With my legs spread open, and the cool wetness beneath my butt, I fingered my swollen clit softly at first, but then more and more vigorously. With my eyes locked on my boy's penis, I brought myself off for a second time. The slow, rolling orgasm was a perfect complement to the explosive one I'd given myself only minutes before.

I had a fulfilled sense of completeness after that, and was able to turn the phone off and set it aside. There was a good chance that Eric had experienced a moment of clarity once his hormones had settled down and was feeling repulsed and ashamed of what he had done tonight with his own mother. There was a twinge of regret that this might be the only time we swap dirty texts, but it was probably all for the best. I'd talk to him about it tomorrow and we'd put this whole sordid affair behind us.

The enchanting image of my son's cock lingered vividly in my head as I floated off to sleep.

* * * * *

I awoke naked and unsure. In the clean light of day, what I had done last night with Eric took on more ominous proportions. He was my son, for goodness sake, and only sixteen years old. This couldn't be healthy for him. And I certainly knew better. I often found myself having to deny that I was a prude, but I honestly wasn't one to put sex up high on my list of priorities in life. Why was I suddenly losing control and letting this strange obsession with my son's penis take over?

It was one thing when I thought no one would ever know if I indulged myself in a little private perversity, but now I'd crossed the line and gotten Eric involved in my freakish behavior. If only I could go back a couple of days and undo it all. I had to get things back to normal somehow.

I got out of bed, changed the sheets and still had time before I had to leave for work. I put on my sweats and hopped on the treadmill for a quick workout. I'd been trying to get myself to exercise every morning, but I never seemed to have the ambition or energy after I finally dragged my butt out of bed. That morning, however, I had a real spring in my step despite all the worries I was contending with. After an invigorating jog, I got showered and dressed.

I heard Eric out in the kitchen pouring himself a bowl of cereal. I hesitated, thinking that I should maybe sneak back to my room and wait for him to leave for school. I decided I was being ridiculous. I shouldn't be avoiding my son in our own house. I took a deep breath and went into the kitchen.

Eric looked up as soon as I stepped in, then quickly looked away with a little smirk on his face. I could deal with embarrassed; disgusted or ashamed would have crushed me.

"Good morning," I said as if there was nothing out of the ordinary between us.

"Hey, Mom," he mumbled through a mouthful of Cheerios without taking his eyes from his bowl.

"You have enough money for lunch?" I asked casually as I poured myself a glass of orange juice that I didn't really want.

"I'm all set." He slurped up another spoonful. "You, um...look nice today."

I blushed. Not at the unprecedented compliment, but at the fact that it gave me a little pitter-patter in my chest. This was ridiculous! I was a grown woman, and his mother, and here I was acting like a giddy schoolgirl.

"Thanks, honey." I gave him a big smile, which prompted him to blush. How was I ever going to get us back to normal? I put my glass in the sink, grabbed my purse and headed for the door. "I'll see you when I get home."

I paused as I passed Eric and gave him a chaste kiss on the top of his darling head, and a motherly pat on the shoulder. It felt nice just to touch him. We'd always had a strong connection, even if neither of us went out of our way to show it lately, and I somehow knew that it was still there.

I got to work and barely remembered the commute. My mind was somewhere else. I made small talk with the tellers, helped with the early-morning rush of customers, and caught up on some e-mail after my day out. I was going through the motions, but my head wasn't in it.

Just before lunch my cell phone buzzed and my heart jumped. I looked around to see if anyone had noticed, feeling like a common criminal, and quickly checked the message that had arrived from Eric.

staying after 2day 4 basketball practice.

All right. This was good. This was normal.

Ok. Thanks for letting me know.

A minute passed and I thought that was that. Then another buzz.

did u like the new pic i sent last nite?

There was that flutter in my tummy. Damn it. What was wrong with me?

You should be focusing on school now, and me on work.

There, that was the responsible thing to do. Firm, but not a reprimand. I sent it off. After a few moments of antsy doubt, I added:

But, yes, I liked it VERY much.

kewl - later

No! Not 'kewl'! It was anything but 'kewl'! Why did I put 'very' in all-caps? Why was I being so stupid and irresponsible?

I had to pull it together. First step was getting rid of that picture Eric had sent me. I located it, and found the delete command. I fingered the button but couldn't seem to press it. I just wanted one last look. I gazed at all that semen coating the swollen head of my son's cock. Would anyone be able to see if I touched myself under my desk? Look at that beautiful cock of his. So much cum--

"I see you've finally joined the text generation," Peggy's voice at my office door scared the living wits out of me. "Welcome to the twenty-first century." She added a handful of paperwork to the top of my in-box. "My, my, look how red your cheeks are getting," Peggy chirped with glee. "Did I catch you sending naughty messages to one of your boyfriends?"

"No," I laughed, "just my son."

"Kids," she said with a roll of her eyes. "They don't even talk to me anymore. If it wasn't for texting I'd never know what they were up to." She waddled away with that annoying lilting laugh of hers, and I slumped back in my chair.

I fanned my face to cool my burning cheeks. I had broken out in a full-body sweat. This was crazy. I had to put a stop to this before someone found out what I was doing. If dopey Peggy could tell I was up to something inappropriate the second she walked into my office, then it wouldn't be long before someone with half a brain figured me out.

I'd just have to talk to Eric when I got home, and tell him I'd made a horrible mistake, and that even though it was fun, there wouldn't be any more of that kind of monkey business between us. I tucked my phone away, only later realizing that I had 'forgotten' to delete the picture of Eric's cock.

The rest of the day dragged by, but at least I was able to concentrate on my work without being distracted by what might happen next with the lewd weirdness I'd allowed to go too far between me and my son.

When I got home there was a note on the kitchen table from Eric letting me know he went to the mall, but would be home before dinner. I got the water boiling for the spaghetti (his favorite), then went and changed out of my work suit.

I put on my comfy clothes, but then noticed how frumpy they made me look. I changed into a pair of jeans that were a little too snug, but made my butt look really good. I picked out a nice top that wasn't anything fancy, but was more flattering than my baggy sweatshirt I'd had on. As I was in front of the mirror freshening my make-up, I became aware of what I was doing. I was getting ready for a date! What was wrong with me?

Just as I was taking the garlic bread out of the oven, the back door banged open and Eric bounded in with a beaming smile on his handsome face. He had on a new hat from Lids--as if he needed another baseball cap.

"Mmm, smells good," he said rubbing his hands together. He was still being somewhat shy with me, looking away quickly when I turned to put the bread on the table.

"Be careful, the sauce is hot," I warned him. He looked like he was about to make a comment, but he held back. I suspected it might have been a suggestive wisecrack related to my 'sauce' being 'hot.' I took the fact that he restrained himself as a good sign.

"How was your day?" I asked, taking his hat off his head and laying it on the table. "Anything new going on at school?"

The usual routine was that I asked what went on at school that day, he said 'nothing much,' then he grabbed his plate and went to watch TV in the living room while he ate. This time he sat down at the table, then he really threw me for a loop and actually told me about his day.

"Mrs. Hadly bagged Josh cheating on the vocab test," he began.

I was over-the-moon happy with this pleasant development, and was thrilled to have a conversation with my son that went on for longer than three sentences that didn't involve me lecturing him about something. I could get used to this.

The whole time we were talking, however, I was looking for the right moment to bring up the fact that we had to put an end to our texting shenanigans, but I didn't want to spoil the nice conversation we were having, so I chose to hold off until later.

As he talked, I became lost in my son. His words blurred together while I watched his lips move and became enthralled by his mouth. Eric's teeth were movie-star perfect since he got his braces off. His lips were just right, not too thin, not too plump. I'd felt them many times on my cheek at bedtime or during goodbyes. So soft and warm. What would they feel like on other parts of my body? And his tongue--

"...and guess who was there!" Eric's excited inflection snapped me out of my daze.

"I don't know, who?" I injected quickly before he realized I hadn't been paying attention.

He plowed ahead with his story and his hazel-green eyes danced between his plate of food and me. Each time he flashed me a look, I melted a little more into those bright, eager eyes of his. It was cute the way his latte-colored curls fell down over his forehead. I'd been trying to take him for a haircut for weeks now, but I was actually starting to like the shaggy, wild look. I reached over and brushed the hair away from his eyes so I could see them better. He just grinned, compliantly tolerating my fussing.

I pulled my hand back before the urge to caress his face overtook me. If I allowed myself that, I wouldn't be able to resist running my fingers through his hair. Then I'd be pulling him toward me, bringing my lips to his, inviting his tongue with my own. My hands would be on him. I'd want his on me. There'd be no stopping myself once it got to that point. I could never let it get to that point. I felt myself faltering, and I began reaching for him.

The house phone rang. The noise was loud and rude, and it made me absurdly angry to hear it. Eric jumped up to answer, and I calmed myself with the thought that it was a good thing my moment of weakness was disrupted. I was definitely losing it.

Eric hung up on the telemarketer, and dutifully cleared the dishes.

"Tomorrow's garbage day, right? I'll go put out the barrels."

It was the first time I didn't have to remind him. Strange days, indeed.

Once I finished cleaning up after dinner, I went to find him and give him the unhappy news that we needed to resume conducting ourselves like a normal family. He was in the living room doing homework. Eric always got decent grades, but I rarely ever saw him doing homework. He usually claimed he'd gotten it all done in school, which was doubtful. Well, I didn't want to interrupt him, so I figured our talk could wait.

I busied myself with getting the linen closet organized, and it turned into a whole project (I have a tendency to let that happen a lot). I must have lost track of time because I was surprised when I saw Eric coming down the hallway heading for his bedroom.

"Past my bedtime," he joked as I put away the last stack of neatly folded towels.

"What time is it?"

"Just after ten."

Which wasn't anywhere near his usual bedtime.

He passed by me and I caught the scent of his boyish sweat mixed with the fading aroma of Axe body spray. A little chill ran up my spine. Damn! I had to get control of myself. I was about to tell him that I needed to talk to him, but then I saw something that made me hesitate.

"Night, Mom," Eric said with a sheepish smile and gave me a little wave. In the hand that he waved with was his cell phone. Before I could gather my senses to say anything, he was in his room with the door closed.

I convinced myself that the time still wasn't right, and I'd just have to wait for a better opportunity. This would be a delicate conversation, and so I didn't want to risk screwing it all up with poor timing.

I headed to the kitchen, unplugged my cell phone from the charger, went to my own room, closed the door, and changed for bed. I thought about turning my phone off for the night, but then decided that if Eric did text me, I could find a way to gently nip our exchange in the bud and maybe he would get the hint that the party was over. He probably wouldn't send me any messages anyway, so there was no need to worry about it. Maybe this would all just go away on its own.

Halfway through the first chapter of my book, there came that now familiar buzz. I hated how excited I was to hear it.

thanks 4 a yummy dinner

He was just full of surprises today. It was the first time he'd ever thanked me for my cooking. I suspected he was just looking for an excuse to start a text exchange. I had to let him down easy without making him feel bad about it.

You're welcome. Don't stay up too late tonight, sweetie. Good night.

There, that should do the trick. Three seconds after I picked up my, buzz. So much for my brilliant plan.

guess what - i'm in the mood again - haha - r u?

God help me, I was. Despite everything I'd been telling myself the whole day, all I really wanted was a repeat of the despicable debauchery I'd allowed myself to indulge in with my own sweet, innocent son with the big, beautiful cock.

Even so, I tried once more to dissuade him.

Maybe we shouldn't text about that. Isn't it creepy for your mom to do this with you?

My head wanted him to agree. My pussy wanted something else.

kinda, but u r not like other moms I know - u r still hot and sexy!

The little charmer. A small voice was crying out inside of me to stop this before it went any further over the line, but it was quickly being drowned out by the pulsing desire taking hold of every other part of my body.

Sweet talker.

so you really did like the pic from last night?

It did catch me by surprise, but I liked it a lot.

did you look at it and masturbate?

I thought about what it would sound like if he asked me this while we sat across from each other at the dinner table, and I had to giggle. This was nuts. No point in being shy about it at this point.

Yes, I did. I gave myself two very nice orgasms.

wow - i can't even believe this is really happening - i'm so hard right now

This is exciting for me also.

wish i had a pic of you

I didn't see that one coming! He was just going to keep pushing the limits, wasn't he?

Keep wishing, mister.

aw no fair

Trust me, you don't really want a naked picture of your mother.

it doesn't have 2 b everything - how about just boobs

You're crazy!

ok - one boob

How do I know you won't show anybody?

right - like I'm going 2 tell my friends i'm sexting with my mom - haha

I knew that it was what we were doing, but it felt strange to see it in writing. Sexting. With my own son. I had to be the worst mother ever.

My breasts are too small anyway, you probably wouldn't even like them.

half a boob? pleeeease

I could almost hear the pleading whine through the text message. I guess it was only fair, now that I thought about it. Between me snooping into his private pictures in the first place, and the other photo he sent me (that I still had saved on my phone), I had been able to enjoy a lot more of him than he had of me.

Hold on.

With excited trepidation, I stripped out of my nightgown (I don't even know why I bothered putting it on in the first place). I fidgeted with my phone until I figured out how to work the camera.

I sat up straight, tweaked my nipples to make sure they were standing up proud, thrust my chest out, held my phone at arm's length and snapped the shot. I looked at it and was surprisingly pleased with how it came out. I usually hate the way I look in photos, but I had to admit I came out so good that was turning myself on a little.

The problem was that it was showing my face. I trusted Eric not to show anyone, but if he lost his phone, or someone else got a hold of it, I couldn't risk somebody recognizing me. I adjusted the angle and tried again. This one covered my midriff up to my chin, with my aroused tits taking center stage. That would do.

It took me another minute to sort out how to send a photo. I could only imagine how the long wait was driving Eric insane. Before I sent the photo, I tapped out a message.

Don't laugh, and you have to delete it as soon as you're done looking at it.

With a thumping heart I actually went through with it and sent a picture of my naked breasts to my son for him to masturbate to. This was beyond twisted.

Did you get it?

ur boobs look amazing mom

I'm glad you like them.

u r so freaking hot - i'm jerking off like crazy right now over ur pic

It struck me that Eric was maybe only twenty or thirty feet away, just down the hall, naked and masturbating his big cock right at that moment. I could walk to his room in a matter of seconds and be able to see him stroking his penis. Of course, if I really did that it would embarrass him to death. I would have to content myself with our naughty text exchanges.

Don't cum on your phone - LOL.

There was no immediate reply. I imagined he wanted to focus on what he was doing. Which, I didn't need to remind myself, was looking at my naked tits and whacking off like a sex-crazed monkey.

I played with my breasts and could almost feel his eyes on my nipples. I wondered if he'd like to see them in the flesh. That would be so hot to let him see me topless and watch him jerk off at the sight of me. I tried to picture the scene.

One hand dropped down between my legs and I squeezed my pussy through my panties. I thought about taking them off, but then decided to leave them on for now. I pressed a finger against the satiny fabric and into the crease between my lips. This all felt too good.

Buzz, buzz...

phew - all done! haha - u should c how far it squirted!

He had no idea how badly I wanted to see that.

Sounds like you had a lot of fun with my boobs.

u r the best mom in the world!

Very doubtful. But you got me in the mood, so now I have to take care of myself.

r u really going 2 masturbate your vagina right now?

That's my plan.

i don't even know how girls do it exactly

His na‹ve curiosity was turning me on like nothing I ever could have imagined.

There are certain spots we rub to make ourselves feel good.

like where?

Like right now I'm running my finger up and down my pussy lips.

r u all naked?

I am now. I just took off my panties and I'm lying on my bed.

what else?

I'm spreading my legs open wide and touching my pussy.

i'm touching myself again 2

mmm. I'm thinking about your cock as I slide a finger into my vagina.

what does it feel like?

It's warm, and wet, and slippery. It feels so good when I put something inside.

i bet u have a real sexy pussy mom.

I was enjoying this way too much. Teasing my son, fingering myself, knowing he was beating off in the next room. Only a few days ago I was an average, boring suburban single mother, and now I was some kind of insatiable sex maniac.

I DO have a very sexy pussy - I'm rubbing my clit.

what's that?

My clitoris. It's up near the top of my pussy and it feels incredibly good when I touch it.

do u cum the same way that boys do?

The feeling is similar, but women don't have sperm so I don't squirt like you do.

duh - i should have figured that out on my own.

He was so cluelessly sweet. All this texting was getting me horny as hell, but I had to stop masturbating every time I wrote a message. In a way it was good since it was prolonging the pleasure, but it was maddening at the same time.

Now I'm rubbing my clit faster with just my fingertips.

that's so hot - even if i still don't exactly get what a clit is - haha

That's when it dawned on me that the poor boy had probably never seen a pussy before. On impulse I pointed the phone between my legs, spread my cunt lips open wide using two fingers and snapped a picture. I quickly sent it to Eric before I came to my senses and changed my mind.

Does that help? this really a picture of ur pussy?

Oh God, what had I done? What was wrong with me?

Sorry - I didn't mean to scare you.

mom - this is awesome!! i love it!!

My clit is that tiny pink button where my lips meet at the top.

holy crap - i can see it! so kewl! i can't believe u let me c ur pussy!

I couldn't believe it either. I'd never posed for a naked picture in my life; no matter how much my ex-husband begged me, I refused. And now here I was snapping off a hardcore photo of my open cunt like it was nothing and showing it off to my 16-year-old masturbating son. I couldn't wait a second longer--had to make myself cum!

Mommy has to put her phone down for a second so I can finish masturbating.

ok - you make your pussy cum and i'll make my cock cum at the same time.

I wanted to respond, but I was too far gone. I writhed on my bed, one hand groping along the length of my body, grabbing my tits, pinching my nipples, caressing my naked belly. The other hand was beating furiously between my legs. My pussy was as wet as the night before, if not wetter. I could feel my juices dribbling down the crack of my ass in a steady trickle. This was better than any sex I'd ever had in my life.

My boy had a picture of my pussy. The very thought terrified and excited me in equal measures. He was looking at my cunt right that second. My most intimate secret of all, something my mother had fervently conditioned me to keep hidden and private at all costs. Now it was in my son's hands. He was seeing my wild tangle of untrimmed pubic hair, the tip of my erect clit, my swollen inner lips, and the gaping entrance of my vagina all slick with wetness.

I planted my feet flat on the bed and lifted my hips up off the mattress without slowing the pounding I was giving my horny cunt. I wanted Eric to walk through my door at that moment. I wanted him to see me masturbating like a mad fiend. I wanted him to see the real thing, and to watch his mother make herself cum while he jacked off his hard, young cock. He would thrust his hips forward with a guttural yelp at the moment of his orgasm and shoot a huge fountain of cum that would douse me all over with warm semen. My son's thick cum would coat my face, and tits, and cunt...oh, God...

I arched my back as far as I could, raising my pussy to the highest limit, and strummed my stiff clit mercilessly. Seconds later I was possessed by the most intense orgasm yet. I couldn't hold it in. I let out a throaty scream of pure ecstasy, and it felt amazing knowing that Eric might hear. I'd spent nearly all of my life suppressing myself at the moment of climax. It was so exhilarating to finally just let it out. I never felt more powerful and free than I did at that second.

Buzz, buzz...

OMG - was that u making all that noise?! did u just have ur orgasm?

I collapsed on the bed and replied.


The keypad was getting smeared with my pussy juices, but I didn't care. I tossed my phone aside, and attacked my clit again.

I turned slightly to the side and lifted one leg. I reached around from behind and slipped two fingers into my hole as deep as I could. I rubbed my clit fast and rough. I was normally very delicate and dainty when it came to my sensitive little nub, but something was driving me to take things to a whole other level. Even in my muddled, pleasure-soaked state I realized that many things would never be the same again for me.

"Look at my cunt, Eric," I murmured huskily to the empty room. "Look at Mommy's wet, horny cunt!"

A series of grunts escaped me as I brought myself off, then immediately made myself cum again, almost before the first orgasm had subsided. I was usually satisfied with one or two a week, but suddenly three in the span of a minute didn't seem like nearly enough.

I let my arms go limp, and panted breathlessly. A billowy cloud of peaceful satisfaction settled around me. I was connected like never before to my own body, aware of every sensation from every nerve ending all at once. Everything blended seamlessly into a rapturous whole unlike anything I'd ever known. It was inconceivable to me that what I was doing to get me to this perfect place could be wrong. And even if it was, it didn't matter. It couldn't matter.

Buzz, buzz... That lovely sound...

mom...u still there?

I replied weakly with fingers that were gradually turning from slick to sticky.

I'm here, honey bunch.

i heard u moaning and made myself cum again - i took a pic - want 2 c?

He was so adorable.

Of course I do.

The picture arrived a few seconds later. A bird's eye view looking downward at the head of his cock hovering over his cupped hand. In his palm was a big puddle of spent semen. I wanted to touch my lips to it and suck it all up into my mouth, hold it there, then swallow it a tiny bit at a time. I closed my eyes and let myself enjoy that fantasy for several lazy seconds.

That looks absolutely yummy.

haha - yeah right

That made me chuckle. He had no idea that I really meant his cum looked so good to me that I literally wanted to eat it. It still boggled my mind that my son was the only one I ever wanted to taste in this way.

I'm sorry, honey, but I'm so relaxed now I'm about to doze off.

ok - thanks 4 the pic of ur vagina - i'm going 2 look at it some more b4 i go 2 sleep

You're welcome, sweetie. Now we're even - LOL. See you in the morning.

i love you mom

I stared at his last message for a long while. With a happy sigh, I turned the power off and contemplated my raucous evening.

Did I truly just do all that? It didn't seem real. What was it about texting that made me act like a completely different woman?

I was normally an intensely private person. I rarely discussed sex with my closest friends, much less my actual sex partners. I'd never been able to openly express myself in bed. I dreaded leaving the lights on during sex. The thought of telling a man, even the man I was married to, what I wanted sexually was practically enough to make me break out in hives. Why did I have this deep-seated sense that speaking up about what gives me pleasure was so morbidly embarrassing?

But, inexplicably, behind the mask of my cell phone, I became a foul-mouthed harlot. I was saying things to my son that I'd barely ever permitted myself to think, much less speak aloud. If he wanted to go to a movie that had the kind of things in it I was saying to him, I'd forbid him from seeing it. I was a respectable, conservative, moral person. But as soon as I heard that buzzing noise, I transformed. There seemed to be no limit to the perverted filth I was capable of while in the throes of these exchanges with my son.

And what about my son? This might be all fun and games for Eric now, but someday he was going to realize just how fucked up his mother was to have done something like this with him. Although, I didn't feel entirely fucked up, as such. Concerned, yes. Guilty, for sure. But, fundamentally, I still felt like I was the same old me...just with a slight touch of temporary insanity.

I'd never had any sexual inclinations toward my son before. How, after years of not feeling any kind of attraction toward him in that way, could I suddenly be incessantly aroused by my own boy? I knew it was that evening I saw those pictures of his cock. Somehow, in that moment, everything changed for me. Eric was no longer a child that I had to take care of. He was a person with a sexuality of his own. He had desires, and fantasies, and needs. I'd never acknowledged this before, but after seeing his erect penis, and recognizing all the implications that went along with that, a whole host of new feeling had been created within me. Or, maybe, those feelings had always been there and I was just too repressed to allow myself to become aware of them.

I was only going to make myself more crazy by dwelling on it. I was having fun with it, Eric was having fun with it, and it was bringing us closer together in other ways. Maybe it was better that he was exploring these things with me, someone who loves him and who he'll be safe with, rather than doing who knows what with some skanky girl he barely knows. It was an obvious rationalization that wouldn't hold up to serious scrutiny, but it made me feel better none the less.

My son was likely looking at that picture of my naked pussy spread wide open and stroking his cock at that very moment. Instead of being horrified, it gave me a warm feeling all over. I would have to rein this in at some point, but I didn't want to think about that.

Instead, I fantasized about what could possibly come next in this tawdry game of ours if I were to allow it to go on, and reached down to attend to my throbbing clit just one more time.


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