Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Son Fucks Better

Kusum was not aware that this is going to be a fateful night in her life. After finishing her work she was very tired. She went to sleep to her children room. She saw that on floor her daughter is sleeping with two co-brothers. Her eldestson was sleeping alone on the cot. Like other nights she pulled off her saree and lay on beside binod, eldest son of 14 yrs age. Other three children were born at a gap of 2-2 yrs. She was only 32 years old on that fateful night. She was having a very attractive feature 34x26x36 .
She had guest. Her room was occupied by them and on drawing room her in-laws were sleeping withher husband. As children were to sleep with mother so kusum’s husband opted to sleep out . He did not want his children to see him fucking his wife. It wasa matter of just few days and after guest goes he would keep enjoying kusum whole night. Kusumalso thought that she will get rest for few nights otherwise her husband used to fuck her every night whether she agree ornot . So she has also become used to sex every night like any other routinework.
She slept soon after she lie-on the bed. Time passedand she got up with pressure on her chuchi. Sheopened her eyes and saw that her son binod is caressing and pressing chuchi. She put her hand on binod’s hand on her chuchi and whispered,
‘beta, bahut tired ho gayee hun…sone doo…”
“maa, thoda dabaane do naa…”
“baad mey, abhee sirf pakad kar so jaa….masalna mut….”
She turned on her side and pulled binod’s one hand onchuchi and requested him to just keep it like that .
Binod raised his one leg on her , he kept his one hand on mothers chuchi . He pushed himself to mothers’hip and he also slept. Till then, he has no intention to fuck his mother. In fact binod was not knowing that he is now ready to fuck any woman or girl . In past also against her wish she had permitted his son to hold her chuchi over blouse /bra .last such incident happened some 4-5 months back when he caught her changing dress. After she hooked bra that evening, binod insisted to hold her and she finally succumbed to his demand. She remembered that he pushed his hands from behind under her arms andsqueezed her chuchi for quite some time. But that evening also he did not wish to see her bare chuchi.
Kusum was trying to sleep. She closed her eyes and she began feeling increased tightness between her hips. She was big and experienced enough to understand thatthe thing poking her hips isnothing but her son’s growing cock. She recalled that this is first occasion in last two years when binod is caressing and holding her chuchi in night that also on laying side by side. Otherwise it had been only standing affairs in broad day light.
She wanted to pull away but she could not. In about five minutes she found thata thick hot rod is pushing inside hip joints. As a reflexaction she pushed her hip back on son’s lund and with her own hand she pressed son’s hand on her chuchi. She freed son’s hand caressing her chuchi . Kusum enjoyed soft squeezing of chuchi. Now, prick of cock on her hips was very prominent. She moved her hand on son’s thighs and ensured that he is wearing pajama. She turned to son’s side.
“kyo maa …neend nahi aa rahi hai….” Binod asked …
“haa beta …aaj bahut garmi hai…. Mun kadta hai..saare kapde utar duu…” she pulled binod close to her and put her legs on his thighs. Binod caressed mother’s thighs over petticoat.
“maa..tumko bahut kaam kadna padta hai na…..”
He patted mother’s cheek and said,
“mujhe bahut gussa aa raha thaa …tum kaam kad rahi thee aur dono kaki aurdadi gappe maar rahi thee…kaki bhee to kaam kad sakti hai….”
Kusum felt nice that son is having concern for her. Shepushed herself towards him and asked
“ab isko nahi dabaaoge!…aaj mun bhar kad dabaa lo…mana nahi karungee….”
She pulled his hands on herchuchi and kissed son’s cheek .
.”Tu mera pyara beta hai… kitni help kadta hai….”
Binod squeezed chuchi 3-4 times and then kept caressing it.
His youngest brother was 6year younger to him and he has not seen her motherfeeding her recently. While squeezing her chuchi he remembered having seen her mother’s nude chuchi feeding youngest son till about a year back.
“maa , ab tum chhotu ko dudhh nahi peelati ho….” He caressed and pressed.
By this time kusum had adjusted her body in such away that binod’s cock was knocking exactly at her bur. Though there were two layers of clothes, her petticoat and son’s pajama still she was able to feel lund’s tightness on her bur.She wanted to touch and hold lund in her hand and bur but she controlled herself. Her husband has made her a chuddakar and she now wanted chudai by this tight cock knocking at her bur. She knew that it is a great sin to show nude body to her son, so she controlled and waited for turn of events.
“nahi re…. Abb chhotu badaho gaya hai…”
Kusum pushed herself on him and continued.
.’4-5 deen pahle maine afternoon mey usey dudh pilaana chaaha thaa….ek baar usne chuchi mouth mey liya….pheer uthkad chala gayaa aur bola ki ab wo mera chuchi nahi chusega…..”
“too pheer …tum kisko dudh peelaogee…..?” Binodasked . He was playing with nipples over the blouse.
“tumhare papa roj chuchi chuste hai…” she caressed her cheeks….”Tum bacche log nahi peeyega to papa hai na.. Chusne ke liye. … “
“papa kaise peete hai… blouse ke upad se…” binod enquired …
“tu pagal hai….blouse ke upad se kaise peeyega koi…. Tune dekha nahi…chhotu kaise doodh peeta thaa….”
Kusum pulled his hips towards her and at same time pushed her bur on him…
” mai blouse khol ke peelati thee….aur tumhare papa to mujhe pura nanga kad dete hai.. Pheer chuchi ka mazaa lete hai…”
“chhhee….papa nanga kad dete hai….. Unko sharam nahi aati…….” Binod asked innocently.
“ iss mey sharmaane ka kya hai… tu bhee marriage karega to apni bibi ko bheenaga karega aur tu bhee nanga hokar uska maal chusega.. ..”
“mai marriage nahi karunga ….”
“kyo….to akele rahega kya….” She asked ..
“akele kyo rahunga…mai hamesha apni pyari maa kesaath rahunga”
And binod pressed chuchi and kissed her and asked again
“tumko sabke saamne nanga hone mey sharam nahi aati.. Aur maine to kabhee tumko nanga nahi dekha….”
Array, sabke ssaamne thode hi… door aur window close kadne ke baad hum log nange hote hai….’
She pulled her petticoat above her thighs so that she can hold son’s body tightly within her thighs . She was satisfied that tip oflund was now pressing her bur . She knew that binod is unaware of sex between man and woman and she thought of exciting him . She was now wide awake . She added,
“tumko yaad nahi hoga…. Tu jub chhota thaa to mai bilkul nangee hokar tujhey dudh peelati thee. Jub kabhee tera papa bahar jaate thhey to mai purii raat tere saath nangee soti thee… uss samay tera ‘nunu’ (lund) small finger jaisa thaa…”
She again pushed herself on his body and to balance himself binod put hand on her bare thighs and kusum said ,
“pata nahi beta, tera nunu ab kitna bada ho gayaa hogaa….” .
On hearing this binod got ashamed and pushed his mouth between chuchi of kusum.
“ohh…dekho tooo mera beta kitna sharma gayaa……”
But she felt that binod is rubbing his mouth on her cleavage… she waited…binod kept rubbing his mouth on exposed portion of chuchi on blouse top and after rubbing it for fewminutes she heard,
“maa, mujhe dudh peelayegi…?..”
“tujhey achha lagega! Tere bhai ko to chuchi ka taste achha nahi lagta hai….” Kusum replied …
“papa roj chus_te hai to taste jarur hi achha hoga.” Binod said and fondled chuchji.
“lekin papa jaise chuste haiwaise hi tumko bhee karma parega “
telling this she pushed her hand on choot and pressedit.
“papa kya kadte hai….” He asked .
“bola na… wo bilkul nanga hokar maal chuste hai, tub mazaa aata hai unko….tu bhee nanga ho jaaa…”
Kusum pulled him on her body and crossed her thighs on his hips.
“tu bhee nanga ho zaa ..”
She pushed her hand between choot and lund and placed it on cunt with back of palm on the cunt. Kusum had first feel of son’s cock on her hand. Shewanted to squeeze lund but she let her palm pressed by lund. She knew that there is no turn around. Soon she is going to take this virgin lund of his 14 year son in her choot.. She forgot that it is a sin to undress in front of son.
“ chhhee maa.. Kya bolti ho….mai itna bada ho gayahun to tere saamne kaise nanga hunga….”
“chup sala, sharmaata hai…itna achha mauka nahi milega maa kaa chuchi chusne ka…tu nanga nahi hoga to mai chuchi nahi kholungee “
And with both hands she covered her chuchi and added ,
“tera baap to tumse kitna bada hai… wo nanga ho sakta hai to tu kyo nahi…aur pheer hum dono pahle bhee nange so chukehai…”
She removed her hands from chuchi and said
“ya to nanga hokar chuchi ka mazaa le, nahi to neeche jaakar sister ke saath so jaa… mai chhotu ko dudh peelaungee…” kusum pushed him away.
Binod got up and asked , “tu kisi ko bolegi to nahi….”
“nahi beta….apni kasam.. Kisi ko nahi bolungee ki tu mere saamne nanga huaa thaa.”
Then kusum saw his son pushing her pajama down. She pulled out his vest and he was nude..she did not wait. She took hold of lund and fondled.
“array wahh…tera nunu to baap ke nunu se bhee mota aur lamba ho gayaa hai…”
Kusum pulled his lund and said “aa..jaaa… blouse kholkar chuchi ka mazza le…”
Kusum parted her legs wide and pulled petticoat up. But binod has no interest in thighs. He wanted to enjoy chuchi only. Kusum pushed him between her thighs . She fondle lund and made it touch choot over the petticoat. Now there is only layer of cloth betweenchoot and lund. She knew soon it is going to be removed.
Kusum pulled his hands on chuchi and told him, “ ab kya soch raha hai, blouse khol de…”
But binod recalled what mother said few minutes before. While unbuttoning blouse he said ,
“maa tune to kaha thaa ki papa tumhe bhee nanga kadte hai… ! “
“too tu bhee mujhe nanga kad dey… mai kaha mana kad rahee hun …lekin mujhe dar lug raha hai…”
Kusum said and fondled lund.
“kya dar m…maa” now she was topless and son was fondling chuchi
“yahi ki kahi tum apne saare friends ko bataaoge ki raat mey tumne maa ko nanga kadke khub mazaa liyaa…”
kusum kissed him and said
“sochh mai kitni badnaam ho jaaungee… mujhe marna parega…”
“nahi.. Maa. Tum mut daro……mai mur jaaunga to bhee kisiko bhee kabheenahi batunga ki maine tumko nanga dekha hai.. Tera chuchi ka mazaa leeyahai aur nange saath soye hai…..”
Binod kissed mother and said
“ tu biswas rakh maa, tu kabhee badnaam nahi hogi…”
“theek hai , tu bolta hai to maan leti hun. Lekin agar mujhe pata chala ki tune mere bare mey kisi se kuchh baat ki hai to pheer mai tum logo ko chhod kadchali jaaungee aur tub tum maa ka chuchi aur bur kabhee nahi dekh paaoge..”
Kusum stroked son’s lund and said
“ab sochta kya hai..mera petticoat bahar neekaal de…..”
Binod did not take even a minute to pull her petticoat. She made her legs wide apart . She felt nice that only yesterday she had shaven her choot . She saw binod staring at her choot.
“beta tune bur pahli baar dekhi hai, mere legs ke beech baith kad aaraam se dekho , isko maslo, finger ander pelo, tu isi bur se bahar nikla thaa ..” Kusum raised her bur and asked “ beta pahle kabhee bur dekha hai…”
“nahi maa… bahut pyara hai…”
Pheer kya binod kabhee choot ko masl_ta thha to kabhee khub squeeze kadta thaa. Finger se choot ko phaila kar kiss bhee kiya… aur tongue se choot ke slit ko ragad_ne laga.. Kusum ko bahut mazza aa raha thhaa … binod kabheefinger ko choot me pel kad dana-dun ander bahar kadta thaa. Kusum puree garma gayee thee aur ab chhahti thee beta ussey chode.
“aajaa beta… chuchi ka mazaa le” ..
Usne binod ko apne body ke upad pull kiya aur ek nipple beta ke mouth mey daal deeya. Duisre haath sedusri chuchi ko maslte huye binod chuchi ko chusne laga. Neeche kusumne lund ko pakad kad bur ke chhed se lagaaya aur chuttar ko uchhala .. Aur saath hi binod ke hips ko neechey dabaya. Lund pushed in choot.
‘beta, apni chuttar ko jor semere upad dhakka maar…”
She kept holding cock by its root. Binod gave one hard push and then secondand then third. Entire 7 inch lund got lost in mothers choot.
“beta chuchi ka bhee mazaa lo aur eise hi jor jor se dhakka maarte rah…”
Kusum said and she jerked her hip to absorb shock of lund in her choot. Now, binod was fucking mother nicely.
“maa bahut mazaa aa raha hai….itna mazaa pahle kisi chees mey nahi aaya….”
“ haa beta , iss se jyada mazaa kahi aur hai bhee nahi… isiko chudai bolte hai… maa ko chod beta.. Khub dhakka maar maar kad chod.. Tere papa se jyada mazaa aa raha hai…. Maar aur maa ki bur ko phaad daal.. Ahh beta… tu to pura mard ho gayaa hai… kisi bhee aurat aur ladki ko chod sakta hai…. Chod raja .. Jum kad chod…
“tu kisise bolega to nahi ki tune maa ko choda hai…” she doubted …
“nahi maa .. Kabhee nahi..” Binod gave harder push…and kusum enjoyed….
“aahhhh…..bahut achhey……”
“ab tu dubara nangee nahi hogi to bhee mai kisi ko kabhee kuchh nahi bolungaa ….”
“kisi ko nahi bolega to roj chodne dungee … bur chaatne dungee .. Mai teri randi hun .. Chod mujhey .. Pheer tere mast lund ke liye naya naya choot laakad dungee…. Aahhh.. Chodo… chodo…
Both held each other tightly..
“maa mujhey kuchh ho raha hai.”
Kusum knew that he is going to discharge. She decided that as it is first chudai for his son, let him discharge in side choot only. It does not matter as she already been operated.She crossed his hips in her thighs and made him fill her choot. She was also climaxed. She kissed her son again and again,..
Binod said that it was best thing in his life so far. She told him that he fucked better than his papa and he can fuck her any time when they are alone. She held him in her arms and said
“beta lund jub tight ho jjaye too pheer se chodna.”
that how kusum made her 14 year son to fuck her with her other three child sleeping in the same room.Kusum saw that son’s lund is about one inch longer than her husband with whom she had been enjoying sex regularly for last 15-16 years. But that night when binod fucked his mother, kusum enjoyedit much more. She made him fuck and fill mother’s choot once again that night. And there after kusum has not missed any opportunity of chudai by her eldest son. She insisted him to do regular exercise and she fed him plenty. Shealso did what she never didwith her husband. After about a week after their first chudai kusum tasted her son’s cum and there after every time son discharged in mother’s mouth and she never wasted a drop. As a result her body began to shine more & more. And people around her started giving more attention to her. She was looking sexier than before. . Like this five years passed. Binod has turned into a strong & handsome man. He was fucking his mother with more vigour and energy. Whenever kusum asked him, whetherhe want to do chudai of any other choot , binod replied that he want only his mother and no one else.
One day she felt very happy when in a bus while she was traveling with her family including binod and husband one very young handsome looking man held her hand and pushed a piece of paper in her hand.
She read and felt shy,. It was having man’s address and written that he will give her 5000/- for spending one hour with her . She was amazed with the offer. Her husbands monthly salary was only about rs 1000/- and with that money family was living comfortably. She doesn’t know how she dared but replied to that man that she is mother of four grown up children. She threw the paper but the man again pushed thatpaper in her hand and asked her to keep it and whispered that he will waitfor her & pay even more. Kusum smiled at him but she has no interest in othermen she was very much satisfied with chudai of sonand husband. But she pushed that piece of paper under her bra . Man was very pleased to see kusum pushing his offer on her chuchi. This incident happened just about a month before when she saw cock of her second son.
That was sunday. Everyonewas at home. All were taking afternoon nap. Kusum was not getting sleep as it was very hot and secondly she wanted company of her son binod. She looked at her husband who was in deep sleep. Shegot down from bed and came out. She looked into drawing room. Her in-laws were resting. She could notmake out whether they areawake or slept. She moved to other room and felt sad seeing that on bed her daughter is sleeping alone and on floor binod is sleeping with her youngestson ajit. She could not see amit , her second son but she saw thighs of her now grown up daughter anita , she was now 17 and kusum was happy to see that even at this age she was looking like a 12-13 years girl. Her breasts werestill small. Her thighs were thin and she was not attractive. She was happy that her daughter is not capable of attracting binod’s attention. Till then she wanted binod’s attention only towards her,mother. She went towards kitchen and stood still. In the corner she saw her second son amit standing with closed eyes and stroking his cock. She was amazed to see cock . It wasthick and long like lund of binod with whom she had been enjoying for last five year. She hid herself behinda pillar and watched. Amit was stroking lund fast and faster and then he removed his hand from cock. Lund was tight on his waist like a iron rod. She could see throbbing lund and what she saw differentthat amit’s cock was having a tapered tip whereas binod cock was having athick round tip.
Her husbands cock was straightof same dimension from root to tip. Unconsciously kusum pushed her one hand inside and fondled choot. She developed a desire to get fucked by amit , her second son. And she thought, what is wrong. She should take equal care of her three sons. When she took cock of her eldest son in choot why other two sons shouldbe deprived. She decided tostart enjoying with amit also . She also thought of taking both sons into confidence so that she can enjoy with both binod’s thick lund and amit’s long lund together.
Then she saw, spray of cumoozing out of lund. She saw lund limping and she returned back to binod. Before amit returned to room . Kusum woke binod and whispered him to come to kitchen. She came out and saw amit entering bed room. She just patted him and went towards toilet. After pissing she came straight to kitchen and saw binod already without pajama.
“beta, juldi se chod , bahut khujli ho rahi hai”
She turned in doggy pose and like previous occasion binod fucked his mother and today after a long timehe cooled mother’s choot by discharging cum in choot. They hugged, kissed and got separated. Though kusum was now satisfied she still wanted amit to fuck her. She waited for right opportunity.
Next morning she called amit in kitchen and told him to bunk his class and stay back home. She said that she has something important to talk to him. Binod was in final year of college and daughter anita ( anu ) was in first year. Where as amit was in 10th and ajit in 8th. Except amit all got ready for there classes. When binod enquired kusum replied that amit is having pain in stomach and he needs rest.All left and in house kusumremained with amit and her in-laws .
Kusum was giving due respect to her in-laws but long back her mother- in -law permitted her to stay only in petticoat and blouse whenever she desires . But, very rarely kusum was without saree . On that day she came out after bath only in red petticoat and red blouse. She wore a sleeveless blouse. She selected a blouse which was of low cunt . While wearing that blouse she felt that her chuchi has swollen and became bigger with all these fuck and drinking of son’s cum almost daily. Shecould not close all four buttons of blouse on her back. She stood in front of mirror and after having satisfied that roundness and shape of her chuchi is nicely exposed she combedhair and came out.
Her mother in law commented that she ( kusum ) is looking very nice in this dress and said that her husband would bepleased to see her like this. She suggested her to stay without saree in presence of family members. Mother-in –law did not know that today kusum is ready to remain nude in front of amit , her second son. Mil gave a plate to kusum to give it to father- in- law. She saw that amit is talking with his grand father. So kusum pushed petticoat little down on waist and shifted petticoat ‘cut’ near to her choot. She pushed ‘cut’ wider and she was pleased to see her shining pubic area. She hadshaved cunt today while bathing. Kusum did not bother that along with amit , father in law would also be seeing her lower waist and pubic area. She bend and gave plate to fil. She remained bend for longer than required and she saw that both amit andhis dadaji looking at her chuchi from top . When sheglanced down she could see her choot through the cut . She spread legs and bent little more. She allowed son and fil to see her choot for some more time and she turned back.
“maa, tera blouse ka 2 button khula huaa hai…. “ amit said.
Kusum pushed her hand back and rubbed her back. She did not know that 2 buttons came out.
“button laga de beta, “
She stood straight with back to them. Amit came forward and stood behind him. She did not get any pressure on her hips. So she moved backward and amit has no place to move back. She crushed her hips on his torso . But amit could not fix the button.
While amit was trying to fix button fil was thinking about choot of bahu which he has just seen for first time. He was around 70 and not seen any choot , even of his wife for over last 10 years. He developeda desire to see bahu’s choot closely without any clothes. He was not sure that he will have any erection as he has not fucked for over last 10 years. But, he decided that at right time he will request bahu to undress for him just once. He had a feeling that she will not refuse a request of old fil. Now he was looking at shining skin of bahu’s back.
“maa ..mujhse nahi hota… “
Amit said and went away from there . He was very happy and excited to see mother’s big chuchi and choot . He was very excited. His lund tightened and he went inside to masturbate. .
That time only old lady came out . Seeing her kusum asked her to fix button on back. Mother –in –law also tried for few minutes and left telling that the blouse is too tight for her she went back to kitchen. .
Kusum’s idea of exposing herself to son was over andnow she thought that oncehe has seen mother’s choothe will do whatever she says. Thinking this she said that she will change to another blouse.
“nahi..beti..iss blouse mey bahut achhi lug rahi ho… “ fil got up , “eaise hi raho.. Aao mai laga deta hun. “
Kusum looked at him and looked around. There was no sign of either mil or amit. She had not thought of any type of sex with father in law but after she had seen him looking at bahu’s choot she thought that there is nothing wrong if she gives some pleasure and satisfaction tothis 70 year old man.
“arey .. Koi baat nahi beti………..tu sharma mut… “ he put his hands on her silky back .
Kusum remained still. She never visualized this. Instead of fixing button sarurji caressed her back from neck to her waist upto rising mound of her hips .
“beti…lug raha hai…jaise butter ko chhu raha hun… itni chikni ….maine kabhee socha nahi…”
Then sasur tried to fix her button but like other two he could not fix it. He caressed her mid rib and said ..
“beti..dono haath upad uthaao….”
Without any question kusum raised her both hands above her head and sarur ji pulled open remaining two button. He pushed blouse flaps aside and moved his both hands on her bare back…
“babuji …ghar mey maa aur beta hai……” kusum whispered.
Sasurji did nor reply instead he moved both palms on her side and slowly pushed on her chuchi. He pressed chuchi firmly and said ,
“beti , tu too abhee bhee puri jawaan hai.. Ohh itna mast …chuchi hoga ..mai sochh nahi sakta…. “
Kusum was freezed but sasurji pressed chuchi for few more minutes and then he arranged blouse over chuchi and one after another closed all four buttons. He pulled her hands down . He turned kusum to him. She was expression less. She looked blankly at him.
“beti, mai pagal hun ki pahle teri taraf kabhee dyan se nahi dehaa..”
sasur took her in embarrass and slowly moved palms on her hips. He pushed her hips to him and caressed hips of bahu. He kissed her lips and said ,
“kusum tu bahut jabardast maal hai… ohh kitna tight chuttar aur chuchi hai….”
“babuji, chhodeeye naa..maa dekhegi to kya bolegi… “ kusum whispered…
“pahle bolo, mujhe apna mast body kaa mazaa lene dogi….” He crushed her.
“aap kya karenge… itne….old ho gaye hai…..” Bahu challenged sasurji.
Kusum requested “please babuji, amit aa jaayega aursabko bol dega…”
“apna chuchi chusne dogi….” He again pleaded.
In order to get herself free she said
“ haa , jub koi ghar mey nahi rahega….”
Sasur released him but before she could move away he pushed his hand inside cut of petticoat and squeezed choot of bahu. She never expected this and she tried to pull away. In this process petticoat tore away exactly from endof cut…
“aap bahut gande hai….meri petticoat phaad dee..” Kusum looked at sasur with shrewd smile.
“agli baar choot phaad dunga…”
He looked at bahu and sawthat from torn portion of petticoat her thighs are clearly visible…
” yahi petticoat pahan kad bachho ke aane tuk raho, agar change karogi to tere husband ko bol dunga ki tumne mujhe aur apne bete ko choot deekhaya hai…”
She did not reply and wentto kitchen . On the way shepulled ‘cut’ and torn portion away from choot. She went to her mil who enquired how petticoat gottorn. She replied that a nailgot trapped so it tore away. Kusum said that she will change it afterwards.
Kusum was shocked with turn of events . She just wanted to seduce her second son and instead shearoused sex desire in 70 yr old sasur . She can’t accept the fact that sasurji fondledher bare chuchi and choot and she enjoyed . She smiled recalling that sasur said that “agli baar choot phaad dunga. “
Both saas bahu remained busy in cooking. . Many time she came out. Both amit and sasurji saw her top thighs exposed through torn portion . Amitwas amazed to see mother’s so firm and beautiful thighs. He wishedto see her mother nude and caressing each and every part of her body. He did know that kusum has held him back to get fucked by him. He also didn’t know that while he was masturbating thinkingabout mother’s choot his dadaji enjoyed with mothers choot and chuchi.
After lunch was over kusum said her mil that she is tired and going to sleep. While going to her bed she told her son amit to come to her room after 10-15 minutes.
Amit was excited at this offer of mother. After 15 minutes he entered parents room. Kusum was waiting.
“beta, doors and window theek se bund kad doo..” Kusunm asked “dada dadi kya kad rahe hai…?”
Amit said that both are sleeping and enquired whether he should switch on light. Mother nodded. Amit switched on and he saw shining , nicely shapedone thigh of mother which she knowing kept exposed for son. She called him nearher and asked him to sit beside her.
Kusum saw that amit againand again staring at her thighs. She pulled up that thigh and bend it at knee. Now amit could see inner thighs and lower hip of mother.
“tu hatthu kab se maar raha hai…” kusum asked directly.
Amit was not prepared for this question. He looked down. Kusum lifted his chinand again repeated her question.
Amit replied in a low voice, “karib 2 years se….”
“roj hatthu marta hai….” Kusum again asked. She saw that there is tears in eyes of his son but she again asked him.
“haa maa… karib karib roj…”he added “aur koi koi deen to 2-2 baar maarna padta hai…”
“bahut mazaa aata hai…lund ko hilaane mey….” Kusum asked and put her hand on his trouserjust above lund.
Amit remained quite. Kusum caressed lund over trousers and squeezed lund. She felt that lund is still limped.
“kisko yaad kad hatthu maarta hai…”
She has turned to his side and now her one hip was exposed to his son
“ maa ko yaad kadta hai ki koi school ki dost hai….”
“kisi ko yaad nahi karta maa…. “
He looked at mother’s exposed body and said
“ lund ko tight kad paani geeraane mey bahut mazaa aata hai…”
Kusum began unbuttoning his trousers and asked ,
“tu to pura jawan ho gaya hai…kisiko choda hai…”
He opened his legs for mother to fondle his lund and replied , “nahi maa..”
She opened all button and tried to push shorts down “apna pant utado…”
Amit pulled his pant out through legs. He again sat nearer to mother but this time faced her. Kusum tookhold of lund and pulled topskin. She felt happy that like his elder brother his topi is still intact . She stroked and enjoyed lund growing bigger and becoming tight.
“kisi aurat ya ladki ko nanga dekha hai….”
“nahi “ and amit put his one hand on mothers bare hip and caressed it….
“jhuth kyo bolta hai….”
Kusum pulled cock and said
“ aaj tune aur dadaji ne mera choot dekha thaa….kaisi hai meri choot…..”
“theek se kaha dekhaa maa“ amit pushed his hand on her choot and fondled it…”maa mujhe choot deekhao na ….”
“mujhe chodega….”
“haa maa…dekh lund kitna tight ho gayaa hai.. “
“kisiko bolega to nahi….ki maa ko choda hai….”
Amit pushed finger in choot and replied, “ nahi maaa …bhagwaan kasam..apni kasam..kisise nahi bolunga ….”
“jub bolungee tub chodega…”
“haa maa….”
“lekin tujhe hatthu marna bund karma parega…”
Kusum was happy to see growth and heaviness of lund . She said ,
“tu jaanta hai… ek baar aurat ko chodne mey jo mazaa aataa hai…wo tu 50baar hatthu maarega tooo bhee utna mazaa nahi aayega. ..dekh kya raha hai… dusre haath se chuchi masal…”
Kusum pulled off vest of son and amit was nude with lund ready to enter the choot.
“aur tu agar eise hi hatthu maarta rahega to chod nahi paayega aur teri wife dusre mard se chudwakar mazaa legi ….tera bhaiya teri wife ko khub chodega”
“tu bhaiya se chudwaayee hai….? “ amit pushed two finger in mother’s choot and enquired..
“nahi re… wo saala meri orr dekhta hi nahi hai….” She lied “lekin ab mujhe koi dusre lund ki jarurat nahi hai ….tu hi iss randi maa ko jum kad roj chodna…”
Kusum pulled son on her body .
“lund pura tight hai. Ghusa de bur ke ander aur.jumkad chod maa ko.. “
She herself pulled blouse off her body and threw petticoat. She positioned her legs in chudai pose anddirected son’s lund on her choot.
“chal beta jor se dhakka maar …dekhey tere lund mey kitna dum hai….”
Amit held mother’s chuchi and gave a hard push. This was his first chudai but he had knowledge of chudai by discussing with his friends. One of his friends told him that he is regularly watches chudai oftheir parents . Every day in school he used to describe how his parents did chudai.
Kusum liked thickness and length of lund in her fucked choot. She also likedthe thrust and pressure with which amit was pumping mother ….she moaned…
“ahhh..beta….chodo…maa..ko….bahut achha lug raha…hai…..ahh………….and…”
Before she could control amit filled mother’s choot . She felt sad. But she did not scold him. She thought that as it was his first chudai so he got over excited and could not hold for long. Kusum thought that in 2-3 chudai he would fuck his mother like his elder brother. To show her love and affection she kept his hip pushed on choot by crossing her thighs on hips. Only when entire cum traveled in her womb and amit’s breath normalized she released him.
“ beta aaj to bahut jaldi jhud gayaa… koi baat nahi pahla mauks thaa…”
Kusum kissed him and advised him that he shouldnot get unnecessarily excited by seeing mother’s nude body. He should enjoy with mother’s maal as if he is playing foot ball and he should think that he has fucked mother many time before. Then she told him to go out but warned him against telling any thing about mother to any one otherwise he would be beaten and she will stop talking with him.
Kusum remained nude and caressed her choot . She was unsatisfied. She wanted binod but he was not at home. She rubbed cunt lips and clit for about 10-12 minutes and then she felt relieved. She got up and stood near mirror. She looked at her body andsmiled remembering that few hours back her firm and big chuchi was massaged by sasur , who also fondled her choot. She thought of giving an opportunity to sasurji to play with nude body. She thought of going out without any cloth and face saas and sasurji . She smiled and put on same torn petticoat and blouse but wrapped saree over it. Other childrens were likely to come home in another half an hour.
She came out but there was no sign of amit.
Amit was ashamed that he could not use the opportunity to full extent. His friend was telling him that his father fucks his mother for not less than 15minutes and after fucking every time he see his mother getting so happy. Amit was sad that he couldnot hold inside mother’s choot even for 2 minutes. He thought of requesting his friend to let him see how his parents do chudai .
Next evening he took permission from parents tostay overnight with his friend who has agreed to let amit see live fucking show. Amit was astonishedwhen he along with is friend saw fucking. Amit saw that his friends parents got nude . They fondled each other and each and every part. His friends father licked and sucked front and back of his wife. He pulled wife on his body in 69 pose and both ate each other. Amit could see his friends mother’s clean shaven choot which was pushed open and her husband waseating and sucking choot. And finally both fucked straight for over 15 minutes. He remembered that he could remain in mother’s choot only for a minute. What amit saw lastthat the man pulled lund out of choot and lady took that in her mouth. She sucked and amit saw that she took all cum in her mouth and drank. Immediately after they switched off light.
Both friend came back to their room and masturbated each other. His friend appreciated lund of amit and said that he (amit) ‘s lund is bigger and thicker than both (friends and his father). He told amit that that earlier till about six months back they used to have sex in closed room and with light off. He tried many time to see his mother getting fucked and nude but he could not see and on night suddenly when he peeped he saw mother nude and getting fucked by father. Amit told his friend that hismother intentionally allowing him to see her nude body . Amit suggested that when he is alone with mother or even otherwise if he request mother she will certainly take his lund in her choot. Amit then said that he has also seen his mother nude and desired to fuck her. He gave description of his mother’s body to his friendand told him to visit his house. Both friend discussed and they decidedthat after his friends father goes to office both friends will stay and they will request friends mother to undress for them.
But their plan did not succeed. Though they stayed home they did not dare to approach the lady . They did not know that lady was eager to undress for them. Amit waited for next opportunity to fuck his mother kusum and this time fuck her hard and for longer time..
In first part you read how Kusum seduced her first son to fuck her and she enjoyed chudai by 18 yr boy so much that she almost became slave of him. There after 5 years she saw her second son masturbating and she likedhis lund She made her 2nd son fuck her in day time but she remained unsatisfied as he could not hold inside mother’s choot even for 2 minutes. So that night she again made elderson to fuck her twice one from front and other from back . She finally exhaustedand slept till late. But whenshe got up in morning she got ‘menstruation period’ . She kept herself away fromsons, husband and sasurji. Next day also finding bahu alone sasurji fondled her chuchi but she pulled awaytelling sasurji that he should wait till next Monday as she is in inauspicious period. Like other months Kusum gave rest to her choot for next five days . She took full bath on Sunday and on that day she came out of bath in pink blouse and petticoat. She did not get embarrassed seeing her husband, three sons (two of them have already fucked her), grown up daughter, sasurji and saas. Anita was first to react, “ maa…tum kitni sunder lag rahi ho… “ she looked at her dadaji and sought confirmation . “haa beta…. Meri bahu hai hi sunder auriss dress mey too aur bhee sunder lug rahi hai “ Sasurjirecalled his masti with bahu few days back.
Bahu has again wore sleeveless blouse with button on back . Again today like that day two buttons were open . When she was combing her husband came in and fondled her. “suchh…raani… tum too jabardast maal lug rahi ho…top class randi jaisi…” he kept squeezing chuchi and said “mun kadta hai sabke saamne patak kad chod daalu….” She pushed husband back with elbow and said , “ to sochate kya ho..himmat haito chod lo….mai bhee 5 deen se bhuki (hungry ) hun.” She told him to go out. She remained like that. After every one had their lunch instead of going to her husband she lie-on with her daughter. She sawall three sons resting on floor . She advised every one to rest and winked at Binod. After half an hour Binod was fucking his mother on kitchen floor on a old torn sack. She enjoyed chudai with son and she asked son to discharge in choot. After choot took all cum inside she sucked son’s lund and made it dry. Thereafter she again returned back to children’s bed room . She lay beside Anita , Binod remained out. Amit was in deep sleep.
Kusum lay beside Anita’s back. She put her hand on daughter’s arm . Daughter’ship was pushed on her . Kusum closed eyes . Anita pulled mother’s hand from her arm and slowly pressedit on her small chuchi. She kept mother’s hand pressed on her chuchi . As areflex action kusum softly pressed daughter’s chuchi few times and tried to pulled away her hand. But immediately Anita pulled mother’s hand and kept it on chuchi. Kusum knew that Anita wants her to squeeze and caress daughter’s chuchi. Kusum caressed and squeezed daughter’s chuchi and she felt bad that at age of 18 Anita is having such a smallchuchi . She recalled that at17 she was mother of two children and had enjoyed sex for few years. Along with caressing chuchi Kusum caressed daughter’s belly , pubic area and her thighs. After moving her hand over body of daughter Kusum again began caressing and squeezing chuchi . She closed eyes and thought that she has to help her daughter to grow and lookattractive. She felt bad thatduring last 5 year she was so selfish in getting her sexual desires filled by eldest son Binod that she totally ignored daughter. Kusum thought to take help of Binod to make Anita a sexy looking girl.
Now Kusum was enjoying her hand moving on virgin choot and body of daughter and suddenly shefelt pressure on her hip. She kept her eyes closed.
Person behind her has put his one leg on Kusum’s thighs and kusum’s thighs was on Anita’s thighs. Kusum has pulled her petticoat above her knee. She did not try to see who the man behind her. She very well knew heaviness of husband or Binod’s leg on her body. Leg on her thighs was lighter. She opened her eyes and glanced back. She saw that it is her youngest son. She did not say a word or disturb him. Now Kusum was sandwiched between youngest son and daughterAnita. Ajit was in class 8 and not even 14. He was growing nicely. He was already 5’6” , 2 inch taller than her. Kusum felt pressure on hip and with passage of time this pressure kept increasing. On the other side Kusum was still caressing and pressing daughter’s small chuchi. Time passed and kusum began liking prick of youngest son’s lund on her hip. She was wearing petticoat and son was wearing a short as she wasable to see his lower thighson her thighs.At that time daughter pulled mother’s hand towards her waist . Kusum has not seen that Anita has pushed her frock up . Now Anita’s hand was caressing bare silky skin of daughter. Kusum was getting excited . She pushed hand up and soon her finger caught daughters nipples . Kusum caressed chuchi and pressed nipples. After playing with chuchi and nipples Kusum again moved her hand down on daughters belly , waist and over the panty.
Kusum’s fingers could feel that daughters panty is wet . Kusum caressed chootof daughter over the panty.She could feel that Anita shivered. Kusum squeezed choot few times and Anita pushed her hips towards mother. Kusum was alarmed as she felt that herchhotu is pulling petticoat up and up. Soon she found son’s finger on her choot from behind between hips junction. Chhotu caressed mother’s choot slowly slowly. He was thinking that mother is sleeping. But Kusum has now pushed daughters panty down and caressing her choot directly. Kusum played with daughter’s cunt petals and clit and shefreezed. Kusum felt a thick rod rubbing her cunt from back side. She relaxed her thighs . Chhotu pushed his cock on mothers choot but lund could not find entry point. Kusum continued playing with daughter’s choot and she pushed her middle finger in choot. Anita pushed her hip back and Chhotu pushed his lund in mother’s cunt.
If kusum has lifted her upper thighs a bit, she could have taken lund in choot but did not want sonto know that she is awake. So she let her thighs joined. At that time she felt that remaining buttons on back has been pulled open . Chhoti pushed his hand under blouse from side andpalmed mother’s chuchi. Chhotu squeezed chuchi tightly and now it was not possible her to pretend sleeping. She pushed Son’s hand aside and said, “chhotu, tung kyo kad rahahai … tu kub upad aaya” She turned on her back andbecame flat. She added, “ kitni badheeya neend aa rahi thee…” Anita a shook her daughter and said, ‘chalbeti ab neend nahi aayegi. “ She gave a glance to chhotu but by that time he had pushed lund inside shorts. He was happy thinking that mother did not know that his lund has knocked her choot. While getting up she pulled daughter’s panty up and covered hairy choot. Both mother and daughter got up and went out . They saw that Binod is lying with his dadi and sasurji is talking with her husband. Both went to toilet together and for first time both mother and daughter pissed by seeing each other’s choot.
“ohhh…maa….bahut mazaaaa raha thaaa…jub tumne…finger ander (choot ) meydaala….” “ beti …mai to tumhe aur bhee mazaa deti lekin saala chhotu aa gayaa..” “maa.. Kahi usne..mera choot dekha ho to…”Anita doubted “waise to usney dekha nahi hoga…wo mere peechhe thhaa..” Kusum squeezed daughters choot and said “agar dekhega bhee to kya…wo to bachha hai….abhee uska lund khada bhee nahi hota hoga…” “maa.. Raat ko pheer mazaa dena…” Anita requested… “raat ko dekhenge….chal abhee bahar…” Anita saw that mother’s blouse is unbuttoned and back is bare . So she said . “maa….blouse khula hai….button bund kad loo…..” Kusum pulled her…”rahne do.. Apne bhai aur dadaji ko dekhane do ki mai kitni jawaan hun…” Both came out and when they moved towards kitchen , sasurji, husband and chhotu saw mother’s bare back. All three desired to caress Kusum’s back from neck to lower waist.
Inside kitchen, while cooking Anita told her mother that in college her friends both boys and girls teases her. They said that Anita is a baby and should again go to class 6-7. She told her mother that what she can do. If she has not grown properly it is not her fault. Kusum consoled daughter and encouraged her that in next 3-4 months she will grow like other girls of college and boys would be after her forher favour. Anita blushed and she got ashamed that from tonight her eldest bhaiya Binod will give her (sister) sex training every night. Kusum advised Anitato cooperate fully with Binod. Kusum said that after spending only few nights with her brother shewill find tremendous change in her body. Though, Anita’s body was not developed according toage she was aware of sex. Today only her mother gave her real pleasure of sex. After lot of convincing she agreed to do what mother advised. Before going out of kitchen, Kusum told daughter to fix lower button of blouse so that it should not slip off her shoulder and expose chuchi. Kusum fixed lower button. Kusum untied petticoat and daughter again fondled mother’s choot .She was excited to see so clean shaven choot, where as her own choot was covered by dense hair. Kusum lowered petticoat and tied it just on top of pubic area and she also pulled petticoat cut on pubic area. Anita requestedmother to make her choot clean shaven like her. Both came out with plates and tea, They kept it on central table.
Everyone saw pubic area ofkusum through that petticoat and bouncing chuchi trying to come out of the blouse top. When Kusum turned they saw top hip cleavage. She sat on floor. All had snacks andtea and every time Kusum looked up she saw that all five males are staring at her maals. After all had tea Kusum told her sons to go out to play. Anita also wentout telling that she is goingto see one of her ailing friend. Kusum’s husband took his mother to a temple & now in house only Kusum was with sasurji. Sasurji closed main door after all left. Kusum knew what is in store for her now. She got up and moved towards kitchen but sasurji held her tightly and said , “Rani , tum kaha jaaogi..meri jaan…” He tookhis bahu in both arms and crushed her tightly. ‘ohhh….babuji…..hadee tootjaayega…’ kusum tried to pull out but sasur’s grip was tight. “aapne to mujhey randi samajh liyaa hai….chhodeeye naa…’ “kutia, tune apni choot deekha kar mujhe barbaad kar deeya hai” Sasur kept one hand pressed on bahu’s breast and with other hand untied petticoat. He squeezed choot few times and said ‘aaj to teree choot ko chod chod kar phaad daalunga, randi. “ Sasur pulled of her blouse . Now Bahu was completely nude.
He released her and one jerk removed his dhoti and kurta.
She saw her 70 yrs old sasur nude in front of her. His lund was about 6“ in limped condition. Sasur stroked his lund and said, “bol randi, ek chudai ka kitna leti hai….” Sasur was fondling lund and staring his bahu standing nude opposite him. “mainejawaani mey bahut randi ko choda hai…lekin tere jaisi maaldaar randi kabheenahi dekhi……kya maal hai saali…teree uthi uthi chuchi, tana huaa jaangh aur paao roti si phulee huyee chikni bur ….aahh mazaa aayegaa chodne mey…..” He pulled bahu and squeezed her chuchi . He again asked , “bol haaamjaadi…kitna leti hai ek chudai ka….” Kusum wasshocked to hear all these and slowly came to her sense. She like a slut said .. “jawaan aadmiyo se 2000/- leti hu, lekin tu sasur hai to chal 1000/- mey hi chod le ….” She shook lund of sasur and said , “chal betichod , chod iss randi ko , dekhu lund mey kitna dum hai….” Kusum fondled lund of sasur and pulled him to bed room. She was happy to see that lund became tight and grew longer. “lekin pahle daam to de…maatherchod.” Kusum lie-on bed flat and jerked her hip. Sasur went out of room and soon returned back. He gave money to bahu. Like a randi she counted money and kept itunder bed….. She again raised her bur and asked sasur : ‘randi bur cheeyar kad leti hai….dekh kya rahahai….pel de lund apni beti ke bur mey. “ She pulled him between her thighs and helped her to push lund in bur. It was not tightlike lunds so far gone in her choot but still has some erection and Kusum took entire 7” lund in bur. “dekh, pura lund ander ghush gayaa..ab apni bahu ko pyar se chod…” Sasur held her shoulder and kept fucking her. While getting fucked she confessed that she wanted his son Amit tosee her choot because previous day she had seen him masturbating and she wanted him to get attracted towards woman. She never knew that instead of son, Sasur will get attracted to her body and would succeed in holding her choot and chuchi and now just after aweek sasur is fucking his bahu. She said that so far beside husband she has not tasted any other lund and now husband’s father is doing her chudai makingher a randi.
Sasurji had good stamina . He fucked bahu for over 15minutes and she also felt nice. After both separated kusum kissed sasur and said that she enjoyed getting fucked like a randi. Sasur said that he will make her randi very often .Sasur also made kusum to agree that she will becomerandi for his very special friends. Sasur assured that her husband and sons will never know that he and hisfriends have ever fucked her. Both were more than satisfied . They dressed . Kusum wore full dress and kept money what sasur paid her for chudai first payment of chudai in her cupboard. She asked sasur ji, “ab mai kya hun ---ek randi ya aapki bahu”. She sat on lap of sasurji and pulled his hands on her spongy breast. “ logo ke saamne tu meri pyari bahu hai “ sasur kissed her deeply and added “Lekin akele mey aur mere khaashdosto ke saamne tu rahegi duniya ki sabse majedaar maal aur randi.” “babuji , aapka saamne aapke dost bahu ko chodenge to aapko gussa nahi aayega…’“beti, tu nahi jaanti… apni aurat ko dusro se chudwaane mey kitna mazaa aata hai…” Sasur was again fondling bahu’s choot under saree and said “maine kitni baar try kiya ki teri saas mere saamne logo se chudaaye …lekin saali kabhee taiyaar nahi huyee….tujhe apne dosto se chudaate dekh bahut mazaa aayega…” “lekin mai aapke dosto se ek chudai ka 2000/- se kum nahi lunge…..”
“ranee tu jitna maangegi dilwa dungaa lekin puree nangi hokar mazaa dena….mai jaldi kisi khaash dost ko bulwaata hu…” sasur pushed finger in choot and said “tu agar ghar mey bhee mere saamne nangeerahe to bahut mazaa aayega…” “babuji, aapne mujhe 22 saal pahle kyo nahi choda….” She kissed him and said “iss 70 saal ki age mey aapke lund mey itna dum hai to pahle kitnamazaa aata hoga..” She again added “lekin mai nangee kaise rahungee…ghar mey budheeya (saasji) jo hai….” “beti, mai kuchh karta hun….” Sasur was fingeringbahu fast and there was a knock at the door. She got up immediately and opened the door. It was Anita with Kusum’s best neighbour friend Maala.
satisfied with kusum , bothdressed and fondled . Then her daughter anita returned with a guest…
It was anita with kusum’s best neighbour friend maala . “dekh maa, mai kisko lekar aayee hun? “
Anita said . She took maala’s two child towards dadaji . Kusum took maala to her bed room and they hugged intimately. Thoughmala was 10 years youngerto kusum but they were very close friend . Mala wasmarried and having 2 child, 12 years daughter and 9 years son. “kya re tujhe apni didi ki yaad nahi aati….’
Kusum touched cheeks of maala and made her sit on bed. Both talked here thereafter all both met after about a month. While talking maala saw that kusum again & again looking at her chest and even caressing blouse over bra straps. “kya dekh rahi hai , “ maala asked kusum. Kusum - “ tu ye chester (bra) kub se pahan_ne lagi…” maala told her that her husband brought it fewmonths back . Initially she did not like it. But after using it for some time she observed that males are looking at her more than before . She found them attracted towards her. Many of them have even directly approached her forsex. Kusum enquired whether she obliged them or not . Maala smiled but ignored the question . Thenkusum asked maala to let her see the ‘chester’. Maala removed her blouse and bra . Mala had a normal size breast of 34 “ size . Shewas of thin structure . Kusum saw bra from all sides but she could not make head or tell of bra, then mala also made kusum topless and taught her how to wear bra. Maalamade kusum wear that bra. It was very tight on kusum’s bigger chuchi. Maala said that her size is 34” where as kusum needs at least 36. She told kusum to start wearing bra so thatmore and more males would be attracted towards kusum also. Maala said that otherwise also kusum has a very attractiveand sexy figure and she must be getting 100’s of proposal for chudai daily. “kya bolti hai re maala…aajtak sirf ek aadmi ne pyar ke liye haath badhaya. Hai“while putting on blouse kusum told about proposalshe had received in bus. Kusum took out that piece of paper and shown it to her friend. Mala saw address and told that this address is on other side of the river and only very rich people stays in the written area. When mala asked whether kusum visited that man or not , kusum said that how it is possible.How she can sleep with any other person than her husband (she laughed within). . Maala scolded herfriend for wasting such an opportunity. She said that had she got such offer she would have given pleasure to that man again and again. Beside getting so much money, she would get entry to a whole new world. Kusum was surprised to hear such talk from her friend. She enquired whether mala had slept with other persons. Kusum was shocked to hear when mala said , “”kusum, jub ghar ka khaana khaate khaate bore ho jaati hun to…bahar jaakar kabhee kabhee biryaani chukh leti hun…bahut mazaa aata hai..naye log…naya tareekaaur sub ke sub husband se jyada pyar kadte hai..aur saath mey kamai bhee ho jaati hai” maala pulled kusum’s blouse and continued , . ”saale ye saareke saare mard jub mauka milta hai to..kisi ke bhee saath apni garmi neekaal dete hai….pheer chaahe woaurat koi bhee ho….maa ho, behan ho, beti ho, bahuho ya pheer koi randee ho….iin mardo ko buss thighs ke beech mey ek chhed chaahiye pelne ke liye… … ’” maal looked at kusum and said “to pheer hum log kyo nahi thoda mazaa le… hum aurat kyo peeche rahe…humra bhee jub mun kare , jiske saath mun kare masti maarenge”“saali kitno mard ke saath soo chuki hai…aur muft mey mazaa deti hai ki kuchh leti bhee hai…..”
Kusum enquired “buss..ye mut puchhh….kabhee nahi bataaungee…haa maine koi rate fix nahi kiya hai..jo pyar se milta hai le leti hun” mala again said , “lekin kafee hota hai…” . “tu bheemazaa le …ek baar jarur uss aadmi ke paas ja…soch le … .jo 5000/- dega wo mazaa bhee khub dega..!” Kusum blushed and movedback. Maala was still holding kusum’s blouse and blouse’s stitch gave away. And then mala scolded her friend kusum for continuing to wear readymade blouse and petticoat. In past also she had advised kusum to get blouse and petticoat stitched but kusum always opposed telling that how she can allow a man (tailor) to touch and measure her size. But today, mala scolded her a lot and said that what will happen if a tailor touches her chuchi or even hips. Herbeauty will not diminish . Mala said that 1000s of ladies and girls of every age goes to tailors to give measurement & many of them goes to tailor more for taking masti rather than getting clothes stiched.. Mala insisted her friend to wear tailor made blouse and petticoat and not readymade of poor stitching and measurement. For sometime mala caressed kusum’s bare chuchi and whispered in her ear that one day she would offer kusum to her husband whoalways keeps talking aboutkusum . “chup…saali….apnejaisa randi samajh liyaa hai kya…” kusum changed to other blouse and both came out. By the time malagot ready to leave kusum all three sons returned. Kusum observed that amit and mala’s daughter became conscious after seeing each other . She sawboth looking at each other again and again. When mala said that she want to go , kusum told amit to escort them to home. Amit happily went with them and he returned after an hour. Anita confirmed that manju (maala’s daughter) loves amit very much. So does amit. During that period kusum clean shavendaughters cunt and told binod to how to fondle andcaress his sister now onward every night. . She told him to caress anita over the clothes few days but he must make her holdhis tight lund every night. She warned him against doing chudai of sister till she says to do so. After dinner, kusum said that as anita has grown up she should sleep inside room with chhotu and binod & amit would sleep outside. Anita & binod knew the reason of this new arrangement. Everyone went to bed. Kusum slept with husband as usual but she kept recalling what herfriend mala told in evening.She never guessed that mala is sleeping with outsiders. Beside husband kusum has enjoyed with her son only and today sasur fucked her. She thought what she will do ifsasur really ask her to do chudai with his friends. Even when husband was doing chudai of kusum , she was thinking of mala and her talk. She wonderedwhat she would do when atailor will touch her breast and hips and how she would enjoy a unknown man who offered her to give 5000.00.tonight she could not respond to her husband . She did not know when her husband filled her choot and pulled out. After she ensured that her husband is in deep sleep kusum came out nude . She did not forget tobolt her bed room door from outside. She looked atcorner at verandah and saw both binod and amit sleeping together. She lie-on beside binod and rubbed her chuchi and choot on him. Binod knew aroma of mother’s body.he woke up and kissed mother he wanted mother to follow him to kitchen like other nights but kusum insisted to get fucked there only. They fondled and kissed each other for few minutes and then while pushing lund in mother’s choot binod wondered what will happen if amit (sleeping beside them) saw them fucking. “’to kya hoga..beta…usko bhee bur ke ander le lunge.. “ kusumtightened her grip on binod and said.
“usko bhuljaa aur iss randi ko khub chod…” like previous occasion binod satisfied mother and kusum drank all cum. Both went to toiletand then waiting at her bedroom door she told binod to go to anita and enjoy her virgin body. Kusum advised binod to letanita enjoy with lund but he must not fuck her. Kusum saw binod going in sister’s room and heard door getting bolted from inside. Kusum enjoyed withthe thought that her daughter will have feel of alund which already is fucking her mother for over last five years. Insteadof going inside her bedroom kusum sat besideamit and she unbuttoned his shorts. Amit did not know when her mother has pulled shorts off his legs. She lie-on beside him and pulled lund to his bur. She rubbed lund on her burand amit woke up. Seeing his mother nude he immediately positioned himself on her bur and asked , “maa..bhaiya kaha hai….” Kusum jerked her hip and amit gave hard push. “beta tera lund khaane ke liye binod ko ander chhotu ke paas bhej deeya …ab beta aaram se maa ko chod….” Kusum feltthat amit is fucking her fast, so she crossed her legs on his thighs and said , “:beta..koi juldi baaji nahi hai.. Tu jitni der tak chodega ..mai chudwaaungee… tera baapdekhe ya tera dadaji tera lund bur ke ander hi rakhungee …pyaar se, aaram se maa ko chod …” she released her grip and directed him to fuck slowerbut with more pressure. Today amit was fucking like a man. Sound of chudaiwas audible clearly and kusum was moaning softly…”ahhh…beta….ahhh….mazaa..aaa raha hai… ahh….” Then she asked , “ manju tujhe bahut achhi lagti hai? “ “haa..maaa….” He gave a hard push… “ouchhhh….” Kusum asked “wo bhee tujhey pyaar kadti hai….?” “maalum nahimaaa… kabhee usne kuchh kaha nahi” amit held mother’s chuchi and gave four-five hard push and he filled mother’s cunt. Though kusum was not satisfied but she felt happy that amit has improved greatly in 2nd chudai. He must have fucked her for over 5 minutes tonight. She thought that next timeonward he would be able to hold inside choot for longer period. In order to make his son happier she sucked his lund for sometime and then asked , “manju (mala’s daughter) ko chodega…” “haa maaa..usko dekh kad mera blood boil hone lagta hai…lawda tight ho jaata hai” amit replied. “tu mera ek kaam kad to mai manju se tumhara lund chuswa dungi…” kusum pulled son’s hand on her bur and said “abhee manju chhoti hai , chodne mey mazaa nahi aayega…abhee khaali masti maar aur pheer baadmey chodna …” “koin sa kaam maa…?” Amit was fingering mother. “tu kisi tarah se manju ki maa mala ko patakad chod … pheer tujhe manju ka choot bhee dilwa dungee aur mai tumse gaand bhee marwaaungee.” “lekin maa…” amit doubted that how he could seduce and fuck a mature lady . “tu jubapni maa ko chod sakta haito manju ki maa ko kyo nahi…” kusum again kissedhis cock and said , ‘beta tu try to kad … kutia ko pataa aur ussey jum kad chod..saali ko tera lund jarur pasand aayega.” Kusum got up and went to her bed room. Amit kept on thinking of mother’s proposal of fucking mala and felt excited to mother’sother proposal that she will make manju to suck his lund. But most of all he was happy that he could fuck his mother much better than previous occasion. He forgot that mother has also offered him her gaand if he fucks mala, mother’s closest friend. In morning when kusum came out of room she found everything normal . Amit and binod were still sleeping on verandah. She kissed them on cheeks and woke them up. She went in and saw anita still in deep sleep. Shewoke her up. Kusum saw that anita was wearing panty and frock. Seeing mother she blushed and covered her face.
After some time anita told mother that last night bhaiya (binod) gave her a new pleasure. He caressed her body over frock , kissedher , held her in arms . Anita told mother that first she got ashamed but then enjoyed holding binod’s lund . She caressed lund, fondled it and finally she held lund tight between her thighs. Anita thanked mother. Kusum told anita that she should enjoy with binod like last night but kusum warned anita that she must not hurry to get chudai . Time passed and after children left for schooland college again kusum remained with sasur and saas. Except that kusum permitted sasur to fondle and kiss her nothing else happened that day. Night also passed like previous night when one after another kusum tasted lundof husband, binod and lastly of amit. After doing chudai of mother binod went nude to give sex training to sister. But that night amit turned out to bea real man. One after another amit fucked his mother twice and every time he satisfied his mother like she wanted. Kusum was very happy that at last she got amit the way she wanted. She was more happy when amit said that he has not masturbated even once in last two days. Kusum againreminded amit to seduce and fuck mala and then herdaughter manju. On wednesday after lunch when kusum was taking a nap, her sasur came to her room . Kusum did not enquired about saas. Kusum undressed and widen her legs. “aaa..jaaaa…raja…chod..isss..randi..ko….” Kusum jerked her choot up , “ lekin pahle.Iss randi ka kimat do…..” “matherchod…kutia…le….” Sasur gave money to kusum . She counted and felt satisfied. It was again 1000/-. Kusum allowed sasur to fondle and play with her nude body . She made lund roll over her body and finally she suckedsasur’s lund. After all these efforts lund tightened and sasur could fuck his son’s wife for few minutes. They slept nude for about an hour . Leaving sasur on her bed kusum came out and before that she put an cover on sasur. After sometime sasur also came out. His wife (saas) enquired and sasur replied that as he was not getting sleep he came to bahu’s room to talk. It was about 3 of afternoon. No one wasexpected but there was a knock. Thanks , after chudaiwith sasur she wore full saree set. She opened the door and mala , her friend was there. Mala came in but she took permission of saas to take kusum out to market. Kusum just put some light makeup and came out with mala. They took an auto and got downat some market place. Kusum had come to this market earlier. After getting down from auto mala told kusum that they are going to tailor to give measurement for blouse and petticoat. Mala said that she has purchased clothes for kusum also. Hearing this kusum began sweating. Her body became cold. She requested mala to go back but mala retorted: “yaar tu eisa dar rahi hai jaise mai tujhe kisise chudwaane le jaa rahi hun…chal yaar darti kyo hai….”Mala twisted kusum’s hand and said “bahut karega to tumhari jaisi maal ko dekhkad thoda chuchi dabaayega….” And she laughed . They reached to “decent ladies tailor house”. Shop was open. Shutters were pushed aside.four tailors in 20’s were working on their sewing machines. There were no one elso. Mala asked a manworking ,
“master kidhar hai?”
“wo ek customer ka maap le rahe hai.” He replied. Both waited silently and after about 5 minutes a good looking girl wearing punjabi suit came out through a curtain. “dekh kitni jawan ladki hai, andermaap (measurement ) dekar aayee hai aur tu 4-4 bachho ki maa hokar darti hai.”
Mala smiled at the girl . Immediately after a man came out from behind the curtain with measuring tape. He saw mala and did namaste , ‘madam…aap kitne time ke baad aayee hai….lagta hai…mere dukaan kaa rasta bhul gayee..” Mala did not reply, just smiled. She told kusumthat she has come after about six months. Kusum looked at master who was busy in discussing and noting down with that lady.he was lean and thin but with wide shoulders. He was about 6’ tall and having long & dense moustache and beard. She rightly guessed that the master as well as his tailorsall are muslim. After that girl went out of shop, master talked with mala who given him clothes she brought to get stitched. She told him that he has tostitch two blouses for her and four blouse for kusum. She enquired whether he has petticoat stitched. Master said ‘no’ and then she gave him other clothes and told tailor to make petticoats for kusum. Master asked them to comefor measurement. Kusum hesitated. Mala told masterto take her ‘maap’ first and she went behind the curtain. Master asked kusum to sit on a chair andgave her a book containing100’s of latest design of blouse and bra. He also went behind the curtain kusum turned the pages and she was surprised to see photo of girls and ladies in bikini and micro panties. While turning the pages kusum talked with those tailors and enquired their names and family. All were married. Moment master went behind curtain he pulled mala in his hands. He kissed and fondled her. He complainedthat for last six months he has been remembering her.While talking master unbuttoned blouse and unhooked bra. He was fondling chuchi of maala freely and pleaded her to let him fuck her. He said that he is fondling her for last 15 years , since when her chest were flat . Now 15 years have passed but she has not permitted him to taste her body. Mala as usual replied that before marriage she always wanted him to fuck her , pluck his virginity but he just remained satisfied with her chuchi only. Master kept pleading and mala finally agreed and asked when he is alone at shop . He said that he is never alone but between 1to 3 everyday all others goes for lunch and he rest here only and on friday afternoon there is no one between 1 and 4 as all goes to mosque for prayer. Mala said that soon she willcome and he can have what he wants. Mala told him that kusum has come to any tailor for first time so he should not do anything to make her alarmed. She said that kusum is married for 22 years and mother of four grown up child. Master pressed nipples and said that kusum looks much younger and she is a mast maal. Master said that if kusum agrees he can arrange customer for her who would happily pay 1000s for chudai with her. Achha…ab chhodo…..tum bhee kusum ka mazaa lenalikin abhee mujhe jaane do…” she arranged her dress and came out. She pushed kusum inside . Malafirst came to this shop withher father when she was only 14 a student of class 8. She enjoyed master’s hand on her chest, thighs and hips and there after she began to come regularly. After few visits master freely started squeezing her chuchi and kissing and after about twoyears she fondled his lund for first time. Then at least once every month she usedto come to play with lund of master but master nevertried to fuck her. Then she got married and did not visit him for about three years.. And again when her husband got job in same factory she came back to this place . First thing she did was to come to this shop. Everytime after that she came here master pleaded her to let him fuck.
She always complained that before marriage whenshe wanted him to do chudai he did not do so now she will not allow himto fuck. But, today she agreed for chudai. Inside master took measurement of kusum. Though for last few days she has now beenfucked like a randi she blushed when master measured her breast and hips. He took measure of her thighs and waist. Master said that her chuchi is of 37” and waist 26” where as hips is also 37. Surprisingly, kusum liked master’s hand on her chuchi. After measurement got over he told her that she has most beautiful and sexy body and he is really thankful to her to permitting him to touch her lovely body. Kusum blushed. He told her to come for trial on saturday before 4 in afternoon as after that it becomes very crowded . Both came out. After they left tailor shop, mala enquired and kusum said that now she is comfortable. She said that tailor has not unnecessarilysqueezed her body. Mala asked kusum whether she wants to have ice-cream. She agreed and mala took her to a ac restaurant cum hotel. Kusum saw that seeing mala , the manager got up and welcome her. He guided mala and kusumto a table and enquired what they want. Mala asked for ice-cream. Manager went back to his seat. After few minutes kusum saw mala again went to manager and they talked. Thereafter mala returned back. They had ice-cream and chatted. Mala said that she is coming to this place once or twice every month for last ten years. She likes the taste of ice-cream. They were having their cream , that time a waiter came and kept an envelop near mala. On the envelop kusum saw- room no. 303 written. Mala weighed envelop and looked inside. She kept it inside her purse.After they finished eating, mala told kusum to wait and she got up.. First she went to manager and told him something. Kusum sawthat both mala and manager looked at kusum and then mala went upstairs. After few minutes kusum saw that a waitor came with two plates of eatables. She looked at manager, who came to her.He told her to eat and wait for her friend. There was no option for kusum. She ate and had coffee. She never had such a tasty coffee. And then after about 50 -55 minutes malareturned. She immediately took kusum out. They took an auto for their home. On the way mala took out thatenvelop and gave to kusum. She took out contents . It was notes, she counted , it was 1250/- . Mala said without any shame that she come to this joint once /twice a month to change her taste.Kusum enquired and mala said that the manager onlyintroduced her to this tradeand he also has already fucked mala 4-5 times. Mala also said that she has told manager to find customer for kusum as wellwhen she comes to hotel next time.
“chupp…saali…mujhey bhee randi banayegi…” kusum whispered. She wanted to tell mala that she need not go out for money . Sasur has already made her a randi and paying 1000/- for each chudai and she is waiting when sasur‘s friend will fuck her in presence of sasurji. But, she did not tell mala .
“rani ..bahut mazaa aayega…” mala replied andagain reminded kusum to vist that man who has offered her to give 5000/. Mala got down at her house and kusum took auoto her house . She was happy with the developments of day.
you read how kusum enjoyed fondling by tailor and then fixed her rate with manager of the hotel....now read what happened further.
After having negotiation with manager of the hotel kusum reached home by 5.30 . She spent about half an hour with tailor master but it seemed that she spent whole night with him. She recalled master enjoying with her chuchi and she shivered. She concluded that master is really a nice man other wise if some body else would have been there he must have fucked her after enjoying so much . In fact kusum was waiting for master to push his lund in her juicy choot. Her motherin law enquired and she showed her petticoat and bra which master gave him. Mil wanted her to put off blouse and remain in petticoat and bra . Kusum said that she will wear bra& show it to all after dinner.
After dinner all seven family members, kusum, her three sons, daughter anita, her husband and mil& fil sat like other nights and chatted. They were discussing about few marriage proposal they received for binod and anita. Both were insisting that they would not marry.Binod does not want to loose mazaa of his mother’s choot and new found masti with sister. He was certain that soon mother will permit binod and anita to do chudai and enjoy. But binod did not know that his mother whom he enjoyed for last five years now is inclined more towards his second brother amit. Anita also didnot want to forgo enjoyment she is getting with her brother binod. Shehas found tremendous change in her body in last one week. She found her chuchi has started growingand she wanted permissionfrom mother to take brother’s lund in her virgin choot.
Suddenly mil announced that kusum has purchased and wore ‘chester (bra)’ . She asked kusum to let everyone see her in bra. At this request kusum recalledmasti she had with master in afternoon and she covered her face. Her daughter pulled mother’s hand off her face and said that she never has seen any one wearing bra before and she also requested mother to remove her blouse.
”bahu, mujhe to maalum hinahi ki chester kaisa hota hai, jara deekhao to. “
Sasur said & looked at his son (kusum’s husband) andasked him whether he has seen chester before. Kusum’s husband also said thar he also never seen chester before and he also requested his wife to showhow chester look on her body.
Sasur was bold. He stood up and pulled up kusum byholding her arms and asked her to remove blouse. Kusum moved away from sasur and she faced all others . She dropped her pallu and one by one opened all 4 buttons of blouse and anitapulled off blouse from mother’s body. Kusum pushed her chuchi forward.
Her husband was first to comment ,” babuji , suchh mey aapki bahu iss chester mey gazab ki khubsurat lug rahi hai.”
“haa, babuji , maine aaj takitni sunder aurat nahi dekhi.” Binod commented .
Then kusum turned her back to them and pulled off her saree. She untied petticoat, adjusted it just above her choot . Even top of pubic area remain exposed . She brought petticoat ‘cut ‘ just above pubic area ‘and she again faced all persons seated there. All were stunned to see her . She was looking so beautiful and sexy .
Everypne’s lund including chhotu, youngest son thobbed inside their cloth. Petticoat was tied so low that top of pad of choot was visible through the cut. Kusum caressed her chuchi over bra cups.
“ab blouse pahan lun” she asked .
“beti , mujhe to samajh nahi aata hai ki tumne issey kaise pahna ?” Her mil commented .
Kusum remained still. She knew that all males are looking at her pubic area and waiting for petticoat to fall down so that they can see her choot.
“beti , jara deekhao to ye chester hota kaisa hai, eisa to maine pahle kabhee nahi dekha kisiko pahne. “ her sasur said who has already fucked her thrice inlast one week.
“arey kusum , sharmaao mut, sub apne log hai “ herhusband said “ jara khol kar deekhao too , chester kaisa hota hai. “
Kusum felt happy that her husband wanted her to become topless in front of sons and sasur. She looked at them and in one jerk unhooked bra ( front hook). All five males saw that chuchi sprang out of bra cups. Kusum pulled bra off her body and gave it to her sasur. She remained stood topless. Sasurji looked at bra from all sidesand he passed on it to his son. Then bra moved hand to hand to kusum’s sons and finally through hand ofmil and anita it came back to her. She wore it and explained to them that how it is being wore. She sat opposite sasur and told him to try to unhook and hook it. Kiusum’s back was towards saas and anita . Sasur caressed her chuchi over cups and succeeded inunhooking and hooking it .She then moved to her husband who also unhooked and hooked. Then she asked anita, her saas , binod and amit to try. Like sasur both binod and amit caressed and pressed her chuchi in presence of their father and grand father and both also unhooked and hooked it. Finally she went near chhotu ( youngest son) who acted boldly . He unhooked mothers bra andpulled it off her body. He held both chuchi in hand and said ,
“maa , tumne kub se mujhey dudh nahi peelaya hai” and without waiting any reply from his mother chhotu pulled kusum flat on her lap. While squeezing and playing with one chuchi he sucked other . Kusum enjoyed her boldness and no one uttered a word .
She let chhotu suck her for about 10 minutes and thenshe sat. She massaged her chuchi and commented ,
“ohh chhotu, kitna jor se masla isko, ab tu bada ho gayaa hai, tujhe maa ki chuchi ki nahi ladkeeyo ki chuchi ko chusna aur dabaana chahiye.”
kusum said and sat straight. She wore other bra and asked chhotu to try unhooking and hookingon her back . And this time while making her wear all others, her husband, two sons, sasur , anita and evenher saas fondled her bare chuchi. After bra show got over she became topless and said ,
“aap sub ne dabaa dabaa kar maal ko lal ( red ) kad deeya hai.”
Kusum pressed chuchi and asked “ab aur kuchh chahiye ki mai soney jaaun.”
All male wanted her to become nude but no one dared to tell her .
“ aaj bahut masti ho gayaa,anita chul sabko garma garam chay (tea) pila” husband said..
Kusum wanted to go, “mai bana kar laati hun”
But her mil insisted kusum to sit with males and she took anita inside with her. Kusum sat with her back taking support of wall . Shetalked with them and she watched that everyone is trying to search her choot, but she crossed her legs . She was ready to undress but not before her husbandsays her to do so. Though each one of male present there have enjoyed with choot of kusum they wanted her to sit nude
After some time mil and anita came with sweets and tea and all had it together. Kusum was still topless. She sat very close to sasur who on one pretext or other patted herback and cheeks. She knew that her husband or sons will never doubt that sasur has made her a randi.
After they finished tea, mil made a proposal that it is very hot inside and let’s all sleep together in courtyard.
Kusum objected but others including her husband prevailed. Beds were made in courtyard . Kusum was topless and shefinding an opportunity suggested anita to remove her pajama and kurta off and sleep only in panty and vest.
They all lay on the bed in following order :
Fil>husband > binod>amit> chhotu>kusum > anita >saas(mil)
Binod & amit were unhappy that tonight they would not be able to fuck mother . Binod was doubly unhappy that he would notbe able to enjoy with virgin sister .chhotu was very happy that mother slept beside him. He decided to complete the work which he left unfinished previous sunday. Anita was unhappythat she would miss binod’s lund tonight but at same time she was happy that she will enjoy with mother’s hand on her choot. Lights were switched off and in another15 minutes all became quite.
Sasur was not at all in a hurry . He knew that by paying 1000/-- he can enjoy his bahu whenever he wants. He was satisfied that tonight in front of everyone he fondled mast chuchi of bahu. So he was first to sleep. Husband was not aware of slutness of hiswife though inside of his heart he enjoyed his wife moving topless in house. Infact he wished her to become nude. He thought that next time he himself will make her nude in presence of other family members. He also slept. Sensing no hope of chudai of mother both amit and binod slept. Chhotu was wide awake. It was too dark . No rays was coming from any where. He turned towards kusum and saw that she has turned on her side facing anita. He waited. He could not see that anita has already untied mother’s petticoat and she was fondling chootof mother. On the other side anita has pushed off her pajama and kurta and she was in bare minimum dress. Kusum was playinfg with clit of daughter. Chhotu felt some movement on his mothers body so he did not dare to touch her . He decided that he will start his action aftersome time . So he coolly placed one leg on her mother. He unbuttoned his pant.
Chhotu pulled out lund & pushed his lund on mothers hip . And chhotu closed his eyes . But as it was already late chhotu slept. Kusum waited for chhotu to play with her choot but she heard his soft snooring.
“maa, petticoat nikaal do , “anita whispered “mai bhee nangee ho jaati hun. “
Then silently kusum pushed off her petticoat slowly so that chhotu should not get awake. Anita also shed off her clothes. Kusum slowly pushed off chhotu’s leg down . Then both mother and daughter fingered each other for some time. Aroma of their cunts were clear in the air. Even sound of finger fucking “phachak-phachak” was clearly audible.
After getting some satisfaction with finger fucking , kusum lay on the body of anita. She kissed anita and squeezed her chuchi hard. Kusum felt satisfied that in one week anita’s chuchi has grown nicely. She rubbed her choot on daughter’s choot. After some rubbing kusum pushed herself down on anita’s body and hid her mouth in daughter’s choot.Kusum sucked her daughter like binod and sasur has sucked her choot. It was too much for anita and she threw lot of juice out of her choot and kusum sucked it all. Then they both lay again together.
“maa ab mai satisfy ho gayee, bhaiya se jyada mazaa tumne diyaa. “ anitasaid.
“ab so jaa , nangee hi rahna …mauka nikaal kad binod ke saath mai jagah badal lungi.” Kusum said “aur tu pheer bhiya ka lundchusna .”
In 10 minutes anita slept and kusum pulled on petticoat and tied it.
She wanted chhotu to undress her . Kusum turnedto chhotu’s side and she moved her hand. She felt happy to see that chhotu’s lund is out of pant and it was tight and erect like amit’s lund. She caressed lund softly and tried to pullforeskin down . Kusum felt very happy that chhotu’s lund is also virgin like his other two elder brothers. She squeezed lund few times and removed her hand. She closed her eyes and began taking deep breath so that chhotu should think that she is in dep sleep. As she thought chhotu woke up and he caressed his lund. He foundmother’s hand very near tolund. He placed lund in mother’s hand and with hishand tried to make mother’s palm into a fist. She did what he wanted . She held lund in fist. Chhotu moved his hip to and fro and kusum enjoyedtightness of lund moving inher fist. Chhoti pushed off his pant off his legs and became nude. He took hand of mother and movedover his thighs, lund, balls . Chhotu was in a hurry to complete the job. Kusum knew when he untied her petticoat . He sat near her legs and pulled petticoat out of her legs. Again kusum was nude. Chhotu moved between mother’s legs and caressed and squeezed choot. He has justseen his one teacher doing chudai of a sweeper in school so he was not aware of any foreplay. He knew only that teacher pushed lund in that woman’s choot and jumped over her and then both enjoyed. So by holding mother’s waist he pushed his tight and long lund in mother’s choot and gave few hard push. Kusumcould not control , she has to jerk her hip to absorb lund in her choot. She just kept her feet firmly on bed with knee bend and by holding her shoulder chhotu did chudai of mother . Kusum became very happy and satisfied when chhotu filled her choot only after she climaxed and released juice. After discharging chhotu felt very happy. He pushed petticoat on mother’s leg and tied it on waist. He also put on shorts and slept being satisfied.
Now kusum wanted to show her slutness to her husband. She waited for about 15 minutes . She wasnot in need of either binod’s or amit’s lund. Chhotu has satisfied her . She got up and pissed. She pushed petticoat down andslowly shook binod. He woke up. He desired to fuck mother but she told him to go to anita and make her suck his lund . She guided binod to her place. She decided what to do, whether to sneak between her husband and amit or sleep between sasur and husband. She opted for later . She tried to make place between husband and father – in –law . Husband woke up and warned her that sasur is sleeping beside him.
“soney do…mujhe thanda karo , mai bahut garam hun. “
kusum said and pushed husband to binod’s place . Husband did not ask about where binod is, who already had started suckingsisters chuchi. Kusum madeplace between sasur and husband .now position waslike as following;
Fil>kusum >husband > amit> chhotu> binod > anita >saas(mil)
Kusum was nude between sasur and husband. Despiteof resistance from husbandkusum undressed him fully.He requested her to come inside room for chudai but she was in mood to behavelike a randi. She sucked lund of husband and when it tightened she fucked her husband from top. She moved her choot vigourously on husband’s lund who kept fondling chuchi. It was very exciting for husband getting fuckedby wife in open with his father and son sleeping beside fucking couple. If hehad raised his head he would have seen that his daughter anita was giving blow job to her brother who was licking sister’s choot. He was enjoying chudai by his wife. He could not rember when last she had fucked him like this.
And after normal time he sprayed his cum inside choot and he pulled her again between him and his father.
“ab to saaya (petticoat) pahan lo “ he said and kissed her . “aaj subke saamne tumhe chodne mey bahut mazaa aaya.’
She enquired “jub maine chuchi ko kholkad rakhha thhaa to tumko bahut gussa aaya thaa na…” she squeezed lund and said , “lekin tumne bhee to kaha thaa ki mai bra utad du…”
“suchh bolu, “ husband said“mai to chahta thaa ki tum puri nangee ho jaao .. Mai subke saamne tumhara burdekhna chhahta thaa…”
Kusum got very excited . “tum ishara kadte ya bolte to mai nangee ho jaati…”
“agli baar eisa mauka aayega to mai tumhe nanga kad dungaa…” he said
“tumhari wife hun , jaisa bologe karungee..”
Kusum said
“lekin mujhe abhee thodi der nanga rahne do. Chalo ab so jaao..”
Kusum took her husband inher arms and both closed eyes..
As she was waiting and hoping she felt sasur’s hand on her hips. Then she felt that he is rubbing his limp and long lund between hips. She pushed her hips towards sasur. He pushed one hand back and catch hold of sasur’s lund. She was still holding her husband but sasur put one thigh on her and moved his hands on her chuchi. She softly pushed husband away. He moaned and turned on other side with back towards kusum. She turned towards sasur and pulled his lund on choot. She rubbed lund on slit andclit and whispered ,
“aaj randi nahi aapki bahu hun , aaj chudai ka daam nahi lungee.”
After about 10-12minutes of rubbing lund got some tightness and kusum managed to stuff it in her choot . She kept her thighs on sasur and both fucked . Though lund was not tight like chhotu’s or husband’s lund sasur kept bahu’s choot stuffed for longest period tonight . Sasur and bahu fucked for over half an hour and then sasur filled bahu’s choot. Kusum lie on sasur’s body in 69 pose and made him lick and suck bahu’s fucked choot and she dried his lund. After both got normalised sasur said ,
“bahu, tere jaisi chuddakar randi aaj tak nahi dekhi…”
“babuji ab so jaayeye…mai bhee eise hi nangee soti hun..yahi par.” Kusum said .And she really slept.
And in morning she was woked up by her saas . Kusum looked around and felt happy to see that exccept her and husband all have wore something. Anita was in panty and vest . Binod had pajama and vest and he held anita in his arms. Sasur also had put on dhoti nicely .
“bahu tu bahut sunder bhee hai aur mast bhee…” saas commented “ lekin dono room mey chali jaati…anita ya bachhe dekhte to kya sochate..”
“kya karu maa, kal aap logo ne mera chuchi itna masla aur dabaya ki mai bardaast nahi kad payee aur aapke bete ke pass chali aayee. ‘
kusum fondled husband’s lund . She pulled mil’s handand put it on lund of husband .
“abhee bhee apke bete mey bahut dum hai… chod –chod kad thaka daalta hai…”
She made her mil fist husband’s lund . She herselfopened up her choot and said
“dekheeye na matherchod ne kitna choda, bur phail gaya hai..aur kitna laal ho gaya hai, abhee bhee dard kad raha hai…”
Now saas was nicely fistingsleeping son’s lund. Old lady felt nice when she felt that lund is growing in her fist.
“bahu, tera sasur meri bahut khushamad kadta hai….”
“kiske liye maa,” kusum asked .
“wo tujhe bilkul nanga dekhna chahta hai, aur bolta hai ki tum ghar mey hum dono ke saamne bilkul nangee raho.” Saas said and kusum saw that she squeezed lund of her son.
Kusum covered her face and whispred
“chhi maa, ye sochna bhee paap hai , mai sasur ko bur kaise deekhaungi …”
kusum laughed inside . What if saas comes to know that she fucked her sasur even with husband sleeping beside .
“ arey beti , kuchh paap nahi hai, jaise bachha jub chhota rahta hai to maa nangee hokar ussey dudh peelati hai aur saath nangee soti hai, “
Saas continued fisting her son and lund was now in full form and it was matter of time that he will become awake . Saas continued “
Tumhara sasur bilkul buddha ho gaya hai…tu nahi jaanti peechle 10 saal mey ek baar bhee isne mujhe choda nahi” …she kissed her son’s lund & let it free . She liked to watch throbbing lund of his son. She continued ,
“beti tu nangee hokar iske godee mey baithogi too bhee iska lawda khada nahi hoga” she patted her and said , “beti buddhey kadil rakh lo, pata nahi kitna deen jiyega … agar tumhara bur dekhana chahta hai to dekha do…”
“thek hai maa, aap bolti haito sochungee….” Kusum replied and asked “babuji aapko 10 saal se ek baar bhee nahi choda to aapko dusre ke saath mun nahi kiyaa…”
“beti, sachh bolu, pahle to bahut mun kadta thaa ki kisika bhee lund ander le lulekin sharam ke maare maikisi ko pata nahee payee aur ab to meri bur bilkul dry ho gayee hai aur chudai ka mun bhee nahi karta hai…” saas replied .
“agar eisa lawda miley to chudwaaogi …’kusum held her husband’s lund and asked her saas .
“chhod beti , kaun iss budhiya ko chodega…” chalab kapde pahan le aur jub sub bachhe bahar chale jayen to sasur ki godee mey nangee bhaith jana, mai tujhey inaam dungee.”
Kusum put on her petticoatand got up telling “aur maaji aap bhee taiyar rahna, aapko jaldi ek mast lawda se chudwaaungee.” She told her saas “jara ek baar apne bete ka lawda chum lo.”
And she got surprised when saas kissed and pushed almost 6” cock in her mouth. Then saas put on a cover on his sons body. Kusum woke up anita and all three ladies got busy in work. Kusum put on her normal house blouse.


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