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Sexting mom ch 2

Introduction: A uses texting to connect with her teen son in a more intimate way
Sexting Mom, Ch. 2 of 4
By Kinkybelle

It was another hectic morning for me at the bank, but I didn't mind it at all. I was up early and full of energy again. Everything around me seemed new and interesting. A feeling of goodwill toward the rest of the world suffused me, and it simply felt wonderful to be alive.

Instead of eating fast-food at my desk as I usually did for lunch, I walked to a shady spot on a patch of grass between a stand-alone dentist's office and a small landscaping business. It wasn't much, but the semi-natural setting suited my mood better than my stuffy office.

I checked my phone to make sure I hadn't missed any messages from Eric. I couldn't help pouting when I found there was still nothing. But why was I waiting for him to text me first? My fingers flew over the keys.

Hi, handsome. Having a good day?

As I waited to hear back from him I browsed into my pictures. The first one that came up was my wide open pussy. I couldn't help but cringe a little. It looked nothing like the nicely coiffed and stylishly presented pussies that I had seen the one time I had flipped through a Playboy magazine years ago. The lighting was a bit harsh, and the sloppy wetness gave my privates a garish sheen. Despite all that, I thought it was still pretty sexy looking.

Next up were my tits. Small, but with a fair bit of perk remaining. I felt my nipples tingle as I looked at my self-made porn. I clicked the next button and smiled at the sight of Eric's handful of semen. I wondered what he did with it after he snapped the shot. What a waste. Lastly, I came to the photo of his cummy cock. Now the tingle was between my legs. I would have loved nothing more than to be able to lie back in the grass and get myself off right then and there. I hadn't gone that far over the edge, however, so I settled for crossing my legs, squeezing and relaxing. It wasn't enough to get me off, but it felt great.

It wasn't until I was about to get up and go back to the office ten minutes later that I got a reply.

hey mom - had my phone off in class - just got out.

I hope I didn't keep you up too late last night.

I was shamelessly flirting with my own son. What would people think if they knew?

it was worth it! i can't stop looking at ur pics

I somehow suspected he wouldn't delete them, but I couldn't get angry at him for it.

Be careful no one else sees them!

i will - going into my next class - love

That was enough to carry me through the rest of the day. I hurried home, hoping for a repeat of the nice dinner we had together the night before. Eric was there when I arrived, shooting hoops in the driveway. He came right over to the car as I got out and took my laptop bag for me. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and he didn't wipe it away right after like he usually did.

"What do you want for dinner?" I asked him as we went up the walkway together.

"Nothing big. My game's at seven o'clock, so I don't want to fill up."

Holy mackerel, I completely forgot about his basketball game that night. I was losing track of real life with all the fooling around of the past couple days.

I made us a couple of quick grilled cheese sandwiches, and I got my wish. He hung around as I prepared the sandwiches, blabbing away the whole time, then he even helped me clean up. I drove him to the school and he asked for a kiss for good luck just before we went through the doors into the gym. I touched my lips to his, and the pitter-patter was back again.

I sat in the stands and cheered him on. He was probably just an average player, but to me he was a superstar out there on that court. I chatted with some of the other parents, but, as soon as Eric was in the game, he had my full attention.

There was a twinge of desire low down in my tummy as I watched him move with athletic grace. His lean frame, those strong legs, his broadening shoulders--I was noticing all these features from a different perspective now. I didn't just see him as a mother would her growing son, but I could now appreciate him as a woman would. In so many ways he was still my little boy. I didn't want to lose that. At the same time, I had a mounting need to explore the man he was becoming.

The ball was passed to him, he faked, jumped, made the shot. The first thing he did was look up at me in the stands to see if I was watching. I was on my feet, clapping and cheering, which brought that shy smile to his lips. He got right back into the game, and I became almost overwhelmed with how much I wanted him right then.

Eric got the assist for the game winning shot, and he excitedly talked about all the big plays the whole ride home. His enthusiasm was infectious, and I got caught up in the thrill of victory as if I had been on the court with him. We swung by the drive-thru and picked up some burgers and fries, which he all but finished before we got home.

I had already resigned myself to the probability that we weren't likely to play the sexting game tonight. He was too distracted by the outcome of the game, and he must have been exhausted after the double-overtime. It was fine, I thought. Maybe it would be good for us to take a breather for one night.

But, just in case, I was sure to have my phone turned on and sitting close at hand when I climbed into bed later that evening. I didn't bother with a nightgown or pajamas. Even if Eric didn't text me, I wouldn't be able to resist pleasuring myself for the fourth night in a row (a new record for me).

It was impossible for me to concentrate on my book as I debated about whether I should permit myself to take my fantasies about my son beyond what I'd allowed up to that point. Even if only in the privacy of my own mind, was it too much of a violation to imagine what it would be like to feel my son inside me? I always believed that ideas had power, but did that really apply in this case?

I wasn't actually doing anything physical with him, it was all just talk. And not even that, when it came down to it. Sure there were the pictures, but what kid hadn't seen his mother naked at some point in their lives? It wasn't like I was sharing my more graphic fantasies with him. He didn't know anything about the carnal lust I was harboring. Besides, it was very likely that he was having the same explicit thoughts about me by this stage. He was a curious teenage boy, after all. As long as we kept those fantasies to ourselves, things would stay contained within the admittedly inappropriate, but limited, territory we had ventured into together.

The insistent buzz was a welcomed excuse for me to stop over-analyzing this thing. I eagerly read Eric's first message of the night.

hey mom - guess who...

That sexy player who scored 12 points?

how'd u know? haha! if i'm being a pest u can tell me

To be honest, I'm probably enjoying this as much as you.

unreal - it's so awesome that u r doing this with me

I'm guessing you're in the mood again?

yeah, and it's your fault - your pic made me horny all day.

You really like my old lady pussy that much?

u r not old - u were the hottest mom at the game 2nite by a mile.

Thanks, honey. You're such a sweetie!

I toyed with my nipples, wondering what direction the evening's transgressions would take.

i was wondering something about u 2day.

What's that?

dad has a girlfriend now, but u don't have a boyfriend...

Not what I was expecting at all.

I went on a few dates, but it's been a while.

did u have sex with them?

Really not what I was expecting. My first reaction was to tell him that it was none of his business, but then I realized that as inappropriate as his question was, it paled by comparison to what we'd been texting to each other over the past couple of nights. What the hell...

Not quite. I made out with one of them, and sucked off another one in his car after dinner.

wow - I can't picture u giving a blowjob - so weird!

What can I say? Your mom likes to suck cock now and again. Do you think I'm a slut?

no way! I think it's super hot!

I'm glad you approve - LOL.

I found myself getting very turned on my Eric's forwardness. The fact that he could text things that he would never have the courage to say to me in person had a perverse appeal for me. It was so very wrong to be sharing these intensely personal things with my own son, but at the same time it was nice to be able to open up to someone and be so honest about this sort of thing.

so if u r not going on dates, does that mean u aren't having any sex at all?

It's pretty much just been me and my fingers for the last couple years.

do u miss it?

Wow, he wasn't pulling any punches.

I do. It feels so good to have a hard cock in my pussy. Especially if it's someone I love.

sex must feel totally amazing

It was my turn to text him something I had found myself unable to ask face to face.

So, you're still a virgin?

100% - except i got a handjob from a girl over the summer

That must have been nice.

i was nervous, so it took a long time and her arm got tired - haha! but it was good.

Did you do anything to her?

touched her boob - she had a padded bra, so it was like feeling up a sofa cushion.

Don't worry, you'll get your chance to touch plenty of boobs, I'm sure.

hope so! i want to find a girl with tits like yours

I was tempted to tell him all he had to do was look in the bedroom down the hall, but I didn't want him to think I was serious. I had to be careful not to let this escalate beyond what it was.

I'm playing with my nipples right now. What are you doing?

touching my dick and squeezing my balls some

It's hard to masturbate while sexting at the same time, isn't it?


I have an idea - do you want to try it with me?

i'll do anything you want mom.

Geez, that was a loaded response. I tried not to think about it too much.

Put one of your pillows flat on the bed.


Now lie down on top of it so your penis is on the pillow.

I folded a pillow over while I waited, set it in the middle of my own bed and straddled it. I nestled my naked pussy down onto the soft ridge of the fold and felt a pulse of dull pleasure as I pressed myself against it.

now what?

Move your hips so your penis rubs against the pillow.

doing this feels strange - but I think I like it...

I have a pillow between my legs too and I'm about to start humping it.

r u laying on it the same as me?

Not quite. I'm up on my knees and rubbing my pussy against it.

this is great - now we can masturbate together and still text - good idea mom

The last time I got myself off this way I was about your age.

i bet you look wicked hot right now

I took the hint.

See for yourself...

I held the camera out at arms length and snapped a shot of me in mid-hump. I managed to get my whole body in the picture, providing a view of my tits and bush, but I accidentally got the lower half of my smiling face in the shot. Oh, what the heck. I sent it.

u r the most sexiest thing possible!

It's your fault for making me so horny...are you fucking your pillow like I told you?

A few seconds later a picture arrived. It was a shot taken over his shoulder apparently, and I could see the twin curves of his pale buns with his legs splayed out behind him on his bed.

That's my good boy...what are you thinking about as you fuck that pillow?

about your pussy and how u r masturbating it right now

I'm thinking about your cock.


I knew I was about to venture into dangerous territory, but I was too caught up in our nasty game to restrain myself.

I'm thinking about having your penis in my mouth and sucking it.

that sounds vry good

Imagine me sliding my lips up and down your hard cock and then licking your balls.

i'd love to feel that! i want to touch your pussy mom - so bad!

If he only knew how much I wanted that too right now. Were he to come into my room right then and try to grab my cunt I don't think I'd stop him. I began grinding my pussy harder against the pillow and could feel the faint signals of my quickly approaching orgasm.

I'm lying in front of you naked and I spread my legs, what do you do?

i touch ur clit and rub it softly - then i put my finger inside ur vagina the way u like

While you finger fuck mommy's pussy I would be masturbating your cock

I'm going to cum

Mommy would give your cock a real handjob and make you cum so hard all over me.

i'm cumming...

Me too - I'm cumming with you...

I rode my pillow like a lover, bouncing the bed noisily. I began moaning, making sure I was loud enough for Eric to hear me in his room.

"I'm cumming!" I cried out much to my own surprise. "I'm cummmmmming!"

My pussy clenched tight and my body was racked with a pleasing succession of rapid convulsions. I continued to grind my cunt against my now soaked pillow, enjoying each fading tremor reverberating deep inside my pussy.

Eric buzzed me seconds later.

i made a big mess on my pillow

You're not the only one.

want to do it again?

I actually did, but then another indecent plan came to mind.

You go ahead, pussy needs a rest.

ok - i will - i love you so much mom - good night

Love you, too

I turned off my phone, then switched off my light. I crept to my door and opened it very quietly. My heart was hammering so fast in my chest I was surprised Eric didn't hear it as I tiptoed down the hall toward his room. I stopped outside his door and listened.

I thought I could hear some rustling, but it was otherwise quiet. The drying sweat on my back tickled my skin and it felt surreal to be standing naked in the hallway with my fingers lightly stroking my pussy lips. I suddenly felt foolish and was about to sneak back to my room when I heard something.

There was a rhythmic creak that must have been coming from his bed. My son was right on the other side of that door completely naked and fucking his pillow just the way I'd taught him. It was so wonderfully sinful. I spread my outer lips apart and pressed a fingertip against my erect clit.

A chill ran over my skin when I thought I heard his voice. I put my ear against his door.

"...suck my cock, Mom..."

This was too good to believe. The horny little devil!

"Open your legs, Mom, show me your pussy. Oh, yeah. Spread your pussy for me..."

His words were hard to make out, and interspersed with a lot of heavy breathing, but there was no mistaking how much he was turned on by his own mother. God, it felt good to be desired like that again, even if it was by my own son.

I rubbed my clit harder, and added a couple fingers to my wet hole, curling them forward until I found my g-spot. The creaking sound was getting faster, and I strained to hear more.

"...want to fuck you so bad. Fuck my cock, Mom...aahh, yes..."

I was tempted to open his door just a crack and peek in. His bed faced away from the door, so he probably wouldn't notice. I would love to be able to see his cute butt wiggling as he rubbed his cock. But since I had already been caught once invading his privacy, I didn't want to risk letting it happen again.

"...fuck me, Mom, fuck me with your pussy! Make me cum...make me cum...ahhhhh!"

The sounds of my son cumming sparked my own orgasm as I energetically worked my pussy standing right outside his door. My knees weakened and I almost lost my balance. Why did it take me so long to discover how good it could feel to be so warped.

I blew my boy a secret kiss, and quietly stole back to my own bedroom. Once safely under the covers, I couldn't help but bring myself off to one more slow, easy orgasm.

* * * * *

Eric was still in bed, sleeping late on Saturday morning, when I left to run some errands. I pushed my cart up and down the aisles of the grocery store, and kept forgetting what I was looking for. All this sex was rotting my brain. My phone buzzed and almost let out a surprised squeak.

I checked the incoming message feeling like everyone in the store knew what I was up to.

hi mom - want 2 know what i'm doing right now?

He was incorrigible, but I loved his youthful enthusiasm.

Didn't you get enough of that last night?

guess not - just got out of the shower and i'm totally hard

Sounds nice

tell me something sexy 2 help me cum

The cheeky little scamp. I could feel myself getting wet inside my jeans. I tried to think of something hot to send him. A wicked thought crept into my brain, and I decided to add something new to our game.

Pay attention and do exactly what I tell you.


Are you naked?


Good. I want you to go into my bedroom.

I was causing a small traffic jam standing there texting my naked son, so I pushed my cart around to the next aisle. I was pretty sure no one could see my nipples getting stiff underneath my bra, but I was very aware of it. I knew that my chest would be flushed crimson without even looking down.

ok - in your room now - it smells nice - like u

Open the top left drawer of my dresser

haha - it's full of ur underwear!

That's right. Now reach into the back and find the lacey red ones.

found them

Good. Lay them out on my bed.


Go back to the drawer and pick out another pair that you like.

i picked the sexy black shiny ones

Excellent choice. Now wrap my black panties around your hard cock for me.

feels nice

I thought it might. Grab your penis keeping my panties around it and start jerking off.

"Excuse me." The old woman's voice nearly gave me a heart attack. I realized that I had to get out of there, there was no way I could concentrate on shopping, and someone was bound to notice that I was behaving oddly.

I pushed my cart to the registers, got into line, and quickly tapped out my next message, knowing Eric's hands would be too busy at the moment to reply.

Look at my red panties and imagine I'm lying there wearing them.

I'm on my bed, naked except for those panties, watching you play with your cock.

Mommy is so horny she starts rubbing her pussy through her red panties.

I transferred the dozen items in my basket to the conveyer as fast as I could.

You watch Mommy's fingers slip inside her panties.

I paid the cashier and wondered if she noticed how shaky my hands were. I grabbed my bags and rushed out to the car.

I look at you masturbating with my black satin panties and want you to cum in them.

I didn't dare attempt to drive in this condition, so I sat there in the parking lot of the grocery store and squeezed my thighs together.

Mommy wants to see you make your big cock cum...

while I fuck my pussy under my sexy red panties...

cum for Mommy, Eric - cum all over my panties for me!

Imagine that I'm having an orgasm right in front of you in those red panties...

and shoot your big load of cum on them.

I couldn't take it any longer, my pussy was demanding attention. I started the car and zoomed to a deserted corner of the parking lot. I checked to be sure no one was around, undid my zipper, and stuffed my hand down inside my pants, but over my panties. My crotch was soaked, as I knew it would be, and the smell of my sex immediately filled the car. I slouched down in the seat and rubbed my pussy through my panties.

holy crap mom - i came so friggin hard it's crazy

That's what I was going for.

it made a big mess and i got some on your comforter

The idea of my son's spunk smeared all over my panties and splattered across my bed covers unleashed a flurry of electric butterflies in my tummy. I knew immediately what I wanted, but wasn't sure I'd be able to have it.

Don't worry about it, honey, I'll clean it up for you.

r u sure? it's kinda gross...

Just leave everything the way it is.

My hand was out of my pants and I was already leaving the parking lot.

ok - i'm going to timmys - then the pizza place later

I responded when I got to a red light.

Don't get into any trouble.

i love love love u mom - bye

Perfect! I rushed home in a wild state of anticipation. I had to follow through on this before my rational instincts kicked in and stopped me. My pussy was practically screaming for release, but I couldn't yet.

I pulled into the driveway and hurried into the house, not even bothering to bring in the grocery bags.

"Eric!" I called as I pulled off my pants in the living room. "You home?" I whipped off my top as I sped down the hallway. There was no answer--I had the house to myself.

Upon opening my bedroom door I could instantly detect the distinctive odor of my son's ejaculation. There on the bed were my red panties, spread out neatly, and next to them were my black ones wadded up in a ball. I slipped out of my bra and approached the bed feeling a strange sense of something that was near to reverence. I knelt down, like I was at an altar of forbidden desire, and let my eyes feast on the soiled artifacts of my sick game.

I sucked in a quick breath when I saw a nice sized blob of semen about in the center of my red panties. Beyond that, there was evidence of a long, wet line where his first spurt must have landed and soaked into the comforter. That bit was all but lost to me.

Gingerly, I disentangled my satin black panties--the ones I usually save to wear under my work clothes on the rare occasions that I want to feel a little naughty--and I marveled at the amount of Eric's cum that had been captured in the silky folds. I sniffed the remnants of his spend and felt lightheaded. It didn't seem possible that I was doing this. This wasn't who I was at all.

I dragged the stained panties over one of my protruding nipples and spread a small quantity of Eric's cum onto it. I had to force myself to remember to breathe. My other nipple got the same treatment, picking up even more of a daub than the first. I looked down at my breasts, the tips glistening with the now clear fluid that had only minutes before had flowed out of my son's cock.

With a long, deep breath, I once again inhaled his male essence. I was intoxicated.

Next, I placed my cum-infused panties against my belly and swirled them around, glazing my skin with my boy's semen and sperm. I put the panties aside, leaned back, and admired my handiwork. I realized how utterly depraved it was, but it was too arousing for me not to continue.

While I reveled in the tiny prickles I could feel as Eric's cum dried on my skin, I tucked my hand into my underwear and fingered my hole.

I leaned forward and contemplated the puddle of semen on my red panties. It had turned transparent around the edges, but there remained an opalescent bead at the center. I could almost picture the warm jism dribbling out of his cum-slit and spilling onto my panties. I couldn't deny what I wanted to do with it, but I had to draw the line somewhere.

I put my nose to it--just a little sniff. At this stage, it had a faint sugary aroma with a hint of a nutty note. No one would ever know but me. The tip of my tongue touched the bodily fruits of my scandalous behavior with my son. I couldn't taste much, but the mere act of it caused my pussy to spasm around my finger. I dipped my head back down for more.

Cautiously, I lapped my tongue along the edge of the puddle. My pussy reacted again, and I had to slide another finger into my heated hole. I rolled my tongue around in my mouth, savoring the inkling of flavor I'd managed to collect. It simply wasn't enough.

Pursing my lips, I went back and this time sucked up as much of his cum as I could. There it was--that's what I wanted. I threw my head back and held my son's seed in my mouth. It was cool and slimy, but it was from him. It had surged up from his balls as he was thinking of my pussy and erupted from the end of his big hard cock all over my lacey red panties. And now it was filling my mouth. The flavor was much stronger now that I had a good quantity of it, and its bitter saltiness was my ambrosia.

I was masturbating madly by that point; kneeling on my bedroom floor, my chest and belly coated with a film of semen, and swishing more of my boy's cum around in my mouth. It coated my teeth and the insides of my cheeks, and I wanted go on like this, but I also wanted to swallow it. I held off, fingering my pussy hole with one hand and diddling my clit with the other until my orgasm was about to explode.

Just at that perfect moment, I swallowed and my climax erupted the second his semen slipped down my throat.

"I ate his cum!" I panted out loud in the throes of ecstasy. "I ate my son's cum! Oh, God, I'm so bad! I fucking ate his cum!"

My hips jerked, and my shoulders hunched as I was rocked with one orgasm after another. I couldn't let up, and my fingers continued to work my cunt almost of their own volition. I came a fourth time, then ten seconds later one last small orgasm signaled that the storm was ebbing.

I fell back onto the carpet and laughed. I don't know if I was laughing at myself, or the fact that I was happier at that moment than I'd ever been in my life. None of this made sense. I couldn't really be doing this--it had to be some kind of dream.

The euphoria remained long after I caught my breath, and I resigned myself to the fact that this was no dream. I got off the floor and went about cleaning up what was left of the mess. When I was done, I stood in front of the bathroom mirror with a warm, damp wash cloth in my hand and considered the crusty sheen of cum that had hardened on my nipples and tummy. I'd stopped bothering to ask what was wrong with me, since I obviously didn't have the answer to that. Although,I couldn't help but ask, what was I becoming?

I tossed aside the unused washcloth, and returned to my bedroom without cleaning away Eric's semen. I put on my favorite salmon-colored polo and didn't bother with a bra. I fetched my cum-soiled black panties from the hamper and slipped them on, then put on a loose-fitting pair of khaki shorts.

One thing I understood was that finding out what I was becoming was going to be a nasty, freakish journey that I was powerless to resist. And I couldn't wait.

* * * * *

I heard the back door open and got goosebumps. Eric was home.

"What're you watching?" he asked casually as he settled down on the edge of the love seat.

"A movie. Chinatown."

"I didn't know you liked karate movies?"

I tried not to laugh. "There's a lot about me you don't know, kiddo."

He slumped back and focused his attention on the big screen. I wanted him to come sit next to me on the sofa. It would feel so good to cuddle with him like when he was little. But I also knew that I might not be able to control myself if he were up close to me, his body against mine. Even now I couldn't keep my eyes off the front of his cargo pants, searching for some hint of the object of my desire that lay hidden within.

"Did you eat?" I asked.

"We had pizza at Mario's."

"Were there girls there?"

"Yeah, but they were being stupid."

Was that a little twitch of jealousy I was feeling? "What were they doing?"

"I don't know, acting all immature and bitchy." He looked at me with a 'whoops' expression after letting this quasi-swear slip in front of me. "Sorry."

Again, I had to force myself not to laugh. After all the nasty things we'd been texting each other, he was still worried about getting in trouble for saying 'bitchy' in front of me.

"Get used to it. Girls are bitches, and guys are assholes," I said.

Eric's eyebrows raised in shock. It was the first time he'd heard me swear.

"But not you. sweetheart," I quickly added. "You're one of the good ones." I added a flirty wink for good measure, and watched him blush.

He smiled and turned back to the movie. My darling son had no clue that just hours ago I had my mouth full of his spent cum. I wanted him to know, but I fully understood that I had to keep it as my own secret. I snuck my hand up under the bottom of my shirt, pretending to scratch an itch. I ran my fingertips over the rough surface of the crust his dried semen had formed on my belly.

My nipples stiffened, and my first instinct was to hide this from Eric, then I thought better of it. I almost wouldn't have minded if he noticed. Actually, I decided, I wanted him to notice.

"How's Timmy doing?" I asked as an excuse to get his attention.

"I don't know." He looked over at me, his eyes flicked down to my chest then quickly back to my face. "Fine, I guess."

What would he do if I took my shirt off right then and there? Oh, God, I had to stop doing this to myself. I was worse than a hormone-crazed teenager!

Eric grabbed a throw pillow and set it on his lap. "This is the worst kung-fu movie ever," he announced. Even so, he stayed right where he was. Which I liked.

The two of us had always been close, but since his father and I split up, things have been different. I always knew he still loved me, and he knew I loved him, but a kind of gulf developed between us. I was afraid that he felt that if his dad could leave him, then so could I. He pulled away from me. Not in any overt or dramatic way, but it was obvious in a lot of small gestures and changes.

It had been years since he just sat and watched TV with me. Our talks at dinnertime were also something I had been missing for some time. I knew that my being selfish played a big part in what was going on now between us. I had gone so long without experiencing true satisfaction that I wasn't honestly appraising the effect my indiscriminate behavior might be having on my son. But maybe this twisted thing we were caught up in was doing more good for our relationship than harm. It's what I wanted to believe.

While Eric was mesmerized by Gittes about to get his nose cut, I picked up my phone and quietly tapped at the keypad.

Eric's phone made a soft 'twing' noise. He pulled it out of his pocket, probably expecting a message from one of his friends.

I saw you looking at my tits.

As he read it I could see him visibly resisting the temptation to look at me. I watched him fiddle with his own keypad (geez, he was fast).

He heard my phone buzz, but kept his eyes on the TV.


It's okay. You can look if you want, I don't mind.

Eric read my message and smiled. He didn't look right away, but after a few seconds he couldn't resist and he openly stared sideways at my chest. His gaze lingered, and it was all I could do not to tweak my nipples through my shirt and make them stand out even more for him.

Like what you see?

u know it

The sexual tension in the air had just multiplied a hundred-fold. It was absolutely delicious.

Is your cock getting stiff from looking at Mommy's hard nipples?


You don't have to hide the bulge in your pants from me if you don't want to.

He shook his head as he read my message, unable to believe this was coming from me, and his cheeks flushed a deeper crimson. He feigned watching the movie for a bit, then nonchalantly set the throw pillow in his lap aside. Eric shifted, as if to get comfortable, but it mainly served to show off the erection he was sporting in his pants. It was a beautiful thing.

I shamelessly gawked at my son's now obvious hard-on. He was unable to look at me, but I could tell he was enjoying the attention. I fought the urge to rub my pussy through my shorts right there in front of him. I entertained the unlikely possibility the he would give in to his own urges, pull it out, and start jacking off for me to see. I'd never had a sexual thought about Eric in all the years I'd raised him, and now it was about the only thing on my mind.

"Are you going to bed soon?" I asked, my voice had a husky edge to it that I wasn't expecting to hear.

"It's only, like, eight-thirty," he pointed out.

"Maybe you should go to your room and have a quick nap." I tried to add a suggestive lilt, but he wasn't getting what I was saying. He looked at me like I was a little nuts (which maybe I was). "And if you do, don't forget to take your cell phone with you."

His expression lit up with understanding. Why were all men made like this? You had to practically hit them over the head sometimes, I swear. When he stood up his bulge looked even bigger than when he was sitting. A chill ran down my back and he saw me staring straight at it.

"Are you, um, gonna take a 'nap,' too?" he asked, noticing that I wasn't going to my room also.

"I am." I looked up at his innocent, hazel eyes and could see the undisguised lust in them. "But I think I'll take mine right here." I rubbed the cushion next to me suggestively. He hurried to his room, leaving with a big, silly grin on his face.

As soon as I heard his bedroom door close, I kicked off my pants and pulled down the cum-encrusted panties I'd been wearing all evening. It felt especially naughty to once again be in my living room with a naked pussy--and this time with all the lights on.

I sent the first message.

Are you naked yet?

have my socks on

Take them off. I want you completely naked.

I pulled my own shirt off, and looked down at the flaky bits of dried semen still clinging to my front. I didn't fully understand my impulse to coat myself in Eric's cum, and I had no such previous inclinations in my sexual history to explain why it excited me so much even hours after I had given in to that impulse, but I knew that if I tried to analyze it too deeply I might risk having to face just how demented I was becoming as a result of these sexting indiscretions.

i'm naked! where r u?

Living room...and I'm naked too.

i'll b right out! haha

Not funny, mister. I already got caught out here once - don't want it to happen again.

Or did I? Setting my feet on the floor, I hit the mute button on the TV and leaned back on the sofa. If Eric came out here despite what I said, I would have nowhere to hide. The possibility gave me a certain thrill.

i seen u naked in pictures, y not 4 real?

What we're doing is already kinky enough, don't you think? Maybe too kinky.

i liked seeing how ur nipples were hard just now

Is that why you got a big hard-on?

yes - plus thinking about what u made me do in ur bedroom this morning.

'Made' him do? I had a brief moment of doubt. Was he doing this with me because he thought that I was making him do it?

I only MADE you do it because I thought you would like it.

i did! a lot!

You had fun making your big penis cum all over mommy's sexy panties?

u know i did - r u sure i can't cum out there with u?

It was driving him crazy to know that I was out here in the open and not in my bedroom behind closed doors. I was tempted to give in and let him come out for a quick peek. But I was already as far down this slippery slope as I could risk going.

Wouldn't you be embarrassed for your mother to see you naked with an erection?

i guess - but i want to see u

And what would you do if I let you come out here and see me naked?

i don't know...just look...

Would you look at me and rub your penis?


You wouldn't be ashamed to masturbate your cock in front of your mother?

some - but i don't care

No, it would be too nasty for you to see me spread my pussy...

and slide my finger deep inside my vagina.

I had to scoot my butt down over the edge of the sofa so I wouldn't soak the cushions with my juices. I still couldn't believe how wet I was getting whenever I played with Eric like this.

mom! u r making me crazy - don't stop!

Sorry, honey. What we are doing is bad enough, I can't let it go any further.


You have to learn that girls don't like it when guys whine. Men don't beg, they do.

There was a pause in the exchange and I happily took the opportunity to give my pussy some uninterrupted attention. I even slipped a finger down and teased my own asshole, which was slick with pussy lube that had trickled down between my cheeks.

r u still in the living room?

On the sofa, touching my clit...

Sweet - i'm in my room jacking off

You have no idea how hot that makes me.

There was no response after almost half a minute.

Are you going to make your hard cock cum for mommy?

I put the phone aside for a moment to concentrate on myself. I fondled my tits, stroked the length of my slit, and tried to picture what Eric looked like beating off in his room.

The TV was still on and, even with the sound muted, a chase scene was proving to be distracting. I grabbed the remote and turned the TV off. When the screen went black I caught a hint of movement. I leaned back and toyed with myself, keeping an eye on the blank screen. Moments later there was movement again. I was able to see a faint reflection of Eric peeking in at me from the hallway. No wonder he kept asking where I was, the little rascal.

I resisted the automatic reflex to cover up and yell at him to go back to his room. I had to admit to myself that my first reaction the instant I realized he was there was one of extreme titillation. Was this what I was hoping for all along? Did I 'subconsciously' decide to do this again in the living room in order to lure him into peeking at me? I was too excited to analyze it all at the moment, so instead I picked up my phone.

Your hands must be too busy to reply.

That's okay. Just keep jerking and thinking of me out here all naked and horny.

Mommy's going to make herself cum now...

I put the phone aside and ran my hands down over the length of my body. I could barely make out the reflection of Eric's silhouette hovering at the corner of the entryway. He was ready to duck out of sight if I happened to look around that way, but I wasn't about to scare him off.

My stomach was a nervous knot, but I forced myself to overcome my stage fright and give in to the secret desire to put on a show for my son. As I raked my fingers along the insides of my thighs, pushing my legs wide, I realized that this is what I'd been wanting ever since we started our filthy game.

I closed my eyes and touched my pussy. Eric was off to my right and behind me a bit. He wouldn't have a good view between my legs, but I didn't want to change my position in such a way that it would be obvious that I knew he was there. I wanted him to have the thrill of thinking he was spying on my without my knowing.

My hand worked between my legs with exaggerated movements. I rotated my hips and moaned more than I would normally. His eyes were on me, I knew, and it sent a fire racing through my body. My boy was watching me masturbate. I listened as intently as I could, hoping to catch a hint of his breathing, or a quiet slap of his stroking fist against his balls.

"Oh, Eric, Mommy loves your penis," I murmured in a hushed groan. Then, in a clearer voice, "Mommy wants to suck your cock, baby." I knew he must be hearing me, and that turned me on even more. Was there any chance I could get him excited enough that he would come running out of hiding and ravage me right there?

No. I shouldn't want that. I couldn't want that. There was no doubt I crossed the severe line of propriety several days ago, but I had to maintain some boundaries. Lusting after my son in my mind was one thing, but to actually allow myself to act on it was out of the question. I was very satisfied with the level that Eric and I were at, and there was no need to go beyond what we had. I jammed two fingers into my sloppy wet pussy hole and wondered if he could even tell what I was doing from his vantage point.

"Oh, God, two fingers inside my pussy feels so good. I wish Eric could see me fuck myself like this." I did my best not to sound like I was spouting bad porno dialogue, but there wasn't much I could do about that. "He's probably making his cock cum right now thinking about his own mom's tits and pussy."

Without thinking, I pulled my fingers out of my cunt and put them into my mouth. I wanted Eric to see how wet my fingers were from being inside me, and also that I was so turned on that I would taste my own juices. I'd tried this once or twice when I was a teenager, just out of curiosity, but it wasn't something I'd ever done as an adult. Then again, I'd never been this turned on as an adult before either. I scooped up another daub of my own pussy cream and enthusiastically sucked it from my fingers. If this wasn't getting him off, nothing would!

"I have to cum," I moaned, more for myself than my son. "I have to make my pussy cum for my baby."

With that, I began humping my hand with a singular purpose. I became more focused on my pleasure than on Eric's, but I never lost the sense that he was there watching me. My son was about to see me masturbate myself to orgasm. Before I found those pictures of my boy's hard cock, I never would have even contemplated this scene in my wildest fantasies, but here I was right in the middle of it really happening. Part of me knew I would never be satisfied with doing this just this one time, but I was incapable of worrying about all the consequences in the moment.

"Oh, Eric...Mommy's making her pussy cum right now. I love you so much. I want to cum for you. I want to cum for your cock! Uh, uh, uh...mmmmmm, yes! Oh, God! Yes!"

My legs shook, my face flushed, and my pussy sparkled with burst of cascading sensations. I was really doing it...I was cumming with my son watching. The high that thought gave me elevated my orgasm beyond the physical and into a whole other realm of pleasure. My hips bucked as I continued to rub my hyper-sensitive clit trying to prolong the feeling for as long as I could. My climax finally sputtered to quiescence, and a contented stillness settled over me.

I was able to hear the faint scuff of a bare foot on carpet as Eric snuck back to his room. I licked some of the wetness from my fingers, then typed out a text.

Did you make your beautiful cock cum yet, darling?

yes - cleaning up now

Did you hear me cumming?

yes - you make a lot of noise

I'm sorry I couldn't let you watch me.

that's ok

Give me a minute to get dressed, then you can come back out, if you want.

As I put my clothes on I became keenly aware that I was feeling 'unfinished.' There was another orgasm or two hovering just below the surface. They'd have to wait for later, I decided as I slipped my dirty panties up over my drenched crotch.

Moments after I pulled my shirt on, Eric came shuffling in with a sheepish look on his face. Was he feeling a little guilty for spying on his mother? He was such a cutie.

"Can I ask you for a little favor?" I asked with a warm smile.


"I could really use a nice hug right now..."

He looked a little uncomfortable at the suggestion. Eric had always been affectionate, but he had become significantly less so with me about the time he hit puberty.

"Okay," he murmured with a shrug.

I hopped up and wrapped my arms around him. I could feel his hesitation, and pressed my body tight to his. Now that he wasn't a little boy any more he would be noticing how his mother's breasts felt pressed to his chest, and the way my hips pressed against his.
Had he been afraid of being turned on by the feel of his own mother's body, and terrified at the thought of becoming erect as a result?

"Come on," I whispered and put one of his arms around me. "Hug me back, silly."

Eric encircled me and gave me a comfortable squeeze. I was in heaven. I wanted to feel his hardness, but I resisted doing anything to provoke it. I held him for a long time, and he was willing to let me.

There was nothing in this world I could ever love more that my sweet son.

* * * * *

We sat together on the sofa and watched TV quietly for the rest of the evening. As difficult as it was, I managed to keep my hands mostly to myself. As had become our unwritten rule, neither one of us said a word about the sexting we had been doing and all that it entailed. It was strange, but also a little exciting--like we both had a secret we dare not speak of for fear of spoiling what was happening.

The closest there was to an acknowledgement of our perverted transgressions was when I brushed the hair away from his eyes, and I could tell how he noticed the strong scent of my pussy still on my fingers. I was tempted to trace my fingers across his upper lip so he could get a good sniff, and maybe let him have a taste, but I pulled my hand away and stopped torturing the poor boy.

I caught him looking at my nipples poking up under my shirt frequently, and I noticed the bulge in his pants fill out a couple of times. It felt bizarre and wonderful that we were able to see each other in this new way and no longer felt the need to hide the evidence of our natural arousal from one another. I didn't even know what was playing on the TV, all I knew is that I was feeling closer to him than I had in a long while.

He planted a nice big kiss on my cheek before we headed off to our bedrooms for the night. I climbed into bed naked, and wondered if Eric would text, or if he had gotten his fill of me for the night. I didn't bother pretending I could read my book, and restlessly teased myself. I brushed my touch over my nipples that seemed to be in a perpetual state of excitement over the past days. I combed my fingers through my pussy hair, and patted my lips playfully.

I caught a glimpse of myself in my full-length dressing mirror. All I could see was my left leg. I lifted it off the bed a few inches, straightened it, pointed my toes and flexed. I allowed myself to admire the long elegant lines, the smooth curves, and the sensual softness of my thigh. I got off the bed and stood naked in front of the mirror.

I normally didn't waste time with narcissistic self-assessments, but I figured while I was feeling desirable it might be a good opportunity to allow myself a little indulgence. I looked myself over and liked what I saw. My breasts were lower than when I was young, but they still had a nice shape to them. My hips were fuller, which gave them a more womanly appeal. I braced myself and turned to check out my rear.

My ass had always been a source of pride, and I dreaded the inevitable day I would find it plagued with cellulite or drooping like a bag of soggy laundry. I was relieved to find it as pert and as silky smooth as ever. I gave myself a playful little spank on the spot of my birthmark. It occurred to me that I'd sent Eric pictures of my tits and of my pussy, but never one off my ass. I retrieved my phone from the nightstand.

I stood with my behind to the mirror and leaned forward slightly and arched my back to present my butt in the best possible pose. I held the camera over my shoulder and snapped a shot of my reflection. I checked the results and was pleasantly surprised by how sexy it came out. The soft lighting of my bedroom was just enough to make out some details without being graphically harsh.

I wanted to send it to Eric right that second, but then thought that maybe I should hold back. I didn't want to seem overly eager. I'd already given away too much of how horny I had become for him and for our exchanges. I shouldn't have been encouraging him to any greater degree than I had already in my wayward rashness. I was still his mother, and I needed to maintain a certain amount of authority as a parent.

Once I had worked through this sobering train of well-reasoned thought, it was obvious what I should do. After which, in a fit of girlish recklessness, I sent my son the photo of my naked ass.

While I waited to see if he would respond, I became curious. I returned to the mirror and presented my butt once more. I reached around and gave myself another light spank. Grabbing a handful of flesh, I spread my cheek to one side and tried to get a view of the hidden reaches within. I'd never attempted to inspect my own backside in intimate detail, but for some reason I felt confident enough to give it a try. I wasn't able to see much, and I was hurting my neck with the attempt. I once again turned to my phone.

I set my feet wide and bent forward, looking between my legs into the mirror. With my free hand I opened my ass as best as I could. Holding the phone in my other hand, I held it up near my pussy, pointing the lens at my reflection and took the picture. I was disappointed with the outcome. It was all shadows and blurry flesh. But I wasn't going to be deterred.

With the shade of my bedside lamp tilted, I lay on my bed, curled my legs up so my knees were nearly touching my shoulders (what's the joke about the girl who can put her ankles behind her ears?), and angled my bottom so it was directly under the bright light. I felt somewhat foolish, but also enlivened by my newly discovered willingness to permit myself to do things that until recently I would have considered unthinkable.

I reached around, did my best to center on the target, and pressed the button. I looked at the picture, ready to cringe, but I was elated to find a surprisingly fetching view of my asshole. It wasn't at all what I expected. My butthole, as it turns out, was a cute little pinkish star with a slightly darker spot at the center. I'm not sure exactly what I thought it would be, but I was glad I finally had the gumption to explore myself in a way I had always been hesitant to do in the past. No wonder my ex-husband liked spreading my ass open whenever he fucked me doggy style. I had always felt slightly degraded when he did that, but now I was somewhat proud of it.

Encouraged by my intimate self-examinations, I took a few more close-up pictures of my pussy in the interest of possibly gaining a new perspective on that particular orifice, and I wasn't disappointed. With each shot I gained a greater appreciation for the unique beauty of my own pussy. Again, I was keenly aware of how blatantly self-indulgent this all was, but I couldn't help becoming incredibly turned on by the sight of my own cunt.

I was too engrossed to be upset that Eric hadn't responded to my sending him the picture of my butt, and before I knew it I was masturbating to pictures of my own genitals. I didn't care how self-absorbed it was--all I knew is that it felt amazing. Three orgasms later, I was happy and contented, and was able to fall into the blissful oblivion of sleep without a single worry.

* * * * *

I awoke without opening my eyes. At least I think I was awake. Something was strange.

I tried to burrow back into the comfortable embrace of slumber, but I sensed movement. Something was touching my hip. Fingertips. Gliding lightly upwards. A dream. A perfect, entrancing dream complementing and extending the pleasures I had given myself while awake.

A phantom hand tickled the hair between my legs and I wanted it to be real. Lying on my right side, I could almost feel the warmth of a body behind me, but I hadn't shared my bed with a man in years. I wouldn't allow myself to admit it, but the nights had become so lonely. The dream pressed against me.

I could feel his passionate hardness touch my rear. I smiled in my sleep, entertaining the fleeting fantasy that my son Eric would be bold enough to come to my bed. Oh, sweet fantasy. I willed myself to stay in this twilight state. I moaned in my dream, squirming against my imagined lover.

There was a tentative probing from behind. Without hesitation, I parted my thighs to accommodate the timid prodding. It was almost as if I could feel a man's warm breath caressing the back of my neck. Even in my sleep, I was aware of how profoundly aroused I was.

The sensation of a cock sliding along the cleft of my ass was so real. I lay still, afraid that if I came to full wakefulness I would lose the dream. My phantom lover grasped my hip. His thrusts became more insistent. Oh, how I wanted this again. It had been too long. How could I have gone so long denying myself such closeness?

The movements of the cock slowed. I thought I sensed a pressing insistence, then there was stillness. Peaceful contentment. I dozed deeper. My lover had withdrawn, leaving me with an aching want for more. A silent kiss upon my shoulder said 'I love you,' and consciousness faded.

I awoke feeling happy. It was amazing what a night of sex dreams could do for one's mood. I was as wet as ever, and in the mood for an orgasm. I never usually pleasured myself in the morning, but the usual had taken its leave several days ago. I reached down between my legs.

The wetness was even more than I expected. I fingered myself sleepily, enjoying the feel of my pliable lips. Before I got too far I felt something strange. There was something scratchy under my lower back. I shifted on the mattress, but it was still there. I sat up and look, but there was nothing on the sheet that could have been responsible. I then realized whatever was causing the feeling was on me, not the sheet.

I surveyed my lower back by touch and there was something slightly moist and sticky there. I brought my fingers to my nose and sniffed. The unmistakable scent of semen greeted me. Confusion quickly gave way to stunned realization. No, it had to be a dream.

I double checked, taking another smell. Maybe I was just imagining it. I tasted. No doubt. It was cum. And it was relatively fresh.

It hadn't been a dream. I was torn between wanting to be furious for such a gross violation, and feeling disappointed that I didn't more fully appreciate it while it was happening. I collected more from the traces left near the top of my ass crack and tasted again just to be sure. Yes, it was definitely Eric's sperm. He had snuck into my bed last night and used me!

I tried to muster up the appropriate outrage, but I simply couldn't. I was upset with him, to be sure, but also a little impressed that he would take such a risk as that. What possessed my normally well-behaved boy to do something so extreme? He must have really wanted it to the extent that he lost all perspective. I suppose my incessant teasing drove him to it. As I was puzzling all this out my fingers absently stroked my clit. This was a serious matter that required my serious consideration, and yet I couldn't keep from pleasuring myself at the thought of my son brazenly humping me in the night.

Once I turned my full attention to my pussy, it was less than a minute before I brought myself off. I rested for a moment, licking and sucking my fingers clean, then made myself cum a second time. My orgasm built and released at the perfect moment, sending a wave of fulfillment rumbling through me.

Sunday morning. I could almost hear my mother's voice calling for me to hurry up and get ready. She always wanted to get to church early. It was like she thought we'd get extra credit from Jesus for being the first ones there. What she really wanted was to see when everyone else arrived, and to be able to give that disdainful look to the latecomers. Was she looking down on me from heaven right now wondering why I was lying naked in bed on a Sunday morning playing with myself and tasting the remnants of my son's cum instead of getting ready for church? I opened my legs wider, so she could get a better view, and jammed three fingers into my pussy and fucked myself to my own version of heaven on earth.

* * * * *

Eric was gone by the time I got out of bed. I fell back to sleep after my rather blasphemous display of self-gratification, and didn't wake up again until almost noon. I was tempted to text him, but decided to hold off. I was still trying to sort out my feelings about what he'd done. It would be best if I made sense of it before I talked to him so as not to make this situation any more confusing than it already was.

I skipped the treadmill and went outside for a long walk. It felt good to get my heart pumping and work up a light sweat. The air helped to clear my head, and the sunshine reminded me of how good it was to be alive. I returned home in a more upbeat mood, and enjoyed a long, luxurious shower.

Eric had apparently come home and gone out again while I was walking. There was no note to let me know where he was. I didn't want to read too much into it, but I couldn't help but feel like maybe he was trying to avoid me. I checked my phone to see if I'd received any messages while in the shower, but there was nothing. My fingers were itching to send him a text, but I couldn't think of what to say.

"Thanks for sexually molesting me in my sleep last night," came to mind. I snapped my phone shut, put it down, and went out to the backyard.

I got my gardening stuff out of the shed and busied myself with some overdue weeding in the flowerbeds. He shouldn't have done what he did, that seemed fairly obvious to me. But, at the same time, I couldn't fault him for it. I was as much responsible for encouraging it as he was for doing it. And there was also the fact that I wasn't entirely an unwitting victim in this. On some level I was aware of what was happening. If it was something I really didn't want, I would have stopped it. I had allowed myself to cross that line with Eric in my mind, but I had insisted to myself that it was only fantasy--that I wouldn't act on such a monumentally inappropriate urge.

Texting, and pictures, and even letting him peek at me, were one thing, but actually being physically intimate with my own son was another. I couldn't deny it any longer. This was incest.

I'd been doing everything I could to convince myself that it wasn't, but after last night I couldn't fool myself any longer. Incest. It seemed like such a dirty word for something so satisfying. If anyone found out, I would lose everything. They'd take Eric away, I'd lose my job, maybe even face criminal charges. Headlines flashed in my head. "Woman Fucks Son and Likes It!"

I let the trowel drop from my grip and shucked off my gloves to wipe away the tears. I knelt in the grass crying, not because of all the bad things that could come of what I'd done, but because I finally acknowledged something I'd been avoiding all morning. I wanted it to happen again. I wanted it to go further. I wanted my son to fuck me. It was beyond the realm of fantasy, and I was fully prepared to give myself to him if it was what he wanted.

There wasn't an inkling of aversion when I pictured myself on my back, holding my legs wide open, and Eric guiding his beautiful cock into my waiting pussy. Just the opposite. I wanted it. I needed it, and I wanted to be fully present and in the moment with him. I wanted my boy to fuck me, and be able to fuck him back, and to wrap my naked body around him, and feel him reach the pinnacle while inside me.

The world I knew before I stumbled onto those pictures of Eric's penis no longer existed. What would have been unimaginable to me a week ago was now my only reality. Everything I knew, and everything I relied on to keep me grounded, was now in question. If I could accept my son as a lover, even if only in my own mind, then nothing was sure and anything was possible. It was at once frightening and exciting. Any rule could be questioned. Any pleasure previously denied could be sampled. Any line might be crossed.

I wished that Eric was home with me at that very moment so I could take him by the hand and lead him to my bed. The need I felt for him was almost overpowering. Should I text him? Should I call him and tell him to come home because his mother wants so very badly to fuck him. No. Just because I had come to terms with the fact that I was ready to have sex with my son, didn't mean I had license to lose all control. And, it would be very important for me to keep in mind that this wasn't a one-sided choice on my part. I had to be sure Eric knew what he was doing, and not just use his curiosity and naivety to my own advantage.

With my trowel back in hand, I resumed tending my flowers and patiently waited for my son to come home to me.

* * * * *

I was putting the leftovers of a mostly uneaten dinner away when Eric finally slipped in the back door. I'd been anxiously awaiting him all day, and then the second I saw him I didn't know how to react or what to say.

"Hey, Mom," he mumbled without looking at me. He hurried through the kitchen on his way to his room.

I wanted to stop him and say one of the million things I'd been rehearsing throughout the afternoon and evening, but it was clear that he wanted to avoid me. I let him go.

He must have been feeling troubled about what he had done during the night. I was so wrapped up in my own worries, that I hadn't given much thought to Eric's. Was he guilty? Ashamed? Appalled with himself? I was afraid to find out which.

I finished cleaning up, then took my phone to the living room and sat down. I debated whether or not I should instead just go to his room and talk to him, but in the end I decided that if I was right there in front of he might just close down and not be able to say what he was feeling. I carefully typed out a text message.

I missed you today.

I waited. Just as I started to think he wasn't going to respond, my phone buzzed.

sorry - golfing and cookout

If you get hungry let me know and I can heat something up.

ok - ty

His discomfort was coming through his texts loud and clear. I didn't want to force him to open up to me, but I didn't want to leave him in this sour mood.

I had an interesting dream last night...

Several heartbeats passed before he responded.


And you were in it.

There came another long pause.

was it a bad dream?

Not entirely, but it wasn't quite the dream I would have picked if I had a choice.

r u mad?

No. I think I understand why I had that dream, so I'm not angry about it.

I was dying to tell him that it was all okay, and that it actually felt good for me, but I had to try to regain some semblance of control over how this progressed from here.

i'm vry sorry mom - i feel really bad about it

We all do things we shouldn't from time to time. It's just part of growing up.

And what was it when a grown woman did things she shouldn't?

u probably hate me now

I'll never hate you, honey. I love you, and I always will no matter what.

As I waited, I had the intuitive sensation that he was in his room crying at that very moment. I wanted to go to him, and hold him in my arms. If I could just put him in my lap and kiss his tears away, I could make everything all better.

i love you too mom - for everything

Now I was getting all teary eyed.

Thank you, sweetheart. All is forgiven, so we can put this behind us. Okay?

ok - i should get 2 sleep...

The exchange had gone about as well as I could have expected, but I felt a little disappointed that he was ready to end it so soon. I guess it was a little crazy for me to think he'd want to fool around after such a heavy conversation.


On impulse I added one last message:

It would be okay for you to text me later...if the mood strikes you.

I regretted it as soon as I hit send. I shouldn't pressure him like that. He was dealing with enough as it was without adding the burdens of my own expectations.

With a jumble of mixed emotions, I retired to my bedroom. I got into my pajamas, and climbed into bed, but sleep didn't come. I waited for my phone to buzz, but it remained quiet. The poor guy must be feeling terrible for what he did. It's easy to forget how teenagers magnify every event in their lives to epic proportions. Despite what I told him, he was probably thinking he was about the worst son on the planet right now.

I tossed and turned on the verge of sleep for hours. I looked at the clock and couldn't believe it was 2:00 a.m. I was feeling fidgety, but it wasn't the type that would be easily quelled with a self-administered orgasm. I needed something more.

My mind was crowded with thoughts of how I could make Eric feel better about what he had done, but nothing seemed right. How could I make it absolutely clear to him that he wasn't some kind of freakish monster for creeping into my room and cumming on me in my sleep? I couldn't come up with a reasonable solution. But, just after 3:00 a.m., a decidedly unreasonable solution came to mind.

I listened at Eric's door and all was silent. With uncertain slowness, I turned the knob and pushed his bedroom door open and peeked in. He was asleep in his bed, earbuds in his ears, his MP3 player resting on his chest. I tiptoed in, wondering if he had felt last night the way I was feeling just then.

He was sleeping on his back, with light a sheet over him. I was about to chicken out and hurry back to my room when I noticed his boxer-briefs on the floor at my feet. Eric was sleeping naked.

I carefully peeled the sheet back away from his legs and barely suppressed a gasp when his penis came into view. Even in the darkness I was able to make out the shape of his mushroom head, and the relaxed heft of his balls. There was no turning back after that.

With great care, I sat on the edge of his mattress. I leaned down and brought my face close to his penis. This was it. This is what I had been fantasizing about for days. All I had to do was open my mouth and take him in.

My lips touched his shaft and it sent a warm fire through me. I licked the smooth curve of his cockhead and let the chills run up and down my spine. Gently, I sucked his limp penis up between my lips and into my mouth. I massaged his warm flesh with my tongue, and was able to take in his entire cock in its flaccid state. My chin brushed against his soft balls.

I began lightly sucking him. Almost immediately he started to stiffen. Pulse by pulse it grew in length and thickness, soon becoming too large to keep it all within my mouth.

Eric stirred, and my first instinct was to stop dead, like a criminal caught in the act, but I continued sucking my son's cock. It was my turn to give him a nice dream.

He was fully erect, and the pictures hadn't exaggerated his size. Eric wasn't freakishly big, but his cock was certainly bigger than I was accustomed to. His father was a shade below average in the penis department, which was never a concern for me. I'd made the best use of it I could, and didn't have any complaints with my ex-husband's cock, so much as I did with him as a lover in general. It wasn't that he was bad at what he did, but he tended to be somewhat unimaginative. However, the last thing I wanted to think about at that moment was my lousy ex.

The spongy head of Eric's cock glided along the roof of my mouth and pressed against the back of my throat. My fantasy was real. I bobbed my head up and down on his erection, using my lips and tongue to maximize his pleasure as much as I could. His hips were making small circles and he was straining upward, pushing himself into my sucking mouth. He was fully awake by this point, and knew exactly what was happening. I sucked him harder.

I brought a hand up and cupped his balls. I couldn't see them, but the images from his pictures were bright in my mind's eye. I gently fondled him and continued to suck his cock. My pussy was aching for attention, but I stayed focused on my son.

"Oh, Mom..." he whispered. "That feels so good..."

After that, he began pushing himself into my mouth with small thrusts. I knew he was getting close. I maintained a steady pace, and was almost delirious with joy over the sensation of having my lips wrapped around my son's hard penis.

"Mom...I'm gonna cum...Mom..."

I know he meant it as a warning, but I didn't let up. I kept sucking my boy's cock and playing with his balls.

"I'm cumming...I'm cu--"

He lifted himself, pressing his cock suddenly against the back of my throat. I pulled back a little, felt his cockhead swell, and the first gout of semen poured out onto my tongue. It was sublime. Half a second later, another spurt came, and then another. He was quickly filling my mouth and I was afraid I was going to choke. I swallowed some down, and it was quickly replaced my more. I thought it would never stop flowing.

I sucked until he surrendered his last drop to me, then lifted my head. My mouth was full of Eric's cum, and I wanted to savor it. This wasn't the fading remnants I had licked up from my panties or my back, this was warm and fresh from the source. I'd never been so happy to have a mouthful of semen before in my life. I was barely able to contain a laugh of pure delight.

It took three swallows to get it all down, and I felt drunk with pleasure. My intention was simply to suck him off, then go, but I found myself taking his cock back into my mouth. I turned so I was up on my knees on his bed, and I reached down into my pajama bottoms.

My fingers slid easily along the length of my well-lubricated lips. I inserted two fingers into my hole and gave myself a couple of quick pumps. Drawing out even more sex juices, I slathered my swollen cunt with wetness, and began rubbing my clit.

Eric remained quiet and still while I held his cock in my mouth and masturbated. Even though he had cum, there was no sign that he was softening. I shamelessly suckled his hardness and worked my dripping pussy faster. Seconds later I was there.

I moaned without taking his dick from between my lips and rode my fingers to an ecstatic climax. It had been only half a day since I last made myself cum, but it felt like I was releasing a year's worth of pent up frustrations all at once. It was the kind of mind-shattering orgasm that I had never believe really existed. Instantly, I became a believer. I let Eric's cock free with a sucking pop, and cried out

I remained on Eric's bed, on my hands and knees, my head hanging down, and my hand tucked firmly between my legs. Every few seconds my body was seized by a spasm of shudders. Each aftershock brought with it a ghostly echo of the pleasure I'd experienced from the initial quake. I couldn't imagine what poor Eric must have been thinking.

Eventually, my senses returned, and I felt once again in control of my own body. I climbed off the bed and drew the sheet over my son's nakedness. With difficulty, I resisted the temptation to climb under the covers with him and cuddle up.

I leaned down and kissed him on the forehead.

"Sweet dreams," I whispered, then kissed him on the lips.

He didn't say a word as I quietly withdrew and eased the door closed behind me. I shuffled back to my room on unsteady legs and collapsed into bed.

I didn't know if committing my own nocturnal violation of him would assuage his guilt, but at that moment it didn't even matter to me. All I knew was that I'd experienced a dimension of pleasure that I never knew existed, and now my main purpose in life was to explore that erotic dimension deeper with my handsome 16-year-old son.


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